Fast Break Thoughts

Kurt —  August 1, 2007

Thoughts while trying to figure out how I would react if I were in the crowd when Barry Bonds broke the record…..

• A quick thought on the Lakers giving Coby Karl a non-guaranteed contract — good on him. The young man has been through more than I can imagine and clearly worked hard to get everything he could out of his game. Unless there are roster shakeups (or major injuries) in the Lakers future Karl will not be with the team opening day, but hopefully the time in camp will help him land a good spot in Europe, or at least the D-League. I want to see the kid do well.

• Hey, I watch games involving Eastern Conference teams. Well, at least half a game since by the time I get home from work its halftime in New York. So it’s not totally out of place for Henry at True Hoop to throw me in there with people who actually know stuff talking early Eastern previews. (I like what Boston did, but I’ll still take the Bulls to come out of the East.)

• It’s an interesting question that the smart Smushaphobe Drrayeye brings up about Boston — how do the big three coexist? My gut feel is that these guys are veterans whose “I’m the man, I need the ball” egos are not those of some 25 year old trying to prove his worth. I think they and their games will meld pretty well. The problem that now faces the Boston GM — the Celtics player I hated most during his days in green — is getting decent role players in the fold. Rondo and Perkins start right now, and the bench is horrid and short. There are a few decent free agents on the market (and now Troy Hudson) and the C’s still have their MLE, so maybe that’s a start.

• By the way, I borrowed Drrayeye’s Smushaphobes line (with credit, of course) in an email with a Heat blogger about Smush.

• Everything you ever wanted to know about bloggers but were afraid to ask.

• August is the time I try to make modifications to this Web site, so there will be some changes to the sidebar and more. I know one common request is for links from the site to jump to a new window/tab. That we should be able to do pretty easily. I’m open to other suggestions as well.

• Update: The Blowtorch has a picture and short preview of Crittenton up. Funny, I thought he was taller.