A Few Weekend Links

Kurt —  September 21, 2007

Sorry for the slow week of posting, things will really pick up in the next couple of weeks as we start to head to camp. That will start with a more substantive post coming Monday, but for now here are some links worth clicking while you wait for Notre Dame to win a football game.

• It’s out early, but it’s going to be hard to top an Atlantic division preview based around Festivus, as Tom Ziller has put up at Ballhype. As a side note, one of the things I’m probably going to do more of this year is NBA-wide posts and links and notes.

• Want to see the Lakers/Bulls game this year from a luxury box at Staples? The California State Parks Foundation is auctioning one off to raise money for its very worthy causes. It won’t be cheap, but you get to write it off and the price includes food, wine, beer and the dessert cart. Check out the auction, there are a ton of cool things if you’ve got the money. Me, I just bought a house.

• In the previous post about playoff slots in the West, I struggled with where to put Denver and the Lakers. After reading your comments and thinking about it, I should have given them a different header: “Depends On How Well They Play Defense.” For both of these teams, that is the key.

• Interesting only to me note of the day: football blogger Michael David Smith and I used to work together at our day jobs. Great guy. Better blogger.

• When I first was going to start an NBA blog, I emailed Jeff over at Celtics blog for some advice. I took some of it, and learned later I should have taken all of it. Well, now Jeff has posted his advice for young bloggers up at True Hoop and if you’re thinking about getting into blogging this is a must read.

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  1. Well, some interesting news out of Utah re AK-47…how do you think a trade for Odom would work out for the Lakers? I can’t see how his presence would hurt the Laker team defense.

  2. As of now, that move will be reserved for some future considerations. There is absolutely no incentive for both teams to do it (much as it would improve team chemistry for Jazz and team defense for Lakers). This move is better reserved come trade deadline, if somehow, both teams see it fit to “shake it up” a bit.

    Its a lateral move, and probably only the intangibles are earned. But in the end, if both teams think they need that extra push, the swap COULD happen. Now if somehow we could get Shane Battier and Marcus Camby, this team could be sick defensively.

  3. 1. Dude, you should check out the comments on the last post for a discussion of AK-47. And, for those of you new here or just unfamiliar, I don’t discuss trade rumors and speculation in main blog posts, and try to limit it within comment threads. There are no shortage of places for that kind of speculation on the Web.

  4. Program Alert for a rainy Fri Nite if you have NBATV.
    10PM Lakers/Blazers Game 7,2000 Play-Offs.

  5. Since its a rather “slow” weekend guys, I have a few questions seeking your insights on. Its not trade speculation, but still quite speculatory in nature.

    1.Aside from Kobe, Luke and Lamar who starts? Fisher or Farmar? Kwame or Bynum?

    2. The Lakers 1st 10 games will speak volumes of how good or bad this team is… how do you project the 1st ten games?

    Tue 30 vs Houston 7:30pm

    Fri 02 @ Phoenix 7:30pm
    Sun 04 vs Utah 6:30pm
    Tue 06 vs New Orleans 7:30pm
    Fri 09 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
    Tue 13 @ San Antonio 5:30pm
    Wed 14 @ Houston 6:00pm
    Fri 16 vs Detroit 7:30pm
    Sun 18 vs Chicago 6:30pm
    Tue 20 @ Indiana 4:00pm


  6. Oy, it’s not inconceivable that they end up something like 2-8 after those games..

  7. Could be, but not quite. I think the ones with New Orleans and Minny are almost sure-wins, Nov 14th at Houston is almost a sure-loss considering its coming off a Texan back-2-back.

  8. the other Stephen September 22, 2007 at 2:45 am

    i disagree with everything everyone said

  9. this is a comical article:


    Shaq Vs. Kobe the rematch.

  10. A need for the Lakers the past few years has been additional scorers, to take pressure off Kobe’s offense which would in turn allow him to expend more energy on defense.

    Do you really think AK-47 is what the team needs? If so, you’re wrong.

    wow, 2-8 in their first ten games is past possible, and up to probable. Fortunately it lightens up quickly, as they could go between 5-5 and 7-3.

  11. 8 the other stephen, I disagree too, but it’s got to have a “Sanity Claus”, or I change my mind.
    Kurt, goodonya! it’s a good time to buy, don’t watch the housing value market too closely, it might drop some more, but in LA, it will always rebound stronger than the rest of the country, and in the end, you’ll be a happy camper. it’s cyclical, I’ve lived through several ups and downs, and the key is buy when it’s down and sell, obviously, when it’s high. I sold in 2002, the buyers were like pirhana’s, rented a loft for 3 years, and bought when the timing was right. (think long long term)
    re: this season, one thing we haven’t had in a while was the unexpected pleasent surprise, the player who has a breakout year, like the Suns had with a Barbosa level player, one where folks around the league are saying “that guy can ball”…but part of that is not only the player, but the coaches giving the player PT, and building his confidence so he evolves into a major contributor…wonder who that could be?
    maybe Fisher takes control, becomes the stability and hustle guy…
    when I say hustle, I can’t help but think of Ronnie, maybe he becomes the energy guy off the bench and gets 6th man kind of minutes…
    maybe Farmar becomes the tough, quick PG, with a new focus on D, stepping up to the likes of Nash, paul, Parker (tony),etc etc
    maybe it’s Mo Evans, there’s been times he brings me outta my chair, love the way he skies and his activity around the boards..
    maybe Kwame (yeah, I said it) the #1 pick of the league, in a contract year, he has the parts, (if he could use sticky tape on his hands) but lacks the mental clarity to compete at the level we need him to…will this being a contract year be what it takes for him to motivate?? (I recall when he was hot, the fans chanting his name, I was hoping that he could elevate his game, be more consistent, but alas…)
    Mihm, Andrew, Luke, Radman…anyone of these guys could be that surprise, where we find ourselves saying, “wow, if he keeps this up, he’s gonna propel our team to that next level”
    so, guys…who do YOU think could be that guy??

  12. Timing is everything. The opening stretch looks brutal,but it would be far worse to have a stretch like that later in the yr,because…
    McGrady starts off tentative,trying to involve everybody. It isn’t til late Dec he shifts to f***-it,this team goes where I take it. Plus new system,so a split w/Houston.
    Utah is tough but at beginning of yr fouls are called more tighly,hurting Utah’s D and they will still be adjusting to Kirilenko situation.
    Phoenix may be slightly unsettled after coaching changes and trying to split minutes w/Grant Hill in mix.
    It’s not a fantasy to suggest Lakers could be undefeated heading into Texas-not likely,but possible.
    But If I had to predict…
    Split w/Houston,beat Utah,toss-up New Orleans,beat Minn,split Detroit/Chi,beat Indy..either 5-5 or 6-4. Same games in Jan/Feb,only 1-2 wins.

  13. chris henderson – I don’t think Luke, nor Rad, nor Mihm can bring us up another level. Bynum has to be the guy.

    But my dream scenario? Bynum averages 15/10 and Luke, Rad, and Mihm become elite role players.

  14. 5. Warren, the first month of the season is tough, including those games. I say if the Lakers are 5-5 at the end of that stretch I’m thinking that’s about right, and if they are 4-6 I’m not that worried. If come Dec. 1 the Lakers are .500 or better they will be fine.

  15. All the recent trade speculation in the comments have been so annoying. I can’t wait for training camp to start so we can actually talk about things that are real.

  16. My optimistic view has us going 6-4. I can’t say if it is, but I think this team is one of Phil’s weakest ones in recent memory to start the season. If we could go 3-1 last year with the 1st two on Kobe injuries, there is reason to hope that we could at least win that opener vs. Houston and win every other game following that. optimistic 6-4 / realistic 5-5 / pessimistic 4-6.

    As far as up to December is concerned, I hope they save enough wins to brace up for that 9-game road trip they have by end of January heading to the All-Star break. Things could get ugly at that point if they do not play well enough.

  17. the other Stephen September 24, 2007 at 12:45 am

    YO. what if we played bynum at C and mihm at PF at the same time. that is something to at least consider, is it not? bynum can support mihm’s inexcusable defense, and we can have the luxury of seeing that beautiful hook shot and jumper and stuff all day. allll day, baby.

  18. Lakerrrrrrrrrrs!

  19. As far as the blogging advice, I check this site every day. Even if there’s nothing new I keep checking every morning, because when there is something new, it’s usually pretty good, and the comments are better than the usual blog dreck. And I’m not even a Laker fan (ducking and running…).

  20. Jaz,
    I’m a Rockets fan living in LA and the folks here have never harrassed me for that-my opinions maybe,but not that I’m a fan of another team. I think you will find that in addittion to loving their Lakers,the people here love the NBA in general and have a very good knowledge of the game.Enjoy.

    For myself I find the Lakers a fascinating team. The whole Franchise from ownership to fans expects an elite team-quite reasonably considering their run thru the 80’s and early part of this century. They have the premier offensive player in the game whose legendary will to win is hampered only by his desire to win his way. They are a fascinating study in how a Team that wants to win is being slapped around by the New NBA Reality.
    On the competitive level their Conference is dominated by teams w/drastically different visions on how to win. The Spurs are an old-school balanced Team,w/the big man,the point and elite SG/SF and solid veteran role players. Then there are the Suns who are the classic run and gun team that is supposed to get killed in the Play-Offs,yet have dominated the Lakers when they’ve met. The Mavs try to bury you w/waves of good young players and the Jazz are creeping up trying to club you into submission.
    On the other hand the salary cap prevents the team from buying talent and the increasing reluctance of teams to trade hinders acquiring talent thru trades. So the Lakers are stuck trying to improve to an elite level while being handicapped by the current structure.
    Then there is the matter of what kind of Lakers team to build. Build it around Kobe’s talents,try to find that dominant big man to build around,try to recreate the Jordan/Pippen Bulls or try and build a team that w/out Kobe would be a plus .500 team and then expect Kobe will be enough to take them over the top.

  21. (17) other Stephen,

    You must be thinking five years ahead.

    Right now, if he had his way, I suspect that Phil Jackson would never play Bynum more than 10 minutes in any game–unless there were serious injuries.

  22. the other Stephen September 24, 2007 at 12:13 pm

    21. Well, I’m glad someone at least responded. I just wanted to know what people thought of playing Mihm at PF. You’re right–Kwame should be starting. Wasn’t thinking.