Vacation (All I’ve Ever Wanted)

Kurt —  January 12, 2008

As is a bit of a January tradition around here, I’m off on a one-week vacation to my in-laws in Vegas (Summerlin, to be specific). Since there are so many new readers here this year, let me repeat my annual warning — don’t marry a girl with family in Vegas. You don’t get to do many “Vegas” things, instead you see family and watch television in a different house. It turns the city of legendary debauchery into Fresno.

That said, I plan on getting out a little and doing my part to make sure Steve Wynn’s children don’t go hungry.

For the next week there will be posting from a few of the long-time regulars here, keeping the conversation going and updating more Lakers wins (fingers crossed). Posting may be a little light but there should be interesting stuff, and keep the comments coming. I’m not going to be totally unconnected, so I’ll be checking in too.

(By the way, there were a couple of emails that I never got to respond due to a busy week at work, trying to pack and my general slothiness [sure, that’s a word]. Yes, please send me those insights and if you have a question I didn’t respond to send me another email and I’ll at least get back to you with something. Sorry for the delays.)

See you in a week or so. And — come on seven!