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Darius Soriano —  April 5, 2011

*During the Denver game, we all had a bit of a scare when both Bynum and Gasol left the game clutching their knees. As Andy Kamenetzky put it, we were all holding our breath and hoping for the best.

*Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief as Gasol has been diagnosed with a bone bruise and is listed as day to day and Andrew Bynum is fine, crediting his knee brace for saving him from another injury after Odom crashed into his leg.

*The other big news in the Laker family is the announcement that Triangle architect Tex Winter will be inducted to the Hall of Fame. This is most deserving and long, long overdue. Tex was a fantastic college coach and a key ingredient to Phil Jackson’s success as a coach with both the Bulls and the Lakers. After practice yesterday Phil held court, speaking to the press about all things Tex. Great stuff.

*Speaking of the HOF, there are several other guys that I’d love to see in. One of them is Jamaal Wilkes, a player whose career is littered with winning and championships at both the college and pro level. Everyone remembers Magic Johnson’s historic performance in the clinching game of the 1980 Finals, but what is consistently overlooked is how fantastic Wilkes was in that game 6. See for yourself.

*Since I’m an old-school Laker kick, check out this interview with Gail Goodrich over at Slam online. He talks his career at UCLA, playing with other greats like Wilt, West, and the Hawk (Connie Hawkins), and parts of his game that he’s rarely remembered for.

*It’s basically a foregone conclusion that Phil Jackson will retire after this season (sad face). With few opportunities left to be around PJax, J.A. Adande takes inside “Phil’s Room” at Staples and gives us a behind the scenes look at the coach we’ll all miss.

*Dexter Fishmore, on the other hand, is looking ahead and wondering who might replace Phil. He’s considering a name that’s rarely mentioned.

*The Nugget’s hiccup aside, the Lakers have been on fire of late. Silver Screen & Roll takes us inside the numbers on what’s been working and what hasn’t in this streak of strong play.

*Before that Nuggets game, Mark Medina of the LA Times sat down with Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy to talk Lakers. What followed was a good conversation about the team on topics ranging from Bynum’s emergence to LO’s candidacy for 6th MOY and more. Give it a read.

*Are you (or do you know) a 8 to 18 year old that wants to learn how to play like Kobe Bryant? Here’s your chance to make that happen.

*The other day on Twitter I mentioned that I really appreciate Joe Smith. A lot of veteran guys wouldn’t take to his role the way that he has. Over at, Steve Aschburner has a very good feature on Smith who 16 years after being a #1 overall pick is loving his life on the Laker bench. This is a very good read.

Darius Soriano

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  1. It scares the crap out of me that we have Joe Smith on our team…

    I felt the same way when we rented Malone and Payton.

    The word, “Albatross”, springs to mind.

    And yes, I would love to be proven wrong.


  2. I’ve been on the Jamaal for HOF soapbox for years. It’s ridiculous he’s not in there.

    There is no way in the world Chris Mullin should be in the Hall before Jamaal.


  3. Re: Phil Jackson Possible Retirement

    I just don’t see Phil retiring if the Lakers win another title. He isn’t in the business of turning away championship rings the last time I checked.


  4. Aaron,

    Last time i checked phil left the bulls after their second three peat. He is leaving the lakers, i wish you were right but hes not staying


  5. Not that I believe he’ll stick around for another season, but the comparison between today and when Phil left the Bulls is completely apples to oranges; it makes no sense.

    In Chicago, Phil and most of the players couldn’t stand the GM, Jerry Krause, who’d always wanted too much credit for the team’s success. It was clear that that team was blowing up with Jordan retiring again, Pippen heading off to the Rockets and Rodman retreating to the nearest nightclub. Phil clearly would not have come back to the same roster that had won the title in Utah the summer before.

    In L.A., he gets along great with the front office, particularly the owner’s daughter, and would be looking at coaching essentially the same team that’s won two (hopefully) three NBA titles in three years. The situations couldn’t be more different.

    If PJ does leave, the logical reasons are that he’s been doing it for a long time, hasn’t got much left to prove, and most importantly that his body is no longer able to handle the grind of NBA life. But to suggest Phil Jackson cerca 2011 is anything similar to how things were after the lockout shortened the 1998-99 season is just not realistic.


  6. I am glad to hear that they are both okay…


  7. J,
    Phil didn’t leave if you remember. He was forced out by Bulls Managment which caused Michael to retire. if you remember.


  8. #7. Depending how much you want to believe Lazenby’s reporting about the power struggle within the Lakers ownership/family and the fact that there’s a pending lockout, the circumstances do have some similarities.


  9. BTW, just saw this on Twitter via Kevin Ding:

    Phil Jackson left Bulls before 1998 NBA lockout. Asked if labor dispute factors into his retirement plan now, Phil said: “It does.”


  10. 4. J –

    In Sacred Hoops, Phil said he left because the owner was about to blow up the team. Dunno, just FYI.