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Kurt —  June 9, 2009

Celebrities At The Lakers Game
Here we go. I think we all have said this may be the toughest game for the Lakers to win. It will come down a lot to defense, and I like what Zephid said:

If I were the Lakers, I’d take a big chance in Game 3 and let Dwight Howard get his in favor of staying with their shooters. As long as we can hold the rest of Orlando’s players to 40-50 points, we have a good chance of winning even if Dwight goes for 40.

If the Lakers are close after the first quarter, after the initial energy of Orlando at home, I like our chances. Let’s Go Lakers!

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  1. 397 we aint panicking, damn these punks are putting kobe down like hes a bum, dude only failed if you compare him to him. He made two bad plays and missed a couple more freethrows then he should have. Every prognasticator predicted the magic to win this game, so lets see game four before we jump off the bandwagon.

  2. @392 – Agreed. You can’t be upset when the Magic made a huge percentage of tough shots the whole night.

    I’m encouraged coming out of this game because, outside of Kobe, the Lakers made shots that they’ll make again on Thursday; you can’t say the same about the Magic.

  3. melo55

    And three rings. Don’t for get how he selfishly lead them to three titles. NEXT

  4. By the way, does Rashard Lewis ever miss an open jumper. I mean that guy is ridiculous. Any time he gets an open jumper he makes it. If the Lakers could shoot even half of their open 3s they would have won this game in a blowout. Apart from Kobe, everyone else on the team (Fisher, Ariza, Farmar) shot 3s when they were open. Yet they only shot 25% overall.

  5. wow if your gonna call kobe shameful please dont claim to be a laker fan. He aint my favorite laker, his faults may be his ego but that guy does things noone else can do or has ever done. Dont get it twisted getting to the finals, is impressive enough, some of the greatest players in the NBA got there once or twice. Remember this is the finals, your suppossed to lose a game or two, they lost by two. And kobe missed a play or two and a freethrow or two, lebron misses twice that turns the ball over more times in a game then kobe does in a series and then blames his teamates. Dont get it twisted. Tell me this Laker team didnt come prepared when a team shot lights out to set a record and lose by two on the road. The better team will win this series and this will be a game that will make the future of the Lakers, Farmar, Lamar and Pau or learning so much on the fly,. Keep in mind Pau made a huge mistake not calling a timeout, but mistakes happen. Kobe is a winner, and a killer, and nothing shameful in being up two to one in the finals.

  6. message to folks blaming kobe for global warming: get a grip.

    honestly, that was a great game, well played by both squads, and orlando rode an amped up crowd, a little home cooking by the zebras, and incredibly hot shooting to the w. nothing to be ashamed or worried about there. we’ll get em in game 4, and take the series in 6.

  7. Wow you guys are too much all you saw happen was percentages even out they shot horribly for two games and then shot lights out for one. Hence, the you cant win a SERIES by the jump shot. You can win a game or two, the Magic if they are good enough to win this series should of won this game by thirty.

  8. Kobe played bad down the stretch…I guess every player chokes at some point, but we really cant blame it on him. Our defense wasnt good enough tonight. And yes, Lewis does not miss open jump shots….never.

  9. Blame him all you want, but I say compare his prior poor games this playoffs with his next game, just stick to it. I was dissapointed he missed five freethrows, I get bummed when he shoots us out of it, but in a series I have learned especially when were up a game, give him a chance. He did just play the best first quarter in finals history. Take away that first quarter were down by fifteen at half.

  10. Many claim that Kobe is the G.O.A.T. but tonight many would rather claim he is the goat. But I’m not here to argue semantics. The Lakers lost as a team, just as they win as one. Kobe kept us in the game early when Orlando was literally on fire. And when he regressed to the mean and didn’t play as well down the stretch, both teams still had their chances and Orlando took advantage of theirs. Could Kobe have played better? Of course, and he’d be the first to say so. That look he had on his face after Pietrus made that floater after the steal said it all. He knew that he made a mistake. To kill him over that or some missed FT’s (especially when he’s shooting almost 90% for the playoffs) is more than short sighted. Yes every game is extremely important, but we’re still in control and we get another chance in a day and a half. Does anyone think we won’t be ready?

    Go back and watch the tape and you’ll see missed and botched rotations (Pietrus’ follow dunk was the direct result of two players closing on the shooter and Pietrus crashing the glass with a free path). You’ll see the Magic role players convert shots that they haven’t made all series and some shots that they haven’t made on their best of nights. When SVG said at the 3rd quarter break that he couldn’t explain tonight’s performance beyond “we’re making shots”, he was completely correct. Tonight, Orlando made shots. Easy ones. Hard ones. Close ones. Far ones. Dr. Seuss himself couldn’t have written a simpler explanation of Orlando’s effectiveness. It was built on strong screens and aggressive drives. It was also built on indecision by Lakers defenders. Tonight our defense was not as sharp and the Magic offense was as sharp as Hitori Hanzo steel.

    And despite it all, we were right there. That’s what makes this game maddeningly disappointing and encouraging all at the same time. If Kobe makes some extra foul shots. If Gasol calls a timeout when he recovers that loose ball. If Orlando misses some of those looks that would win a horse match against even the best shooters. If, if, if. The fact is, tonight, Orlando played the better game. The Lakers were in it until the end because they’re a damned good team. We fought the hard fight and came up short. Good on them and us. Thursday we fight another round and we’ll see who can grab this series by the throat and claim it as their own.

    And please, let’s not talk refs. There were missed and made calls both ways. This one fell on the shoulders of the players. Orlando’s guys played with the desperation of a team on the verge of losing the Finals before they even really got going. The Lakers brought boatloads of intensity, but that boat was leaking when it came to execution. And as it’s been said by many before me, we were still one stop away from winning.

    Hold your heads high. Despite a tremendous effort from the opposition, we can still point to things that we didn’t do that could have secured victory. We’ll watch the film, we’ll make adjustments, Kobe will sustain stronger play for the entire game. These are the things that we can control. We’re going to be fine.

  11. dave in hillsboro June 9, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    People need to chill. We’re up 2-1 in the Finals. This was the game the Magic were most likely to win. Relax and enjoy the show.

  12. Only problem was that he didnt do what he did against denver when he was doubled and tripled, but he tends to do that when he has to. He had to against Denver I dont think Kobe feared the MAgic till this game ended, now that he has pressure on him for next game I think he will pass out of it more. Bottom line is you guys are right but you dont sound like fans. And there is no way in hell the Lakers will lose four in a row, so best case scenario for Magic is game seven at staples, I like my chances in a game seven at staples. Remember the Lake show took game three last year and they talk like the Lakers never even showed up. Your suppossed to lose game three if your up two zero in the finals all the magic proved is they arent worst team in finals history like I thought they were.

  13. Sweeps are boring who is in a hurry to watch baseball anyways.

  14. That was a hell of a finals game. Tough to come out on the wrong side, but I feel like Phil, smile, congratulate the Magic, make a few adjustements on the Magic P&R and move on to Game 4.

  15. I would appreciate if my comments can be understood in the context of one game, not in the context of the season or a whole career. The offense seemed to stagnate for a while there and I put that on Kobe trying to do too much. I thought it was interesting that Phil kept Kobe on the bench a little longer then usual to start the 4th but it made sense seeing that this was when LO began to make things happen and there was much better ball movement. Kobe came in and the team O kept the pace while the D started to zone in and really make things tough for the Magic. I expected the cto bring the game home for our boys but the Magic just made some very difficult shots at the end, and that Pietrus put-back jam was huge for them.

    Others have said it but it bears repeating. Kobe makes half of the FTs he missed and it is a different game. Thems the breaks. At least Bill Simmons will feel vindicated for a day.

  16. 412 good post, I think it was the fact we get spoiled on his clutch freethrows, he has a game like this at the line once or twice a regular season. I really liked how the lakers play tonite, honestly I thought they played better then last game. Missed freethrows are a heartbreaker, but that was the difference but its not likeKobe went up there and tried to brick em. Look give me Kobe, Ariza, Lamar, Pau, Farmar and one game lead you take Lewis, Alston and Howard I like my chances.

  17. come on guys finals recored in shooting percentage and lose by two, you cant be that upset. Your not suppossed to lose if you set the record for percentage in shooting, you are suppossed to win by thirty.

  18. yeah, I’m not too upset at this loss.
    we knew it was a MUST WIN for the Magic, knew it, period.
    we also knew that we could worst case, still be happy winning just 1 of 3, so really how motivated could/should we have been?
    frankly, I was surprised, very surprised, that we were as close as we were all game.
    and the fact that we actually could have won the game if, (as Darius says) if, if this/that, if, a few things went our way, we’re up 3 – 0.
    so, considering that they were in a must win, and we weren’t, and that we almost pulled it off.
    well, I’ll tell you this, if it was the other way around, I’d be nervous about the outcome of the series
    fo’ sure.

  19. One thing positive I will take from this game is Odom’s play. That was the most assertive most offensively and defensively dominant I have ever seen him play in a Laker uni. Phil held Kobe out for an additional 5 min because of it that’s how good he was.

  20. I haven’t posted much in this series, but have been reading the posts daily. You still have this series in control. There are a few things from this game that I would feel good about if I were a Laker fan.

    1. The Lakers showed up for this game, which they didn’t always do in earlier rounds when they were in the driver’s seat.

    2. Orlando played a very good game, and got contributions not normally received (I know Alston well and that won’t happen again in this series).

    3. Kobe had a bad 2nd half, and that is an anomoly that more than likely won’t happen again in this series. I expect that he will make up for that next game.

    4. Gasol has been better than Howard in this series. He is a much better offensive player and is playing passionately.

    You were not going to sweep this series, so relax and enjoy the remainder of it. The Lakers are playing like the team that I expected in the ealier series. It seems like they have learned the lessons from earlier in the playoffs, and will win this thing as they should.

  21. Does the NBA have a rule on using harmless foreign objects? The clock doesn’t start until a player touches the ball, right?

    So hypothetically speaking – what if Kobe used, say, a piece of string (let’s say he plucks his drawstring from his shorts, so it’s not really a ‘foreign’ object) to catch the ball off the rim with 0.2 seconds left? Could he and Fisher (with his own drawstring) volleyball the ball up the court using the strings, without ever touching the ball, and so the clock wouldn’t be able to start? I mean if there’s no rule against it…

    Kobe’s lack of creativity is shameful. Think outside the box, man.

  22. oh my fng god Howard just said kobe has trouble going to the rim. Wow dude you should learn to shut your mouth kobe is so gonna destroy you next game. Wow cant be that stupid.

  23. This is a series again, great for us fans, right? more games to enjoy on the path to…

  24. The thing I worry about, is that Orlando not only took the victory, but also saw that Kobe does miss FTs in the 4th quarter when the game is on the line.

    (that and I worry what this loss does to Kobe and his approach to the game. He may go overboard and try to redeem himself in the next game, which isn’t something we want happening, intention-wise. Result wise, yes)

    That was the one thing outside of the win that they probably took; everywhere else, this was a moral victory – if there is such a thing – for the lakers.

  25. snoopy you must by your drugs from the same guy as me.

  26. 148) 3Three!!! I have long been a proponent of a good pass that should be an assist make or miss. In past years when Kobe was maligned for not passing the ball more, he passed the ball its just that the Lakers could not hit a barn door with a beachball.

  27. orlando is a 3 point favorite for game 4, looks like we got ourselves a series

  28. Ben-

    Wait a second… Doesn’t the NBA use whistle stop devices on the ref’s whistles?

  29. X’s and O’s wise, here are a couple of things that I saw that either really worked for them or didn’t work for us as well:

    *Orlando really varied their P&R game. Not only were the screens well set, they were set in different ways. For example, Orlando ran stagger screens for Alston with Lewis and Howard. This gave Alston more space to get into the lane, it gave Howard that extra step he needed to bull his way into the lane, and it gave Lewis more freedom to roam around the three point line as multiple Lakers defenders helped. Howard was also more effective in picking off Ariza and freeing Hedo to get to his spots easier. Earlier I mentioned that the Magic hit many difficult shots, but Hedo is a guy that does make those shots on a more consistent basis. His height and reach allow him to shoot over the top of defenders – even ones with the size of Ariza. All Hedo needs is that extra space and tonight he got it.

    *The Magic also involved Lewis more in P&R’s as the screener. This put Pau in awkward help situations and gave Lewis wide open looks. Looks that he’ll make. Orlando also screened for Lewis more off the ball. Pau is a very underrated defender, but one thing he’s going to struggle with is fighting through screens and closing on the perimeter against a player as skilled as Lewis. As a team we have to defend this better and not leave Pau on an island against a player who moves as well as Lewis.

    *With our offense, Kobe wasn’t able to establish the post for the second straight game. Lee did a great job of fronting Kobe, pushing him away from the hoop, and discouraging the entry pass. If we really want to take advantage of Kobe on the block (which I think we do), we need to find ways to get him position on the post easier. I suggest bringing him from strong to weak or setting screens for him so he can catch the ball while moving coming across the lane. I also think we need to involve Gasol earlier in the offense and then screen and move better off the ball to create looks for our other guys while also giving Pau more chances to play one on one without the full focus of the defense. He’s proven he can score on any Magic defender that guards him and his decision making will only improve the efficiency of our offense.

    *In the fourth quarter, when we went to our P&R we were effective when we spread the floor and Kobe read the defense and passed to the open man. Several times, he either hit Pau with a quick pass to the FT line area or he skipped the ball to the opposite guard. We got good looks out of this set (Pau’s drive that could have been an and-one, LO’s seal on the block and finish over Lewis, Fisher’s three pointer) and I’d like to see more of it next game. The key is the spacing and making the Magic choose between Kobe and others. They’ve shown in the first three games that they’re going to choose Kobe – make them pay more often for this choice.

  30. Should have ran the offense through Pau down the stretch. Whether it was fatigue or simply a bad game Kobe was struggling.

    We saw it a bit last year but Kobe doesn’t finish in traffic as well as he used to and has more of a comfort zone on the perimeter and on the post as opposed to driving into the paint.

  31. The hilarious thing about magic all of a sudden from the brink to being a contender is Kobe, Pau. Fisher Lamar may blow a game or two but sorry they aint losing four out of five. Talk all your noise Simers, I expected this to be a tough game Orlando could never play this good again and won by a couple freethrows. Good luck to you, in fact I would lay money on the Lakers to win if they were down three two in this series.

  32. Cavaquinho-
    The mods can do whatever they like. It’s their sandbox and they are kind enough to let us play in it.

  33. I could definitely feel that it just wasnt’ the Lakers’ night tonight. The whole game the Lakers were making good shots and getting fairly good looks. The magic were putting the Lakers into some scramble mode but the defense was very solid. There were just a few low percentage shots by the Magic that dropped in.

    Two topics to revisit… the ineptitude of SVG and the importance of Game 3. Let me put that last one another way. How confident do you feel after having lost this one vs if we would have won? And SVG, still pretty good IMHO.

  34. The great thing about being a
    Laker fan is ten years from now we will have been to the finals four or five more times and get to hear about the times we dont win. Losers dont make the finals fifty percent of the time.

  35. yoo – Nah, only purple and gold Kool-Aid. Non-spiked, of course.

  36. Cavaquinho, what you posted are not correct facts as you state. If I remember correctly, last years finals was between the Lakers vs Celtics and this finals is between the Lakers vs Magic and not Kobe vs Celtics or Kobe vs Magic. Kobe was not responsible for those losses or tonights even though his play down the stretch was a little disappointing. Stop blaming Kobe.

    In any case, everyone expected Magic to win this one. It was a must win for them. They shot a record fg percentage and barely won by 4 pts. On top of that besides Kobe and Pau, the other players had an alright game. We didn’t have that 3rd/4th threat that usually results in W’s for us. Ariza was closest and the all round contribution from our role players is encouraging being that its an away game. Anyways, considering everything I think the Lakers did great in not getting blown out and almost stealing it down to the final minute.

    The positive to take away is that I think that this will motivate the Lakers to bring it even harder next game not wanting to be 2-2 and win knowing that they can. Also Magic will not shoot as well next time.

    I still say Lakers in 6, though I would be even happier if it’s in 5.

  37. For the stats guys – are there websites where you can get boxscores with advanced metrics for each individual game?

  38. Mason

    Good point, but then how would the clock operator have an effect? Did the guy hit a button to start the clock again .1 seconds after the whistle? Isn’t it more likely that the whistle came .2 seconds or more after the foul? It just seems like much ado about nothing.

  39. i’ll be interested to see how the mood of this forum will be if/when the series is tied. Will it be time to panic then?

  40. I am very pleased with the way Fish has shot the ball this series. Next game he is going to have to find a way to slow Alston down. I think for the Magic to win any more games they will need Alston to get 15-18 pts and Fish (and Farmar-who played great tonight) need to keep him out of the paint better.

    On the Turkoglu/Howard P&R the Lakers may want to start to switch that play. Hedging has forced LO into a help position on that play and even though LO is rushing out to close, Lewis only needs an inch. If we switch that play Ariza will be stuck on Howard. Ariza will have to front and Bynum/Gasol would be vulnerable on Turkoglu, but it would allow us to track Lewis and when the ball goes to Howard, we can double off someone else.

    Also-we could try to aggressivley trap Turkoglu (and Alston) and try to get some turnovers.

  41. If the Lakers lose this series…Kobe is really gonna be criticized. I will feel sorry for him…

  42. PeanutButterSpread June 9, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    Had a good chance to win Game 3, but didn’t come through. Knew we weren’t going to win coming into the game, but still liked that even though our offense was U-G-L-Y and Kobe was red-hot in the 1st half (not so much in the 2nd half) and Orlando shot 62% we still only lost by 2

    We had a great chance in stealing this game.

    Still, didn’t like our offense at all. Had Kobe bail us out on some really crazy shots. But even still, it was really stagnant.

    What happened to limiting our threes and driving to the hoop to get better looks for Pau and LO or jumpers for Kobe?

    Or passing the ball around instead of iso plays? There were some good moments between Pau and Kobe but then it was just too stagnant again. It was not Laker ball. credit goes to Orlando for defense but fault goes to the LA players for not moving around. The spacing was horrendous as well.

    Trevor was kinda horrendous. Didn’t like his first shot (which was a 3-pointer) and how he was doing too much iso on his own, resulted in turnovers.

    Refs were whistle happy against the Lakers. It’s been like this 2 games in a row.

    Game 4, the Lakers better start playing smarter (ie, reading the defense, doing what got them the Game 1 win, sharing the ball, better spacing, player movement, no one-on-one isos, and just defend better).

    Even though Game 4 isn’t a “must-win” for the Lakers on paper, I think it’s a HUGE must win. Have to, have to, have to. Keep putting the pressure on the Magic. Not the other way around.


  43. Lakers really needed to dump the ball to Gasol and Lamar down low during the final minutes of the game.

  44. No one’s really talked about this…but Ariza has quietly been horrendous for the entire series.

    The Ariza we’ve been cheering for the first three rounds was:

    1) Shooting 50% from 3pt Range
    2) Playing aggressive, ball-swiping defense
    3) Making smart cuts to the basket and finishing

    The Ariza we’ve seen in the Finals:

    1) Can no longer knock down his open three pointers

    2) Is picking up a ton of fouls, but not a ton of steals

    3) Is over-handling the ball, and all of sudden, can’t finish his layups.

    This is not good.

  45. Feed the 7 footers more please…

  46. PeanutButterSpread June 9, 2009 at 11:26 pm

    Random, but this game feels like Game 3 against UTAH in the first round.

    Had the chance to win, but couldn’t execute down the stretch.

    UTAH needed to win, played their brains out and still barely scraped out a win, same with ORLANDO.

    Looking forward to see a pissed off Pau and LO DEMAND for the ball in Game 4, because seriously, TA and Fish getting more touches is just redonkulous.

    I want to see less Kobe bail-out shots because while he was on fire in the 1st half, I think it wore him out in the 2nd half.

    Ball movement. Ball movement. Ball movement.

    Patience on offense.

    No more Sasha. I am done with the Sasha Machine experiment. He’s not getting repaired this series. Just stop playing him.

    And what happened to ShanWOW? We could use some of his threes and dunks. Phil needs to play him. I think he’d guard Nelson pretty well.

    I basically want to see a GAME 4 WIN for the Lakers. IMO, it’s a must-win for the Lakers.

  47. dopnt matter how many games you lose bottom line lakers need to win two and they have four chances a lot better then last year. Honestly I dont root for the magic but sweeps suck, I was in hell during the Houston and Denver series, but when the Lakers stepped up and took those down it reminded me of the Laker v Houston and Lakers v Pistons of the eighties, and the Spurs Lakers battles a few years back, this is how it is suppossed to be, and even if the magic were to play three more games like tonite, the Lakers will steal one of em and the Lakers will blow them out one of the two at home so relax enjoy the ride.

  48. Think how battle tested this squad will be next year.

  49. Props to the Magic for taking a game. I thought they would probably win tonight, but I actually feel better about the Lakers’ chances after the game than I did before.

    If the Magic have to rely on 70% shooting, numerous KB misses at the line, and some very charitable calls (and non-calls) to squeak out a must-win game, then they are in more trouble than I thought.

  50. Rashard Lewis was very complementary of the Lakers tonight despite the Loss he said in his post game presser that the Lakers were a tough team that fought and scrapped for wins. its nice to hear an opponent give the Lakers props when the media (even local) Is so critical of the team and Its performances even win they win. Lakers In 5

  51. looks exactly like last year finals. except we are like boston. we played awesome in third game and still won only by 6 or 7 pts. and then came the backbreaking 4th game which we were up by 20 and lost. and that was it.
    i will call next came very critical. no more 30 pt quarters for Orlando. step up the D and we will be ok.

  52. anybody hates adande for his dime artcile about kobe not picking up pau after the crucial steal?

    how could kobe pick up pau if pau is on his belly…or he really just want to make a big deal out of it, the usual magnification of the small things kobe does…

  53. hi lakers i love this game.