Preview & Chat: The Minnesota Timberwolves

Kurt —  March 6, 2009

NBA: NOV 09 Rockets at Lakers

Records: Lakers 49-12 (1st in the West) T-Wolves 18-42 (11th in the West)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 113.9 (1st in league) T-Wolves 106.2 (23rd in league)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 105.4 (6th in league) T-Wolves 111.2 (26th in league)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Luke Walton, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol
T-Wolves Randy Foye, Sebasian Telfair (game time decision), Ryan Gomes, Mike Miller, Kevin Love

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This will be filled with random observations about the Lakers, the NBA, Top Chef, Sasha’s hair and what Bill Simmons thinks about it, why Bill Simmons thinks so much about it, LOST, what was the best Van Halen album and whatever else pops into my mind (or a few of the other regulars around here). Obviously, this is tweeting not serious analysis, so we are going to have some fun.

Let me know who you are and we’ll follow you, too. This is one big happy family. (Well, except after a loss we are not that happy.)

New FB&G Shirt, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day: We all remember the idiocy of the NBA or Adidas or whoever came up with the Lakers St. Patrick’s Day shirt. Well, The 81 Witness had a good counter to that, hence the new FB&G shirt:

Real Men Don’t Wear Green

The front has the logo of the site and the forum, the back has just those words. If nothing else, I expect Sasha to buy one.

Sun Now Rises For D-Fenders: The Lakers announced today that Sun Yue is headed down to the D-Fenders for a while. For him, this is probably a bit of an ego hit, but if he can get past that it is a good thing. The way he is going to get better is to get some run. From here on out, with the team trying to get into playoff mode, there is not going to be a lot of run for the guys at the end of the bench.

Better to let him go play (in the triangle, that’s why Jerry Buss bought the team) than to sit there staring at the Laker Girls. Yea, he’s going to miss that, too. But he needs to play.

The T-Wolves Coming In: They may be the worst team in the NBA of late, having won just one of their last nine games. They got just destroyed by Golden State a few nights ago.

Mike Miller had not shooting enough (4 fewer shots per game than last year) and he for the season is off from three (down to 36.5% from 43% last season). But in the last 10 games, he is back to being the Miller that kills the Lakers, shooting, 46% from three. Maybe it is because they have a good interior passer like Kevin Love down low who can get him the ball inside out (as he tends to prefer his catch and shoots). Jefferson never really did that well.

Maybe the best player of late has been Randy Foye (and he has a twitter account. Just sayin). He’s averaging 21 a game in the last 10, and if he is putting up a three the Lakers need to close out fast as he is shooting 41.7% from deep in the last 10.

Keys To The Game: Remember the last game a couple weeks ago — the Lakers were in control but never pulled away. The bench kept giving leads back. The Lakers picked up one of their ugly wins. That’s what happens if you don’t respect a team (and you have the talent of the Lakers, often other teams just lose those games). The Lakers need to come out tonight with the intent of going all Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Basically in that game the Lakers let Foye and anyone else that wanted to right into the middle of the paint. The Lakers defense not is based on protecting the paint, but nobody was doing that. The result was not only easy baskets but also kick-outs for open corner threes. The Wolves did almost all that damage off the pick-and-roll, tonight the Lakers need to defend that better, have bigs show out a little and take away the drives and the paint. (This is where we really miss Bynum.)

Get out and run, particularly the second unit, the Lakers should get a few easy buckets tonight.

Where you can watch: 7:30 on Fox Sports out here. We all may miss the start of this to watch the end of Celtics/Cavs anyway.