Positives To Look Back On

Kurt —  May 3, 2007

There’s a long off-season ahead, one that should prove to be interesting. But I’m going to take a few days before delving into it, and writing season wrap-ups, and reflect back on some of the positives from the past season. The things from the Lakers worth remembering and enjoying.

The emergence of Ronny Turiaf as the ultimate energy guy off the bench. Plus his dancing.

Lamar Odom’s heart.

Kobe, a guy I’ve seen play countless games and yet never ceases to make my jaw drop two or three times a game.

The flashes of what could be with Bynum and Farmar.

The way this team passed the ball and moved without it back in December — that is what basketball should look like.

Luke Walton’s emergence.

Kobe’s scoring streak.

Please add to the list.