Lakers/Magic Game 5 Chat

Kurt —  June 14, 2009

There is nothing harder in basketball than closing out a team in a playoff series — teams take their play to another level when it’s season is on the line. The Magic have been a scrappy team and that will play their best ball tonight.

If the Lakers play like a team that has two more games at home, they will be in trouble. But if they are close at the end, that has to be in the heads of the Magic players.

This should be a fun one. More than anything else, be sure to enjoy the ride.



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  1. All the reports are that the energy in the arena is way, way down.

  2. Game 3 huh?;)

  3. 3. 5. What’s the difference :-)


  4. As long as the result is not the same as in game 3, it’s all good:D

  5. Close this out and we can stop complaining about this team. Even if we don’t, I could care less, I wouldn’t mind watching this year’s team play another game.

    I would, however, mind watching our team play two more games. That would take some toll.

  6. Your officials: Dan Crawford, Joe DeRosa and Ken Mauer.

  7. Cayucos Surfer June 14, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    I expect Kobe to have a big game tonight. We had the extra day off so he should be nice and rested. If Bynum can stay in the game and play D, i like our chances a lot. I don’t like the odds of that happening however, and we are going to need a big effort from Lamar tonight to pull out the win and get number 15!

  8. way to crash the boards Lakers

  9. Love the effort on the boards, but Orlando starts off hitting two jumpers.

  10. I like Bynum’s energy so far… but he needs to pass, not shoot. Pass, not shoot.

  11. I’m almost afraid to say it, but… does the refereeing actually look sane tonight?

  12. Lakers are great on the inside right now.

  13. I am feeling anxious just watching Bynum play. He seems anxious. I want him to do well!

  14. Let me rephrase, I like the energy from Bynum right now, I like the Lakers are going to the paint. They just need to hit the shots.

  15. Orlando’s hot again…

  16. ok time for odom

  17. Uh-oh… what happened to Kobe’s hand?

  18. Funny how Orlando’s shooting 70% but the combined FG% of both teams don’t add up to 100%.

  19. I disagree with Kurt, I don’t like the shots Bynum is taking they seem rushed…

    I think we will see Odom out of the timeout..

  20. I hope Kobe’s hand is OK

  21. horrible start

  22. it is still early

  23. From ESPN’s Beto Duran: Kobe looks in a lot of pain. Whincing into a towel as DJ Mnega trys to block the ABC cameras

  24. I like Bynum making Howard work on D. Bynum’s shot selection…. not so much.

  25. Bynum shouldn’t be taking jump-shots period.

  26. There we go!!

    RE: Bynum shooting, I would LOVE to see him learn and make full use of the sky hook. Just for the hilarity of it. :)

  27. That’s more like it, Bynum!! Grabs the offensive rebound, hits the shot +1.

  28. following gamecast… is Kobe hurt? Oh man that can’t be good.

  29. harold:
    He somehow got his right hand stuck/swatted by someone, and looked like he was in a lot of pain. They called a time-out, and he’s back on the floor now. He just made a shot, so it can’t be that bad. We hope.

  30. that’s it Bynum throw it down

  31. Mimsy:
    If I know one thing about Kobe, it’s that he could be hurting like hell and still be in the game because he wants to close it out.

    I hope it’s something that won’t get worse because he battles through it.

  32. Mimsy, we have all been saying that for YEARS.

  33. yes! Bynum take it to the hole.

  34. Bynum’s aggressive on the boards, but he’s aggressively missing shots as well :(

    However, i’m thinking his focus on scoring is helping keep dwight away from a good rebounding position

  35. ahh I forgot what it was like to get calls

  36. Officiating seems far more even right now.

  37. I don’t see how this start is so bad. We’re playing with good energy, it’s obvious the team wants to win this game and isn’t going to sit back and rely on Games 6 and 7, and we’re killing them on the boards. As soon as we adjust to their new tactics, like Shard on the wing and Hedo curling from the side, we’ll do fine.

  38. Mimsy- I really hope he gets a handle on the sky-hook too! I’d much rather see him attempt that in-game than those free-throw line jump-shots.

  39. However, I would like to see us get the ball to Pau more. Maybe some cross screens by Bynum to free him up and get him away from Lewis’ fronting.

  40. We really need to go for it tonight because we’re one Kobe injury away from likely disaster.

  41. I love the passing so far. Even in that broken up play between pau and ariza, sure we turned it over but the passing was nice and the effort was to get a shot closer to the basket with Howard not in position to bother Pau. I like it.

    Bynum’s got a nice stroke. Yeah I’ve been drining.

  42. So when the Lakers grab this, do you think Kobe will opt for the off-season surgery on that hand?

  43. They are officiating this one like it’s a playoff game, letting them bang a little.

  44. Zephid, good point. Bynum is most likely going to get frazzled at some point and start committing unnecessary fouls, and even if that doesn’t happen, I think we may want to give the ball to Pau on general principle. He’s a lot harder to guard than Andrew is.

  45. Wow, when did Petrius get that move?

  46. Didn’t Pietrus travel?

  47. Kurt, he still doesn’t have that move – he hopped on his pivot foot while spinning, then took two more steps after the turn. Travel.

  48. That was a good quarter…

  49. down 2, I’ll take that. The longer the game is close, the more likely Orlando starts feeling the pressure.

  50. It’s funny that tips don’t count for anything in the box score. For instance the one Pau just had; doesn’t show up at all.

  51. I like the feel of this game. Howard and Lewis are struggling. And as soon as a Laker other than Bryant and Gasol gets some shots to fall we’ll be pulling ahead.

  52. Magic came out with a ton of energy, passed the ball extremely well, forced us into some bad turnovers, shot 48% compared to our 36%, and we’re only down by 2. Needless to say, I like our chances. Keep up the effort on the interior, getting rebounds, get the ball in to Gasol in good position, and we’ve got a good chance.

  53. good quarter. no one in foul trouble great job on the boards. Just need to limit turnovers. Time for the second unit to get the lead

  54. Howard looks flat so far.

  55. Anyone else playing GUNDY.

  56. From IMG’s Mike Moreau (via TrueHoop): Pietrus now has the most obvious double dribble and the most obvious travel of the Finals. Neither were called.

  57. Cayucos Surfer June 14, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    I like the Lebron puppet wishing Kobe good luck in the finals. Cute.

  58. I’m in Brasil watching online. Wore Laker stuff on the plane and today walking around. Let’s just say Brasil loves the Lakers (esp. Magic Johnson).

  59. I take it Mike Moreau didn’t watch the Cavs-Magic series?

  60. You can’t stop Sasha Vujajic. You can only hope to contain him.

  61. Make up call for Howard there…

  62. this is my least favorite lakers rotation

  63. Glove, I’d love for the 2nd unit to get the lead, but according to this season’s storyline so far…that almost never happens.

  64. why is bynum shooting jumpers?

  65. How many times as Jackson said “big time move”?

    I think it’s already in double digits.

  66. Cayucos Surfer June 14, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    Bynum has 11 FG attempts. How many does Pau have? Ridiculous.

  67. Anyone else think we need to get Kobe back in here pretty soon…?

  68. breaking even with this lineup will be minor miracle

  69. Fisher’s play has been vindicated, but what would Sasha have to do this game to have his year vindicated? I say he would have to score 40-50 points this game, with a buzzer beater

  70. That injury to Kobe is why we want to close this series out today and not rely on other games. You just never know…

  71. Great use of the matchups, getting Odom the ball out on the wing when Battie has him.

    Howard has made a couple of the best post moves I’ve seem from him in this game.

  72. i Actually like to see Pau in there with the second unit with Odom.

  73. Spoke too soon about Howard looking flat …

  74. ODOM!!!!!!!!!

    Sasha on the other hand…I hope we can trick some team into taking him off our hands like we did with Radmanovic, lol.

  75. I thought the second unit had one good game in them.
    Nice drive by Odom

  76. Vujacic just taking up space out there.

  77. Bynum needs to do more pounding in the post, less shooting. He’s also catching to ball too far out; he needs to get deeper post position, since his hook shot is getting pretty good. That being said, I don’t really like the Jordan Sasha Luke Odom Bynum lineup on the floor. But I do like that he’s playing aggressively, holding Howard accountable on defense.

  78. the supporting cast (all except kobe and pau) are 5-22, step it up guys!

  79. Cayucos Surfer June 14, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Odom with the gorgeous lay up +1. I don’t mind this game so far. Nobody from the Lakers has played particularly well, yet it’s still close. Not to mention the bench being in there for the past few minutes, giving Kobe and Pau some rest.

  80. This has started to feel like an all-stars game here in terms of ease of offense and lack of defensive intensity.

  81. Um, the defense has been pretty damn good. I don’t know what game you’re watching.

  82. Instead of saying “they’re really letting them play” as if it’s a good thing, why not say “they are not calling obvious fouls”?

  83. Oh hi fish!!!

  84. Bryant with a monster jam

  85. if only kobe was officiated like wade in 2006, blimey

  86. Sorry, there have been some defensive plays, but there have been more plays than usual where Hedo or someone else was clearly thinking about their vacation plans.

  87. Will, you take what the refs give you. If they are letting you foul, then use that. Lewis did.

  88. To me this is good basketball. There’s nothing wrong with allowing contact from both teams and letting some things go.

  89. I think we all could have had a GUNDY on the lead to commercial just now

  90. Cayucos Surfer June 14, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    Wow, Kobe getting hacked with no call. Honestly, i’m fine with that as long as it goes on both ends. And right now it seems to be. I wholly expected them to call the fall on that Turk fake, but they let them play. I only hope they keep it up.

  91. what happened between Turk and Ariza?

  92. Does anyone remember Kareem’s explanation re: why he hasn’t taught Andrew the skyhook?

  93. I would much rather see the refs call only the most obvious fouls and let the others go, than the other way around, as long as it is consistent. It gives the players a chance to get in an offensive rhythm and allows the game to flow, and that in turn makes it a lot more fun to watch. Let them play!

  94. j. d. hastings June 14, 2009 at 5:56 pm


  95. Ariza for the 3 and Lakers lead

  96. Yeah baby. Let’s take this game. Dismantle them!

  97. j. d. hastings June 14, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    Now is the time to coldly execute and get the Magic feeling the weight of what this game means.

  98. I think refs finally woke up to the fact they were calling it too evenly and remedied the situation.

  99. My favorite tweet so far this game, from Daren Rovell of CNBC: ABC just said game is broadcast in 215 countries. US State Dept. says there r 194 countries in world. Who’s lying?

  100. Cayucos Surfer June 14, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    A nice little cold streak by the magic would do quite nicely here. Especially if it coincides with a Kobe explosion.

  101. I get the feeling that this is it. Those threes by Ariza and Fisher followed by Kobe hitting tough shots are breaking the Magic’s will. They’re rushing on offense. This series could be over.

  102. Yes, how fitting. Let Ariza sink the Magic.

  103. Oh great, my feed cuts out and it appears I’ve missed two Ariza three’s.

  104. Another 3 by A r i z a

  105. Is it possible Orlando folded the tent?

  106. Fisher with two lay-ups in this game. The apocalypse is nigh.

  107. Though it pains me to admit it as a Laker fan, there has definitely been playoff series in the last decade where we pretty clearly got the major balance of bad calls going in our favor. Maybe not like Wade in 2006, but we’re definitely on #2 on everyone’s list of beneficiaries of bad ref’ing in the 2000’s.

    So I think this series is some karma. We’re paying back all those extra calls we got in 2002 and such. But that’s ok, because we’re going to win it regardless.

  108. SVG is trying, he’s calling the TOs and pushing the buttons. But it’s the Lakers with all the heart right now.

  109. j. d. hastings June 14, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    Another TO. I like how this is going. Everybody has been in sync the last few minutes on both sides. Maybe its the Lakers feeling the moment even more than the Magic…

  110. @ 105. I really think so.

  111. break their spirit Lakers. Keep this run going

  112. lets open the flood gates now.

  113. Cayucos Surfer June 14, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    They will make a run, remember with this team all it takes is a spark..

  114. Let not celebrate just yet…. we need to dig the hole a LOT deeper before the Magic get stuck in it. Remember, they are not a team that gives up just because they are down by 15 going into the half.

  115. After Ariza and Turk’s little sissy fit, look how both have responded. Ariza hounded Turk on the next possession, leading to Turk throwing up a clunker. Ariza followed it up with two wide-open threes at Turk’s expense. I think we now know who’s got more heart.

  116. Kurt: And it’s not even broadcasting here in Sweden. Although, they probably count the NBA League Pass Broadband as broadcasting I guess.

  117. Orlando is 0-7 from the 3.

    We are 5-8.

    FG% about to draw even, and we made more FTs than they attempted (80%).

    Out rebounding them by 7 as well.

  118. great stuff lets end this now

  119. It’s pretty good when Fish is blowing by people :)

  120. I’ll go with State Department 😀 Probably lots of countries that can’t be officially recognized by the state, such as Taiwan.

  121. Turk is channeling his inner Sacramento King. He’ll be off kilter the rest of this game.

  122. Derek Swisher

  123. It’s funny that you can hear the “let’s go lakers” chants in orlando….

  124. Ariza is Hungry. I like.

  125. Orlando will pull themselves together at least at halftime when they chew each other out in the locker room. But this is definitely dagger territory. If the Lakers take the Magic’s best shot in the third and responds with some killer Bryant shots or any role players making shots and I don’t think the Magic or their fans have it in them to persevere.

  126. Long rebounds and turnovers are getting us into semi-transition, where we’re killing the Magic by passing to trailers. Credit goes to our guards and Odom for boxing out, getting rebounds, and pushing the ball up the floor.

  127. j. d. hastings June 14, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    If I was an financial advisor, I’d be mailing business cards to Ariza

  128. For a team that everyone kept emphasizing was the best defensive team in the league… we sure make them look like they don’t belong in the final when we get hot like this. (they similarly made us look bad in several of the first quarters in this series)

    I know nobody is going to say either of these teams was a really good championship team, since thir average level of play hasn’t been impressive (philly series, having to go 7 against a very depleted celts team — rockets series, getting blown out in game 4 of the denver series)…

    but if the lakers win playing like this, it’s going to leave me with this impression: This team IS great at their high points, just so much talent in their guys 1-6. This quarter has been incredible, we’ve really been making the magic look horrible.

  129. its over.

  130. BBBBBeautiful

  131. OK. I nominate Trevor Ariza for Finals MVP.

  132. Fish fouling is what worries me, but other than that…

  133. Andreas G,

    I think they count the countries the broadband league pass are available in towards that total.

  134. Well, they weren’t going to be 0% from the 3 pt line forever, but wow, PJ is calling timeouts quickly :)

  135. Ok one thing I want us to do above all else though, is keep Lewis from getting hot. Let any other Magic beat us.

  136. Phil jackson’s “Easy now, it’s not over” is so much better than Van gundy screaming…

  137. Shaky, I wouldn’t say that at all. The Lakers 2000 team had to go seven and come from 15 down in the fourth to win. San Antonio ha struggled to win a lot of their titles. Style points are irrelevant. Get it and history cannot take it away from you, and if someone wants to say they are not the mid-90s Bulls, than so what?

  138. As long as we know that Orlando will responde just as Lewis hits that 3, we can’t relax thinking this run means Orlando is giving up. I don’t expect a blowout this game, in the 2nd half I expect some 3’s to start falling for Orlando, we just need to match their energy and we should come out with a W and the O’ Brian trophey!

  139. We (the Lakers) Need to keep the intensity and stay focused on D.

  140. Btw: I think Lewis and Howard have a combined 2 pts when guarded by Pau?

  141. Guys, new here.

    Aren’t the Lakers getting it done in terms of series-clinching games?

    Game 5 with Utah they won by 11.
    Game 7 with Houston they won by 19.
    Game 6 with Denver they won by 13.

    Game 5 with Orlando?

  142. I dont know what got into Ariza…whatever it is…I like

  143. He so didn’t call that bank.

  144. I like Gortat, but someone is going to overpay for his services this summer.

  145. should of been blocking

  146. Flop? 6-1 PG under 200 bounds against what everyone says is the strongest center in the league? I’m sorry, but it’s amazing any time Fish doesn’t go down against him.

  147. Oooaky… look for the Magic to come out and go on a scoring run early in the third.

  148. Now THAT possession had to be back breaking.

  149. Love the sound of that crowd. :)

  150. Lovin this.

  151. I agree with you Kurt

  152. I love the fact we responded to the Magic’s energy because we knew they’d come out desperate and they did as was shown by their 9 point lead. But we played with a lot of intensity, Ariza is simply amazing…I only fear that in the off-season someone is going to offer him a lot of money, here’s hoping he’d rather play for LA and go for another title than making more money.

  153. great 2nd Q run by the Lakers. 24 minutes away.

  154. That’s a make-up call for the Howard push-off. Overall, I like the way the game is being officiated.

  155. It’s going to be Pow Gasol, not Pau Gasoft after this series.

    Now, I’m a bit ahead of myself, but I really hope Buss goes all out (or all in) and try to keep Ariza and Odom as long as they’re willing to stay.

  156. Greetings from Hungary, fellow Laker fans! It’s 3am here, but that does not keep me away from a Lakers game :) Don’t you think that Kobe is HUGE defensively tonight? I am simply amazed by his fakes on a 1-3 situation…

  157. all I can say is Trevor and Lamar please stay, MR Buss please make it happen, to think that chris broussard said that peitrus was better then ariza today

  158. Kurt — there’s no question in my mind people are going to say this was a weak championship team because of the inconsistency. As to you point about the lakers having to come back in that historic game 7 against portland, the key is that was an AWESOME portland team (in my opinion the best team in a given season that did’nt make the finals), vs. the yao-less rockets that basically scrapped its way to a game 7.

    Either way, my point was that despite that, I hope people remember the high points: this has been my favorite laker team since the 16-1 2001 team when they spread the floor and pass like that (and shoot the lights out, obviously). :)

    I’m with Will on that one with the D12 screen — JVG saying that’s not a legit foul… wow. Are you serious, Jeff? The guy didn’t just grab fish, he pushed and pulled him like a rag doll for a good 3 seconds on that screen.

    Not to re-open an old wound but Dwight Howard’s illegal screens remind me of the nonsense KG-Perkins-Big Baby pull off on a possession-by-possession basis. Big Baby I guess should get a pass since bringing that much pudge to a full stop is probably like asking Shaq to spell-check his twitters.

  159. I agree Kurt, Martin Gortat is going get paid and the team needs him the most is the Magic. However, they will probably not have enough money to re-sign after re-sign Hedo. I wonder who would want a quality back-up.

  160. I’ll be VERY surprised if the magic don’t come out hot in the 3rd – as long as we don’t panic and force shots to keep pace, we’ll be ok, I think. ORL can’t stay cold from beyond the arc forever.

    Also – the Kobe haters who say he doesn’t make his teammates better can offiicially shut up.

  161. Magic Johnson is wearing that suit because he doesn’t care if it gets ruined by bubbly being poured all over it.

  162. Earvin, Earvin, Earvin,…. who dresses you?

  163. Im really impressed on how well the Lakers played that half. One more good half of basketball and we are the champions!!!!!

  164. Kurt, I love Ariza, but someone is going to try to overpay for his services this summer. After this Finals performance, he’s almost guaranteed the full MLA, to the tune of 5-6 mil per year. I’m thinking something similar to James Posey’s contract last year. Needless to say, he’s not going to be cheap. The key is how much of a pay cut Lamar Odom is willing to take.

  165. It is a title clinching, I-don’t-care-what-happens-to-it suit.

  166. j. d. hastings June 14, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    Odom has had 2 Dr. J type english off the backboard shots in the first half by my count. Loving the play of everybody. Except Bynum’s shot “selection,” but even that was so egregious it was more comical than anything. And I liked his energy overall even if Dwight torched him as badly as he’s been ineffective against Gasol.

    The double Technical seemed to work out great for Ariza. Fired him up.

  167. @ 163
    Hopufully Kobe takes a pay cut and that could help out with paying Lamar and Trevor

  168. Did they just say that the Three Tenors is opera’s version of the Triangle Offense?

    Oh my aching head…

  169. ABC’s programming, based on its commercial breaks during this finals, looks absolutely horrendous. Maybe TNT just knows how to market its shows better… or maybe these quasi-japanese game shows just aren’t for me.

    I’m going to a bar right now with my number 8 jersey on. If I don’t post here again within 48 hours someone call the police. Hopefully we’re 2 hours away from awesome. FINISH IT, KOBE!

  170. I feel like the wait is nearly over. This season just felt like an extended run from last year that wasn’t finished. I have a few bottles of bubbly for my wife and son to pour on my head and then we are going to celebrate another Laker title deep in the heart of spur-country San Antonio. Go Lakers! And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can keep both Ariza and Odom. Fish and Phil (and Kobe if he opts out)- please come back, too! I know it’s only halftime, but let’s keep it up and we can break their will. What a fitting end for the best road team to win another clincher on the road. I have truly enjoyed watching this team over the course of this season. So many expectations, so many twists and turns, so many instances of other players stepping up and so many more great Kobe and Laker memories. I can’t wait to stock up on a lot of championship shirts, DVDs, hats, banners…all of it. Go Lakers!!!! This site is the best.

  171. @Big O – I highly doubt Kobe will take a pay cut, I just don’t see that being likely at all. I think Lamar will take around 6-7 million a year for about 2yrs and Trevor with around 5-6 million a year.

  172. Wonder how badly Kobe wants his 4th, 5th, 6th championships… and beyond.

    I’m sure there’s a ton of pride involved, but him taking a pay cut would mean a lot, and could probably get Lamar/Ariza to not seek to maximize their deals and force Buss to overpay a bit more.

    Anyway, still a half of basketball to be played, and they won’t really be outrebounded and cold for another half. SVG is smart enough to throw something at us that will get them going.

  173. ok, we’ve got the lead going into the half.
    we need to play smart, hold off the runs.
    protect the lead without playing only to protect the lead, still need to match all they’re gonna bring.
    if we can play them even for the 3rd, I’ll be that much happier.
    I am very relieved that we have such an excellent coaching staff, I know they’re putting together and excellent second half game plan.
    love to be a fly on that wall.

  174. Now I know why Pau Gasol makes that face! He’s singing arias in his head…

  175. One More Half. Lets keep it up. Go Lakers. I love this team.

  176. I’m with you Bill. Magic is embarassing us? Where did he find that ugly suit and why doesn’t he take it back?

  177. Calm down people – it’s not really over yet;)

    But that was a nice half indeed..

  178. Harold, don’t forget the player’s union. They, um, discourage players from taking pay cuts.

    Kobe gets top money. It is a business.

    On the plus side, the deep run in the playoffs equals a bit more money in the coffers, and Buss has never been cheap with his players.

    I suspect that we will keep both Ariza and Odom.

    Go Lakers!

  179. Be on the lookout for a lot of threes from the Magic.

  180. There is NO WAY in the world Kobe’s is going to take a pay cut. This isn’t a hard cap like football, so why would Kobe who has probably doubled the value of the franchise, and made Buss hundreds of millions of dollars take a cut so the ownership doesn’t have to pay the luxury tax? He’d be crazy to take a pay cut, and Kobe is not crazy…

  181. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    Over here in China, I’m skipping work to watch this game cuz deep down I KNOW it’s going to be the last game of the season. Make it happen in the 2nd half, fellas! =)

  182. @165,
    I was hoping I heard that wrong. The Three Tenors are the triangle, huh? Um, okaaay. That makes sense.

    Get ready for that Magic run now! Execute on defense, help each other and keep their shooting % low. And then run fast and give the ball to Pau.

  183. I think the first 3-5 minutes is going to show who wants this more. If we can control the first few minutes of this quarter and put even more doubt into Orlando’s minds that this series is in fact over!

  184. if we continue to drive the ball to the paint and play defense like we have been doing we should do well
    as soon as our defense breaks down is when we will get in trouble

  185. Haha “I want to feel the pain” – legendary:D

  186. Did they just compare Kobe to one of the felons who broke into Watergate…? *mind boggles*

  187. man I really hope Kobe takes an easy summer with lots of rest. his legs just don’t look as strong as we’re used to. if you could put KB24’s head on KB8’s body, nobody would be talking about Lebron.

  188. Not advocating him to take a cut, but it has been done before to negotiate a longer contract, which can be of interest to Kobe (but not at this point in his career, yet).

    At any rate, Kobe bailing our stagnant offense again.

  189. The refs have now decided to keep this one close..

  190. the refs will try their best to let orlando win this game – calling all the fouls on us! hope we can overcome this

  191. My game cast must be wrong, it’s only been 15 seconds and there’s a clock violation?

  192. I swear if I just read the comments here right now I think we were losing.

  193. And oh btw, 3 shots for Pau? Jeez..

  194. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    wowww, what a way to respond to a corner three with one of our own!

  195. Lamar ODOM. I love when he comes to play.

  196. Last game of the season (hopefully) and Lamar and Ariza stepping up bigtime (rightfully).

    Man they know how to plead their case.

  197. Kurt, we’re just trying not to jinx it by acting as if we’ve already won the trophy 😉

    Go Lamar!!

  198. 2 BIG 3’s by Odom

  199. that statement by JVG is why we have to prioritize Odom over Ariza this offseason. when he plays great, we’re unbeatable. you can’t say the same for Ariza,

  200. Thought I just saw him take and make that three earlier. Glitch on my gamecast?

  201. j. d. hastings June 14, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    Odom + Ariza + Brown = the post potent shooting 3some in basketball????

  202. What else do Laker fans want from Lamar Odom?

  203. Doesn’t Kobe have three blocks in his game? His help defense has been great inn this game.

  204. Odom and Ariza: Dude, where’s my contract?

  205. Why are people complaining about the refs and saying their going to allow the Magic to win? Are we all of a sudden losing depsite the score saying we’re ahead?

  206. Lakers draining three like they are the….. Magic? Lakers 7-11 from three, Orlando 2-12.

  207. LAMAR!!!

    3 for 3.

    I think I know where Sasha’s shot went…

  208. We’re playing pretty good defense, we just need to get the offense going again now. More Gasol, more cutting.

  209. Ball movement like the 1970 Knicks.

  210. E-ROC: The box score has him at 4.

  211. Those threes, that block…

    I know Henry Abbot said this, but it DOES look like last year, except we’re on the better end of it.

    Last year, this is about where we folded and saw the game end in a huge blowout.

  212. Nice offensive foul by D Howard.

  213. Kobe has 4 blocks.

  214. Anyone complaining about the refs in this wrong. They’re calling this game exceedingly fair.

  215. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    Boxscore says Kobe w/ 4 blocks now

  216. I’m so giddy (a bit early, i know) that I can’t keep myself from spamming the board. Sorry.

    But I think Kobe has a good shot at 20-5-5-5 even if he doesn’t give a darn about stats.

    One more block, one more assist, and three more points. Other than the block, the rest are given unless we make this a true blowout…

  217. @208

    don’t even get me started on Sasha. he has gotten worse and worse as the postseason has gone on. question: does anybody think he can make a comeback and play better next year? Its hard to imagine.

  218. Hedo ran him over.

  219. Is it just me, or does the crowd seem completely out of it? This doesn’t feel like a championship game.

  220. More Pau please.

  221. Anonymous, I’m not sure if it’s harder to imagine him getting better than it is him getting worse. I mean, Sasha already hit rock bottom…

  222. @Zephid,
    In their defense, their team are not playing like a championship contender right now. They’re getting beat on both ends, and though they’re trying to fight back they’re just not getting anywhere.

  223. Kobe. Dominating.

  224. Good Defense. Keep it up.

  225. GUNDY!!!

  226. Will the Magic fold? Let’s see. Their body language doesn’t look so good.

  227. Kobe is just insane. This season is putting him in the GOAT-esphere for sure.

    I’d like to see Kobe end up with numbers that keep in the Jordan/West 30 ppg 8 assists avg.

    Just because it provides further concrete evidence that all those Kobe haters are totally deluded.

  228. gasol the most underated defender in the league?

  229. really like Kobe’s rhythm in the offense, this is looking like Denver game 6

  230. Good going Mimsy

  231. Pau Gasol is the only player on our team not in double digit scoring.

    Think about that for a second.

  232. Errm, meant on the floor right now. At any rate, this is looking better as time goes on…

  233. Someone is frustrated.

  234. rofl huge bs. That should be Howard’s 5th foul. Forearm in the back = foul

  235. Dwight Howard does not deserve to be called Superman.

  236. Lakers just want it, they want the loose balls, they are attacking and kicking, they are trying to block everything. Orlando doesn’t know how to match it.

  237. @231,
    My box score says Andrew, Luke, Sasha and Jordan are in single digits as well…? And for three of those, the digit is a 0…

  238. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    wow, dwight with 5 fouls… i think its over

  239. “Oh was that Howard’s fifth? Let’s change it to Turk!”

  240. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    oops. 4, my bad

  241. Never mind, that made more sense. Ignore my comment #237

  242. is it still too early to celebrate? 😉

  243. @ 237


  244. refs blatently changed that call when they realised howard already had 4

  245. Anybody else notice that Ariza seems to be getting in Turk’s head a little?

  246. i mean 238

  247. Howard pushed him in the back, why change it?

  248. Mimsy, sorry, meant those on the floor right now.

    Bryant, Ariza, Fisher, Odom all have double digits, Pau only with 7 (but with the highest fg%) but with 8 rebounds, 3 blocks and 2 assists.

    Bryant with 4 blocks, Ariza with 2 steals, Fisher with about 2 offensive fouls drawn(?)…

    Our players are willing themselves to peak.

  249. in the words of Stephen A, its OVAAA.

    I just hope we see a Shannon Brown dunk in the 4th quarter.

  250. Cayucos Surfer June 14, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    HA that’s why people complain about officiating. That was a very legit 5th foul on Dwight, yet they change it once they realize it is his 5th. Come on. Really?

  251. They changed it so he can at least play quality Minutes in the 4th or the ratings will go down in Orlando. I know they will stay up in L.A.

  252. was that a goaltend on odom’s shot?

  253. @Travis
    That would be a good reason to Keep Howard in. So Brown can dunk over him! :)

    This is not over yet. Not by far. It will be extremely difficult for the Magic to get back into this, but it’s not impossible. They are still fighting, and they will keep fighting. Let’s not do them the favor of writing them off just yet.

  254. Spreading ugliness, but I like it as long as it’s both teams not scoring 😉

    Lamar just killed his FG% of the night there, although I like his effort…

  255. Wow Alston not too pleased at being subbed for.

  256. Cayucos Surfer June 14, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    Looked like a goaltend to me..

  257. That’s the 5th, irreversible

  258. Now its 5 on Howard

  259. Is it just me, or does Dwight just not want to play? He really is keen on fouling out tonight.

  260. I take it back. Howard with 5 and over a quarter left, that might well be the killer.

  261. The work of Pau on Howard tonight is just AWESOME.

  262. Come on I want to see Sasha score!

  263. Nice play Gortat. Probably better for the Magic to have him in instead of Howard anyway.

  264. la_resistance28 June 14, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    Odom, that’s how you picked up your last offensive foul…

  265. Time to pile it on.

  266. Despite the lame bail-out when Howard’s 5th was given to Turkoglu, I still like the refs tonight. In fairness, we should give them some credit when they do a good job as well as rail on them when they don’t. Tonight’s trio is doing a good job of keeping things consistent and even.

  267. 12 minutes away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  268. no more Sasha. He just plays ugly basketball. I wanna see Shannon Brown.

  269. 1 more quarter to go folks and I feel good about the Lakers at this moment.

  270. I can smell it now. Kobe is going to be way too focused, our team is going to be way too intense, and there’s no way Orlando is going to out-score us by 15 in 12 minutes. Let’s take them out now, on their home floor. Let’s show the rest of the world that we’re a champion.

  271. 12 minutes to go and the title is ours!!!!

  272. Put Kobe back in NOW.

  273. You know, I *DID* pick the Lakers to win it in 5… 😉

    Anyway. One quarter left still. Although I doubt we’re capable of a collapse, you never know with a team like Magic as they rely on 3s. They can make it up really quick if we lax and then we’re back to LAX.

    Let’s go. This has been another masterful performance by Kobe et al., let’s not waste it.

  274. We know the Magic will go on a serge. If the Lakers keep their poise and continue to execute, then we will be the champions!

  275. Kobe went out a little earlier than he usually does so he can start the 4thQ and put this game away. He knows the title is close.

  276. SVG in the interview can’t even pretend any more.

  277. Why do they play star wars music?

  278. It’s amazing the fact that someone could say that Gasol has dominated Howard this whole series, and no one could dismiss the statement as nonsense.

    Amazing job in the defensive end from Gasol.

  279. This is where we make a statement. Blow them out. Hold them under 80. Anyone? :)


    although we have Luke.

  281. We also have Kobe. The Force is strong with that one.

  282. Kobe-wan Kanobryant or something.

    Bleh, no need to get too creative here, let’s just go get this :)

  283. “you are not going to win letting jj redick guard kobe byrant one on one…that is recipe for diasaster”
    -mark jackson

    haha this is really funny because it’s so true

  284. I would go with Darth Mamba :)

    I would also really want to see some serious stops on defense right now. If the Magic get the lead down to 10 they will have hope again, and we do not want that!

  285. that last three…. i was Kobe No no no.


  286. And that 3 by Kobe was just heartless, brutal, cruel, mean, vicious, ruthless and GREAT!

  287. dagger 3!

  288. that is one nail in in the coffin on Kobe’s 3

  289. lol, “Hand down, man down!” As soon as Hedo dropped his hand, Kobe rose for a three.

  290. 8 minutes till paradise

  291. At this point, the Magic would have to kill Kobe to win.

  292. Defensively we just need to keep them from getting open looks at 3 and don’t give up any and-1’s on their penetration and against Howard in the post. If they are forced to only score 2’s, and we just keep passing on the offensive end, there is no way they can catch us.

  293. Let me warm up my wallet to order some Championship Gear.

  294. Optimus Prime is a baller!!

  295. Hand Down Man Down.

    Kobe Wan Kenobi with ice in his veins.

  296. Loved that Kobe 3.

  297. This is exciting,
    to say the least

  298. You know, we’re so lucky to witness a team that started with our franchise player screaming trade me, then outperformed all expectations, came oh-so-close last season, dealt with injuries this season but is just about to win it all.

  299. Am i right that Kurt would win the stat geek smackdown blogger edition should the lakers win?

    (I think he picked Lakers in 6 though, but i’m pretty sure he’s clear as long as the Lakers win)