Chick Hearn Raps

Kurt —  April 29, 2009 — 82 Comments

Looks like we have a little time on our hands — the NBA has announced that whatever happens in the Portland/Houston series, the second round starts Monday in Los Angeles. Only Andrew Bynum’s knee and Luke Walton’s ankle are happy about that decision.

Rather than pick apart flaws, I figure we can relax for a little bit and talk about other games in this thread. For something else to do, here is Chick Hearn rapping (with iffy audio, sorry about that).



82 responses to Chick Hearn Raps

  1. Kurt, where do you find this stuff? Ha ha ha, that was cool, very old style rap…reminds me of the Electric Boogaloo.

    Now, I’m interested to know why a flagrant foul wasn’t called on Rondo against Brad Miller. There’s was no chance in hell Rondo was going to block Miller, instead getting him around the head. No doubt that was Rondo’s intention, yet he gets away with it.

    And yes, being pro-Lakers I’d like to see nothing more than the Celts going down to the Bulls, but it seems like (I can only read about it and watch hightlights!) it is a very interesting series….

    Do the NBA have their hands on the controls again (sans 2007 West Finals with the Suns suspensions)???

  2. Coffee is For Closers April 29, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Umm, can Trevor Ariza have his one game suspension money back now?

    At least Trevor went after the ball on the Fernandez play…

    So can we assume for the rest of the playoffs, that anything less severe than the Rondo play will not be called an flagrant???

  3. Wow, I cant believe the NBA didn’t even give Rondo a flagrant 1 for that play. He definitely was NOT playing the ball, he never got closer than a yard away from the ball. No contact with the ball, hand, or arm; straight to the face. He even had to fully extend himself just to get Millers head. Also, look at Rondos reaction towards the ref right after, trying to say that he made contact with Millers hand/arm. He knew what he was doing.

    Check the angle from the baseline (HD):

    If the situation was reversed and Miller hit Rondo, is there any doubt that Miller would be riding the pine next game??

  4. 3. David Thorpe said in his chat today that if Noah or Thomas had done the same thing in reverse, they would have gotten the flagrant. I agree.

  5. Maybe Noah, Thomas, or Miller will do the same with a Celtic in game 6…

  6. 5) this is exactly the problem with the league not protecting players like miller in that instance. what are the chances that chicago, say, at the brink of losing a game 6 or game 7, does not take revenge on rondo in the closing minutes?

    I can understand the refs blowing a split second call. But the league is doing itself a great disservice by not correcting their mistake.

  7. Coffee is For Closers April 29, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    Unfortunately, I think the league backs itself into a corner with these things. If they, after-the-fact, term it a flagrant 1, they are admitting their officials got it wrong and influenced the outcome of the game. With the Donaghy scandal so fresh, this is probably the last thing you can expect them to do. Ultimately though, because of the inconsistencies in how it deals with these kinds of issues, it hurts their credibility as a whole.

  8. Andrew Bynum’s knee and Luke Walton’s ankle…and me. I have to work this weekend and it probably would’ve been an afternoon game so ABC could show it. Thanks for the info.

  9. Watching it in real time, I didn’t even realize he got hit hit until they zoomed into his face and showed him bleeding from the mouth. Miller should’ve fallen on the floor, curled up into a ball, and held his face for five minutes while rolling around in agony. Obviously, the more dramatic the reaction, the more guaranteed (and severe) the flagrant call, right? Because the NBA has shown that flagrant foul calls obviously have nothing to do w/ intent.

  10. Could Miller have asked another player to take his shot?

  11. The NBA has been watching too many T-Mobile ads. It’s now kosher to (b)eat the head. Am I the only one that thinks this will set the precedent of more hard fouls to the head in future games. The league just opened Pandora’s box.

  12. Manny,
    For a regular foul, if he got subbed out for foul shots, he’d be out for the game and Rivers would choose the shooter. If it’s a flagrant, he still can’t come back for the rest of the game but VDN chooses the shooter (Gordon probably).

  13. My problem with the whole situation is that now this sets a bad precedent for the rest of the playoffs – as TrueHoop brought up, are head shots now ok? Or, as Simmons seems to think, are head shots now ok in the last 15 seconds of a game? Future offenders will be able to point to this incident as evidence that what they did was ok, when it’s clearly not, and the NBA will have a very hard time telling them it’s not.

  14. I have long given up trying to figure out the reasoning behind NBA officiating – both on the court and in the league office.

  15. another point about the Rondo (non) call.
    if it was ruled a flagrant, that would have meant 2 shots and the ball back, which would have dramatically affected the outcome. (Miller wouldn’t have had to intentionally miss the second shot)
    so, how could the league rule it a flagrant without then having to reset-up the end of the game?
    very complicated.
    for me, I was wondering why the refs could review that play…is that allowed? it was end of the game, and they were reviewing many things at that time, (like Gordon’s 3 free throws, then they started looking to see if he stepped out of bounds).
    anyway, yeah, I agree, it’s going to get a lot rougher from here on out I suspect. (start wearing helmets)

  16. could the officials have looked at that play on replay? they had plenty of time while the Bulls tried to stop Miller’s bleeding.

    the league should have acknowledged that it was a flagrant and the refs missed the call, as the refs are bound to do from time to time. the fans just have to live with that. but doing nothing just sets a bad precedent and will now tie their hands in the future. it’s PR 101 and they’re blowing it. dumb and dumber.

  17. I just wanted to pop in and give my input on the Dwight Howard suspension real quick. I think that it’s probably the right call and that Howard deserved to be suspended. It was unquestionably dangerous as well as dirty.

    This being said, I actually think that Magic fans should be happy that they’re seeing a little of this out of Howard. Don’t get me wrong, you NEVER want to see an NBA guy trying to intentionally hurt another player, but it’s not the worst thing in the world for be Howard to be letting his inner dog out. The Sixers have just been out-scrapping the Magic, and Howard is the kind of guy that I’ve always though of being nice to a fault. Him getting a little pissed and kind of rough and tumble might be a good look for the Magic over the future of the playoffs. Jerry Sloan was talking about the need of the Jazz to “get mean” in their series against the Lakers, right? Well, I think that Howard needs to get mean. If he’s not gonna play tough and mean than I don’t see the Magic continuing to advance, nor do I see them beating the Cavs. As of right now, the worst case scenario is that a likely fired-up Howard comes back for game seven against the Sixers in Orlando. A fired-up and aggressive Howard is not something the rest of the eastern conference wants to see.


    Red Hot Chili Peppers singing some “Magic Johnson”

  19. Bill Simmons does it again. The refs in Atlanta just completely caved under the pressure of the crowd and gave a flagrant foul to Wade. Just terrible.

  20. The irony of the Rondo foul is that Perkins just two days ago said that “the refs don’t like the Celtics.” So I guess this means that maybe the refs just don’t like Perkins?

    I also agree with the overall sentiment: this is setting up a bad precedent for the playoffs – if not for the series. I expect that the Bulls will be given the same “no layups” instructions Doc Rivers gave his crew, so I expect a very strong (and quite obvious flagrant) fould in Rondo’s future. Why? Well, unlike Bynum and Ariza, Rondo never apologized to the “victim”. In fact, Rondo practically admitted that he hit him on purpose – and Rivers backed him up on it. I hope these Celts don’t believe in Karma….

  21. What a BS flagrant on Wade. These refs are spineless.

  22. Nick the Great, +1 on the comment. Although, the refs should’ve tossed him during the game. That’s supposed to be their job, not Stu Jackson. I really dislike this watching the tape after the game and giving out punishment stuff, but at least in this case, better late than never.

    About Howard, this may foster more much needed “toughness” from him, but I can’t dismiss how it went down. He was frustrated because Dalembert was pushing him off the spot on a rebound. Does he think nobody should be touching him in a playoff series? I LOVE physical play in the playoffs, but that was a dangerous, punk move.

  23. That flagrant foul call on Wade was BS. He went for the ball and happened to hit the back of his head (lightly) with the lower part of this arm as his body hit Evans. How is that a flagrant and not Rondo’s foul? I know that they were probably on edge because of the shoving/stare down match just a minute earlier but it was still a crappy call.

  24. Dont’ be surprised if the refs now go the other way on flagrants!

    As I see it, Rondo should’ve been called and didn’t. The league isn’t going to call it now or otherwise it opens a whole bigger can of legal worms, ie. playing the last 2 seconds again with Bulls having possession after the free throws.

    With them missing the Howard one during the game as well, don’t be surprised if they’ve been given a directive to call flagrants really tight now….(coming from all the Wade comments)

  25. it was a dangerous move, but I think Dalembert really initiated it and I am almost willing to say he earned it. It was, from what I recall, a clear shove that had nothing to do with the play.

  26. Just in case anyone wanted to know how much of a joke Tim Legler is:


  27. If a player threw a punch every time someone shoved or pushed in the NBA, it would look like a boxing match. A shove deserves a shove in return, not an elbow to the jaw. Howard’s a punk. He wouldn’t do that to Shaq.

  28. Miller just did a horrible job at selling the foul, barely going down on his knees. He should have done the Kobe arm flail and then hit the ground as hard as he could, and then rolled around holding his head in agony.

    The refs can say whatever they want but we all know that how bad it looks plays a huge part in whether or not the referees call a flagrant.

  29. Simmons has really taken the idiocy to another level. He has a problem with Bill Kennedy and other refs having family in Chicago and reffing Bulls game. Sweetie, refs can’t be robots cranked out of automated machines with no thoughts, emotions, backgrounds, or families.

    He also wants a battle royale tournament before the playoffs to determine the last 2 playoff teams. Who wants to bet that “Bill Simmons” is really a group of PMS-ing adolescent daughters of the ESPN editors?

  30. True, you don’t retaliate with an elbow to a shove. And doubly true, I don’t think anyone would throw an elbow at Shaq. He’d sit on you.

    Anyway, I’m just glad this is all happening on the other coast, and hoping that it stays there.

  31. The refs should call flagrants tight … as tight as necessary to stamp this stuff out NOW. If the refs are too old, slow and/or stupid to do it, then the league office needs to step up. I trust every Laker fan knows what happened in 1977 …

  32. Is it wrong that I kind of feel for the Denver fans and want to see them win this tonight?

  33. Some Guy in San Diego April 29, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    Don’t know if everyone knows this already.. the Chick Hearn Rap was known as “Wraparound” and played on Dr. Demento back in the 80’s… Ahhh.. memories.

  34. Simmons is a tool. I read him to laugh at him rather than with him.

    I am rooting for Denver because they’ve played well and they deserve to win.

  35. I propose we call Chris Paul “cp58” from now on.

  36. Kurt –

    Very wrong.

    Rooting for the Nuggets is like rooting for the 2004 Pistons.

    No way will I ever root for the Nuggets.

    I don’t like how cocky their players are. I know they’re “dominating” the Hornets and they might actually advance out of the first round for the first time, but really, their antics on court is disgusting. Especially JR Smith’s and Chris Andersen’s.

  37. As tight as necessary? Oh, me thinks you may be going a little too far, R. I likes my physical play. I don’t think them getting flagrant happy would help anything. Just don’t let dudes elbow people in the face.

    I love Simmons’ stuff. He’s wrong sometimes, he’s right sometimes. His unprovoked jabs at Kobe annoy me greatly. His proposed changes for the playoffs are utter foolishness. His justification for the Rondo play is pure homerism. He’s absolutely correct about the officiating. And Joey Crawford should have never reffed a Spurs game again after that thing with Duncan.

  38. Double

    That was cold, goat. Can you still be the best PG in the L after getting blasted by 58…at home…in the playoffs?

  39. I want all other playoff series other than those involved with the Lakers to go 7 games, our’s need to end as quick as possible with a Laker win of course.

  40. “disgusting” i think is a bit harsh – I have no problem with their preening, especially if it fires up the crowd. Just like Lamar flexing after his dunks or slapping fives with the courtside fans – do you think he’s disgusting too?

  41. Ugh, the no suspension on Rondo makes me sick. Granted, you have to wonder why Tyrus Thomas wasn’t on the floor to make that play. He would have flushed the dunk, taken the contact, and made the free throw afterwards, all done by jumping from the free throw line.

    On another note, have people watched Nick Calathes (point guard for Florida)? Thorpe talked about him briefly in his chat, and from the scouting reports and clips I’ve seen, he’s a fantastic passer and shooter. The Nash comparison Thorpe makes is a bit too much, but he sounds a lot like a guard we would like, especially because he’s 6′ 5” and Phil likes big guards. Be interesting to see if he’s available at #29.

  42. I miss Chick.

  43. sorry for the double post.

    I just want to know why Paul largely gets a free pass from the media for his role in the 58 point fiasco when Kobe gets lambasted for “quitting” on the team for game 7 of the 2006 Phoenix series. In this instance, people explain it away by saying “the Hornets just aren’t that good” or “they’re too injured” – why isn’t it because he only took 7 shots? Or dribbled needlessly into double and triple teams in the paint when he’s got a perfectly serviceable midrange game? Yet when Kobe tries to get his crappy teammates involved he gets labeled a quitter.

    Maybe it’s because Kobe doesn’t look like he’s 12 years old?

  44. j. d. hastings April 29, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    I never thought I’d see the day so many Laker fans would come to the defense of Brad Miller. Not that I don’t understand, I’m just sayin…

    26- those are great videos to put together. John Stewart would be proud

  45. this is about the 4th or 5th time i’ve seen CP get in the paint and then kick it outside, rather than take it to Denver’s interior defenders. What happened to the teardrop?

  46. clutch – You really think Simmons was right about the Kennedy part? Really? You think either refs shouldn’t be allowed to ref teams from cities where they have families? Or they should give their families the cold shoulder, after the game is over and their job is done? Come on bro, I just don’t see any logic or common sense in that.

    Kurt – why would you feel for the Denver fans? Because they haven’t gotten out of the first round?

    Who do people have in Denver against Dallas? I’m going with the Nugs, although the Mavs have played great lately.

  47. @Kurt
    Birdman is just so much fun to watch. Go ahead and root for Denver and feel great about it. I hope they win five more games and then get swept by the Lakers.

  48. “I like turtles” April 29, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    How much Aqua Net does Birdman use everyday?

  49. @47
    Like a bottle and half.

  50. I miss Chick, he was absolutely fantastic.

    Simmons is funny – if read purely for entertainment value, his stuff is great. Obviously, he has no place in any kind of serious professional discussion, but his observations and articles are excellent.

    41 – We don’t have draft picks this year, I think?

  51. j. d. hastings April 29, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    In James Posey’s case, is it okay to underestimate the heart of a champion?

  52. Snoopy,
    Not to speak for clutch, but I think Simmons’ beef was not necessarily with the refs working a game in their hometown or that they met family after, it’s that they were reportedly wearing Bulls apparel when they met their family after working a Bulls game in Chicago (which was their hometown). Not that I agree with Simmons, but I can at least see the argument. My counterpoint to that is: just because Simmons can’t contain his fandom for his team(s) in his job doesn’t mean that others are the same way. I mean, is wearing certain gear after the game always going to equate to calling a game a certain way? Are people unable to work their jobs and contain their bias? Does wearing certain gear even equate to bias? I think Simmons’ arguments are based on the perception of impropriety rather than actual wrongdoing. He has a point in that the league has an image issue when it comes to the fans’ world view of their officials, but doesn’t that make those fans biased too? I mean, if I already don’t like the performance of a certain group (like say, how we fans may have a dislike of a player on our team) doesn’t it make all our views on those individuals slanted, even to the point that we only see the bad or find ways to play up any negative in their performance? Anyways, I’m rambling….I guess my point is everyone carries bias around, but I think those that can’t remove theirs have issues believing that others can do the same. And all that bias infects the perception of what is actually happening.

  53. Igor,

    We don’t have a draft pick next year. We traded our 2008 and 2010 draft picks for Gasol.

  54. @50
    We have a first round pick and two second round picks

  55. And sorry for the double post, but I really miss Chick Hearn. The other day in Dwyer’s BTB on the Laker’s closeout win, he talked about Hot Rod Hundley’s retirement from broadcasting. KD talked about buying league pass when he couldn’t even afford regular cable and how watching Jazz games was such a great experience because of Hundley. How Hundley, like Chick was one of the last announcers to do a simultaneous radio/tv broadcast and how that type of call was the best to listen to. As Lakers fans, we were so blessed to have Chick for all those years calling the games in the manner that he did.

  56. we have 3 draft picks this year, i think. in addition to the 1st and 2nd rounders, there’s an additional 2nd rounder from the kareem rush deal.

  57. Didn’t Denver go far into the postseason the year Camelo was first drafted? I thought he went further that year than LeBron, and thus had the ‘edge’ over LeBron.

    Anyway, as much as I don’t like Denver, they don’t annoy me as much as CP3. Just something about him that gets me annoyed regardless of the skill he displays.

    As for him not getting flak compared to Kobe, well, CP3 is good, but not that good. You really have to be one of the best to draw the ire of casual fans.

  58. This Denver New Orleans matchup has been awfully hard to watch. The hornets are so depleted, Posey has lost 3 steps, Stojakovic a shell of what he was, and CP3 just completely taking himself out of games. I wish he would stop trying to be a point guard and realize he needs to score 35 a game for them to have a chance. They are opting for Posey to post up Martin as their primary offense rather than running any sets. Byron Scott’s gameplan is to leave Peja on an island on Carmelo? Really?

    I hate Dahntay Jones and his smug little smile. And the rest of the nuggets with their swag. I don’t think they are as good as they seem, only that their confidence against the depleted Hornets, along with Byron Scott’s atrocious gameplan, gets them ridiculous makes. They are riding high right now. I look forward to us turning those smiles upside down. It won’t take more than 5 games.

  59. “I like turtles” April 29, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    for you ‘older’ Laker fans, the following clip will bring back some memories of the Showtime era and the intro music from the Channel 9 telecasts.

  60. Dallas should be a much tougher matchup than New Orleans. Martin will have a tougher time checking Dirk, Kidd actually has a point guard matchup that works for him against Billups, and Howard can probably defend Melo a whole lot better than Peja. Granted, Denver is the better team, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go either way given how well Dallas is playing. Both of these teams were given an injury-wracked team in the opening round, and we’ll see more of what they can really do in this series.

  61. Wow…Artest’s interview with Craig Sager…

    He calls Roy the best shooting guard he’s ever faced (even after Craig asks him about Kobe, Wade, and LeBron), calls the best player he’s ever faced some guy from Queens that’s now in prison, and calls Barkley overrated. TNT then compares Barkley’s stats in Houston against Artest’s stats this year…which isn’t a good comparison because Barkley’s best years definitely weren’t with Houston. And then Artest claims that Jordan wishes he could have faced him when he was in his prime.

    Well, Ron-Ron, I love your defense, but you sir are a nutjob. Good lord.

  62. o man…charles barkley is freakin hilarious..that skit about ron artest wow

  63. True or not, I like people who call Barkley overrated.

    I used to like Reggie, but I’d like Artest more if he calls Reggie overrated too.

  64. He’p me Rondo
    (with apologies to the Beach Boys)


    He was headed for the basket and we knew it was gonna to be bad

    If it’s OT #2 the Leps would become pretty sad

    Well, Rondo caught KG’s eye
    and he knew the reason why

    “You gotta he’p me Rondo, Yeh-stop that ****** named Brad”


    he’p me Rondo, he’p he’p me Rondo

    he’p me Rondo, he’p he’p me Rondo

    dirty dirty foul
    he’p me Rondo, he’p he’p me Rondo

    he’p me Rondo, he’p he’p me Rondo

    he’p me Rondo, he’p he’p me Rondo

    right across the face
    he’p me Rondo, he’p he’p me Rondo

    he’p me Rondo, he’p he’p me Rondo

    he’p me Rondo, he’p he’p me Rondo

    he’p me Rondo, Yeh -stop that ****** named “Brad.”


    He knew it was flagrant, but he’d say he went after the ball

    It was on Boston’s home court and the ref’s wouldn’t dare make the call

    Rondo felt a bit out of place
    but not too much to go for his face

    Had to do it for KG-stop that ****** named Brad


  65. That was ingenious indeed drrayeye , this blog never ceases to amaze me.

  66. 46 – Snoopy, my whole point was Simmons can be dead on or COMPLETELY wrong in his articles/podcast. I actually had no opinion about the Kennedy thing. It sounded like he was reaching far with that one, so I just disregarded it. The Joey Crawford & Duncan incident, I remembered well and he’s always been right about that one.

    “Well, Ron-Ron, I love your defense, but you sir are a nutjob. Good lord.”

    I can’t sum it up any better. Nutjob. That was easily the funniest thing I’ve seen on Inside in months. I may have been very wrong about the Artest for LO deal…

  67. Another nice video to bring back memories:

    Speaking of memories, found this in the related links:

    I miss Ronny, he’s just a great guy.

  68. Oh and on the Kennedy thing Simmons is wrong. He’s not from Chicago, he’s from Phoenix. Born, raised and went to ASU. The Kennedy is from Chicago thing is an unsourced rumor started by a Celtics employee passed to the Herald and Globe where they were accepted without fact checking.

    My issue with Simmons is that he says things that are factually untrue. Like in the last piece he says the 89-90 Bulls quit on Collins. The 88-89 Bulls played their buts of for Collins while the 89-90 Bulls were coached by Phil Jackson.

  69. Linton Johnson ( ) has 6 fouls to give for the Bulls tonight. Every one of them should be clean, hard, and on Rondo. Everyone one of them should require Rondo to pick himself up off of the hardwood, or step back out of the first row wiping soda and nacho cheese from his uniform.

    Anything less, and the Bulls can forget commanding any sort of respect from other teams in the league.

    Rondo opened up the door for that sort of playing, and if he is not shown the error of his ways, then the Bulls are going to see a lot more of it in coming seasons.

    You must send the message.

    Let’s hope Vinnie knows this, and gets it done.

    Be nice to see the line in the box score:

    L Johnson = 3 minutes. Fouled Out. Coach’s Decision.

  70. I just watched Rondo hit Brad Miller in the face with a “regular foul” while clearly not making a play on the ball. The NBA got this one wrong.
    Is that all the officials got wrong, though? On the replay, Kendrick Perkins clearly hits the net with his arm as he attempts to block the shot. I’m no expert on NBA rules, but when I played high school ball (way way back before we had a three-point line), my coach taught us that this was basket interference (a.k.a. goaltending). Does anyone know if this is the case?

  71. Darius,
    Good points, I think we read the article differently. The way I read it, the officials greeted family members who were wearing Bulls jerseys, and the officials weren’t wearing Bulls gear themselves. I didn’t read the Boston Herald link, that’s why I was so taken aback by his lack of logic. If the refs themselves were wearing Bulls gear, I still think Simmons was wrong, but his point is a lot more logical. I thought he was criticizing the refs for greeting family members who happened to be wearing Bulls gear, and I nearly choked on my purple and gold Kool Aid when I read that. Makes more sense now.

  72. I heard that our first game in round 2 is going to be Monday night.
    does anyone know where we can see the round 2 playoff schedule?
    I have to be out of town may 11 to 15 so I want to know how many games I can see, and how many I have to scramble to see when traveling.

  73. 72. The full schedule has not been announced, just the date of the first game. If I were a betting man, game two Wednesday (maybe Thursday) then on the road in wherever Saturday Tuesday. But that’s a guess.

  74. Please see this:

    I made a screen shot at the youtube vid and you the refs (with replay) should have done better. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

  75. Darius,

    I read the Herald article the same way as Snoopy. Their family members were wearing Bulls gear, not Kennedy and/or Crawford. It was as they were leaving the United Center, so I doubt they would quickly change to Bulls gear as they left the arena. The problem is that it was a poorly written sentence and was therefore unclear on who was decked out in Bulls gear.

  76. For any Laker fans living in Texas who want to get tickets for the first 2 Houston games (assuming they win – I know it’s a big assumption), they are expected to begin selling tickets later this evening after the game for season ticket holders and then make general seating available sometime during the evening. You can’t get tickets through Ticketmaster – only through the Toyota Center.

  77. the other Stephen April 30, 2009 at 11:28 am


    “Ron Artest was interviewed by TNT’s Craig Sager at Houston’s Wednesday practice and spoke to how good Brandon Roy is on the offensive end.

    ‘Roy is probably the best player I’ve played against,’ said Artest. ‘He’s the best shooting guard, not on defense now, defense is kind of suspect, but he’s the best player I’ve played against.’

    Artest was then asked if he thinks Roy is better than LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

    ‘He’s the best player I’ve played against,’ said Artest.”

    who is this roy kid? i think we should try to avoid playing him…


    San Antonio may go after Rasheed Wallace this off-season. Brilliant! Who better to back up a dangerously-close-to-over-the-hill power forward than a power forward who lept well over the crest of the hill last year. San Antonio’s problem is that they aren’t old enough!

  79. 77 – other Stephen:

    Yeah, I saw that too, on Yahoo – way to give Kobe more fuel, haha…

  80. Rajon got away with murder.

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