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Darius Soriano —  August 27, 2010

Darius Soriano

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  1. I wanted to comment here just so the comment section wasn’t too lonely.

  2. well hello there

  3. Happy Friday to all.

  4. “they’ve basically formed voltron”. lol…


    The story is up, Crawford wants out because of no extension offer, it seems.
    Sasha/Walton perhaps? Both expiring contracts and a cap-space clearer should Walton decide to go “Veteran” on them (you know, signing but buys out thereafter).

    Anyone having thoughts on this?

  6. Mark E.,
    I makes absolutely no sense to do this trade. The Lakers are not about to tie up a 6th man, who will fit behind Kobe, for 4 or so years at $10M. They already have the league’s highest payroll and want this to come down in the coming years, not increase.

    Yeah, I see all you who just want to add spectacular pieces to the team, but really……

  7. eric pincus tweets: a dutch news source is reporting mbenga will return to the lakers.

    weird, i thought we were done.

  8. Why go for Jamal Crawford when ‘Melo is easily within reach?

    ah haha, kidding of course.

    Say, unrelated, but can anybody relate who Hollinger thinks are the top five teams of the future? Can’t bring myself to pay for “insider” or whatever his deal is called …

  9. I know it’s nonsensical and all, but if we would put Brown into the mix, he is definitely a major major upgrade over Brown, plus he’s a zone buster as well. So.. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind upgrades at this point.

  10. I don’t think I’ll ever understand some Lakers fans’ desire to acquire every good player that says he wants a trade. Jamal Crawford is just the latest example but just a couple of weeks ago it was Rudy Fernandez. I could understand it more if the Lakers were a team that needed to get over the hump or were on the fringe of making the playoffs. But the Lakers are the world champs. Two times running. Not to mention this off season they’ve already improved their roster from last season. Is this not enough? How many minutes would a guy like Fernandez or Crawford get? Remember he’d be Kobe’s primary backup and even if he could play PG (which Crawford can) the Lakers just signed Blake and retained Fisher. So how would that work exactly? Basically, it wouldn’t.

  11. Darius @ 10,

    This phenomenon you describe reminds me of a lyric uttered by that sage, Sammy Hagar: “Got everything, want more … “

  12. Adding equivalent talent in any role 1-12 to a team as stacked as the Lakers gives no benefit, especially with the triangle learning curve. The Lakers will stand pat and work on meshing the new additions to the existing talent, they are locked and loaded for 2010-11. I also don’t see them trading Vujacic for another salary, only for a faster mid-season salary dump, adding pic and cash to a team with room. The only conceivable trade I can see is bench pieces anchored by Odom for an All-Star, but other teams can put better (younger players, expiring salaries and lottery picks) offers together. It’s the team as constituted against the Voltron, KD and the Oklahoma sunshine band, a strong West, and the Celtics in another 7-game Finals. I am as excited about this season as ever.

  13. C’mon, this is the LOS ANGELES Lakers we’re talking about. Los Angeles is the land of “get mine…and yours too”…it shouldn’t be surprising that fans want the Lakers to be completely stacked compared to every other team. It’s the Hollywood way.

    That said, obviously the Lakers are not going to bother with this and nor should they, so if I see one of those “c’mon Mitch, get it done!” posts, I’ll probably berate whoever wrote it, myself.