Fast Break Thoughts

Zephid —  August 9, 2009


(Revenge is sweet, b****!)

Now I know why Kurt went on vacation: now is the most difficult time of the year for basketball fans.  Summer league is over, most of free agency is over, and camp is around the corner but not quite near enough to begin discussing the next season.  Needless to say, we basketball fanatics are pining for any scrap of bball we can get, and there is, quite frankly, nothing going on.  Some of the little tid bits flying around are…

  • It seems it is finally official that Kurt Rambis is taking over as head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Kurt (Rambis, not Helin) was always one of the big potential answers to, “who the heck do we turn to when Phil Jackson finally decides he’s done winning championships?”  I, for one, think that Minnesota is a half-way decent place for a fairly neophytic head coach to go (not quite as appealing as OKC or Chicago), considering expectations will be low, he won’t be in the LA lime-light, and the Wolves seem to have a nice core going around Jefferson and Love.
  • Now the question becomes, “If not Kurt, then who?”  The obvious answer is Brian Shaw, and he does seem like a good candidate, considering he’s both coached and played in the system.  But, he would be a first-time head coach, 0 games coached compared to Rambis’ 37.  Yea, Brian Shaw knows the system, but assuming PJ retires within 2-3 years (cross your fingers he stays that long), will Shaw be able to capture the respect of guys like Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant, and of course, Ron “Crazy Pills” Artest.
  • Now that Odom has finally been re-signed, really the only issue left unresolved is Kobe’s extension.  This is just a personal hunch with no factual backing whatsoever, but I get the feeling the Kobe has always felt a little left out of the Summer 2010 Lebronanza.  Really, the ball is in Kobe’s court, as the Lakers will give in to whatever demands he wants, barring a unicorn ride onto the court.  He can re-sign this summer, next summer, the summer after, whenever.  And the Lakers will give him whatever he wants, whenever he wants, because he’s Kobe Bryant.  But, just for the heck of it, I think Kobe wants to inject a little of himself and crash Lebron’s big party in 2010.  And the funny thing is, we know he’s coming back, he knows he’s coming back, the Lakers know he’s coming back, the rest of the league knows he’s coming back, and anyone in the whole world with any semblance of knowledge about basketball knows he’s coming back.
  • This last one is just for fun, and is a little old, but you’d think a freakish athlete like Shannon Brown would have some sort of crazy workout regimen to maintain or improve his crazy athleticism.  Then, you find out, he doesn’t lift weights, and you just feel like life’s skills/attributes distribution is completely unfair.

Edit: I wish I had the photo-shopping skills to switch Rambis and McHale in their infamous mid-air meeting, with Rambis and McHale in suits, except with Rambis taking McHale on a face-first trip to the hardwood.  Trust me, if someone does this, we’ll find some way to get it into a post.

Edit: Thanks to Chad for the above pic.  Exactly what I was looking for.