Fast Break Thoughts: Morning Links

Darius Soriano —  February 10, 2010

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Some morning links to tie you over until the game

*We’re winding down to the All-Star break and the Lakers will play their last game before some much needed rest tonight against the Jazz.  For those counting at home, tonight will be the Lakers’ 14th game in 24 days and they have not had more than one day off in a row since they traveled from LA to Cleveland to start the Grammy Trip.  I’m surprised more Lakers don’t look like Dirk in this picture (or Ammo in the one above).

*In the last couple of games, we’ve all seen a revitalized Lamar Odom.  Apparently, he’s changed his diet.  I think we know why he’s been dunking more lately. (Hat Tip to Ball Don’t Lie)

*The trade deadline is still more than a week away.  We’ve covered this topic before in this space.  But Pincus is bringing you his most recent thoughts on what the Lakers might be thinking as the deadline approaches.

*Forget the trade deadline, though.  Some have already moved on to potential matchups in the playoffs.  My take on this?  I’m not sure if the Lakers are yet a “lock” to win the West (there still is a fair amount of season left to play), but whoever the Lakers play, I don’t expect a cakewalk.  If the playoffs started today, the Lakers would face Portland (yikes).  But with only 4.5 games separating the 5th and 11th seeds in the West, the opponent could be anyone, litterally.

*You want Kobe to sit out?  You want him to play?  You think he’d be better off retiring tomorrow to join the front office? The K-Bros poll at Land O’ Lakers is for you!

*UPDATED:  Go check out Kurt’s take on Plaschke’s latest “article”.  As usual, I agree with what Kurt is saying on this one.  Plaschke may not envision fans being upset when Phil decides he’d rather write books on his ranch in Montana, but I (and many, many other fans will be).  How can you not love the guy that brought you four titles and six trips to the Finals?  How could not love the guy that got a team with Kwame and Smush to the playoffs?

Darius Soriano

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  1. 1st post baby!


  2. The Jazz played last night. So tonight’s game is the second of a back to back for them. Even if we are without Kobe and Bynum, this is one factor in our favor.


  3. I’m a huge NBA fan and don’t see real excitement from people like there was about the NFL season and throughout the playoffs. This has a lot to do with the predictability of the NBA. Just about everyone has the Lakers vs Cavs/Celtics/Magic pegged as the finals matchup. The excitement about the NFL is that although the Colts and Saints where the #1 seeds, they weren’t exactly the favorites.

    This is why I am hoping for 1 or 2 big upsets in the playoffs this year (Hopefully not involving the Lakers). Maybe Oklahoma City beating Denver in a first round matchup, or the Hawks beating Cleveland in a 2nd round matchup. I’m just a big NBA fan that hopes others are getting excited about the second half of the season as I am.


  4. Is the Plaschke article worth reading? I’ve been ignoring everything Plaschke for the last several months and it’s been nice.


  5. I too would love some big upset in the postseason. I don’t know anyone who dislikes upsets, aside from when it happens to their own team, haha. But I think the NBA doesn’t get the same buzz as football is because, like baseball and hockey, the season is so long. Football is over in 4 months – and with only 16 games before the playoffs, every injury and every game matters just a little more. In the NBA we have seen teams cruise through the regular season – See Lakers 2001-2002, Spurs 2005 and 2007 – and in the NFL that isn’t really possible. All that said, I like the NBA more, and think the potential for a number of upsets are looming.
    For example, how are the Cavs gonna handle Hack-a-Shaq this postseason, it will completely take Lebron out of the game and could provide a catalyst for any team. And if they take shaq out – especially against the likes of Orlando or Boston, they are at a matchup disadvantage. So all that should be very exciting.


  6. Rudy, I too hope cleveland gets upset- any round will do :/


  7. Now I have to get mad at Darius and Kurt for making my curiosity peak, thereby leading me to read Plaschke’s latest steaming pile of browness.

    He’s like Simmons — watching an exchange between two people whose relationship is a million times more involved than any 10 seconds on TV could reveal, then presuming he can interpret said exchange as some sort of window in how said individuals really feel about one another.

    Simmons loves to pretend he knows how Kobe’s teammates react to him, and now Plaschke’s pretending to know what Pau thinks of Phil.

    It’s funny that the only one’s you hear crying about Phil “lacking” are Plaschke and Simers, both of whom need to come up with something contrarian in the hope that people will read their columns.


  8. Football is much easier to have an upset because its sudden death. Most other sport playoffs are “series” where 1 loss wont do you in. Id say wishing for a more “football-esq” upset is a pipe dream.

    Its nice for motivation but sucks with the 1 and done concept.


  9. For those who don’t believe me when I say I actually thought Derek Fisher was an average NBA PG years ago…. The Answer were the years 1996 – 2001


  10. IheartLA – While I agree that playoff “series” do make it very difficult to get upsets, I don’t think it’s a pipe dream. Did anyone expect the Orlando Magic to beat the Celtics and Cavs last year in the playoffs to get to the finals?


  11. I love Kurt’s take on Plaschke’s article on PJ. The last line about mastering Zen is hilarious. Good Work!

    If PJ wants love from LA, maybe he has to grease his hair more like Riley did.

    PJ is simply too smart and has too much wisdom to get caught up in the glamour and vanity of LA.