Saturday Special: The Beauty Of This Game

Darius Soriano —  July 2, 2011

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Videos like this must be worth a million, then. Enjoy.

Darius Soriano

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24 responses to Saturday Special: The Beauty Of This Game

  1. I’m gonna miss that guy when he retires. Best pure scorer in the history of the game.

  2. Beautiful video, I love the one sequence where Jordan swishes a fadeaway followed by Kobe doing the same and then transferring over to Kobe making fadeaways against LeBron. It’s like passing on the torch from one great to the next.

  3. Those kind of fadeaway shots were missed this season because of his nagging knee/finger injuries, yet scribes and Kobe haters never considered those realities. They blamed Kobe for the Lakers demise as if he could change the outcome and at the same time suck-up his predicament. Without Kobe in the Lakers, I doubt if Lakers got all those five rings in the last decade. To make it worst, the FO surrounded him with Smush, Kwame, Cook, Walton and a couple of journeymen at the height of his prime.

  4. As any long term reader of this blog knows, I am a real Kobe fan. However, I think the blaming of the FO for “ruining” Kobe’s prime is not only extreme, but inaccurate, and fails to take a number of things into account.

    * As we are finding out this year, it is not a given that a team can lose a superstar and immediately reload to compete. It does take time, regardless what the fans may want.

    * Kobe’s 81pt game and consecutive 40pt games would not have happened if he were surrounded by a competitive cast of characters. Part of who Kobe is is defined by his ability to single-handedly bring his sub-par team into the playoffs.

    * That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. This period also refined Kobe’s leadership skills.

  5. If Kobe was happy during those dark years, then he could not have ranted in the Summer of ’07. I’m not alone in torching the FO, it was during that time when the word “Cupcake” was concocted. Jerry West did not make any Championship in the 90’s hired Dunleavy and Harris, yet Laker fans never got upset on the dormant era. During Kwame, Smush, Cook time, it was really a disaster, the Laker brand has been tarnished by below par players.

    Kobe does not need these players to prove his leadership skills.

  6. Agreed. Beautiful fadeaway shots.

    By the way, I’m just wondering if there’s going to be a post about Darius Morris. The more I read about him the more I like him. Supposedly he’s the best pure pointguard to come out of this draft. Anyone have any thoughts about this? For some reason I think he’ll be really good.

  7. 4 Craig W. – Great points about Kobe’s prime. I wouldn’t change one thing about his career. I think that the 2002 finals MVP should’ve been Kobe’s and I also think that one of Steve Nash’s MVP awards should be his too. As for how his career has played out, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It’s been an amzazing journey that I feel proud to have been able to witness.

  8. Looking back at the roster Kobe had for that pre-Gasol stretch is profound. That team without Kobe is WORSE then the team Cleveland fielded this year. In fact who outside of Lamar would even see the court on this year’s Laker team? And our team this year had 8 guys who I would define as below average, WOW!!

    Kudos to Kobe and PJ for making that team respectable.

  9. Greatness Personified is still my favorite Kobe video. I probably watch it about 5x’s a year. (when ever basketball season/ news is not cutting it for me.) Now being one of those times. I have a bad feeling I’ll be upping my average with this lock out. The worst thing about it this summer isn’t the summer league or training camp but we miss out on trades, rumors, and free agent signing. That’s all the good stuff for NBA in the summer. Gonna have to find something else to become obsessed with for now.

  10. For those who haven’t seen Kobe’s “greatness personified” youtube highlight video, here’s the link. Darius made a post on it over a year back so I’m guessing most of the regulars have probably watched it. It’s lengthy but it show’s every aspect of Kobe’s game. It is truley remarkable.

  11. I was sitting in my car weeping
    while watching both videos.

    How hard is it to put a melon
    in a peach basket in mid air?

    O brother. Wow.

    Physics for dudes, man.

    – fünfstein 5 –

  12. I am also going to miss Kobe when he retires someday, that is why I am enjoying him as much as possible now days. He is amazing with that turnaround, fadeaway, usually with a hand in his face, J’s. Those videos today cheered me up, for sure.

  13. That is the timeless dance.

  14. Does anyone know how the development of Ebanks is going? He is hailed as a potentially better player than Ariza because his offense is a lot more polished than Ariza was when he first joined LA…but how is he doing now?
    If he can replace Shannon Brown to be out back-up 2, it’d be great, but I don’t follow the Dev-league. Reports say he’s trying to get the ball-handling skills down, but does anyone know if he’s ready to be a 2? (the 3 is def out of question, since Artest + a healthy Barnes can take up more than 48 min.)

    Also, Artest used to play the 2 in Houston, so maybe he can play some 2 as well when Barnes is on the court. Barnes is worth of 20 min when healthy, and Artest is definitely worthy of more than 28 min per game…

  15. #14. Sadly, without a Summer League to see these guys in game action, we just don’t know. Even if we get positive reports, the proof will be how he does on the court against solid competition.

  16. I do not look forward to the day when Kobe Bryant retires! The last Laker great to me was Magic Johnson and look how long it took us to get Kobe and for him to develop into a killer player. Remember the first year when he thought that he was like ‘Mike’…hated him. But, each year he came back with a new strategic wrinkle to his game. Again, I do not relish the wait between Kobe and the next great player, God willing I’ll be around to witness him!

    From a longtime Kobe fan!

  17. Kobe is doing everything within his means to get back to form by having surgery on his knee. The man lives for this game is bent on being one of the greatest players in history.

    Kobe should have an asterisk next to his name because his final point tally will have been affected by two league lockouts (if this season is shortened) which will inevitably mitigate his career points.

  18. I’ve been watching a bunch of old slam dunk contests on NBATV… Wilkens, Kemp, Sky Walker, MJ, little Dee Brown. And rookie J.R. Rider – he was soooo good.

  19. NBA.TV has to show those dunk contests over and over again, so we’ll all get plenty of chances to watch those highlights again. That, and all the WNBA anyone can stand…

    Damn this lockout already sucks.

  20. I already miss #8. I’m going to miss #24 too, but really I miss #8 even if he didn’t win any championships without Shaq.

    The 81 point explosion was what brought me to FB&G, so that’s always going to be special.

    As for Kobe’s career, since it’s not mine I won’t change it one bit, other than the finger injury which seemed to change everything…

  21. Awesome video.

    While LeBron may be the best athlete in the league currently, I still believe and have believed for many years that Kobe has the most complete game in the world.

    Seems that with all the LeBron talk that he is being pushed into the “best player in the league” category simply due to his tremendous athleticism.

    There is a huge difference between athleticism and being a great all around player.

  22. @Steve: let’s not go crazy, Lebron’s not just an athlete who plays ball, he’s an amazingly athletic basketball player.
    I’m not saying his game is greater than Kobe’s, because I’m definitely more of a Kobe fan than a Lebron fan and Kobe’s game is much more beautiful to watch, but Lebron has been the most effective player in the league for at least the last 3 seasons. He’s not just ‘hype’, he is the best -regular season- player in the NBA, without a doubt.

  23. @21. If LeCrab’s game is effective, why he has 0 rings? Team mates? When Kobe’s team mates are not delivering, he goes there and make it happen by himself.

    There’s no way to compare both players; one is a fake, the other is the greatest player still playing.