Preview and Chat: The Sacramento Kings

Darius Soriano —  April 13, 2011

Records: Lakers 56-25 (2nd in West), Kings 24-57 (14th in West)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 111.0 (6th in NBA), Kings 103.5 (25th in NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 104.3 (6th in NBA), Kings 109.0 (19th in NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol
Kings: Tyrek Evans, Marcus Thornton, Francisco Garcia, DeMarcus Cousins, Samuel Dalembert
Injuries: Lakers: Andrew Bynum, Matt Barnes, Devin Ebanks (all out); Kings: Tyreke Evans (questionable), Hassan Whiteside & Marquis Daniels (out)

The Lakers coming in: The word is in. Andrew Bynum’s MRI revealed a bone bruise and he’s expected to be ready for the Lakers first playoff game this weekend. So, Laker fans, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and collect our plaques from Guiness for breaking the record for “longest group to every collectively hold their breath”. We made it just over 17 hours by my watch. The linked report also informs us that Matt Barnes’ MRI doesn’t show any new damage to his surgically repaired knee and he too is expected to play this weekend. Good news all around and I’m glad that’s finally settled.

Because, you know, the race for the #2 seed is still up in the air. That said, it’s pretty straight forward stuff. A Laker win or a Mavs loss nets the Lakers the #2 seed. Where things start to get more complex is in the rest of the West’s standings who will lock up the other seeds by the end of night. TrueHoop has a great summary posted and I suggest reviewing it so you know what to watch for in the rest of tonight’s games. The seeding will come down the final contests tonight, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. By the time the night is over all this will be settled. 

The Kings Coming in: Normally, I’d fill this section with notes about the Kings recent games and who’s been playing well for them. However, today I offer something different than that. Because while it’s useful to know that the Kings are 3-3 in their last 6 games or that Marcus Thornton has found his explosive scoring ability again after being dealt from the Hornets to the Kings, I’d rather use this brief moment to offer up a couple of thoughts on the Kings pending departure from Sacramento.

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of the Kings. Being a Laker fan, I suppose that’s natural since they’re a division opponent and all. My dislike turned into a form of sports hate about 10 years ago when they were a blood rival of the Lakers, testing them in multiple playoff series before ultimately falling short. They were the “Queens” in a “Cowtown” that brought cowbells to the games to bang behind the Lakers’ bench.

There are so many memories from that time. Robert Horry’s three pointer. Kobe’s brilliant 2001 series. Christie vs. Fox. Vlade’s “flopping”. I could go on and on.

But beyond that, I still remember – with fondness, truthfully – other things about those teams from before the rivalry. A rejuvinated Chris Webber. The flashy rookie Jason Williams. A young sharp shooting Peja and a lanky forward named Tukoglu that showed some promise. They were fun and entertaining before they were a threat and they played a brand of basketball that was a joy to watch even before the SSOL Suns became the poster team for that style of play.

And now, they may be leaving to Orange County to become the Anaheim Royals. I’ll never know the pain to lose my team the way that Sonics and now (potentially) Kings fans do. On a lot of levels, I can only imagine what it feels like to have a team that you’ve invested so much into up and leave for another market, taking with them memories and history and fandom. So, while my dislike for the Kings has endured, today that gets put to the side and replaced with empathy. No matter how often we’ve been at odds, I can’t help but feel for their fans.

Kings Blogs: There are two excellent sites to get Kings news. Visit both Cowbell Kingdom and Sactown Royalty for all the notes and analysis you’d ever want.

Keys to game: Let’s not pretend this is some normal game. The Lakers are walking into the most amped up environment imagineable. It will literally be a lions den. These fans understand that this may be the last time they see their beloved Kings and they’ll bring a passion and intensity that will rival any playoff game that we’ve witnessed. The Lakers are already the public enemy #1 of NBA opponents in our state’s capital and the circumstances surrounding this game will only amplify the atmoshpere further. They’ll want nothing more than to send off their team as winners against the hated Lakers.

So forget the X’s and O’s or who’s missing from the line up, the key to this game will be matching the intesity and living up to the moment that presents itself. The Kings will bring an energy greater than they have all year and the Lakers will have to rise to it or fall victim to it. With playoff seeding on the line, the Lakers too have motivation and tonight’s battle should bring out their best effort too. There’s too much on the line not too.

And while execution on both sides of the ball will be important to the outcome, tonight’s game is simply about going hard. The Lakers need to go after every rebound and defend with purpose. They need to chase the 50/50 balls and try to win every battle on the floor. The playoffs start in a few days and the the Lakers are going to get a sneak preivew of them tonight. Here’s hoping that at the end of the night they have another W and that #2 seed locked up.

Where you can watch: 7:30 start time on KCAL. Also listen on ESPN Radio 710am.

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159 responses to Preview and Chat: The Sacramento Kings

  1. I cannot wait for tonight’s game!

  2. This is so beyond a trap game that Admiral Ackbar isn’t even bothering to call it out as such.

    also – For Warren! (not taking any chances here)

  3. Glove put the link to Kobe’s upcoming radio interview (at 3:30) in the comments section of the last post, he’s apparently reached out to the hosts to come on and talk about his ill-chosen insult.

    I find the uproar a little bit hypocritical though. It made me think of George Carlin’s rants on “bad words” and more specifically of this bit from Louis C.K.’s stand up routine about that exact word – definitely not safe for work but funny and without false morality nonetheless:

    As far as tonight’s game, Phil Jackson just said on the radio show that they’ll try to call up Caracter in time to fill out the roster for the Sacramento game.

    Maybe it is not the worst to have the last game in a play-off-like atmosphere. Let’s hope the starters won’t have to play too many minutes, maybe a Mavs loss will take care of that.

    Kobe update: no suspension, fine of 100.000$.

  4. That is one harsh punishment.

  5. It’s hilarious because the players say stuff way worse than that on the court, it just doesn’t get seen or heard because cameras aren’t zoomed in on their faces.

    This game is pretty much a must win. If the Lakers win, they most likely get NO in the 1st round (and avoid Portland), and have HCA against either Dallas or OKC (most likely Dallas). One game’s worth of good effort is worth avoiding a much tougher series against Portland in the 1st round and opening on the road in the 2nd round.

  6. Re Kobe: to me, the larger issue is how clueless he is in not realizing how counterproductive his on-court behavior toward the referees is.

  7. I’m a bit stunned by the NBA’s $100k fine, when we as NBA fans know that another “slur” that begins with “N” is bandied around far more frequently and pervasively. Will the NBA now regulate that or does it take a TNT microphone to capture it with clarity before the NBA acts again?

    Clearly, Stern was highly pressured by various interest groups, and had no other choice. But the league is walking on thin ice (not that I’m condoning any slurs) here if it will be in the business of regulating words that come from a player’s mouth. The precedent has been set, and I’m waiting for KG’s expletive filled mouth to be fined next.

    I am just uneasy about how all this went down. It’s been way too much drama in the past 3-4 days for this team, actually, this whole season…I just want to move on to the playoffs already. Winning tonight will put a seal on this awful last month of the regular season.

  8. Will be attending tonight’s game. There will be a good handful of Lakers fans at PBP.

    During the other game there this season, it was about 60% Kings fans and 40% Lakers fans.

  9. the $100k fine is appropriate because alienating demographics costs the nba advertising dollars. Why make it harder to be a Laker’s fan than it already is, Kobe?

  10. @6

    Sometimes I think that is why Kobe doesn’t get the same treatment that Wade and LeBron get from refs. Kobe has actually toned it down the last couple of seasons. However, I remember when he would curse like a madman at the refs on regular basis a few years ago. Those guys don’t forget that kind of stuff.

    This game has all the makings of being a real shootout. I can’t believe this may well be the last Kings game in Arco Arena. I remember when that place was the worst arena in the league for a visiting team. Well, the Lakers have a chance to put the Sacramento Kings out of their misery one last time. They better come to play tonight, because the Kings sure will.

  11. The fine and the hoopla surrounding Kobe’s remarks are ridiculous. If they’re really enforcing this, than they should fine every player that makes comments like this on the floor, because anyone who’s ever played basketball (or any sport), knows that people shout things during games in heated situations. You don’t just single one player out because he did it on national tv (and btw, you would think that TNT would take their camera off of a player that is visibly upset, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue of hypocracy). Anyways…

    I’ve glad Drew is going to be fine and ready for the playoffs. That was some scary stuff. Glad I can breathe my sigh of relief.


  12. The fine isn’t surprising since the league always feels the need to excessively punish the lakers this season.

    But like the dude said, Kobe’s on court antics are getting annoying and he needs to shut up and play. As most laker fans can see Kobe gets clobbered a lot and the refs don’t make the call. There are also times where Kobe flails his arms, points and yells at the refs when he doesn’t get fouled. Whether he’s fouled or not he can’t keep costing the team by yelling and cursing 100 times a games. Especially because every team strategy against the lakers is to get out in transition. It’ll be better for him and the team to just wait until there’s a break in play to address whatever grievances he may have.

    Regarding tonights game, I don’t care how they win it, just win the damn game.

  13. I don’t get it. Why is there anything at stake for the Lakers? They will have home court over anyone in the West except the Spurs in the playoffs (because Dallas is not a division leader), and everyone in the East except Heat and Bulls (because LA has a better record v East than Bos has against the West).

    Isn’t this a game to play your bench 30 minutes?

  14. 13, go read the Truehoop link in the post. There is a ton at stake.

  15. This Kobe controversy reminds of a situation in the English Premier League (that’s soccer for you Americans :P) where Wayne Rooney swore into a camera after scoring a goal. Of course if you watch any EPL game you hear similarly foul language all the time, but because it was caught live on camera the authorities felt compelled to take action and he was banned for 2 games. It’s the same deal with Kobe – I knew he would be punished, I was just hoping it would just be a fine.

    Also, count me among those who wish Mr Bryant would cut back on his histrionics towards the refs. Not only does it hurt his own chances of getting a call, it often leaves us down a man in transition while he wastes his time berating the officials.

  16. @11
    Sometimes I think TNT deliberately try to capture the face and words of very angry players. Either they assume that their entire audience is completely incompetent at lip reading, or they are trying to create situations like these. Because, you know, they know drama.

    And by the way, if you’re not incompetent at lip reading, a lot of strange Ts make a lot more sense when you get to see the player’s lips move from another camera angle…

  17. As was mentioned in the comments to a previous post, it would be interesting to see what would happen if LA forwarded video to the NBA of a lot of other incidents when players (Kenyon, KG to name but 2) are seen saying some pretty offensive things.

    But on the other hand, that would be a pretty weak move, and we all know that LA won’t do it. Plus, it gives us as fans something to feel persecuted about (because when we’re honest with ourselves, Laker fans are pretty damn spoiled!).

  18. It’s obvious that when Kobe complains about non-calls he receives even less calls. However, he will not change who he is after 13 years in the Association.

  19. I saw the footage. Kobe did not say a gay slur. He said: “You are a cancer to other refs and the league.”

  20. 6) The Dude,
    Absolutely. And there have been plenty of times where he stayed down at one end to argue, rather than hustling back, leaving his teammates in a 4 on 5 for a possession.

  21. MannyP – Well played.

  22. Kobe cries “wolf” too many times on non-calls to get the benefit of the doubt from refs. Ironically I think the Lakers as a TEAM get the benefit of the doubt (especially on defense) because Phil Jackson is so cerebral and measured in the way he treats referees.

  23. I think having all 30 teams play on the last day of the season is a sweet-ass idea. It’s like a mini tournament.

    Regarding Kobe’s fine: my bold prediction is that he’ll match his fine in a contribution to an organization for the gay community. . . . and run in the beta breakers.

  24. Blessing in Disguise?

    Was last night the turning point in Andrew Bynum’s career? The first time he twists his knee and isn’t injured. Now it’s the first time he is going into the playoffs healthy (last year he missed over two weeks with an achilles injury heading into the post season). I can’t imagine the confidence Andrew now has after falling down and being able to get back up. I think we will see a much more inspired and reckless Beast in the playoffs.

  25. 19

    I see what you did there.

  26. LOL@MannyP

    To me, it sure looked like Kobe was either asking for a cigarette very emphatically, or wishing out loud (very emphatically) that he needed some kindling to make a fire. Kobe lived in Europe for six years, so that’s why he talks that way 😀

  27. Manny – roflcopter.

  28. Zephid #14… I read the link. The Lakers can be 2 or 3 seed which doesn’t affect HCA for the playoff because we automatically have HCA over Dallas (non-division winner). Other than that, there’s only mild reason to prefer not-POR.

  29. Apricot, the Lakers being a division winner is only applicable if there is a tie. If we lose and Dallas wins, they will be one game better than us. Meaning they will be the number two seed and have homecourt advantage should we meet in the second round.

  30. Regarding the Kings probable move to Socal:
    I also hated the kings with a passion and loathed hearing “sacramento” in any context. It was pretty ridiculous really. But, all things considered Sacramento’s fans were great to the team, they always sold out when the team was competitive, and it is a shame they are moving the franchise. Anaheim Royals ? seriously?

  31. 29. Thanks, very helpful. I got it mixed up with baseball wild card rules (division winner always get home advantage regardless of record).

  32. looks like hornets gonna lose today.

    So if lakers lose, they will face Portland, and 2nd round Mavs without HCA.

    if they win, they will face either Memphis (if they win) or Hornets (if Memphis lose), and 2nd round Mavs with HCA.

    If Hornets win, then Lakers lock to the 2nd seed, and will face Hornet no matter what. so lets cheerrrr for Hornets now!

  33. (cont.) but then they will face OKC in the 2nd round.

  34. PalaNi, and that’s the exact reason why the Hornets are tanking this game: to avoid us.

    They played Chris Paul all of 25 minutes in a game they led at halftime.

  35. lets hope bennie adams does not officiate one of our playoff games

  36. Simonoid – Exactly what I was thinking. Some interesting rotations happening in a variety of games today.

    All LA needs to do is take care of its own business.

  37. Frank The Tank April 13, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Does anyone have any idea where to find a decent link for this game?

    lets go LA tonight, both Lakers and Clips.

  38. Thunder lose to the Bucks, so Lakers will face the Mavericks in the second round. Go Lakers, beat the Kings and get that #2 seed

    Edit. Blazers can beat the Mavs, hoping for best case scenario

  39. 37. the blazers cant beat the mavs?

  40. OKC fell n OT to the Bucks, which locks them into the 4th seed and out of our bracket. We need to take care of B.I. (Business) tonight to maintain HC advantage n a possible 2nd round series against the Mavs and to avoid a difficult 1st rd matchup with the Blazers.

    Let’s Get It

  41. Is it just me or is there something really weird about Joel’s voice tonight?

  42. LOL! How about Memphis tanking to avoid Lakers too!


  43. 11-2 for the Clippers against the Grizzlies. Hmm. I wonder if Memphis is tanking?

  44. Wow – just seeing that Memphis “starting” lineup. That was enough comedy for me for one day.

  45. All those asking for a link:

  46. Ron was channelling Coop there blocking the corner 3…

  47. we got the benefit of some pretty sketchy calls there. hopefully the kings will cool off from the field – seemed like they couldn’t miss.

  48. Phil’s going into playoff mode – “timeout within first minute of the quarter because Odom or Brown messed up” count tonight: 1

    Last night: 2.

  49. Sacramento announcers are hilarious!

    Extolling how Shannon Brown has really come into his own this year…an integral part of the lakers success.

    Then during one sequence the color man shouted, “someone better guard walton.”

  50. Maxnyc – I noticed that too. And the comment about Shannon was qualified by him saying “I’ve watched a lot of them this season”. Really? A lot? Maybe he gets different Lakers games than we do!

    Not the most fluid of efforts, but it sure feels a lot better than last night. Maybe I’m just still a touch euphoric from the Bynum news.

  51. AusPhil…lol…

    A win tonite coupled with the bynum news would make the o-5 skid go away, because other than losing HCA
    against Miami, it didn’t really cost us much–we weren’t going to catch spurs or bulls.

    but please lets win tonite!

  52. ROFL @ maxnyc and AusPhil.

  53. Trey Johnson is impressing ATM.

  54. Trey Johnson is doing just fine tonight, in this must win game.

  55. Don’t worry about the chicken pox, guys. Trey Johnson is here!

  56. I’ll echo the sentiments regarding Trey Johnson. He’s not in the offense at all, but he’s giving us some spark that is fun to watch.

  57. Let’s put this away early….i want to get a decent night’s sleep here. I’ve lived 6 blocks from MSG for the past 21 years, but have only been to that building for concerts and Lakers games–about 14 of them.

    I will tell you that Knick fans are very excited about their chances against Boston. I think they are crazy. But its good to see Knick fans have a playoff series.

    The most exciting time here was Riley vs. the Bulls in 91, 92, 93, while MJ was still playing. The knicks could have knocked them off one year but for charles smith…

  58. Give the Sac guys a break. Shannon played very well early in the season and was a big part our bench’s success. Then I picked him up in my fantasy league and he tanked (along with Brandon Roy) to derail my road to threepeat.

    The Lakers will redeem my threepeat hopes…

  59. Sacramento announcers update:

    While plugging an upcoming britney spears concert they both said “a talented young lady” and the “she can sing too.”

  60. Lamar Odom falls in love with that jump shot a little too much.

  61. Not a good close to the half…

  62. Trey Johnson seems to be a good fit for the Lakers. It really helps that he plays the triangle in the D-League. I remember he was signed by the Raptors earlier in the season. He seems to be a decent NBA-caliber talent. How come he was still in the D-league as of yesterday? What’s the knock on him? He would be a good 11th or 12th guy on the playoff roster

  63. Take out Trey Johnson and they go on 8-0 run. Who would have thunk it?

  64. The Kings’ announcers are like an unintentional comedy team. And speaking of intentional comedy, the Grizzlies are down by 23.

  65. Ginobilli injured tonight?

  66. 55-35 clippers – win and we get New Orleans which is a dream for us and a nightmare matchup for Dallas with Portland.

    Thank god we will only see okc or a full San antonio team until the wcf – best possible road for us.

    Hopefully boston can do some damage against Miami because they are the 1 team that we have really been ineffective against

  67. And it’s funny how the Hornets and Grizzlies are trying to out-tank each other from facing the Lakers, when in fact:

    1) We haven’t even secured the #2 seed. They might be missing out on playing the Mavs, which is probably the easiest out in the top 4.

    2) Seeing the way we’re playing as of late, I’m not even sure it’s a good idea to play the Spurs instead of us. We might even let ourselves get taken to 6 or (god forbid) 7 games.

  68. Ginolbli got injured against the suns – crazy last 2 games for injuries

  69. Ginobili has a hyperextended left elbow. Karma coming around?

  70. Wow Fisher just took their entire team off the dribble, which is pretty much the epitome of bad team defense in the NBA today.

  71. what are the lakers doing? we need trey johnson back

  72. Wow, Fisher is amazing at defending a fast break. Just amazing.

  73. pro tip: guard thornton 😛

  74. great play by fish taking the charge.

    i think that as artest goes, so go the lakers. he started to play really well during the 17-1 run, then reverted back to his inconsistent self afterwards.

    i expect ron ron to come up HUGE again in the playoffs

  75. LO has been dunking lately, huh?

  76. The announcers are so annoying.

  77. Garcia’s face fouled Kobe’s elbow there.

  78. nice run spearheaded by kobe…beautiful pass to lamar

  79. Smart choice by Phil to sit Kobe for a while before Garcia stirs something up with him – which could lead to a double tech and suspension for first game next year.

  80. Looking at his game today, Shannon might’ve been reading FB&G…

  81. He should have started reading it about 3 months ago then.

  82. AusPhil – agreed. Good time to start picking it back up. 😉

  83. Ok, bench. Now’s your chance. After a nice 3rd qtr to push the lead to 18, can they allow the starters to rest the entire 4th? That would be nice, to get some rest and not risk any more injuries.

  84. Sac announcers: Shannon Brown could start on a lot of teams in the league.

  85. What’s going on? Attacking inside-out? Guards and wings only shooting threes when a big passes it to them from the post? Dogs and cats living together?

  86. shamwow…shooting in rhythm, catch and shoot from
    good passes…

    maybe the announcers were right

  87. Let’s keep Kobe & Pau resting all quarter…

  88. Just turned it on and noticed Shannon closed out with a hand up. Wtf is going on?

    I noticed Shannon got a three off a hard double on Gasol. Makes a world of difference when you’re playing off All-star players rather than creating for yourself.

  89. Trey: you know you’re bad at the triangle when either Ron Artest or Shannon Brown has to point out directions for you in the offense.

  90. Wait, they took two points away from the Lakers? Ah okay, they took Smith’s basket away.

  91. Yup, good job bench.

  92. Wow, the Lakers 22 point lead down to 10, just like that.

  93. seriously – what does Luke Walton bring to the party? Anyone?

  94. Not exactly how we wanted the bench to roll. That jumper with no rebounders that Shannon took after the steal was not the offense I want to see the bench running.

    Clearly Phil feels the same with that timeout.

  95. Sigh…Luke is just an awful NBA player now.

  96. btw…we def miss drew tonite

  97. The Lakers never met a lead they didn’t want to give away. :(

  98. This is ridiculous.

  99. I do not believe this, what is happening here? The Lakers can not buy a shot.

  100. Sacramento up 23-7 in the quarter? What is happening here?

  101. What’s happening? As usual, the team stops playing once they get a big lead as if the game is over. Oh, and the bench, of course…

  102. its ok…the game is a summation of the season.

    btw ron artest looks like luke walton out there

  103. 99. They can’t buy a stop.

  104. I am just shocked.

  105. This team is something else.

  106. kobe jacking bad shots, wtf happened to the “closer”

  107. They are giving this game away.

  108. Kobe has just ballhogged the team to the third seed. Nice job.

  109. this would be a totally shocking loss

  110. well, the lakers get what they deserve.

  111. I really don’t think that anyone saw an 8 point quarter coming. We know that the Lakers have been struggling down the stretch with execution lately, but 8 points for the quarter?


    I should not be hoping to just force OT against the Kings.

  112. I cannot believe they played a fourth quarter like this with the second seed and homecourt in the second round on the line.

  113. How about not blowing a 22 pt. lead so that none of this would be necessary in the first place?

  114. Now we need a three to have a chance to go to OT. If we don’t get it, then we play POR and we get the 3rd seed. Yes! Kobe!

  115. KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ties it

  116. Cayucos Surfer April 13, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    I am one of the most optimistic laker fans in the works, but this team will not win the title. Book it.

  117. Can we please get one freaking stop on defense?

  118. Kobe time!

  119. nice 3 by kobe….

    has pau gasol even showed up this quarter???

  120. Q – this is what happened to the closer.

  121. KB24 with the trey that tied the game with 4.8 left, wow.

    Edit: now on with the OT.

  122. Our bench killed us after we went up 20. They started out the 4th by executing well, but two turnovers by Luke turned the game around and gave SAC some hope when they were down in the dumps and ready to throw in the towel.

  123. Why does Phil run the exact same end of game play every friggin’ time?

  124. They need to outscore the Kings by thirty in overtime.

  125. ok….overtime…please guys…..a win makes a 3peat
    so much easier

  126. @119 – Pau can’t do anything if fkn Kobe never passes him the ball

  127. talk about a freak show. if you had told me on oct 27 that this was how our last reg. season game would pan out, i would have told you to see a shrink. this is just an unbelievable game.

  128. If Luke even sniffs the court in this OT it will give me a coronary.

  129. And the Grizzlies decided not to tank. They want to play the Lakers after witnessing this performance against the Kings. Only down by 8.

  130. OT is a certifiable gift for our boyz. Kobe thank you! But for the love of all that is holy watching Fish’s defense late makes me pine for Sasha. Yes I said it.

  131. Just got in. OT does not surprise me at all. The way they got there does.

  132. Wow even I noticed the shot clock didn’t start when Fisher got the ball.

    The Kings announcers need to wake up and pay attention to the game.

    That’s why the referees are huddling – and the announcers still haven’t figured it out. Epic fail.

  133. @131. Yes, Fish has gotten torched tonight by whomever he’s been guarding.

  134. There, finally they figured out why. d-.-b

  135. LOL!!! A walk on Kobe? Really, ref….really?!?!

    Lamar & I are laughing out loud together…

  136. LO ‘and 1’, nice way to finish.

  137. This has been just awful for my nerves.

  138. Mark Cuban and Dirk must be having just as big a heart attack as we are watchig this game

  139. is Artest on another planet tonight?

  140. Well, Kobe. You were partially responsible for even having to go to OT, you were then responsible for getting us to OT, and then you helped us pull it out in OT. Like many have said, that kind of sums up the regular season, which is finally over!

    My head hurts… Anyone else?

  141. Kobe = such a tease.

  142. This game is the Lakers season in a nutshell and the Kings legacy against the Lakers in a nutshell.

  143. Clippers win! We’ve got NOLA 😀

  144. Kobe’s 3 reminded me of his game v. Portland to close 2004. Wish they didn’t give up a 20 point lead, but I’ll try to chalk it up to going into “don’t get hurt” mode too early. I feel bad for Sacto.

    Artest had 2 really bad possessions in the 4th but Tyreke Evans had 19 points on 22 shots. Let’s not forget how he butters his bread.

  145. I was on the edge of my chair for the longest time, and this game trashed my nerves for sure. We got our dream seeding, right?

  146. by the way, this game demonstrates why we absolutely NEED bynum playing well to 3peat. somehow the nonsense that we could win it all wit gasol seeing heavy minutes at the 5 was gaining steam.

  147. Well, that was interesting. What a strange season…

  148. This game and its implications perfectly encapsulate Kobe, this team, and yes, Lakers/Kings.

    They wound up with the 2 seed and they got the best matchup. Along the way, they had a five-game losing streak, multiple injury scares, blew a 22-point lead, have a guy getting a contagious childhood disease, and saw Kobe getting fined 100 grand for using a slur.

    What’s next? Gotta be Artest getting the chicken pox, right?

  149. The Lakers gave their fans a wild rollercoaster ride the until the last game of the regular season and finally clinched the #2 seed.

    Now the real journey to the title and the three-peat begins.

  150. Dallas fans have to be pissed. If Kobe misses that 3, they are the 2 seed and likely would beat New Orleans. Now they’re the 3, don’t have home court vs. LA and may very well lose to a rollin’ Blazers team

  151. Wow, the Lakers love to make it interesting. This game confirms how much we really need Drew. Having Pau as our last line of defense is not going to cut it. Dalembert was muscling him quite a bit in the 4th quarter and our defense is not nearly as imposing or effective with him in the center slot.

    What can I say about Kobe? The Gift and the Curse. After some bad shots he hits the game tying shot in the 4th. But he was definitely not the main reason we gave up that lead in the 4th. I’m just glad we pulled this one out.

  152. The real season finally begins and I will be celebrating come June as Phil rides off Into the sunset!! The Lakers will repeat mark my word.

  153. crazy crazy game… this in a nutshell sums up one crazy crazy up and down season. Can anyone remember Darius’ post in the pre-season where we all guessed what the reg season record the Lakers would have? I think Darius or Kurt said 57 wins… spot on!

  154. well at least we’re collectively happier that we were 24 hours ago…


    Wow what a crazy game! btw just wanted to spread this around to fellow Laker fans, check out this video about a Laker fan who finds out her date is a Celtics fan.