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Darius Soriano —  May 19, 2010

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 Phillip is working on his short game this morning so you guys are stuck with the pure randomness of my scattered mind for this morning’s links. Enjoy…

*The big news around the Lakers/Suns series is that a certain all-star big man that wears shades and likes the ‘Art of War’ said that Lamar Odom had a lucky game when he went off for 19 and 19 in game one.  I really don’t know if Odom gets motivated by things like this, but if he does and can channel whatever he’s feeling into positive play I think STAT made a mistake on this one.  Odom’s a pretty humble guy, but he’s also prideful in his ability and his game.  From a Lakers’ perspective, here’s hoping that LO comes ready to play again because we all know the difference he can make when he’s playing well.

*Speaking of Amar’e, the Lakers exploited him on Monday.  You want to know how?  Go check out Land O’ Lakers as they give us 5 ways that LA took advantage of Stoudemire.

*And not to continue to harp on Amar’e, but he had 3 rebounds in 34 minutes game 1.  Bynum, in his 19 minutes and with a balky knee had 4.  Hopefully, with Bynum saying that he feels fine and that the swelling is down in his knee, he can bring even more to the table in tonight’s game 2.

*But the story from game 1 wasn’t Bynum (or even LO or STAT).  The story was Kobe and how he demolished the Suns’ defense to the tune of 40 points.  Even though Alvin Gentry said the Suns could “live” with Kobe getting those points, I’m pretty sure that’s code for “40 points is too many” and he’ll definitely be looking to slow down #24 tonight.  So, the Lakers are preparing to see a variety of different schemes tonight including some zone and hard double teams. (Hat tip to TrueHoop.)

*I’m a little late on these but since we’re talking about the past, maybe it doesn’t matter.  Check out Roland Lazenby’s latest on why the great Elgin Baylor (despite never winning a title) may be the all-time playoff MVP and then after that go check out more Land O’ Lakers as they’re taking a look at the top 10 Lakers playoff moments.  They’ve already looked at a classic Shaq performance and one of the Logo’s great clutch plays.

*Speaking of the past, Undrcrwn has put up a few classic pictures for their morning inspiration.  I don’t know about you, but they put a smile on my face.  Ahh, the good old days.

*Bringing it back to the present for a moment, Shannon Brown’s dunk attempt has been the talk of the internet for the past day and a half.  Can you imagine if he made it?  Let the record show that Shannon says if he would have focussed on the rim sooner, he would have made the basket

*I’ve tried to keep the links Laker heavy, but I can’t wrap up without giving a word of congratulations to the Washington Wizards for winning the draft lotterly last night.  They now have the right to draft whoever they want (John Wall) and start anew with their rebuilding efforts.  Lets hope that this #1 overall pick turns out better than their last one.  (Although, that guy did help us get our big Spaniard so I’m glad in some ways that it all played out the way it did with Kwame.  See, I knew I could bring it back to the Lakers.)

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