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  1. Hi Darius,

    You could probably see “that” very soon (minus the uniform) if you’d like to tour the world, but you’re never going to see the NBA back as you knew it.

    When I now venture out to see football (even the world series hasn’t been enough to draw me to baseball), everyone reminds me: no Lakers.

    We both wonder why I’m even there.

    When NBA basketball eventually returns, even if there were some magical deal signed tomorrow, Phil Jackson won’t, nor will most of the supporting Laker organization. Laker players that we have loved will be soon swapped like trading cards to meet new salary realities–and the teams the Lakers face will be similarly transformed.

    Some once familiar faces we will only see when we watch international competition. Fresh rookies and D league replacements will be the hot commodity.

    It may be even sadder than it is now, during lockout–and watching highlight clips won’t be enough.


  2. If I’m Hunter and the players I start reminding the NBA who is really in charge. And that is the players. I turn the tables on the owners. You didn’t like 57 percent? You didn’t like the soft cap? How about we won’t sign a deal unless there are no caps at all. We kind of like the way baseball does it. We like capitalism. Let the owners pay what they want to pay. Nobody is holding a gun to their head. And if you don’t meet our demands we will start our own league since people only pay to see us. Whatever league has top 100 players in the world is “the league.”.


  3. that Kobe is a bad motha f-

    ok, i’ll watch my mouth. even though i’m just talkin about Kobe.

    i’ll take the guy they’re calling only #7 over all those other guys, just for his attitude. i’d hate him if he weren’t a Laker.

    whatever stupid things happen with this labor agreement, i still see the Lakers as a top team, just because that’s what the management wants more than anything else. the Raptors will stay the Raptors and the Clippers will stay the Clippers. poorly managed teams will still be losing money.

    last but not least, until the worst has happened, it’s not the reality, just a possibility. it may be likely, but there are still chances that everything can work out. otherwise, why play any games? why live any longer? the future is not seen yet. there are still choices to be made.


  4. If I am an NBA player, first thing I look at is the overseas option.

    In the meantime, I’ll have other players organize charity games in their franchise towns to get the fans on your side.

    5 on 5 vs inner-city youth. Mini basketball clinics during PE classes at local junior high and high schools. Watching their JV and Varsity games. Stuff like that to get people to back your cause. No need to give speeches, just your presence will do wonders.

    Next you try to see what may be needed to organize your own league. Arenas and stuff are nice, but a lot of the money is made on television. Just organize 1-on-1 tournaments that start off at your local city that pits teammate against teammate, then work your way up and get pay-per-view coverage.

    Get your own ‘all star game’ thing going, complete with dunk contests and all.

    There are lots of things that can be done to put the owners in their place…


  5. Just wondering what new move Kobe will add to his arsenal during this lockout! Will this lockout, if it is prolonged be an asterisk next to Kobe’s career numbers? Michael Jordan was retired during the last NBA lockout, thus no asterisk is warranted next to any of his games? Just wondering….