My Second Favorite Team For Next Season

Kurt —  August 21, 2009

NBA 2009 - Lakers Beat Clippers 88-85
Looking for an off-season topic for a day, most of the members of the TrueHoop Network are putting up a post about their second favorite team for this season. During the D’Antoni years, even though they were serious competition for the Lakers, it was the Suns that I would watch no matter whom they played. The Bulls were fun for about a year. This year, I think I found my team.

My second favorite NBA team changes season to season, but bottom line is I just want to be entertained. And this go around, no underdog is going to be more entertaining than the Clippers.

They have one my favorite players in Baron Davis who, when his body isn’t betraying him or when he hasn’t mentally checked out, is just flat out fun to watch. Davis went to India this off-season, had some sort of epiphany (we can all hope that enlightenment involves ignoring Mike Dunleavy when he tells Davis to slow it down), and he promises to try this season. Then there’s Blake Griffin, who was fun to watch at Summer League and made me a believer, and he seemed to have instant chemistry with Eric Gordon.

And the list goes on — they’ve got emerging young guys like Al Thornton, plus a front-line combo of Marcus Camby and DeAndre Jordan that promises to give you one coming-from-the-weakside shot block into the third row every game. If all else fails, you can just mock Chris Kaman and Mark Madsen.

I can hear it now: “But you’re a Lakers fan, you can’t root for the rival Clippers.” Yes I can, the Clippers are not rivals. Rivals are relatively equal teams battling for something important. The Celtics are rivals. The Clippers are more like roommates.

Since it’s the Clippers, there’s the strong possibility this season will go wrong in a spectacular fashion. That’s fun to watch too, in a Macbeth sort of way. Either way, I’m good with the Clippers this season. I want them to get the eighth seed in the West, so the first round is a Hallway Series at Staples Center. I really, really want that.