Lakers/Rockets Game 1 Chat

Kurt —  May 4, 2009

NBA: NOV 09 Rockets at Lakers
Time to stop talking and start playing.

But, if you can’t get enough talking, I have a few thoughts up over at Dime Magazine (as do the guys from Dream Shake) about why the Lakers will win this series. Consider it the last two posts condensed down to 250 words.

Also, Bill Bridges asked and answered his own question in the comments about why Bynum is back in the starting lineup.

Why is Bynum going to start when the Gasol is so effective against Yao?

If you put yourself into Phil’s mind for a moment. You might think this: I know I can always go to Gasol/Odom at any time – especially crunch time. Gasol defends Yao as well as anyone (poking the incoming post pass is a favorite tactic). But Bynum might create problems for Yao that might make the games easier to win.

As effective as Pau is, he doesn’t get Yao into foul trouble. Bynum’s length, athleticism plus the fact that Yao is not a flopper creates the possibility of Yao working on defense and possibly getting in foul trouble. Unlike Collins and Okur, Yao is not a flopper (credit to him) and is unlikely to draw charges against Bynum.

A Rockets team with Yao in foul trouble is cooked. If Bynum is effective early and has the desired effect, great. If not, PJ knows what Gasol and Odom bring.

The game starts at 7:30 (or later) on TNT. I believe we get Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins. Whoever it is, they won’t screw up the call as bad as Tom Durkin did with the Kentucky Derby.



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  1. Harlan and Collins! No Reggie Miller! Lakers Nation rejoice!

    The first game of a series, I feel, is the easier one for the road team to steal, especially since the Lakers have had such a long layoff. I hope to see the rust come off quickly and see some sharp execution.

  2. the other Stephen May 4, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    ixnay on the flopping.

  3. “I think we have become immune to public perception and public expectation of us. We’ve been counted out so many times the past couple years. We have expectations for ourselves, and those are the expectations we care about.” — Shane Battier

    Really? All I remember is the Rockets being picked as one of the elite teams over and over again, and consistently disappointing. I remember when the Stromile Swift trade was hailed as putting them over the top. I remember experts picking them to be one of the upper level teams year after year, until finally after too many disappointments people were afraid to pick them until they actually got out of the first round.

  4. Kurt, what were your predictions for this round of the playoffs?

  5. 4. Lakers in 5, Denver in 5, Orlando in 6, Cleveland in 5 (it might have been 4, I submitted that one a couple days ago).

  6. exactly the same as my prediction:)

  7. No Reggie. Thank You. He is pretty damn annoying. I don’t think he thinks before you speaks. One game during the Utah series he was commenting on how big a mismatch Odom is because he could drive to either hand and finish with both. Odom was awesome in that series but I bet you I could count how many times he drove to his right on one hand.

    Lakers if 5 (could go six if Houston manages 1 of the first two in LA). Denver in 5, Orlando in 7, Cleveland in 4.

  8. Orlando really putting it to the Celtics.

  9. Orlando up 18 at the half. Always thought their biggest problem would be Davis guarding Lewis, and it shows.

  10. 8- Other problems to compound that one is the fact they only have 1 person to defend D-Howard.

  11. i have a question for the bright minds here. for the past couple of years (at least) kenny and charles have this little banter going when looking at highlights: “what kind of party is it?”
    “A block party”
    “who’s invited?”
    “everybody’s invited!”

    does anyone know how they came up with that or if it comes from a movie or something?? i don’t seem to have the magic touch with google.

  12. Finally home from work! Celtics – Magic are on the TV behind me, food is just about ready, and the beer is nice and cold…

    A quick question Kurt, if I may: Have you changed any of the scripts on the blog? I used to be able to check it from work during my breaks, but since the playoffs started it loads extremely slowly and frequently crashes, dragging down Firefox in the process. Just curious if you made any changes, or if I should look for the cause of the problems on my end?

  13. The Celtics look out of it.

  14. It’s raining 3’s in Orlando

  15. Ahhh, the beautiful sight of the Celtics getting their tails handed to them. I haven’t seen Garnett making kissy faces on the bench so far tonight.

    Only thing that would make this more beautiful is if we were playing them.

  16. emh101,
    The Bulls wore them out 😉 But they don’t look focused either… as if they’re still so worn down from the first round that they don’t care how this first game goes.

  17. I hate Reggie’s mailbag….

  18. JJ Redick is having a pretty good time in Orlando despite the nay-sayers.

  19. In as much as I wanted Kobe to win it. Lebron is just such a chill dude.

    Im down wid it.

  20. Lebron deserved it though. Kobe has had a great year, but the Lakers are still a contender without him, at least for a Conference final. The Cavs without Lebron are… Mo Williams.

    Well done, Lebron, well done. Now let us win the big team trophy, okay?

  21. Boston’s lack of focus and intensity is what helped them lose Game 1 against the Bulls.

  22. Wow Boston’s cut the lead to 14

  23. Howard is getting pushed around in the paint BADLY with no calls…

  24. In the last thread, Reed raised some interesting questions/thoughts/things to look for that I want to touch on…

    *I love Yao Ming. But I don’t think we’re ever going to see another big man that carries his team to a title without significant help from one or several great wing players. The last player to even come close was Duncan (pre this version of Parker) and before that Hakeem (in the season before Drexler). Every other team that had a real dominant Center has had a HOF guard/wing player, including the 80’s Lakers and the ’83 Sixers. So, while I don’t know if Yao is going to be satisfied with reaching the 2nd round or if he’ll ever be the #1 that everyone thinks he can/should be, but I do know that with the zone rules that (can) limit Bigs and the no touch rules that favor Guards it will be extremely difficult for any Big to carry a team to a title without a wing player that is equally dominant and able to take over a game/series.

    *While I’m not down on Bynum, per se, I am worried about his moping and his lack of effort in making the simple plays. I don’t think anyone expects Bynum to match Yao, but I think we do expect him to perform his duties to our team. So, I too am interested to see how he bounces back and if he’s able to raise his intensity to match the moment in these playoffs. I think he’s capable and that we’ll see it. And as I mentioned in the last thread, I think his motivation to play against the league’s best at his position will bring out the intensity that we’re looking for. But if it doesn’t….man, I don’t know.

    *I don’t think our PG play is a fatal flaw. While I’m not in love with Fisher’s recent level of play and also share concerns about ShanWOW’s recent uptick in quality (fools gold?), I have full faith in our guys to play well enough for what we need. Plus, I think we can put the onus on Kobe and Ariza to be primary defenders on any PG and use LO/Luke/Sasha/Kobe to be primary ball handlers on offense. I do have concerns about shotmaking, but if none of our guys are making perimeter shots (Fish, Sasha, Shannon, Luke, Ariza) I think we’re in trouble anyway and then I wouldn’t really say it’s PG that’s killing us – it would be moreso bad timing for everyone to be cold.

  25. I guess the Celtics found their focus and intensity.

  26. seems magic has the same as lakers in the last round: lost big lead in the 4th qtr. they lost leads to sixers too.

  27. Darius,
    Great analysis, as usual. Thank you. :)

    I think one of the things it’s so easy for us to forget at times is that for all his talent and amazingness Andrew is still very young. He’s 21, and at that age, we are all of us still a bit insecure, and reliant on our peers for support and for a large part of our self-image. Heck, when I was that age I was panicking at the thought of facing my college finals… the NBA finals would probably have sent me into babbling insanity.

    Andrew is under a lot of pressure from high expectations, very early in his life. Taking that pressure off and giving him a break might actually help him. I’m convinced that he will eventually become the force of nature that Shaq was in his beat years, but for right now, Andrew needs to focus on finding his rhythm and finding his groove with the team again. It’s just the second round yet. He doesn’t have to be Shaq right now, and I can’t help thinking that the sooner he internalizes that and ignores everyone who has high expectations on him, and just focuses on doing his thing, his way, he’ll do just fine.

    It’s just a matter of mentally getting to that point.

  28. no overtimes, please.

  29. please lets not have overtime in boston

  30. Orlando just takes way to long to get into their offense right now. Stop the first option and guys have to suddenly put up a shot against the clock. Also, they had a lot more motion and picks earlier, why do teams go to iso late in games?

  31. They call 8-seconds with 35 seconds left on the clock? WHAT?

  32. :35.1 ORL – 8-second (backcourt) violation


  33. He got over the line and there was 16 seconds on the 24 second clock, maybe a premature call?

  34. Here the refs go… 8 second violation with a minute left…

    Can it get anymore blatant how badly they want the celtics to win?

  35. Orlando should give Howard the ball, instead of shooting long jumpers that cling hard off the rim.

  36. Pierce is “hurt”, he must have gotten fouled.

  37. Cayucos Surfer May 4, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    This better not go into OT. I shouldn’t have to miss lakers games just because orlando choked.

  38. Pierce needs his wheelchair!

  39. Cayucos Surfer,

    Barring Allen heroics, I think this one is safely in the bag.

  40. The eight second call was correct watching the replay. On the other hand, that last play where Pierce got “hurt” there was legitimate contact with Howard, where he was inside the restricted zone. So C’s fans have a legitimate beef, even though they’ve been getting away with pushes on Howard inside all night.

    38, I was thinking the exact same thing. Wheelchair time!

  41. Cayucos Surfer May 4, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    I can only hope..

    Yes! It’s over. Let’s go lakers!

  42. I know that they came fighting back, but it might be time to stick a fork in the Celtics. They’re going to get more run down as this series goes on, not less. I’m just hoping that the Magic can give the Cavs a run for their money…

  43. How many big shots has Paul Pierce hit this year?

  44. Wow, I’m amazed Pierce didn’t get that call. Howard did go straight up but I was sure Wheelchair Boy was headed to the line.

  45. Can we start the game now? CAN WE START THE GAME NOW?? God, I’m antsy.

  46. Paul Pierce is Lucifer in green…

  47. 46- And Ray Allen is Beelzebub. KG’s too evil for that place.

  48. The Magic should learn from the mistakes of the Lakers: when you are outscoring your opponent in the paint by 3-1 ratio and build a 20+ point – STOP SHOOTING 3’S!!!!!

  49. Hey now, let’s not say anything bad about Ray Allen. If he was on any other team, we would all admire his free throw shooting, oh and ah over his clutch mentality, and envy his general amazing skill and talent.

    At least I would. The guy is frickin’ scary.

  50. Why is TNT so bent on starting games late? I thought we might finally get a 9:30 start and now they go to studio. It’s killing me. It’s almost 10pm over here. I feel for the east coast.

  51. (oops hit return too early)

    …. stop shooting 3’s and go with what has been working so well. Geez.

  52. 48 – Not only that, they went to the Lakers playbook of going away from great ball movement (what got them the lead) to more isos, more ball stuck on one side of the floor.

  53. 49. At least you dont live in England, its quarter to 4 in the morning here

  54. #53

    And we thought we had fan cred… we salute your perseverance. And your caffeine addiction 😉

  55. Here’s the thing that gets me, the Celtics are better on paper than the Magic even without KG. I mean, look at it this way:

    Rondo > Skip, Jesus > JJ, Pierce > Rashard, Big Baby < Hedo, Perkins < Howard, the benches are pretty even, and Doc is the better of the two coaches… I’m just sayin’

  56. Thats a cheapie

  57. 1st ball 1st foul.Damn¡

  58. Ah, it appears Bynum isn’t happy with starting or the prospects of more minutes. I think he grew comfortable on the bench. If that’s the strategy, excellent ticky-tack foul.

  59. Kobe just blew two closeouts in one play.

  60. ‘Drew picks up a foul on the first possession. That’s not ideal. Bryant wetting a jumper over Battier, however, is.

  61. Is it just me, or are the Rockets really not just settling for moving up from the first round this year?

  62. There goes Bynum…

  63. Well, hope ‘Drew enjoyed his two minutes of burn. Back to the bench for you, sir. Enjoy.

  64. That was a really stupid foul

  65. Dammit, Odom too!?!?

  66. I didn’t think Bynum could have disappointed me further than he already has. I guess I was wrong.

  67. Two fouls in three minutes of play…. Way to play with your head Andrew. Hope we can afford to keep you on the bench until the second half.

    Maybe someone forgot to tell him Kobe was feeling sick.

  68. Okay, what’s Bynum reaction now — that’s what I want to see. Does he fight through the foul trouble or give in. We’ll see.

  69. Wow looks like Kobe and Bynum read this blog and tried to do exactly what would be bad for us.

  70. That’s where Kobe needs to catch: the block. he got an easy lineup

  71. Yeah, Kobe looks really out of it…! 😀

    Somebody please tell me what in the name of possessed meatballs has happened to Artest’s head?

  72. wow. artest with a nasty dunk. and nasty mohawk. lakers really struggling on adjusting to the houston defense. lots of pressure and great one on one defenders.

  73. need to start pushing the pace. we’re playing at houstons tempo right now

  74. mimsy, he lost a bet with von wafer. if the rockets made it to the second round, he had to wear a mohawk.

  75. Kobe stop taking long jumpers. Get closer to the hoop or step outside the arc.

  76. Mimsy,

    Artest was being interviewed in the Portland series, and saw Von Wafer walk by. He said if the Rockets got to the second round he would cut his hair like Von. Not sure about that scribble on the sides though.

  77. Lets hope Fish has it going tonight

  78. Great D by Pau on yao

  79. Maybe that made Artest 3 will actually work in our favor: if he starts thinking he can make that with regularity, he’ll shoot Houston right out of this game.

  80. Lakers are missing a ton of shots at present, and we’re still only one off the lead.

  81. This is fools gold for Ron Ron.

  82. All analysts I have read from have said that we should start the plays from Gasol and he s not even touching the ball¡

  83. Thank you both for clearing that up. Now, someone needs to shave Artest’s head…

    Go Trevor!

  84. I’m really excited that Pau checked for blood and FOUND some. Feels like an important moment.

  85. At least we got a nice homer foul call on Yao there…

  86. gasol great defence on yao and contensting jumpers, shame about our offence

  87. I take it back, he (Yao) initiated the contact there at the end…

  88. Fisher with the worst series of moves in the paint in NBA history.

  89. Fisher is a disaster out there.

  90. Ummmm…..can we have PUJIT Fish back?

  91. get fish out please

  92. I don’t know if we’re just rusty, or if it’s the Rockets defense, but our interior passing game just isn’t clicking tonight. Passes aren’t being caught cleanly, or they’re getting deflected

  93. Lakers can’t expolit LO on Scola cause Scola is on Trevor. Ron is a pretty good matchup for LO. We should be trying to spread the floor and involve Yao in some high screen and rolls.

  94. the rockets defense is allowing the fisher and ariza to get some looks. they’ve got to punish the rockets more for their disrespect. so far, the rockets are right to do that.

    the pace is good for the lakers, but apparently it’s better for the rockets. Yao excepted. he’s tiring a little. giving up an offensive rebound to pau is a little chink in the armor.

  95. We’re just missing shots is all. When they start falling, we’ll be fine. I like our defense.

  96. Who was it that wanted Fish to post up? I could go the rest of my life without seeing that.

    Definitely a lot of rust, the offense looks awful and our jumpshots are rimming out. That’ll change.

    Right now the focus should be simply to stay within striking distance while the rust is coming off. Clearly this is not close to even average Lakers basketball.

    That said, the Rockets are great, and they could add to this lead very quickly. Scola on the break was impressive, that guy does a little of everything.

  97. I think we look rusty, but I might just be frustrated at the fact that none of our shots are falling yet… I hope that changes soon.

  98. Doug mentioned he coached MJ, I’m shocked, truly shocked. How come he never mentions he never won squat with MIke?

  99. nice curl by sasha there.

  100. Machine can force turnover and make cut.

  101. Only took Collins 10 minutes to make his first Kobe-MJ comparison…

  102. Nice job (for once) by Sasha of “pestering” without picking up the foul 30 feet from the hoop.

  103. with the small front court, can the lakers take advantage? they need to.

  104. Wow, that’s a ton of blood on Battier’s face.

  105. good ol’ Vujacic.

  106. well, sasha missed that 3 but he’s definitely been making his impact on the game.

  107. Well, for how flat we started, we’re only down three. I’ll take it.

  108. Wow the Laker fans sitting in the first few rows annoy even me. I can see why people dislike them so much.

    Battier’s been like this before. Wow he must have thin skin. I’ve seen him just like this, actually with even more blood. That’s crazy, he’s a class act, hope he’s not seriously hurt.

  109. Sasha with the Rambo hairband draws first blood. Epic.

  110. Yikes! Like Houston fans needed more of a reason to dislike The Machine …

  111. how the HELLL did all that blood come out o god i feel scarred

  112. Pau has some serious blood angst. Look at him making sure every drop is cleaned up.

  113. Hemophobia? The key to defeating the Lakers?

  114. If Pau was secretly a vampire like in Let the Right One In, that would actually answer a lot of questions …

  115. I got a better look at the “scribbles” on Artest’s head. He has a shooting star on one side, and the Rockets logo on the other.

  116. SASHA. getting steals, driving the paint, frustrating von wafer, providing a spark, matching battier’s bloodied face with his jersey… other than his missed open shots, good to see him giving us some life in that rusty 1st quarter.

  117. Our rotations are pretty solid right now. Aside from Kobe going into ultra lazy mode.

  118. Wasn’t Artest supposed to get a mohawk, though? That Anthony Mason mess isn’t exactly the same thing.

  119. Rick was not messing around in that little interview there. He made Phil look downright long-winded.

  120. Reed, I think that would be strange considering Pau was studying medicine before playing hoops. Maybe that’s why he stopped though.

  121. We need to go to Pau.Actually, I’d put Drew in right now and let him get some good looks.

  122. Darius, that would actually explain his concern about blood. I grew up in a family of registered nurses, and human blood is actually very unsanitary. It carries a tons of ailments in it, just from being blood.

  123. Lakers look . . . off.

  124. I put this Houston scoring run on Phil – terrible line-up on the floor.

  125. Getting a bit sloppy. We really need to run the offense through Pau when Yao is not on the floor.

  126. Terrible passing, trying to force things that aren’t there.

  127. those couple of days off have really affected their game… hopefully somehow they can fight through their sloppy play.

  128. seriously – isolating powell or running all these curls for sasha is really dumb when yao has a 5″ advantage on his defender. I don’t care if that keeps the ball on one end of the court if we can keep on abusing that matchup.

  129. Lakers are missing a lot of easy shots they normally make. Also Artest has hit some shots he won’t (hopefully) make all game long.

  130. Lowry is giving us problems, Reed your PG concerns have been apparent thus far.

  131. Kobe is pretty much carrying us… and the Machine Terminator Blood Bath, of course.

  132. lol, lineup of Shannon Brown, Sasha Vujacic, Trevor Ariza, Josh Powell, and Pau Gasol in Game 1 of the 2nd round of the playoffs. Wth, seriously.

  133. brilliant! the team is looking rusty so we go in to bynum who has had the least minutes in the last series…

  134. that was sarcasm in case it wasnt obvious

  135. Having watched the Celtics-Magic game, I absolutely HATE the inconsistency of the refereeing in the NBA.

    Rondo actually laid down ON TOP of Alston, stealing his steal, and nothing was called.

    Odom bodies up on someone in motion and the whistle blows…

    No clue as to what is, or is not, a foul anymore. Flip a coin… and then wonder if the home crowd might attack and call accordingly…

  136. anon:
    Oh, trust me, it was obvious…

  137. Bynum hitting his shots. He might be regaining his touch when everyone else is flat.

  138. Why pull Drew when he just made a couple hoops?

  139. I would like to close out this half with a good run and get the lead. And then come out and scorch them in the third.

  140. kobes gotta start taking it to the rim…jumpshots aint falling tonight

  141. @Kwame a

    So Drew doesn’t pick up his 3rd

  142. This performance is almost as bad as Game 3 against Utah. And we’re only down by 6. I like our chances.

  143. I don’t hate what I’ve seen out of the Lakers, I mean I would say that most of the threes have been wide open, and they’ve been hustling out on D, but it’s frustrating that they can’t take advantage of having Yao on the bench.

  144. The next few minutes are key. Gotta close out strong. Keep the lead at 6 or cut it down, but worse case scenario is a double digit lead heading into halftime.

  145. I enjoy stating the obvious.

  146. I really don’t think our shooting will continue to be this bad, nor some of the sloppy things like Ariza’s last turnover.

  147. I like Fisher’s play tonight.

  148. Ariza is getting stuck behind every screen. Not helpful.

  149. i know kobe’s ill but he’s not exactly exerting himself

  150. Phil-please: I dont think we need to save fouls for drew because LO will be in at the end of the game.

  151. Good D there.

  152. I think Kobe’s conserving energy for the stretch run.

  153. so apparently its legal to smack ppl in the face in the nba

  154. All right, I will be the one to say it: We miss Walton right now.

  155. I’ve been waiting all week to ask this: anyone else thing that Brooks looks like a miniature version of the actor who played Pootie Tang?

  156. 152 – Conserving energy by missing shots? Doesn’t sound like a logical strategy to me.

  157. Bynum’s a scoring machine!

    Six pts in six minutes.

  158. Terrible half by the Lakers. Only down by 3. Wow.

  159. i eat my words, kobes shots still OK…maybe battier is bothering him tonight

  160. Kobe 3-11 and Pau 1-5 and we only lose by 3???
    Poor Rockets doesn t have a chance in this series.

  161. For as bad as we shot, we’re down three.

    I expect a much more focused effort in the third quarter.

  162. 156 Conserving energy by taking jumpshots and not consistently driving it. And he’s not handling the ball as much as he usually does.

  163. i didnt think it was possible…but ron ron’s hairdo is worse than von wafer’s

  164. that foul on pau, “tripping” brooks – what is he supposed to do there? brooks dribbled into his foot incidentally; pau didn’t exactly actively trip him…

  165. at least if the lakers are behind, there’s no chance of them letting up and allowing the other team to catch up.

  166. Fortunate to be down only 3 at half
    I hope the boys shake off the cob webs because this sloppiness is painful to watch on the East Coast!

  167. I’m excited to see what Chuck and C-Webb have to say about us at the half.

  168. Kobe is missing shots he normally makes. His shot looks a little flat, I think he is a little tired right now. The lakers are playing good D for the most part but their offense looks out of sync. Some of that is Houston, but the Lakers are missing a lot of easy shots.

  169. Kobe is just missing shots. He missed a couple of bank shots where he got too deep and should’ve shot one dribble earlier or passed out for a better shot. Overall, I’d like to see us get better offensive rebounding position. We should be getting more rebounds against such a small Rockets team.

    We have to keep pushing the pace. The more we tire out Yao, the more likely his shots are to fall short in the 4th quarter.

  170. This was the worse offense I seen the Lakers play in a long time. Give some credit to the Rockets defense, but wow, were the Lakers flat. No ball movement, bad passes, no offensive rebounding….just terrible.

  171. btw Kurt, could you email me the list of words that cause comments to need moderation. Thanks.

  172. This is the most physical game of the playoffs I’ve seen this year.

  173. @Kwame – I think it’s more about Drew being able to play with confidence and without fear in the 2nd half. Even if Odom closes, if Drew can play freely without worrying about fouls in 2nd half it will be easier for him to be aggressive on both ends. I think Phil’s trying to nurture his confidence slowly, not trying to rush him back into things.

    All things considered, being down by only 3 when Kobe and Pau shoot that poorly is a good sign.

  174. there just rusty i dont think theres need for too much concern

  175. *theyre
    …dammit i hate my own mistakes

  176. Doug Collins: “Chuck Hayes reminds me a lot of Big Baby Davis.” Yes, give or take 500 pounds and tearful temper tantrums.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a defeated team’s fan base rally behind their opponents as much as I see Blazers fans cheering on the Rockets. They hate the Lakers so much, I’m not sure whether to be amused, offended, or feel sorry for them. That whole L*ker obsession thing is a bit sad.

  177. The things we’re doing well are obscured by our sloppy play and missed shots. I mean, we’re 0-7 on threes and have 10 turnovers (which is a TO on almost 25% of our possessions). On the positive side, we’re rebounding pretty well (+6) and have 10 assists on our 17 makes. We’re playing pretty well on defense, but Artest is making shots and they’ve gotten some easy buckets in transition. Overall, I feel okay about the first half. Yao’s been somewhat controlled and the difference in the score is (if you want to look at it this way) is Ron-Ron’s crazy bank 3. Think about all the times we’ve just given the ball away…Ariza made a horrible bounce pass on a fast break trying to hit Pau, Ariza also has given away his dribble, and we’re not catching passes cleanly at all. Come on, we can play so much better (and even if Houston can say the same thing, where is it going to come from? Artest?). We’re gonna be fine.

  178. Was JJ Reddick ever this swol in college? All those DNPs must have at least helped him with the women.

  179. Snoopy – I doubt it. there was definitely at least a year when coach K questioned his fitness. I think he was too busy writing poetry to get in the weight room

  180. Poetry? Reddick’s a man of many talents. Maybe I shouldn’t have made fun of his hair so many times. It’s probably jealousy.

  181. Lakers passing is suspect.

  182. kobes gotta start “facilitating” imo

  183. For God s sake¡Play Pau on Scola

  184. Jumper, jumper, jumper (contested). We need to get inside!

  185. good things happen when kobe goes inside…

  186. Wow Artest let Kobe walk around him. I guess it’s true he’s reaching more and moving less these days. Battier’s probably a better option, although Battier’s the better help defender, so it’s kind of a toss-up.

  187. Bynum has the hot hand.

  188. Lets GO!

  189. Yay Trevor! Go for the rim!

  190. Bynum is hot tonight. Thats good too see. And Ariza is his usual self creating turnovers.

  191. Defense leading to easy offense. I like it.

  192. Both Pau and ‘Drew with three now, yikes…

  193. OK, now would be a good time to turn things up. Rust is an excuse for 1 half. Excuses out the window now.

    Why am I talking like the Machine?

  194. Nick,
    Lamar has only two… it could be worse.

  195. Awful shooting from Pau tonight

  196. Kobe or Trevor on the PG, stick fish on Battier.

  197. Lakers carrying over their fouling ways from the Utah series.

  198. Have I mentioned I really like Trevor Ariza? The guy is a pitbull.

  199. Kobe feeling it.

  200. Bynum needs to force him into the double there. Can’t let him spin baseline.

  201. Gasol is looking terrible on the defense…

  202. Brooks is torching Fish off the dribble, I might like to see some Shannon on him sometime soon…

  203. awful defence from bynum and fisher this quarter

  204. Kobe is killin it…but when are they gonna call a foul on Battier for the ridiculously pervasive hand to face?…I don’t have tivo but i’m pretty sure that last one connected.

  205. I think when LO comes in here we go on a run.

  206. Please get Fischer out of there!

  207. our spacing on offense looks pretty poor – why is Pau not the one that’s free by the elbow instead of Bynum? Bynum should be scrapping for the board and Pau taking the jumper, not the other way around!

  208. Pau needs to get his offense going. And looks like Kobe got hot now, I still think we are going to win this one.

  209. Bynum is a broken toy for Yao in the deffensive end.And ind the other end he doesn t create any spaces for Pau bringing Scola near the ring.We need to work on that during the series.

  210. @ adam t
    the nba is lenient when it comes to smacks to the face
    …ask brad miller
    …and gasol…and battier


    6 points?! r u kiddding me

  212. Pau is not allowed to touch the ball in the post against Scola. It is forbidden.

  213. woah… farmar sighting…

  214. How is it that the Laker defense is making Aaron Brooks look like Tony Parker circa 2005?!

  215. That was a cheap foul from Lamar…

  216. it was only time for Farmar to step in…Fish is getting torched by Brooks

  217. Touche Anon, but I’m not asking for a flagrant foul, just a simple personal shooting foul..

  218. @adam t
    my bad…i was trying to be facetious

  219. 214.Completely agree.That s crazy¡

  220. Big opportunity for Jordan here.

  221. Ugh, we’re heating up a bit, but we’re still missing a ton of ft’s and threes. It’s just maddening to see because there’s not a ton you can do about it…

  222. There goes Dat Man

  223. Stop Kobe time.

  224. Kobe s life is easier whe Pau is playing the 5.

  225. Kobe is waking up.

  226. Lamar! Get. The. Rebound!

  227. Aaron Brooks shoots the half court shot well, that is a couple he has just missed now.

  228. Farmar of all people with the three. Be interesting to see what the minute distribution is between him and Shannon this series.

  229. First the Celtics-Magic and now this one.It s a night of terrible basketball

  230. dont know whats up with odom, seems like he’s miles away, that basket by landry he just stood and looked at the ball as it hit the rim

  231. Too bad that Kobe three didn’t fall on that two-for-one attempt at the end of the quarter, it was halfway down…

  232. I think Farmar will get more run. We need the tempo he brings and the offense against this D…penetration has been lacking

  233. i think shanWOW was more of a necessity against the jazz because of farmars history vs williams. farmar should get more minutes this series

  234. I hope Kobe has some left in the tank; he’s carrying them right now.

    what’s going on with Pau?


  236. Down 3, with kobe starting to feel it again

    I still like our chances.

  237. We need to make a push when Yao gets his rest rght now.

  238. Phil jackson has a career as a comedian after he retires.

  239. Phil! That made my night.

  240. Phil needs a talk show…on Discovery Channel for sure

  241. next time someone tries to take a charge someone needs to foul HARD and give less incentive to take it

  242. This has been a very uncomfortable game. Kobe’s carrying us right now.

    We need to turn this up now. We’ve been pretty fairly outplayed all game now, taking this now would be a great blow.

  243. Pau is off.

  244. Gasol normally drains that 15 footer and he has missed three I can think of now.

  245. Gasol simply doesn’t miss those shots … not sure what’s going on tonight. Thank goodness for Kobe.

  246. PJ is money…calling out Sager.

  247. boo…no foul
    …maybe vujacic

  248. Nice job LO….he just needs to keep working and the baskets will come

  249. Odom got mugged.

  250. PJ finally hits w/ the interview opening joke

  251. There you go Pau.

  252. Great pass by Lamar for the alley-oop to Pau!

  253. you just have to wonder why we cant do that more often

  254. Boom! Now THAT’S the Lakers offense we all know and love …

  255. Yay Sasha! And WOOOHOO for Lamar and Pau!

  256. sasha really playing great d, lets hope we dont fall in love with kobe iso

    …i know its a celtic, but i LOL’d

  258. man Sasha just scrapping out there.

    I really liked Lamar’s patience on that alley-oop – i initially thought he had an open jumper, but he probed and made a fantastic play for Pau.

  259. One of the reasons I think our starting unit doesn’t do as well is because Pau and Bynum do not play too well together. Odom and Gasol are much more in sync.

  260. Ever time we get close … Need to keep the intensity up.

  261. I strongly believe that Pau//Lamar is a far better frontcourt than Pau/Drew orLamar/Drew

  262. Oh how good it would be if we could se real-LO and real-Pau for the rest of the game.

  263. The boy still has to learn to read the game.

  264. LO and pau are amazing at the passing game…bynum not so much

  265. DAMN that kids got hops!!

  266. Get the lead and I think we’re good.

  267. Exact same play as the one by Trevor Ariza on Fernandez, except it was by Lowry on Brown. Brown just didn’t go down in a heap.

  268. Aww…

    I was waiting for Shannon’s breakaway dunk to ignite the crowd.

  269. wooh amazing, no foul but wow

  270. Andrew is still young. Give him time…

  271. Get the lead again and we’ll be better.

  272. I really don’t think Ron Artest can keep hitting these shots all series. But for one game…

  273. Bad shot.

  274. Every time we get close, Houston regroups. Come on – we are running out of time!

  275. am i the only one who cringes and crosses fingers when i see LO step to the line?

  276. Make free throws!

  277. Lamar is in one of those nights at the free throw line. He was money from the line in the Utah series.

  278. unacceptable lamar

  279. No anon, you’re not. There’s two of us over here…

  280. Oh come on, we can’t score!

  281. Lakers feeling the pressure.

  282. take vujacic out put ariza in…lowry cant guard kobe or ariza

  283. So far the Rockets are answering the challenge in the 4th. I hope we can keep it up!

  284. I don’t think Pau Gasol got the memo that he’s playing tonight.

  285. We’ll be fine. Six minutes to go…down six, call it an omen

  286. Go at Yao. Go at Yao. Go AT Yao!

    Interior passing, get some bodies moving to the basket, collect some fouls and get him out of there.

    He is a very good man defender, but less so moving to help. Take advantage of our strength.

  287. If Houston doesn’t win this game … everything has gone their way.

  288. We re so used to Pau shooting near 70% every single night……

  289. arent sixes a bad omen?

  290. Is it just me, or is it nearly impossible to tell what is a foul/not a foul anymore? Battier/Artest are allowed to drape themselves all over Kobe, while Sasha gets called for a touch foul on Artest and Brooks runs into people and gets calls. It was clear with the Celtics-Bulls series – there is no rhyme or rhythm to the fouls. I think it really detracts from the game, as much as I love the NBA.

  291. Only if it’s three of them anon, only if it’s three of them… 😉

  292. fish shouldnt be guarding brooks

  293. @@#$%^&*()(*@#&U&!!!! He was NOT out of bounds!

  294. I hope Yao is well.He s a nice clean opponent

  295. hope yao’s OK…i dont want any excuses when the lakers win
    …but seriously it sucks when ppl get injured

  296. Never out of bounds. No way