Things To Be Thankful For

Kurt —  November 26, 2009

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Just a few of the things in the cornucopia that I am thankful for today:

I’m thankful that the biggest problems with my favorite team is they keep blowing part of those 30 point leads they build (29 other teams want that problem).

Kobe Bryant.

Living in a place where I am wearing shorts and flip flops on Thanksgiving day.

A wife that is my best friend. And puts up with this hobby that has grown into a really big, out of control hobby.

That Chris Wallace is General Manager in Memphis. Pretty much the same for the ownership group there.

The Kogi trucks.

Joe Jost’s.

Jerry Buss. (And the rest of the Buss family.)

The Showtime Lakers and all the fun they provided me.

John Wooden (and his youth basketball camps).

My daughters, who make me laugh and smile every day.

Derek Fisher in the clutch.

Andrew Bynum’s growth.

Good friends.

The Napa Valley and the Bordeaux region of France.

Thelonious Monk.

Magic Johnson.


All the great Lakers news you can find out on the Web that wasn’t available just five years ago. Like the Brothers Kamenetzky podcast with Spike Lee talking about everything (even his good movies, like Doin’ the Right Thing).

The other moderators and writers at this site (Darius, Zephid, Gatinho, Nomuskles, Bill Bridges), who provide so much great thought and discussion, for sharing all that with us.

Everybody who comes to this site and makes it a community. All of you make this a fun place to be where I learn something every day.

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  1. Warren Thanks you.

    And ditto that Kurt. Except I can’t wear flip flops and there are no Kogi trucks…

    good beer though


  2. Thankful for this site and all the hard work y’all put in. And for my family and friends, too. Of course.


  3. thanks FB&G, i learn everyday. πŸ˜€


  4. Thanks to Kurt for being a great virtual host and to the rest of the awesome contributors.

    Amen to the weather, hearing my friends talk about double digit snow drifts and single digit temps while preparing meals makes me appreciate the weather here even more.


  5. Monk!

    Thanks for the great site, Kurt!


  6. Thanks Kurt for the wonderful website!


  7. I’m going to add Dr. James Naismith to your list.

    Happy Thanksgiving Kurt & everyone!


  8. quite thankful for the insightful commentary and respectable lakers blog of Forum, Blue, and Gold… Great Job, Kurt.


  9. thankful for pau’s healthy hamstrings!


  10. lakers&dodgersfan November 26, 2009 at 10:17 am

    I’m thankful for Kobe Bryant’s partnership with Nike. They create awesome stuff, such as Zoom Kobe IV and Kobe shirts. Happy Thanksgiving!


  11. My short list:

    Single Malts

    Being married to my best friend

    Good video games

    Basketball! πŸ™‚

    And a blog like this were I can learn about basketball and talk about it almost non-stop.


  12. Thanks to Kurt for this wonderful blog, and thanks to everyone here in the community that makes FB&G special.


  13. I’m thankful for my rug, my excellent bowling ball, and In-N-Out Burger. Oh, and the Lakers, this blog, my parents, and Maude letting me help her conceive, man.


  14. Kurt, I’ve always been a huge fan of your blog here and I just want to say we are plenty thankful for your contributions in the Lakers community!

    Hope to see you again, soon my man! Happy Thanksgiving!


  15. ::fist bump::

    you just reminded me that today is about more than eating good grub and sinking into a serious food coma.



  16. thankful for this year and the next 2 to 3 years because –
    current status ‘ships all time – 2009
    Lakers titles – 15
    Celtics titles – 17

    after this year 2009/2010
    Lakers – 16
    Celtics – 17
    (after the Lakers defeat the Celtics in 6 games)
    they can feel us breathing down their necks!

    after next season 2010/2011
    Lakers – 17
    Celtics – 17
    (after the Lakers defeat the Cavs in 5)
    so much for the ‘bron/shaq combo, shaq retires to become a sheriff.

    and finally, after the season after that 2011/2012
    Lakers – 18
    Celtics – 17
    (beating whoever, doesn’t matter in the East any longer, can we say Dynasty?)
    we just got it in, beating the C’s for total titles, before the end of the world according to Roland Emrich, and the Mayans.
    what a way to go baby! just kidding, we know it has a (spoiler alert!) a happy ending, so we can carry on and get a few more with this core team intact.
    4 in a row, not too shabby.

    and, if we do win out as listed above, this gives one Kobe Bean Bryant 7 rings, one more than Mr MJ, so I guess that would also make him, (and the Lakers) all time greats.
    and the funny thing is, this isn’t that far fetched!


  17. Thankful to be alive, that my wife and children are happy and healthy, to have family that embraces the concept of family.

    Thankful to be present for the greatest era of Lakers basketball (9 Chips!!! and counting), at the outset of the internet era, living in a great city where they just hate our Lakers (I guess that could apply to every city but LA).

    To have a place to live that can be kept warm, to have food to eat, to have friends to share it with and booze to complement all of the above.

    That most days I can appreciate the path while knowing there are realistic expectations for a great destination.

    That I can read and comment on the musing analysis of Kurt, Bill Bridges, Darius, Gatinho, Kwame A., Nomuskles, Zephid and anybody else I might have missed.

    And Dude, after all the White Russians, how can you be so sure?


  18. i know this is OT, but man, I didn’t realize sasha was picked ahead of Ariza,


  19. I am thankful to my mother and stephfather for taking a snott nosed six year old to see his first pro basketball game live back in 1982. The guy wearing number 32 made me fall in love with this team and this game.

    I am thankful for my wife and my beautiful kids. Speaking of those kids, they may be toddlers but they already know who to root for. Daddy has trained them well!


  20. Three great kids (all in their 20’s now), 24 years and 331 days married to my beautiful wife.


  21. Jerry Buss
    Kobe Bryant
    Andrew Bynum
    Pau Gasol
    Ron Artest
    Lamar Odom
    Phil Jackson


  22. Thanks be to Kurt for the hosting of this amazing site, and to he and all of the regular contributors that provide us with such balanced, informative and entertaining analysis. Kurt, if you haven’t signed them up to FB&G exclusivity contracts I think you should get on it πŸ™‚

    Thanks also to the interweb, for allowing fans like me in Australia and all the international Lakers fans to feel just as informed, involved and excited as those driving the streets of SoCal with their Lakers car flags flapping.

    Thanks to Kobe for being an infinitely skilled assassin on the basketball court.


  23. Geez, I’m missing out on just about everything above since I *used* to live in CA, but now I’m in Korea.

    Still at least I get to share in on the fun here, so that’s one thing to be thankful about.

    Other than that, I’m thankful that this day and age makes it possible for us to truly, truly appreciate the effort put by players like Kobe. My appreciation of the game and him would have been very, very different without such access.

    Oh, and I’d like to add Fisher to the list above by Aaron πŸ˜‰


  24. Im definitely thankful for this blog, for the beautiful game of basketball, for the beautiful art of jazz, for art in general, for anything that rewards detailed analysis and thought and discussion, for damned good food and all the people who kindly make it for me and for the fact that Raider games are actually blacked out when I’m in Berkeley. And that I have a family to laugh at the raiders with when forced to watch them in LA


  25. Harold,
    Ha.. well done… there are several teams in the NBA that would agree with you. My new nickname for Fish is “The Great Equalizer.”


  26. In Argentina we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day, so I’ll write only about NBA things:

    Magic Johnson (the player who made me a Laker fan) / Kobe / Jerry West (my favourite historical player) / Showtime / Horry’s trey against the Kings / Van Exel / Threatt / Fishers clutch (specially the one in front of my beloved Manu Ginobili / 4Q against Blazers in GM 7 2000 / 2008/09 Laker team proving I was really wrong about their character / The Forum Blue And Gold and so many things I don’t remember right now…

    It’s great to be a Laker fan…


  27. Happy Turkey Day to all. Nothing beats 70 degrees, family, and overeating.

    A special thanks to Kurt for keeping this site going with great content and to all the thoughtful commenters that make this site so great to come to every day.


  28. Happy thanksgiving everybody.


  29. I’m thankful for:

    – FB&G (of course).
    – Kobe Bean Bryant.
    – The fact that in 2 weeks I’m landing in LA from Australia, and looking forward to my 2nd ever live Lakers game (the first was against the Bullets with a rookie Kobe in early 1997).
    – Family & friends.
    – And naturally the reason we’re all on this site: Our World Champion Los Angeles Lakers.


  30. I’m thankful that I don’t know much about basketball teams except for the Lakers and the Bulls, thus trimming down my chances of picking up the wrong team to root for..

    A work that allows me to browse this blog without worrying about getting fired..

    Sensible posters that made me realize that the Lakers and Kobe are also entitled to have off nights..


  31. FB&G, OCRegister’s Kevin Ding, and SB Nation Silver Screen and Roll


  32. the other Stephen November 26, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    thanks kurt and everyone else for making this such a great site! hope you all had a great thanksgiving!


  33. FB&G, carne asada burritos, airplanes, alcohol, hip hop, women


  34. FB&G and all the people that comment here, also that I am still alive after all that I have eaten today.


  35. Forum blue and gold and all its contributors. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has made FB&G a daily habit.

    Kobe Bryant. What a surreal experience seeing him live here in the Philippines. Maybe next time, a Lakers game live. will be in the works.

    World Champion Los Angeles Lakers.


  36. Family, Lakes, Single Malts… and Jerry Garcia πŸ™‚
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  37. 18. Careful man, there’s a beverage here!


  38. hahaha… i laughed when i saw the kogi mention! i love them too and how awesome would it be for them to be able to park outside after a game?