Draft Night 2007

Kurt —  June 28, 2007

UPDATE: The Lakers first pick is Jarvis Crittenton, a 6-4 PG out of Georgia Tech. The upside is he can defend and is long, very athletic and the pick gives the Lakers two young PGs to develop. There are questions about his decision-making and if he can shoot consistently, and one blogger I really trust has big concerns.

That said, I like the pick. He was likely the best player left on the board at one of two need positions, and there was nobody at the other positions that was a guy you had to get. You only take a big if there is one worth taking, and nobody left on the board impressed.

This selection does raise the question about the effort to get Theodoros Papaloukas (scan down this post for more). Would the Lakers use all three at PG, with the elder Papaloukas mentoring the two youngsters? Is there enough playing time for all of them?

UPDATE 2: Sun Yue is the guy the Lakers take with the 40th pick. Some quick research shows him as a point/forward who played in the ABA last year. As I said below, second round picks will have a hard time making this team, maybe he hangs on and gets to spend a year in the D-League.

UPDATE 3: The Lakers got Gasol!!! Oh, not that Gasol. Instead the Lakers took Marc Gasol from Spain with the 48th pick. He’s the brother of Pau and is a 7-0 center. The book on him is he is smart and fundamentally sound, but not very athletic. May be good guy at the end of the bench, if he can make the team. Thoughts from those of you who have seen him in Europe?


It’s going to be an exciting draft, but probably not in the way Laker fans had hoped for. Heading into the draft, here’s what I think we know:

1) There will be big trades tonight, but almost certainly not involving the Lakers.

2) The Blazers will take Oden, the Sonics Durant, and then who knows.

3) The Lakers have made an offer to Theodoros Papaloukas, a 30-year-old PG playing for CSKA Moscow. He is listed at 6-7 and is considered a top PG in Europe. Rather than me speculating, I’ll ask our very knowledgeable European readers to chime in on this. It is allegedly a multi-year deal, where he and Farmar would share PG duties.

4) If the Lakers use both their second-round picks, don’t count on them making the team. Right now the Lakers have 10 guys under contract for next year, a resigned Luke Walton means 11. The guy drafted in the first round becomes 12. Someone picked up with the mid-level exception is 13. Chris Mihm could be 14. And we haven’t even gotten into trades yet. The Lakers only plan to carry 14 players next year, leaving maybe one, maybe no roster spots for any second rounders. (The reason for carrying just 14, not the max 15, is to have room to pick up a Chris Webber type who is let go. Last season the Lakers would have had to buy out Aaron McKie to do that.)

5) The Lakers say they don’t want another young guard to bring along. That implies they are leaning toward drafting a big. Of course, that not what the draft guides think they will do:

Draft Express
: Rudy Fernández, SG, Spain

Chad Ford (ESPN.com): Rudy Fernández, SG, Spain

Chris Ekstrand (Sports Illustrated): Gabe Pruitt, PG, USC

NBAdraft.net: Rudy Fernández, SG, Spain

Plissken at the Buzzer (that would be Chopperdave from the comments, if you didn’t know): Marco Belinelli, SG, Italy

That is a sampling; there are more mocks than I could possibly link to. I’d be happy with Rudy Fernandez, personally. But if the Lakers are going to go big, if that is the goal, then maybe BC’s Sean Williams is the call. I think the Bill Simmons/Chad Ford mock yesterday said it well about him — this guy is going to be a star or a bust. There is no middle ground, whoever picks him could be called brilliant in a couple years or could be mocked for wasting the pick on a guy already out of the league. But for the Lakers, maybe that’s the kind of risk they need to take.

So, everyone, let’s talk draft. The Lakers as an organization have a lot of big decisions to make in the coming weeks, but for one night we can dream about a young player who goes on to become one of our fan favorites.



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  1. Bobcats have let it be known that their #8 pick is for sale… any way we can trade with them and get the #8 pick?

  2. By the way, SB Nation mock draft is nearly over (http://www.bulletsforever.com/). Here’s what I ended up with:

    Rodney Stuckey, Nick Fazekas and traded the 48th pick for Hassan Adams. It’s a mock with bloggers, so the real draft won’t shake out that way, but if that is what we got at the end of the night I’d be pretty happy.

  3. And I wanted to repost this link on this new post so people could get an idea of who Papaloukas is…

  4. 1. What would you really give up for the #8? I’m not sure there is anyone I’m dying to have at that spot.

    One rumor that got my attention is the Raptors offering Calderon for a first-round pick. I don’t have time to go in and figure out a trade, but I like that kid a lot and would give up the 19 and a little something to make that happen. A Calderon/Farmar backcourt…..

  5. Kurt, the speculation for why the Lakers would be interested in the #8 from the Cats is to use it to lure the Wolves into giving up Garnett.

  6. That aint bad Kurt. But I would be upset if we didn’t move up in this draft. The talent level drops after the top 10-12 picks. If we are indeed in the “win now” mode, we don’t want to wait for a late first round pick to develop.

    I say trade #19 away to either move up or use it in a package to get an experienced player.

    If we do stick with what we have, I would be semi-happy with Nick Young, Glen Davis, and Jared Dudley. Not sure it would be possible, but that would be nice.

  7. For Garnett too, but I was just thinking that if we are going to draft a big at 19, we could probably get someone at 8 who could contribute a little bit quicker than whatever we could get at 19.

  8. Should Papaloukas opt to join the NBA and the Lakers, then by all means we should take him!! He is experienced at the highest level and would be a perfect fit for the triangle, since he is tall and everything. Don’t expect marvellous D from him, but I think his high basketball IQ will compensate some lack of lateral movement he has.

    Rudy has far more potential than anyone available at 19, but he is not a true PG, which is the Lakers need. Plus, are we building for the future or trying to win right away?

    Trade Kobe and build for the future, and maybe we should pick Rudy. Keep Kobe, and Papaloukas is the man you need. nothing else…

    NOTE: Papaloukas is a far better player right now and any team should be lucky to get him.

  9. And the “kobe video”slimeballs apparently gave up on trying to make money off the video and now you can just watch the video on their website for free. I watched it and I don’t think its as big of a deal as they made it out to be.

  10. 5. I guess, but I’m not sure what good the #8 really does us when McHale/Billy Knight can’t make a deal work for the #3 and #11. I guess I just have lost hope in the KG trade.

  11. skigi, that 8th pick would probably cost us Odom, in which case I’d rather just keep Odom rather than use it ourselves.

  12. Exick, If it would cost Odom, then you’re right , no way! Other than for KG, I really don’t want to lose LO. Not even for JO. If we do end up doing a JO trade, I would love to keep Odom.

  13. Keep Odom, please.

    I’ve said it here before. he knows the system and is comfortable. If he has another injury plagued season then maybe you think about, because of durability issues.

    Kobe doesn’t know or doesn’t care that all his bellyaching is pushing the Lakers towards making a deal that includes Odom and won’t give us a justifiable return.

  14. At 19, if the pick is theirs I would draft Sean Williams or Fazekas. Im afraid NJ goes after Williams with 17, but if he’s there, that’s the only potential impact player avaible, and you have to think Phil is lobbying for impact

  15. skigi and Exick,

    How about Bynum fo rthe #8 and Walter Hermann?

    I think whoever is available, especially if it’s Noah, would be able to contribute more than Bynum right now. Hermann is a nice big who could log some minutes.

    I know, I know, not trading Bynum, but all things being equal I think there are some blue chip talents in this draft and someone will fall to 8 that would be desirable.

    Noah is a proven winner in college, an athletic and energetic big, and would be marketable in LA. Line him up with LO and Kwame in the front court and defensively we’d be pretty tough.

  16. If the lakers end up with both Papaloukas and Fernandez I’ll be more than happy

    you all have read tones of words of me talking about Rudy.
    About Papaloukas, I like the idea cuz teo will have the kind of impact Garbajosa had in toronto
    a veteran rookie with loads of experience and a very inteligent player.
    Been named best PG in the Euroleague and the pas World Tournament, in CSKA Moscou he ISN’T the starting PG but the PG with more minutes on the court. It’s strange I know.
    CSKA almost only play they do is Papaloukas near half court in the left side, set a pick for the right hand with the C and Theo drives to the basket, score or dish it for an outside shoot.

    Farmar will learn a lot from him
    more over, for when Farmar will be ready to be full time starter Theo will accept so. he’s used to come from the bench and likes it so will accept it gratefuly.

  17. Thanks for the link Kurt, although I should point out that wasn’t a predictive mock, more of a collection of picks we felt would be interesting.

    The Papaloukas news is encouraging.

    I’m preparing myself to hold back the tears when we get Josh McRoberts, but other than that I couldn’t be more excited about today. And to 6, semi-happy?? If we get any combination of Young, Davis, or Dudley, I’ll be frickin ecstatic.

  18. If KG doesn’t work out… then trade Kobe. I love seeing Kobe on the Lakers but he is throwing Lamar Odom, a classy guy who sacrificed everything to win this year, under the bus. Not to mention all of his other teammates. There is no “strength and honor” in that, at all. I am starting to feel like giving into Kobe’s needs is like selling our souls to the devil.

    PS. If he gets his trade demand I say we never retire his #8 jersey either.

  19. LA Times …

    “Right now, we’re preparing to make all three picks,” Kupchak said.

    With their first-round selection, the Lakers probably will choose among a crowd of players including Colorado State forward Jason Smith (6 foot 10 3/4 ), Duke forward Josh McRoberts (6-8 3/4 ), Eastern Washington guard Rodney Stuckey (6-3 3/4 ) or Italian guard Marco Belinelli (6-5).

    Kupchak said last week that the team doesn’t want another young guard, but the Lakers might find Stuckey or Belinelli too tempting to pass up.

    The second-round pick the Lakers acquired from Charlotte two years ago for Jumaine Jones looked to be a very good one until the Bobcats went on a late-season run.

    “Due to Bernie Bickerstaff’s great coaching the last six weeks of the season, our second-round pick with Charlotte went from 32 or 33 to 40,” Kupchak said dryly.

    Kupchak said the Lakers would prefer not to have a 15-man roster like last season, which makes it highly unlikely that both second-round picks make the team. The Lakers plan to carry 14 players, keeping a roster spot open in case a player gets cut, such as Chris Webber and Eddie Jones last season.

    The Lakers have mined only one full-time starter, Luke Walton, from their last six drafts, although the jury is still out on 19-year-old Andrew Bynum.

    Their recent picks include Jordan Farmar (26th overall, 2006), Ronny Turiaf (37th, 2005), Sasha Vujacic (27th, 2004), Brian Cook (24th, 2003) and Mark Madsen (29th, 2000). Walton was the 32nd selection in 2003.

    The Lakers have offered a multi-year contract to 30-year-old guard Theodoros Papaloukas, according to Eleftheros Tipos, a newspaper in Greece. The report said Papaloukas had confirmed the offer and was pondering it among a handful from NBA teams. Lakers officials declined to comment.

    Papaloukas, a Greek native who is listed at 6 feet 7, was the Euroleague player of the year last season with CSKA Moscow, and is widely thought to be the best point guard in Europe.

    He signed a three-year deal with CSKA Moscow in June 2006, a contract that could require a substantial buy-out price. The Lakers probably would have to use most or all of their mid-level exception — five years and about $30 million — to sign him. The mid-level exception is given to teams that are over the salary cap and can be divvied up to sign more than one free agent.

  20. Papaloukas is pretty good at using his height and strength to push through passes in traffic. Here’s a better (or at least longer) youtube clip:


    I thunk it’s a good sign that Mitch and co. are looking for SOME kind of veteran presence to put on this team. Papaloukas was part of the all-1st team all-tounament at the world championship with the likes of Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobili, and Carmelo Anthony.

    As far as I’m concerened, the wishlist has to still include guys like Rodney Stuckey (supposedly a lock to go to Detroit at #15), Nick Young (we have a shot if the Clippers pass him up at #14), and HELL YES Sean Williams, who is likely to be by far the best talented prospect (and big man) on the board if he falls to us.

  21. If stuckey is available I say pick him for need. otherwise if no one else has taken the risk of drafting williams i say go for at 19 that is the best talent you can get.

  22. I would stay away from Nick Young. From all the hype, I doubt there is a chance he falls to 19 – and for that I am glad. I just think we need someone who does more than shoot – we already have Brian Cook.

  23. The MLE is a lot for a 30 year old that has never played in the NBA. I would rather take Mo Williams.

    But that’s just me.

  24. 22) Clearly you haven’t been on the opposite end of Nick Young’s daggers. Granted it was college, but as a Stanford fan he struck fear in our hearts, and rightly so. If he’s available at 19 (which there’s no chance of happening, I’ve heard him going as high as 8. I’m hoping Nooch actually for him, I think he’ll be a good fit there.

    For all my previous doubting, if the Stuckey/Acie/Youngs tier is all taken by 19, I think I’ve resigned myself to Jones’ Sean Williams suggestion. I don’t think the FO will have the balls to do it, but I would definitely prefer his kind of hit-or-miss potential to McRoberts or Smith.

  25. 23. Mo Williams will not be available for the MLE. The Bucks are already talking $7 to $8 mil a year for him.

  26. 23- Milwaukee has already said that the will offer Mo Williams 7-8mil per year and apparently Mo is looking for more like 9-10 per year.

    That’s twice what we can offer him.

    And look at a couple of Papaloukas’ youtube clips, the guys got some quickness and his passing is very good. What remains to be seen is how well of a shooter he is and how well of a defender he is. And as Xavier said, he is okay with coming off the bench and being a spark (think Manu Ginobili) which would work well if we eventually start Farmar and have Papaloukas come off the bench.

  27. Apparently we were on the right track… it looks like Minnesota IS interested in Charlotte’s #8


  28. With hours until tonight’s NBA Draft, here are the latest trade possibilities percolating around the league.

    • The New Jersey Nets delivered a proposal of Richard Jefferson, Nenad Krstic and Jason Collins to the Pacers for Jermaine O’Neal, multiple league sources said Thursday. Krstic is rehabilitating a torn ACL suffered early last season, but is expected to be back for the start of the season. There isn’t any draft day urgency to the deal because no picks are involved, so if the scenario does advance, sources expect it would not happen until July.

    • The Portland Trail Blazers and New York Knicks have had serious discussions about a trade that would send Zach Randolph and Martell Webster to the Knicks for Steve Francis and Channing Frye. Other parts have been included in proposals, but all combinations include Randolph.

    • The Washington Wizards are believed to be eying Italian guard Marco Belinelli with the 16th pick.

    • Sean Williams, the troubled Boston College center, is expected to be the Nets’ choice at No. 17.

  29. So, who’s gonna be bold and predict pick # 3

  30. Ray Allen dealt to Boston for #5 pick+West+Szerbiak+loaf of bread

    vr, Xei

  31. The smart money would be on Horford, but this is the Hawks, so I’ll say Yi.

  32. Damn, that dude in Seattle is smart. They have the #2, just aquired the #5, and because they got West in that deal, they probably are on the verge of doing Ridonour for #11. That would give them 3 lottery picks and the option of keeping Rashard Lewis, or doing a sign and trade. Trading Ray Allen, bold move, but that’s the only way to do it now

  33. I agree. You’re getting a franchise piece in Durant, you’re not going to win with Allen and Lewis, just blow it up and go young. Get more picks in a deep draft. Smart all the way around.

  34. Dammit, don’t think that deal is official yet. This internet era is killing me Larry.

  35. Derek Banducci June 28, 2007 at 5:46 pm

    According to the LA Times, Greg Oden may slip to the Lakers at #19:

    “We hear Greg Oden may slip to the #19 spot. ”


  36. Through the first four picks things seem to be to form.

  37. Jeff Green- is that for Seattle or Boston?

  38. Andy Katz is saying that is for Seattle. But the deal I guess is not yet official.

  39. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 6:03 pm

    How about Kwame + Bynum + Cash for #8 and #22?

    Charlotte can absorb salaries, get 3M to add to their riches, while Kwame is an expiring contract as well.

    Bynum = #8
    Kwame + cash = #22.

    This will put us to 9M below cap and we can sign Gerald Wallace come July 1.

  40. wow, do you think Yi will play for Mil?

  41. Yi and Bogut together at last….

  42. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 6:11 pm

    I must say Milwaukee picking Yi was quite unorthodox.

  43. ray allen for jeff green- I thought they would’ve taken Noah or Yi. who plays where with green and durant both unable to guard 2’s

  44. 40. That’s exactly what I wondered.

  45. At least now Mil holds the cards, if he wants to play in the NBA. His history seems to say he does want the NBA.

    Now the negotiation starts.

  46. Okay, I like Noah’s energy, but did the Bulls just add another front line player with a limited offensive game? They are stockpiling those like the Hawks stockpile SFs.

  47. The Bucks could be nasty if they’re all healthy next year.

    PG: Williams
    SG: Redd
    SF: Villanueva
    PF: Jianlan
    C: Bogut

    Athletic, threatening group.

  48. Tom at Sactown Royalty’s reaction to Hawes:


  49. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    NAH-sty. I dont think they are anywhere near nasty yet. Better trade for YI though. Bynum + Kwame for Yi + Mo WIll?

  50. Did they say Ray Allen for Jefferson, Delonte & Green? Was that the make-up? Danny Ainge…confirms my belief in his insanity as a GM.

  51. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    Hawes by Sacramento is another weird pick. Maybe they are moving Brad Miller? Theres a logjam there at PF/C.

  52. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    Seattle will be receiving Jeff Green, Wally and Delonte.

  53. 50. No way Jefferson is part of that deal.

    I guess the dream of Law falling to 19 was a longshot anyway….

  54. If Nooch passes on Nick Young, I’m holding out hope.

  55. I take back my praise for Seattle, pending further review. Again, they need a real big-man, Noah or Yi fit better. What now, Green, Durant and Lewis are SF’s

  56. Think the Knicks could have used that Noah pick?

  57. Rashard Lewis is a free agent.

  58. Okay, Jason Smith is still on the board, and may be when the Lakers pick. I’m not enamored, anyone seen more of him?

  59. Thanks Warren!!! I still don’t understand that trade but yeah, that’s a bit more reasonable.

  60. Interesting choice for the Clippers — young (because they need offense) or Critterion (best PG left on the board).

  61. From Shoals: “Scoop from over at SLAM: Randolph, Dickau and Jones for Francis and Frye. Lang hears it’s done.” Dont get that deal for Portland.

  62. it would be sick if Young slipped to 19… not that he really fits.

  63. Thornton seems a bit repetitive for the Clips. I guess they’re going with Jason Hart though which I think is a great choice at the 1. I haven’t seen Thornton but it sounds like he has a great attitude.

  64. What are the Clippers doing? a SF? Why didnt they take a PG and just give more minutes to Singleton at SF?

  65. Jason Hart– Syracuse in the house!

  66. 61. just saw that. I like Frye and I realize you want to get rid of Randolph, but is that the best you can do. And now Curry and Randolph are on the same team? If they can stay healthy that is some low post scoring right there. No defense, but what the heck.

  67. What do we think, can Nick survive 3 more picks? I’m thinking no.

  68. With Curry and Randolph NY will kill the Lakers next season.

  69. No chance Young makes it… it would be nasty though– we’re just going to have to settle for Freddy and hope that the Wolves will take Cook and Brown for Garnett and damn well like it!

  70. Stuckey to Detroit no shocker, but I had hoped…

  71. Lang Whitaker over at Slam is saying Young to the Wiz…

  72. 70. I agree, for example, if I’m Golden State I see Young as a guy who fits right in.

  73. Just hope Sean Williams will be available… it would address the need for a shot blocker and defender in the paint… and it would be insurance in case of a trade of some of our bigs.

  74. 72. And he is right…

  75. And the dream ends… stupid Wizards…

  76. So what are we hoping for now. Sean Williams? Tiago, Rudy? Please no Josh McRoberts, please no Josh McRoberts

  77. That’s some offensive firepower for the Wiz. I think Stephen A. is right; they could have used a big man. Still, congrats to Nick Young. He’s gonna be a good player.

  78. I like the idea of Papaloukas. I think the Lakers have been behind the curve WRT international talent. I am thinking Fernandez with the 19.

  79. Does drafting Thorton suggest the Clips will move Maggettee in a year or so?

  80. The Wiz are going to be fun, the Golden State of the East.

  81. Dang Nets!

  82. Well, there goes Williams.

  83. Damn, Williams to the Nets. I feared that one.

  84. I wonder if they can hang onto Gil after next season, can you imagine Hibachi! and Mamba in the same conference? How about in the same building, Arenas the Clipper and Kobe the Laker?!?! The rims would be bruised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Forgot about Javaris still being on the board. I’d be ok with him, although Mitch has said they’re probably going big. Please no McRoberts, please no McRoberts.

  86. What about Crittendon? Will he be available? Please no McRoberts!

  87. Aww, Williams is gone. Who’s next then?

  88. I vote for Dudley or something, I don’t really love anybody on the board right now– aside from former Orangeman D Nichols of course…

  89. I’m afraid of a big white stiff coming our way, just a bad feeling I hope is fleeting.

  90. Wow, so Durant, Channing Frye, Jeff Green, Franchise, Aldridge, Outlaw, Jack, Pryzbilla…..wow, they are going to be fun. SEA/OKC(?) too.

  91. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 7:21 pm

    Now who would LA pick at #19 now?
    GSW will surely get Fernandez or Crittenton.

  92. Morris Almond?

  93. AHHH!!!! Why did none of my guys fall.. Not one…

    I’ve jinxed it, we’re taking McRoberts.. I can feel it..

  94. We’re on the clock. Jarvis, Rudy, maybe Splitter. I fear Smith or McRoberts at first glance.

  95. if Kupchak selected McRoberts then we know the Laker organization really just have been talking, not doing. Talks of getting better and improving, yet nothing has happened. Let’s hope the draft player isnt too horrible.

  96. Well Belinelli is gone… but there are Crittenton and Fernandez…

  97. No big whities! I’d rather have big baby.

  98. I hope they shock me and take Big Baby… Way too early and totally out of left field….

  99. I hope we get Crittenden or Fernandez.

  100. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    Crittenton it is!

  101. Javaris is a Laker

  102. What the flux did we pick up a guard for?

  103. Weird.

  104. Looks like he is gonna be sharing time with Jordan…

  105. So are the Lakers still going after Theodoros Papaloukas?

  106. The J- from Stern almost gave me a heart attack.. Not devastated. Not thrilled..

  107. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 7:32 pm

    It looks to me like the Lakers will not be trading Odom + BYnum for JO. Otherwise, they would have drafted big.

  108. Better to address the PG in the draft and trade for our missing piece of a big man…. KG or JO baby!

  109. The pick of Crittendon suggests one of two things: the pick has been made for Indiana, or Farmar will be traded. Can’t see keeping both given the offer made to Papa.

  110. Should have drafted big in anticipation of a trade for a big. Now you draft a point guard, what about Theodoros Papaloukas? Sign him, draft big, sign-and-trade walton along with Bynum for Jermaine O’neil, or better yet, Kupchak quit being a D Bag and get Garnett.

  111. Bynum, Kwame, Crittendon for JO!!!!

  112. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 7:36 pm

    I don’t even know now if they are still going for Luther Head anymore.

  113. is that mitch kupchak or jon malkovich? who’d be the better gm?

  114. Mitch seems to be loving that tight-rope.

  115. I hate Mitch and his uninformative answers

  116. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    MItch was just on international tv. No deals baby.

  117. Ohhh…Crittendon is a PG? Sounds like he is a split guard. Sounds like he will be a good player.

  118. Why do they even interview Mitch?

  119. Mitch looks exhausted. And as Screamin A. says, I can’t blame dude.

  120. Sweet! This way Kobe can not report to camp and put the clamps on the Lakers until they have to trade him for Theo Ratliff or something! Yay for the rebuilding effort!

  121. whats the point of trading 19 with 20? Why didnt they select who they wanted?

  122. I put a note on the top of the post.

    And TC, how can you still have the sound up on ESPN? I had the sound off on them before pick #2. I just turn it up when Stern walks up.

  123. I don’t think there gonna trade Javaris he fits the triangle system perfectly! It will be Farmar and Javaris at the point Unless Indiana is desperate and would be willing to part with JO for Just Kwame, Bynum and Javaris.

  124. You missed SAS’s “He looked like he was ready to cry.” The only time I’ve like him tonight.

  125. I kind of feel sorry for Mitch, to be honest.

  126. Ray Allen to the Celtics. Jeff Green, Delonte West and Wally Sczerbiak to Seattle.

  127. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    Zach Randolph to the Knicks may mean they are not going after Jermaine Oneal anymore.

  128. I think that was a good trade by the Blazers. They were looking for a SF and they got another young guy with a lot of potential in Channing Frye. Blazers are gonna be scary this year

    Knicks are dumb

  129. When Stern walked up, did you guys hear somebody yell, “WE WANT KOBE” ???? Keep dreamin dude.

  130. Kurt, you’re right, I have been alternating having the volume up, lol. It varies, lol. I like the “atmosphere” and hearing some reaction…although really, Dicky V. has lost it more than normal, at this point. Good jeebus.

  131. I promise on my love for Sedale Threat I wrote that Malkovich comment before I read it on Deadspin. Son of a gun.

  132. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 8:00 pm

    Lots of decent players still around.

  133. Fernandez to PHO. Kupchak better be right about Crittendon unless he is part of a deal.

  134. Yeah, I agree skigi….Blazers are gonna be baaaaaaaaad for a number of years. You know Kobe is loving watching this. Seattle gonna be pretty impressive too.

  135. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    Is there a chance at Marc Gasol at #40?

  136. Chad, Deadspin? Hmmmm…I only heard one voice in response. j/k

  137. whats up with Afflalo?

  138. We’ve had two articles written on FB and G in the past about “Being Mitch Kupchak”…

    Like the Crittenton pick.

    Was with some Warriors fans in a bar watchin until now, (No sound) they were not thrilled with the Bellinelli pick. They already have too many guards, but they were speculating that he waa picked so J-Rich would be more expendable. They have the same KG dreams that we do…

  139. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    Afflalo picked by Detroit.

  140. Happy for Afflalo. I think he’ll fit in nicely there.

  141. I love the Crittendon pick. Puts some pressure on Farmar to improve, adds length and speed to the defensive end, and rids the team of Smush. Also frees up the MLE to use on more front line help.

    Kurt, what are your thoughts on going after Rashard Lewis? Is it do-able?

  142. Detroit will continue to be strong.

  143. Dangit, I was so looking foward at laughing at whoever pick Josh McRoberts in the first round. Did someone put smartpills in every GMs water this year?

  144. Stuckey and Afflalo for Detroit, that’s a nice draft.

  145. Really like the J-Rich for Brandan Wright on both sides. Charlotte needs a scoring 2, GS needs cap space and rebounding.

  146. I don’t know why MJ would want to get J-Rich. They have Gerald Wallace.

  147. Two years ago, would you have thought Big Baby would fall all the way to 35? I was hoping he would fall five more spots, personally.

  148. 142. It would have to be a sign and trade to get Lewis in Laker colors, and as much as I like him that seems pretty unlikely.

  149. I guess you’re right chopper.

  150. J-Rich for Wright worries me in the sense that Wright is the kind of talent that might be appealing to the T-Wolves…

  151. why is this website called “Blue & gold” ?

    shouldn’t it be “purple & gold”??

    serious question

  152. Hope for Marc Gasol…

  153. Really Gio? Seems like the definition of stiff to me. I’m hopin Byars.

  154. Well let’s say he’s not great… but he’s a 7 footer… and played well in the World Championship finals subbing for his brother… he’s a presence in the paint… and he could help recruit Pau…

  155. Hate to say it, but Golden State has to be considered a team that would do well in the KG derby. They have young players and big contracts.

  156. Who we got who we got?

  157. that’s clearly throwing the pick away… I guess… who’s this chinese guy?

  158. that chinese guy’s highlights looked like he was playing in the adult league at the park

  159. Sun Yue. At least he can turn sideways and disappear.

  160. Hmmm….haven’t heard of this guy. Kukoc style game looked about right….

  161. Any info on him?

  162. http://hoopsaddict.com/

    They have a story about him

  163. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 9:18 pm

    I am surpriesed once more. Sun Yue. Hmmmm.

  164. Last one to youtube is a rotten egg.

  165. Ah, come to think of it, I think I have heard dude’s name. Who knows. The more I think about this CHA trade, the better it seems for both teams.

  166. You got your wish Gio. I guess he could be useful if we lose Bynum/Brown in a trade, and Mihm doesn’t resign.

  167. So the Lakers drafted another prospect. How much damage do you think Kobe did to his house? Perhaps none if he really isn’t going to play and he’s decided.

    He’s a big guard. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with this piece of analysis yet, but Phil Jackson likes big guards.

  168. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    The Lakers just got 2 international forwards/centers for the 2nd round. I must say NOT BAD, nabbing Marc Gasol at #48.

    Perhaps its a sign that Pau is coming for Bynum, Kwame and Crittenton.

  169. D’Antoni just said they are not going to trade Marion or Stoudemire. So the question now is… now that all the other offers for KG are falling apart… does Minnesota keep him or revisit our offer?

  170. I would say it’s only 50/50 Randolph starts season w/Knicks. I really expect NY to try and use him to get J.O’Neal.

  171. warren (philippines) June 28, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    Good Question Skigs, I think Phoenix has a lot to lose in trading either, either way. Indiana is still the most interested with our package, we can do the Indy deal too.

    Trade Idea: Kwame to Bobcats for #22.
    Rationale: Clear cap room to sign Gerald Wallace or Mo Williams for near-max w/ 9M starting salary.

  172. I think GS made some nice moves that could help them get past us in the KG bidding.

  173. I absolutely think the Lakers get Larry Harris on the phone and find out what it takes to get Yi Jianlian. I really think Kobe is going to be traded and Yi could definitely help in the marketing department.

    Keep an eye on this, I definitely think it would be an awesome deal for the Lakers to get in on.

  174. Just came back from the NBA Draft…exciting night. I was able to meet some of the new drafties…

    But Yi did not look happy at all. Noah was so animated and the fans loved him. He took the longest to get from the podium to the private area as he signed autographs and chatted with people. What a nice kid.

  175. Yi is not the answer. He’s a skinny prodigy who will never be as valuable as anyone we’d have to trade to get him. Any of the Florida guys? Oden? They’re winners. Not check cashers. The Lakers need more winners like Kobe and Turiaf. It will be interesting to see what (if anything) happens.

    My favorite draft moment: getting no comment from Buss, and somehow that was headline news.

  176. lakers = no better than they were yesterday. looks like we’re back to “how do we get garnett” mode.

  177. agree with 181.

    Question: who are the Sonics and the Blazers starting 5 now (and any other contributors, if any)? I’m tipsy-sleepy and can’t keep all the picks and trades straight. Just curious to see how we stack up against them now, to see if we’ve been passed in the playoff picture. Golden State maybe has already passed us…

  178. Yi Jianlian and most of the Bucks for Kobe? C’mon. That deal is not plausible. Besides, we don’t need a skinny 4 or a slim 3.

  179. There is no simple solution. Kobe should grow the eff up and accept his place on the team.

  180. The problem with the Lakers philosophy is that it has gone from Showtime to STIFFTIME…

    Mitch Kupchak was a STIFF player in his days, therefore he drafts and picks guys in his mold… Basketball is about having moves and being able to create & shoot the ball..

    The following are Laker players that dont have moves, cant create shots, and cant really shoot the ball exceptionally (TRANSLATION: STIFFS):
    ANDREW BYNUM (Some post-up moves, but a STIFF)
    LAMAR ODOM (some moves, STIFF SHOOTER)
    KWAME BROWN (Stiff Supreme, no moves, cant shoot)
    CHRIS MIHM (a bit of moves, STIFF SHOT)
    BRIAN COOK (STIFF moves, occasional set shot)
    SASA VUJACIC (occasional set shot, stiff for a gaurd)
    SMUSH (no comment necessary)
    RADMANOVIC (ok shot, no moves, another smush)
    LUKE WALTON (ok feel for the game, not a great shot)

    All Kobe is asking for is a running mate, to break teams down and make things easier for the rest of these stiffs! When Lamar Odom is your 2nd scoring option, you are in BIG TROUBLE!!

    What did Kupchak see in Kwame??? He should have been fired just for that trade alone!!!!

  181. aummm
    first of all
    its 6.49 am, i’ve been reading some draft thoughts I’ve been able to find

    lakers pics:

    I like Crinttenton, but i dont really know how to mix him, farmar and the offer to papaloukas if there isnt a trade (which i kind of like)

    Sun Yue, nice prospect, I’ve seen som of his game, not much but I can tell you he’s got game, can handle the ball for a 6’9, versatile, can shoot drible penetrate but very very raw,
    He’s the unknown Guard-Forward version of Yi Jianlian with poor defense and strenth
    I’d bring him to the summer league, see how he plays, sing him and let him play for a yer with the D-fenders if not 2.

    Marc Gasol, Dont wait a for a polished offensive game you’ve seen in his brother but solid back to basket moves. expect a taller version of Turiaf (good uh?) in terms of courage, work ethic and defense intensity.
    I wouldnt bring marc this year, not because of his game but bcuz of roster spots.
    Marc is playing for a top5 ACB team with important minutes which are helping him to develop his game, this is a much better experience than what he would get in the D-league. moreover he’s got only 1 year of contract, so after this year is done, Marc won’t need any buyout to leave to LALAland and for this season, we’ll keep out 14 players-roster Mitch wanted
    consider Marc Gasol a steal (he was projected late 1st to early 2nd round)

    draft thoughts when saw

    After buying the pick from the Phoenix Suns (shades of Sergio Rodriguez last year) the Portland Trail Blazers choose guard Rudy Fernandez.

    what the fuck!!!

    Rudy Fernandez for cash considerations!!!????

    we all agree that Crinttenton can be considered a steal, but we all thought Rudy deserved the 19th pick

    and Portland has bought a 24th pick for CASH CONSIDERATIONS 2 years in a row to the suns!!!!!!!!!

    oh fuck i can’t contain myself…

    portland’s been the lord of the draft the last 2 years
    can we trade GM’s, please?

    Ps. Its maybe kind of coincidence that 3 years from now, in my first trip to LA I meet Jason Filippi, by then international scout for the lakers. I attended some basketball drills I had programed with him with a Jersey from Rudy’s team and he told me he went several times to Badalona to see him play.
    last year he started working for the TrailBlazers and he recomended Sergio Rodriguez, and this year he took his beloved Rudy Fernandez
    got to say this guy know what he does…

    coincidence or not?

  182. speaking of stiffs, the interview w/ mitch was painful. the guy told us absolutely nothing. a totally anticlimactic day.

  183. Anyone who expects a GM to talk about their plans at draft time is really not thinking very straight. If Mitch had said anything he would quickly be fired.

    Why should we expect a business to talk about their trade secrets? Ain’t gonna happen people.

  184. I don’t know if anybody else listened to Phil’s press conference on am 570 tonight during the draft but Phil was asked:

    If the current team is brought back to camp looking the same, would that be enough to improve past the 1st round?

    Before the questioner could even finish, Phil responded by saying, “thats not going to happen… decisions have already been made regarding that”

    Phil sounded pretty damn sure that something is going to happen and the team is NOT going to be brought to camp looking the same.

    He also said that during the exit meeting, he and Kobe both made a pact to do and say whatever necessary to improve the Lakers over the summer.

  185. 187: this double-talk from Phil, Kobe, Buss I & II, Mitch, and everyone else makes me wanna pull a 187 right now. Stay or go, change or no change, magic wand!?!? I just wish I knew who to listen to.

  186. 188: That’s why these times are so difficult. There is NO ONE to listen to. There can’t be. We won’t know anything about signings or trades until they happen. Then it will be too late for us to consider if we should do them or not.

    We are NOT the ones paid to run the club. The people in charge do a better job of keeping their mouths shut.

    From all the noise, I wonder if Kobe or Phil really have anything to do with player movement. I sure hope not, because I doubt they could effectively work with other GMs. Too much noise!

  187. It’s remarkable to me that Kupchak still has a job. Name one good move….Kwame?? Brian Cook?? Snowboarder?? The huge trade for…Maurice Evans?? I don’t blame Kobe – his point is spot on, but the way he is approaching it is juvenile.

    The Lakers need an actual GM, not a joke of a figurehead.


  188. I see hints of a coming blockbuster trade most likely involving Garnett. The Suns have nothing more to offer Minnesota and Boston is out of the picture. Lakers are still leader in the race for Garnett as we have Bynum as a bargaining chip. Where else is Garnett going? The Wolves will trade Garnett before the season because they know next season KG will opt out and they will receive nothing in return, maybe except cap-space. But would any of the superstar free agents next year want to go become the lone superstar on T’wolves? Think not.

  189. So we end no better than we started… although I still think that Critterion is the right choice there. We seem to have backed into the lead of the KG race… although both GSW and Portland have several nice assets to add in a bid…

    at least we didn’t draft McRoberts…

  190. Team officials denied a report in a Greek newspaper that said the Lakers had offered a contract to Theodoros Papaloukas, who is generally considered to be one of the best point guards in Europe

  191. I think the lakers did good from a draft stand point. Crittenton was probably the best pick left available. At least it was not McRoberts, thank god!!!! If we do not keep him he might make a nice trading peice. Neither Sun or Gasol will likely make the team, I say send Sun to the D-league where he will have better competition than what he gets where he is playing now. Gasol just let him continue to play in ACB for another year, then decide if you want to bring him or not.

    I did not understand the Boston trade at all. It really makes no sense. Allen and Pierce on the same team just doesn’t work. I think they could have done a lot better with the 5th pick. The marion trade for the 5th pick was better. I also did not understand the Portland trade, from the stand point of Portland. The trade is great for the Knicks. I know you want to get rid of Zach Randolph but I think they could have done a lot better. Francis is a bad contract. He’s OK offensively but does not play defense and that team needs a perimeter defender now that they have oden who is likely to become (rather quickly i think) the best interior defender in the league. Frye is a good pick up but I don’t like Francis. I wonder if they plan oin moving him for another piece?

  192. lakersfan81: You have to put yourself in the shoes of the GM.

    Portland – they will buy out Francis and say goodby. Essentially they get Frye for Randolph. This works for them because they didn’t want Randolph and Frye can work outside-in, leaving Oden and Aldridge to patrol the paint.

    Seattle wasn’t going to win with Allen, so why not put him in a good spot and get Green and Delonte West to start their rebuild. By trading Allen they can afford to resign Lewis and have 3 good players manning their 2/3/4 spots on the floor. Wally S. is there to provide salary balance and they have to eat his contract for 2 yrs.

    Boston is overjoyed to get Allen as he doesn’t require the ball and will allow Paul P. to drive and kick to perhaps the best shooter in the game.

    Don’t always see these trades through equal talent. They also have financial and ‘team play’ perspectives. Allen would not fit what Seattle wants for their team play as well as the more athletic Green and West.

  193. Other than the top 3 picks, the Lakers really couldn’t benefit from this draft – except to use trade pieces. Since they couldn’t get a trade done, I also think they did as well as could be expected.

    Crittenton is insurance at PG and is value enough to equal something in a summer trade. If he stays, he may log some time in the D-league.

    I think Sun Yue is strictly D-league to see if he can help us next year and Gasol will remain in Spain, where he might just turn into a real find for next year – when we need a backup at center.

    I am therefore relatively happy about the draft and feel the real work is now starting for the Laker FO.

  194. Craig W.
    I understand that Portland wanted to do. Hopefully they do buy out Francis’ contract that makes more sense than playing him. The Ray Allen trade for Seattle makes perfect sense and to some degree it makes sense for Boston. I know they play in a horrible conference so picking up another player the caliber of Allen will get into the playoffs, but it will not get them anything else. However, it does bolster sales so from a business standpoint it makes sense. But I still think they could have made a better deal with the 5th pick then picking up Ray allen. I don’t like the combo of Allen and Peirce, it reminds me too much of Pierce and Walker, which didn’t get them anywhere. I think from a basketball point of view it would have been a better move to trade peirce and get younger and get more cap room than picking up Allen. But I guess if you are not going to win then you might as well try to sell as many tickets as possible and picking up Allen does that.

  195. Is anyone else a little upset that this organization wasn’t able to pull off any movement on draft day?

    When you know your team is in disarray, and you have some pieces on your team that could be used in a smaller scale deal or two… why can’t you get anything done???

    Teams like Portland, Charlotte, Golden State, Chicago, Boston, and Seattle have made some nice moves in the draft over the past couple years to make themselves competitive for the upcoming years.

    Typical Mitch Kupchak, play it safe. It’s like a repeat of last year… “We were amazed this caliber of player fell to the 19th pick”. What a douche bag.

    Keep chasing the “blockbuster deal” Mitch. If we end up getting a superstar player on this team, we’re going to give up WAY too much with Mitch at the helm. And that’s IF we get a superstar.

    I would walk away if I were Kobe.

  196. I am not a conspiracy theorist at all, but the Lakers/Kobe/Buss/Phil sure have done a hell of a job keeping the Lakers at the top of the headlines during the NBA Finals, NBA Draft, and Stanley Cup (ha!). For a fringe playoff team with nothing really going for it lottery wise, not a bad little PR move, don’t you think?

    I honestly think the only two teams who could get KG are Golden State and the Lakers.

    That $10 million trade exception the Warriors got in the Richardson deal are going to help out TREMENDOUSLY. However, they would probably have to give up Biedrins, Ellis, Brandan Wright and future picks to get KG. Are they willing to do that? Not sure.

    Since Minnesota has made it pretty clear that they want expiring contracts as opposed to All-Stars back in return for KG, the Lakers look okay. I know LO isn’t expiring, but he only has two years left.

  197. To follow up on (201), my frustration is that these players we selected are all VERY young. Prospects with upside once again. What are we doing with these prospects with FUTURE upside???

    Once again we’re stuck between this win now and win later mentality. I really hope they plan on either trading youth away, or trading Kobe. Kobe won’t be happy with the status quo.

    Trades with younger teams CAN happen. Charlotte, Atlanta, Portland, Milwaukee, Philly, and Seattle are all teams that are looking to build on youth. SO, let’s give them what they want and get some experience back!

  198. .
    The Lakers had Crittenton ranked far higher than 19th, but some of that probably is because he ran the triangle in high school. That’s a huge factor, because it means he would be able to step in with a lot more familiarity than the average rookie. What remains to be seen is how it will impact Jordan Farmar. Perhaps not coincidentally, Farmar showed up for an on-court workout just as the draft was wrapping up. Farmar is a gym rat anyway, but the timing probably wasn’t a coincidence.

  199. I think if we look at the bigger picture, last night was a big success for the team.

    1. KG did not go to Phoenix. That alone is a massive win for us. And, it now looks very unlikely that he can get there. Because Minnesota refuses to take on Marion and Phoenix refuses to give Amare, the only way KG ends up in Phoenix is if a third team facilitates. Minnesota wanted picks, young players, and cap room. So, Phoenix was actively trying to use Atlanta, Charlotte, and Boston to make the deal work. With the Ray Allen and Jason Richardson deals, Boston and Charlotte now can’t help Phoenix out. Atlanta scored in the draft and appears unlikely to get involved. So unless Minnesota agrees to take Marion or Phoenix agrees to give Amare (both unlikely), Phoenix looks out of the running. This is a big win for us.

    2. Assuming Kobe didn’t ruin our chances at Garnett with their “phone call,” we now have the best 2 way offer. GS has a big trade exception from the Richardson deal (9.9M), but can’t use it directly in a KG deal — they must turn it into a big expiring deal. Those big expiring contracts are Ratliff, Kwame, and Kurt Thomas — none will be available to GS. So, their best offer probably must involve Harrington and Ellis/Wright. Harrington’s deal is long and large — likely prohibitive to Minnesota. Dallas also is involved, but they only have long term contracts to make salaries work. So, I think we can trump either with Odom/Bynum/Kwame. Odom’s deal is only 2 years and Bynum is better than the young players others can offer — now that the lottery picks don’t appear to be in play. We are also the only team that can offer to take back Hudson/Jaric in a deal. So, if KG is willing to come and Minnesota is desperate, we should be involved again.

    3. Crittenton fell to us. While we agree he might not be nba-ready, he is a tremendous trade asset for us. The teams we most want to deal with (Minnesota, Indy, Sacramento) all need a point guard. We can offer Crittenton (the unanimous third best PG in the draft), or Farmar in a deal. And hopefully add the Greek as a veteran starter. Indy didn’t trade into the draft and neither Minnesota or Sacramento took a point guard. We can now offer Indy something like: Kwame/Bynum/Crittenton for Oneal, and Sacramento: Kwame/Crittenton for Artest. I think we greatly improved our tradeable assets in the draft.

    4. Gasol and Sun provide frontcourt depth. Any big deal for us will deplete our frontline depth as we’d be giving multipe players from Kwame/Bynum/Odom. Gasol appears nba-ready, even if he has a relatively low ceiling, and can be a nice backup with Turiaf off the bench.

    So, while not making a big deal last night was disappointing, I think we improved our ability to do so. And, remember, KG is still available and Phoenix now looks out of play. Think how disastrous things looked on that front a day or two ago.

  200. The Lakers are in the worst position possible…A tradtion of greatness, people in the organization who think the team is closer to being a championship contender then it really is, and a medicore record that does not lead to an influx of new talent.

    The teams below the Lakers are improving and the Lakers are now more of a lottery team then a playoff contender. They need to bottom out and get the top picks which should never be a discussion in Laker land, or start working some salary cap magic to sign some free agents.

    While we concentrate on trades, why cant we sign FAs like Billups or Lewis etc. That is the way to improve to the point that it matters.

    Kobe has a right to be upset, but he needs to be a leader. Forget the past and do what you can to bring the team back even if it is taking longer then you thought.

    We really need a new GM.

  201. Reed- that was an excellent post, I have some hope.

  202. Carter (203, 201) I agree with you on some points. Kupchak seems to overlook smaller trades to pick up veterans or cap space. That has been my biggest problem with him he seems content with picking up fringe players, like cook and sasha. Why not use these players in trades to pick up veteran players that can help out. However, what trades are available right now that make the team better. The two biggest things the lakers need now are interior defense and rebounding and exterior defense. But I don’t know who is available that can fill either of those two spots. The problem is that the lakers are stuck in between being contenders and completely rebuilding. They are a fringe team. They have arguably the best player in the league in his prime so they can not completely rebuild but they do not have the pieces to put around him to make a contender. It’s a tough situation with no easy answer.

  203. Reed, I was just coming on to say something similar. I was a little dissapointed that we didn’t seem to move anywhere last night, but the more I think about it, Crittenton was a great pick up. He was definitely best available (think back to Ford’s tier article, he was the one tier 4 guy that slipped through the cracks), so if a team’s looking to get a young PG with big upside, outside of Crittenton probably has the second most potential of any PG in the draft. He should be a great trade asset down the road.

  204. Trying to read into Mitch’s quotes and actions from last night…

    I think they’ve more or less given up on KG and have put most of their attention on JO. Bird/Walsh have made it clear they want Odom and Bynum, but have also indicated they don’t care much for Odom’s contract. So the move that may be most palatable to them is Bynum + ending contracts + #19 for JO. Unfortunately, the Lakers have only one big ending contract – Kwame – and a bunch of smaller ones, some of which have strings attached (Cook) and others that stink (Vlad). Crittenton is the key since he has triangle experience. If he shows in summer league that he can run the offense, it’ll be Farmar that gets traded, not Javaris.

    So after July 11, a trade could look like this: Bynum, Brown, Cook (BYC), Evans, and Farmar for O’Neal. Sound like too much? The Lakers lineup could be Mihm/Magloire, O’Neal, Odom, 24, and Crittenton/free agent. Walton, Vlad, Vujacic, Turiaf off the bench.

  205. Exactly Ryan. Fringe is the word.

    They need to make a decision… spend the money and win now, or gut the team and win later. You can’t win in this league by doing things half way.

    Teams like Chicago, Portland, Atlanta, Charlotte, Toronto, Memphis, New Orleans, and Seattle started from scratch and have very nice rosters that will be able to compete in 2-3 years. They all made some nice moves to get high picks in the first round in stead of waiting for late first rounders.

    Make a decision Buss.

  206. excellent post Reed, I agree with Kwame A., I too have much more hope now. If it is indeed between us and GState now, is KG really going to want to go there? I thought the whole point of him leaving Minnesota was to have a chance at a ring. He clearly would have a better chance here than in Oakland. Mchale OWES it to KG to put him in position to win a ring. KG has been too loyal to them. For them to just sit back now and do nothing to help KG out, why should he help them out and not opt-out?

  207. Trade Kwame, Bynum, and Sasha for Pao Gasol.

    They get a young big man and cap relief next year. We get our win now team.

  208. Reed’s points are well-taken, and I am not giving up. If McHale looks at it non-linearly, he could project Odom as a trade asset with a huge expiring contract year after next.

    That said, I think the more likely scenario is a package without Odom for JO and signing Papaloukas. I think someone–Dallas, PHX, CHI–will still swoop in and get Garnett, and adding Papaloukas and JO while keeping Odom would placate Bryant.

    I am not high on Crittenton. Saw him play twice and also read Hollinger’s and Clipper Blogs analysis.

  209. Everyone is using Bynum as the 1st asset to trade. The reason other GM want him is that they know…
    1) he is only 19, with minimal basketball experience
    2) he shows real potential and ability to learn
    3) they recognize that the reason he tailed off last year was that the Lakers overused him. Remember #1.

    With a careful plan of development over the next 2 yrs I suspect Bynum will reach his potential. Since we have already invested 2 yrs, the fans are no longer patient. I only hope the FO does not have this shortsighted view.

  210. As much as I am dissapointed in Kupchak right now, when you think about it, he is negotiating with Indiana the right way.

    If he would have given Odom and Bynum for JO 3 weeks ago, then KG had become available, we would have felt like jackasses.

    Also, he is right, moving Odom and Bynum would be a lateral trade that would not improve the team. So the way we convince Indiana to back off and take one or the other is to make it damn clear to them that we are not interested in Odom and Bynum for JO. Eventually they should cave in.

    And even if they don’t cave in, we have til the end of summer to see whats up with KG and if nothing happens, we can always call Indiana at the last second and say Ok lets do this.

  211. Mitch has to dig us out of the leverage hole that Kobe dug us into

  212. Javaris Crittenton NBAdraft.net Comparison: Steve Francis
    Ruven Comparison: Smush Parker (rich mans, much better attitude)

    Strengths: Tremendous combination of size, athleticism and playmaking ability … Quick first step … Excellent vision and passing skills … His size allows him to see over defenders and make passes that the average 6-2 PG could not … Shows great heart, very competitive. Wont back down from a challenge … Very quick, an elite level athlete … Loves to dunk on players … Excellent body strength … Rhythm shooter, with good slashing and scoring ability … His huge hands give him excellent control of the ball … Very unselfish player … Excellent foot speed, overall quickness and effort makes him a tough defensive player … Works hard to improve his game, very coachable … Has a great attitude, confident but not cocky …

    Weaknesses: Needs to improve upon his outside shot, which is solid but can improve … Can be too unselfish at times trying to get everyone involved when he is the top scoring option … Can be too aggressive defensively and get caught reaching, picking up unnecessary fouls … Needs to prove himself on the college level. Become a great decision maker and learn to lead a team on the next level …His ability to play the point guard position is very good, but he can continue to improve upon dictating tempo and learning the nuances of the position …

  213. News …

    The Charlotte Bobcats waived veteran Brevin Knight on Friday, leaving the team without a backup point guard.

  214. News ..

    the Suns will ship forward James Jones to the Blazers – a deal that will net Phoenix future considerations.

  215. Reed, I think your analysis is right on… even if we did get better simply by standing still.

    Like Kwame, I have hope.

  216. reed, skigi,

    I was watching the draft last night and I was very happy with what transpired. I think you hit the nail on the head reed, with the best thing about the night being our main competion for KG making moves to take themselves out of the running. I honestly feel that it’s between the Lakers, Golden State, and Chicago. The fact that our “big” contract that we send back (LO) is only two years, as opposed to the longer contracts of other players, and our young prospect is a center, gives us the advantage.

    An another topic, people have a tendency to rip Mitch unjustly for not making deals. To me, it would cause more harm than good to make these “fringe” deals. And I think most of you forget, Mo Evans was a fringe deal last year that worked out well. The thing is, we’re basically a roster of “fringe” guys. Mitch hanging back waiting for a big hit is really what we need, not more role guys.

    What we need now is a veteran combo guard to handle the ball a la Ron Harper and a player who can score in the post. Life became jump shots and beat downs in the lane for the Lakers on offense last year because teams could collapse on us.

    If we get someone who is a threat to score inside, it should provide more space and EASIER opportunities for Kobe and company.

    All in all, last night was a success in my book.

  217. The Lakers are clearly looking to make major trades, but also to avoid blunders. In the last weeks, they have avoided both KG and JO blunders without losing them as trade possibilities. They are still in the game.

    The Lakers don’t HAVE to trade anyone. Their “pressure” year is next year. The T’Wolves and Pacers are really under more business pressure this year. So when is the best time? Whenever there is a deal that works both for basketball and for business.

    Judging by their comments, Phil and Kobe have the least patience. They want time to prepare for next year now. Many Laker bloggers have even less patience.

    The T’Wolves had a mandate to trade KG before the draft–but they couldn’t–primarily for business reasons. Many factors, including KG’s requirements, point to the Lakers or nothing as a destination for KG this year–but that doesn’t mean it happens today–or that it happens at all. Sometimes reality needs to ripen–and time is now on the Lakers side.

    If you look to last year’s trade geniuses (Detroit, Denver, Golden State), they all did it mid season. Dumars of Detroit, the most successful, always does it mid season. I’m not sure it will take that long, and maybe it won’t be Garnett, but the Lakers have a number of potential trade possibilities to ponder. Let’s hope they make exactly the right trade(s) at exactly the right time.

  218. drrayeye,

    Nice post.


    Maybe you can clear this up for me, but for Chicago to make a trade for KG they would either have to send Ben Wallace or a signed and traded PJ Brown or Andres Nocioni to make the salaries work, correct? Now, the player has to agree to be traded for it to work, I think. If so, I can’t see Brown or Nocioni agree to go to Minny. That kind of takes them out of the running.

    Golden State is the only team I worry about.

  219. PJ Brown might agree to a sign-and-trade because it would be his last big pay day.

    And I agree GS with Monta (my favorite non-Laker), Biedrins, and now Brandan have as good young talent as anyone.

  220. Drew Boy,
    You are absolutely right. Would Nocioni or PJ Brown agree to a sign and trade to go to Minnesota ? I don’t think so.

    Would Minnesota even want Ben Wallace or PJ or Nocioni? I don’t think so.

    If they were that valuable, we would have traded Kobe for them.

    Its either GState, the Lakers, or go back to Minnesota.