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Dave Murphy —  February 1, 2012

Continuing their oscillating wave pattern through the western conference standings, the Lakers’ past two performances have been winning, with last night’s victory against the lowly Bobcats serving as a welcome 4th quarter respite for Kobe & other weary starters. The season has been proceeding in sections – weird rotations and the seeming inability to marry necessary components within the same game. The outside shot has been our bogeyman to date. Not so the second half – a cavalcade of long range bombs from guys that have recently occupied waiver wire wish lists. A plethora of good storylines today:

Silver linings sometimes come with dark clouds – Dave McMenamin at ESPN writes about the threat of trade as a motivator.

Tempering the blowout with a reality check, Andy Kamenetzky at the Land O’Lakers observes just how bad this Charlotte squad truly is.

On the eve of the annual Grammys road trip, Wondahbap at Silver Screen and Roll points out the need to use games like this as practice opportunities.

Metta’s back as a starter – Mike Bresnahan at the LA Times reports on the Lakers’ revolving door policy.

Kevin Ding at the OC Register looks at last night’s balance and execution.

An accounting of rookie Darius Morris’ service to his hungry and exacting teammates, is hilarious – thank Melissa Rohlin at the LA Times.

A page of writing about Kobe Bryant and the passage of time, by Danny Chau at Hardwood Paroxysm.

Sometimes a good one slips under the radar, as is the case of the nexus between Kobe and Russian literature by Aaron McGuire at Gothic Ginobili.


The list of topics continues across the cyber universe, from Mini-Mamba to the possible pursuit of Kenyon Martin and I might as well toss in the kitchen sink while I’m at it. I’ll leave additional sleuthing to you, fearless readers – do some digging and report back.

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Dave Murphy


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  1. I was at the game last night. There are some things that are harder to see at games… And there are things that are easier to see at games. It’s no coincidence the Lakers offense was average when Steve Blake was playing half the game and fell off the cliff when he went down. It is no coincidence that the offense has been good as soon as GLock has been playing more than half the game at PG. GLock is not a good PG but he is an NBA PG. That makes such a giant difference in today’s nba with a traditional offense. When Fisher is in the game not only is he forced to pass the ball as soon as he gets passed half court but of course his man does not even pay attention to him the entire 24 seconds. On the postgame show the Lakers announcers were saying sometimes coaches are forced to play guys because they are veterans with big names due to upper Managment. In this case I think it’s not upper Managment but Kobe. Either way the shackles need to be taken off the offense and placed onto Derek’s hands and feet. There was a scene during a timeout in the second half where Derek Fisher was in his warmups completely dry after not playing most of the game with four lakers circled around him… As it turns out he can still give his speeches from the bench. It’s time guys. It’s time. We can’t let this go on. And while my friend at the game said Fisher isn’t a team player or he would ask to be benched ala Walton for Ariza. I wouldn’t go that far but I see his line of thinking.


  2. Btw… I Recently told everyone how athletic Gasol used to be. Well… For further proof how little he has worked on his body and how much athletism he has lost… Get ready to cry Lakers fans. He is still one of the most athletic PFs in the league… But imagine what he could have been?


  3. Robert,
    From the previous post:
    “They get together in top secret locations to plot how they can thwart Laker trades”

    How can you tell that a location is top secret?


  4. Simmons is bad with player and team evaluations but he is great at noticing trends and themes. Here is hits the nail on the head with the new NBA. Eat your heart out Laker fans…

    9. Has there ever been a better year for point guards?

    The short answer: No. It’s like the quarterback boom in football — and if you want to extend the analogy, some of the NBA’s rule changes last decade (dumping hand checks, speeding up the game) helped point guards much like the NFL’s rule changes (changing the pass interference rules, protecting quarterbacks) helped passing. But you still need the talent, and fortunately, we’re blessed with Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry (although his paper-mache ankles are starting to worry me), Tony Parker (another killer season for him), Kyle Lowry (morphing into a poor man’s Fat Lever), Steve Nash, Ty Lawson (one of the fastest NBA players ever), Rubio, Irving, John Wall (coming on), Jrue Holiday (already came on) and Brandon Jennings (finally made a leap this year) … suddenly you’re in good hands with half the league’s point guards running your team. And we didn’t even mention capable veterans like Mike Conley, the Semi-Rejuvenated Jose Calderon, Ray Felton and Andre Miller; The Artist Formerly Known as Jason Kidd; Baron (if he has anything left in the tank); works in progress like Brandon Knight (I’m a fan), T.B.H. Evans,8 Roddy Beaubois (a possible late bloomer???) and Kemba Walker; or even Jimmer Fredette’s abundant garbage time skills.9

    Look, it’s not rocket science: Any basketball game is going to be more entertaining with competent-or-better point guards running the show. (Cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding.) Without the right point guard, you won’t get fast break points or easy baskets (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding), you won’t have good ball movement (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding), it’s harder to get your post guys the ball in the right spots (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding), and you might have to rely on one perimeter player shooting 25 to 30 times a game while everyone else stands around (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding vigorously while fighting off tears). More point guards = more fun.10


  5. exhelodrvr @3: Well – first they all put on suits. Owners usually wear old jeans and un-tucked shirts with the sleeves rolled up. So with the suits, every1 figures they r going to a wedding or a funeral. Then they meet – all dressed like Michael Imperioli in a Tequila commercial. Of course u know who supplies the tequila.


  6. The interest in Arenas is intriguing considering he would come cheap and he knows this would probably be his last shot in the league if he fudges up another opportunity. A Jamal Crawford type role coming off the bench, not to be looked upon as captain-save-a-team, could suit Gilbert just fine. This in my opinion is a low risk, high reward scenario if he is in shape and willing to gain back respect he lost during his final years in Washington.


  7. Robert, from the previous thread….

    I’m just a messenger, some look at the oldies who’d like to join the Lakers as doom and gloom while others might add some credence to what they could contribute. Nonetherless we need still a veteran, at his prime and a get-go PG who will penetrate defenses. Will Session and Arenas fit this category or just continue developing G-luck, Blake, Old Spice(Fish) and wait for D’Will derby at the end of the season? It is just a talking point Rob and nothing else, I don’t know also the answer.


  8. @ DirtySanchez — Yeah, but can Arenas still play?

    Five years ago he was probably my favorite non-Laker to watch because he was so electric on the floor. Many years and several more injuries later, you have to wonder what he has left — even in a specialized, limited role like you suggest.

    Suppose there’s no harm in bringing him in for a workout, but physically he’s got to have it or else he’s just one more slower, past-his-prime guard on a roster that already has too many such players.


  9. If the roster wasn’t maxed out at 15, I’d say an Arenas signing and tryout would be risk free. Cut him if it doesn’t work.

    But in order to sign Arenas, someone needs to be cut. Who? Caracter? And if Arenas doesn’t work out, chances are another team has picked up whoever you’ve cut.

    I think these are the factors involved when discussing Arenas signing. I can see the front office cutting someone for a sure upgrade. But since he isn’t, they don’t want to lose anyone.


  10. Well, this 6 game road trip will definitively tell us what condition the Lakers are in. Several tough teams out there. I think our prognostications can be proven true/false after these 6 games. I’ll reserve any comments until the end of the Grammy road trip.


  11. Repost, because it got buried in the previous thread:

    I think I said right before the season started that this team will need at least a month, probably more, to figure things out. We have a new coach who is running a new system, and new players on the roster, it’s going to take them time to get to know each other and to learn to play together.

    In hindsight, I should have said closer to two months. In addition to those other factors, the Lakers have had a very tight schedule, and haven’t been able to practice together to the extent they would during a normal season. Trying to fit in practices while playing frequent games wears on players, and might in some way account for the poor outside shooting (tired legs).

    So in all, I’m still feeling pretty good about this team. I think once they get everything together, our Lakers are going to be very good. They just need to get there, and it’s not realistic to expect that to happen over-night.

    Just a thought.


  12. The idea of guys like Arenas, K-Mart, and even ‘Sheed coming in, makes for good copy but they’re a collective orthopedic nightmare. Sessions on the other hand (as widely discussed in other threads) comes with a ton less baggage. Question is, IF he can be got, and what it would cost.


  13. Edwin @7:My comment was definitely not challenging u, I was being sarcastic towards the situation : ) The fact that these are the guys we are discussing, means we are not in a good state : ) Sessions is the exception and could be good. That said, if we use the TPE on Sessions it will probably mean we have given up on D12 which would be a sad day. I think now we will need to throw the kitchen sink at this (AB/PG/TPE) all for D12/Hedu/Jameer. If we do not do this, D12 will be a Mav.


  14. Steve Blake 7.3 pts. 1.9 reb. 2.8 Ast. 40% FG 35% 3pt FG

    Ramon Sessions Age: 25 9.0 pts. 3.1 reb. 4.6 Ast. 34% FG 2.0 TO

    How much of an upgrade would Sessions be? The guy can’t shoot a lick.

    The guy Lakers should go after is
    Jarrett Jack Age: 28 16.1 pts. 3.9 reb. 6.9 Ast. 44% FG 2.4 TO

    Let Sessions go to NY he won’t help our team needs.


  15. At this point if Goudelock continues to develop, I wouldn’t trade for Sessions. I would save our assets for a player with more impact since Goudelock provides something Sessions doesn’t, outside shooting. And as we are painfully aware, that has been the biggest problem for the offense this year.


  16. Mimsy/Kevin: I would like to commend you for your never ending optimism (although Kevin slipped a little after we played Milwaukee). I am not even going to refute anything you say. I am merely replying with: Go Lakers !!


  17. Kevin,

    I didn’t even know Jack was on the block. Why does NO want to move him? He’s been starting all season and doing well. But yeah, I’ve always liked him.


  18. Dave M, I’m not sure if he’s on the block or not. I just think if you trade for someone make sure it makes us better and I don’t know if Sessionsdoes that. Giving up picks or dropping a player on our roster is not worth sessions. Blake is a better shooter and has similiar stats in the same amount of minutes.


  19. I need to amend my last comment on Sessions: It would not only be disaster if we used the TPE on him (no D12), but there is also a reported scenario where PG goes for Varejao+Sessions. So, I agree – let’s just drop the Sessions discussion all together befores it really hurts us.


  20. Before Simmons starts gloating too much over our PG situation, someone should send him a tape of Game 3 of the 2010 Finals, when his beloved Celtics were somehow unable to stop Derek Fisher, possibly the worst PG to ever start on a championship team in the history of the NBA. And because the series went to 7 games, Fisher effectively stopped the Cs from winning Title 18, and gave it to us instead.

    Chew on THAT, Simmons!


  21. I don’t know why Cleveland should trade with Laker ? Cleveland owner fired Mike Brown, why should he help Lakers ? If they trade PG to Lakers, it means that guy no good. Washington was happy to trade Kwame to Lakers, Charlotte did the same thing with Morrision and Shanon Brown, i don’t trust Kupchack. When 6-8 LeBron James started to guard Derek Rose, Chicago Bulls was in trouble, same thing will happen to CP3.


  22. Here’s my take on the upcoming road trip: If we don’t win at least 3 of these next 6 games I believe the FO will make a move, whether that be a trade or pick up a free agent like Arenas. If we win at least 3 games I believe we’ll stand pat until at least right before the trade deadline.


  23. @Robert
    I prefer to think of it as “realism”. I’m serious; anyone who expected a brand new roster with a brand new coaching staff to be dominant from day one, needs a reality check. The human factor, no matter how much we hate it, is more powerful than any statistic, and the human factor says it needs time to learn to trust new team mates and time to learn a new system. I still believe we will get there. Just don’t ask me to set a time-line 😉


  24. People are missing the boat on Sessions, and on Jack. If you want to look at numbers, look at their BaskRef Advanced numbers over a period of time and evaluate other factors.The best sample for Sessions is Cleveland in 2010–his numbers are better than either Blake’s or Jack’s. They were also pretty good in Milwaukee. Sample size and system: Sessions’ problem in Minnesota was that Rambis foolishly ran the Triangle with a group of players who, like Sessions, were ill-suited for it. Sessions’ numbers cratered that year. This year, stuck behind Irving, and playing this crazy schedule, Sessions, like many guys, is off. But the guy is a league-average PG who can run P/R and is 25.

    Also, 25 and 28 is a big difference for point guards–that is quite often the exact peak of a PG’s career.

    Buss may well sit tight until the deadline and wait on Howard, and that is OK with me. Brian Kamenetzky thinks it may drag into the summer, and I personally do not think Howard is coming here, but–it is Dwight Howard. You wait. In that case, whether Sessions is worth getting with the Lakers’ limited assets and roster situation is an open question. But there is NO question that Sessions would help the Lakers. Jack would too, but Sessions is probably a better get.


  25. Arenas, Sessions, K-Mart, etc. are all Band-Aids.

    You don’t cure the terminal cancer of a too-old too-expensive not-enough-talent roster with Band-Aids.

    Blow the Lakers up!


  26. Charlotte lost by 44 point tonight to Portland. Kind of makes Laker win look small doesn’t it?

    I would be very pleased with 3 and 3. It is what it is.


  27. I haven’t see a lot of Clipper games, but I’ve yet to watch one that Griffin hasn’t blatantly flopped in. The one tonight was embarrassing, and I don’t even like the Jazz, I just hate when big guys flop when they’re getting backed down like that.


  28. I’m serious; anyone who expected a brand new roster with a brand new coaching staff to be dominant from day one, needs a reality check.

    You seem like a really great person, but, frankly, the “reality check” is needed on the optimist side. People like me, Ken, and Robert are simply saying that the Lakers don’t have enough talent to be a serious contender in their present state. There was a lot of evidence to this effect prior to the season; there is more now.

    The Lakers can make marginal improvements, like we have seen with Goudelock contributing the last four games. They still may get something more out of McRoberts and Murphy by using them better (as they have with the Murphy/Bynum pairing-as Darius wrote about a few weeks ago) and Steve Blake’s return will help a little.

    But, at the end of the day, tricking up a Nissan Altima doesn’t turn it into a Corvette.


  29. Corvette? I agree with everything you said RR but that. Austin Martin or Bentley more like it.

    Lakers aren’t fast, not sleek and get bad milage since they are always running out of gas in the 2nd half.

    Kind of like a Deloren. Cost a ton to make, way outdated and looks much better then it runs.

    The door opening up in the bizarre straight up manner is Metta. Seems like a good idea but is really a waste of money and a bad idea.



  30. Mike Brown on the rotation for the trip:

    Brown said he’d try to build more consistency in the rotation, particularly in the second unit, using the two previous games as a blueprint. Andrew Bynum as an anchor, together with floor-stretching big Troy Murphy in the frontcourt and Andrew Goudelock running the point. “Hopefully,” he said, “I can stick to it.”


  31. I wonder what Brown will do once Blake returns. What do people think about moving Fish to backup SG and sticking to a PG rotation of Blake and Goudilockes? This would definitely “hide” Fisher a lot better than running him as a primary on the first team.

    I do wish this whole seniority thing is revisited by the coaching staff, Fisher would probably be marginally more productive going up against second stringers than the guards every team has starting.


  32. Over the years, traditional Laker fans have fluctuated between “concerned” and “hopeful” until game night–then “disappointed” or “happy.” It’s an emotional rollercoaster.

    It often has ended on a happy note: Laker fans have enjoyed recent scenarios that end with our “hope” rewarded with extreme forms of “happy.”

    Last season, the “concerns” led us to “shocked disappointed”–and the concerns since have kept piling up. Some of us have totally given up on “hope,” leaving extreme forms of disappointment in our mouths all the time.

    Disappointment can lead to scapegoating during losses, and expressed indifference to wins. For their own good, disappointed fans need to regain perspective.

    Can the Lakers, with the present squad, leave us with more bad feelings this season than that four game playoff humiliation against Dallas last season? I don’t think so.

    The disappointed scapegoaters may actually feel better (vindicated) when the Lakers lose–and if the Lakers don’t even make the playoffs, they will be the first to say, “I told you so.”

    I remain very concerned, but forever hopeful. The Lakers just dispatched the Bobcats the way a championship team should. I was happy.

    Were my concerns blown away by that win? Of course not. Until the season is over, I will keep experiencing the win/lose rollercoaster, hoping against hope for another one of those deliriously happy endings.

    Hope springs eternal.


  33. Buzz Lightyear: U do have some points, but U are too early. We “can” still salvage this, but there is only 1 way, and that is fleeting. If we do not have D12 by the TD – I will probably be in your camp (though I do not look forward to that). All: Please realize I want titles. If you are content with a 5 seed, then the Lakers are fine as is.


  34. robinred: Yes, Sessions can help, but if we trade PG or the TPE (LO) to get him, that would be sad. Ken: I Like ur Metta/Delorean analogy; perhaps we can get him to go “Back to the Future” and become RonRon again. Mimsy: I am tempted to join the discussion between u and robinred, however I made a promise: Go Lakers


  35. Another buried repost:

    Personally, since we’ve waited this long I would love to see what the Clippers do with Mo Williams. He’s a better shooter than Sessions and is a better overall point guard. He would be the best case scenario because he would fit into the TPE. In additon, we could package Caracter and give the Clippers the extra big they covet. If they don’t want Caracter, a draft pick (which will be in the 20?s) would be worthwhile for Mo too. Other than Deron Williams (the best possible addition), Mo Williams is ideal.



    Kobe at #4 for MVP??? I know the Lakers are not a “contender” at this point but think about where the Lakers would be without Kobe. Lebron is having a historic year so I understand him being #1 but Kobe behind Durant and D12 is crazy.


  37. 31 Robert,
    “If you are content with a 5 seed, then the Lakers are fine as is.”

    5 seed is OK, if it looks like they are on an upward trend for subsequent seasons. But at the moment it looks more like a slight downward trend.


  38. @robinred
    Two things:
    I’m not sure why you keep calling me an optimist. All I’ve said is the way the Lakers have played so far should have been expected, and until they’ve figured things out between them, we have no idea what they can do together as a team. The Mavs didn’t have the most talent in the league last year either, but they won. And before you jump on that statement, I’m not blindly saying the Lakers will win a title this year. I’m simply saying that until they do get their sh** together and start playing to their full potential, we have no idea what that potential is. Reserving judgement sees like the smart thing to do.

    Second, I despise the practice of prefacing your posts with “you seem like a nice person” when what you really want to say is that you think I’m naive and completely wrong. You disagree with me. So? If we can’t do that upfront and honestly, like mature adults, at least don’t pat me condescendingly on the head and tell me you’re sure I’m “a nice person”. Aside from how insulting it is to be dismissed in that way, whether I am nice or not is utterly irrelevant. So drop the insulting sugar-coating attempts, please. I promise, it won’t hurt my tender feelings if you disagree with me.

    Robert is right, we’re not getting a title this year. My inner cynic really wants to answer that with a sarcastic, “no, really?” Of course we won’t. We have a brand new roster and coaching staff, and a shortened season. No one can get a title out of that. If you want to demand and expect that and set yourself up for disappointment, be my guest. I’m thinking 5th seed this year and a title next year, is more realistic.


  39. Yes, Sessions can help, but if we trade PG or the TPE (LO) to get him, that would be sad

    I included that POV. If Buss is like you, and believes the future of the franchise depends entirely on D12, the he should, as Andy Kamenetzky put it, “keep all the assets on lockdown.” I am not opposed to that position, although I am not into it as you are, as we have discussed via email.

    The point I was really addressing, though, was how good Sessions is. Sessions doesn’t shoot that well, and he is not that good of defensive player. But he is a better player for this system, by a comfortable margin, than any PG the Lakers currently have and is young enough to get a little better. If they do use the TPE on him, that means they have effectively traded Lamar Odom for Ramon Sessions and Josh McRoberts. Sounds bad at first, but looking at age and Odom’s issues this year, it it defensible.

    On the day-to-day level, I will say that Brown needs to figure a way to get more out of McRoberts. A guy like Sessions on the team would actually help with that.


  40. @Busboys

    As many have noted, a case can be made that once he decided to get rid of Odom, Buss’ first call should have been to the Clippers offering LO for Mo Williams. Of course, Buss may have asked and the Clippers may have said no.


  41. The Lakes are in a tough situation. They have 2 very good players and an elite one, perhaps the best in t he league. You add competent role players and this is a recipe for a championship. The problem is, (which was worse than Miami’s last year, they were thin, but there wasn’t as dramatic a drop off in talent level from their big three to the role players as is the case with the current Lakers), that we no competent players whatsoever outside of Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum. The problem last year was not a lack of commitment on these player’s parts, but frankly players like Gasol were burnted because they were having to take on too much burden on both ends of the floor.


  42. 31,

    Good idea kareem to placate Fisher, however I would prefer that he slide to 3rd choice behind Kobe, Kapono then Fish. Reasons, his height disadvantage as an SG, his diminished shooting prowess and lastly speed in defending taller SG’s. I would place more bets on Kapono/Murphy/Blake and G-luck as our gunners aside from Kobe than going with slower and older veteran.


    Robert, if Session is a marquee PG, why is he being traded by the lowly Cavs? RS has a salary of 4.2M this season and 4.5M in ’13, will Cavs go for Fisher and Walton? I doubt. chances are they will ask for Blake and our rookies which will impede again the campaign for youth movement. Will Lakers add more to their salary cap on RS who is not as good as LO or Shannon, the players recently cut from their roster? I’d prefer Agent Zero for $ 1M with no strings attached but a pay to see attitude if there is still juice to renew him to longer contract in ’13. Again I keep on banking Kapono/Murphy/Blake, they’re the Lakers hope for success. Our three stars are the bread and butter to put us in the playoffs but those quantum three will carry the team over the hump as you have seen what’s their potentials on BobCats’ game. On any given night, the three combined can easily contribute 30 pts. which is 10 threes. I just hope they don’t give back 30 pts too on T/O’s and bad D.


  43. Robert, if Session is a marquee PG, why is he being traded by the lowly Cavs?

    He’s not a marquee PG; he’s a young, competent one who can inititate an offense and play p/r–which the Lakers desperately need. He’s on the trading block because the Cavs have Kyrie Irving.


    Again I keep on banking Kapono/Murphy/Blake, they’re the Lakers hope for success.


    Edwin, you seem to be a great fan, but this is exactly what the problem is. Blake, Murphy, and Kapono are all very limited players and they are all 30 or over. Kapono shouldn’t even be in the NBA. Blake is an average backup PG, and Murphy is a 10-15 MPG player, who can be useful to spot up and clear the key for Bynum. But that’s it.


  44. Next time the Cavs play I suggest Lakers fans watch Sessions play. He’s has regressed since the Milwaukee days. Lakers trading for him would be one of the worst trades in franchise history.


  45. Like I said, Kevin: sample size, system, situation.


  46. Mimsy-

    You’re misreading me on several levels.

    The “nice person” stuff is not “sugar coating” or condescension–it is simply separating you from some of the other folks who have not been as nice. You are also very wrong about this:


    If you want to demand and expect that and set yourself up for disappointment, be my guest


    The Lakers are more likely to be in the lottery than they are to win the title, given the current competitive ecology of the West. I have been aware of that since pre-season. They could easily go 35-31 or so and finish 9th. The point that some of us have been making is that an aging team built around a 33-year-old Kobe Bryant with a 90M payroll and ~80M committed next year pretty much needs to be a top-tier contender or it needs to retool.

    I see you as an optimist because you have talked several times about the team’s “potential.” As I have explained, there are things Brown can do to improve the team at the margins–we have seen one with the overdue decision to commit to Goudelock. I mentioned other ones, crediting Darius with his pick-up of Murphy/Bynum in this thread. But doing these things will not substantially change the team’s big-picture outlook, due to the roster and the cap.


  47. Not disagreeing with your point, but here’s mine. Lakers weakness is shooting Sessions weakness is shooting. Lakers problem is floor spacing and for a guy who attempts less than 1 3pt a game for his career. How does he help us? he may be cp3 I don’t know. lol


  48. Kevin,

    The Lakers’ weakness is secondary talent. As Darius explained, Sessions can run PR. Synergy Sports numbers show conclusively that the Lakers do not get many baskets out of PR sets.

    Also, having a drive/kick PG might open up some easier looks on the spotups.

    Bynum anchoring a second unit with Sessions, Goudelock and Murphy on the floor would give the Lakers a post threat, a guy to penetrate, and two guys who can spot up at the arc.


  49. robinred, you’re right. I’m not saying Sessions can’t play he just doesn’t fill a need. Blake was doing all those things before the injury. Sessions isn’t much of an upgrade over Blake honestly. No need in trading for a guy who doesn’t enhance our chance of winning a championship. That’s the point of trading for someone to have a better chance at winning and Sessions doesn’t do that.


  50. I think Sessions would be a pretty significant upgrade over Blake, if Brown gave Sessions the minutes: he is quicker, younger, gets to the rim better, and runs PR better.

    As far as the “championship” angle, that is where it gets tricky, for reasons already discussed many times. But there is a bigger gap between Fisher/Blake and league-average than many seem to think.


  51. RE Sessions: My point on Sessions (as I mentioned in the last game preview) is this: his strengths are things the Lakers still need. His weaknesses are things the team currently lacks. So, while you don’t solve all the team’s perimeter issues with this one player, you do solve some. I have trouble seeing why this would be such a bad move. Plus he’s relatively cheap (making less than the MLE) and young. He’s not perfect but who is, exactly, that the Lakers can actually get their hands on?


  52. robinred & darius, I agree with your points he helps in some weak spots most notably PnR. If acquired will he get us from the 2nd round to the finals I’m not sure. Lakers thought Kapono would bring another dimension that hasn’t been the case so far. So if a trade happens it should be for a difference maker IMHO.

    We’ve seen small benefits of practice time for the Lakers, maybe the team shows more signs of life and Goudelock continues to improve.


  53. Kevin,

    You make a legit point about an impact player. As we both know, it’s complex.