Chick Hearn Rap

Kurt —  September 6, 2007

Nobody scours YouTube for the best hoops stuff like J.E. Skeets, the Steve Nash of NBA bloggers. (Note the Canadian shout out there.) I don’t subscribe to many podcasts, but The Basketball Jones is one I don’t miss.

Skeets found this first and pointed it out to me, and I’m posting it here as well because I feel I must. Enjoy a Chick Hearn mashup.

to Chick Hearn Rap

  1. utter brilliance.


  2. the other Stephen September 6, 2007 at 3:07 pm

    soul brotha


  3. I miss Chick, the games are just not the same without him.


  4. Kurt, I think still have the basketball Jones playoff preview podcast you did from the hospital during the improbable run against the Suns 2 years ago…

    Here’s one of my favorite Chick pictures (with Vin Scully) and articles (by Howard-Cooper).


  5. Also, although the book is decent at best, when you buy” Chick: His Unpublished Memoirs and the Memories of Those Who Loved Him” you get a free audio CD that includes famous calls and of course the aforementioned Chick Hearn rap. A cool little piece of memorabilia.


  6. Here some of my favorite “chick-isms”. So many of these terms have become terms anonymous with basketball; its amazing.

    “garbage time”
    “baby hook”
    “bunny hop”
    “building a house”–I used to say that on the playground, usually about my self.

    “slam dunk”
    “dribble drive”
    “charity stripe”
    “it’ll count if it goes… it doesn’t go”
    “didn’t draw Iron”
    “fly swatted”
    “give and go”
    “the good lord and four disciples couldn’t beat the lakers tonight”
    “hangs in the air”
    “the mustard’s off the hot dog” (one of my favorites)
    “ticky tack”
    “if he hit his wife that hard she wouldn’t even call the police” –never heard that one, crude but classic chick.

    “no harm no foul”– again thats one of those you use on the playground

    “no look pass”
    “picked his pocket”
    “stutter step”

    i could go on and on. Here is a website that lists them.


  7. Thats supposed to say synonymous with basketball not anonymous.


  8. I liked the part where Mitch got his shot rejected.


  9. Would it be too bad of me if I started controversy once more? I think Phil shares the sentiment. Lucky for me, so does Kobe and JO.

    pls see:



  10. 3,317 Games
    2,074 wins
    362,032 L.A. points
    232 players
    8 championships