Free Agency, Summer League, and More

Darius Soriano —  July 6, 2010

Jun. 09, 2010 - Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES - epa02194092 Los Angeles Lakers' Derek Fisher during practice at TD Gardens in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 09 June 2010. The Lakers lead the series over the Boston Celtics 2-1 in a best of seven games NBA Finals.

With it being a bit of a slow news day around the Lakers, it’s time to take a look around the league and see what’s going on in the rest of the NBA world…

*The Lakers have posted their roster and schedule for the upcoming Summer League in Las Vegas.  This is a list that has been floating around for a few days, but it’s good to see this right from the horses mouth.  One name that’s notably absent is Javaris Crittenton who was reportedly going to play for the Lakers in Vegas.  That is seemingly not (or no longer) the case.  The last I heard (which was before the holiday weekend) Crittenton’s agent said that his client had yet to commit to playing Summer ball and surely had not yet chosen which team he would play for if he did suit up.  So, with that up in the air, we should get used to the idea of Critt not joining the Lakers this summer or next season.  And, for me, that’s a shame.  I was hopeful the Lakers could get Javaris back into the fold and hopefully restart his career and development process with the Lakers.  And while that’s still a possibility, I’m less hopeful if he doesn’t actually join the team this summer.  Any team that picks him up would want to see him in some game action and since he’s still such a young player, some summer action would give everyone that chance.  We’ll follow this situation and give updates when we get them, but for now, it looks like Critt won’t be wearing a Lakers jersey.

*However, there are some interesting names on that list of invitees.  Gerald Green and Rob Kurz are players with NBA experience and enough talent to play in the league.  And, they actually play positions (Green – SG/SF, Kurz – PF) that the Lakers have needs still to fill on their roster.  Plus, Lakers’ draftees Devin Ebanks and Derek Carracter are going to suit up.  I actually think it will be an interesting “competition” to see if the veteran players outperform the Lakers’ rookies as that could make an impact on roster decisions as we get deeper into the summer.  If Kurz plays a lot better than Carracter will that spell doom for the #58 pick?  If Ebanks can play as well or better than Green, doesn’t that make him a lock to make the team?  What if Green plays extremely well – will he be the extra wing player that the Lakers grab?  I don’t know the answer to these questions or if they’ll even happen but I’ll be watching closely to see.  And no, I won’t be in Vegas (so no first hand takes from the stands this year), but I will be watching online (click the link and you can too). 

*Despite the fact that summer league is getting started and there are actual NBA games on, the focus is still on free agency.  If you want a good place to follow all the agreements and the latest news as to where players are leaning, you can’t do much better than Pro Basketball Talk’s “top 25 free agent tracker” post that Kurt is updating daily (sometimes multiple times, daily).  In it, you’ll see that despite there not being a lot of movement at the top with Lebron, Wade, and Bosh still all undecided, we’ve already seen a fair amount of deals agreed to.  Pierce, Dirk, Amar’e, Rudy Gay, and Joe Johnson all look to have agreed to terms with teams (with Amar’e being the only guy that left his old team to join a new one – the Knicks).  Salmons, has also agreed to terms and a few other players are close to getting a new deal signed.

*One piece of interesting free agent news is Shaq potentially getting a contract offer from the Hawks.  I’m neither for or against this move for either side.  At this point in his career, Shaq is who he is and will help with an offensive post presence and can still defend stationary players and rebound reasonably well.  He’ll hurt his team in other ways, but at least he’s a known commodity and a team could do worse than signing the deisel as a back up Center (or starter that plays limited minutes).  But, I’m more interested in this deal because this would completely cement Shaq as one of the NBA’s best players that also happened to be a vagabond.  The Hawks would be Shaq’s 6th team.  That’s a lot of unis for one of the league’s “best ever” to have worn (and Shaq is one of the game’s best ever).  No one will ever be able to take away what Shaq’s done in this league – the championships, the MVP awards (league and Finals), and the complete dominance his showed during his peak – but to have gotten around as much as he did, I don’t know how that will impact his legacy.  Maybe it won’t at all, but I think it’s a question that will get asked 15 years from now when looking back at Shaq’s career.

*And it wouldn’t be a free agent update without exploring what’s going on with the Lakers.  Derek Fisher is still unsigned and it looks like the parties are still a bit apart on getting a deal hammered out.  If you ask Fish (and Ramona Shelburne did– h/t to Land O’ Lakers) he’d say that there aren’t any players on the market that can provide the Lakers with what he does.  And, to a certain extent, I agree with that as Fisher is a leader in a locker room of some out-sized personalities and his experience and stature with the team are irreplaceable.  That said, putting a price tag on that value will be tricky and it’s situations like these why I try not to knock general managers too often.  They’ve got a tough gig and I don’t envy them.  Anyone can play armchair GM and assemble a roster on paper that’s a world beater, but there are players like Fisher that transcend stats and provide so much to team besides on court production.  Deciding what that’s actually worth is something that I’m glad I don’t have to do this summer.

*Lastly, I’m still planning on doing a mailbag for Forum Blue and Gold.  All you have to do is send me some questions and I’ll pick and choose some to get answered in a post for the site.  I’m happy to touch on any Lakers topics or even other questions from around the league if that’s your cup of tea.  All you have to do is email me and in the subject line write “mailbag question”.  I’ll try to do this at least once a month (or more depending on the volume of questions), so drop me a line and we’ll go from there.

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to Free Agency, Summer League, and More

  1. If the Lakers have some interest, I just don’t get what Crit and his agent are waiting for. His value is practically zero for other clubs and even a summer league and training camp appearance would get his skills out there with other clubs. The GMs will surely pay close attention to the Laker discards, as they may be able to make other, thinner clubs.


  2. Dude, Fisher is one ripped man. After basketball, he should do a Fisher 90X workout video, work for the Lakers front office, and run for U.S. President.

    As to Critt, wonder if his decisions are driven by him or his agent. I can see his agent saying that he can try to get a long-term contract in this crazy market. But like Darius said, who in their right mind would invest money in Critt when he’s showing questionable judgment?

    The remaining $1.8 mil in the MLE is intruiging as well. Who gets a chance to chase a ring? And I’m finally at 100% peace about the Blake signing, especially after reading this article re: Mike Miller.


  3. The Lakers needed to obtain four players this offseason (in order of importance):

    1) A veteran PG who fits the triangle (Steve Blake)
    2) Fisher
    3) A backup pf/c
    4) A backup swingman who can score

    I’m curious about what happens with 2, 3, & 4.

    2 and 3 are essential, 4 is more of a luxury.

    Does anyone have any potential candidates for 3 & 4?


  4. 3. I still think that 3 will be Powell or Mbenga and that 4 will be Shannon Brown


  5. That Summer League roster is *really* light on guards (3), which leads me to believe that one or two additions are still pending. Maybe one of those is a spot for Critter?


  6. I agree with Burgundy about the type of players the Lakers need to fill their roster. I would love for the Lakers to get Udonis Haslem as a solid backup PF. As for the backup swingman, I think the Lakers should look at Quentin Richardson (he shot 40% from three last year) or Luther Head. Neither of these guys are defensive stoppers, but I think the Lakers already have such a solid defensive core that it shouldn’t be too big of a deal. I don’t know how pricey these guys might be so who knows how far the Lakers can take that 1.8 mil they have left from the mid-level exception. And who knows what player might step up in the summer league and grab a spot (even though I doubt it).


  7. The only month that Lebron dominates the NBA is July.


    Man I had to get that one off my chest.


  8. I definitely agree with Burgundy as well, for #3 I think that Kwame Brown can make a solid back up center, he is not a great player, but he can give a little more consistency as a back up center rebounding the ball and protecting the paint as for #4 a good wing player is needed, Devin Ebanks was a steal in the 2nd round and I think if he is well developed he can definitely make a great impact guarding perimeter players as well as cutting and slashing to the basket on offense, he is mostly skilled on transition offense which is perfect for the 2nd group that the lakers have when in the game. He reminds me a lot of a trevor ariza, great athleticism and length: he is also a great passer..


  9. RE: 8

    I agree that there is the potential for Ebanks to fill need #4 on the list I presented.

    However, with only $1.8M left of the midlevel, we have to be realistic as to the type of backup big the Lakers could get.

    Udonis Haslem is not realistic.

    Backup bigs the Lakers could realistically sign for that low an amount are (remember, REALISTIC):

    Kurt Thomas
    Jason Collins
    Jarron Collins
    Shelden Williams
    Kwame Brown (btw, JUST SAY NO to Kwame part 2)
    Steven Hunter
    Jamaal Magliore
    Sean Marks
    Etan Thomas
    Juwan Howard
    Rasho Nesterovic
    Fabricio Oberto

    THAT’S the list everyone should be thinking about as far as a backup big. Let’s not kid ourselves with pipe dreams.

    From the list above, who makes the most sense for the triangle?

    I still say Kurt Thomas would be the ideal signing, given the constraints.


  10. 9. Johan Petro might also make that list, but I don’t know if he would be any better than re-signing DJ would be.


  11. If Lebron leaves the Cavs, could we get Big Z as the backup center for vet minimum? I always thought he’d be perfect in the triangle — like the high-post fake handoff then turn and shoot. He is money from 16-18 feet.

    Smart player, only need him for 8 minutes a game, and he’d get a ring before Lebron does!


  12. kehntangibles July 6, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    +1 Zephid. Again, why is Lebron’s ultimate destination the big story? Talk to me once he proves to be a bonafide championship contender. It was a legit criticism of Kobe in 1999, but the main difference between Lebron and Kobe is that Lebron craves the hype and Kobe treated it as a necessary annoyance on his path to greatness.

    @ 11 – Z wouldn’t be a bad idea if we can pry him loose from Cleveland on the cheap. His size bothered our bigs in the regular season and just having him on the roster translates into another big body other teams don’t get to throw against us.


  13. Dear Jerry Buss:

    Fisher is worth $4 Million a year AT LEAST.

    How do I know that?

    Because you are willing to pay Blake $4 Million a year to be Fisher’s backup.

    Blake will NEVER show Derek’s leadership skills. Blake will NEVER make clutch shots like Derek. Blake will NEVER defend Deron Willimas like Derek can.
    Blake will NEVER calm down Kobe like Derek can.

    So why aren’t you negotiating with Derek?

    Derek is worth at least $4 Million a year.

    Pay the man, Jerry.

    Pay the man.


  14. Yes.

    Get Big Z.


  15. kehntangibles July 6, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    I’m pretty sure that we’ll get Fish one way or the other, for all the reasons everyone has detailed above. This will be a less protracted version of the Odom saga last summer.


  16. the other Stephen July 6, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    the celtics are licking their chops at the prospect of landing big FA kwame brown.



  17. kehntangibles July 6, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    wow. LeBron is having ESPN film a special show at 9 et thursday to announce where he’s signing. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear he’s drunk on his own self-importance and trying to upstage Kobe as the NBA’s best player. Crazy talk, I know.


  18. I for one hope that D-Fish comes back in as limited role as possible. Hopefully a backup PG role.

    We tend to have selective memories. We remember the extremely few “clutch” moments of Fish over this last year without remembering all the other outright failures. For example, his non-existent defense (sorry, flopping only goes so far), his inability to provide any offense with exception to the frequently inefficient spot up jump shots, his inability to run any sort of fast break, etc etc etc.

    I think this team plays much better with the other PG’s in dominant roles, as we saw in game 6 of the NBA finals. For D-Fish to be “holding out” is a crime against basketball. No one with such an empty gas tank of talent should be holding out, they should be begging to be on a team at all.

    This is the whole reason behind “D-Fish, Mr. Intagibles, it is more than what he brings to the court” mantra. When you bring NOTHING or NEGATIVE qualities to the court, then for sure you gotta find some other reasons the team needs you. And these other reasons must be intagible by nature for they cannot be subject to rational discussion.

    This team would be much better off with D-Fish playing as little time as possible.


  19. 16. I hope they give him 5 year deal for the full MLE! Kwame! Kwame! Kwame!


  20. 18. With that sort of logic, why bother even THINKING of re-signing him at all, right?

    But yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re only joking/ halfheartedly trolling. Well played good sir.


  21. For all us fans with ‘ants-in-the-pants’ syndrome…
    Our management team has done a pretty good job over the last 10 years. Let’s stop trying to second guess them about their negotiation skills.


  22. 9,

    I clearly stated that I would love for the Lakers to get Udonis Haslem, not that I thought they WOULD get him.

    That list of back up bigs with the exception of (Kurt Thomas) is just not even worth considering. Resigning Josh Powell would be a better option, if only for chemistry purposes. I’m curious to see Caracter’s game in the summer league.


  23. The nets owner believes that LeBra doesn’t want to play on a team with both Wade and Bosh or separately (can’t remember how ESPN said it) because it will tarnish the LeBra brand. Now the self proclaimed king has called a 9pm est press conference on ESPN for all the world to see (everyrone is home by then). I guess that’s what you resort to when you can’t have a championship parade.


  24. LBJ’s first ever twitter today “Hello World, the Real King James is in the Building.” This guy needs to stop thinking about himself 24/7 or “growing the LeBra brand ” and concentrate on doing what it takes to win a championship. Better yet, he needs to pick up a dictionary and look up either “Los Angeles Lakers” or “Kobe Bean Bryant”.


  25. @18. Yeah, Fish’s liabilities on offense and defense were so clear and damaging to his team that he 1. Started every game, 2. Lead his team to the best record in the west, 3. Home court advantage in the finals vs Boston, and 4. His FIFTH and his team’s 16th championship!

    What a bum! We don’t need that millstone around our necks next year!


  26. Quite a few people have said it before but I’ll reiterate it: Fisher brings so much more than stats. His leadership, ability to relate to teammates including Kobe, and his clutch ability make him a must-sign for LA. He may have a limited role this year but he needs to be on the team.

    He knows no team is going to give him a ton of money, and few teams will allow him to win another championship over the next year or two. Plus, his son gets some of the best medical care in LA. He isn’t prepared to go anywhere.

    That said…Mitch and Buss need to step up and give him a fair deal…say 2 years at $3-4 million each year. Even in a limited role he’ll be effective. This is a great way for the Lakers to say “thank you” to one of the best role players ever to play and a proven winner. Plus, I heard that the Lakers posted a profit of over $20 mil last year. With ticket prices going up this year, I don’t think they have to worry too much about money. Buss is the best owner in sports and great at money management, so I am confident that he’ll find a way to get Fisher back.


  27. Darius, do you know whatever happened to the possible Bynum for Bosh trade? A few months ago, I heard from an NBA insider that this was pretty much a done deal and the trade would happen this summer. Did the Lakers back out because they won the championship? Did the Raptors back out because Bynum got injured…..again? Bosh was even attending Lakers playoff games which I thought was a sign he was coming to the Lakers. It looks as if Bosh wants to play with a star. He wants to play with LeBron but has no interest in playing with Cleveland because he wants to play in a bigger spotlight. He wants to play with Wade but the Raptors do not want anything the Heat have to offer in a S&T. So what happened to the Lakers? He can get the bright lights and play with a big star.

    The negative of trading Bynum is that he is very young and can be the centerpiece of the Lakers rebuilding effort once Kobe and Gasol retire. He also is a unique defensive presence that is hard to find and when paired with Gasol make for a formidable defensive frontcourt that gives other teams fits.

    The positive for the Lakers trading Bynum is that he has been injured almost every year he has been in the pros and had a major knee injury in high school as well. He was injured for all three of the Lakers recent runs to the Finals. He may never be consistantly healthy. And pairing Bosh with Gasol loses some of the defensive advantages but makes them an offensive juggernaut with both bigs able to hit jumpers out to 20 feet. This would make our offense much more versitile and defensively we could match up with any style of play. Bosh would be great at guarding the Channing Fryes and Mehmet Okurs of the world.

    I loved Bynum and always fought to hold on to him, but his injury in the playoffs this year was the final straw for me. I thought he was too big of a risk and if we were able to get Bosh, then we should get him while the offer was still on the table. We should maximize our window for winning championships right now and worry about the rebuilding process down the road.

    Whatever happened to this proposal? We do not even hear of this as an option anymore. Do you have any other info about this Darius? Much appreciated.


  28. Notorious – “Bosh was even attending Lakers playoff games which I thought was a sign he was coming to the Lakers.” <<<<< —— really?

    Now, if Bosh visited Kobe while he was taking a shower, that would be a sign hard to ignore.


  29. Put my vote for Kurt Thomas too.

    Short of getting a young stud and paying out for it Kurt Thomas will do.

    He does work hard and at this point is worth it as a backup.



  30. Bosh isn’t going to be a Laker next season, nor should we want him to be. Why? It’s simple…

    First off, the money isn’t there. Even if you took Bynum’s contract out of the equation, Bosh is going to want max money. L.A. doesn’t have that to offer.

    You think they’re sweating how much they have to pay Mbenga and Powell, yet there’s somehow enough under the sofa cushions to throw max money at Bosh — after Kobe’s extension, Pau’s extension, Lamar’s 2009 deal and Artest for four more years — yet still believe there’s money for Bosh? Then you’re simply not in tune with the fiscal reality of things.

    On the court, why would they need another perimeter scorer? Artest’s numbers took a dip last season because there’s only one ball and it starts through Kobe, then Pau, then gets passed around to whomever else is on the floor. You don’t pay max money to a guy who’s at best your third option, particularly when he’s not a great defender or rebounder.

    Bynum and Pau click well together on the floor, and there’s a balance to their size/strength/finesse that benefits the team. It’s no secret why the Lakers fell so far at the end of the regular season – they’re defense isn’t the same w/o Bynum.

    Take away Bynum’s size and the Lakers interior D suffers greatly. Bosh isn’t the same shot blocker and rebounder, which is the role Bynum aptly fills.

    Yes, he’s been hurt a lot. That scares me. But to say Bosh – at the money he wants – is a better fit for L.A. is foolish.


  31. Yankees GM Brian Cashman, who has overpaid for a player or two during his tenure, has an interesting take on LeBron and free agency in general ( Some similarities with the Lakers FO current thinking although the MLB luxury tax is not as onerous as the NBA salary cap.

    “LeBron James is going to be a Knick,” Brian Cashman, ace free-agent recruiter, said Monday after hearing the Stoudemire news . “I’m convinced of it. New York is the place that will allow him to be the player and person he wants to be, and it’s coming together. Just listen to me, LeBron James will be a Knick.”

    Cashman was called because he’s a leading scholar in the field of courting free agents and, when necessary, overpaying them. Stoudemire’s history of knee and eye injuries inspired some to suggest he deserved four guaranteed years instead of five and a total package south of the $100 million he scored.

    Of course, Cashman didn’t want to pay CC Sabathia $161 million over seven years. He did what he had to do after the 2008 season because the Yankees had missed the playoffs for the first time in forever, and because he needed Sabathia as much as the Knicks needed Stoudemire.

    “In free agency, it’s not about cutting the best deal, it’s about securing the player,” Cashman said. “I gave CC an extra year and an out after three years because we needed him. We couldn’t afford to lose him. He was the most vital piece to our entire game plan in free agency.”

    Stoudemire might prove to be the Knicks’ most vital piece. They need to land James or Wade, but the max-out deal Phoenix and others wouldn’t offer Stoudemire was the only credible way for the Knicks to get in the game.

    “You don’t get a gold star for saving money on a deal; your goal is to win championships,” Cashman said. “You can’t enter the free-agent market as a buyer hoping to beat the other teams by one dollar. You can’t mess around and lose the player.”


  32. shaq is still available


  33. Now that times are quiet… I was wondering if anyone around here plays Buzzerbeater? Online basketball management game. I just started, and I am enjoying checking in on my little team inbetween my work.

    My handle is The Black Mamma (in my native Danish – Sorte Mamma), and the ID# is (92859). Feel free to drop me an ingame message for a chat if you play too!


  34. From the post:
    “he’d say [Fisher] that there aren’t any players on the market that can provide the Lakers with what he does.”

    Although I completely agree with Fisher on this, I think the front office feels like without the Lakers, what Fisher does won’t really matter to another team. Late-game, post season heroics only matters if that team makes the playoffs and Fish isn’t the best option for a team (most of them) that is looking to make the playoffs.

    His skill set and personality is a great fit for the Lakers, but he is also a terrible fit for several other teams that are looking to spend $5 mill on a player. This drives his price down, IMO.

    It’s an interesting stalemate.


  35. Kwame Brown as the 4th big man is really not a bad option if you ask me. He’s a big defensive body who has experience with the triangle and good chemistry with the team. I remember when he was traded, guys like Bynum spoke highly of his sense of humor and how well he got along with everybody. I wouldn’t mind getting that out of a guy who’s really just a practice player. If you can get him for the minimum why not?


  36. For the first time in many years,I`m interested in the Laker Summer Team,especially the 2 rookies and Green. How hard they work the next 3 months will show if they have any chance to be on the final roster. All 3 have athleticism, but need to improve to stay in the league. Critt??,I hope he gets an invite in Oct,doesn`t rate a contract at this point.


  37. Whoever our backup 4/5 is, he absolutely needs to be capable of providing quality minutes in the playoffs. He might be an insurance player for now, but given Andrew’s history, he will likely be counted on to step up at some point and play bigger minutes and a larger role than just a ‘practice player’. We all saw how terrible Josh Powell was in his limited minutes in the playoffs, and DJ didn’t even see any playtime.

    This season is all about one thing: one last hurrah for Phil, and a chance at a three-peat. The roster tweaks are for winning a championship, not winning 72+ regular season games. This is why players like Stone Hands Kwame should not even be considered by the FO. He may be a great guy, but we’re in this to win a title, not pick up guys who can tell a great joke.

    In the end, Kurt Thomas is far and away the best option for the team. Here’s hoping he signs for 1.8 mil.


  38. 35. Because DJ is a much better option than Kwame, especially if either would sign for the minimum. I’m on the Kurt Thomas bandwagon, too.


  39. Again with the Kwame speculation. I don’t care how big a body he has, who liked him or not, or what he remembers about the triangle. It was painful to have to watch him play for the team I root for, night in and night out.

    Watching him play NBA offense was like watching a St. Bernard chasing a butterfly.


  40. Kurt Thomas, yes.
    Kwame, no.

    Ilgauskas, maybe.
    DJ, maybe.

    Shaq? When he’s ready to retire, on a 10-day contract so he can retire a Laker. Until then, probably not.


  41. I hope fisher will stay in the Lakers.


  42. this just in:

    that means carlos boozer to chicago for the max and david lee to the nets, right?


  43. I remember when I was a kid I had no comprehension of the greatness of Moses Malone because he was suiting up for a different team every year and playing spot duty.

    Amazing to think that Shaq has followed the same path.


  44. You guys see the Bosh to Miami buzz? All over the front page of espn right now.

    I think that makes Miami a challenger in the East but until they add another piece or two, they’re an incomplete team.


  45. Yep, Bosh and Wade are going to Miami. Lebron to decide tomorrow night on a 1-hr special on ESPN. Is it just me, or is Lebron’s head now bigger than the state of Ohio?


  46. i’m pleased all this bosh-for-bynum talk will be put to rest.


  47. Fisher did not have a good season, either offensively (shooting and decision-making) or defensively. That limits his value significantly, even though he clearly does have “intangibles”.


  48. @Jaybird – 44.

    Incomplete is an understatement. The only players left on their payroll are Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, and undrafted rookie Kenny Hasbrouck. They will certainly bring back many of their unrestricted free agents.

    Now they get to build their team basically from scratch.


  49. I would have to see how Miami fills out their roster before I would say that they are contenders in the east with Bosh and Wade. Yes that is a very dynamic duo, but they really do not have any one else besides Beasley, Chalmers. They have a qualifying offer for Joel Anthony so they can retain him to play center.

    Depending on Joel Anthony’s contract (if they keep him which I bet they do) they will have about 11-14M dollars to finish filling out the roster, plus minimum salary players. Thats not a lot of money, and there are some big holes to fill on that roster.

    A wing player that can spread the floor would be the biggest hole in the starting line up. Mike Miller would be a great fit but takes about half of their remaining cap space. They also need a bench. They have Beasley (assuming he’s not involved in a sign and trade for Bosh) to provide some scoring off the bench, but thats about it. They definitely need a back up 4/5 to provide depth in the front court to compete with the front lines of Boston, LA, Orl. They also need a solid back up PG, and back up wings.

    That’s a lot of holes to fill. It will be interesting to see what Riley can do to build a team around Wade/Bosh.


  50. adrian simmons July 7, 2010 at 9:16 am

    what is the deal with Mike Miller-heard the lakers offered him a contract


  51. #49. I agree completely. I do believe that Riles will find capable players, but any coach needs at least an 8 man rotation and usually 9 or 10 would be better just to ensure that your best players are fairly fresh for a deep playoff run. Bosh/Wade/Beasley/Chalmers are all young so it shoundn’t be too much of a burden for them to play heavy minutes. But the flip side of that is Wade’s propensity to get nicked up and the relative inexperience of those other three of making deep playoff runs and having a season last 100+ games (if they get to the Finals) rather than 82 games and a summer vacation.


  52. chibi – I’m glad the Bynum for Bosh chatter is dead, too.

    When does training camp start, anyway?


  53. I am actually less worried about only Bosh and Wade going to Miami than if Lebron joins them. If all 3 end up there, the Heat will only be able to sign veterans for the minimum and rookie contracts, meaning the rest of the supporting cast will be very weak. Also, it seems like there will be too many alphas on the same team. We saw how having a host of alphas doesn’t always work for the best with the Lakers in 2004.

    I could just see it now…4th quarter the game is close. Both Wade and Lebron hog the ball and demand in the crunch time. Who gets to run the offense?


  54. Super late response to Zephid, but I did forget to add Johan Petro to the list. He’d also be a viable option.

    The Wade and Bosh pairing in Miami is definitely formidable…depending on who fills out the roster.

    I like Chalmers a lot – he’s a good “role player” type point guard. I don’t like Beasely. Joel Anthony is a stiff (but then again, most centers in the league are).

    Riley is a good GM, so he’ll find good players, but I think the Celtics (and the Pistons in 2004) just showed, you’re better off having a team of solid B/B+ players, then a team with two A players, and bunch of C-/D players.

    Matchups matter INCREDIBLY during the playoffs, and over a 7 game series, weaknesses get dissected and exposed.

    Miami would be better filling out the roster with smart vets than young guys, bc at least smart vets don’t take stuff off the table (even if they’re not bringing anything to the table).

    Young guys have a habit of making big mistakes at the worst possible times…


  55. I love Wade so part of me wants to see a good Miami team next year, but not good enough to give us the scare that Boston did in June. I think how well they play against us will depend on how they get to be Bosh’s frontcourt mate. If their 5 ends up being an Earl Barron-type, their frontline can’t matchup against ours. But if they can swing a deal for a great rebounder/veteran like Jeff Foster or a great young shotblocking presence, then the roster changes shape. I don’t think their roster can play against ours if Bosh is forced to play the 5.

    But with Bosh and Haslem presumably coming back, how does Beasley fit in? They can’t make him play more of the 3, it doesn’t work for him. Miami has to get rid of Beasley if they can (I can’t believe no team take a flier on him), but if they can’t, do they honestly sit this guy on the bench? He becomes their Josh Powell? Because Bosh and Haslem are strict 4s. Interesting to see what Riley/Spo do with this.

    Glad that circus is over relatively quick. I thought Lebron was going to drag this out all summer long.


  56. The Petro interest befuddles me. He’s highly uncoordinated, his offensive game is nonexistent, and he gives makes constant mental errors on defense. You might as well sign Mbenga back for another year, as he’s more familiar with the current system.

    Kurt Thomas and Rasho Nesterovic are at the top of my wish list as far as backup bigs go.


  57. Snoopy 2006- I’m guessing Miami makes a trade of Beasley for a Goran Dragic type. They have to fill out their roster and there’s not a lot of premier starting pg’s on the market right now. I could really see Beasley going to Portland for one of their gaurds so they can have a scoring big man if one of their bigs get injured again next year.


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