Fast Break Thoughts and Links

Kurt —  June 1, 2007

• There’s going to be a lot of draft information flying at fans for the next three weeks. And it all can be particularly daunting for fans of teams like the Lakers — we’ve seen Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, but what do we really know about Rodney Stuckey?

Enter Rookiepedia, a wiki for incoming players from the fertile mind of Jeff at Celticsblog. This is a chance to find out about those names and guys you don’t know from people who did see and follow them. And, it’s the chance to provide a little insight yourself if you can.

I already love poking around this, and I’ll be there constantly leading up to the draft (whatever the Lakers do with the 19th pick). This has the potential to be the second best Wiki ever — nothing can beat Lostpedia.

• Chopperdave said it well in the comments — watching LeBron last night was a cure for the basketball blues the Lakers had put me in for a couple days.

• Detroit — and I’m looking at you Flip — when you’re getting torched by one guy for an extended period, you don’t keep running the zone defense said player is tearing up. No need for me to break it down, Kevin at Clipperblog did it better than I could.

• Great post over at Golden State of Mind saying the NBA has a “fan problem.”

• I’m shocked it took this long for someone to start the fire Mitch Kupchak site.

• If you want more Kobe talk, the guys at The Basketball Jones are going to be a lot smarter than the guys on local radio.

• Not much about the Kobe situation made me laugh, but this did.

• And so did this.

• Kurt Rambis is one of the final three candidates for the Sacramento kings job, although Tom at Sactown Royalty thinks its Terry Porters’ job to lose.