A Lifetime of Giving

Gatinho —  April 10, 2010

Magic“We are the communities we serve.” -Magic Johnson

On Sunday, April 11th, 2010, The Toberman Neighborhood Center will be presenting Earvin “Magic” Johnson with their Humanitarian of the Year Award.

The event will be held at the Manhattan Beach Marriot.

Magic’s on court heroics crafted many indelible memories for Laker fans, but his off the court work has had an impact that supersedes any rings or honors attained on the 94-foot-hunk-of-hardwood.

The Magic Johnson Foundation is one that is multifaceted and reaches into communities in a multitude of ways, from providing technology for under-served youths through his Empowerment Centers, to organizing job fairs, and providing scholarships, to educating diverse communities on the realities of those most effected by HIV.

Through Magic Johnson Enterprises he has built movie theaters, Starbucks, 24 Hour Fitness, and TGI Fridays in the communities that were historically ignored by larger franchises.

“I started in business over 25 years ago and have found a way to build on what I’ve learned through every partnership and opportunity. I’ve tried a lot of different things—some have worked out well, some have not—but I’ve stay committed to my goal to develop and grow a successful business and in the process I’ve found a way to give back through the Magic Johnson Foundation, which has meant all the difference.”

Other Laker luminaries and personalities are also expected to be present including Jerry West, Bill Sharman, Gary Vitti, James Worthy, Mychal Thompson, and Stu Lantz.



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  1. A well deserved award for Magic. He does an incredible amount for the community.


  2. Is Stu Lantz a ‘luminary’ or a ‘personality’?



  3. Chownoir (was J) April 10, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    He’s definitely a personality. Although he was a 20 point game scorer back in his day. Is that strong enough to make him a luminary?

    I love Magic. I grew up with Magic. Just like Phillip mentioned in his last post how he grew up with Kobe, I did the same with Magic and feel the same way about Magic. I’ve been extremely fortunate to watch Magic and Kobe breaking in as youngsters and being along in the journey as they’ve grown into champions and all time greats. Two of my favorite Lakers. All time talents combined with all time work ethics with profound respect for the game and it’s history.

    I can only hope that Kobe gives back to the Lakers and LA even half as much as Magic has done. I’d love to see Kobe continue to have a positive lasting impact on the franchise and LA after he retires just like Magic has done.


  4. Mike Penberthy April 10, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    Ok, FWIW here’s what’s gonna happen in the playoffs. Lakers will go through the west fairly easy. Only one series will go 6 games. Cavs on the other hand will struggle somewhat, but will still make the finals.
    Before the finals everybody (the media) will proclaim Lakers heavy the favourites. However the Cavs will beat them fairly easily in 5. It will be similar to the finals agains Boston 2 years ago.


  5. i dont wanna feed the troll, but im sure the cavs will be favored over the lakers by the sports media

    and on side note, we can almost lock up portland in the first round with a win tomorrow since the spurs will win against the nuggets. just need okc to beat them on monday to make sure of it.


  6. Not feeling you Mike. Cavs will have easy first 2 rounds then go 7 with Orlando.

    Lakers will go 6 or 7 in every series. Spurs beating Denver today is huge because Lakers could well have gone 7 or lost to Spurs. Smart team with smart coach and we have the worst point gurard in the league and they have one of the best. I only hope Phil understand that and dosen’t play our D league bench tomorrow. We need to beat Portland or we see Spurs in 1st round.


  7. cavs are favored over lakers even here mate. given the poor play/execution/injuries of late.. objectively speaking anyway.