I’m Out — But You Can Be In At FB&G

Kurt —  January 29, 2010

And now the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case of which I’m certain

I’ve lived a life that’s full
I traveled each and every highway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way

I, Kurt Helin, am about to leave Forum Blue & Gold.

I tried about 256 ways to phrase that first sentence, but sometimes being direct is the best approach. Know first and foremost — this is a good thing for me and a good thing for the future of the site.

It’s good for me because I have been hired full time to start and write a new NBA blog for NBCSports.com. Not just Lakers but the entire league, and in a format that is proven to work (if done right). I feel like someone who got the call to head up to the majors — excited and a little bit nervous. But, like Nuke LaLoosh, I’ve practiced my cliches and learned to throw a punch with my non-typing hand (?) so I’m ready to go. You’ll hear and find out more about the blog when it launches on Feb. 8. But know that I am not disappearing, I will still be reading this site every day (and throwing in comments now and again).

The new blog is going to take up virtually all of my time, I couldn’t stay on here and do it right (plus, NBC doesn’t want me working for ESPN on the side anyway). After five years of building Forum Blue & Gold and living on this site every day, one thing I had to do was find the right person to take over the helm.

That is Darius.

The great basketball mind and long time amazing contributor to this site has agreed to step up and be the man. I couldn’t be happier, because I know he is going to do a great job and make this site even better, to help it evolve. I’ll let him talk about his own plans and goals, but I sort of picture him as Bono out in front of the band (and when I do that I’m picturing 1985, mullet and fur boots at Live Aid Bono).

But he wants more band members. That is where writers out there can come in.

Maybe you’re a master narrator who can compose a recap for the ages for even the most lopsided blowout. Or you might be a breakdown artist who loves dissecting the x’s & o’s. Or Are you a stat geek who wants to use all these cool advanced analytics to figure out what’s ailing the Lakers’ offense? A humorist who can tackle the most profound questions facing the team with gallows humor? Or you could be someone who just wants to add thoughtful observations to our community.

Send whatever you think we need to see (links, writing samples, proposals, references, errata) to lakersfans@forumblueandgold.com. And remember, I’ll be reading.



120 responses to I’m Out — But You Can Be In At FB&G

  1. Best of luck to you on your new endeavor. Being an LA expat our here in NJ and during my law school days in CT, I really appreciate how this site kept people like me in the Lakers loop.

  2. Wow. What a truly bittersweet announcement — I’m almost speechless. (I imagine a lot of us will be.)

    Kurt, what you’ve done with this here sight has been nothing short of remarkable. I’ve often joked that if I don’t get to FB&G before a game, or when I hear some news, or just when I feel like joshing with some fans, I feel completely lost. The two have truly become a single entity in my life, that is, the Lakers and Forum Blue & Gold — in all honesty and knowing this sounds kind of cliche, I can’t imagine being a Laker fan without your site, your cool-headed, good-humored approach to fandom, your knowledge, your A+ moderation. A million times, thank you.

    But of course we wish you the best of the luck with the new blog, which, if this site is any indication, will be top-class and must-read. And knowing that Darius will now hold the reins certainly stunts the blow a bit. So to both of you — congratulations.

    Please don’t be a stranger Kurt.

  3. Good luck. We all appreciate what you’ve done to build up this site to make it enjoyable for all Laker fans.

  4. I love that Darius is taking over, but, there is no doubt — we will miss you terribly.

    Thank you, Kurt, for establishing this blog and for all the rules you set up to keep it the best basketball blog out there.

    This is the first blog I have ever become addicted to and I have faith that Darius will keep up your fine tradition.

    I noticed the other day that Darius said, in a comment, ‘we will not stand for…’ in a comment about a response to one of your topics. I thought it strange and looked back to be sure you were the person writing the thread lead, not Darius. I guess that was the first clue.

  5. Congratulations! Your success is a comforting example for all of us that, if you try to do your best you will get rewarded. I am very happy for you Kurt.

  6. swedishmeatballs January 29, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Congratulations and good luck from Sweden!

    Make sure you link to your new blog at NBC when it’s up!

  7. Long time lurker here. Best of luck to you on the new job Kurt… we’re happy for your good fortune. Hopefully your ideals and dreams for this forum don’t go out with you on your way out to better things.

  8. Chownoir (was J) January 29, 2010 at 7:43 am

    Congratulations Kurt! Thanks for giving birth to this awesome site. Glad to see big things happening to you.

    I’m sure those established writers will light up into you for a while. But you’ll be okay. Be cocky and arrogant even when they beat you up, you’ve got to write with fear and arrogance. No not ignorance, arrogance!

  9. Congrats, Kurt, it won’t be the same without you but I’m glad you found something that I’m sure you’ll love doing. Just remember your roots! Heh, best of luck, man.

  10. Congrats Kurt! That’s amazing! You’ll surely be missed. I always liked reading your analysis on anything and everything Lakers. Darius is a great choice as well. I wish you best of luck at NBC and be sure to never forget is here at FB&G!

  11. Wow, did not expect this on my routine morning check of FB&G.
    The best of luck to you Kurt. Thank you for building and creating this site, and especially for doing it ‘your way’

  12. This one’s for KURT! (sorry Warren)

  13. What?! We’re letting you walk like a free agent? No sign and trade? No deal for Plaschke or MacLean and future draft picks? This is worse than an avulsion fracture.

  14. I’ve been following this site for about two years now (life long Laker fan now living in Boston) and it’s been a haven for me. As a basketball fan, the only games I can watch on a regular basis is the C’s on CSN forcing me to listen to Tommy Heinsohn which can drive a man crazy.

    But I digress…good luck Kurt at your new blog (I’ll make sure to read it everyday) and Darius has been a great contributor to this site.

    Good luck and hopefully, we’ll be celebrating our 16th World Championship in June.

  15. Congrats Kurt. Best of luck.

  16. Penston: Would you really want Plaschke? Big contract and his game is not what it once was. You think you hate Sasha’s deal….

  17. Kurt, outstanding!!! Leave us a link when it all gets setup so we can follow you to your new place too.

    Darius…run with it!!!

    Go Lake Show!

  18. Conrgats Kurt, thank you for creating a blog and site I enjoyed checking and going to everyday. I have no doubt you’ll be a success in the big leagues.

    Darius welcome to the driver’s seat, I’m excited to see what you can do because from your posts I can tell you’re a brilliant basketball mind. Congrats to you as well.

  19. Congrats on getting out of your day job! Well, I look foward to reading you on your new job then.

  20. Nostalgic for the past (already?!) and excited for the future.

    Awesome work always, Kurt. Congratulations!

    This will still be the go-to Lakers site! Looking forward to heavy doses of Darius.

    I hope the relationship with ESPN isn’t changing?

  21. you’ll be missed around these parts, but congrats on the new gig. I’ll definitely be subscribing to the new blog.

  22. First, thanks to Kurt for creating this community for all of us to enjoy over the last few years. He’s the world’s best Laker fan and a grade A basketball mind, so I’ll miss having him run the show. But I’m excited that he’ll be able to write about the game even more now.

    Second, Darius is the man and the site won’t skip a beat with him at the help. He’ll do an incredible job.

    Third, the final requirement for writing on the site is that you must hate Boston and be willing to forsake all to fight them.

  23. well done kurt

  24. Best of luck Kurt, it’s been a pleasure reading this site for years now.
    Thank you for starting what is one of the best blogs going.

  25. Chownoir (was J) January 29, 2010 at 8:34 am

    Plaschke has and always been a hack. I can’t figure out how he gets so many accolades. Used to love reading the Fire Joe Morgan site for they way they deconstructed the terrible writing and faulty logic.

    The site is still kept up, have fun reading the archives. I love how they ripped into bad analysts and writers.

    Kurt, I hope you blow up and become much bigger than Plaschke.

  26. Best of luck to you Kurt. This is by far the best Lakercentric blog. You’ve done a great job here and it’s not a surprise you got called up from the minors my man.

    Darius is a great choice. Best of luck to you too Darius as you move from major contributor to The Man.


  28. kurt

    your site has forever changed my life

    i need to tell you this before you go so u know how i feel

    i love u kurt. forever.







    AHAHAHA JK. but u will be sorely missed. congratulations on the fantastic opportunity…

  29. Well that was a sucker punch to the gonads.

    This was 1 thread I didn’t wanna post at all. I am no good with good-byes but I guess its not goodbye just farewell, and more like see you soon.

    WTF man, its bittersweet indeed. No offense to Darius but FB&G will never EVER be the same. I compare it to the Lakers having Joel and Stu… but there’ll always be just one Chick.

    Best of luck Kurt Helin.

    And hail Ye new leader Darius.

  30. Can I get a refund on my FB&G t-shirt?

    Is that a no?

    Thanks for everything– this site has been an inspiration for me. Best of luck in the mysterious future endeavor. And congrats to Darius.

    The king is dead. Love live the king.

  31. I know I haven’t posted on here in a very long time, but I just had to come back and say thanks for creating this Forum. It’s been a wonderful example of what a blog can be. Congrats on getting to write about basketball full-time. Good things happen to good, hardworking people!

  32. Kurt, I’m really happy that you “made it to the majors”. It’s long due and I can honestly say this is the best news the FB&G could get.

    You’ll do just fine and the site will be in capable hands… And I’m one of the original readers, so I know what I’m saying 😉

    I’ve been reading your posts for 5 years now and I’ll keep reading them in a new place (while still reading FB&G daily, as usual). You’ll have more readers now, but you’ll keep these for sure…


  33. Long time lurker, sporadic poster. Kurt, thanks for creating this great website for Laker fanatics. I check the site daily and have been an avid reader for several years. Good luck to you in the future. Let’s keep it rolling Darius!

  34. *crying* LOL

    congratulations kurt.
    thanks to you we have here the most intelligent and reasonable laker blog (no offense ssr, you rock). we’ll miss the strict moderating, man. LOL

  35. Congratulations Kurt, you deserve all the success the comes your way. You’ve created an amazing site, and an even more importantly, a real community here at FB&G (and on the internet, of all things!). We’ll all miss you, but the basketball world will be a better place with you contributing on a bigger forum. Best of luck!

  36. And I just started posting too!

    Good luck and congratulations Kurt!

  37. Only blog I ever read consistently.Good luck with new job(bet it pays lots better).
    Always intelligent comments.Love of Lakers always shone through.
    Think Darius will do good job.

    Adios Kurt

  38. Kurt – Congratulations!! You are an inspiration to someone like me who dreams of finding a profession linked with the NBA. Got to give you props on putting together a site that any die hard Lakers fan such as myself can love and follow throughout the season. Good luck with the new gig and if the NBA ever moves back to NBC, hope to see you on TV somehow.

  39. wow, like Warren, at first it felt like a punch to the gut.
    but, it’s really more like passing a baton to Darius, who we all know will do a great job.
    I remember now seeing a Kurt ‘facebook’ post saying he quit his job… now it all makes sense.
    congrats man! well done!
    we are gonna miss you dude.
    I guess I’ve been hanging around this site since the summer of 2004, so it’s been a nice long run, and it’s not over, just a mid-season adjustment.
    looking forward to seeing you still come around and impart your wisdom.
    don’t be a stranger, and best of luck, you deserve it!

  40. “NBA on NBC calling. Sorry Kurt, but we’re moving Leno to the play-by-play role.”

  41. Congrats…but this breaks my heart kind of. But good luck to you and your future endeavors

  42. Kurt:
    I appreciate your style, man. We’ll be keeping an eye on you.

    Good work so far. No pressure, but you have big shoes to fill.

  43. W o w. Now THERE’S a post . . .

    I’m a longtime (mostly ) lurker. But let me add my sentiment to the many above: what a great website you’ve created and continued, Kurt. So much that is .sports. is loud, dunderheaded and obvious. This site is an oddly relaxed, thoughtful place full of critical thinking – who’d’ve thunk that would apply to a home for incurable Lakerheads? A great and creative achievement. Will look forward to reading your new site.

    And the baton pass to Darius seems so obvious, in a perfectly composed and thoughtful way that is consistent with the ethos of LB&G.

    Looking forward to the futures of both sites.

  44. Kurt, I’ve told you this already, but seriously, thanks a ton for all of your effort here. You gave the TrueHoop Network credibility when it was brand new. A year later, in a different way, you’re giving the Network credibility again. Thanks for making us all look good, and best of luck.

    Darius, Pat B ain’t lying when he says you have some big shoes to fill … I’m excited to see it happen, though.

  45. Bitter/sweet news, great heir choice, but you’re going to be sorely missed around here, I expect the link for your blog posted here as soon as it starts running.

    Thx for everything Kurt.

    As the great Warren posted: Hail Ye new Leader Darius!!

  46. Thanks, Kurt, and congrats, Darius!

  47. I sort of feel the way I felt when I heard Magic was retiring, lost and dissapointed. Good Luck to you man.

  48. Wow! Congratulations. This is the ONLY blog I read and for good reason. I trust that that reason, or reasons really, (objectivity, professionalism, thoughtfulness, etc) will continue despite the huge void you leave and that you’ll still be able to enjoy being a (Lakers) fan now that you’re an official member of the media.

    Much thanks for creating and maintaining the best Lakers site on the net.

  49. Congratulations, Kurt! While we’ll all miss you here, I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the whole NBA.

    Super classy that Abbott showed up, although I still sort of hope the color scheme gave him hives. 😛

  50. Thanks for all the hard work, Kurt. Definitely the best Laker blog out there. You will be missed.

  51. Sweet! An NBA Blog without Henry’s anti-Kobe bias! (Henry, if you’re still reading, I still like your work. But truth is not a defense against bias).

    Kurt, I’ll read your new blog every day . Smart move, NBC.

  52. first off forum blue and gold has been the most educated and well run laker site out there. it is run with class and dignity just what i expect from laker fans. With Kurt at the helm it has been a wonderful ride. Congratulations Kurt and Darius!!

  53. Best of luck. We’ll be looking for you.

    One point: Credit the writer. That great lyric was composed by Paul Anka.

  54. Kurt, hard to believe it was just 5 years ago I found this site and started emailing you about the possibility of us getting JKidd. Years later the site gets picked up by ESPN, we win another ring and then you get your own gig at NBC.

    Truly a success story that my friends and coworkers envy. Just goes to show that doing what you love and being passionate about it really does pay off. Hats off to you….

  55. Just wanted to say thank you Kurt for creating such a wonderful website. Being in DC this is a huge source of my Lakers’ fandom. Good luck!

  56. Only been a frequent visitor of this great blog/site for about a year now. Always enjoyed the great insight not only from you, but from the community here at FB&G. Good luck to you Kurt.

  57. San Clemente Steve January 29, 2010 at 11:15 am


    A most heartfelt congratulations to you! As many have already mentioned, we are indebted to you for creating and better yet, sustaining, a site that fed our hearts, minds, and passion for all things Lakers. I would never begrudge anyone a chance to follow their dreams, let alone be paid for it, so I wish you nothing but success and continued excellence!


    The Torch is passed to you and my confidence is high that it will burn brightly under your lead.

  58. Wow, it is a shame to see you leave. I love the content and tone of this blog, and I am glad Darius was willing to step up and keep the Lakeraide flowing. Thank you for all the time and effort you invested over the years. I am sure we will all enjoy your future blog almost as much as we enjoy this one.

  59. Congratulations… But now who will my answer my posts on Daily Dime??? The K brothers ignore me!

    And you better have Laker Bias on your nbc site! Cuz if you don’t the comments on this site will not be kind.

    “Kurt seems to have lost his touch out there in NBC.”


  60. Kurt,

    I’ve been visiting this site for several years now but never posted a comment. Visiting FB&G has been part of my daily routine and watching a Laker game feels incomplete without reading the game previews. I’ve always admired how you’ve managed to keep the discussion focused and intelligent.

    Congratulations and best of luck to you 🙂

  61. Congrats Kurt!

    We’ll get to see how vigilant Darius is with the trade talk ; )

  62. Best of luck to you. Congrats!

  63. Kurt & Darius,

    Congrats to the both of you.

    Everyone is leaving. KamBros- LA Times to ESPN. Josh Tucker left Silver Screen and Roll. Now Kurt. I thought it was impossible for ESPN to lose something. They only grow.

  64. Kurt.

    FB&G is probably the most “controlled” basketball blog. Language, behaviour, speculation all edited and controlled by you. Paradoxically, such limits created a civilized space that welcomed ideas and not rhetoric. An intelligent oasis free from the venom infecting other sites. Thank you Kurt for what you created. And thanks to Darius; I know it isn’t going to be easy. Count me in to help.

    And good luck.

  65. Seriously, thank you all so much, you are far too kind. What made this site fun and work for me was the community and the discussions here. It really is a discussion, one where I learned and grew in my basketball knowledge and enjoyment because of all of you. All your generosity in this post moves me more than you know. I’m going to miss being in the middle of that, but I’ll still be around and comment.

    And I’ll still be posting some for the next week or so, as we transition over. You’re not totally rid of me yet (sort of like the termites in my house, but that’s another story). I’ll be here to watch us whoop the Celtics Sunday, and there is no place I’d rather be.

  66. Sorry to hear you’re leaving Kurt. Best of luck over at NBC. I look forward to seeing you at Fox 13 months from now.

    Somebody needs to let the team know they’d better win the Celts game to send you out on a high note!

  67. Wow, great news all around. Not that it’s great to lose you around these parts, Kurt, but it’s great news seeing a friend (and we all feel like you’re our friend) succeed and take advantage of well-deserved, hard-earned opportunities. Mazel tov!

    On your way out the door, please turn out the lights before the eggs cool, the butter gets hard, and the jell-o jiggles.

  68. Dude this blows. Keep bringing it – the world and my browser will find you wherever you go Kurt. (not in a creepy way)

  69. Congratulations to both Kurt & Darius; and Kurt, no point in throwing in anothe cliche, so best of luck in all your future endeavours.

  70. All great institutions are founded by great passion and great leadership. Kurt, you’ve embodied both of those qualities in pushing FB&G to what it is today: the best Lakers blog on the web. I know that you’ll continue your quality work at NBC, so I’ll be among your devoted readers from day one.

    You’ve left FB&G in the best of care with Darius at the helm; there’s no better man for the job. It’ll be a transition, but Darius will have the support of myself, all the regulars here, and numerous readers answering your “call-to-arms.” We hope to be able to continue the high quality of work that you have consistently produced, quality that has come to be expected from FB&G.

  71. Congratulations! I love this site and am sad to see the creator go, but, Darius is one of my favorite posters, so, I think the quality will be just as good.

    And if he keeps the same control and the same rules (I HATE TRADE RUMOR TALK!!!), then, this will continue being the same site I love.

  72. I’ve put up a quick post about this transition. But please, continue to shower Kurt with all the accolades and compliments that he deserves.

    New post is here: http://www.forumblueandgold.com/2010/01/29/the-transition-game/

  73. I want in. I havent blogged in a few years but click the name thats my old blog

  74. Kurt, thank you for your dedication and the hard work you’ve put in that go unnoticed.

    Best of luck to you in your new job. Please provide the link on FB&G here so I know where to follow!

  75. So can I blindly write “KOBE RULZ!!” without threat of deletion now?


    Congrats, Kurt.

  76. best of luck kurt (and maybe a secret guest post here from time to time – we won’t tell).

    i haven’t left a comment in quite some time but i’ve been reading this site daily for 3 years now and couldn’t ask for a better community – i love what you’ve built here and look forward to it continuing with darius at the helm!

  77. Congratulations Kurt. This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity for a writer. A paid, full-time gig. You’re the guy who deserves it, with all the time, energy, and talent you’ve invested. Keep it up, bro. Good luck to Darius, you’re a class act, too!

  78. Best of luck, this is the site that opened up my world to Blogs and their benefits. I’ve visited many sites and I always hold this site as the Standard.

    The community you have built here is nothing short of amazing. The fact the conversations here are always so intellectual and not juvenile is amazing.

    There are other sport blogs/forums out there that you have sift through tons and tons of crap to find something worth reading, while here every post and every comment is worth reading.

    Darius, I always thought you should have your own blog, and now I guess you do. I know the quality here won’t drop with you at the helm, but Kurt you did an amazing job and all the nice things being said in all the comments are dead on and accurate. You deserve this opportunity you have gotten and I wish you the best.

  79. Kurt,
    This is my first post, but I have been reading the site for almost two years now. I had to say thank you so much for this unbelievable site. I have learned more about basketball and the Lakers through your words and thoughts than I have watching the game for the last 25+ years. I hate that you are leaving, but I also look forward to your new blog, so maybe this will be a good thing. We all know that Darius is more than qualified to take over as the captain. I guess now I will have two sites to read everyday. Things could be worse…

  80. Hi Kurt,
    Been reading Forum Blue & Gold a little over a year. Have truly enjoyed it. A Laker fan here in Memphis Grizzlies country. Hope everything goes well in your new endeavor. I agree with wondahop (Everyone is leaving. KamBros- LA Times to ESPN. Josh Tucker left Silver Screen and Roll. Now Kurt. I thought it was impossible for ESPN to lose something. They only grow.) Laker blog writers doing well, that’s a good thing

  81. The Dude Abides January 29, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Simply put, this is the highest quality NBA blog, in my opinion, and that’s a testament to you, Kurt.

  82. Thanks for all of the help and advice over the past few months. I appreciate your willingness and honesty in all you’ve shown me. We all like to casually call ourselves “bloggers,” but we pale in comparison to the example you have set. Best of luck! Go Lakers!

  83. Kurt,
    Congratulations on the new job. I will be looking forward to checking out the new blog

    Thanks for making FB&G one of the best basketball blogs

  84. FG&B was a big part of my Laker championship experience last year. Many thanks to Kurt and best wishes to you in your new job. Sad to see you go, but happy that you’re moving to a bigger pond.

  85. Oh man.

    This is a lot like watching your favorite player retire and get into the HOF.


    Good luck though, and congrats!

  86. Kurt, I am very sad to see you go. FB&G has been a daily part of my life for two years now. Thank you for making my favorite team and favorite sport even more enjoyable. Good luck!

  87. Congratulations Kurt. You’ve built an amazing community here at FB&G. I’m sad to see you go, but happy for you as well.
    I know you are going to be successful at NBC. I look forward to reading your new blog.

  88. Best of luck Kurt, you deserve whatever comes your way for the great work you put into this blog.

    I’m sure Darius will maintain the high standards we’ve become accustomed to here.

  89. Kurt,

    First and foremost, congratulations on the new job and I wish you all the luck in the world in your new endeavor.

    As a recent newcomer to this site who has just finally settled into the feel of this blog and its community, it’s sad to see you go as I really enjoyed your rational analysis of all things Lakers. But alas, things change. So I wanted to say thanks for doing such a bang up job here on this site.

    Best wishes on your new gig!

  90. Thanks for everything Kurt. Congrats, best of luck, and keep up the good work.

  91. I’ve been lurking around this blog for about a year now, and I wanted my first post to be special, or at the very least keep up with the standard that has been on display (on both blog posts and comments). I hope this will satisfy both:

    Kurt, thank you for providing wonderful insight and entertainment here in FB&G. It’s become my routine to check this site during every Laker game. Best of luck to you, and Darius as well.

  92. Kudos to you Kurt. Been a follower of this blog for 4.5 years now….and will continue to do so. Best of luck in your new gig.

    As for Darius, couldn’t think of a better choice. He was the first person I thought of (although, Reed is a bad ass as well!) and I look forward to him carry the torch.

  93. The best of luck, Kurt. Thanks for the site. You will be missed.

  94. I got chills reading this post. Kurt, you will be missed. Thank you for making this THE Lakers site to go to.

    Congratulations, Darius! I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job.

  95. Dunk Specialist January 29, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    Man it feels like Magic retiring. I guess that make Darius Kobe. Kurt you are awesome and I wish you the best at you new site.

  96. I’ve been reading this site almost everyday for the last 4-5yrs. Thank you Kurt for the site, your level headedness, all your work, time and the community you’ve built here.

    Congratulations on your new gig. I think nbc will be very please as you’ve got a following. Just drop a link.

  97. Kurt, all the best for your new blog!

    Being a German Laker fan, it’s hard to catch a few games per season because they are on at 2 a.m. or later. But this forum has helped me stay informed and attached to the team dear to my heart.

    Half of my gratitude for that goes to all the readers/commenters and occasional posters, but the other half belongs to you for creating such a quality site.

    Make sure to leave your mark in a different role here, and also let us know where to find you online, whether writing about the Lakers or the Celtics (and their premature play-off exit).

  98. The one day I don’t turn my laptop on, this happens.

    Kurt – just want to thank you, truly, for the masterpiece you’ve created here. For bloggers like you who invest so much time outside of their regular jobs, it’s great to see you rewarded like this. I’ll of course continue to be a regular reader.

    Can’t imagine a better person to take over than Darius. I’ve always thought of Kurt and Darius as co-presidents of this site, and I know FBaG isn’t going to miss a beat.

    Can’t wait to see the new blog, and check out some of your writings about other teams.

  99. Kurt, thanks for your all your unseen hardwork to create and maintain this site. Congratulations for being able to pursue your dream. I hope you will find true happiness in being able to do what you love to do.

    All the success of the site was possible because you were so patient, levelheaded, and analytical as a Laker fan and the moderator of the discussion. Many of the great contributors were able to reach their full potential because the dialogues here were almost always intelligent, reasonable, and passionate. It was so refreshing to read great comments after great comments here after getting sick and tired of idiotic comments that are so prevalent in many national sites. I hope your style of passionate objectivity continues at your new blog, and I will definitely follow that as well. Best of luck to you, sir!

  100. Kurt,
    I can’t say anything more than what has been said already…. So I wont. One word though… Class.

  101. Kudos to Kurt for setting the bar for the sports blog. It was inevitable as you can tell from the comments that you were destined for bigger and better things. It’s nice to know that the truly deserving get their due in this world. FB&G’s lost is certainly NBC’s gain.

    Darius you are the natural successor and worthy in your own right. Congrats and best of luck!

  102. Congrats Kurt. Thanks for years of providing top-notch quality analysis here at FB&G, and providing a cool head (with the corresponding guarded optimism and cynicism, and I mean this in the best possible way) for the fantastic discussions that have graced this site in the past few years. May fortune smile on wherever your path takes you (or for the moment, on your NBC work).

    And congrats to Darius, who can be nothing less than the best possible successor for this job.

  103. Best of luck, Kurt. *salutes*

  104. Kurt, I am so very, very happy for you at this moment, you earned this new opportunity at running a blog about the entire NBA, this is just great news for all of us, your friends forever in cyberspace…

    I have been a little choked up as I am going through the comments here tonight, in a very good way though, you are liked by so many because of the FB&G blog that you created and ran. This was the first blog that I ever visited, read and commented at a few years ago, I was attracted to it by the community here and the person running it.

    Darius, congratulations to you also, FB&G is in very good hands with you! Now it looks like I will have two blogs to visit and read, every single day.

    “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.” ~ Robert Frost

  105. Congrads!
    But,congrads to us as well.
    First because Kurt has picked a worthy successor to keep FB&G rolling.
    Second we get a shiny new site dedicated to a sport we love.

  106. Hillary Ocholla January 29, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    All the best to you and, your family as you take on a new career Kurt.

  107. Man, this is like a warm-up for when Kobe decides to ever end his career with the Lakers, which goes to show what you mean to this place Kurt.

    Your insight and subjectivity toward the game is what really made this community so good, and will no doubt keep it going. Thank you for making one of, if not the best, basketball blogs in whole interwebs. Congrats Kurt, and bust of luck!

    Hopefully Leno doesn’t take your job at NBC in seven months!

  108. Hopefully Leno doesn’t take your job at NBC in seven months!

    lmao Karl FTW

  109. Kurt, I love the FB&G, it’s the only blog I visit every day.

    You’re the one who made me feel like a LA citizen or nearer, and you help to a big part of the fan base to keep confident in our team…

    You earned this opportunity and I hope the best for you. I’ll always be waiting for your comments and I’ll be reading your stuff at the NBC.

    I hope this changes arrive with a new banner in the Staples!!!

    See ya men

  110. keepon_keepinon18 January 29, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Good luck Kurt, thanks for all the good reads I’ve had on this site. Go Lakers!

  111. This is probably my favorite blog on the entire internet. I’m sad to see you go, Kurt, but am happy knowing that a) you’re moving on to even better things and b) FB&G will remain in good hands.

  112. Hi Kurt,

    I’m not convinced that we will ever totally be rid of you. Won’t you at least cheat once in awhile while on the job? Should we be watching for those anonymous posts, or will you use an alias?

    Just remember us when you feel bored with your day job. We’ll be here, you know.

  113. Drrayeye, I will be checking in and leaving comments, I could never totally walk away. but you are right that after Feb. 8 I could not post (a full story) here under my name. So, if you see a post from Maya Buttreeks or Wayne Kerr you’ll know.

  114. hey Kurt how about this moniker/alias –

    Urassis Draggon

    (your ass is draggin’)

  115. Kurt,
    Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for your creation. It’s been such a pleasure having our own safe place to enact our “Around the Horn” fantasies. Take care and best wishes with your new endeavor.

  116. Greetings all!
    I’m a regular reader of this awesome blog for over a two years but this is my first post,i just had to give kudos to Kurt.I wish You all the best on you new job.I’ll always be grateful to you for making it possible for me to feel connected to the Laker community through this site although i live half the way around the world.This blog is really a pure joy to read,it gathers a excellent group of people with significant basketball knowledge from whom i learned a lot.Tonight i will again be online reading the comments during the Celtics game ,together with all of you,watching nervously all the bad and good plays that will happen.
    Thank you Kurt,thanks everybody from a Laker fan from Croatia!Go Lakers!


    P.S. i apologize if my English is bad,it’s my third language.

  117. Kurt, I barely knew ye. I just found your blog this season and I love it – you’re such a precise, thorough writer, dude! Like, I am truly impressed at how you’re able to consistently writer game preview’s and trend analysis and the like with such on-the-ball accuracy and intriguing insight, making connections and looking at the right stats. I’ll try to keep up with you at your new headquarters at nbcsports.com! Good luck, man I’m sure you’ll do well and keep moving forward in your career 🙂

  118. Well, I’m just a couple weeks late, but I still want to thank Kurt for this amazing community you’ve established and the high standards that have been maintained here. Hands-down the best Lakers blog on the web, so thank you, and congrats on your new gig!

    Darius, keep up the great work, and let’s all continue to make FB&G the awesome place that it is!