Forum Blue & Gold T-shirts

Kurt —  October 21, 2008

Here it, the official Forum Blue & Gold T-shirt. It’s perfect for wearing to Staples Center, to the local bar, to your living room — wherever you watch games. (Or, if your a Trailblazers fan, it’s a perfect rag for washing your car.)

Long-time reader and friend of the site Steve (Gatinho’s brother) did the design and came up with the brilliant idea of using the old Forum itself as the main image. (Click on the image above to see a larger version.)

There are four versions of the shirt, the front is the same in each case but there are three different phrases on the back, each one a modified Chickism:

#1: FB&G: Dribble drivin’ through the blogosphere
#2: FB&G: It’s a 20-foot layup
#3: FB&G: Yo-yoing up and down on the Web since 2004
#4: Back blank.

The shirts are available through (they handle collecting the money and shipping), the good news about that is that you can modify your shirt — put it on gray instead of white, chose a woman’s cut shirt, put it on a long-sleeve shirt, whatever you think works.

So follow the link to order your shirt, then wear it in good health. Maybe even to a parade this June.



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  1. the other Stephen October 21, 2008 at 7:57 am

    omg. it’s so beautiful that i could cry.

  2. goodonya kurt

  3. Nice, I might order the “Yo-Yoing” or “Dribble Drive” version, can’t decide.

  4. Awesome! Totally Awesome!

  5. 2 ordered to Sweden!

  6. I want to get shirt number 2 so that I can have the confidence to point to myself with assurance.

    Truehoop has some good articles linked today. One about an analysis of Kobe’s shot volume, and an absolute epic from Free Darko where he “previews” every game in the nba regular season. If he doesn’t win a pulitzer for this, the award will be permanently devalued.

  7. Very nice. I’m going to make my first kid in that shirt.

  8. what an homage to chick. he’s the greatest commentator in the history of sports. we were very lucky to have him.

  9. May I suggest for those ordering, try the gold background… It looks awesome! #2 ftw!

  10. Kurt, I love the shirts although I would have preferred one w/o any Chickism’s or just a regular Chickism’s w/o any reference to the WWW (old school). Anyway, I am ordering a couple.

  11. Someone needs to send Marge a T-Shirt.

  12. I see the game tonight is not on league pass. What’s the online link again?

  13. Nice tee Kurt. It came out better than I expected.

  14. Why didn’t you use the ultimate Chickism?

    The Slaaaaaaaaam DUNK!

    My roommates and I were always partial to Chick mentioning Robert Horry does something with “that long arm of his”. So for those years, we kept talking about how Horry must just have this one arm that’s 3 times as long as his other arm.

  15. There was a list of like 15 things for the back of the shirt, but it got narrowed down just because that many seemed a little much. Just tried to go with things that struck my fancy.

    10. If you guys want, I’ll put one up that doesn’t have anything on the back. I can get to that tonight.

    Thanks to all of you, it’s all of you in the community that makes this site special, and for that matter makes the shirt an item worth having.

  16. 15. a simple shirt with nothing on the back would be nice too.

    let’s see if I can convince myself to pay overseas shipping and handling 😉

  17. Woot, thanks Kurt! I hope that you’re making a little scratch on this, too…

  18. Very classy Kurt.

    Can’t wait for the site updates and big announcement.


  19. Lakers pregame and game link

  20. Okay, the fourth T-shirt, with a blank back, is now available. It’s #4.

  21. Damn, I got to busy at work and didn’t put up a game thread. Which sucks because the headline was going to be “Stay Classy San Diego”

  22. any other links for the game?

  23. go to other channels and its the top one

  24. dang….none of the links are working for me 2nite :(

  25. Damn, Bynum tried to get paid in the preseason…

    After the third quarter:
    4-7FG 12pt 7reb 5ast 2stl 3bl no fouls(!) 1TO…

    in 22 mins, no less.

    It’s good to see you again, Andrew.

  26. Wow Kurt, this t-shirt design is great and they can be customized to our liking. Good job, I’ll be sure to wear mine to the parade in June…
    –Patience is a virtue–

    I hope Kobe will be fine without any problems to the knee from tonight.

  27. I left my dinner half way when I saw the play of Kobe going down…I dont think I’ll be sleeping tonite either :-(

  28. FBG: Where the jello’s always jiggling.

  29. Haha, I like that Reed. You have to have one that pays tribute to the most famous of famous chickisms…

  30. Yeah, I really like Reeds! Reed should be writing copy for an ad agency.

  31. hope that injury is nothing too severe… even if it’s not, i’d like to see him rest a bit and work Sasha back in…

  32. 32. Same here. It didn’t really look that bad though, but I’m guessing they just didn’t send him back in the second half just to make sure.

  33. if you saw the injury, you might have also seen kobe look to the bench and give a signal that he’s coming out…now. I think his first impression, the way the knee bent backwards, that it was pretty serious. it might still turn out to be.
    maybe there is a silver lining, if it means 2 months rest to really heal it, that gives PJ even more options to play with working in the other guys, and Kb could use some time off IMO.

    one thing I noticed, this team is so deep, we never hear of anyone getting into foul trouble, or if so, it’s a non factor.

  34. Hi all,

    I just came back again. I had to find out from my Mom (watching kcal in LA) that Kobe was injured. I was curious why Ariza started the second half and Kobe never came back. I saw him later with jeans and a sweater and thought, he doesn’t look injured. I seriously have the worst luck with the Lakers. I attended the Sactown game at staples and they lost. Then I bet the Lakers to win the championshp with my boss and they lose. I attend the preseason game today and Kobe gets injured….I hate myself right now.

    Some notes on the game:

    The second quarter was really ugly to watch. How many bad passes can you make? I was really surprise at several moments in the second and find our team losing only single digits. I guess that’s why they were the Bobcats.

    Remember Farmar missing the tech FT in the first half. During halftime, he was only practicing his FT after coming out the tunnel. He even got two practice shoots in moments before Matt Carroll had to shoot the tech to start the second half. That’s the attitude I like from Farmar. He went on to make all his FTs in the second half.

    Wallace was like kangaroo out there. He was just hoping all over the baseline. A few nice throwdowns to wow the crowd.

    DJ Augustine looks pretty good out there.

    Farmar is a straight out STUD on the floor. He looks so confident on the floor. Every play, you can see he wants it. Even with d-leaguers on the floor, he is able to take over and win the game. I was screaming when he ripped the ball from the double team and got the and 1. That was the turning point of the game.

    Morrison looks like Zorro.

    Bynum still looks a little out of it. I don’t know if it’s he’s timing, but he doesn’t look as comfortable as he can be. I hope he gets his groove back.

    I’m trying to root for a fellow Chinese guy, but Sun Yue looked terrible. Maybe in a couple of years? The crowd wanted him so bad to make at least ONE FT from that one three pointer foul. It was pretty sad.

    Kobe better not be hurt that badly. I just drafted him for fantasy.

  35. Sorry for the double post , but I meant “I just came back from the game” in the first sentence.

  36. New Post up, re: knee injury

  37. Kurt, I haven’t been around too much but is there a way I could get one? Shipping is a little problem but I’ll be willing to sort it out – coz I’m a proud member of FBG.

  38. Warren, email me and we’ll figure something out.

  39. If anyone would like to trade Old or Current Laker games please contact me i can transfer them from tape to DVD if need be is my email or call me at (310)633-4653) i have Laker games in their entirety and original broadcast CBS,KCAL,KHJ,NBC,PRIME TICKET,PRIME SPORTS, dating back to 1982