Lakers/Magic Game 4 Chat

Kurt —  June 11, 2009

Game 3: Magic vs. Lakers
I think I should come clean for the many new people here about why I am so confident the Lakers will beat the Magic in this series.

Simply put, my wife isn’t pregnant.

I have three amazing daughters, who I would not trade for anything on the planet. Not for 15 more Lakers championships I get to watch sitting next to Jack Nicholson. But the birth of my children has come at the expense of the Lakers. Let me break it down:

• Daughter #1, born during the 2004 NBA Finals, when Detroit beat the Lakers.

• Daughter #2, we went into the hospital in 2006 with the Lakers looking good, they would take a 3-1 series lead against Phoenix in the first round. They lost the series in 7.

• Daughter #3 born during last year’s Finals loss to the Celtics.

This year, no baby coming (not going to be any more, either). Ergo, the bad luck karma of me watching games on those little hospital televisions is gone. Nothing now stands between the Lakers and another banner.

Well, save for the Magic.


Great post over at the LA Times Lakers Blog today with assistant coach Brian Shaw talking about playing with Kobe that is a must read:

He’s getting better at sensing when the team needs for him to come out and be aggressive right away, and I think that end-game situations we sometimes become predictable. The ball is going to be in his hands, and he’s going to call Pau (Gasol) or somebody out to set a screen and roll, and we just kind of stand around and wait to see what he’s going to do. I think we need to mix it up a little bit more, but then again, that’s kind of the blessing and the curse of having him.

What I mean by that is, because he is so good, he can a lot of times beat two and three defenders that you put on him. And then at the same time that can be a curse, because then it takes the other guys out of rhythm when they’re open. If it’s five guys on the court you want them to do the right thing. If two people are on one player, it means that somebody else is open and the ball is supposed to find him. So we feel like it will all hash itself out. And we point it out to him when we watch film, “Hey, this guy was open,” and “Hey, that guy was open.” and then there’s times when they were open and he hits a miraculous shot. So it’s kind of one of those Catch-22 things.

Tonight, I think we see some good decisions when the pressure is on. And I just have a good feeling about this one.



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  1. That was two fists to the back. Technically isn’t that a suspension, since it was a closed fist?

  2. I think I speak for everyone here when I say thank you, Kurt, for not having another baby!

  3. Legendary, absolutely legendary play by Fisher tonight. We will be watching those two shots for a while to come.

  4. Forget the refs, forget the crowd. Just play through it all, just play like champions.

  5. Fisher is a magician.

  6. Cayucos Surfer June 11, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    No call on the Kobe shot, then the terrible howard call.. Whoever says refs don’t decide the games sometimes isn’t watching this. that’s a 4 point swing in a game with 2 minutes left. Pretty crucial.

    What is Mark Jackson talking about? Complaining about this one Kobe elbow? Has he been watching the last 30 minutes?

    Oh, and more importantly, the Lakers have made some clutch shots. Thank god for Derek Fisher. I had my doubts, but he really came through when it counted.

  7. all I kind I say is thank god for fish and thankgod for the law of averages and dwight howard’s free throw shooting, oh and $^#* the refs

  8. 3 Down and 1 to GO. Get ready LA.

  9. @ 598 i was thinking the same thing. i say spanish

  10. Go Pau! Stare him down and scare the crap out of him!

    Good win. Despite everything that went against us, including the refs and our own horrible decisions on offense, we inched out a win. When you’ve been knocked down and nearly knocked out, and still get back up and fight back and eventually win… that’s what champions do.

    Lakers for the win! Lakers for the championship!

  11. Been reading these game chats since the truehoop network started and I would like to say, Derrick Fisher I love you

  12. Peanut Butter Spread June 11, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    Good lord, that was a horrible flagrant foul Pietrus committed Pau. Pau had the right to be angry. I’m sorry, but he could have killed Pau’s back.

    That elbow Kobe gave to Nelson. Offense foul, yes, but I don’t care, the refs have been favoring Orlando ridiculously.

    DEREK FISHER! I bow to you.

    Like I said, this was a must win for the Lakers and I’m glad they won it.

    This win totally deflated the Magic’s spirit.
    That’s what the Lakers had to do, even though all the odds were against them.


  13. Pau’s fire is great and all, but man – Fish comes through again. Amazing performance in the clutch!

  14. All thoughout these playoffs I suspected that, despite everyone calling him a deadweight, Fisher had another .4 moment left in him. I’m glad I was right.

    Anyone think Bill Simmons is going to write a play-by-play analysis of all the egregious fouls by the Magic the refs let slide? Like he did with the Lakers’ fouls in Game 2?

  15. I love L.A.

  16. what an amazing game omgggggggggggggg


  17. what a game! i havent been this happy about our team since kobes first ring. how about d-fish!?!?! i guess phil knows a little bit more about his players than we do :). amazing… and by the way. i love when kobe gets pissed, but seing pau go off at pietrus made my day. classic!

  18. These boards are gonna crash right now… lol

  19. Let us all solemnly covenant together: until Sunday, NO wet blanketish negative talk; no “we won but…”; no kobe didn’t X or Y. I forbid it. Just savour this sweet, sweet victory.

  20. For all the Kobe haters out there that are going to point to him being only 11 for 31 I have one thing to say: 7 second half assists.

  21. i prayed for 2 miracles – i think i used my whole quota on that game but it was worth it 🙂

  22. I don’t even think Kobe got away with anything on that. They show the replay and Nelson practically runs into Kobe’s elbow, but I agree with #592 anyway. For how the Lakers were totally jobbed in the 4th and OT by the officials, they earned that one “no-call”.

  23. That HAS to be a flagrant 2 foul on pietrus. That was two FISTS in Gasol’s back. Two punches. i will be outraged if the league doesnt upgrade it to a Flagrant 2 and suspend him a game.

    Oh and Kobe’s elbow will prolly get upgraded to a flagrant 1. No way its a 2 though.

  24. Pietrus should be suspended for that hit in the back. Two hammer fists in the back to Gasol is not a basketball move or a play on the basketball, and Gasol was in the air. Those fists would work in MMA but not basketball.

  25. #598, Mason,
    English, if my lip-reading is any good at all. It looked like the first thing out of his mouth was “What the f– was that!?!” while advancing on Pietrus with clenched fists.

    I knew there was a reason I liked Pau… 🙂

  26. Oh man….I thought I would lose the plot at work there for a second.

    I swear I will never, ever, ever bag out Derek Fisher EVER again. That was just plain clutch, gutsy and confident. That’s DFish for ya.

    That game was nuts…..One more Win Lakers Nation. One More!!!

  27. I challenge anyone to review the calls and no-calls this game and argue that the Magic were shafted in any way.

  28. Sweet, sweet redemption for Fisher. Doesn’t change the awful decision making we saw the last couple rounds, but we got here anyway and now we’re up 3-1 because of him.

    Kobe passed to Fish when he would not pass to anyone. Too much Kobe-centric poor jumpshot offense, but the stories will be based off the results, and so this is the rare case of a role player deflecting criticism from Kobe.

    Ariza first put us in the situation for Fish to be a hero, he keyed everything in the 3rd.

    Unsung hero of the game: Sasha Vujacic. OK, maybe there’s only so much redemption you can have at 1 time.

  29. btw we won…when orlando shot DOUBLE the free throws we did and our first free throws in 16 minutes came at the last second for pau gasol.

    refs tried to take it away but dam we won it.

  30. I wonder if Bill Simmons will make that Kobe non call elbow the focus of his next article and any of the other calls that did not go LA’s way

  31. This game is proof as to why we keep the faith in our players. This game is proof as to why we don’t bury our own guys; we don’t throw our own guys under the bus. Because our faith is rewarded. Everyone under the sun was calling for Phil to bench Fisher and play more Shannon Brown (myself included). Tell me, does anyone honestly believe that anyone outside of Bryant could have made those two shots other than Fisher? Through all his struggles, all the 1-8, 1-7 shooting games, our coaching staff kept the faith in Fisher. Even when he was getting crushed by Deron Williams, Aaron Brooks, Chauncey Billups, and Rafer Alston, the coaching still kept calling his number, sending him in during crunch time, sending him to battle when the games were on the line. And for their faith, they were rewarded with the most crucial victory of the season, delivered to us by one and only Derek FIsher. This is the stuff of legends; the stuff that only becomes more endearing when you’ve lived through his struggles as we all have.

  32. That was a classic. Fisher with the amazing clutch shots down the stretch.

    And for all you conspiracy theory bozos, look at the free throw disparity in the fourth quarter and overtime.

  33. i have a man-crush on Fisher!

  34. Kobe just needs to stay in the post all game long. The Magic just can’t defend him at all in that position. More post ups are needed for Gasol and Odom along with Bynum. Gortat is probably their best low post defender while everybody else is “meh.” The Lakers need to stay with the inside game and I kinda think they will in Game 5, as they will be much calm and relax while bringing the energy and effort to close out the series.

  35. dfish – never underestimate the heart of a champion!!!!

    all you fair-weather haters can step the eff off!!!

  36. Phil,

    I was wrong, and you were right, about Fisher.

    Your Zen is absolute.

    Thank you,


    By the way: Gasol has officially ended the “soft” talk. We should never hear that nonsense again.

    Go Lakers!

  37. for all of you not watching sportscenter

    as predicted they highlight the kob non-call

    and then when discussing the pietrus play comment “why is gasol dunking he shouldn’t put himself in that position”

    this is most one-sided commentary i have ever heard

    luckily it doesn’t matter just extremely irritating

  38. Fisher will get all the props he deserves, but the game ball goes to Ariza tonight. On top of his 3rd-quarter outburst and his usual hustle plays, don’t forget he made a HUGE 3 on a broken play to tie the game at 82 in the last couple minutes.

  39. 624:

    Bill Simmons has probably read your comment already.

  40. again, i have to say this is why Phil has 9 rings and on the brink of his 10th – because he has made a career of trusting his players, trusting his vets, and they reward his trust.

  41. Unbelievable. I love life a little bit more after that game. I’m going to drink a beer and go play basketball better than I’ve ever played.

    For those wondering what Pau said to Pietrus, I’m pretty sure it was “What the $%&# are you trying to do, mother $%&#er?!”

    Derek Fisher has added another one to go with .4

  42. I can not wait to see Game 4 on ESPN Classic. This was an instant classic

  43. Now are all the Fisher haters are going to tell me that Smush Parker was WORSE THAN D Fish?

    I doubt that the Lakers could have gotten this far without D. Fish….and let’s say Farmar as starting PG.

  44. Does anybody really care what SportsCenter or Bill Simmons thinks at this point?

  45. 361:

    Was Magic in on the commentary also?

  46. chris, I’m sorry, but you’re just coming off as immature now. You’re going to call me out when nearly every single person on this forum and just about every Lakers fan alive was down on Fish? It ever occur to you the reason we were down on Fish was because of how poorly he was playing at that time?

    I said it then, but you simply ignored it. I predicted Fish would likely hit a clutch 3 at some point. I also said it didn’t negate the damage he did in the last 2 series. We got to the Finals in spite of Fish, and now we’re up 3-1 because of it. I gave Fish plenty of props in my last post (held for moderation right now).

  47. *because of him

  48. Steady diet of 3s from Fish 🙂

  49. #Jaybird,

    That’s pretty close… and if my previous comment ever gets out of moderation you’ll see what I mean 🙂

    Classic, strong, defiant, very un-soft move by Pau. Get in their face and show them they can’t push us around!

  50. Fish is a lot like Horry in that he will have some patches where he struggles mightly, but when it counts he is there.

  51. YESSSSSSSSSS FISH WITH THE CLUTCH PUJIT TO WIN IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A season’s worth of horrible horrible PUJITs, all practice for the final, determining moment of the series. I love you Derek Fisher.

  52. 651 – I wouldn’t call that a PUJIT. That was a good, intelligent, normal shot. We needed a 3 and Nelson, for some reason, was backing up. Fish took the right shot in that situation, I see a PUJIT more as a poor transition choice when you should actually drive the ball.

  53. we wouldn’t have won had it not for us dominating possession down the stretch – Ariza with a big board and then Gasol drawing the foul on Nelson. Just goes to show that aside from Howard, they don’t have good rebounders on that team.

    And how satisfying was it to see Rafer revert to the mean tonight? missed drives and turnovers galore

  54. Darius, I think you’re right about that 2 fist hit in the back by Petrius, I think that will be reviewed by the league and warrant a suspension. that’s punk and shouldn’t be allowed in basketball. I also like the reaction by pau, he didn’t back away at all.

    I have to admit that I was already getting my head around us losing this game at halftime, just couldn’t imagine us pulling it out, the Magic were just playing too tough, and we seemed way out of it…
    and the refs weren’t helping either

    so I casually told my wife we’d have to outscore them in the 3rd === 30 to 10 and I was close, eh? (30 to 14)
    from there it was probably one of the most exciting games ever!
    having to have some tea with honey cause we’ve been yelling SOOOOOO much since the second half.
    wow…what a friggin’ game.
    against the odds, since they had the zebras on their side too.

  55. Peanut Butter Spread June 11, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    Bowing down to D-Fish.

    Never doubting him again.

    You’d think by now, I’ve learned to keep the faith.

    But I’m probably the biggest Chicken Little in my family.

    Close games just aren’t my friend. They kill my heart.

  56. SVG is pissed….lol…check out the presser

  57. The biggest miracle is, we won an NBA Finals game playing Mbenga and Josh Powell significant minutes.

  58. The elbow by Kobe at the end shouldn’t be a flagrant. It looked as if Kobe was already bringing his arms up for the pass. The ball-handler should be entitled to his space too, shouldn’t he? Kobe brought his arms up and passed it to Fisher in one motion. It wasn’t as if he swung his arms, hit Nelson, paused and set his arms for the pass, then throw the ball out. I thought it was a good no-call.

  59. and for all the flak Kobe is bound to take for his offensive struggles, I thought tonight was a first-team all defensive performance from him. Aggressively fronting bigger players to deny the easy catch, boxing out Howard, stripping the ball from them in the paint, crashing the glass – every effort so needed in a close, close game.

  60. lol 657 +1

  61. To quote Mark Jackson: “Hand down! Man down!” Fisher’s huge three over Nelson.

    657. I like Josh Powell. If Pau and Odom are in foul trouble, Powell should be the first to replace them because his versatility offensively and defensively.

  62. snoop, sorry if I offended you, I just remember you and me going back and forth on Fish, that’s all, that’s why i “called you out” if that’s what you think is happening.
    chill, enjoy…

  63. some observations from S. Korea having only tracked the game via the box score; FISH!!!! Great second half from Ariza. Looks like Kobe was trying to force things a little bit. Glad to see Jordan doing alright. Gutty win….I wish the Lakers would play more man-to-man though. Fine, let Howard beat us, but these other guys….geez…..put a body on them. Anyway…….great, tough-minded win…..and I think I should name a child Derek!

  64. i am seriously considering naming my first born son derek.

  65. i actually feel bad for SVG he looks so bad, and he is going to be be criticized ’til death for choosing the not foul at the end of regulation

    but i don’t think that was a bad call – that is not why the lost the game

  66. Turkoglu in the postgame interview looks like he wants to crawl in a hole. I feel bad actually, they made some awesome baskets (especially turk) but 1 free throw would have sealed it.

    Also, I don’t believe for a SECOND that Kobe’s was a callable elbow. He didn’t lead with it, his arm was all but vertical, he was just swiveling within his own space. Mark Jackson saying he “got away” with incidental contact is just being inflammatory.

  67. I really feel for Magic fans right now. Flashbacks of us after Game 4 last year. The situation is so similar. A heart-breaking loss for them.

  68. Shaky – yeah exactly, his elbow was in the context of making a “basketball play”. Pietrus’s play wasn’t at all. It better be reviewed tomorrow.

  69. The Magic is a very likable team. They’re all nice guys, they play hard and clean and aside from that shoving punch by Pietrus on Pau I don’t think they’ve committed a dirty foul yet. They get away with a lot and they take advantage of that–that’s not dirty, that’s just smart.

    I like that. I like that we’re playing a team it’s easy to like and respect.

  70. watching the replay off Kobe’s elbow, Kobe began swinging the ball over before Nelson got there. Nelson ran over and crowded him as he swung the ball over. If he was there before kobe started swinging the ball then it would have been an offensive foul, but he wasn’t. He practically ran into Kobe’s elbow.

  71. What are the “real” chances of Pietrus missing the game on sunday?

  72. Im pretty sure Phil Jackson just praised Fisher’s “testicular fortitude” in his post-game interview

    couldn’t have said it better

  73. Incredible game. Fish and Ariza were the superstars, and Pau came up big after having a subpar game.

  74. Peanut Butter Spread June 11, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    If ANYbody says that the Kobe elbow was unfair – point to the 4th Quarter in regulation when the Lakers had 0 Foul shots. 0! 0!! 0!!!!!!!

    That’s unfair.

  75. Wow. missed the game. Anyone gonna tell me what the T on Dwight was?

    It’s his 6th, and he may be suspended for game 6 or 7 with an outburst which is going to get a lot of trolls and haters fodder…

  76. #675, harold,
    T on Dwight? The T’s called were on Trevor, Pau, Phil Jackson, and one on Pietrus. There were none on Howard…

  77. Kurt, may I just say that you are quite a Zen apprentice (only PJ can be the master). You’ve been demonstrating a calm, cool confidence lately, even through the first half of this game when many were throwing fits on this board. I’d like to consider myself in the same sandbox as you.

    Through all the poor shooting nights and quicker PGs blowing past him, I’m sorry to admit I lost a good deal of faith in D Fish. But I knew he would hit a clutch 3 at some point in these playoffs (and I posted back in April that he would). I love that bald-headed genius.

  78. Master Phil: Your Zen-Fu is better than my Zen-Fu.

    Fish, you can shoot 10% from now til the next finals, I will never complain (not that I’ve been one to bash you).

    Those two shots were >> 0.4

  79. The Lakers role players was the difference. Fisher and Ariza stepped up Kobe had on off night shooting and LA did a much better job on the boards.

    Another difference was Orlando missed their FT’s and had 17 turnovers.

    Lakers have not lost in the post season when Fisher has scored 10+ points

  80. I grew up watching the Lakers in the 80s with my family — watching Magic and Kareem cemented my love for the team. These days I don’t watch too many games on TV any more, and I was doing my gardening outside while listening to the game on the radio. But I finally came inside and pulled my three kids in to watch the overtime, and even though they never watch basketball, they were instantly huge Laker fans and loved every second of it. Such a thrill to pass along the excitement to my kids, and a great night to do it.

  81. You know, I disagree with a lot of this postgame. They talk about how the Magic dont know how to close games out….Bullcrap! They won a lot of close games in their other series and they won a close one in game 3. And they had this one…they made big shots. The reason why they lost this game is because Howard choked from the free throw line. Then in overtime, they were obviously to demoralized to be able to win the game. Lakers are fortunate they won this game, but hey, we will take it!!

  82. I think Pietrus is going to get hit with a flagrant 1. I don’t think it deserved a 2, and anyway the league is never going to suspend him for a game over it. Wouldn’t be surprised though if the gave Kobe a flagrant 1 also since there shouldn’t be any suspension (just means he can’t do another one). Not because the elbow deserved it – it didn’t – but just because it’s an easy PR move for the league since it will make the entire Laker-hating world happy while at the same time having no bearing on the outcome of the series which has got to be beyond a 90% chance for the Lakers to win.

  83. huge props for Ariza. He looked pretty down when he slammed the ball and got the T. Great to see him pull it together and had a great 3rd.

  84. So as I’m watching Derek Fisher answer questions at the podium I keep thinking that when Stan Van Gundy said experience doesn’t matter, he was so, so, wrong. The calm, clear, mature approach… what he was thinking and how he was acting after he made that shot to tie the game in regulation. “Best case scenario, we’ll play another five minutes.” Beautiful. That’s why we need a veteran like him on the team. Not only because he is not in complete awe of Kobe and won’t just defer to him out of reverence, but because he is the calm and thinking guy.

    Did anyone else notice after that foul situation early in the game where Bynum was fouled hard and was about to lose his temper? Fisher literally grabbed his arm, pulled him away, and talked him down, and kept Bynum from getting a T and becoming rattled to the point where he would no longer have been effective.

    And for the record, Derek: I apologize for a lot of the things I have been saying about you in the past couple of months. Thanks for proving me and everyone else wrong. 🙂

  85. I’m going to call myself out. Late in the fourth, Jameer made a nice crossover, got into the lane, and dished to Howard for the score. I yelled “Get Fish out of there, he can’t stay in front of him!”

    .04 vs. 4.6? Discuss.

    I need to spend some quality time with that box score to figure out how Lakers won that game.

    Forgot all the ref stuff, enjoy being a fan and how much fun that was. The agony of Lakers blowing assignments late (on pick and rolls they couldn’t decide to cover Turk – who played fantastic – or Howard), the utter joy of an Ariza 3 with the shot clock expiring, Fish!!! and Kobe. Not Kobe scoring, but battling for rebounds and fouling Dwight to give us a chance to tie. And Pau standing up for himself.

    Fun game (of course, it always fun when you win!!!)

  86. Mimsy, funny, the box is fixed now, but when i checked it said there were 4 Ts. Oh well.

    I’m kinda in the boat for resting Kobe the next game and finishing them on our home floor, despite all the risks involved. Kobe just seems way tired in the 4th, and isn’t at his best.

    Still, 4 straight games with 8 assists. That’s pretty good even under “better teammate LeBron” standards.

  87. From the espn recap…

    “Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 32 points and eight assists, his 63rd career 30-point playoff game (most among active players). He has recorded eight or more assists in six straight playoff games, becoming the second Laker (Magic Johnson) to accomplish the feat.”

    Loving the assists.

  88. I know it’s controversial, but I’m going to say that experience really does NOT matter, at least not much. The reason you see experienced guys like Fish performing so well in these spots is because they are just the kind of people who are cut out for it from the start. It’s selection bias. The only guys you see in the finals who have lots of finals experience are guys who must have had what it took even back before they had experience, or they would never have gotten the experience in the first place!

    Fish doesn’t perform well at the end of big playoff games because he’s experienced. He’s experienced because he plays well at the end of big playoff games!

  89. that foul by kobe on dwight was HUGE. making sure he doesn’t get the shot off. plus, his rebound-steal from dwight when they got all tangled up. HUGE. even phil jackson said that was a turning point.

    yes the offense got overly kobe-centric at the end, but he made sure the magic didn’t run off in the first half, and then made the right decisions at the right time in the end. he’s the man.

  90. Third Quarter Collapse is pretty steamed about the refs too – gotta say that while I disagree with their specific assessments, one thing Laker and Magic fans can agree on is that the refs pretty much blow chunks. That said, the Magic gave the game away. I feel bad for them b/c I too like the team and wouldn’t mind seeing them win if they weren’t playing the Lakers. That said, let’s get our rings before D. Howard starts developing some real post moves b/c ORL is only getting better the next few seasons

  91. Ahhh, I can now have my heart attack in peace.

  92. By the way, going back and watching some of this, I absolutely love watching Pau Gasol play every single minute of the game. Not just the offensive end. I love watching him compete on defense.

    One thing I really liked: on the PnR, instead of passing directly to Dwight, Hedo usually swings the ball to Lewis (or any Magic player on the strong side) who finds Howard with deep post position. What Pau did effectively: after recovering, instead of wasting time trying to battle Dwight (who already had deep position), he essentially fronted Dwight and cut off the entry pass from Lewis. Very simple, but an effective way of stopping the Magic’s PnR->corner->post pass sequence.

  93. Mimsy, funny, the box is fixed now, but when i checked it said there were 4 Ts. Oh well.

    I prefer it this way. I want to win against an opponent that is at full strength. It’s more satisfying that way. 🙂

  94. Wow. What a game!!!!

    Fish: Sorry I doubted you.

    Ariza: Way to make them pay for disrespecting your shooting skills and leaving you wide open.

    Kobe: You are a basketball god.

    Pau: Your shot sealed the coffin. Gracias!

    Bynum: Lamar’s foul trouble got you extra minutes – and you played brilliantly when it mattered.

    Odom: You remind me more and more of my favorite all time Laker – Big Game James Worthy. Keep it up.

    DJ Mbenga: Hey you guys!!! (think Goonies)

  95. @688 harold: Game 5 being a freebie means just the opposite. Instead of resting Kobe what it means is that Kobe is just going to go and try to close out the series with 40 or 50 to put a big finish on his first Finals MVP. If it doesn’t work, no biggie, he can go back to doing what’s best for the team in LA. But so far in the Lakers two close wins you have one game where everyone’s going to focus on Gasol+Odom as hero and the other where Fish was the hero. Kobe is series MVP no question, but you know he wants to go out there and make a statement and some gaudy numbers to go with the picture of him holding two trophies in the air. 🙂


  97. @669 Mimsy

    I agree with you, I really like the Magic players. They all seem like good guys, even Pietrus after his, well, Henry Abbott no doubt would call it an assault if it happened to a Trailblazer.

    I like SVG too. I like them all, and I look forward to them coming in 2nd in the NBA for the next few years.

  98. Peanut Butter Spread June 11, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    D-Fish’s 4.6 >>>> .04

    only because while the .04 shot was amazing in its own right, but the Pistons killed the championship run that year.

    D-Fish’s 4.6 is getting us one step closer. It was the difference between a tied series or going up 3-1. And we can only say that because the Lakers won in OT.

    If that makes sense?

  99. Loved what Fisher said to the guys after the game about the 2000 Finals and Game 5 in Indiana. The players need to come out focused and sharp.

    As a fan, though…I’m starting to smell it now. After all the ups and downs, the search for the perfect defense, the fear as Boston started off at a historic pace, the XMas game, the Bynum injury, the cries of “no intensity!”, the Game 7 do-or-die against Houston, the gritty Game 3 win in Denver, to finally have made it here. 48 minutes separate us from the title we’ve been starving for 7 years. So damn close.

  100. PBS – I believe it was 0.4. Four hundredths of a second would require some Matrix like precision 🙂

  101. Snoopy- Fisher is The Chosen One! 😀

    He’d wipe the floor with Keanu Reeves any day.

  102. 700.. wow

  103. Yea I have never seen so many posts for one game.

  104. Ehem. Did I get the credit for that? 😀
    Just kidding.

    I’m happy but sad at the same time.
    I broke Gina’s record when she sings at home and Magic always win.

    But anyways, I’m here until Game 5 so you probably now already what’s going to happen. 🙂

  105. Picking out my T-shirt already

  106. Congratulations to all of us basketball fans that were able to witness that spectacular game.

    This is the stuff that is the “lore” that surrounds this fantastic franchise.

    I can’t believe the media is only talking about the Magic missing free-throws. How about the fact the Magic shot 18 to our 0 in the 4th/OT at one point?


    Let’s bask in this one. Joy tonight in Lakerland!

  107. Redemption for Derek Fisher has it’s price for his detractors. For 413DRL, 417 3 threeIII, 421 Yoo Yoo–as well as those that thought but didn’t write:

    only high end specialty stores sell crow.

    You will undoubtedly have to stand in line to get yours. Some of you may have to eat crow every week until the start of next season.

  108. Quick question: Do you guys think Pietrus will be suspended for Game 5? And should he?

    Not sure if this one post in a sea of hundreds will even be noticed. Personally, I think yes and yes. Double fisted pound during an inconsequential play on a player in air?

  109. My guess, Pietrus gets a fine but no suspension. In the regular season he’d miss a game and get blasted in the press, but now… I think they let it go.

    But I love that Pau did not.

  110. The Dude Abides June 11, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    708. I think Pietrus gets upgraded to a flagrant two but with no suspension. I believe the league rules allow for that.

  111. I like Pietrus and don’t think he’s a dirty player or a bad guy. That play, however, was everything a Flagrant 2 is. Excessive contact, no play on the ball, unnecessary. He should be suspended, no question. I didn’t think it was bad the first time, but replays showed he just lit into Pau with both forearms.

  112. j. d. hastings June 11, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    Yeah the Pietrus foul looks worse the more I see it. He wound up with both hands and slammed Pau when he was already up on the rim, like Pau was a gong. I usually like him but that was BS- and what is he screaming back at Pau for after the fact?

    Damn. 711 comments. That’s a lot.

  113. j. d. hastings June 11, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    RT @derekfisher: 3-1

  114. “The team whoever wins 1st quarter loses” is still in effect.

    What amazed me the most is the Magic had 17 more free throw attempts than LA.

    LA had 17 more shot attempts than Magic.

    Magic had 17 turnovers and 17 assists.

    La had 17 points in the 2nd quarter.

    Both teams had 17 offensive boards combined.

    Redick played 17 minutes.

    What’s up with 17? 😀 haha

  115. 712 – He was probably angry that Pau’s innards didn’t explode all over the first row. Pau is soft, after all.

  116. I survived another heart attack tonight, thanks to the Lakers I have been recovering OK. Good time for the Magic to miss their FT’s and Ariza came through at just the right time for us, oh and let’s not forget…

    Enjoy the moment for what it is… “Life is fast and things happen quickly.” – Derek Fisher

  117. I don’t think he will be suspended, and I’m okay with it. Pau is a big boy and he stayed on his feet. If he’d been a little guard and got upended, it would’ve been a suspension for sure. Now by rules, it shouldn’t matter; but in practice, that’s how it is. And I’m ok with it, because I think it was mostly frustration and not malice.

    Now D Jones deliberately tripping Kobe, THAT should’ve been a suspension.

  118. Who here is going to orlando? Anyone want to join me?

  119. 718,

    I am. I was there tonight. A few rows behind Tiger Woods and I was the only non-Magic fan in a group of blue and white dudes.

  120. the hard foul on pau gasol commited by pietrus was uncalled for… pietrus was probably thinking “why would u dunk the ball, you guys already won the game…” but i agree… he should be suspended…

  121. Some people are hammering Kobe for his poor shooting, etc. in the Finals. Now, I’m not a huge proponent of the MJ/Kobe comparisons, but look at MJ’s statline from the 1998 finals compared to Kobe’s this year:

    MJ ’98: 33.5 pts/4 reb/2.3 ast/42% shooting

    Kobe ’09: 33.0 pts/5.5 reb/8.0 ast/42% shooting

    I’m just sayin’….