Pau Gasol Traded To Lakers

Kurt —  February 1, 2008

The Memphis Commercial Appeal is reporting that Pau Gasol has been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton and first round picks in 2008 and 2010. If this is true, this is a huge win for the Lakers. Updates will be flowing as they come in.

UPDATE# 1: The LA Times now confirms it.

UPDATE — Pau Gasol Scouting Report.

I’m doing this on the fly and there likely will be more updates as the day goes on, but here is your first blush.

He is 7-0, 260 and has that beard made famous by Serpico.

On offense, Gasol has the kind of well-rounded game that seems to come out of Europe. He is shooting 50.4% (eFG%) overall — 55% of his shots are classified as “Jumpers” and his shooting 40% on those, very respectable for someone his size. In close his shooting percentage jumps to 66.3%. He can pass the ball well — 13.7% of his possessions used end in assist for someone else. He doesn’t turn the ball over much (just 9.4% of possessions). He moves well without the ball.

So far this season he as asked to defend opposing centers almost exclusively, according to Those centers are shooting just 48.5%, with a slightly above average PER of 16.8. Gasol is not a great rebounder, but he doesn’t need to be when the Lakers have Bynum and Odom on the floor.

Here’s how Henry at TrueHoop saw it this morning:

As Kurt Rambis explained the other day, a key element of the triangle is that, thanks to spacing, movement, and observation, every Laker should be eligible to receive a pass at all times.

That lets the offense quickly identify and attack weak spots in the defense, wherever they may be. And a mobile seven-footer who can turn just about any defensive mistake into a bucket would be an attractive option to mix in with Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, and Andrew Bynum. As the ball moves around that offense there are an infinite number of ways the Lakers might end up with a good shot.

While Andrew Bynum is out, Gasol becomes the go-to big man, who might keep the team afloat in the tough Western standings. When Bynum returns, the triangle and all the attention defenses pay to Kobe Bryant just might keep the Lakers from the Zach Randolph/Eddy Curry double post conundrum. One of them would have a makeable shot every time down the floor. A system with actual ball movement (as distinct from New York) might help the scorers actually get the ball when and where they can use it.

UPDATE #2: According to, Aaron McKie is part of this deal to make the salaries match, and will be bought out. Man, I need his retirement plan. Also part of the deal is Marc Gasol, the younger brother of Pau, making it the very rare trade of brothers.

UPDATE #3: I’ll be throwing up links all day, here’s the thoughts from personal favorite KD at Yahoo:

My initial thought? The Lakers are going to win a championship.

My second thought? The Lakers are going to win a championship.

Why can’t I break away from that thought? They probably won’t win a championship, but it’s an argument I’m having a tough time talking myself out of right now.

Gasol can play. He can really, really play. He’ll be perfect in the apex of Los Angeles’ Triangle Offense, hitting cutters with passes and making it easier on himself to score in the low or high post as opposing defenses try desperately to keep up with all the off-ball movement.

Gasol can’t defend much, but in a long-armed lineup with Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant, and Derek Fisher; this won’t matter.

Another favorite TZ (Tom Ziller) has great stuff up over at Fanhouse.

The front court lineup now in Memphis: Kwame Brown, Darko, Jason Collins. Wow that’s a lot of guys who can’t score. And poor Crittenton is now on the back of a bench of a team with too many guards. That roster is going to see a lot of shakeup.

UPDATE #4: Damn, it’s a good day to be a Lakers fan. Just enjoy this. Moments like this are what make being a fan so much fun.

Just wanted to say that.

UPDATE #5: First, John Hollinger weighs in, says this is better than any Kidd deal, and call the Lakers the favorites in the West when healthy. It’s an insider piece, so pay for it, but here are the two key graphs for me:

Yes, he’s a little soft. He’s also one of the quickest 7-footers in the league and can shoot, handle and pass. That last item is important — he’ll share the ball and play nice with Kobe, and he’ll be very effective from the high post in the triangle while Andrew Bynum takes the low block.

As for the soft part, that should be a lot less of an issue now that he’s finally surrounded by big guys who can handle the dirty work. His softness was a much bigger problem on a Memphis team laden with other softies than it will be if Andrew Bynum and Ronny Turiaf have his back

And now a quick thought from commenter James Hastings:

“When was the last time a team’s worst player was traded for another team’s best player?”



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  1. image a lineup with Bynum, pau, odom, kobe and fisher! just wow!

  2. Wow! Just made me happy despite having to work on a memo the entire weekend.

  3. Mike in the Mountain West February 1, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    This is great! This is what I’ve been hoping for and we even got to keep Odom, amazing.

    Kupchak wins Executive of the Year, hands down!

  4. WHAT?!?!

    I just read the piece on TrueHoop this AM and was almost ready to petition kurt for some trade speculation action!


  5. Kupchak/Jackson ’08!

  6. You effin’ kiddin’ me? Holy crap! Imagine a frontcourt of Lamar at the 3, Pau at the 4 and Andrew at the 5. Huh? Holy crap.

  7. How did we swindle The Logo like that. I guess the Grizz are going to run more……

  8. WOW i love gasol’s game and he wants to win!

    a player in the same page as kobe, couldnt have asked for more! man im at the office right now and im literally screaming WOOOHOO!!

  9. Wow, amazing trade! 50% shooter averaging 19 and 10, but what I really like is the 3.4 assists, perfect for the triangle offense….Lakers can be the best rebounding team in the NBA now as well!

  10. YES!!!

  11. WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! I didn’t think it would happen but WHO!

    @8 The Logo doesn’t work there no more.

    @6 I don’t know how this works. Are we going to be putting Lamar to the 3 even though it shows he’s good at the 4? And Gasol is a 5. Where are the minutes for Bynum unless we’re goinjg to put Gasol at the 4 and Bynum at the 5 and run a twin tower expo like how Duncan/Robinson did it. I’m too giddy….

    this is too good…. this is…. salivating…..

    This isn’t a dream, right?

  12. YES

  13. ok now when can we insert pau in the mix? i know trevor took a few weeks to finally get some playing time(practice). barring the physical and all that since we do need that big body, and we aint exactly getting a good practice in this roadtrip.

  14. I am spanish and I cannot be happier. Because I am also a Lakers fan, and now the best spanish player in history will be playing with Kobe and the Lakers!!

    I am still speechless. This is a wonderful move for LA. As of now, Lakers become favourites. If Andrew is coming back at the same level as before, Lakers will be unstoppeable.

  15. *waves good-bye to Kwame*

  16. Yeah, I wasn’t sure about Logo workin’ there…..didn’t think he’d get taken.

  17. 11. Pau is for sure gonna be a PF. He was playing along with DARKO so it isnt something new for him

  18. Y E S ! This is a huge improvement at POWER forward. Kwame could never play that position. AND we keep Odom !! Pinch me please.

  19. Before Bynum returns:

    Luke (assuming he’s back from the pointer)

    After… (wow)


    This allows LO to be what he should – a versatile do-anything guy to fill in the gaps with opportunistic buckets, good passing, and hitting the boards.

    He’s gone from number 2 option to number 4, where he belongs and can thrive.


  20. I am now retracting comments that i have made about mister Kupchak in the past. Wow, this is the second great trade that he has made this year, plus the fact that he kept Bynum… wow simply amazing!

    Mister Kupchak, if you read this, i am sorry for the hurtful things have i said and the threatening of your life multiple times, Great Job!!!

  21. Fisher/Farmar

    Let’s get ’em

  22. Where’s drrayeye… he must be delirious right now… he’s been pimping this trade for a year!

  23. LAKER freakin GLORY!!!!

  24. carter blanchard February 1, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    omigodomigodomigod!!! WHY ARE THE LAKERS SO LUCKY!!

  25. The Dude Abides February 1, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    I am unbelievably giddy right now. I’m even cackling. I too read the scenario in TrueHoop this morning, and thought it sounded great for the Lakers, but Memphis would never go for it. I think Memphis may have liked what they saw from Crittenton in his stints against them. For their rebuilding, they now have Gay, Critt, and Conley. Anyway, the rest of the West must be cursing the name “Wallace.”

  26. Mitch for Prez!!!!

  27. @22 kwame a –

    Give The Machine some love in the second string!

  28. On PF vs. C for Pau, he’s most definitely a PF. However, I expect he’ll be the de facto center until Andrew and Mihm get back.

  29. yeah!!! the trade that will take the lakers to the next level! i’m not worried about the positions they can play, coz everyone can slide to other positions (LO 3-4), (pau 4-5). Wow! what a front line!!! Bynum, Pau, LO! i’m excited!!!

    But how about for tonights game? they only dressed 11 players last night (including luke), so minus critt and kwame, thats 8 healthy bodies with Ronny as the only center.

    But i’m hyped as hell!!! Go lakers! go Pau!!!

  30. oops. @23 above

  31. I wonder if the sting will come in the amount, and height, of the draft picks. Wow. I have never been more speechless at the revelation of a trade.

  32. We officially have the best starting 5 in the NBA.

    We have one of the deepest benches in the NBA.

    We’re the 2nd youngest team in the NBA.

    This is why we’re Lakers fans. Dammit if this isn’t the most fun ride. It also takes the pressure off winning quick. Kobe has a supporting cast that puts them in contention for the rest of his career.

    What’s the over/under on championships before Kobe retires now? 2.5? 3?


  34. Now that my giddyness has died down, I’m starting to doubt this trade because the salaries don’t match. Brown/Crittenton for Gasol still leaves about 3.5million unaccounted for. If it was Odom for Gasol straight up it would clear, but I was trying to trade on ESPN’s trade machine and it doesn’t go through.

    I guess let’s be happy for the meantime but still keep the thought that this might be too good to be true.

  35. Haha now Lakers have both brothers Gasol

  36. Unbelievable. Kupchak should be GM of the year. I would’ve happily included Odom with Kwame to get Pau. Once Bynum comes back Odom becomes the #5 scoring option which will suit him perfectly. In fact, I think this move makes Lamar all the more expendable since the foundation of this team for the forseeable future is

    and maybe Vujacic.

    Gasol will be such a great fit with this team. I am absolutely giddy. To replace our worst player with an all-star…WOW. Sorry to see Javaris and his potential go, but we are now stacked for a run at the title for the next five years.

  37. How did Mitch go from scape goat to freaking genious in like a season. First he was right about Bynum, he was right about Jordan, he gets rid of dead weight in Cook and Evans and brings in a yound stud in ariza, now this.

    Bravo Mitch, you have offically have become GM of the year, and are now living up to what Jerry West saw in you.

    And Kobe, here is what you have been asking for, you now have a big 3, now go win us that championship.

  38. We’ll even do better on this road trip because both Turiaf’s and Mbenga’s minutes go up until Pau gets a few practices in…


    next year’s team

  39. This is such a freaking steal. Best of luck to Memphis after Kwame’s contract expires this summer!

  40. so barring physical and practice when can he go? We only have turiaf and im not even sure about mbenga!

  41. Kupchak has to be congratulated for standing his ground on Bynum, and now for landing Gasol in exchange for his 3rd string PG, a power forward that wasn’t going to be kept anyway, and two draft picks. Gasol helps more than Kidd would’ve and is younger. Bynum & Gasol could be best front court in the NBA for the next 5 years!


    i’m sorry Crit that you had to go, i was looking forward to seeing you play in the P & G, in other news..


  43. I was so excited I left off the Machine, apologies to my boy Sasha, he knows I’ve love him

  44. Now can we get Mike Miller for Coby Karl and Magic’s old sweaty knee pad?

  45. This trade will probably stop the agony of Caron Butler/Kwame trade, since we got Pau instead of Caron which I think Pau is a better player. We definitely will have the best rebounding front court.


  46. 35. It is also believed that the Lakers would need to arrange a sign-and-trade for Aaron McKie, who is not currently playing in NBA, to make the salary cap math work for the deal.


    aaron mckie is suppose to solve that little problem.


  47. .ladf/lkjas ;dlfkja s’djf
    a;j df;kajs d;fkjawefjaw;eojf awef
    ;’aj sd;fkj ;oiawje;ofij a;wij f;aowijef ;ijef

    that’s how i feel right now.

  48. WOW…this is the incredible..Im the happiest Laker Fan in town…We defintely needed this..Wow what a trade…

  49. I wet my pants!

    I don’t know if I’m happier that we got Pau or that we got rid of Kwame.

    Somebody please tell me this isn’t a dream!

  50. Ah… missed the part about giving up Marc Gasol… oh well … would have liked to see both Gasol’s in P&G

  51. You gotta be loving life if your Aaron McKie. You’re sitting on a beach somewhere in the Carribean sipping a Mai Tai and you get a call from your agent:

    Agent: Hi, Aaron?
    McKie: Wassup?
    Agent: You’ve just been signed and traded to Memphis for 3.5 mill.
    McKie: I’m not going to Memphis.
    Agent: You got that right, they’re waiving you, but you get to pocket the extra 3.5 mill.
    McKie: (Hangs up phone) Drinks are on me for the rest of the week!

  52. amazing… I think everytime Pau has played against the Lakers he has done well… How many double-doubles against his new team. I could NOT be happier… Over the moon, more like…

  53. @51 It doesn’t mention them giving up the other Gasol.

    Everyone, I have a feeling you won’t be seeing Odom in Laker colors too. Odom would be a very expensive 4th option so I think Mitch has some tricks up his sleeves. But hey, he can’t surprise us anymore, can he?

  54. @53. I hope Lamar stays with us but you might be right. Expensive fourth option. It should be noted however, that he’d be perfectly comfortable being the third or fourth option on offense. Not only that, he’s been the best defender against dirk. I don’t think pau’s defense is lauded by too many folks. Pau in gold is gonna look WEIRD.

  55. brother traded for brother.

    is this the first time in league history?

  56. @ 53: I kind of agree–the Lakers trading Odom right now seems like a good move. They don’t really need his rebounding anymore, and while he is a good distributor, this may be the time.

  57. 53. ESPN confirms M GAsol and Aaron MCKie included make up salaries… but you are right. Kobe at 19.5, Lamar at 13.5 and Gasol at 13.7… all contract rising each year. Bynum at or near Max. How are you going to resign Farmar and Ariza? Take out your wallet Jerry or Ship Lamar out for an expiring K

  58. I dropped my lunch on the floor when i read this. wow just wow…

  59. last comment for a while…. is anyone worried about gasol’s mr. glass-like ability to get injured all the time?

  60. Lakers matchup against Raps, and more GREAT NEWS!!



  61. carter blanchard February 1, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    Kurt’s breaking one his cardinal rules: “5. This is not a blog that supports wild trade speculation.”

    I don’t care that espn/latimes/etc have confirmed it. This is ridiculous.

  62. OMG YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this and norm going to UCLA. what a great time to be an LA fan.

  63. 61. Not today. Ask me again in a week.

  64. Mike in the Mountain West February 1, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Odom doesn’t really fit anymore I think. On Adande’s chat I’ve been hearing alot of speculation about sending Odom + change for Kidd. I don’t like that deal. I think we are set at PG and don’t need Kidd. Much better to use Lamar to shed some salary and another back-up for Kobe.

  65. In essence, Caron Butler, Javaris Crittenton, Marc Gasol, 2 1st rounders for Pau Gasol… I hope his back holds out.

  66. somehow I feel the chemistry Bryant-Gasol is going to be great.

  67. I am hearing that Drew might not be back this year…so let’s not get too excited just yet. Actually…we should be excited to lose Kwame and replace with Gasol…but we might not see the finished product until next year.

  68. 66, agreed, I’d rather dump the contract and get some, albeit small, cap space to get some role players if need be. Also, in other news….


  69. The best line from realgm…

    “nasty… What’s gonna be next? Mike Miller for Nene’s removed testicle?”

  70. I think we keep Lamar this year. His value this summer/next year is much higher. We can stand the luxury tax for one year if we get a player and our draft picks back next year for Lamar.

  71. yikes, now the memphis front court is consist of kwame brown and darko milicic, they trying to get a together a all-bust team or something, i would be eager to hear what they have to say to each other. some cap relief and 3 late first round picks for Gasol, bravo to mitch, look like he was hit by lightning or something. now odom go his own pace of score couple of points a game.

  72. Mike in the Mountain West February 1, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Even if Jerry West wasn’t directly involved you have to wonder if he worked behind the scenes to help get this done and exact some revenge for the Ainge-McHale conspiracy.

    Lakers-Celtics finals here we come baby!

    How do you like our front office now KG.

  73. KEEP Odom. What are you guys thinking? We now have a guy that was our 2nd option become our 4th on offense.

    Odom does so much besides score. Yes, he’s a tease with all that lenght and talent, but he’s a good passer, rebounder and a times a very good defender. If you look at Lamar as more of a AK type character I think he looks much better. I think this is a good group. A very good group. A pee-in-your pants giddy with excitement group.

    Besides that, Lakers fans at large have basically had their armchair-GM card revoked. The decline of Shaq, the Ariza trade, holding onto Bynum when the fanbase (and Kobe) were mutinous and now trading Kwame Brown, picks and a prospect for a very solid, All-Star caliber PF have basically put Kupchak as the hands-down GM of the year. It’s high time the rest of shut the hell up.

  74. random question… does this trade mean that Aaron Mckie is going to be paid a few million dollars for doing absolutely nothing? Can a team just grab anyone off the street and sign-and-trade him to make a transaction work? How can I get this job?

  75. Has anyone heard anything about when Gasol might join the team?

  76. @61: good thought. Gasol has been historically injury prone, but I don’t think he will be taking nearly the amount of punishment when splitting the frontcourt with Bynum.

    Overall, I can’t believe a Buss-Chak front office pulled this off. This is one of those “No-duh” trades that the lakers front office has scoffed at in the past and led us to talk about “what coulda been…”

    Of course, we have to see how quickly Gasol picks up the triangle, although Phil has some amazing history with European players in “the system”. Money does become a huge issue now, and given Buss’ aversion to the luxury tax this does likely mean we wont be seeing Lamar in purple and gold next year…but honestly like everyone has already said, he has been sweeped into the background (either by his own lack of demand for the ball, or his talents just not working out in the “triangle 3.0”)

    Are the lakers championship contenders now…absolutley. More importantly, this core will make them contenders during Kobe’s PRIME…something the lakers were dangerously close to wasting.

    Wow…I haven’t been this excited since Jerry signed Shaq.

  77. carter blanchard February 1, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Take those “injury-prone” concerns and shove it. He’s played at least 78 games 4 of his 6 seasons. That’s a problem I can deal with. We got rid of Kwame, Smush, and Cook!!! No more headaches.

  78. I agree with Adande that this may mean the team is giving up on Odom. He didn’t paly well at the 3 earlier in the year and struggles without the ball in his hands. He may do well by accepting a more reserve role and setting up these bigs and rebounding, but I don’t know. I doubt we’d move him before summer though, just to see if he pans out. Also with the additional salary we’re taking on, he becomes an accounting issue. But even if we do decide to move Odom, I can’t think of anything we’d need to take back other than expiring contracts.

    I’m assuming Gasol has to be our PF. but he and Bynum can help spell each other, and bring Turiaf to man the 4 when one or the other is out. There’s energy and defense off the bench. At the 3, Kurt already noted how we’re solid. Same at the point. We have scorers off the bench. All we’re really lacking is a few boards per game (if we move Odom) and Kwame’s specialized defense. Hopefully we make up for that with improved offense and Bynum’s development. And maybe a Mbenga type specialist (which is probably what kwame should have always been).

    I think this is the team, with or without Odom (who I’ve always defended).

  79. I am so excited I could die now… Gasol in gold and blue… Are there any stories between Gasol and any Lakers’ player in terms of technicals, hard fouls or… even friendship?

  80. I haven’t been this happy since my son was born.

  81. @76 – They are saying about a week, i might be even sooner than that. I’m sure they will try and get him in as soon as possible as thier roster just droped to 9 deep with Mbenga not having a contract and Luke hurt.

  82. 76. No way he gets to snowed in Toronto by tonight. I’d guess Sunday in Washington, coming off the bench. (Turiaf starts?)

  83. Best roster in the west, my sincere thanks to kwame for beening the centerpiece of making this trade possible. kwame B, you are alright afterall.

  84. I can´t believe he wont´ be starting straightaway.

  85. we’re gonna need shooters/wing defenders…trade odom or let him walk next year…stephen jackson?

  86. Gasol hi post. Bynum low block. Kobe making it happen, with shooters all around, Ariza and Turiaf cutting and defending and Odom adding that special whatever it is he does. I like.

  87. Lamar “The Whatever It Is He Does” Odom. I like it.

  88. And he is one of the best passers among big men… I guess that does count big time.

  89. 75..Lakers had Aaron McKie from last year and technically still had his Bird/FA rights, he never officially retired. The Lakers couldn’t have done the deal with a random Free Agent because they are over the cap..

    This is the same reason PJ Brown hasn’t gone anywhere, he’s expecting to get dealt in a Bulls trade to make the numbers work…

    In other news…

  90. @84 There is no way the warriors give up Jackson, they love him there and he is thier team, just look at thier record for the 6 games he was suspended. You might be able to pull off an artest deal, but I don’t think you will be able to move odom this year as anyone trading is looking for expiring contracts.

    Odom will be here for the rest of the year, but I think that he will be easy to move next year with a 13 mil expiring contract.

  91. I guess it was just a matter of time before Darko and Kwame ended up on the same team making 16m between them.

  92. I’m hearing that there is reports that Bynum might miss the rest of the season. Kurt, have you heard anything about this?

  93. From spain.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    im lakers fan… a converse weapon’s son 🙂

    GO LAKERS GO!!!!

  94. @ 92, it was just wishful thinking : ). any notable FAs for next year?

  95. @94

    I heard that from rick bucher.

    Earlier, Rick Bucher told me that kobe would never again wear a laker uniform.

    I’m not sure it’s a guaranteed thing, this report. But it’s worrisome.

    Of course, it’s a lot less worrisome now than it was a couple hours ago.

  96. 94. There have been hints that the early March dates first suggested may be early, but nobody is really talking. My two cents — the kid is 20, don’t rush him back. Even if means missing the entire season.

  97. just curious: at what point did kupchak talk to kobe in this? had to have been before the trade, right? just to run it by him?

    i wonder if the phrase “ship his a$$ out” was uttered…

  98. carter blanchard February 1, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    I really really need to go in to work already. but i just keep hitting refresh and smiling.

  99. By the way, the trade talk rules still apply. Right now enjoy this trade and stop trying to figure out the next one, at least in this space. I mean, did you guys all see this coming?

  100. And remember, the Lakers are now WAY over the cap. Any free agent signings will be of the MLE variety. If that.

  101. Kurt- what do you think of starting Ariza at the 3 (when all are healthy) and have a bench of Farmar, Sasha, Walton, Odom, Turiaf, Mbenga

  102. I do wonder whether Buss will suck it up for a couple seasons utnil Odom’s contract ends or if Odom will have to be traded.

  103. @101 I said it before and I’ll say it again. Mitch just became gm of the year, there where no rumors of this happening and we all know the bulls have been trying hard for years to get him.

    Mitch picked up the phone and did his best Jerry West and pulled this off. Because there was no talk, something tells me this happened all today.

  104. Oh yeah, and since Kwame’s gone, shouldn’t the Lakers re-sign Mbenga for the rest of the season?

  105. This is crazy. Had anybody proposed this trade in this space a week ago, everybody would have laughed at it until Kurt (rightfully) deleted it. Yet here we are.

    When was the last time a team’s worst player was traded for another team’s best player?

  106. Everyone is ready to dump Odom…I was even doing it at TrueHoop an hour ago.

    BUT, I now realize two things. FIRST, as Kurt just pointed out, the Lakers are way over the cap. SECOND, Lamar’s contract expires after next season. I think it would be prudent to just keep LO and let his contract expire after next year. Sure that is one year of paying a heavy tax, but after that the lakers will be better suited to pay Bynum enough to keep him around.

    Oh my goodness, PAU GASOL. My boy calls him this:

    This is great.


  108. “When was the last time a team’s worst player was traded for another team’s best player?”

    I nominate this for comment of the day.

  109. YYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…its 3.30 in the morning in India and i’m about go out n get so effing drunk tht i’m gonna sleep right through the Toronto game…Are u even kidding me???? Logo secretly loves the Lakers just as much as Mchale loves the Celtics…no more Kwame “stone hands” Brown.,i’m delirious………….

  110. Somebody should call the police on Mitch Kupchak… he just commited a robbery!!!

    This is the move we have all been waiting for. We got Kobe the all-star he wanted to push us over the top. We got to keep all the core pieces. Excellent, excellent move.

    Mitch for GM of the Year!!!

  111. 105. I like the idea of starting Ariza (once healthy) and bringing Odom off the bench, depending on the matchup. You improve your defense but give up some rebounding. The real question is: Could Odom accept it and still be effective? Would you need to start Odom but play Ariza key minutes at the end?

    Man, that is a great problem to have.

  112. cheers!

  113. the other Stephen February 1, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw this first on rotoworld. i didn’t even see it on yahoo or espn first. my heart leaped a mile high.

  114. I’d rather have Vlad start at the 3 for the additional 3 point shooting…I mean you are going to have to double Kobe and Pau and Bynum all at once…Fisher and Vlad would have a field day from the corners

    Also, in other news:
    (sorry i’m still absolutely giddy)

  115. Mitch will be the 2008 GM of the Year

  116. Ok I am only seconds away from running around my office just yelling and screaming. Kupchak has silenced anyone who has doubted him over the last few years. He…WOOOOOW…..yeah this friday got just so much better….WAHOOOOOOO.

    Now we go the Gasol family on lock down!! haha.

  117. 115. Kurt- I don’t see Odom coming off the bench. I do think Phill will get creative with line-ups and make the issue of starting/not-starting kind of a non-factor. When we go small against running teams like GS and PHX I think we actually have Odom start at the 4 and Gasol off the bench. When we matchup against teams like San Antonio I think we’ll see a “big” lineup of Fish/Kobe/Odom/Gasol/Bynum. in either case I think Lamar keeps his “starting” status. He gives us a skilled tweener that can radically change up the look. He shouldn’t be underestimated (or under-appreciated in my opinion)

    I think this trade makes Odom much more effective for the team. I really do.

    I see them experimenting this year with Odom and making a move in the off-season for salary and/or chemistry purposes if necessary. I sincerely hope we keep Lamar. As long as we rely on him for what he actually is everybody wins.

  118. The cheer when the Lakers get back to Staples:

    Pau Pau Pau

    To me, the Lakers are clearly going for the championship THIS YEAR.

    As you all know, I’ve felt Pau Gasol was the best possible trade for LA for some time.

    From 3 shades of blue (Memphis) comment:

    “It might actually be the worst trade in NBA history. We got ZERO for 19 pt, 9 rebound ‘back to the basket’ scorer entering the prime of his career.

    And it cost the Lakers nothing off their roster other than their 3rd best point guard. We, apparently, could not even get their 2nd best PG.

    Today marks the lowest day in the long Grizzlies history of terrible basketball decisions. This trade also puts Chris Wallace on par with Isiah Thomas as the worst GM in NBA history”

  119. Quick. When has in NBA history has a player ever been traded for his brother?

  120. I can’t say Kwame is the worst player on a team, especially when Coby Karl is on the team.

  121. you can’t even believe how happy I am, as a Catalan for having Pau in my favourite team and to see the lakers back as a contender.

    I remember my last trip to LA, where I got to see 3 lakers games (rockets, grizz and kings) and also got to meet Kurt (a great pleasure to share some basketball talks with you).
    At the lakers game, i brought a Catalonian Flag with some words written on it “Catalonia Always with you, PAU” and the guy next to me shouted, GO BACK TO SPAIN!

    here you got a picture of me that day

  122. The other Western powers are going to have fits dealing with the Lakers size. Teams were already at a loss for dealing with Bynum’s length. How many teams can make any kind of reasonable effort against BOTH Bynum and Gasol? Who is Shawn Marion going to guard in a series? Marion couldn’t guard Odom, and Gasol is 2″ bigger and much more dangerous. Which San Antonio small forward handles Odom on the block? Dirk suddenly has to play defense every single possession. Ditto Boozer. Then there is the rebounding.

    We also have the most flexible team in the league, with so many possible combinations.

    Pure talent: Farmar, Kobe, Odom, Gasol, Bynum

    Passing and intelligence: Fisher, Kobe, Walton, Odom, Gasol; or: Fisher, Kobe, Walton, Gasol, Bynum

    Speed/energy: Farmar, Sasha, Ariza, Odom, Turiaf; or: Farmar, Sasha, Kobe, Ariza, Turiaf

    Defense: Fisher, Kobe, Ariza, Turiaf/Odom, Bynum

    Shooting: Fisher, Sasha, Kobe, Radmanovic, Turiaf

    Big: Kobe, Ariza, Odom, Gasol, Bynum

    Small: Fisher, Farmar, Kobe, Ariza/Walton, Odom

    The possibilities go on and on. This smells like a title team.

  123. I’m glad this isn’t like fantasy hoops because some other fantasy hoops owners might protest this trade….

  124. 126. That little guy is JC Navarro

  125. 126 made me spit out my coffee. i feel the same way!

  126. Kurt. Any discussions w the Grizzlies bloggers? Also anybody heard about Pau’s back situation?

  127. DrRayeye — congrats to you! You’ve been calling for this for a long time.

  128. by the way, you know who DOESN’T feel like the little guy in that picture today?

    Memphis guard JC Navarro.

  129. Gasol = soft
    but can still score, hit a midrange j and board. Looks to be a good fit for the Triangle – we shall find out.

    Kwame = blows
    but still provided solid interior D and moments of unintentional comedy (if not taken too seriously – which is how he rather be taken)

    Critt = Potential niceness (with a capital p)
    I’m in the camp (albeit small one) that thinks he will actually be a better PG than Farmar in the future. I mean, we saw flashes of brilliance from him in Limited playing time (albeit a lot of gar-baj time) – he is going to be Nice.

    Aaron McKie – important player on the 76s 2001 NBA Finals run
    But that was 2001. Thanks for the contract.

    Marc Gasol – who?

  130. tonights starting center for the lakers: DJ Mbenga

  131. So this brings up the question…are you guys happier the lakers kept Bynum and Odom and picked up Gasol or instead of having those three having Garnett?

    My 2 cents Bynum/Odom/ Gasol >>>>>>>> Garnett

  132. @135) Luckily, tonight’s starting center for the Raptors is Andrea Bargnani.

  133. Other bloggers reporting that ESPN radio says that Kwame will be bought out by the Grizz and return to the Lakers after clearing waivers… I don’t understand why the Grizzlies would buy out an expiring contract… But if true, I would be happy to happy Kwame back (for team morale purposes only, because he’s gonna get very little PT!)

    Anybody confirm this?

  134. 138 – yeah…. that would be really weird/uneccessary

  135. Lamar Odom is back! February 1, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    #127-you are very right. Notice how Odom is on almost all your lineups, though. I wouldn’t mind keeping him and signing him for a much lower price, but we’ll see what Mitch does with that. Now what is he going to do with Mihm? He’s never healthy enough to play!

    This looks like the best team in the league right now (on paper). We have a great starting line-up, and a very very very deep bench. I just hope Kobe gets some more rest now.

  136. I am amazed. Lakers rock! Go for IT THIS YEAR!!!
    And I think Mitch just showed why he gets the big bucks as the GM – and the rest of us are just fans. He knows what is possible and takes the calculated risks. Fans just get frustrated when things get tough and yell about the nearest convenient trade and yell for him to get fired. Well done Mitch, you’ve been under so much pressure – but you never stopped working you job the best way you know how. Now it’s up to the team isn’t it? Mitch has done the best he could do. Maybe the best anyone could do. It’s up to Kobe now. Kobe, you ready?

  137. Of course the real winner is…. Aaron McKie.

    “Aaron, this is Mitch”
    “Not much, what are you up to?”
    “Not much, just sittin on my ass, drinkin brewskies”
    “You wanna make a coupla million this year by not playing basketball?”
    “You mean, I can just continue to sit on my ass and drink brewskies?”

    And somewhere in his MIami penthouse, PJ Brown is watching TV, on his ass, sippin a brewskie. “Dayum, now that’s what I’m talkin about” and watching his phone….

  138. Hey, thanks for the quote! Now where do I fit that onto my resume?

  139. As one who pushed for a Gasol trade in the off-season, I am very happy. Once heallthy, this team now has a real shot at the title.

    GO KOBE!

  141. I am absolutely speechless.

  142. Lamar Odom is back! February 1, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    The only thing that worries me now is the injuries. It seems like there’s a Laker curse regarding injuries. Odom, Walton, Radmanovic, Mihm, Turiaf (though far less than any of them) and now Gasol, not to mention Ariza and Bynum at this time (I hope he doesn’t get injured often). All we need now is some toughness.

  143. We may very well lose tonight, but I bet Kobe will be on cloud 9 for the entire game.

  144. 138. I’m watching Grizlies GM Chris Wallace talk on NBA TV. There has been no mention of buying out Kwame that I heard.

  145. Oh do I hope the Drew is able to make it back this year, but I echo Kurt’s sentiments that he should only come back when he’s ready.


  147. Hunh. Jordan Farmar says, “Wheeee!”

    (Well, probably not, but I imagine he’s pretty juiced.)

  148. 151-I saw Mitch say that when Jordan heard the Lakers drafted a pg, he didn’t bat an eye, went in the gym and handled his business.

  149. Holy cow, Mitch Kupchak is zero to hero and once Andrew comes back the lakers will go from sixth in the west to the championship. Can you imagine the size we have? With Bynum at 5, Pau at 4, Odom at 3, our frontcourt is overpowering. Maybe at some point during the first game we see kobe at the point, lamar at 2 and vlad at 3, just to toy with the league

  150. And just like that… the last few weeks can be swept under the rug. I was getting all worried after the injuries to Bynum, Ariza, and Luke and all of a sudden Kupchak goes out and does something like this… like Harry said to Lloyd, “Right when I think you can’t get any dumber…you go and do something like that…


    Man this is good news.
    Let’s keep Lamar and see how this team does first. With Lamar’s new role (less scoring and pressure) he surely is going to improve. We will expect him to help Gasol with the boards and distribute in the offense. Lamar should be able to flourish in this role and the Lakers should have amazing passing.

    With Gasol, Kobe should be sharing the ball and leading the team to success just the formula the Lakers were using when Bynum was playing. Equaling less shots for Kobe and more shots and confidence for the rest of the team!!!! Which gives good chemistry and team defense. Man that’s a lot of should’s and if’s but I like many of you haven’t been this excited since the logo signed Shaq. Especially with the west looking as wide open as it has in years…. Let’s get some chemistry going and see what happens in the playoffs.


  151. You guys know what I just thought to myslef….

    Shaq must feel like crap.

  152. I am so happy to be a Lakers fan today. I was thinking that we’d probably get even more out of Lamar now that there’s pretty much no pressure on him to score anymore. He can grab all the f*cking rebounds (to quote Bynum) and be that wild card like everyone is talking about, but because there’s no pressure on him to score he’ll probably put up better numbers when necessary. We have the best starting lineup in the NBA when Bynum comes back and the best bench in the league. We made a great trade without giving up any important pieces. A few questions though:

    Do you guys think we’re going to keep DJ Mbenga around for the rest of the season or perhaps longer in order to be that position defender that Kwame was?

    Do you think that perhaos seeing the Celtics playing so well and got Dr. Buss a little annoyed and he’s decided to bite the bullet and pay the luxury tax in order to win more championships, or do you honestly think Lamar is no longer in the teams plans with Bynum’s contract extension coming up soon (anyone know if that’s this summer or the one after?)

    And lastly I guess has Mitch had his press conference yet, or have any of the players said anything to the press about the trade?

  153. Interesting analysis of the trade from Fox Sports’ Charley Rosen:

  154. 153- The Shaq trade was worth it for Miami (and probably Shaq) the second they won the championship. Even if they’re in such turmoil.

  155. THANK JERRY WEST!!! February 1, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    soft? SOFT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Pau Gasol is a top 10 NBA player who produces 20pts, 10brds, 3-4assts, 2blks per game. Equivalent to you guessed it….TIM DUNCAN. In other words…..PAU GASOL IS A BEAST!!! GO LAKERS AND THANK YOU JERRY WEST!!! You’re still hookin’ up the Lakers after all these years!

  156. I, too, am interested in insight from the Memphis side (journalists, bloggers, etc.). Are any Memphis fans actually HAPPY about this trade?

    Although from what I’m hearing, their team is about to change completely, so it might be a while before they digest everything …

  157. I dont know what I am happier about; Kwame out of a Lakers unifrom forever, or having gasol on our team! I guess equally happy about both. I hate Kwame so much! He has no strengths whatsoever, and Gasol puts us in the finals for sure. Boston vs. Lakers baby! Like the 80s

  158. This is seriously like a trade I would make on a video game. WTF?!?! Awesome.

    #157- Maybe Buss saw how much money he stands to make with a renewed rivalry with the Celts too.

  159. Kobe’s assists per game has just risen by about 2. Imagine all those passes to Kwame actually being caught and converted…

  160. 164 – I was just thinkin the same thing. We finally have someone who can catch the ball and convert. We no longer are plagued with “the human turnover.”

    Damn im proud to be a laker fan!

  161. The lakers are playing well… Ive registered 3 Ronny blacks so far – the guy is a BEAST

  162. excuse me, I didnt mean blacks…. I meant blocks. Sorry

  163. What’s the deal with all the people thanking Jerry West for this deal? Logo is long gone.
    vr, Xei

  164. Showtime is back to LA!

    Unbelievable. The Lakers would have given up everyone but Kobe for Gasol, but only spare parts are needed.


  165. I think Memphis’ GM is the most stupid man on earth.
    What a crap of deal to Memphis and what an amazing deal for LA. I am Spanish I am glad to see Pau in a good team. Lakers will be a hurricane offensively. Good for Pau and good for LA.
    Regards from Spain.

  166. Lamar Odom is back! February 1, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    All we need now is DEFENSE. Offense never gets any team the ring. Just look at Phoenix.



  168. Xeifrank, I think it has to do with the rumors that Kevin McHale did his old team (Celtics) a favor by trading KG to them. I guess this trade echoes the same sentiments regarding Jerry West and the Lakers. Except Jerry West is no longer affiliated with the Grizzlies.

  169. This is a great day. This trade also frees up another roster spot. I know the Lakers were interested in PJ Brown, but it appears he was holding out to see if he could get a better deal through a sign and trade with the bulls. If that does not happen, and the trade deadline passes what about bringing in PJ to help give us another defender for the playoffs.

  170. omgggggg unbelievable. best starting 5 in the nba. gasol finally gets to play pf instead of center. i wonder what the shot distribution will be… but as long as kobe gets his 20 pgame, gasol around 15 plus assists, and lamar and andrew another 10 shots per game… man, unstoppable. we goin crazy here in spain too. thanx for making us lakers fans, n not those sorry ass grizzlies, even tho our man navarro is stuck there…

  171. Blue in Memphis February 1, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    So long Pau, good luck in the future! Hope you grow a Back Bone and play with some heart ! keep shooting your little 10 ft jumper ,cause we know your still soft no matter where you play !!!!!!

  172. wow lamar is playing very aggresively

  173. Quotes from Kobe on the trade, as well as comments from Phil about when Gasol could join the team:,0,3853289.story

  174. Fanerman, yeah but like you said, he’s not even there any more. 🙂
    vr, Xei

  175. Lamar Odom is back! February 1, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    #175-Lamar is probably afraid he’s the next one to get traded. He wants to stay now!!! So he’s playing his heart out.

  176. WOW! Only drrayeye gets the love? I’m doing my charity work now since Pau is a Laker. You have no idea what waking up into this feels like.

    Can’t remember who I agree’d it with but I’m doing it nevertheless. Im sending those goodies to an orphanage (instead of beers to buddies).

  177. Kobe finally got the big man he was begging for.

    “I’ve played with him in several All-Star games,” Bryant said. “He’s extremely versatile, he has a high basketball IQ. He can pass, shoot, has length, can catch and finish. He’s extremely talented.

    “I have to take my hat off to (owner Jerry) Buss and Mitch for going forward with this,” Bryant said. “Now it’s up to us to go out there and work hard.”

  178. Celtics rules…

  179. Lamar Odom is back! February 1, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    Zimnik rule


  180. Imagine Kareem working with his crop of bigs, Bynum, Gasol, Turiaf…

    Also, it should be interesting to see Lamar act more of a facilitator now, moving the ball around and exploiting mismatches. I also think it should take a nice mental load of him, being option #4.

  181. Unbelievable , what a trade… the lakers have the best starters in the nba, when Bynum comes again, this gonna be funnnnn

  182. Warren,when I first heard about the trade I immediately thought you’d be happy as I remember the numerous times you suggested trading for Gasol.

    When I saw the details of trade,my next thought was Lamar will be moved in off-season for a draft pick or so to get the ones traded away back.

    Until Bynum comes back.I bet Lamar starts at the 4. Once Bynum is back,I can easily see a 3-man big rotation of Bynum,Lamar and Gasol getting about 30 minutes ea. w/Turaif picking up slackThis avoids wear on Gasol,and lets Bynum ease back in-and play w/out foul trouble.

    As to cap,half season is gone,so damage is lessened. For future I imagine Buss doesn’t mind spending an extra $10mil for a contender,but refuses to pay if for a so-so team.

  183. We have love for you to Warren. 😀

    I only remember Drrayeye because I had replied to a post of his saying the trade would never happen.

  184. every player on this team except Kobe has been aquired or drafted by Mitch.

  185. Sweet deal for Kupchak and Lakers, well I guess KB would not thinking another trade for him again after this deal.
    Lakers vs Celtics in NBA Championship…..

  186. I don’t want to burn our good karma but..

    “So long Pau, good luck in the future! Hope you grow a Back Bone and play with some heart ! keep shooting your little 10 ft jumper ,cause we know your still soft no matter where you play !!!!!!

    Comment by Blue in Memphis — February 1, 2008 @ 6:51 pm”

    Enjoy That’s what you guys just got for Pau Gasol.

  187. I read the speculation at TrueHoop this morning/lunch and I was like no way they get Gasol for Kwame and picks. Great move by Mitch. I must say, I really owe Jim Buss and Mitch a huge apology. Not only were they right on Bynum but they worked magic twice this year (stealing Ariza from Orlando and now stealing Gasol). I couldn’t contain my joy at work as I read the trade report.

    BTW: After getting burned by leaving the shooter (Prince) last night and giving that game away, they still don’t learn and keep leaving jump shooters to double. Ah.

    And I hope this doesn’t get edited for speculation, but, JA Adande seemed to suggest the Lakers have to move Lamar when Bynum is healthy, but I think that wouldn’t be wise. Anyone wanna weigh in? I quite like LO with Gasol and Bynum up front.

  188. this is great newz for pao gasol! but is in spanish !

  189. LO is a great role player, and that’s what he can be on this team now. He can score his twelve points, and get his eight to ten boards and we’ll be happy. I mean, at this point what would they get out of trading for L.O. They have rebounders, shot blockers, shooters, great passers, great versatility, and the best player in the game. We just gotta get everyone healthy.

  190. In theory, 4 heads are better than 3.

    I think we will keep Lamar this year for the playoff push and decide what to do with him next summer. Right before the draft, the Lakers could choose to be creative and take back a pick or two from a team that could use Lamar for their own push. After all, he is another BIG expiring contract to work with next year…

    The moment I heard Stu mention that Ronny was starting because Kwame is on his way to Memphis, I said to myself: Ok I think they traded for Millicic or Swift or Miller. No way Pau Gasol is coming without losing Drew or Lamar.

  191. The Lakers is relevant again after five years of missing in action. In a split second, Mitch is converting himself from an idiot to a genius.

    Very unreal.

  192. Valid point Kwame A. This is Mitch’s team. And it is damn good. All but Kobe acquired by Mitch. Brilliant observation. Makes you realize how fans can be so impatient when it comes to their team winning. It takes time.

  193. @Warren: I’d still keep Odom. Having Gasol really helps him concentrate on his game as opposed to scoring.

    @190: 5 years? The Lakers were relevant in 2004 (almost 4 years ago) and let’s not forget, they did push the Suns to 7 games in 2006. Even last year, they were top 5 in the NBA (record wise anyhow) for 40 games (before injuries). They may not have been title contenders in almost 4 years but they’ve been relevant. Your point about Mitch really turning this team around since trading Shaq after the 2004 season is exactly right tho.

    Think about this though: the Shaq trade looks even better now. I said it then and I’ll say it now, I think they got a decent deal while accomplishing three main things (young players in Odom and Butler, a first round pick, and getting rid of Shaq’s 30 million dollar salary for an aging player). Not to mention, it probably didn’t hurt that Kobe couldn’t stand him. Even after the Butler for Kwame trade, with Shaq deteriorating so quickly, I think that deal was pretty good all things considered. Now though? It was essentially Gasol, Odom, and Grant for Shaq…not bad at all. Add in that they used that pick to get Farmar and it’s a slam dunk.

  194. The only guy happier than lakers fans is stern. he couldn’t have dreamed of a better trade. he now gets the lakers and the celtics in the finals for the next 2-3 years with Kobe, Garnet, Pierce, Allan, Gasol, a young up and coming star in Bynum. stern just sees $$ in eyes.

  195. OH MY! I remember being 8 years old and watching my sister cry when during the Lakers/Celtic finals when we won. I smiled…then I become a die hard fan. I smile YET again!

    I stand by our guys regardless. We have had a few rough years, but now is our time to shine! What a great move!

    Forget trading Lamar! We have depth and LO seems to play better with a supporting cast due to the fact that he is a great passer for a big man.

    Lets get healthy and kick some…. West Coast is ours now!

    Pau is going to play great with Kobe and the boys!
    This is better than any holiday or Bday. This is LAKERS SHINE day! I am going to go out and get a Gasol jersey once they are made!

    Give it time….he has to fit in to our offense and meld with our players but it is going to be AWESOME!

  196. Wow, I am blown away by this trade. I can not begin to apologize to Mitch Kupchak for attempting the “fire Mitch Kupchak” campaign on other sites before I found this one.

    Mitch Kupchak for GM of the year!

    Do you think this trade was in the works and that is why Kobe was so calm after the 1 point loss to Detroit?

    Oh and Lamar should be a bit more consistent now, as a Laker he historically plays crappy until the trade deadline
    has passed.

    Kobe will be MVP this year, we will see how great of a player he really is starting, well today we won right!

  197. anyone can confirm how this trade and laker’s salary cap situation will affect our chances to renew bynum and farmar contracts?

    this is the only downside i’m afraid of…although mitch could trade odom for high draft pick later on to save some salary cap space….

    anyone knows the details?

  198. The Dude Abides February 1, 2008 at 9:09 pm

    Chise, you forgot to mention that the Lakers were able to stink during the 2004-05 season and fall to the #10 spot in the 2005 draft, and get their center for the next 15 years. So, the Lakers were able to turn Shaq into Odom, Bynum, Gasol, and Farmar. Of course, we had to endure 2 1/2 seasons of Kwame and a few years of Brian Grant’s slowly expiring contract. But today, it all feels worth it. Shaq never would have gotten back into playing shape for those first two years if he had stayed with the Lakers.

  199. @202: Since they drafted Bynum and Farmar, they can outbid anyone and go over the cap to re-sign them. The only impact would be salary cap related.

  200. Sorry…I meant “luxury tax” related.

  201. @201 That’s why everyone is saying they likely will trade odom in the offseason, they can resign Bynum and Farmar, but it will put them even more over the cap of which they will need to pay dollar for dollar in luxary tax.

    Then again, given the likelyhood of this team reaching the finals for the next couple years, they might take the hit and make up the money in the finals.

  202. The Dude Abides February 1, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    Mike re Stern: he’s going to be really conflicted if the Lakers play the Spurs in the playoffs again. What happens if Bowen commits a dirty foul on Kobe, causing Bynum, Farmar, Duncan, and Odoka to leave their benches? How can he suspend the two Lakers and not suspend the two Spurs without it appearing obvious that his personal friendship with the Spurs ownership is causing him to make biased decisions? I suppose he could suspend Bowen an extra game, say that the two Lakers ventured 15 feet from the bench, and say that the two Spurs only got as far away from their bench as 12 feet. Then he could laugh, and force the Sonics out of Seattle for his pal Clay Bennett (former Spurs owner).


  204. from pau s hometown February 1, 2008 at 9:33 pm

    I m writing these lines near from where Gasol was born.
    Dont worry about that haters talking trash about Gasol s softness.I have watched him play since he was sixteen,first with his club(F.C.Barcelona) that is also the best soccer club in the world.Then with our national team,that he has succefully leade to a gold medal in World s Championship and several silver medals in Europe s Championship.And at the end with this %%$%%%%% Grizzlies.He worked hard to put a loosy team in play offs for 3 consecutive years averaging almost 20/10 every year and despite of that fact they have never treated him well (press and local fans).What they did expect? He have done too much playing all last year(remember Iverson????).Just wait a few games and you will see the real potential of Pau Gasol playing at 100%.And more good news for you all,he is also a good man who never creates troubles and always thinks in team first.Remember that sentence:
    As for me I m in heaven,because i was born in 1976 and I started to love this game with Magic,Kareem and Pat more than 20 years ago.I have cryed tears of joy today(Literally)
    I expect you forgive my imperfect english,i will try to improve because i m going to be a daily visitor of this web starting today.
    GOOD LUCK PAU,my friend and…
    GO LAKERS GO¡¡¡¡¡

  205. The only thing I worry slightly about is Gasol’s playing with the Spanish national team. He is such a loyal guy that he plays every summer. I wonder if the FO will put some limitations on that…(I’m aware Kobe will also be playing, but Gasol’s been hurt b/f in international competition).

  206. The Lakers wouldn’t have made this trade if they didn’t think they could resign Bynum. And, personally, I don’t buy this Ric Bucher B.S. about Bynum being out for the rest of the season. As many have already pointed out, Bucher has been wrong about everything in regards to the Lakers and seems to make up his own “scoops” in order to appear like he is better connected than he actually is. I mean, honestly, if you were a Laker official who had any insight into Bynum’s condition, why would you ever talk to Ric Bucher about it?

    As for the Gasol trade:

    When healthy, the Lakers now have 3 players who demand a double team (Bryant, Gasol, Bynum)… and all 3 of them play at complimentary positions in the triangle. Despite Gasol’s many other talents, his passing could be the edge for us. Cutters like Ariza and shooters like Farmar and Sasha will benefit from this trade as much as anyone. And Kobe Bryant just went from impossible to gaurd to “Michael-Jordan-impossible-to-gaurd”. Seriously, what are defenses going to do when Gasol learns the triangle? Leave him open? Leave Bynum open? It boggles the mind.

    Mitch can throw up GM airballs for a decade, but I don’t want to hear another aspersion cast upon this wonderful man until Kobe’s jersey is hanging in the Staples Center.

  207. carter blanchard February 1, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    I’m still giddy. I really skipped a day of work because I was too excited about a basketball trade. Shame on me.

    And that Toronto win was a lot of fun. Just some absurd Kobe plays.

    I’m not too much for conspiracy theories, but the two most storied franchises in the NBA pull off blockbuster trades that make them instant favorites in their conferences in the same year? Stern has to be stoked.

    Also, this “what to do with LO” and “is LO too expensive a 4th option” stuff cracks me up. If these are our biggest worries, we’re in terrific shape. Odom has to be the most talented 4th option I can remember ever seeing. Can anyone think of one better? Top that off with the fact that we have one of the most productive, successful benches in the league and you just can’t help but be giddy to be a Laker fan right now.

  208. The Dude Abides February 1, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    Bienvenidos, aficianados de baloncesta espanol. Los aficianados de los Lakers saben que Pau no es suave. El hombre es un ganador, y estamos muy, muy feliz!

  209. carter blanchard February 1, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    Sorry for the double, but the last thought I forgot to add, here’s hoping Kobe makes the decision to be Team USA Kobe and focus exclusively on distributing and defense. Outbursts like tonight are awfully fun, but I love it when he decides he’s going to focus all his energies on shutting down the opposition’s best player. With all the offensive firepower on our frontline, he might have that flexibility.

  210. The Dude Abides February 1, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Oops, I know I spelled aficionados wrong, but bienvenidos anyway. I’ve been to Europe a few times, and Barcelona is my favorite European city. Welcome to our new fans from Catalan, too.

  211. from pau s hometown February 1, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    Thank you very much.211/212

  212. The best problem we have is how to make out our lineup, espn analysts say that a lineup with bynum, gasol, and odom in the front-court is too big. Who’s gonna sit?

  213. yay!!!!! i’m so happy right now. i couldn’t even believe it when i saw the news. now lakers are heading straight to the NBA finals. and payback with phoenix!!!! yay.

  214. THis is the greatest trade the lakers have made in a long time!!!!! Im so excited and proud to be a Lakers fan.

  215. holy christ. if this team stays together i sense another dynasty.

  216. 1- It`s not such a robbery for Memphis, I can see the future around Gay, Conley, draft picks they’ll have next years and keeping Gasol wouldn’t make them get the playoffs and now they have cash to rebuild.
    2- Lakers are not gonna win this year.
    3- With Gasol Lakers will lose defense believe it or not, and he`s a little soft but on the other half of the court he’ll be great passing the ball, thats the thing i’m most excited about.
    4- And Odom will have to go next year in order to have enough money to keep Bynum…..worse defense

    And Im from Spain, i`m really happy to see Gasol with that colors, but i have some doubts….

  217. I think everyone can stop playing armchair GM as we have the best GM in the league. There is no way we get rid of Odom, our best options are keeping him. He brings a lot to the table with this line up.

    As for Mitch, the two big mistakes he made- resigning Cook and trading basically Caron for Kwame- those have been completely erased with the additions of Ariza and Gasol, which turn out to be upgrades and better for the team.

    Mitch for Nobel Prize in Basketballology.

  218. Cireland, I think the first option will be to make other teams adjust to our big lineup. If that doesn’t work during the course of the game, there is a multitude of adjustments the Lakers can make. If we need to make adjustments at small forward, we have Ariza, Walton (cough), Vlad, and even Kobe. The rest of the Western Conference must be really pissed at the Grizzlies.

  219. I am a complete Lakers dork! I have never spent this much time on a forum for anything! It is great to see such excitement! This will be a day forever remembered.

    This is as big as the Celtic trade in my eyes

    If they all work together at a team and Kobe continues to be a “night to night” player as far as distributing the ball and making plays when needed or an offensive monster…..well….. We can be unbeatable. I cant wait till Andrew is back!

  220. 1- It`s not such a robbery for Memphis, I can see the future around Gay, Conley, draft picks they’ll have next years and keeping Gasol wouldn’t make them get the playoffs and now they have cash to rebuild….theyll have to wait anyway….
    2- Lakers are not gonna win this year.
    3- With Gasol Lakers will lose defense believe it or not, and he`s a little soft but on the other half of the court he’ll be great passing the ball, thats the thing i’m most excited about.
    4- And Odom will have to go next year in order to have enough money to keep Bynum…..worse defense

    And Im from Spain, i`m really happy to see Gasol with that colors, but i have some doubts….

  221. Showtime is back

  222. Until Andrew gets back I suggest that Rony is the key to this team. His defense in the center is just tremendously annoying to other teams. They can’t get any rhythm. I think he may have proved something to Phil in tonight’s game and will be starting for the remainder of the road trip. When Pau joins the club he will be able to come in at PF and not have to concentrate on as much of the offense. Both players can switch of in t he high post and the Lakers will be almost impossible to defend.

    With Lamar at the 3/4 I foresee fewer passing problems, but I do worry about his leaving his man to crash the middle.

  223. Lamar Odom is back! February 1, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    Patrick K, you are a jerk for taking pleasure in your sister’s misery. But that is funny.

    Kobe looked like he was having fun tonight. Maybe that’s his way of thanking the FO or maybe that’s his way of unofficially taking back his trade request. But Kobe did not look tired at all today. He looked rejuvenated. I haven’t seen him have so much fun this season. He dunked it like 5 times! He doesn’t do that anymore. He was just full of energy tonight. It was great to see.

    Can’t wait to see what this new team looks like when Drew and Ariza come back. And however good they may be, they’ll be even better next season.

  224. First of all………I have never seen this site go past the 200 comment mark for one post. Amazing!

    Secondly……..Wow! What a great day……surprising trade, beautiful win! Not a bad start to Feb 2008.

    As for me…….here’s how I arrange the Lakers squad:



    Extra Bench:
    Coby Karl, Mbenga, Vlad Rad, Mihm

    Deepest, youngest, and versatile team in the league! We are set for a good championship competing run for next 4 years……wow……….what a difference one year makes.

  225. Did anyone else see the interview with Mitch this evening? He said essentially that this trade was in no way made as a response to a delay in Andrew’s recovery, and that in fact everything appears to be on schedule, but that an opportunity just presented itself which he felt they needed to take. He was remiss to lose Crit, and hopes Brown finds success.

    I think Mitch is more of an insider than Ric.

  226. cannot stop thinking about how this trade happened….
    it’s just a dream comes true…

    short term – long term, this trade will push lakers to the elite class…

    farmar, kobe, ariza, gasol, bynum as starters next year is pretty great

  227. iPau ha llegado! (Pau has arrived!) February 1, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    !Hola Amigos del Lago!!!! (Hi friends from the Lake!)

    Estoy muy feliz de tomar parte en este club. Creo que vamos a ir muy lejos con este equipo. (I’m very happy to take part in this club. I think we’re gonna go far with this team)

    Espero que los fans de los lakers sean mas buenos que los de los Grizzlies. (I hope Laker fans are nicer than Grizzly fans.)

    Voy a estar escribiendo es este blog regularmente, ya que es el blog oficial de los Lakers. (I will be writing in this blog on a regular basis since it’s the official lakers blog.)

    iiiSaludos a todos mis amigos de Espana!!! Gracias por todo su apoyo. Gracias a todos los Lakers fans. !Salud! (Greetings to all my friends from Spain! Thanks for your support. Thanks to all Laker fans for your support. Cheers!)

  228. How do you guys think the minutes will pan out because of our depth with everybody healthy. Okay Fisher, Bynum, Gasol, Odom, and Bryant as our starters. Walton is sent the the bench with Ariza, Turiaf, Farmar, Vujacic, Mihm, Radman, Karl, and possibly Mbenga. All of our bench players definately deserve minutes, but obviously some of them are going to sit more than their used too now. I think Mihm will be third stringer while Turiaf will be the backup C with some Pf time. Radman will strictly stay Pf. Farmar the backup Pg and Vujacic the backup Sg. Small foward will be tricky Ariza and Walton are both good. I really liked Ariza’s play before he got injured and Walton has been struggling. I wonder how those minutes will be split in the future.

  229. sorry for the double quick post…but this is a great video comments by Stephen A. Jackson on ESPN

    ‘s hilarious…although i feel for kwame…

  230. carter blanchard February 1, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    iBienvenidos! Estoy de acuerdo que este es el blog oficial de los Lakers (aunque no es la verdad).. Somos muy simpaticos, y no podemos esperar ver Pau en Azul y Oro.

    I love the international flavor we’re getting here.

  231. Great game tonight, and a team with 9 players beating a top eastern conference team on a back to back was overshadowed by that same winning team making an amazing trade. What a day it is to be a Lakers fan. I can’t even begin to explain how thrilling of a day it has been and how my smile has not yet left my face! You have to believe that if the Lakers are in the NBA Finals every year for the next five years that Jerry Buss won’t mind paying big salaries all that much. Us fans will give him plenty of money for tickets as long as we can continue winning.

    Also, Kupchak said the trade was in the works for 10 days, died yesterday, and they brought it back today!!! Mabe Kobe knew about the trade and thats why he wasn’t so upset with the recent losses to San Antonio, Dallas and Cleveland. He definitely knew about the potential of the trade during the game against the Cavs and looking back at it, he was probably thinking, “wat up Lebron, i’m gonna give u a win tonight cuz it really don’t matter to me. i’m gonna save my energy and still have a team with a better record cuz my GM is better than urz, na na na na na naaaa”

  232. Does everyone know that NBA commercial where all Celtic fans around the world have “the best day ever” when they hear that they have acquired Kevin Garnet? Well… the NBA has a new commercial to make. If they don’t, then we will know that the NBA really does have it out for the Lakers and more obviously Kobe himself. Thank you for this day! We shall all remember February 01, 2008 as a great day in basketball history. It’s all in your hands now Kobe. Lead us to the promise land. Mew. I was born a Lakers fan and I have to be honest when I say that it’s been a very hard four years. Mitch… you were right, and we’re not worthy. 🙂 much love Laker nation.
    p.s. does anyone else refer to the Laker organization as “WE just lost, or WE just had a good game” and get made fun of? Story of my life.

  233. Has anyone heard any quotes from Pau about it?

  234. @ 223. Of course he was having fun. Kinda of like a kid on x-mas day, full of energy and joy for the gifts he received.

  235. Those of you who already know and love Pau Gasol need to welcome him to his new NBA home in California. He may not fully realize how different it is.

    In Memphis, I’m sure he already learned how to find Kentucky Fried Chicken. Show him where he can get the best paella.

    He knows about English language newspapers in Memphis. Show him the Spanish language newspapers on the newsstands all over town in LA.

    Introduce him to our mayor–but find a stool for Mayor V to stand on first!

    Take him to San Juan Capistrano.

    Take him to the Pacific Ocean.

    The rest of us are ready to love him too.

  236. Everyone needs to see something. I now love Stephen A Smith.

  237. did you hear the rumor that the Suns and Heat want to trade Marion (and Diaw) for Shaq? seems the Lakers move has lit a fire under the Suns mgt butts, cause they know we got their number now.
    I really don’t think that trade will make them any better anyway.

  238. 229, from his website:
    Pau wishes to be grateful to the Grizzlies after all these years in which “I grow up as a player, and I wish them the best for the future”. About his particular future, he says that “it’s amazing to be in a team full of history as the Lakers as, but not only because of their past, but mainly because of the present, playing along with Kobe Bryant is a privilege which is not easy for most of the players in this league and there will be lots of opportunities to be in the playoffs and do great things in this league as I always wished, wining and fighting”.,traded,Angeles,Lakers,19811,02,2008

  239. Man can you believe a lineup of kobe, lamar, pau, bynum, and fisher at the starting five. I can’t think of another team that has dream team written all over them. This Lakers team is the 2nd youngest team in the NBA, which means they have ALOT of energy to run with teams like the suns. The only team that they have to get through is San Antonio, but that shouldn’t be a problem with the twin tower in bynum and pau.
    I am so happy to be a Lakers fan right now, I can’t stop but smile. Thanks Kupchak, you are GM of the YEAR

  240. I have been a HC and GM at the minor league level for several years with a few banners in the gym. Not claiming to know 1/1000000th of an NBA GM or coach but heres my take:

    Bynum: Young, powerful, scores inside, finishes well, good hands, good IQ, plays D, and boards extremely well. An All-Star quality 5 for many years to come if healthy.

    Gasol: 27yo, talented, can score with his back to the basket and facing up. Has had to guard 5s far too much in Memphis. A natural Euro 4/5 that flourishes next to a big body so he can face up more, create, space the floor when necessary, and pass the ball. Not a great rebounder or banger for a 5 but stronger and more capable on the block or on the boards than 20 starting 4s in this league. His ability to give the squad another go-to guy when kobe gets his rest along with his ability to see the court, knock down open j’s, and help Drew clean up down low will really help Kobe when they’re on the court together.

  241. Thanks!

    I went and read it in spanish and the translation is not incredibly accurate. On the part about playing with Kobe, it says in spanish it is a priviledge that very few players have… which makes much more sense.

  242. Odom: The perfect 3/4 combo on a team with Bynum, Gasol, and Bryant. Long, quick, defends, runs the court, will D-board and push the break at 6’10 and long with the lefty dribble…. sees the court, can finish. A matchup nightmare against Dallas, San Antonio, and Phoenix…. The Lakers were one of the top scoring teams and were fairly strong on the glass before this trade… when Bynum comes back and everyone’s on the same page: Watch Out!

    With Kobe, the rest of the back court and the depth with some shooters (radman, vujucic) and defense and heart (Ariza, Turiaf) this looks like a title contender on paper with everyone healthy. Go LakeShow

  243. This trade suggests Farmar is the future at the 1 and the guy is proving it. Fisher is a gritty winner that is the veteran pressence and clutch performer this teams needs to get the ring. The odd man out isn’t Odom; when Bynum and Ariza are back it’s going to cut into Luke. Odom will in essence be the longer, quicker, higher scoring, better defending version of Walton in the triangle at the 3 and Ariza is the defender needed behind him in my opinion. The best HC in the game will let that work itself out in practice i’m sure. Go Lakers!

  244. Wow, giddiness all around.

    I can’t get quite that excited as to say we will win it all or start a dynasty. But this is a big day that changes our entire perspective.

    Alas, it’s one step at a time in my books. At least now everyone will start thinking championship. Imagine Phil Jackson’s team preparation when he thinks they are playing for a championship as compared to being a contender. He is a legend at starting training camp off as the beginning of a championship journey. Will be quite a different training camp for him this coming year as opposed to the turmoil and hip surgeries he has dealt with lately.

    It’s all in the mindframe, and this team finally has gotten rid of all the bad eggs that blew some chances for us over the past couple of years. Not many weaknesses on this still very young team.

    Let’s get Pau in the mix and get everyone back and see where this year goes. But i will say it’s next year that really piques my interest.

  245. Graeme Flanagan February 2, 2008 at 1:04 am

    This news took a little while to reach me here in Australia, but as a Laker fan since 1980 I am absolutely delighted. I think the Lakers were looking pretty good anyway, but this surely makes them a very serious contender, both in 2008 and for several years to come. Andrew Bynum will just get better and Kobe is … Kobe. That’s a pretty impressive trio to build a team around.

  246. Chris H — The Suns sending Marion/Diaw to Miami for Shaq would be best-case scenario … for us. And the rest of the West. No way Steve Kerr is that stupid. (And no way Sarver would want to take on Shaq’s contract.)

  247. If this trade did nothing else it sure energized the troops. Man was everyone fresh for a back-to-back game, with 9 players, in sub-zero weather.

    What a blow-out 4th qtr.

  248. 229. This also has been the most hits this site has ever gotten in a day, besting the days when Kobe vented this summer (#2) and when Bynum went down (#3) by more than 40%.

  249. damn.damn..go lakers go..!!
    i know..the lakers will be the champion this time..

  250. I think we should all send Mitch an apology card. So much trash has been talked on him. Now, it all comes together.

    Today rates as one of my top ten days as a sports fan.

  251. NA-NA NA NA….NA-NA NA NA…hey hey…good bye…kwame is gone no one will miss layups again but i will miss Javaris kinda….ITS A BANNER YEAR IN LAKER LAND!!!!!! GO LAKERS!!

  252. I JUMPED UP 24 time when i heard news!!!!

    GO LAKERS!!!

  253. Man We should have been playing the Celtics at the end of the year and well see what happens! the lakers are now at least a second round playoff team AT LEAST! its up to them to go further up the playoffs! lakers now have lots of talent and might cost them lots of money! so what thats for Jerry Buss to worry about =D!

  254. long-time reader, first-time poster, just wanted to chime in on the celebrations! I can’t wait to face SA, PHX, Dallas, and Boston with this amazing new lineup of ours. Holy moly, Kupchak for GM of the YEAR!


  256. This is amazing!! And the best part, instead of giving up Lamar or Andrew, we gave up Kwame Brown. That in itself gives Mitch Executive of the Year. Now we have a big man to play center until Bynum comes back. And when Andrew gets back we have a starting lineup of D Fish, Kobe, Lamar, Pau, and Bynum. What I would like to see is Luke Walton starting and Lamar coming off the bench as a versatile small/power forward. That way he could sub for any of the three frontline starters. ANYONE AGREE??

  257. carter blanchard February 2, 2008 at 5:59 am

    254) Do refreshes count towards that? Cuz if so I feel like I’m probably responsible for about half of those hits.

  258. WOW I cant believe Mitch Kupchak pulled that off. Amazing! Although I will sorely miss J-Critt. He will still no doubt in my mind be better than Farmar. At least now he will get more playing time in Memphis and be able to exhibit his talent. AS for Kwame. Thank God he is gone. He will be out of the league after this year GUARANTEED.

    I still think Jerry West had something to do with this trade. If it was indirectly or directly. I beleive he wanted to help the Lakers out after Kevin Mchale and Danny Ainge did their collusion trade for the Celtics.
    In the words of the great Ice Cube “Today Was a Good Day!”

  259. My birthday is tomorrow. I’m getting wasted tonight. It was payday yesterday. I’ve a house free of parents, a lot of alcohol, five days off work. This trade just makes it all 10x better.

    Good god, it’s a fine day to be a Laker fan, the TV Ratings for Sunday’s game will be through the roof.

  260. definitely a good day for lakers fans and for the game… the spanish is the ring who failed to get finally another ring… go kobe MVP!!!


  262. Fisher/Farmar

    leftover- mbenga & karl

    do we really need jason kidd ?

    might be the best 12 man rotation in the league, most of the bench could start for many teams in the league

  263. Lamar Odom is back! February 2, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    Hey Lakerfan (comment #264), Watch your language. There’s no room for that kind of immaturity in this forum (the first sentence on your third paragraph). And trust me, this comes from the guy posting as Lamar Odom. I know a thing or two about immaturity, and what you just said was without class. Let’s keep it clean and not homophobic.

  264. damn think about how much boston gave up for garnett most of their future for a older player in garnett & we gave up the worst player on the team for the best player on the other, I think this might’ve been the best deal in the last 10 yrs. paul has won championships in europe and won the mvp. The fans in europe are much worst than the road games here



    PG-ODOM 6’10”
    SG-KOBE 6′ 7″
    PF-GASOL 7′ 0″
    SF-ARIZA 6’8″

  266. i think this might be the best line-up considering a healthy roster.


  267. Damn the options are endless if teams go small we’ll destroy them on the boards, and if they try to go big odom and pau have enough quickness/range to shoot them out of the stadium. If we could get this team locked up contract wise we’d make the last L.A.L. dynasty look like a fluke.

  268. Was talking to a friend who is a casual Laker/NBA fan and he didn’t understand the levity of this trade. He asked what does it mean that the Laker got Pau Gasol. My response was,

    “Do some deep knee bends and get ready to jump on the bandwagon.”

  269. PG – Fisher
    SG – Bryant
    SF – Odom
    PF _ Gasol
    C – Bynum

    Key Bench – Vujacic(The Machine), Farmar, Ariza, Turiaf

    um… are you kidding me??? haha

  270. Booyah!!! World Domination. Mwahahahaha!

  271. Lamar Odom is back! February 2, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    #270-THat’s right. Boston is a great team, but their bench is not as deep as the Laker bench because of their off-season moves and lack of development. The Lakers, on the other hand, have developed some great players (Turiaf, Farmar, and Bynum) and now the Machine is turning it on and Radmanovic can hit the J, though inconsistently. THe only thing we need now, I believe, is a defensive specialist.

  272. Lakers is bizzack! February 2, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    LMAO! at SD Laker Fan’s comment #22.
    I feel exactly the same way.

  273. Lakers Bringing Fear To The NBA February 2, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Amazing trade because we didnt give up anything. Sure we lose some muscle in terms of Kwame, but Pau is a good shot blocker anyways. This team just got better….championship caliber better. Cant wait till Bynum gets back. At the meantime, great job by Mitch K. especially since their at a long roadtrip. This puts excitement to every laker fan…including me!!!

  274. ash_n_tha_cooks February 2, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    When i first saw the headline yesterday that we got Gasol my initial reaction was hell yeah!!!! then i thought, but wait who did we get rid of, i was thinkn either lamar, bynum, ronny or sasha would be part of the deal, but then to see none of them were dealt and we pretty much just got rid of kwame and javaris and we get gasol??????????? Kuptchak you done stopped, hopefully, all future kobe-trade-talk. hats off to you, i’ll drink a beer to that and cant wait to see andrew healthy and see our new dynasty make heads roll!!!!!!

  275. Lakers Bringing Fear To The NBA February 2, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    Oh and i dont wanna sound negative, but the lakers need to win now. You never know what happens next year since Kobe will be a free agent after next season. Im just hoping he resigns with LA and become a Laker for life. As for this season, it all comes down to chemistry when Bynum gets back. Wow, what a frontline! Cant say enough about it.

  276. Thank you lord, for taking away kwame brown. Brown was always embarrassing our proud organization. Perpare yourself, we DO have the best starting 5 in the NBA, we do have the deepest team in the NBA. We DO have the best team in the NBA!!! Sorry Boston, you thought this was your year, but weee’re baaaack!!
    This puts the lakers and celtics in the finals just like old times. I just cant stop smiling. Garnett made the biggest mistake by goin to boston. Only a shmucj dwoul go to Boston over LA. Thank you Mitch for not trading bynum. Happiness is being a laker fan.

  277. I had to check the calendar to make sure this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. I think if the Lakers traded Kwame for a case of Gatorade they still would have gotten the better of the deal…

    I’m thankful that Mitch Kupchak wouldn’t trade Andrew Bynum for Jason Kidd.
    I’m thankful that Mitch wouldn’t trade Bynum AND Lamar Odom for Jermaine O’Neal.
    I’m thankful that the Pacers thought that O’Neal was worth more than Bynum, Kwame and filler.
    I’m thankful that Kobe vetoed all the trade proposals with Chicago that included Luol Deng.

    But most of all, I am so very, VERY thankful that Kevin McHale didn’t want Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Kwame Brown and the no. 19 pick (Javaris Crittenton) for Kevin Garnett. Thanks Kevin McHale, you’re the best! We love you.

    People have been joking that if the Celtics win the title they should give McHale a ring. Well, if the Lakers win a title in the next three years, they should give McHale a ring too.

  279. It was like Christmas morning the friday afternoon on my way home and getting a call from my friend
    “Whas up?”
    “Pau Gasol is on the lakers”
    “What the hell? Are you high?”
    I was in such disbelief that I almost ran a red that very minute. My next question obviously was
    ” Well who did we lose?”
    The first thought that jumped into my head was Odom, the next was Crittenton.
    “Kwame Brown and JC”
    “So we didn’t lose anyone?!?!?!?!”
    “Well, we did lose Kwame”
    “Like I said, we didn’t lose anyone?!!!?”
    At that moment I was so excited I hit 110 mph down Edinger (I know, it was stupid but I’m kind of a speed freek). My only other reaction other then excitement was sorrow for the young Crittenton. But that is easily over looked when Lakers win a championship. Kobe putting on another ring makes me feel like I’m putting one on also, I’ve been a loyal fan missing only 18 games in the past 2 seasons.
    Once I got home I immediatly truned on ESPN and waited through 27 of Super Bowl BS ( we all know the pats are going to win, no matter how close the giants came to beating them during the regular season) and finally was blessed by the faces of Bill Walton, Magic, and Seven A. Smith. That, and upon hours of more research and talking to friends I finally let it all settle down in my veins. I finally came to the conclusions of the future of the lakers.
    If everything works out:
    They are going to be contenders for years with the Twin Towers, MVP, and Grand Master Coach. The difference between this team and the team of of Shaq, Malone, payton, Kobe are that the latter team were all old and near retirement. This team is a bunch of talented individuals just entering their prime. That gives them several years to gel of they dont get it right away.
    If things don’t gel:
    Though the chances are slim to none, as Gasol would fit perfectly into the triangle, if the Lakers find a way to mess this up, they will be stuck for years to come. They have no future as they lost 2 first round draft picks, crittenton, and stuck with the worst salary cap. We’ll I lied, they could always trade Gasol and/or do something with Lamar’s expiring contract. However, you would have to be very cynical if you beieve this is the future of the purple and gold franchise.

  280. WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! When I heard the news my eyes almost popped out! At first I was like, who did WE trade away??? I was just saying PLEASE NOT BYNUM! But Gasol… for Kwame??? I was like this sounds like a joke. No way we got Gasol for Kwame, but it eventually became more true, so I couldn’t help but think, this is the best trade the grizzlies could think of??? lol. I know they got future picks and such, but I really feel like the Lakers didn’t give up anything. What Laker fan hadn’t become tired of fumbling, turnover prone Kwame Brown? I was so happy, both in part to having acquiring Pau, but also because of “finally” giving up Kwame.

    Well I think this trade is awesome, the grizzlies can have Kwame if they want, Gasol is an excellent player, and with Kobe, Odom, Bynum (the list goes on) teams had better watch out for the Lakers!!!

  281. Chicky Baby RIP February 4, 2008 at 2:57 am


  282. Everything depends on Kobe’s ego.
    (Todo depende del ego de Kobe).

  283. This is freaking huge!!! Hope I can still get some decent odds, when I bet the Lakeshow to win it all this year. What were the Grizzlies thinking? Kwame for Gasol?!?!?!?OMFG, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. soulbossanova09 February 4, 2008 at 2:22 pm


    This is Lakers, and Kobe’s and Bynum’s destiny. Kobe was the first to say that he tipped his hat off to Kupchak and the “Buss”. And Mamba also said “now we got all the pieces, it’s time to walk the walk”.

    There you go Kobe! You got your head straight and you always did kid. I know your reading this forum like everyone else because its “Your” Forum after all… let’s not be modest”. But all the pre-season stuff and “complaining” (they called it) and wanted to be traded is because you just wanted a big man that could be there to help Phil and you run the Triangle. And everyone even your haters [which really love and admire you] want to see you retire in Purple in Gold. … Deep in your heart you always did and Now By God you WILL!

    But when you saw “The Big Fella’s” improvement as the season went on and he started you had high hopes and felt that “we have a chance with this youngin’ doing what he’s doing” and “me “the best in the world” AND eventually the best ever” { Again let’s not be Modest} you were like we can go to the Western Conference Finals at least this year.

    But now I can see it. .. The Lakers ARE the team to beat now not the Celtics. . hahahahahaha. Now with Pau here at the Four when Drew is back Its Finals time Kobe!! You know this man!…{Smokey accent from Friday}. . You know this… Its time to solidify the Claim to the THRONE that we all, even haters are giving you. I can see it in 3-4 more years Lakers will have more Chips than the Celt’s so. . haha. LET’S GO KOBE!

    Trust me I am a Varsity and JV coach and I study that offense everyday. And out of anyone in this world more or less, I can tell ya Pau fits right in!

    This is the Line up RIGHT NOW:


    When Big Fella Returns:


    Go Lakers. … GO FOR Destiny!!!

  285. I am just glad we don’t have to deal with stinking Kwame Brown…… & getting a Allstar big man is seriuosly outrageous…. An Spanish Hero for a Zero, can’t beat that…..

  286. I am just glad we don’t have to deal with stinking Kwame Brown…… & getting a Allstar big man is seriuosly outrageous…. An Spanish Hero for a Zero, can’t beat that…..

  287. everything is great now.. i bleed purple and gold– i love the lakers. but i still worry kobe will opt out of his conract at the end of next season. then what?? sasha taking over the 2.. we’ll be screwed then.

  288. Why in the world would you think kobe would opt out of his contract now… hes gotta be happier than a pig in **** with the way things are going this year.

  289. awesome line up for Lakers !!

  290. Thanks god..kk..k I was so sorry for kwame
    when he got boo from the staple. So now I can’t wait till this road trip is over and gasol comes to staple to get cheer!!!!

    buy the way… what is mark gasol doing??
    and where is that chinese guy from draft??
    I never heard anything from those two..
    are they in D-leage ro sth??

    Tomorrow will be a historical day for millenium lakers
    Fisher Bryant Radmanovic Odom Gasol…….
    believe or not it’s happening….

  291. Couldn’t have scriped this any better…stuff that only Hollywood and the Lakers are made off.

  292. I think the starting lineup this tuesday should be:
    C- Gasol
    Anyone else agree?

  293. If anyone does not see that this solidifies the lakers as the championship favorite your blinded.

    While Bynum is recovering we should stick Pau at the 5 and Ronny at the 4 for his defense. Let lamar play 3 and the normal guards at the 1 and 2. I think the key to this puzzle is definatly Turiaf bringing the energy and defense while specialist Ariza is recovering, as well as Bynum.

    Now that the lakers are 9-11 men deep, the title run should be relativly easy.

  294. Congratulations, Mitch Kupchak!
    for the past years, you’ve done the greatest of the greatest player deals of all-time..

    Containing Kobe and giving-up Shaq was a very good decision.. (considering that Shaq is getting rusty)

    Another one is that acquiring Pau Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies..

    i have so many things to say about the Lakers’ future but to sum it all up,
    i have this quote,

    “The Blue and Gold will reign once again, a new dynasty in the making..”