Lakers/Nuggets Game 4 Chat

Kurt —  May 25, 2009

We can talk about the heroic efforts of Kobe Bryant or the steals of Trevor Ariza or the spotty point guard play or a hundred other things, but this series still comes down to one thing:

Can the Lakers control the paint?

In the second half of game three the Lakers did that — most importantly they kept Melo out of the lane, he had no baskets in the paint or anywhere else in the second half. Part of that was better defense inside by the Lakers, and part of that was that Denver fell in love with the jumper, especially the three, but couldn’t hit it. That will not happen again, be sure that they will attack the rim in game four. The Lakers defense needs to be ready, Bynum and Gasol needs some blocks without fouls.

At the other end of the floor, for all the Kobe amazing shots, it’s about getting points in the paint. Denver has basically taken a page out of the Celtics defensive schemes against the Lakers, and the Lakers need to counter that by getting the ball inside to Gasol/Bynum or a posted up Kobe, then making the smart pass out of the double, moving the ball and moving without the ball. Then hitting the shot when they get the look.

In the first half of game three, Denver got points inside by sending cutters that exposed the Lakers strong side zone defense — flooding the zone them hitting someone cutting off the weak side — and you can bet they will go back to that tonight. The Lakers defenders on the weak side need to be aware and be ready to cut those off. Denver can’t get that many layups if the Lakers expect to win.

One other reason the Nuggets got out on top to start the game was they took advantage of transition opportunities, both off turnovers and misses. They are running on everything they can, and on misses they are getting a lot of offense out of secondary break plays (drag screens, guys running to the three point line, etc.). The Lakers have to play much better transition defense, and be more aware of who is running and get to their man..

One final thing I think the Lakers will see more of tonight is Linas Kleiza. The guy is +16 for the series and the Nuggets are -21 for the series when he sits. He was a game changer in Denver’s win, and Karl is going to go with what is working.

What I hope to see in game four is more transition basketball from the Lakers. Game three saw more breaks and opportunities than the first two games, the Lakers good advantage of that, and they need to build on that.

The other thing the Lakers did well last game was get the ball to Kobe running him off screens coming off the high post. The Nuggets will counter this in an effort to continue playing ball-denial for Kobe. This is going to open other things up on give and goes and other counters — the Lakers players (Fisher for one) need to make the Nuggets pay when they do this. If Denver wants to take Kobe out of the game then their needs to be a cost.

We can expect another close game. Denver will come out playing with more desperation and energy than they did last game — they cannot afford to go down 3-1. Will the Lakers play loose like a team with nothing to lose after getting a win in game three? Which team will do better fighting through the exhaustion of last game? Will Denver or the Lakers execute best down the stretch?

This is going to be a fun one to watch.


A few more haikus from after the last game.


Melo sad for loss
Lakers in the driver’s seat
NBA relieved

Bill Bridges

Rip by Ariza
Kobe cuts out George Karl’s heart
Bloody, eats it raw

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  1. 589 I liked what Bynum brought as well, Odom on the other hand…I’m at a total loss for words. All that keeps flashing through my mind is the double double he was able to put up in the 3rd quarter of the second cleveland game…….and his inability to put up a game with those numbers since. I hate to pin it on him, but our bench in the beginning of the year was so dangerous because of him and now it seems as if they’ve all taken on his personality.


  2. cb – if everybody had that opinion then women would be allowed to vote! (I kid)… As a Lakers fan who is strangely calm about everything at the moment, here’s my thoughts: I don’t necessarily think that the Nuggets are a dirty team. The same way Jackson or Van Gundy said that no team plays dirty all the time, any team can look dirty some of the time. I mean, Dwight Howard is crushing people with elbows left and right in these playoffs, yet I don’t think of him as being a dirty player or the Magic a dirty team. Kobe demolished Mike Bibby with an elbow when he was on the Kings, has smacked Manu a couple times, and has been in fist fights with Chris Childs, Reggie Miller, (supposedly) Samaki Walker, and almost with Vlade Divac. I certainly don’t consider him to be dirty. I just think that it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, and that’s what we’ve seen from Jones and the Nuggets in this series. Besides, I don’t want Jones to get suspended, he’s of more use to the Lakers on the court than he is off of it.


  3. Okay I’ve had a whole bunch of beers tonight, so I’m in ranting mode, so here you go…

    First off I hate the Denver Nuggets, do they have to treat every made shot like a game winner? I mean c’mon JR you hit a WIDE open three in garbage time and your struting around like NBA champs, I really dislike Denver and hopefully the Lakers took that personally.

    Who besides Gasol and Kobe is going to step up? Odom is playing like a man unsure of himself, and i would be too if I had basically one hand. Did anyone see that layup he shot with his right, he almost killed a Nugget with that shot.

    Lastly, who am I to question a guy with 9 rings but there is no ryhme or reason to Phils substitution patterns. I almost feel like I have to be an astrophysicists or mindreader to figure out Phil Jackson strategy for who plays.

    I still think the Lakers will win this series, but this is not a fun team to root for right now…


  4. what quarter was this infamous trip on kobe bryant, in game, 4 in? and if you know the time of the quarter that would be helpful


  5. 2nd or 3rd I believe, just as LO hits a three…I believe it was towards the end of the 2nd.


  6. mylez, i think it was the 3rd


  7. The Nuggets are aggressive, and power to them. Jones’ two plays were dirty.


  8. It happened in the 3rd quarter i think



    omggg LMAOOO power to phil jackson!

    FINALLY…watch after the 4th point mark he RIPS at the refs.


  10. There’s no need for panic, but of course we have legitimate concern. This isn’t 1 or 2 games. Our entire supporting cast has disappeared completely. Together. That’s what shocks me. We had everybody contributing, I would have thought if even one or two players slumped, we’d still get production.

    I felt even after Games 1 and 3 that the Nuggets outplayed us for more of the game than we outplayed them. We’re riding a transcendent superstar to victory, but Denver as a team are playing at a higher level (and more balanced) than the team we’re putting out. We’ve been grittier in the clutch, but if you look at the full 192 minutes, they’ve controlled us for more than we’ve controlled them.

    I still think we’ll win the series, but this is not the same team this was earlier in the season or even last year. Right now we’re last year’s team plus Ariza, but minus Sasha and Farmar and Fish. We were better last year than we’re playing right now.

    I’ll never question Phil’s ability to develop players, so I mean this as an honest question – why, in the postgame interview, did he again criticize Drew, saying he wasn’t really happy with the way Bynum played? And yet he continues doling out minutes to Sasha? I just don’t understand it. Bynum is necessary for this team to play its best ball, and he’s as mentally fragile as Sasha. I guess he knows his players in ways we don’t.


  11. Refs? Come on every time a team loses and shoots less free throws fans say we lost cause of the refs. Denver took 14 more Free Throws. Well Denver had 18 more rebounds….20 on the offensive boards. How can you give up 20 offensive rebounds get out rebounded by 18 and be close to the other team in FT attempts?

    Denver only had 4 more field Goal attempts. You know what that means…Denver drove to the paint, Lakers did not. If you jump shot you think you are going to get fouls called? Kobe and anyone else that decided to drive gets the fouls called… I can not stand to see everything always blamed on the refs.

    Rebounds and not driving to the basket was the reason for the loss.


  12. Fun stat from my wrap:

    Denver had 34 shots that were dunks or layups, exactly twice the number the Lakers had.


  13. btw if any of you think that the Lakers will not use all these dirty plays as motivation…you are wrong.

    Kobe and phil were flaming angry. Last time I checked, Kobe plays really well angry. Let’s hope his teammates pick up on the importance of game 5 and what it would mean to blow these guys out.


  14. Not that people are unaware of this, but Gasol and Bynum were 14/18 from the field. The only play I really enjoyed in the game was when Bynum, obviously angry, posted up Andersen and manhandled him, getting contact and the hoop. I hope Phil saw that and noted it. 😉 I guess I’ll say it again: use high/low and cross screens and pound the Nuggets in the paint. Again and again and again.

    But the Lakers’ slow rotations, both on the exterior and interior of the defense, contributed to the FT parade, too many easy Denver buckets in the paint, and made it hard to keep Bynum on the floor.


  15. Kurt, nice subtle edit there, I get the message. Sorry =)


  16. problem: Rebounding and second chance points

    solution: fix + yummy nuggets for dinner


  17. Brown didn’t really impact the game tonight. It shows how desperate we are that we’re heaping expectations on a kid who, when he came to the Lakers, many didn’t expect to contribute at all.

    Farmar played kind of well, although 3 of his pts came with the game basically over. Fish’s defense was solid tonight.

    Is it possible that our PGs are suffering some sort of contagious malady? Farmar slumped first, coughed too hard on Fish, and now Brown’s been hanging around the two for long enough it’s starting to affect his play?


  18. “I’ll never question Phil’s ability to develop players, so I mean this as an honest question – why, in the postgame interview, did he again criticize Drew, saying he wasn’t really happy with the way Bynum played? And yet he continues doling out minutes to Sasha? I just don’t understand it.”

    Um, I’ll question it and a lot more. Actually, never mind. The only possible outcome for me is to get banned by Kurt. I’m outta here for the night.


  19. 609. Kurt – What upsets me about that statistic is that I bet at least ten or twelve of those are second chance buckets after missed jumpers. We can do better then that.


  20. “than”, not “then”. I’m an idiot. Back into my hole I go.


  21. I very much question how Phil is handling Bynum.

    WRT the bench: as bad as he looked against Houston, I think I might let Josh Powell play a little in Game 5. I think Denver is a matchup in which Powell could help the team in limited minutes, and given Bynum’s issues and Odom’s poor performance, the opportunity is there. Denver has an aggressive, undersized front line–Powell might help in that situation.


  22. Missed most of the game at a pool (water) party, trying to figure out how we lost by 20 points in the comments here. Sounds like the Nuggets played a little dirty, did Kobe get tripped on purpose by a Nugget player, that would be a severe foul would it not? Well, the goal was to come home 2-2 with HCA, so I guess all is OK in Lakerland tonight and I had a fun Memorial day anyway. This 20-point loss is not considered a Memorial Day massacre is it?


  23. The league’s ploy to make extra cash in this economy.

    Make bad calls so that the players and coaches can be fined.



  24. kuruptinthe303 May 25, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    Nick the great you are a smart fan. Ithink the nuggets play aggressive, not dirty ball, but dahntay jones is acting like a moron. Fouling is one thing, but tripping is just sad, and JR is just stoking the lakers with his immature antics. That said I don’t think this series is about fouls or dirty play or any of that. Neither team can get any momentum going. The first one that does wins.


  25. sounds kind of weird but am I the only one who is enjoying the slump the cavs are in? haha


  26. the end of this video is great…Phil and that reporter really get into it.


  27. Another (grim) observation: we’re big, but we’re neither physical (like Hayes or Perkins or Howard) nor athletic (like Nene and Martin). All we can do is put a body on someone, which is tough because the Nuggets are always in motion, esp. looking for the offensive rebound. The result: we play a lot smaller than we are and our size advantage is insignificant. Those of us screaming for the Drew-Pau-LO lineup think we have an answer, but it’s clear we’re not going to see it anytime soon.


  28. @607 (Snoopy2006)

    Re: “why, in the postgame interview, did he again criticize Drew, saying he wasn’t really happy with the way Bynum played?”

    Here’s what I heard from Phil in the post-game:

    First, “I thought Drew played well. Because he played well, he was out there.”

    And later, “Andrew — there’s a couple of plays in the first half and the … start of the second half, I wasn’t completely happy with the way he was playing, but he got determined and went out there and played the kind of game that we want to see him play.”

    In this particular instance, I don’t think Phil’s comments overall can be summarized by “he wasn’t really happy with the way Bynum played”.


  29. thats tj simers and his WHOLE MISSION is to get quotes like that….I agree with Archon that the nuggets need to stop celebrating every garbage time three. And I think the lakers WILL take that personally. Look at the coaching staff’s reaction to this three.,getty:20050301:nba,photo,a8e59f080ef8f5b2a8684d8099d928df-getty-87746139by002_lakers_nuggets:1

    unbelievable. I fully believe the lakers will win the series. These two teams are close, but homecourt advantage and playoff experience are two things HEAVILY in our favor. It may take 7, but I think we’re in good shape.


  30. My Thoughts

    1. Key Mismatch in having Sasha guard Smith , he cant, smith isnt von waver , it should be kobe on smith and Fish on Billups, we have all been hard on Fish but i dont remember Billups doing anything or interest aginst him only againt our bigs on switches.

    2. We can all say that our rebounding was probably our biggest problem but i think that it was as it has been guard penetration. This caused all of the open jams and takes our bigs away from the basket for rebounds that their smaller faster line will get.

    3. I have not seen the triangle being used from the post for a while , we had one play where one big passed to a wide open bynum in the begginging of the game and that was the kind of offense that helped us all year and now its gone. It helps our threes be open and it builds confidence with both Bynum and Lamar because they get to see the ball instead of all of the kobe isos and i love all of the passes from the post to vutters and making their defense react instead of being aggressive.

    4. Phil needs to shorten his bench, there were two instances where i had never seen that group pn the floor for the whole year ( the one with Powell the other at the beggingin of the 4th) and it doenst give us the consistency we used to have. We need the old bench mob to play togther (Sasha, Farmar, Luke, Odom, and Bynum) as good as shanwowo has been there is no chemitry like there is with this group.

    5. Box out and keep a body on your man


  31. In the Phil Jackson interviewed that rawr linked, he says “I thought Drew played well, so he got more minutes because he was playing well.”

    PJ also says “there were a couple plays in the 1st half and start of the 2nd half where I wasn’t completely happy with the way he was playing, but he got determined and went out there and played the game that we want to see him play.”

    Is that what you guys took as him ripping on Drew?


  32. My first haikus…

    Nuggets celebrate.
    Prematurely, I must say.
    Take them down a peg.

    Best of 3 series.
    Why will the Lakers win it?
    Home-court advantage.

    Bynum showing signs.
    Who is going to step up?
    The bench is the key.

    Bench not really key.
    We have the great Black Mamba.
    In the Bean we trust.


  33. I think Phil was very explicit in his praise of Drew; but also just pointed out that Drew was part of the problem that the Lakers had in crashing the boards.

    I do think Phil made a good point about the way the zebras can (and did) have some impact on that; and even more importantly, the SHOULD have more control over un-sportsmanlike behavior, which is becoming pretty commonplace in this series. Hopefully they’ll look more closely at that when we come back to Denver.


  34. anyone think jones will get suspended? He should but he shouldn’t, cause Kobe owns him.


  35. Sportscenter just showed a small portion of Phil’s postgame, so I guess I only caught a small part of it. Good to hear he didn’t rip Bynum, although words mean very little – hopefully he’ll give Drew more minutes Wed. and Drew will get the job done.


  36. can someone tell me how the Lakers “bench mob” completely disappeared in the playoffs?


  37. Per my pre-game comments (#34):

    1. Get an early lead…the Lakers fell behind early and while they never quit, their fatigue combined with a continuous uphill battle to seriously undermine any possible edge or control of the game.

    2. Contributions from the bench or Bynum….very little, almost nothing from the bench, including, sadly but predictably, LO (mercurial by nature…but his back also seems to be limiting him, especially his jumping ability). Bynum had an improved game, but mostly due to a short spurt of increased aggression on the offensive end. We need Bynum to be a force on the boards. He wasn’t tonight.

    3. Control the pace…I thought we did better in our transition defense tonight but got hammered by the Nuggets offensive boards, rebounds and slams. Pace becomes a lot less important when the other team gets repeated attempts at the basket.

    4. Kobe…not a great nor a bad game. His will, effort and focus kept us in the game and helped us close the gap twice in the second half. Unfortunately, for a period during the third quarter, he settled for a series of jumpers (and LO too) that rattled out, set up the Nuggets to push the pace, open the lead and build a cushion that wouldn’t be overcome.

    A tough game to watch because of the wasted opportunities we had to win such a pivotal game, the lack of playoff level intensity (it wasn’t a lack of effort exactly, they seemed to be trying but just without the energy to achieve), getting beat to the ball repeatedly by Denver, inconsistent and at times atrocious officiating, a clear match up advantage with Pau in the post too often overlooked, and a continued incapacity of any Laker to step up as the proverbial third man.

    But we went to Denver and took back home court. This was a successful road trip and we shouldn’t lose sight of that. We still control this series.

    And while I too hope Jones is assessed a flagrant but not suspended (and I hope the league tells him ‘youre not out a game because we know Kobe will punish you for us’)…I would like the league to take a long look at Nene’s elbow. By rule he should be suspended (elbow above the shoulders).


  38. I just find it strange that so many of you seem to see Bynum as the second coming of Kareem if he’d just get some burn, and at the same time admit that the game was lost on rebounding and protecting the rim, which Drew is notably inconsistent at (to be kind). Bynum isn’t competing for Sasha’s minutes, he’s competing for frontcourt minutes, and that hierarchy is Pau > Odom/Ariza > Bynum. For every mini-breakout in the post Drew gives up just as much or more on the other end. Show me better than 50% effort on the defensive end for a whole game and I might join the call for minutes.

    Yeah Odom played like trash but we know by now that there’s no rhyme or reason with LO, his brain is not that of a normal human and he might show up or he doesn’t. Regardless, he is the team’s best rebounder and at least usually tries to block out.

    Backcourt rotations are a problem but no-one other than Kobe is reliable and they all fail in different ways, so I don’t see why there are so many questions on Phil’s rotation. Yeah they’re variable, but the team is variable!


  39. If Denver starts shooting those transition 3’s and lead extending 3’s, Lakers won’t win another game.


  40. Again, Sasha needs to have his minutes go away. We ended up with our bigs being burned because of dribble penetration, with Sasha’s defense (or lack thereof) on Smith being one of the main culprits. For all his flaws, Smith is a good passer, and when our bigs are forced to overhelp when Sasha gets completely burned (which seemed to be practically every play) off the dribble, this led to the exposed bigs that got free looks at the basket. Hell, Smith stopped once on his way to the basket to go up for the jumper, and Sasha didn’t even bother to contest the shot.

    This doesn’t excuse all the offensive rebounds and other mistakes that our bigs made, but it’s something to dwell on.


  41. The WWE finale featured five-man tag teams wearing Nuggets and Lakers jerseys. The Lakers won, eliciting loud cheers from the Staples Center crowd.

    Anyone know who the wrestlers were, esp the ones that were “Lakers”?


  42. Is that you Bill Simmons? It’s cool, you can use your real name here. Nobody said Bynum was the 2nd coming of Kareem, Russell, or any other legend center. Drew avg 20 min per for the series is why we’re giving up so many weak side layups, allowing dribble penetration, & fouling people like it’s going out of style? Maybe if he doesn’t play at all we can clean those problems up, one and for all.

    Blaming Drew solely for us getting pounded on the boards is, at best, an oversimplification of what happened last night. However, once I saw the +16, +18, whatever, I knew how it would go down the next 2 days. And LO’s been trying to box people out these last 4 games. Man, how I could I have missed that?

    Concerning PJ’s rotations, I know don’t why they’re are so many questions either. IMO his rotations are nothing short of perfection, for the entire playoffs (let alone the reg season). For a small example, the lineup he started the 2nd qtr with (when were only down 3), a lineup I’ve personally never seen before. That was fantastic. And a PERFECT time and situation to see what we can get from Powell. Definitely the way to start the 2nd and match Birdman’s energy. The WCF are a great time for experimentation and proving points to only certain players with their PT. That’s why our guy has 9 rings! All the critics here are just completely off base. Way to bring that to our attention.


  43. Thought I’d try my hand, since we’re harping the refs…

    Walton, Ariza
    meet at The King’s Court. Not ‘Bron’s:
    Bennett Salvatore’s.

    Salvatore blushes
    like an errant first kiss and
    elbows to the cheek


  44. Someone tell me if I’m wrong. The problem I’m seeing with our bench/roll players is that they are just not running the same offense as they did in the regular season. It may have been all of those offensive rebounds, but how many times did we see the Lakers run tonight and get early offense? I think maybe a couple of times all game. For those of us who watched alot of regular season games, our bench guys were never very good in the set offense. Instead, the bench guys would come in with energy and would try to run the hell out of the other teams bench. I just have not seen this at all during the playoffs, and I think that’s why they don’t look the same.

    I think this could be atributed to the fact that our rotations are shorter during the playoffs, so except for very few instances, the bench guys are on the floor with mostly starters who like to walk the ball up and run the offense or go to Kobe.


  45. The Lakers just got outworked on the boards. That was the biggest difference in the game. I doubt that happens in LA. Every time the Lakers would start to make a little run the Nuggets would get fouled and get two FTs to stem the tide. The obvious ones were in the 4th where Walton was called for a tech then 3 touch fouls on Mello. Those calls were not being called earlier in the game. But at least the called a few on the other end when Bryant was fouled.

    Things I’d like to see in the next game.

    More effort on the boards. Denver is not a good rebounding team and this last game was an outlier so I would expect the boards for favor LA.

    Someone to hit an outside shots. Some home cooking for our shooters would be nice. But someone, Ariza, Fish, Farmar, Sasha, Brown has to hit some outside shots.

    A moving screen called on Martin and Andersen. I couldn’t count how many times they were set moving screens and never got called for them. Nene usually sets legal screens but Andersen and Martin do not.

    Odom to show up. Even if he doesn’t have a big offensive game he needs to pound the boards which he is more than capable of doing.


  46. I know everyone is frustrated with LOs play, but while it’s not an excuse, there is obviously something wrong with him. He just hasn’t been the same player since he landed on his back. I know i might be harping on our running attack, but how many times have we seen him grab a board and start a break recently? and how many times have we seen him with a power drive to the basket recently? These were all things he did regularly in the regular season. To me, the only explanation is that he is in more pain then we think.


  47. The biggest problem with inconsistent refereeing is that the players have no idea how to play. If the game is called very tight they can adjust to that, if it’s played very loosely they will adjust to that. But if it constantly and seemingly at random varies between the two, that’s when everyone gets in foul trouble, and is frustrated enough to get T after T after… you get the idea.

    WWE Memorial Day Lakers: John Cena, Batista, United States Champion MVP, Jerry “The King” Lawler & Mr. Kennedy.

    WWE Memorial Day Nuggets: Big Show, WWE Champion Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase & The Miz

    Recap, video link, and photos here:

    And Jaybird is the Mamba of haiku. 🙂


  48. Hasn’t anyone else noted that the Nuggets have held the lead in games the majority of the series? We may be tied 2-2, but this Laker team is playing like a defeated animal who is resigned to make the best of a predicted outcome and not a fierce beast who wants to win.

    Where is the fire and intensity that one expects from a champion? Why is it so hard for these guys to get fired up? If the showboating by JR Smith does not get this team fired up for game 5, then the Lakers do not deserve to win the series. Period.


  49. 640, Kurt won’t print what we ALL ought to call it… how can anyone like that guy?

    I hope they put that paragon of maturity up on the Jumbotron before game 5, in slow motion, and have it last just forever…. maybe that will motivate this Lakers team as little else seems to… and if not them, at least the crowd.

    I’m really nervous moving forward. I’d like to believe the rebound issue was an anomaly, but I’m not at all sure that it was, but rather a direct result of playing a team that is more physical, more aggressive, moves without the ball better, and can create rotation problems for us by breaking down the SSZ/perimeter D. Oh yeah, and better rested too, as Kobe needs to play 48 minutes all of a sudden for us to have a shot.

    Lamar, please come home.


  50. I think you guys are attributing the lack of boardwork and defense too much to our players’ faults and effort. Sure, that was a part of the issue. However, I believe our tactics also need to be refined. We are soft zoning up the strong side when Carmelo, JR, and Billups have the ball. The primary defender is getting up into the ballhandler to force them to a big to help. This makes for an easy blow-by, so it’s not so much the inability of Vujacic or whoever to stay in front of his man. The big leaves his man to zone before the ballhandler even makes a move. If soft, he’s caught in no mans land who has to give up a pass to his big for a layup, foul, or be out of position for a defensive rebound. I don’t care if you’re LO or Tim Duncan, when you’re out of position, you’re not going to get that rebound.

    I say we should just let JR and Billups shoot with a hand in their face. Play them straight up until they prove they can hurt us with the drive or the spotup. Carmelo is the only one we should be zoning and forcing to a big. And we need to do it with a strong trap to the baseline. If he’s in the middle, we need to play him one on one and contest when he shoots. Our traps from our bigs have too be either strong or weak (to cut off passing angles to his big or prepare to box out), but they cannot be in between, as we will lose on every count.

    Finally, we should be mixing up coverages. After awhile they know how to attack us if we keep doing the same thing.


  51. j.d. Hastings May 26, 2009 at 10:17 am

    I found this whole game to be entirely predictable. Not every aspect, but given the recent history of this team and how tired they are, it’s easy to see them being satisfied with the split. Its a dangerous game that could cost them the season, but its certainly predictable.

    It probably would have been more effective to concede the game without playing it so they could rest a few more days, but what have you. They better come back ready for game 5.


  52. Well, The Penguin, will make it through the spam filter at least. I never see a Laker doing that type of….. whatever that type of activity is called. LO we need you in game 5, I do think the back is bothering him. Keep the faith…

    When you make your mark, you will always attract some haters…


  53. I think overall the lakers as a team have gave a pathetic performance with the exception of kobe and gasol. This team plays with no heart, and it seems like they do not care if they win or loose as it was clearly displayed in game 4. Until this team comes out and plays with heart and energy, and start wanting to win, they are going to remain in trouble.