Lakers/Magic Game 4 Chat

Kurt —  June 11, 2009

Game 3: Magic vs. Lakers
I think I should come clean for the many new people here about why I am so confident the Lakers will beat the Magic in this series.

Simply put, my wife isn’t pregnant.

I have three amazing daughters, who I would not trade for anything on the planet. Not for 15 more Lakers championships I get to watch sitting next to Jack Nicholson. But the birth of my children has come at the expense of the Lakers. Let me break it down:

• Daughter #1, born during the 2004 NBA Finals, when Detroit beat the Lakers.

• Daughter #2, we went into the hospital in 2006 with the Lakers looking good, they would take a 3-1 series lead against Phoenix in the first round. They lost the series in 7.

• Daughter #3 born during last year’s Finals loss to the Celtics.

This year, no baby coming (not going to be any more, either). Ergo, the bad luck karma of me watching games on those little hospital televisions is gone. Nothing now stands between the Lakers and another banner.

Well, save for the Magic.


Great post over at the LA Times Lakers Blog today with assistant coach Brian Shaw talking about playing with Kobe that is a must read:

He’s getting better at sensing when the team needs for him to come out and be aggressive right away, and I think that end-game situations we sometimes become predictable. The ball is going to be in his hands, and he’s going to call Pau (Gasol) or somebody out to set a screen and roll, and we just kind of stand around and wait to see what he’s going to do. I think we need to mix it up a little bit more, but then again, that’s kind of the blessing and the curse of having him.

What I mean by that is, because he is so good, he can a lot of times beat two and three defenders that you put on him. And then at the same time that can be a curse, because then it takes the other guys out of rhythm when they’re open. If it’s five guys on the court you want them to do the right thing. If two people are on one player, it means that somebody else is open and the ball is supposed to find him. So we feel like it will all hash itself out. And we point it out to him when we watch film, “Hey, this guy was open,” and “Hey, that guy was open.” and then there’s times when they were open and he hits a miraculous shot. So it’s kind of one of those Catch-22 things.

Tonight, I think we see some good decisions when the pressure is on. And I just have a good feeling about this one.