Lisa Leslie’s Last Game: The Gallery

Kurt —  September 15, 2009

Lisa Leslie is a basketball icon — one of the best women’s high school and college players ever, she is a four time gold medlalist, three time WNBA MVP and two-time league champion. What’s more, she has been the face of the league — she has been it’s Jordan, it’s Magic and Bird, it’s Miken for years. And she did it with class. In this final year, she still led the team in scoring (15.4 per game) and was second in rebounding (6.6). At age 37.

As a tribute to her, a very good sports photographer friend of mine named William Johnson went to Leslie’s last game at Staples and came back with this photo gallery. She will be back Wednesday night as the Sparks start their playoff run against the only professional basketball team left in Seattle (the Storm), and tickets are still available at the Sparks Web site.


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  2. WNBA……WTF, man I hate this part of the offseason so slow FB&G is reduced to this. Exc use me while I hibernate


  3. the other Stephen September 15, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    i was going to comment in response to your “technical problems” post that the inconvenience is no problem. but then it took me to a “page does not work/exist” page. yes problem.

    and jeremy, i’m not so confident in your ability to dominate in a wnba game, so at least give them a grain of respect..

    but yes, perhaps hibernation is a good idea. i keep checking this site even though i know there aren’t any new posts.


  4. With all due respect, Leslie deserves this time under the sun. Kurt had said it all, in a time of pioneering for this relatively young league, it has produced an enduring hall-of-famer with class and style like leslie. no other name in the wnba has more recall here in the philippines than hers.

    granted as well that this offseason is dragging on so slowly. Save for buckner getting cut and all that russell and jackson action, not much to look at. oh well, let’s save the hype for ronron. GO LAKERS!


  5. Lisa Leslie…what a joy to watch her play. I didn’t think she would ever when a WNBA title in the early years when Cynthia Cooper, Swoopes and company was dominating. But she led her team to back to back (and should’ve beat Detroit to 3-peat). Truly a legend…hopefully the Sparks can send her out with a title.



  6. Wow Photographer and European contact? FB&G is too pro


  7. She didn’t have the prettiest moves on the court, but she was a winner that represented the purple and gold! Congratulations on a great career! Now to cheer for the new NBA hottie – Candace Parker!


  8. Jeremy,

    I am not a WNBA fan, but since this might be its 2nd to last season, it might make sense to honor LA’s premier WNBA player. I agree, tho, this time of the year is boring (except on Sundays).

    Preseason coming soon. Only 2 weeks away.


  9. Jeremy,

    Just curious, but what made you say this may be the WNBA’s second-to-last season? I don’t follow that league but have often wondered how long the NBA would commit to such an apparent money loser simply to garner some good PR in terms of gender equity.

    Has someone reported Stern & Co. may be set to fold the WNBA tent soon?


  10. I was at the Wooden Center about 10 years ago and saw Leslie play against male high school basketball players. She of course wasn’t as good as them but she didn’t embarrass herself. Its not fair to women to compare them to men in basketball. You don’t compare little leaguers to major leaguers do you? I mean you shouldn’t at least. Just like you shouldn’t compare chocolate sauce to hot fudge, muffins to cupcakes, crack to cocaine, the Lakers to the Clippers or George W. Bush to Barack Obama. Somethings are just n different leagues.


  11. …wait… wait… I of course have one more…

    it’s like comparing Derek Fisher to a living, moving person.


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