Wishing Kobe a Happy 33rd Birthday

Phillip Barnett —  August 23, 2011
(via SLAMOnline.com)

(via SLAMOnline.com)

Today is the great Kobe Bean Bryant’s birthday and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the man than to watch some clips of his greatest performances, games, moves, blocks, dunks and game winners. I was pretty much watching these all morning and afternoon, and since I actually have to get some work done this afternoon, I’ll pass them along to you guys. Try and forget about the lockout for the day and talk, discuss, and share your favorite Kobe stories and moments.

By the way, SLAM tweeted this Kobe slide show this morning. It features all of his covers on the SLAM and KICKS magazines. Now, on to the videos, some of which have been shared here on FB&G in the past.

Here are a few of the best hodgepodge high light videos of Kobe

Here are all of Kobe’s buzzer beaters from the 09/10 season

Some of Kobe’s best dunks of his career (I miss the days of the 360)

Remember when he scored 62 points through 3 quarters against Dallas?

And then he scored 81 just a couple weeks later.

Check out some of the best blocks of his career

Last, but not least, one of my favorites. A compilation showing off his footwork.

Phillip Barnett


14 responses to Wishing Kobe a Happy 33rd Birthday

  1. Happy 33rd Kobe!!! Thank you and wish you more rings.

  2. Happy 33rd birthday Kobe. Time has really flown hasn’t it?

    Come to think of it, Kobe’s been playing with the Lakers nearly half his life now.

  3. It’s a memorable 33rd birthday for Kobesan, a new transition in Libya, 5.8 earthquake in East Coast and Dow Jones jumps to 322.

    Can we now look forward to a healthy start of NBA season in November?

  4. First things 1st, Happy Birthday Kobe Bean Bryant!

    Now, I will watch all of the video that was posted.

  5. Happy, Happy, Happy 33rd b-day, Kobe. It just seems like yesterday that you came into the league at 17.

  6. Happy birthday Kobe!

  7. Happy birthday! To think he’s only a year younger than me;

  8. Happy birthday Kobe! I started following basketball at the tender age of 7 when Kobe first came into the league and it’s been a joy to watch him play, mature, and eventually succeed in this league as a player and a person. Can’t wait to see him come back with a vengeance when we finally get a season again haha

    Watching those buzzer beater replays never gets old, especially the one against Sacramento because I was at the game with my Dad. As soon as he shook Rodriguez I knew he was going to take and make the shot, then it actually happened and Staples just went nuts. I’ll remember that moment and that game for a long time 🙂

  9. I just realized that Kobe has so many incredible career highlights that it can probably be made into a couple of full-length films. No wonder people often take him for granted. He’s done so much incredible stuff over the years that his amazing play has simply become the norm. Happy birthday Kobe, and thanks.

  10. man…looking through those videos really makes me miss basketball.

    looking at his highlight dunks, i can’t decide whether the up & under or the 360 would be one of his signature dunks.

  11. My fav is the Crossover for the dunk from the top of the key.


  12. Kobe is RIDICULOUSLY NASTY!!!!!!

    Kobe Bean Bryant!!!

  13. Amazing clips. I was going to post my thoughts here, but instead I posted them here. http://bit.ly/qp0Dma Happy thirty-three.