Lakers Sign Gerald Green

Darius Soriano —  December 13, 2011

The news has slown down a bit after the Lamar Odom trade but that doesn’t mean the Lakers are not working to fill the holes on their roster. After all, the first real-live-counts-in-the-standings game is in less than two weeks. So as the Lakers prepare to play the Bulls by installing their offensive and defensive schemes, the front office must also work to give Mike Brown the players that can execute them on the court.

One player that has inked a deal to try and earn a roster spot is Gerald Green. The former slam dunk champ has been in Lakers’ camp the past couple of years and hasn’t yet stuck, but he gets another opportunity under Mike Brown. The details on the contract aren’t yet known but my hunch is that this will not be a guaranteed deal, but rather a “make good” contract that the team can pick up should Green show enough over the next week and half to earn a roster spot.

Green’s game has always been based off athleticism and his ability to run the floor and finish in transition would help the Lakers. That said, running, jumping, and dunking isn’t all there is to do on a basketball court. Green’s handle, playmaking, rebounding, and defense have always been average at best (and that may be generous). He’s flashed range on his jumper but making shots and taking the right ones haven’t always gone hand in hand. Said another way, Green’s instincts to make the correct basketball play nevery really caught up to his body’s ability to complete them. Thus he’s been in and out of the NBA since he was a high draft pick many moons ago.

If that’s changed, the Lakers may have found themselves a bargain contributor that can play spot minutes. If it hasn’t, the Lakers have another camp body to take some of the wear and tear off the legs of veteran guards and wings who are working overtime to get ready for the season. I wish Green all the luck in making the roster but I have my doubts we’ll be seeing him wearing Laker colors on December 25th.

Darius Soriano

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