Lakers/Celtics Game 2 Chat

Kurt —  June 8, 2008

Going down 1-0 in a seven game series may not be ideal but it is not a big deal. On the other hand, 2-0 would make it a very steep mountain to climb.

If the Lakers are going to even this series it is going to take a team effort, not a “Kobecentric” game. Nomuskles rewatched game one, closely watching Kobe’s shots, and had these observations:

I have some bad news when it comes to Kobe and his offense against boston’s defense. Their defenders, one on one, did a very good job staying in front and forcing him to be a jump shooter. Once he went up for the jump shot, he had a hand in his face way more often than not. I was one of those who felt Kobe missed a few good looks but Kobe only missed two shots that I would consider pretty good looks and both of them were threes (1:38 left in the 1st quarter wide open on the left side and 0:32 left in the 3rd quarter over Rondo). The rest of his misses were contested pretty closely, usually someone had a hand a few inches away from the ball on release. And by usually I mean, of the 26 shots he took, I considered 3 of them to be moderately contested, 2 were not contested at all, and the rest, a whopping 21 of them were contested closely.

The Celtics played off Kobe, taking away the lanes, getting help when he committed to his drive and they did not bite on his pump fakes. The Lakers need to get Kobe going and in the paint, so expect him to be posted up some.

We don’t need Phil Jackson’s whistle to alert us to the other things the Lakers need to do — rebound, get out and run, play through the physicality, get better play from the bench mob and Lamar Odom, and use quick passes and ball movement to get open looks. If you want to know more, just re-read the last couple of posts and comments where we break it down in detail. The good news for Lakers fans is we know this team can do that, they are a cohesive team (unlike some of Phil Jackson’s teams in Chicago).

What adjustments are the Celtics going to make? Mike Moreau of Scouts Inc. has some ideas:

The biggest adjustment Boston will have to make for Game 2 — which they made in the second half of Game 1 — is how to defend the slips and rolls of Pau Gasol. With the Celtics hedging hard on ball screens, Gasol found some easy baskets in the first half when he caught his man cheating on the high side. In Game 2, look for Boston to rotate its baseline defenders further up the floor to cut off that path — as it did when Garnett met Gasol at the rim in the fourth quarter and blocked his shot. Boston will also commit its help later in the action — staying on Gasol’s bottom hip as long as possible. This could allow the Lakers’ ball handlers more chances to turn the corner in Game 2.

With the Lakers sinking and many times switching on ball screens in Game 1, look for Boston to put Allen and Pierce in more ball screen action in Game 2, to take advantage of the momentary lack of pressure or to go at the mismatched defender. This gives the Celtics’ best scorers a midrange jump shot with little pressure, and also more opportunities for Boston to punish the Lakers for the switch. Pierce was able to do this in the fourth quarter of Game 1, when he posted and scored over Derek Fisher.

Be sure to clink that link above to get David Thorpe’s game thoughts as well. Then there is the thoughts of Jeff and the people at Celtics Blog, which are always worth checking out.


This will be my last post for a week, Monday morning my wife and I will be off to the hospital to have daughter number three. However, this site will keep running, and at a Nuggets-like pace (and with way more passion than said Nuggets). Some of the big names from around here will be running the site (and managing the comments). Treat them with respect, I know you’ll love their work. I’ll be watching and you’ll hear from me in week. Enjoy the finals and Go Lakers.

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  1. Fun stuff.

    Now I can seriously say ‘the refs cost us the game.’

    38-10 in a 6 pt game.

    We actually didn’t do too bad in the rebounding aspect of the game, just got killed by assists, meaning our defense was really suspect, i guess.

  2. I’ll see if I can post highlights from Phil’s comments.

  3. Let me just preface this by saying, I thought the Celtics were heavy favorites coming in. They have 2 players in Garnett and Pierce who might be our team’s biggest matchup problems in the league, which combined with Kobe’s difficulties with Ray Allen, puts us at a huge disadvantage. Needless to say I haven’t seen anything to change my mind.

    However, there are times watching the spectacle of the NBA unfold, when it becomes clear that the officials aren’t calling basketball, they’re calling money. That’s ultimately what the NBA is about, and it’s the only thing that can explain what we witnessed tonight. My interest in this series has about been reduced to seeing who will be the highest-profile media personality who has the guts to call this what it is.

  4. yeah – get it live now, cause they wait awhile to post it after the fact.

    Phil coming on now….

  5. “Really disappointed” one thing I’d like to say as a LA’s fan. Not only for the time to come back to this game but for the calls that goes to the C’s.

  6. take away the freethrow disparity Lakers win easily

  7. I wish I hadn’t made that comment about ‘too little too late’ earlier. Darn.

  8. Ya know, i hate to blame the refs during a loss. But it is pretty incredible to think that they had 25 more attempts then we did. If we would have had 25 more free throws, we would have won by 15 points.

    Im listening to the post game interviews right now, and they are asking phil about being more aggressive on defense. We really can’t. Cause if anymore aggressive, our entire team would have fouled out.

    It wasn’t just the refs during this game. We did play awful, except during the last part of the 4th quater. But with a little help from the refs, this game would have turned out very different.

  9. So is it the Lakers turn to shoot freethrows now?
    Sure is hard not to be a conspiracist these days.

  10. 397, same, I had pulling the referee card, as Kurt says ‘if you have to rely on referees to win a game then you don’t really deserve to win it’, but they really didn’t even give the Lakers a chance to play in the first 3 quarters..I mean, Leon Powe had more FT’s than the whole Laker team? That’s ludicrous, but I expect equally unfair treatment against Boston in the LA home games

  11. that meant to say, i hate* pulling the referee card

  12. I guess the refs had to make this game interesting in the end….

    Anyways, on a less sarcastic note, wow, what an ending, give the Lakers credit for coming back and putting a fight. I just hope home cookin continues and LA takes the next 3 games at home and then take it in Boston like they did in 87.

  13. I missed PJ press conference, Did he say anything about the great officiating?

  14. Like i said before, Miami did it a couple of years ago and momentum changed in that series against Dallas when Miami won the next 3 at home and ended it in 6 at Dallas.

  15. Phil Jax was brilliant on the podium – the way he dissected the FT disparity is genius – illusions, spacing to provide clear vision to his players getting raked! I love PJ…I think Stern and the NBA refs will get this message loud & cleat and GAMES 3-5 will be VERY different considering Stern wants a 7 Game Series

  16. 399… Yea, he basically said it was horrible. He said that L. Powe took more free throws than the entire Laker team.

  17. PHIL: “I’m most struck at the fact that Leon Powe gets more foul shots than our whole team does in 14 minutes of play. And that’s ridiculous. You can’t play from a deficit like that. 19-2 in the first half in situations like that. I’ve never seen a game like that in all these years I’ve coached in the Finals. Unbelievable.”

    (what do you tell the team now)
    “It’s just one of those playoff things. Their home court advantage, they held serve. We go back and we do what we have to do on our home court. That’s what it’s about.”

    (on Powe’s coast-to-coast dunk)
    “That play was a situation where Vlade yielded a trap in the backcourt and opened it up. Gasol was afraid to leave Garnett for an easy basket, but it was a poor play, an awful play. I kept telling the team we’ve played as poorly as we could possibly play for two and a half quarters, in the middle of the third quarter, we just can’t play any worse than this, but that was an example of where we were even more at ease, uh, dis-ease, I guess, in our defensive end. But from that point on I think we rallied in that game.”

    (on the FTs)
    “The aggressiveness swayed the effective calls. They were aggressive, they went to the basket, we didn’t take charges in situations that we had charges to take. In the first half the context subsequently ended up being a foul shot. What we tried to focus on when we came in at halftime was that we have to stop the penetration and get that accomplished, but they got off to another big jump in the third quarter and put us back on our heels again.”

  18. Of course it’s a conspiracy. The league wants seven games. When they get back to LA, LA will get the calls. I just wish I could see a good evenly called game. I miss the 70s and 80s.

  19. 385 (otbricki) – First, good on ya’ for not resorting to gloating, and keeping up the civil discourse we’ve come to expect from you and your crew over at celticsblog.

    I would caution, though, that Detroit was not a great home team in the playoffs. Everybody seems to have forgotten this – they lost to Philly in their first game at home, and never really looked super-dominant at home. It was their ability to win on the road that fooled everybody into believing they were so dominant. When they came up against a Celtics team that was much better than their other opponents, they folded.

    LA hasn’t lost at home yet in the playoffs, and has watched a winnable Game 1 get followed by a tough Game 2 no matter how you slice it (either FTs OR the coming up JUST short on a massive comeback). If they can take Game 3 it has a significant change to the series, as one must believe the Lakers think that it’s *possible* to win in Boston.

    See you on Tuesday.

  20. Lakers need to do a better job in limiting the celtics role players to sub bar games…game 1 – Rajon blows up and game 2 Powe kills us. Unfrickenbelievable!!!

  21. Armo – I’m not worried about the officiating in 3-5. Of course it’s going to go our way there – that’s not what we want though. What good does that do? I’d much prefer the refs to have some balls and call it equal everywhere so we could have a f*cking series that meant something instead of something manufactured.

  22. Come on David Stern…you have to make it less obvious when you give the home team 28 more free throw attempts and the lakers just commited 7 more fouls than the home team. I know you want this series to go the distance, but it would’ve been less obvious if you let the lakers take game 2 and have them lose one at home.

  23. I love this idea Jackson talks about, I remember Horry mentioning it back when he hit the gamewinner over the Kings… the idea that “We’ll find a time to win this game” and if they don’t win, it’s merely the fact that the game didn’t last long enough.

    I think over the years that sense of calm has proven very productive for his teams. Whether this year’s guys can apply is a question.

  24. Well Phil’s getting a fine…

  25. Did anyone notice that the Lakers had the lead before the bogus fouls put Kobe on the bench. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  26. Has anyone noticed that not one single player in the NBA finals has a commercial.

  27. (last comment on the FTs)
    “I think my players got fouled. I have no question about the fact that my players got fouled, but didn’t get to the line. Specifically I can enumerate a few things, but I’m not gonna get into that I don’t want to get into a dispute with those situations. It’s the illusion that’s created. The referees referee’d an illusion. Our guys looked like maybe the ball was partially stripped when they were getting raked or whatever was happening, but it was in a crowd, and referees let that type of thing go. So we have to create the spacing that gives the right impression and that will have to get accomplished.”

  28. R, I think KG has the Gatorade commercials, but I haven’t seen them during the Finals.

  29. I completely agree sfJayp – I too want to see an evenly refed series…but the disparity was indeed sickening and you’ll see a BIG change come Game 3. I don’t care what happens after that, but you’ll see something done to even this up in LA. We can only hope that the Finals doesn’t get flawed for officiating – that’s the worse thing to Stern’s brand

  30. :swimming in room full of Cash:

  31. Here’s Phil’s first comments on the fouls. He was asked what struck him more, being blown out or the subsequent attempted comeback. He responded (and this was me just jotting it down as I heard it so it might not be PERFECT):

    “I’m more struck at the fact that Leon Powe gets more foul shots than our whole team does in 14 minutes of play. You can’t play from a deficit like that, 19-2 in the first half, and situations like that. I’ve never seen a game like that, in all these years i’ve coached games in the Finals. Unbelievable.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  32. What I found most funny was that ESPN showed the whole Phil Jackson interview except the last question about the free throw disparity. As soon as that question was asked, they cut away from the interview and started showing something stupid.

    I dont know what this means but ESPN showed all the other interviews fully, just cut off from this question.

  33. I’m still composing myself. There’s A LOT to take and take away from this game. It was both close to being one of the worst and also being one of the greatest Laker games of all time. These 400+ comments say it all.

  34. Sure, the refs favored the home team. But that’s to be expected. The Lakers lost this game because they played one good quarter of basketball: the first half of the first quarter and the second half of the fourth. That is not going to win you a championship.

    No excuses. The Lakers need to step up big time now. If they don’t win all three at Staples you can pretty much kiss this year goodbye. The odds are certainly against them if you look at road teams going down 0-2 in the 2-3-2 format.

    Of course, Boston fans should know about counting chickens before they hatch based on historical odds in series. And for that matter, so do Miami fans. It’s possible, but the Lakers have certainly dug themselves a real hole to climb out of.

  35. I think Stern wants a 7-game series. So he gives the first 2 to the Celtics, the next 2 to the Lakers and maybe call the last 3 evenly.

  36. Yeah, I don’t like the 2-3-2, but Miami won all 3 at home just 2 years ago. It can be done.

    There’s no question that the Lakers can put themselves in position to win games in the Garden.

  37. Confidence has taken a big hit for the Lake Show, guys like Vlad, JF, Luke and to an extent LO and Gasol need to pick up their head’s and play with some passion. Passion is the one and only thing I’ll respect KG and PP with – that’s it. Our guys need to take it to the hole HARD and start bumping back. KG’s intensity is phyching us out…our home games should provide a spark but our roles guys need to take a page out of Kobe’s killer instinct book

  38. man tonight’s game was messed up. yeah sure the lakers played some bad defense like powe driving down the length of the court and getting a dunk, but the lack of aggression on lakers defense has to do with the way the game was called. in the first quarter the lakers were actually playing very well, beating the celtics to a lot of boards. then they started calling fouls on kobe and just about everyone wearing purple. common kobe did not deserve that 2nd foul for pushing off on allen, that’s nothing. how can you blame a team for not being aggressive when everytime they do it they get punished on the line???
    i like leon powe and really respect what he went through in his life, but common how can one bench player that rarely gets into the game in the regular season/playoffs go to the line more than the whole team?
    last note: i was initially very happy to see ariza to play some d cause of his length but the guy isn’t ready….luke walton has been stinking it up! damn it
    common lakers, take care of business at home and get those fake whinny celtics

  39. Lakers are finished. They arent beating Boston 3 in a row in LA. They needed to win 1 game in Boston and failed. They will win game 3 on Tuesday though, a little payback will be nice, and hopefully the announcers, especially Breen can talk great things about the Lakers just as much as they did for Boston in the first 2 games. I hate that announcing crew. Marv Albert might be a freak, but at least he calls the game right down the middle. I am going to enjoy game 3 a lot. MY prediction, Lakers will win by 6 and will score in the low 90’s. Boston wont shoot as well on the road.

  40. the other Stephen June 8, 2008 at 9:57 pm

    i know for one brief, scared moment, paul pierce was thinking to himself, “come on, guys, am i gonna have to fake another knee injury?”

  41. Leaving the refs aside, what I don’t get, is why we stopped playing through Pau in the first quarter all of a sudden.

  42. You’d think Stern got his dream finals matchup that he’d at least let it play out and see who the better team was. I guess he can’t take his hands off of anything.

    Expect to see a reffing trio of Frank Hamblen, Magic johnson, and Stu Lantz on Tuesday

  43. Watched this game at a party with some friends, so I’m a little late to this party. Yes, the free-throw disparity was bad, but you can’t let any team shoot 59.6% (eFG%) and expect to win. The Lakers shot well, were much better on the boards, but got killed in transition defense.

  44. In a perverse sense, I’m actually enjoying this.

    The way our season has started and unfolded, it’s only fitting that our finish be equally dramatic.

    0-2, work it to 3-2, and win the championship in Boston, with a supreme performance by KB24 icing the deal.

    We got the right kind of finish going, and have a chance to pick up right where we left it. Again we showed that we are a team that can attempt a comeback even down 23 points in a quarter!

    Granted that good teams wouldn’t be down 23 points to begin with, but you gotta love a team that treat 23 point deficits as if it was just a 2-3 point deficit.

  45. Oh, and one other thing of note, every Laker starter (save Odom) was actually in the positive in +/-, but every bench player was in the negative. The Lakers were in this early until the bench was asked to step up when Kobe went out with fouls, and they got torched. The bench MUST step up at home. The Lakers have to sweep the three in LA to have any chance now.

    Also, thank all of you for the kind thoughts.

  46. I will be screaming my lungs out for the Lakers on Tuesday night at Staples Center, but I just think there is some serious denial going on here. Yes, the free throw disparity was mind blowing and unfair, but we have to take responsibility for: Boston shooting 53% with 31 assists on 36 baskets; Rondo penetrating at will for 16 assists; bench players Powe/Brown/Posey shooting a combined 11-14 while our bench is destroyed in the second quarter and both Luke and Jordan with a plus/minus of -16; Powe being allowed to go untouched while running the court from end-to-end for a slam; Lamar vanishing in the second half YET AGAIN; our total inability to get a stop without fouling, particularly at the end of the game; our failure to hustle for rebounds at critical moments (VladRad and Pau come to mind); and just an overall lack of poise. I’m as big a fan as anyone, but I just feel that if we blame the refs and not look within, we’re going to lay yet another egg on Tuesday. We will hear cliches about Boston just “holding serve” by winning at home, but let’s face the facts – we have lost to Boston 4 games in a row! And we have been outplayed badly in all four games. Therefore, what reason do we have to believe that we’re suddenly going to win 4 of the next 5? Clearly, we are not doing something right, and drastic improvement is needed at both ends of the floor, in effort and intensity, and in poise. I desperately want to believe, but right now I see zero evidence of that happening. No one wants to be wrong more than me.

  47. 443 – Funny.

    440 – The Lakers have been amazing at home for the last four months. If they can make up a 22 point deficit in 8 minutes in Boston (in a game where they shot 28 less free throws than their opponent), I don’t see why they can’t win 3 in a row against a team who is 3-7 on the road during the playoffs. As I’ve mentioned before, Boston is showing signs of fatigue already and they have only had to play 2 games in the last 10 days. I’m not saying that this will be easy, but it is definitely doable.

    Keep the faith, Lakers fans.

  48. Don’t worry laker fans, Stern will make sure lakers win game 3.

  49. Kurt, you have to admit that it’s hard to play transition D when the refs call every little bump. It was absolutely terrible. I don’t understand how the Lakers even had a chance at the end. When you have Wilbon talking about how lopsided the officiating was, it goes beyond us having fan bias.

  50. To think, I thought it was going to be different after that dunk Gasol had on Garnett in the 1st. That had to be the first time all year that I’ve seen him dunk after posting up.

  51. The offense flowed WAY better with Vlad at the 4 and Odom on the bench. It opened up the floor for Gasol in the middle and gave Kobe space to operate. Expect to see more of this in Game 3. I wouldn’t count the Lakers out by a long-stretch. Gotta grab a game..then another…then another.

  52. LA Lakers will win this match!!!

  53. Three things to look at:
    – After 10 turnovers I believe early in the first half, the Lakers managed to finished with only 13.
    – The rebounding battle was LA – 36 (11 O) to BOS – 37 (10 O).
    – The Celtics assisted on 31 of their 36 shots.

  54. Don’t worry laker fans, Lakers will win at least 2 of the 3 games at home. I guarantee it. I need this series to go at least 6 games for me to rake in more cash.

  55. Congrats Kurt!

    With regards to the FT and eFG%, people forget the two are related. If you are getting called for fouls every time you play defense (rightly or wrongly), you are going to ease up and thus allow easier shots. Same goes for the celtics and their vaunted defense, if the refs don’t call them for fouls they’ll keep playing harder making it harder for us to shoot.

    So sure, lets blame the Lakers defense, but lets not forget that basketball being a game of momentum and feeling, the refs can definately make or break runs, and thus games. If the Lakers are making a run and they don’t get a FT they felt they deserved, suddenly it sucks the energy out of us. Similarly if the celtics get free throws while we are on a run the energy will be sucked out of us.

    Refs can make a difference which is why it is disappointing to see a guy like Powe get respect from the refs, whilst Kobe, a veteran, goes without at least a couple of times. It should be the other way around, you need to earn respect from the refs, especially in the finals.

  56. If I may semi troll as a Celtics fan.

    I don’t think the free throw disparity is that egregious. The numbers do necessitate another look however, so I understand the frustration. .

    But, besides the Turiaf block, I thought all of the fouls on Powe were legit. Gasol got fouled once on the allyoop and they didn’t call it, I thought Kobe was bumped once or twice on drives, but to be honest, after Kobe, no one really took it to the hoop. Can anyone think of a call that wasn’t made besides Kobe?

    Kobe wasn’t hit when he got the tech (what was he looking for?), and the missed allyoop was good defense and not a foul.

    I can only think of the Gasol alleyoop play as a blown call. Gasol is just a soft player. He could have had a huge game tonight.

    Where was the horrible non-call by the refs tonight? Or, were they quick to whistle the Lakers? I don’t know how many non-fouls were called fouls. The worst call of the night was the Kobe elbow on Allen.

    Also, when you don’t play good defense and allow penetration, the defense is not square and that leads to fouls. I thought the reason for so many fouls was that the Lakers weren’t very aggressive defensively and allowed Rondo and Pierce to get in the lane at will.

    LA has to stop dribble penetration. Rondo only took 4 shots. That he only took 4 shots is a bad sign. That means he was getting in the lane and finding open shooters. When he has to shoot a lot, then the C’s are in trouble. They didn’t make Rondo beat them.

    As far as the rest of the series, I have doubts that the Lakers can stop the Celts offense. Best bet is to out shoot them and out gun them, which is certanly feasible.

    The best bet for the Lakers is to bait Boston into a shootout. Play Rad at the 4, and that will eliminate Perk and Powe from the game and probably bring in Posey. That should help on the boards.

  57. Ps. I think the Celtics propaganda team have really done a good job of portraying the celtics as Kobe stoppers, Phil and the Lakers need to change that perception so he gets more of the benefit of the doubt, as opposed to the celtics getting it.

  58. close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

  59. John S. – Considering some of the Celts fans that were on here earlier, that’s hardly trolling. 🙂 Anyway, if I may respond?

    “Can anyone think of a call that wasn’t made besides Kobe?” If I had the free time, I’d happily go back and look at the tape again, but I don’t. I will note, though, that Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol took a combined 16 shots in the paint, and had 1 free throw between them to show for it (ironically, on a Gasol drive that probably should have been a no-call). Considering NBA reffing in general, that strikes me as an unusual number.

    FGA locations for what follows taken from: – click on ‘all shots’ for each team in the drop-down menu.

    The Celtics had somewhere around 30 shots in the paint, total – 18 FGAs, plus probably about 10-15 two-shot fouls in the paint that aren’t counted. The Lakers had 30 FGAs in the paint, plus at least a couple of 2-shot fouls, totaling probably 32 attempts. As Last Train over on CelticsBlog noted (in a discussion I had over there), shots in the paint don’t automatically equal fouls – defense plays into it. This is very true, and a valid assertion. However, I find it exceedingly unlikely that the Lakers took 30-plus shots in the paint and got fouled at most thrice (four freethrows on 2-shot fouls): the other 6 LAL free throws were Gasol’s and-one, the tech, and four shots on two fouls in the ‘bonus.’ Given NBA officiating, and the way this game in particular was called at Boston’s end, that’s heavily tilted at best, and nearing on absurd if you’d ask a Lakers fan.

    I don’t have issue with Boston’s taking 38 freebies. I have issue with LA’s taking only 10 (and only 5 of those as shooting fouls). Given the number of attempts the Lakers had in the paint, that’s really out of line, especially when noting that Boston had equal or fewer shots at the rim, but had SEVENTEEN shooting fouls. Seventeen. To three. With an equal number of shots in the paint, or more likely a few more in LA’s favor.

  60. This is purely frustrating to watch…(i’m going to die 5 years earlier due to these intense yet stressful times…) Lakers tonight did not play well, certainly the refs didn’t help much either… going back to the last play… during replay we can clearly see kobe was chasing the ball, was wide open for a split second… sasha’s shot was clean, but we shouldn’t put that type of shot into his hand, granted he’s a good three point shooter… It will take alot out of us to win all three games, but at this point what options do we have?

    p.s. David Stern, we need to chat… i have a company that manages the refs calls… give me a call

  61. 447-I have to agree with what your saying…while tonights ref.s were beyond atrocious, there are certain numbers that just don’t lie such as the ones you brought up.

    If we intend to win this series we really need to man up and start playing even tougher D, and crashing the boards HARD. Tonight was supremely frustrating and we now have the daunting task of winning three games at home.

    I believe we must win all three in staples to give ourselves of a shot at this thing, but its a scary thought that we must be beat a team like boston three times in a row, then try to secure a final victory in the garden..

  62. I was gone for most of the night and watched the game on my DVR. Everything has really been said, and Kurt’s comments ring true as strong reasons for why we lost.

    Lot’s of poor taste by commenters on the boards tonight. On Tuesday, one (or more) of the moderators will be around to oversee that stuff a little better. I have those privileges, and will try to make sure things don’t get out of hand like it did a little bit earlier tonight.

  63. John S., obviously our views are going to be skewed towards our respective teams but yeah, i do think the refs missed a lot of calls that went against the lakers. That’s also a product of me being a lakers fan. I could list a myriad of times where I thought the lakers got the short end of the stick tonight but i’ll also admit i think the refs missed a few against the celtics too. that kg “moving screen” call was kind of bogus, for example. but yeah. the list would be much too long to list here. aww nevermind, we lost, i might as well get in my complaints while i can.

    odom got hacked on offense under the basket. pau got hacked on offense under the basket. pj brown was grabbing and pushing like always. lamar threw a ball off rondo that was going out of bounds and rondo had actually established one of his feet out of bounds before jumping when odom threw the ball off him. this should have been out of bounds on the celtics. instead it started a celtics break. kobe’s first two fouls were crap. watch him and derek fisher get hammered the exact same way the entire game without getting the same call. kobe’s offensive foul where he “ran over” pierce was questionable in my opinion. Kobe was changing directions to go through the gap and pierce hit the deck. pau got hit on his alley oop finish by kg. leon powe wasn’t touched on the up and under move he made. he was trying to avoid contact. paul pierce was barely touched end of the game that granted him the game sealing free throws. at the end of the first half, pau and lamar were being hit. pierce got away with a foul on kobe’s alley oop attempt in the second half. if you watch the replay, pierce walks away with his hands up like hes being confronted by a robber. lamar had establsihed his position against kg and his arm remained straight up but he got called for a foul anyway. rondo mauled pau to gain a turnover. seriously. these are the ones i can remember after one viewing. most of us on forum blue and gold don’t like to complain about the refs. we feel it’s unbecoming. there weren’t very many complaints of bad reffing after game one. (half court calls excepted) but this one. wow. Inconsistent and ridiculous all the way through.

  64. 457: John S: it’s just one play, and the refs didnt put the ball in either basket, so I’m not saying this to whine: Q4, Kobe drives to about 8 feet of the basket, and Pierce pulls his arm behind him. Kobe hits the shot, no call. Sasha shoots a 3 from the corner, Pierce gets credit for a “block” meanwhile Saha’s arm goes away from a natural follow through at a 90 degree angle. This is just in the last 2 minutes. There are plenty more (on both sides of the court – not just against the Lakers).

  65. John S – I think you mentioned enough blown calls that would have turned the game around. A 6 point differential isn’t a lot.

  66. Take heart Laker fans:
    1. Boston won by 6 with a freethrow disparity of 38-10.
    2. Leon Powe 9-13 freethrows made.
    Six point Laker Loss.
    3. Lakers were 100% from the freethrow line.
    4. Lakers are coming home!
    Not looking for a 28 freethrow difference to win. But, at least the freethrow differential can be more like Lakers 17 & Boston 38.
    5. As poorly as the Lakers played this game we scored more
    than 100 points for the first time in this series.
    6. They have thrown everything they can at Kobe he scored 30 points and he has figured them out defensively.

    Laker fans we are coming home but that is no magic elixir in itself. We must look to be as aggressive on defense as Boston has been at home. 100% more efficient on offense. We need our ‘bench mob’ back and the Staples Center to be rocking.

    We need to wear our purple and gold in mass during this homestand so that the Lakers know when they land in California they will know that they are home, and that we are still behind them and that we believe! Remember, this is still a very young team save for Fisher.

    Let’s go Lakers!!!

    Revised game count: Lakers in 7 because that is what the NBA demands of this series. You can’t sell commercials without air time!

  67. To those that might still be here – simply tacking on an extra 10-12 points from “blown” calls to the final score doesn’t really work in the context of how the officiating affected the game. Just like I believe the Lakers would have been much better off with Kobe avoiding those 3 fouls in the first half and staying on the court, it would be foolish to assume that the Celtics would have played the exact same way down the stretch if up by only 10 points instead of 22.

  68. 467 – That’s unfair. He even says “The numbers do necessitate another look however, so I understand the frustration.” At the end of the day, one must defend one’s team, no? I know a legion of fans from other teams are out there simply nodding at the “just desserts” of a Lakers team that has been the beneficiary of some questionable officiating in the past (not the least of whom would be Spurs fans from just last series). No reason to get personal – I don’t agree with his take, but he made it in a respectful manner.

  69. I don’t even know if I want to watch game three considering you can bet Stern will put the lakers on the like 50 times and as much as we need the win that’s just not enjoyable basketball to watch.

  70. 466, I guess humor doesn’t fly around here, but come on dude, 38-10? How can someone say that’s not ridiculous. 38-10? In a six point game? PJ Brown sets a moving pick every time he sets a pick, never gets called.

    Anyone else think it was hilarious when LO threw the ball out of bounds off PJ Brown’s fat head?

  71. 469 – Yes, the game was 6 points at the end. You honestly believe that the Celtics would have eased up on both ends of the court the way they did if it was a 6 point game with 6 minutes to go, instead of a 24 point game – and that the Lakers would have gone on the same run, winning by double-digits?

    I agree, 38-10 is too much. But how each foul impacted the game is almost impossible to know – for all we know, if Kobe hadn’t gotten the early foul trouble he would have gone off for 60. Or maybe, instead, he would have accidentally come down on Pau Gasol’s leg and have to be carted off in a wheelchair (I doubt he’d get the Rocky music upon his return, though). The game would have been much closer for the majority of the second half, but the Lakers almost certainly wouldn’t have scored 41 points in the 4th quarter. In any case, it’s all academic now, so there’s no reason to get hostile – it’s worthy of discussion largely with regards to the impact on Game 3 (and beyond), and for intellectual curiosity’s sake. Nothing we say will switch that L to a W.

  72. Horrible officiating tonight. I’m sure that PJ’s press conference was heard loud and clear for Tuesday night. That was one of the worst officiated games I have ever witnessed.

    That said, regardless of the refs, there were plenty of stretches where the Celts just flat out kicked our butts. On the boards, FG%, and especially being physical. We need to be physical with them in LA. I’m confident that if Kobe takes it to the hole, Pau, Lamar and Ronny start shoving people around, we’ll get the benefit of the doubt if we’re aggressive. That’s the NBA’s worst kept secret. The refs always give the benefit of the doubt to the more aggressive team. The Lakers need to start being the aggressor. Even if they play more of a finesse style offense, that doesn’t mean that they should play a finesse style defense.

    They have to win all three in LA or this series is over. They can do it, but is going to take a more consistent effort than we’ve seen so far.

    See ya Tuesday.

  73. Some points.

    Fisher said he fouled pierce on that play to end the game. I thought they missed some calls for sure, and the kobe second foul was bogus. Boston had some bad calls go against them, the rondo offensive foul was a joke.

    This wasn’t a 6 point game BTW. You can;t automatically assume that the 41 point 4th quarter would have happened if Boston was only up say 8 or so. Boston got complacent and stopped playing.

    I can;t remember anyone else but kobe actually driving to the basket. LA does foul a lot, which is indicative of struggling to guard.

    You have to push the issue to get to the line. The Lakers need to get physical, offensively and defensively.

    And 468, is 43-16 game 2 against utah any less ridiculous? How about 48 free throws in game 1 against utah? The, 42 free throws in game 5. Then, 38 in game 6.

    Lakers made a living at the line against the jazz.

    Boston gave up 47 free throws in a game 6 loss to atlanta. The more aggressive team gets to the line. That is clear.

    Celts gave up 47 free throws to the Hawks in game 6.

  74. Celtics will win the series. Period.

  75. I could accept the disparity of fouls as “home cooking” except for one thing–Leon Powe. I kept wondering why the Lakers couldn’t stop him and had to foul him–until halftime. Then I saw the very personal “Leon Powe story” at halftime. How could the Network know in advance that Powe was going to play at all? Even if they had prepared such stories for every ‘bench” player on both teams, why such a long story about only one Boston Celtic player? Why no parallel “equal time” story about a Laker–like say Mbenga–or Ariza?

    I began to “get it.”

    I wasn’t that surprized when Leon both continued to play and score in the second half. I was losing my innocence.

    I had long been suspicious of NBA games that were seemingly always settled in the last few minutes–but I attributed the close scores to coaching strategies–in resting players and knowing how to still close out opponents at the end of a game. I knew that “home cooking” tended to award more foul shots to the home team.

    The Leon Powe story was a different problem, coming at halftime of an NBA championship game. Something smelled rotten–and we weren’t even in Denmark.

    I began to think of basketball, not in comparison to boxing–but to wrestling–where the outcome is decided in advance by the refs–or even the commissioner.

    I hope I can get those ideas out of my mind–but I still remember the Spurs against the Suns last year–the bump of Nash–and the disqualifications that followed.

    Has it already been decided to make this series go 7 games?

    Despite everything, the Lakers might have won tonight with a simple “no call” for the Paul Pierce drive when the Celts led by 2 at the very end. The Lakers were already heading the other way with the ball.

    It sure makes one think–doesn’t it?

  76. 468. I laughed my ass off!

  77. I have never been one to EVER say that the refs were the reason a game was won/lost EVER. I think there is probably a record number of posts, because tonight was the poorest officiated game I have seen these playoffs. I still do not think they won/lost this game.

    The Lakers did not deserve to win this game. Powe’s BS foul calls and Kobe’s phantom calls were atrocious. Although the C’s still outplayed the Lakers.

    What made me mad was that when we were only down 2 in the 4th with 23 seconds left, how do the refs bail out Pierce with two free throws!?!?!?!?!

    I watched the play 10 times on my DVR and it makes me sick to my stomach that the game was decided by another BS call after so many….This could have been the greatest finals comeback ever, but the refs didn’t allow the players to decide that. Pierce did not get fouled on that last play. Period. It makes me wanna puke. Are these refs friends with Donaghy? Well shit happens.

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, because I am still confident that the Lakers will win all 3 at home! It is their destiny!!!!

  78. First off, I think that the refs have called the two games in a very unbalanced fashion. That alone, has made the Laker’s gun shy, and strangely broken their rhythm.

    It’s telling about the level of cynicism on this board wrt perception that the NBA and specifically, Stern, shapes games/series.

    That said, now we know how the Spurs felt when they found out that Joey Crawford would be getting the nod in Game Four of the Lakers-Spurs series.

    Give Boston their due, though. They have totally disrupted the triangle, which is the essence and flow of Lakers basketball. That the Lakers abandoned it in the comeback is telling.

    The Laker Defense, has been very poor, which is unsurprising. Their D feeds off of their offense, since they are very motion focused.

    This is game of adjustments and matchups, and we’ve made no adjustments that have worked nor do we appear to match up super well with Boston’s strengths.

    Someone else said it, but I think that we need to find a way to keep Vlad in the game for significantly more minutes. Not minimizing his liabilities, but his presence extends the floor to create better spacing (and his rebounding has been solid).

    The Celtics close awfully well so you need that space to open lanes for cutters and better three looks.

    Our bench should play better at home. On some level, the series so far comes down to the fact that the Celtics bench has been fantastic, whereas the Laker bench has contributed very little on either side of the ball.

    The Celtics are absolutely imposing their will upon us, and we have done nothing to knock them off balance.

    The Lakers have been amazingly resilient this year in terms of rising to the challenge so I remain hopeful that they will find a way.

    A steep climb lies ahead.

  79. As a Laker fan, I just don’t get all this talk about conspiracies and the like. Other than the last six minutes of the first half of Game 1, and the first and last six minutes of Game 2, can you honestly say that the Lakers haven’t been badly outplayed by the Celtics? Allowing Leon Powe’s coast-to-coast dunk has to be the single most embarrassing sequence of the entire playoffs and is emblematic of our poor communication on defense and utter lack of passion, determination, moxie and effort. The sad facts are that we haven’t played well in any of the four games against the Celtics this season, and that Boston is playing like they want the trophy more than we do, which is unfathomable and has nothing to do with refs or any alleged master plan of David Stern. It has to do with the Celtics, up to now, being the better team. It makes me sick, but I can’t deny it.

  80. Well, the way I see it, is that now it is a best 4 of 5 games to win the title. The opposition has 2 of 4 at the moment, so what.
    Go Lakers…

  81. Start play some defense and the calls will go down

  82. No hostility here, but seriously, 38-10 is a joke. You can’t argue against that. It doesn’t matter how else the game might have played out, but the way it did the final score was 108-102 in favor of the Celtics. A six point game, with the team that won shooting 28 more free throws than the team that lost. And as there’s no point in speculating about hypotheticals, I’m not saying that the Lakers would have won if the free throw shooting was more even, all I’m saying is that it was the most poorly officiated and most biased game I’ve ever seen, and clearly I’m not the only one who thinks that. It’s just kind of a drag how much control the referees have over the games.

  83. from the internets June 9, 2008 at 3:17 am

    As a fan of the game itself, first and foremost, Game 2 was just frustrating to watch. Yes, it’s easy to disguise one’s own Lakers-fan bias by claiming that “It doesn’t matter who’d have won, I just wish it had been fair,” while internally believing that the Lakers are always supposed to win, regardless. It’s easy to do that. And that’s what a lot of upset Lakers fans are doing.

    But it’s not so easy to disguise the black and white…

    “The free-throw desparity wasn’t as lop-sided as people are making it out to be.”

    -The Celtics shot 28 more free-throws than the Lakers. Powe had three more free-throws than the entire Laker team.

    “The reason the Lakers didn’t get to the line was because they relied too heavily on jumpshots.”

    -The Lakers actually had more points in the paint than the Celtics did.

    “The Lakers lost because they jacked up way too many shots.”

    -The Lakers had 68 field goal attempts. The Celtics had 83.

    “The Lakers lost because they couldn’t get shots to fall, while the Celtics were able to have a better shooting night.”

    -The Lakers shot 52.9%. The Celtics shot 49.4%.

    “The Lakers lost the game because they were outhustled on the glass.”

    -The Lakers had 37 rebounds. The Celtics had 36.

    “The Celtics played better team ball, making the extra pass to find open guys. The Lakers were too concerned with going one-on-one.”

    -The Lakers had 31 assists. The Celtics had 20

  84. from the internets June 9, 2008 at 4:04 am

    Some of those stats are flipped. Should’ve checked first. Sorry. It was a repost from another comment.

  85. John S –

    * Kobe was looking for a call on Pierce on the spin move. You can clearly see him rake Kobe’s arm as he comes out of the spin.

    * As mentioned, Pierce, held him when he made that tough left-handed floater.

    * Cassell held Farmar’s arm on a drive down the middle (when Farmar shot with his back to the basket… he was turned in the air because his arm was held)

    * Gasol created TONS of contact down low… contact that was being called a foul at the other end

    * Rondo’s “steal” on Gasol had a lot of contact…

    * Perkins got away with at last two push-offs in the back

    * PJ pushed Kobe into Pierce on the screen foul

    Are those enough to swing the game? If half of those had been called, there would have been an entirely different complexion to the game.

    Also, I think it’s funny for anyone to call Pau soft when he dunked it in KG’s face.

  86. By the way, I think Fisher did foul Pierce on the last play. I think Derek takes too many swipes at the ball… especially in a game like this, when you knew how it was being called.

    On the other hand, maybe Fisher thought the refs would let the final seconds play out without being ticky-tack. He’s been in a lot more Finals games than I have.

  87. I don’t even know what to say. The free throw disparity will get a lot of play, but the fact is the Lakers have looked like deer in headlights for 5-1/2 quarters starting at half time of G1.

    I would take some comfort in the fact that the Celtics are atrocious on the road and the Lakers are great at home, but I don’t know if this is the same team that beat Utah and SA anymore. That, or are the Celtics that good to make these Lakers look that bad? I sure hope not.

    These guys better pull of a sweep at home. I would like our chances if they had to win one of two in Boston after taking 3 in a row, with momentum. Not sure if they can do it, especially at this rate. Phil better start banging on some drums early.

  88. (edited) guys, the Celts drove to the hoop all night long which is why they got so many foul calls. Powe lived in the paint for the minutes he was playing and Kobe et al were simply settling for “bunnies.” If you don’t drive to the hoop, how/why will you get free throws???

  89. When you go to the basket and play good defense you get callls. The Lakers did neither. Whining about referees – I love to see other teams and their coaches do that because that means the referees are in their heads, and they are not paying attention to what really matters- on court play.

    The Lakers bench was also outplayed again, much worse than in Game 1. Unless that changes it is going to be a short series.

    People who think the Celtics were tired at the end of Game 2 – which led to the Lakers comeback are dreaming. The Celtics let LA back in. It is a bad habit they have,

  90. Again, Celtics fans (and press) who insist that Boston was the only team trying to score in the paint, and that’s why they got the fouls, simply don’t have their facts straight.

    The Lakers took plenty of shots around the rim, created plenty of contact, and got few calls.

  91. The refs did not decide this game. Boston simply outplayed the Lakers. No excuses. Even if the game were officiated well, the Lakers still would have lost. But there is no way you can say that this was a well officiated game. The refs let Boston play way more physical than they let LA. LA was getting called for a lot of fouls that were not being called at the other end against Boston. Its hard to play defense (when LA actually did play any) when you don’t know how physical you can be. The Lakers let the refs get in their head though. That should never happen. Then they played like they didn’t know what to do.

    Simply put the Lakers deserved to lose this game. Hopefully they play better in LA.

  92. It’s hard to believe the conspiracy theories of the nba wanting 7 games for the extra advertising money. If they just started games at an hour when people could stay awake for the whole game, they could just charge more for commercials.

    More than the calls, I hated that texts to my Boston friends went unanswered after 11pm EST.

  93. Check out the link in post #459. The Laker total of layups plus dunks was 30. I believe there were three shooting fouls called on the Celtics totaling five free throws (the rest were penalty fouls, and the tech on KG). So, of the 33 layups and dunks the Lakers took, there were three fouls called, meaning that 9.1% of those shots resulted in a foul.

    For the Celtics, they had a total of 18 layups plus dunks. I would estimate that there were a total of 14 shooting fouls called on the Lakers, meaning that of the 32 layups and dunks taken by the Celtics, 14 resulted in a foul (14/32 is approx 44%).

    You’ll see a lot of chatter on the sports shows over the next few days that the Lakers didn’t get the calls because they didn’t go to the hole. That chatter will be greatly misinformed.

    Last night’s game was a travesty. When the officiating is so one-sided, it affects the way both teams play. It forces one team to play more passively, and it encourages the other team to play more aggressively. There were hardly any complaints here about the officiating in Game 1. Normally, this blog has very few complaints about the officiating in Laker losses…but again, last night was a travesty.

  94. Heh, know what would have been great? A nomuscles live blog of last night. “Mamba calling for the ball against Jesus SuperShuttle and… what the?!? Apparantly black and white is the new green and white.”

  95. The Dude Abides June 9, 2008 at 7:24 am

    Can the moderator please post a comment I just made? It may have been an anonymous comment, but it referred specifically to post #459, had several paragraphs, and discussed the foul disparity. Thanks

  96. If I had live blogged last night, I would’ve broken the laptop…

  97. The Dude Abides June 9, 2008 at 7:37 am

    Thanks…the anonymous post #493 was mine.

  98. It’s awfully satisfying from my perspective. I hope a lot more Lakers fans now understand the problem. LA/Utah Game 2: 43 FTA to 16 FTA. LA/San Antonio Game 4. Welcome to the club.

  99. So what makes people think that the Lakers can win 4 out of 5, or 3 in a row at home when they haven’t beaten the Celtics ONCE all year?

  100. laughing hard June 9, 2008 at 8:26 am

    The fact that no one has beaten the Lakers at home this postseason, and that Boston didn’t win a game in Atlanta, or Cleveland, and that the ticky-tack fouls that went against the Lakers in game two will likely go the other way at Staples, or that Rondo played much much worse on the road these playoffs, or that LA did manage to drop 41 on them in a quarter last night… anything else you want?

  101. hey guys, long time reader, first time commenter.

    about last night’s game – i tend to look at it from two angles: (1) it was unbelievable that leon powe got more respect from the refs than kobe did (can’t believe he got whistled for those ticky-tack fouls on ray ray when the celtics are doing that and worse to him every trip down); but also (2) a team that gives up a career playoff high to leon powe didn’t deserve to win the game.

    the true answer i suspect is somewhere in between the two extremes (as a die-hard lakers fan i’d prefer to think of it as closer to perspective 1).

  102. Can’t wait until Thursday when the championship party officially starts in Boston (even though it unofficially started once we beat the Pistons). GO CELTICS!!

  103. I hear you Alex, personally, I am already thinking of a repeat. We need to resign Posey asap.

  104. I love how Spurs fans keep bringing up Game 4 from that series while conveniently forgetting the lopsided, Kobe-shooting-29-times-without-a-FT officiating in that game.

  105. Sadly, the Lakers are finished. The only chance they have is to win 3 in a row at Staples. It can be done I suppose, but the bench just hasnt shown up this series at all and neither has Lamar Odom, I dont know why he played so awesome against Utah and now cant do anything at all. Lakers will win game 3 at home however and I am going to enjoy it as we will get some payback. Now hopefully the announcers, especially Breen will praise the Lakers just as much as they praised the Celtics in Boston. Those announcers were so one sided for Boston. At least TNT announcers like Kenny and Marv call the game right down the middle. I cant wait for revenge. Sadly the lakers will lose either game 4 or 5. I am sorry, but that bench has shown me so confidence at all.

  106. 500 – Lakers haven’t played anyone with a good road record. Denver and Utah were below .500 on the road in the regular season, and San Antonio was 22-19.

  107. 498 – It sure does put a hole in Phil Jackson’s comment that he has never seen this before when in fact it happened (in the Lakers favor) just a few games ago.

  108. otbricki, which game are you specifically talking about?

  109. I texted my vote for player of the game …..Danny Crawford

  110. yo Celtsfan

    just stop posting, dude! you’re giving us C’s fans a bad name. think of something intellegent to say or don’t say anything. good god!

    everyone here should take not that, because of fools like “Celtsfan” many peoples idea of what Celtics fans are like are wrongly colored by a very loud, obnoxious minority.

    The refs favored the Celtics for sure. I think the NBA was terrified that the Lakers would make this a short series.

    That said, can you really claim that the Lakers deserved/earned the right to be winner in either game 1 or 2?

  111. This is how I look at it. The Lakers did beat the Spurs in 5 games which was very impressive, but they probably shouldnt have. The Spurs had a 20 point lead in the third quarter of game 1 and blew it. That shouldnt of happened. If the Spurs win that game it could have changed the whole series around as the Spurs would of stole home court advantage. Also, in game 5 the Spurs were up by 17 in the second quarter and blew it. Honestly, not to discredit the Lakers, but the Spurs I dont think were all that good. Hornets were the better team and should have beatin them. Hornets only lost because of their inexperience. Even the Suns had a chance. The Suns blew that huge game 1 lead, which took their hearts out of the series. The Spurs werent dominant in the regular season as well. As someone just pointed out, they had a poor road record for a defending championship team. So what Im trying to say is, the Spurs werent all that good. The Lakers beat denver and Utah, but those teams had no defense at all, and certainly not anywhere near the caliber as the Celtics.
    The Celtics people underestimated. Yes they barely beat the hawks and cavs…two teams that shouldnt of even been in the playoffs, but they came on stronger against the Pistons. In the regular season the Celtics won 66 games. People can say, well they played in the East, but they only lost like 3 games against the West all year, which is absolutely amazing. Celtics were by far the best team in the regular season, and even though they struggled in the playoffs, they have now started to play like the Celtics of that regular season. This team is really good, and I am a Laker fan saying this.
    The Lakers I feel, especially their bench, has shown too much inexperience and dont seem they are ready to even play in the NBA finals. The Lakers are good enough to come back and win, but they really have to pick it up and play really hard. Defense and offense needs to pick up big time. I do predict the Lakers in game 3.

  112. The NBA is now the new WWF in my opinion! NO CREDIBILITY WHATSOEVER!!!!

  113. anyone have a link to the Phil jackson post game interviews? love to see them.

  114. Turd_boy – you are a pseudo celtics fan – like your name suggests, you are probably a Lakers fan posing as a Celts fan so as to acknowledge that the refereeing was supposedly biased.

    Regardless, if you are a Celts fan, get ready to party on Thursday baby – I’ve already told my boss I’m taking a day off on Friday – gotta celebrate the NBA championship on Thursday night after the inevitable sweep!!

  115. hey Jess and otbricki, are guys gonna show up here if the lakers win game 3? show some class, man up and don’t dissappear if that’s the case, you seem to love being here when it’s going your way.

  116. I thiink all this crap about officiating is going to hurt us. We are going back to Staples Center and we would have gotten the officiating advantage for 3 games. Now with all the outcry among media about the officiating, the officials will probably call the game 3,4,5 even without an explicit advantage to teh Lakers like the Celtics had for game 1,2.

  117. Hey, if the Celtics sweep the Lakers, then they fully deserve the championship, a parade, a day off for Jess… everything.

  118. I honestly think that this was the worst officiating that I have ever seen in my life. At the beginning it looked like the game had been fixed as I watch Ray Allen just look at the ref and throw his arms into the air and the ref called a foul on Kobe. He did it twice within two minutes. Did anyone else notice that?
    Granted the Lakers defense was not sharp at all and the players from the bench are getting rattled by the bad officiating, but come on. The Lakers need to box out though. Boston killed them with rebounds.
    By the way I like KG because he is the only one on the Celtics team that isn’t a big baby about every call. Pierce always looks like he is going to cry when he gets touched.
    Anyway the Lakers need to bounce back and the officiating can’t decide the game!

  119. Check out what the Celticsblog had to say about Bryant –

    “Did you see Mr. Bryant scowling at his teammates when they didn’t get him the ball in the final critical possession? He should have been mad, but his chronic undercutting of the other Lakers is unhealthy. The same guy who demanded a trade in the off-season just does not seem to support his teammates well when the going gets rocky. He’s the antiubuntu.
    All for one, as long as the one is him.”

    Seems like these bandwagon Celtics fans are really yappin’ their mouths. Can’t wait for Kobe to drop 50 tomorrow and show these punks off. And btw, I’m gonna be commenting on the Celtics blog and I encourage you all to do the same.

  120. I don’t know if the refs had their orders or they had their own reasons,just know that 38 to 10 is unfair and unreasonable and impossible.The Lakers shot free throws in the first two series and then shot none in the next two. What changed ? Not the Lakers play

  121. “Regardless, if you are a Celts fan, get ready to party on Thursday baby – I’ve already told my boss I’m taking a day off on Friday – gotta celebrate the NBA championship on Thursday night after the inevitable sweep!!”

    I thought a lot of Laker fans were overconfident before the series, and a lot of Celtic fans are overconfident now. I also said before the series here at FBG that Rivers should play Powe more, so give both of them credit.

    I understand the frustration about the refs, but the Celtics have been the better team so far.

    Also, I have not read the whole thread yet, and this is Kurt’s sight, not mine, but Jess is not really posting in the spirit of what Kurt tries to do here. I think most of us welcome Celts’ fans, but there are plenty of places you can go to do the CELTICZ BAYBEE stuff without bringing it here.

  122. I don’t know why the Lakers didn’t go to Pau more. He had 8 shots in the 1st half, 4 in the 2nd, he was off to a great start. The Lakers need more inside-out play to loosen up the defense.

    Also, the Lakers’ inexperience in their bench is showing. They could have used a PJ Brown type of player.

    Let’s get this comeback started!

  123. A new post will be up soon. The last one was taken down to include more thoughts from the other moderators.

  124. Hey spurs fan can you really seriously complain about game 4? Where every call went the spurs way until the last 20 seconds of the game… Where Kobe shot 29 times and attempted exactly 0 free throws for the first time in a playoff game in four years. Surprisingly the last time was also in San Antonio…

  125. That new post is up…

  126. Also, if you ask me (and most of LA) Paul Pierce is the early front-runner for next year’s Best Actress Oscar.

  127. why was my post deleted? I didn’t make any personal attacks. I just pointed out that Jess doesn’t know me and that I AM a true Celtics fan and that it’s NONSENSE to expect a sweep. I used the ‘B’ word but edited it out myself. I really don’t see the harm. you could have just deleted the word. And here I was lambasting these crazy, rude, overconfident, overzealous Celtics fans for giving the rest of us a bad name and I’M the one who gets his post deleted?

  128. I’m sure we do the same thing over at celticsblog, but it appears as though there is an excuse for everything. The regular season was different because no Pau Gasol. Game 1 was just bad luck with Kobe’s shots. Game 2 was the officiating. At some point there is going to be a rude awakening that it is in fact possible that the Lakers can (and are) being outplayed.

    Also as an aside, I went through the Utah Game 2 thread and did not see one post on the “absurdity” of the FT differential. Just something to think about. I’m not sure the C’s are *this* much better, but I do think they are better and we’ll find out over the next 10 days.

  129. ” I’m not sure the C’s are *this* much better, but I do think they are better and we’ll find out over the next 10 days.”

    I am not a blame-the-refs guy, and your point about the Utah game is well-taken, although it is worth noting that Utah has a long history of playing phyical and leading the league, or nearly so, in fouls, opponent FTs, etc. That said, the Celtics have been the better team so far and Rivers deserves credit for using Powe.

    Also, the Celtics have not proven they are “this much better” than the Lakers. All they have done is hold serve at home, by winning two hard-fought games, one of which was keyed by a 28-FT advantage at the line, with a few questionable calls.

    And yeah, you do have a lot of fanboyism at Celticsblog.

  130. Lakersfan88 – Maybe he is, but he is also the front runner for the Finals MVP trophy for this year, which will be handed out Thursday night. Of course Kobe would have gotten it if he didn’t miss so many “bunnies.”

  131. This must be a FB&G record for comments.

  132. Does anybody else hate the ABC announcers?

    Breen- Kobe with a wide open shot….no good. Wow what great Celtic defense. Paul Pierce with the rebound.

    Marc Jackson- Paul Pierce.. is the greatest Boston Celtic… ever.

    JVG- I dont know about the GREATEST ever Marc, though EXPlOSIVE might be the better word, that he is the most EXPLOSIVE Boston Celtic ever.

    Marc Jackson- Well explosive then. Its the same thing.

    JVG- Actually its not. EXPLOSIVE and GREATEST, are two COMPLETELY different meanings. Saying Paul Pierce is the GREATEST Celtic of all time is like saying Scottie Pippen is the GREATEST Bull of all time.

    Breen- Hahaha, you tell just great funny jokes Jeff. Pierce for three!!……BANG!!!

    Marc Jackson- Thats why hes the most explosive player ever.

    JVG- NOW you have it RIGHT.

  133. 528. Again, that win at the Staples center counts! Bynum gives the Celtics a MUCH tougher matchup than Gasol regardless of how much crisper the offense was running. I wonder if Laker-nation would trade “soft” Gasol for Bynum at this point.

  134. “I wonder if Laker-nation would trade “soft” Gasol for Bynum at this point.”

    As I said on the other thread: always pleasant having Celtics fans around.

  135. Don’t blame he Celts fans robinred when the Celts are vastly superior to the Lakers….

  136. “Don’t blame (the) Celts fans robinred when the Celts are vastly superior to the Lakers….”

    This has yet to be proven, but even if it is the case, you can feel free to go express that kind of simplistic, biased opinion at C’s blog.

    This may just be a bad matchup for the Lakers–sometimes fans tend to think that a couple of tweaks can make more difference than they really can.

    We shall see. I will be intereste to see what they do with Rondo in Game 3.

  137. Just hoping to be the last commenter on this ridiculously 500+ post!

    Go Lakers!