Preview and Chat: The Philadelphia 76ers

Phillip Barnett —  February 6, 2012

Records: Lakers 14-10 (7th in West), 76ers 17-7 (3rd in East)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 103.7 (15th in NBA), 76ers 106.3 (7th in NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 100.9 (10th in NBA), 76ers 95.0 (1st in NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum
76ers: Jrue Holiday, Jodie Meeks, Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand, Spencer Hawes
Injuries: Lakers: Steve Blake (out), Derrick Caracter (out); Jazz: Elton Brand (questionable)

The Lakers Coming In: The Lakers are coming off a tough loss in Utah which saw the Lakers top three — Kobe-Pau-Bynum — score on the plus side of 20 points, but they shot 38.7 percent as a team and collapsed in the fourth quarter which included a wild 16-1 run by Jazz which was sparked by Earl Watson. During the said run, Watson bulldozed Pau Gasol picked Gasol’s pocket, which sent coach Mike Brown into a frenzy, which eventually got him ejected from the game. Because of his antics, Brown has been fined $25,000 and suspended from tonight’s game “[…] for making contact with an official and not leaving the court in a timely manner […].” John Kuester will serve as Brown’s replacement tonight. As the Lakers try to bounce back on this trip, Kobe will be chasing a bit of history as he is only 23 points away from passing Shaq (28,596) for 5th all time on the scoring list. This is notable, of obvious reasons, but mostly because he has a shot at the milestone in his hometown. Kobe played his high school ball in Philly and can return home to show how far he’s come as a ball player (and if he doesn’t get the 24 tonight, he’ll have a opportunity to reach 5th all time in the Boston Garden).

The 76ers Coming In: The 76ers shocked many as they jumped out to a fast start this season, leaving many to wonder whether or not they could keep their high level of play. They not only have kept up that play, but are now leading the Atlantic Division and have won five of their last six games, including an 11-point win in Atlanta on Saturday, which was their second game of a back to back. In that game, six guys recorded double-figure points for Philly, including five off the bench. That kind of balanced scoring has been a theme for this team as they have six guys who average 10 or more points, and are led by Lou Williams at 15 per game. What has been most impressive, however, is their defensive prowess. They have a league leading defensive efficiency and only give up 86.5 points per game and a league leading 10.25 average margin of victory. They’re getting stops, turning those stops into points, and repeating.

76ers Blogs: Visit Philadunkia for all of your 76ers news and analysis.

Keys to the Game: Tonight is definitely one of those nights where the ball needs to be pounded inside early and often. Pau has averaged 21 and 9 over the course of his career against Philadelphia 76ers teams, and last season was no different. Pau shot 58 percent from the field against Philly last season and averaged 19 and 10. While the 76ers interior defense has improved this season, it hasn’t improved so significantly that Pau can’t be effective again in the Wells Fargo Center. Also, Andrew Bynum should be much more effective this season against Philly. In the two meetings last year, ‘Drew recorded three points and four rebounds, and eight points and 15 rebounds, respectively. Coming into tonight’s game, Bynum is averaging 21 and 10 over the Lakers last four games, and should give Spencer Hawes problems, especially since this is only his second game back from injury.

On the perimeter, Kobe might find it tough to score with Andre Iguodala in his grill for most of the night. Last season, Iguodala held Kobe to nine points on three-for-11 shooting. In the two teams’ other meeting with Iguodala hurt, Kobe dropped 33 points. Facilitator Kobe might have to show his face tonight to get his big guys involved and eventually free up some space for him as wings will eventually have to start to dig down and double team bigs if Pau and ‘Drew have their way.

On the defensive end, the Lakers are going to have to work hard to keep up with the constant movement of Doug Collins offense and close out on shooters. This 76ers team likes to get out and run, and when in half court sets, they can shoot the ball. They’re hitting from range at a 38.5 clip, which is fifth best in the NBA. They move the ball extremely well and take advantage of defensive lapses every opportunity they get. Point guard Jrue Holiday has been great at cutting through the teeth of the defense and finding open shooters, and if Elton Brand does suit up tonight, he’ll be a problem for the Lakers bigs on that end of the floor.

Overall, though, it’ll come down to the little things like rebounding, free throws and grabbing loose balls. This is how good teams win on the road, and it’s what the Lakers weren’t able to do down the stretch in Utah. Coming off a day’s rest should help in these categories as they require more effort than skill, so it’ll be interesting if the old Lakers legs have it in them to take one from the youngsters in Philly.

Phillip Barnett


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  1. I’m hoping Kobe stays the course, continuing to pass the ball down low to the Lakers bigs. It’s been about 6 games since Kobe has taken more fga’s then Gasol & A. B. combined. However w/ this game in his hometown of Philly, and with the probability of him passing Shaq on the NBA’s all-time scoring list (just needs 24 points), I’m a bit concerned he may be thinking “40+”.

    And please don’t tell me Kobe isn’t even aware he’s only 23 points short of tying Shaq. Kobe is aware of all of his stats.

    That said, this is a another tough game, especially on the road. But the Lakers are on pace for at least a 3-3 record on this trip. And if that happens, I won’t be upset…but I would love for it to be 4-2 or 5-1.

  2. For those few who actually question Bynums rebounding… Here is his rebounding rate compared to Kevin Love….

    Bynum: 19.3
    Love: 19.1

    Are all the TWolves fans wishing Love would rebound like Bynum? And Love doesn’t have a Gasol next to him;)

  3. If it was Larry Bird instead of Shaq ahead of Kobe, he would have to stop shooting after 23 points to save that moment for Boston. In this case though, my guess is he scores exactly his jersey number to make it memorable.

    Philadelphia is probably one of the worst match-ups as far as positions 1-3 are concerned. Speedy players, scoring off the bench, a great individual defender on Kobe, all this spells trouble. Plus the 76ers are one of the few teams (like OKC or CHI) who have two factors going for them that are especially important in this shortened season – youth and continuity from last year. Those are also the factors working against the Lakers, hopefully not negating them a playoff spot and evening out in the postseason.

  4. Yea, this is a bad matchup for the Lakers, I am predicting the Sixers by about 7 or 8 tonight. I don’t think the Lakers will keep up with the Sixers.

  5. Lakers have to play a half court game no need in running with this young team. PnR defense is crucial Sixers run it alot.

    Iguodala is a tough defender Kobe has his work cut out for him. I’m thinking he gets the points with a high ast. total

  6. Aaron-
    If Kevin Love were camped out in the lane 90% of the time instead of being a perimeter oriented PF, then you might have something there. The fact that Love’s rate is almost as high as a true center who stands 7 feet tall and stays around the rim constantly is a testament to Love’s rebounding skills.

  7. 6)
    Ummm almost good logic except the opposite of good logic. Love is second in the league in rebounding overall and third in rebounding rate compared to Centers. The only comparable Centers ahead of him… You guessed it… Howard and Bynum. How many offensive rebounds did Love get against Gasol? 47? He cant always be spotting up behind the three point line if he is getting so many board and his rebound rate is that high. The fact Love plays with no Center or other rebounder adds to his rebound totals more than his penchant for spotting up behind the there point line takes away from his rebounding. Sorry. Also… Love doesn’t get double teamed on offense like Howard and Bynum do. So that really helps him get offensive boards compared to Drew and Dwight having two guys on them battling for rebounds.

  8. No need to knock Drew or Love for their rebounding or try to explain away their success at it, methinks.

  9. Isn’t John Kuster the same guy that the entire Washington team threatened to guit last year as their coach and then was fired?

    Oh yea and he is our offensive coach. Ahh that explains a lot as Matt Barnes and he got in a yelling match last game.

    Nice hire.

  10. ESPN reporting the Lakers asking the Rockets about Jonny Flynn:

    Has anybody seen him play? He didn’t really earn a lot of minutes in Minnesota or in Houston, is there still a chance for him? Some PGs take a bit until they find their footing, even very good ones like Billups for example.

    ESPN also reported that the Suns are finally open to trade Steve Nash. My guess is that they’ll wait until Brooks is back from China. Since they probably won’t get an equal player back for such an old (if still great) PG, they might be interested in expiring contracts and picks.

    I guess the main point is that there’s still hope on the PG front. As others have said, mid-march is probably when we know for sure.

  11. By the way I have called 5 games in a row so against a deep, fast Philly team the winner is???

    Lakers by 4.

  12. Ooops I meant Detriot Pistons for Kuster. My bad.

  13. this game we all come down to stopping Philly on the fastbreaks, no quick shots and stop the ball

  14. Question. If Metta played Fisher in horse would anyone ever get to the O?

  15. Can someone show that play to Kobe 40 times in a row. He has to know he can get open shots like that throwing it down to Bynum who gets doubled and kicks it back out for a Kobe open three. Kobe isn’t dumb. Nobody will remember why his FG percentage was so high. Kobe will get the credit. He is Kobe.

  16. Strong start for the Lakers but the Sixers are missing a lot of open shots, that is not going to keep happening.

  17. Aaron, remember last year how you called Kevin Love the most overrated player in the league?

    Well now every NBA analyst considers him a top 5 PF in this league, not to mention he is a virtual lock to be an all-star (probably over Pau). Not to mention the guy does the things he does totally undersized at his position.

    In other words, give it a rest.

  18. Ken,
    Imagine what Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol could do surrounded by two shooters

  19. Aaron or just NBA players!

  20. Why is Murphy in the league? And who signed him?

  21. whats are the odds that Young destroy’s Murphy in the second quarter

  22. Please get Kobe back in there

  23. This Laker second unit is sad lol

  24. If Murphy isn’t going to play defense or shoot, we may as well play McRoberts

  25. Bynum needs to establish deeper position n the post and stop allowing himself to be pushed off the block. Reading the doubles much better, but forced it on a couple of occasions.

  26. Um feed the hot hand? Please?

  27. Kobe passes Shaquille O’neal for 5th on the all-time NBA scoring list on a long 2 in the second quarter.

  28. Was there any doubt Kobe was going to come out gunning? Competitive greatness.

  29. A good sign to see Fisher and WP hit some shots, Lakers are going to need a few others to step up to back up Kobe.

  30. Kobe’s cooking, Pau and Drew playing well. Gonna need the bench to step up unless Kobe goes for 50

  31. the lakers had a pretty good half. But they’ve been in this position in most of their road games only to stink it up in the second half.

    Man the lakers bench sucks. They can’t play and it’s as simple as that. If Goudelock isn’t scoring then they don’t have any bench production. I’m just not seeing why Murphy “earned” his spot in the rotation. The guy doesn’t shoot and can’t defend. The same goes for Kapono.

    But Kobe will pass Wilt by the end of next season and Jordan the following season.

  32. Kevin step up? They scored 2 points, what the heck do you expect? Mitch hand picked this group.

    Much better the Sasha, farmer, Brown and Odom don’t you think?

  33. Tra(24)
    Needs to get better post position? What? They are doubling him on the catch every time. He is exactly where he should be with his heels on the paint. The last time the Lakers had a player that got doubled on the catch ever time he was about to touch the ball his name was Shaq. And yes he was “selfish” amd unsuccessfully tried to turn away from the double team a couple times in hopes of getting off his own shot. But since he has done that successfully several times the last couple games we have to let him do that occasionally. Especially since he 8 out of ten times is unselfishly passing out of the double and triple teams. Agreed?

  34. Please send World back to Dancing with the clods.

  35. especially since farmar is averaging the same amount of minutes but shooting 45% from 3 and 47 overall averaging 10ppg and 3 assist.

    Vujacic was averaging like 14 points with NJ last years once he was traded. He’s oversees and a free agent once they are finished. The could pick him up but I doubt he sign for vet’s min.

  36. was does MVP have to do to get benched?

  37. James)
    He needs to play worse than Barnes. And because he can pass and play defense that has not really happened yet. Have you seen what Andre has done against him? The answer is nothing. He won’t even try to attack Artest. And I realize I’m different than most of you. I think defense is half the game.

  38. 32. Was does MWP have to do to get benched? – Play well

    The lakers bench is so bad that fisher and mwp pretty much have sucked their way into the starting line up. The coaching staff knows the only way to make a bad bench worse is to play MWP and fisher with them.

  39. Mihm’s the Word February 6, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    I’m confused as to why Murphy is still getting the nod over McBob. McBob gives us more athleticism and Murphy is in for shooting, which he isn’t even doing!

  40. Kuster is soooo clueless. Why does he like Brown play Murphy. He is terrible.

  41. Mihm’s the Word February 6, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    Of course as I type that Murphy gets a dunk and then nails a 3. But my point still stands, McRob seems like he would offer more in this matchup. Especially since Murphy needs to be begged to take a shot.

  42. 31. lol, amazing as thats sounds its probably true, though as this point we may as well start Ebanks and have Barnes of the bench

  43. Yeah – haven’t been watching that many games this season, but McRoberts – from the games I’ve seen him – has been giving us hustle and length. What’s he done to be stapled to the bench?

  44. Gotta like the effort we’re showing right now.

  45. Bynum- 17 rebounds
    Sixers- 22 rebounds

    There is the difference

  46. barnes had a good few games but now is just a foul machine

  47. We are up by 4 and the Lakers pull GLock (by far our best PG) for Fisher. Buckle up.

  48. defense has been really good again tonight I must say

  49. I hate to say this but we might need to get Artest in. Andre is going off now.

  50. Without a PG on the floor the offense just dies. Now we are down 5. Why do they’d top giving the ball to Bynum? Kobe isn’t getting doubled one on one. Bynum is.

  51. I said after the Utah game. I’m sick of hearing about the lakers defense because it doesn’t exist in the 4th quarter.

  52. Collasped…about 20 straight makes for the Sixers

  53. Kobe, pass the ball-you just might get it back.
    Blew another one.

  54. Mihm’s the Word February 6, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Maybe they should guard that guy…

  55. Nice move there genius Kuster putting Fisher in on Williams. No wonder your Detroit team quit on you.

  56. Kobe totally just shot us out of this game.

  57. Another painful second half. Just not how I’m used to feeling as a Laker fan, especially during these Kobe years. This 2-11 half from Kobe is not what we enjoy seeing obviously!

  58. This is a coaching loss. Simple as that. Mike Brown cost us last night. He would have kept GLock in as he has done most 4th quarters. And he would have called Bynums number more I’m guessing.

  59. Welcome Laker fans welcome to 9th place. Bad coaching, bad bench, 90 year old point guard and Metta the joke.

    Ownership should be ashamed of what they have become. A lottery team.

    What a disgrace to Jerry West.

  60. So the lakers won’t work out gilbert arenas because they are afraid to cut who?

  61. I don’t like losing but I like being right on all my predictions during the game 🙂

  62. Lakers out rebounded the Sixers by about 20 and they still lose, how does that happen?

  63. There is no need to talk about anything else but Kobe Bryant shooting us out of this game. Bynum was dominating down there and he got no looks down the stretch. No need to talk about anything else.

  64. Hallmark of the Lakers this season has been a decent first half, marked by a bad third quarter, and then a typical fade in the last half of the fourth.

  65. Yea but the defense was horrid as well. Lakers could not get a stop to save their lives

  66. Don’t know why Kuester went iso with Kobe. Bynum was going and the PnR w/ Kobe & Gasol was on tonight. Kobe took bad shots down the stretch

  67. Another Dumb loss.

    Hard to stomach two losses in games we should have won in a row.

    You guys realize our coach today was the coach the the Detroit Pistons PROTESTED last year because he was incompetent, right?

    Sixers may be a good team, but that was a dumb loss.

    Kobe is the only player on our team that can guard any wing. That’s terrible.

  68. Rudy you could also say that without Kobe’s first half they wouldn’t even be in the game. It is unfair to pin this loss on one player.

  69. I could only follow on espn game cast. What the heck happened other than a 7-0 run to put us away and missed shots by Kobe and pau that kept us from coming back?

  70. Let’s see: 4 starters other than Bynum combine for under 36% shooting, and your big man shoots 62% (even including a missed desperation 3 pointer at the buzzer) but Bynum gets all of 13 shots.

    Maybe the storyline about Kobe killing the team’s chances at landing Howard by telling him he’d be the “third option” was false, but this is hardly the kind of system that should make a center want to come out west to play.

    Right now, this team’s upside is playing competitive basketball for three and a half quarters, only to run out of gas or become Kobe-centric down the stretch in a loss.

  71. And no bashing the Lakers right now. They played a top east team on the road and dominated them when we had a PG on the floor. I mean just outplayed them. Imagine when Blake comes back and you have two PGs that play the entire game with Fisher on the bench. This team is in great shape if you ask me. That’s not including if they actually acquire a average NBA starting PG like a Tony Parker type. I mention his name because he is an average NBA starting PG. That’s how many great PGs are in the league now. He might even be a below average starting PG. The Lakers are in great shape.

  72. WHY was Fisher on the floor at any point during the last quarter!??! Why?

    Both Morris and Goudelock have speed, moxie, and the ability to keep up with faster players and guard them, force them off their shot and towards the help. Why, why, WHY wasn’t one of them on the floor in the 4th? Why?

  73. Why should fans continue to support the Jimmy Buss Lakers. He fired all the scouts hand picked by West. Now look we have the worst bench in the league

    Even Mitch has had it. Ownership dosen’t care and has indeed become the Dodgers.

    Why should I spend my money to go to games for a .500 lottery team?

  74. FunkyChicken,
    I agree. But it looked like it wasn’t Kobe’s fault. All the plays the last 4 min were called for him. And if he was doubled the last 4 min he would have passed it. But he wasn’t doubled down the stretch in one on one situations and so he has to shoot. Unfortunately he was too tired to get off good shots.

  75. Would like to see the Lakers stick with what is working in the closing minutes of the game instead of always relying on the Kobe iso. Bynum had a really good game with 20 points and 20 rebounds. Too many turnovers 16 of them. Lakers let this game get away from them. No coffee for them tonight because Coffee’s for Closers. Grammy Trip at 1-2.

  76. Tough tough loss. Kobe, Drew, Pau continue to show their dominance. Gotta get some production from the bench. That Barnes missed 3 killed the momentum. Lakers should’ve stayed with the PnR. Philly double teams took Kobe out of rhythm.

    Can’t blame Kobe he’s been taking over late for so long he unconciously takes over because that’s what he’s used to doing. Killed us tonight

  77. Over the past few years we fans expected the lakers to win night in and night out. We understood they were not going to go 82-0. But we expected them to win.

    Now its getting to the point were we should realistically expect them to win half of their games.

    The next thing down is to expect them to lose night in and night out. Which they are just one injury away from being that kind of team.

    The coaching sucks, offense sucks, the defense sucks in the 4th quarter, the bench sucks and 2/5th’s of the starting line up sucks. I wish their was a better way to describe them.

    How much is steve blake going to help when he returns? I don’t know. But they should go with a line up of goudelock, blake, kobe, pau, bynum as much as they can.

  78. Another pathetic loss, the pattern goes on Lakers leading all the way then suddenly in the end, they just collapsed like a worn out deck of cards. How many more games shall they play to witness that this pattern exist. As a Lakers Owners or GM, will u continue sitting on the decision for the next move? After the big 3, what can you say about the laker slow motion defense and a bunch of brick layers. Indeed, a horrible night in honoring Kobe’s achievement of being the 5th greatest scorers of the game, all they have to do is DEFEND, old Fish gave again a free pass while Glock dribbled to shot clock. HELP Mitch Kupchak, can u stomach such precarious losses? It is a waste of Kobe’s time!!!

  79. Very depressing loss…

    Basically Kobe Bryant needs to take blame for this one! Down the stretch he decided it was time to “take over” and subsequently went on to either force difficult one-on-one shots or hack up LONG DISTANCE prayers!!! Kobe should realize that this old school formula of trying to be Michael Jordan doesn’t work in 2012!

    Another thing I noticed…

    When Goudelock was substituted for Fischer in the 4th quarter, that’s when the wheels really came off. I know that there are politics involved when it comes to playing time, but what harm would have come from leaving him in there when he had a hot hand? I mean, Philadelphia had a extremely young team out on the court down the stretch. I would think these professional coaches would recognize such fundamental things, especially since they are getting paid to make these decisions…

    The Lakers BLEW IT TONIGHT!

  80. Ive got to share these iMessages just now between me and my brother. To be fair my brother is a comedy writer….

    Aaron’s Brother: Remember when the lakers could constantly win basketball games?

    Aaron: But imagine if you have a starting PG with GLock off the bench? I mean wow. We could make the finals 

    Aaron’s Brother: Well of course. Fisher is the starting pg right now though. Hence, I repeat, “remember when the lakers could consistently win basketball games?”

    Aaron: But it’s gonna be easy to fix that problem. Play Morris over him or Blake when he gets back. Done solved. And that’s not considering the possibility of getting an average NBA PG via FA or trade.

    Aaron’s Brother: Remember when the lakers fixed that problem the last three seasons?

  81. I laugh at people who think Blake is going to make all the difference when he comes back. When has Blake ever been that good for this team?? He is not much better than Fisher.

  82. For three quarters, Kobe was carrying the load for this team and in the 4th Q, he missed those important shots which he made in the 1st, now he is to be blamed for the loss. Whoa! In the 3rd, how many assists did he share to others and how many bricks were reciprocated? In the 4th, he took over the double team because they kept on passing the ball to Kobe, waiting for Kobe, too dependent on Kobe and still it’s Kobe’s fault.

    Just try to imagine if Kobe is not playing with the Lakers, where will this team be?

  83. The lakers have pretty much lost the same way in each of their 10 losses with a 4th quarter collapse.

    Bulls, kings, clippers, portland, miami, orlando, bucks, denver, indiana and utah have all been 4th quarter collapses because they can’t get stops, the coaches can’t make adjustments, and their offense becomes non existent.

    As bad as their bench and offense is they’ve pretty much have been in the game in each of those losses. That is somewhat encouraging. But they also could have lost a few more games by nearly collapsing in the 4th quarter. The team could easily be 18-6 or 11-13. But their talent level is closer to a 11-13 team than a 18-6 team.

    They have a lot of issues that may or may not be fixed dwight and/or a pg. But they have to make changes. Wether it’s through a line-up change or a trade. They simply can’t go forward how things are now.

  84. Fisher was not the one guarding Lou Williams down the stretch. The coaching staff realized he’s too slow AND too short, so they put Barnes on Williams, and Kobe even picked him up for a couple possessions. And that, my friends, is the problem. Our starting PG is too slow to guard a 6-1 player who rarely drives to the rim, so we have to put him on someone else.

    With Goudelock in the game, our crunch-time offense would have been less Kobe-centric, and thus harder to defend. He can spot up and hit the three (something Fish is not consistently capable of doing anymore), and he can drive to the basket and consistently hit a floater (a shot that Fish has never developed despite this being his 16th season). If our coaching staff doesn’t realize this at some point during the regular season, our guys are in danger of missing the playoffs. Considering that this staff has a tradition of losing (yes, I submit that early playoff losses constitute a losing tradition), I’m not very confident that Mike Brown, John Kuester, and Quin Snyder et al (seriously, Quin Snyder?) will make the correct personnel and strategic decisions to right the Laker ship in the 4th quarter.

  85. Boston is next. If they lose that one, I expect we will see some changes to the rotation. Boston has won four in a row and is probably a little better than the Lakers right now.

    Probably won’t see any trades until March 1 or so, though.

  86. Dude,
    Yes. Of course. Everyone sees this. This offense isn’t bad with a PG. Dave Miller is saying the same thing right now on the post game show. He is saying the whole offense is based on PG play. The Lakers he said have an offense that is more PG driven than most even in the league. Brown apparently put in an offense under I guess the knowledge from the front office the Lakers would have a dynamic PG. That eventually at least for a moment became Chris Paul. I’m guessing the reason the Lakers haven’t acquired a bad PG might be because they thin they need a very good PG in this offense to win it all. That might be true. Let’s see what happens near the trade deadline.

  87. Just to repeat!

    Jimmy fired all the Lakers scouts to safe money. Some long time lakers picked by Jerry West.

    Now look at the scouts brought by Jimmbo and Brown. Worst bench in the NBA.

    Also Metta 1 for 6 mire turnovers then baskets made or rebounds. He is now the worst offensive player in the NBA. Shooting 32% and 15% from 3. He can’t shoot, pass or drible yet he us our starter.

    Finally the coach if the day was ran out of town in Detroit due tob to his offensive confusion. So the brain trust makes him offensive coach. He smartly puts Fisher in against Williams.

    This is a very bad group we have.

  88. Amare Stoudemire didn’t play tonight for the Knicks against Utah. Carmelo Anthony got hurt six minutes into the game, and did not return. Tyson Chandler only played a total of ten minutes in the first three quarters because of foul trouble. The Knicks won by double digits. Why? Because the PG the Lakers passed on in the draft in order to select Caracter, then passed on again this season after the Warriors cut him (keeping Morris more important?), had 28 points and 8 assists in 45 minutes of play. Granted, he had eight turnovers, but Jeremy Lin WAS the New York offense tonight.

    The Jeremy Lin-Jared Jefferies pick and roll proved to be too effective for the opposition to stop for the second straight game. I’m going to repeat that sentence because it deserves repeating. The Jeremy Lin-Jared Jefferies pick and roll proved to be too effective for the opposition to stop for the second straight game. Who is making the decisions in the Laker front office?

  89. Aaron is mostly right, but the “fat” Chris Paul had 29 pts, 8 AST, 7 REB and 2 stls tonight, 11 in the 4th and in OT, and lead the Clippers to an OT win in Orlando.

    Say this for Jim Buss: it seems he did trade for the right guy.

  90. And Dude,
    I just don’t think coaches are smart. They are ex athletes. I think the Lakers will be fine with the coaches they have. It isn’t rocket science. But yes… Phil Jackson was a rare ex athlete who wasn’t stupid.

  91. Dude,

    Lin has been on the waiver wire and available many times the last two years. The availability of talent at PG is one of mnay reasons it was silly to give Steve Blake a four-year deal.

    Someone linked a 2007 thread about Walton; in that thread, I was “luke”warm about Blake even then.

  92. Is this what Lakers Line is like? almost of the callers are really smart basketball people. Ken can you confirm the basketball knowledge of Lakers line?

  93. 1/2 time for rookie Goudelock and 1/2 time for veteran old Fish, it is still not enough. The call from all Lakers fans, we need a real PG. Gluck is a good shooter but he could not pace with the shot clock, the kid needs a lot of experience. Fisher has too much experience, he could not keep up with his guard. Can we combined the two for the price of one smart facilitator from the get go to the end of the game.

    Again, we need only two players and this team could rise again from its ashes. Rumor mills are speculating where Steve Nash is going? Lakers are inquiring about Johnny Flynn. Gilbert Arenas is asserting himself to be a Laker and nobody is minding his practice schedule in LA. JR Smith is hinting that he might join LA. Those folks are plain rumors, at least it gives us hope when we watch hapless Laker team in the 4th Q.

    The coaching staff kept on saying that they never had so much practices because of the lockout. Who else had enough time to practice on series of b2b games? All I can say, it’s February and whatever they are cooking, it is not pleasant to Laker fans. As great Coaches as they claimed, they need to turn around the tide before the Laker fans clamor for change again. This is not the MidWest, you are coaching a premier team. Sorry for being a mad poster tonight but what is happening is just too unLakerliked i.e. if you consider yourself a real Laker fan.

  94. Aaron. Your brother us not that funny.

    But Metta World Mess and D Fish being starters in the NBA are.

  95. Too much attention is paid on Kobe’s late game and less in the first 3 qtrs. Similiar to LeBron much attention is paid to his late game plays and not his first 3 qtrs. Kobe kept us in the game falters a tad at the end

    Pau and Drew should get in the post and quit clearing out or the coach should call a play. Don’t let Kobe iso so much coaches went away from what was working the PnR and Bynum low post. Can’t blame Kobe just doing what he’s accustomed to someone has to get in his ear and tell him they want the ball.

  96. Yes tonight is better them most nights. I am so angry I can’t dial the number.

    Everyone see’s the obvious. Bad PG, terrible small forward and horrible bench.

    Callers aren’t that smart it’s just everyone can see the truth.

    Except jimmy Buss and Mitch apparently.

  97. Aaron look my number up on
    and call me to discuss our Laker future anytime.

  98. Ken,
    It wasn’t what they were saying. That stuff is obvious. It’s how they were responding to questions.

    Wow. That’s a big step in our relationship. I’m a 31 Jewish/atheist born and raised in Beverly Hills. No but get my email from Darius. I’d def like to talk to a fellow smart Lakers fan with some humor.

  99. @63 – Well said.

  100. Just trying to assess what we’ve lost, here are the performance of our former players: ShanWow 9.0 ppg; LO 7.9 ppg; Farmar 10.9 ppg and Sasha is playing in Europe. We saw some flaws in their games, that’s why we were all glad that they were not signed for another year. However, what is the current statistics of the players who replaced them: Kapono 2.6; MacRob 2.9 Murphy 3.5. No need to compare WP to Ariza because it is obvious, however both contributed to a Laker Championship. Therefore, it shows that the replacement parts are not working. What happens in your car, if you replace a defective part with incompatible parts, you more headaches, isn’t it?

  101. God, night in night out, Kobe, Pau, & Bynum all above 20 pts. Kobe 5 dimes or more. Bynum well into double figures in rebounds, hold the opposing squad under 100, and we still lose. Does anybody, just anybody, think that maybe, possibly, the other 2 “starters” and the bench are stinking up the house?

  102. Mitch sign Arenas he’s better than what we have at PG. sign Rasheed Wallace.

  103. Congrats to Kobe on moving into 5th all time (that is scoring – overall he is already 3rd).
    Game: Doug Collins showed everyone the blueprint tonight in the second half. Overplay/deny Kobe, and then attack with fully committed double team.

  104. The pessimism on this board is definitely reaching a high for the year. I am sticking to my guns, D12 or bust.

  105. Don’t mind Kobe taking so many shots when they are somewhat in the flow, but so many of these in the 4th quarter were just totally forced. He made many nice passes up to about the 6:00 minute mark, then he just shuts everybody else out. Really not a good way to go….

  106. Robert

    How does Howard help our bad PG, worst SF in the NBA and worst bench in the league.

    Please explain.

  107. 105) Totally agree. can’t dismiss his floor generalship 1st 3 qtrs. he was dissecting philly defense. pau and drew have to call for the ball late game not clear out

    106) sign arenas he had the germany surgery. and sign rasheed wallace he plays C can stretch floor makes 3, plays D and fouls hard lol

  108. Redoing my 3- 3 road trip to 2-4 which should put them firmly in 9th place.

    How would it be to have two AS starters and miss the playoffs?

    How can Eubanks be worse the Metta Mess.

    Currently last in the NBA in offensive SF stats. This is one bad coached and bad GM mess we here.

    I really see Kobe going off on management very soon. How can he notd Murphy, Kapono, Fisher, Metta. This group would be last the d-league.

  109. 90. Aaaron –

    That might be the case, and I’m in no way against Brown, but it’s been proven that a good coach can definitely improve a team. That’s not to say that Brown’s a bad coach, just saying that coaches are an important part of a team. The 76ers are a prime example of this (w/Doug Collins).

  110. If Billups’ injury is as serious as it appears–torn achilles–that probably puts him out for the year and makes it more likely that JR Smith signs with the Clippers.

  111. Lakers now have tbe 13th best record in the NBA.

    Jerry Buss must be proud of Jimmy!

    Least he is saving money.

    And killing Kobe’s dreams.

    Phil Jackson and Jerry West must be laughing their heads off!

  112. Robinred

    Word is Smith has said he wants to sign with Clips.

    Word is Lakers have signed two new cheerleaders at league minimum!

  113. Kobe said he’ll retire a Laker which is good. Now have to add pieces to not waste one of his last elite seasons ever

  114. Leave the dead horses alone, you’ve beaten them enough to kill them thrice. No moves are coming until March 1st.

  115. After our top three players there is a giant drop off. But did you ever think you would be told that Kobe broke Shaq’s scoring record in a first half where he shot 65 percent from the floor and more than 24 points and his teammate went for a 20/20 game and he lost? After his second year in the league I’d never think I would read that in a newspaper.

  116. Areas of worry:

    Team 3pt pct. 294% Tied last Utah, NO

    Only force 11 TO per game

    Opp. avg. 12 Off. Rebounds per game

    Bench Points 20 per game Last in league

    2 starters PG and SF PER is under 10 not good

  117. Kevin,

    Yes, those are the statistical markers of all the Lakers’ roster issues. The simple way to see it is this:

    The Lakers are 11th in the NBA in DRTG, and they are 15th in ORTG. And as Ken informed us, they have the 13th best record in the league. Pretty much sums up the team.

  118. Agreed. As someone alluded earlier Lakers have been in these games in the 4th just can’t seem to close. I rewound the tape and Philly shrunk the floor not having a legit 3pt threat is killing us. Missing open 3s all game. I have a few names: Anthony Parker, Marvin Williams, Carlos Delfino, Jared Dudley shouldn’t take much to get one of these guys.