Today Is An NBA TV Day

Darius Soriano —  July 26, 2011

Yesterday Phillip discussed the Lakers’ point guard woes and wondered whether or not a viable upgrade was attainable going into next season. It’s an intense discussion as the Lakers certainly are lacking at the position and will need improved play from that spot to give the team more balance and a better chance to hurt teams that decide to overplay the talent the Lakers possess at other positions.

Today, though, I’m not focussing on what the Lakers will do in the future at PG but rather the greatness that they once had. Today, for all of our viewing pleasure, NBA TV has decided to show some classic games where one Earvin “Magic” Johnson showed why he’s one of the all time greats not only at point guard, but at any position. So at 2:30 pm PT tune in today and catch Magic’s epic performance from game 6 of the 1980 Finals:

And at 5pm PT, check see Magic lead the Lakers to a 3-1 series lead over the Celtics in the 1987 Finals, hitting the ultimate dagger in the closing seconds with a baby sky hook.

And lastly at 10pm PT you can watch him drop a triple double on the Warriors in the 1991 playoffs to close out the series. Just some fantastic performances that remind us all what we once had at PG. So, at least for one day, forget about how the Lakers will fix next season’s problems and instead revel in the glorious play of the best that ever ran the show from the “one”.

Darius Soriano

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15 responses to Today Is An NBA TV Day

  1. Magic is such a pleasure to watch. But so is Big Game James. His post game was just so smooth. I don’t know if there’s ever been a player with a quicker move to the basket out of the post. Lightning fast.

    Has anyone else seen that commercial on NBA TV that’s raising awareness for diabetes? Chris Dudley is in it and they had the title “NBA Legend” under his name. Hahaha. I had to rewind because I thought my eyes were deceiving me.

  2. Shooting 1-18 from the FT line in an NBA game IS the stuff of legend.

  3. It had to be on a day when I have non-negotiable plans after work? Bastards. :p

  4. Daniel – So true. Whenever I re-watch games from my collection of Showtime era stuff, the thing that stands out to me (other than Magic’s supernatural passing ability) is how Worthy works the post. The quickness of the first step and the ball control with those massive hands is just a wonderful thing to see.

  5. I like Pau a lot, but if there’s one thing about James Worthy, he didn’t take all day to make his move. Other than an occasional pump fake or two, he made his step and went to the hole or made a jumper without over-thinking.

    If Pau would be more deliberate in his moves, that would help wonders.


  6. Magic is the reason I’m a Laker.

  7. Gabriel,
    DO you mean “less deliberate” for Pau? If so, I agree. Same thing with Bynum.

  8. 7: Maybe, whatever means he needs to take less time to do his move. LOL


  9. Growing up in Southern California in the 70s and 80s was as good as it gets. Being a Lakers fan was the best during that time and I remember all these games. It offset being a Padres and Kings fan.

    Magic Johnson has to be the point guard on any all time NBA team.

    Thanks for sharing those videos.

  10. Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. Not only is he the Greatest Point Guard in the History of the NBA, but he also has the distinction of having the Greatest Nickname in All of Sports.

  11. Speaking of his nicknames, there was a discussion at my work about a year ago, in which one of the guys wondered why Magic had survived the AIDS virus for so many years, and if he really had the disease in the first place.

    Rather than get into the technical aspects of long term survival with AIDS, I simply joked “Well maybe it’s because he has a ‘magic johnson!'”

  12. great flashbacks….boy, i certainly don’t miss the green tinted color commentary of tommy heinson back then. i still remember him blurting out that fred roberts was an able defender that could guard big game james…..ha! what a memorable myopic moment

  13. Will we ever see another 6’9″ PG with such creativity, imagination and flair? It’s also because of Magic Johnson that I became a Laker fan

  14. The greatest single game anyone has ever played in NBA Championship history. He did it all that game and to think I remember thinking we were done w/o Kareem. Magic was simply marvelous and showed everyone what a true “floor general” truly was. I have seen alot of basketball and no one comes close…maybe Lebron talentwise and with the size. But in no way the leader that Magic was. Magic would grab a rebound and simply say two words “let’s go” and man the Lakers all knew what that meant…it was like the Camelot of the NBA…a magical time with three of the greatest players in NBA history. I will never forget it and I doubt if we ever see anything like it again in the new NBA.

  15. More than Magic’s ability to pass the ball, even more than his ability to rebound the ball and move it up the court with ease, even more than him playing all 5 positions as a rookie to win an NBA championship; I am a fan of Magic due to his effervescence after he passed the ball to a Laker and they scored.

    I became a Laker fan again after watching Magic play his first professional game as a rookie, and on the last play of the game he passed the ball to Kareem whom then made a hook shot. Magic ran over to Kareem and hugged him. I could not help but love the purity with which he played the game. His love of the game and competitive nature was evident on the floor and his love of the game was obvious by the way that he spoke of the game in post game interviews.

    Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson Jr. will always be my favorite player of all time!