Are You Ready For Tonight?

Darius Soriano —  February 9, 2012

If you’re not, this video should do the trick. (Thanks to Meir21 for providing this.)

Darius Soriano

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to Are You Ready For Tonight?

  1. That video did the trick. GO LOS ANGELES LAKERS beat the Boston Celtics.


  2. Thoughts: 1. This will be the last game in Boston between these teams in their 2008-10 forms. It was a cool/intense if short chapter in the rivalry. 2. Lakers fans should not place too much emphasis on the return of Steve Blake. He is the best PG on the roster but is in reality no more than an adequate back-up. 3. If the Lakers lose this game, I expect that it will lead to some type of change to the rotation or roster. I don’t mean “Howard will be here Sunday!” but rather that while in reality this game means no more than any other right now, I think the FO still cares about Boston games in a way they don’t about most others


  3. I’m ready. I’ll be there…oh yeah!


  4. Needs more Ron-Ron. 😉


  5. Biggest match-up is pierce vs mwp. Pierce has had his way with metta for a while now. The Pierce PnR has been lethal lately let’s see how we handle that. Boston defense is legit too.

    Tough to call mid 80s. Kobe and Drew lead Lakers to victory.


  6. Love it!

    Couple thoughts…

    I think the game 7 finals in 2010 was the most intense, hard fought game ever played in the NBA. Seriously, I can’t think of a harder fought basketball game I’ve ever watched or even heard about.

    Also my favorite Laker team that never won a championship was that 07-08 squad. That was a really, really fun team to watch, I still can’t get over that game 4 meltdown.


  7. Happened to stop by to see what everyone’s saying about tonight’s game. I almost agree with Archon’s statement. I can’t say the greatest ever but I can say the greatest home game in 40+ years.

    I was 6 rows behind the basket that night and I’ve rarely seen an LA crowd so completely into a game. We willed our team to victory. When we were done everyone felt like they had been on the court themselves. We were drenched in sweat.

    The moment the clock ticked to zero is a moment I’ll never forget. Kobe almost ran into our arms. There were tears of joy. Second best moment to my daughter being born for me. But, that’s me. Laker-holic for life.

    Go Lakers!


  8. With apologies to the rest of the league, the NBA is at its best when these two organizations are the best in basketball.

    Parity is nice in theory, as are dynasties like when the Bulls dominated a decade. However, the only time the Finals are truly memorable (as in, you remember who the LOSING team was) is when the Lakers & Celtics match up.

    I’d have been quite happy to see DH12 end up in Boston if we had been allowed to complete the CP3 trade….


  9. I’m ready!!! You’re ready!!! I hope the Lakers are ready. I hope to see some PT by Blake and McRoberts!!! We need McRoberts’ intensity, not Murphy’s open bricks. Please, no Kapono tonight. This is where MWP earns his stripes!!! We also need the dominant Bynum and the Black Swan to show up tonight. Garnett is going to be up to his old school bully routine. That’s why McRoberts needs to play. Plus Bass is way better than Big Baby. It should be a good game in the low 70’s or 80’s. No Country for Scared Men!!!


  10. Forget Metta World Peace. The Lakers need Ron Artest to show up tonight.


  11. Re: Athletisism

    Athletisism isn’t just running forwards and jumping high. In fact… Those are probably the least important qualities when making up athlisism. The most important qualities are lateral quickness, body control, and hand eye coordination. If I asked who is more athletic right now Kobe or Shannon Brown right now every basketball fan would say Brown and every scout would say Kobe. Shannon can run faster and jump higher. But every other athletic quality Kobe is head and shoulders above Shannon. The reason I predicted Brown would disappoint (choke) in the dunk contest is because I said he didn’t have the body control necessary to compete with the NBA’s best athletes. The reason Brown couldn’t drive by guys in games is because he could dribble (hand eye coordination) and he couldn’t literally get around guys (lateral movement). Thats also the reason he wasn’t a good defender. Fans think guys like Deandre Jordan are great athletes where scouts know guys like Tim Duncan and Andrew Bynum are superior athletes. Deandre can run and jump but Duncan/Bynum have the body control, lateral movement and hand/eye coordination to play defense and dominate on offense. And for course they weren’t slouches when it came to running and jumping either.


  12. Kevin,
    Sorry… I think it has been the other way around. Artest has had his way with Pierce since coming to the Lakers.


  13. Sort of a carryover from the last thread, and I know I shouldn’t get worked up over anything Skip Bayless says, but did anyone catch him basically saying that Kobe’s most recent 2 titles were suspect? His reasons were: (1) in 2009, Orlando changed their rotation to include Nelson right before the Finals (so?), and (2) in 2010, Perkins got hurt before game 7 (yawn!).

    I don’t ever recall anyone saying, say, that Michael Jordan’s first title didn’t really count because James Worthy and Byron Scott got hurt in game 4. Whoever wins, wins.


  14. This is the NBA’s classic rivalry. Historically these two teams have been crowned NBA champs 33 times (Celtics 17, Lakers 16) out of a possible 64 NBA titles. That’s more than half. The Lakers have appeared in the Finals 31 times, the Celtics 21. That’s 52 Final appearances out of a possible 128 NBA Final participants. Even that’s an impressive 40.6%. And while the Celtics hold a 9 to 3 edge in the 12 times they met in the Finals, Lakers fans can take pride in the fact that the Lakers have won 3 out of the last 4 times these two have met for the title.

    I’ve been a Laker fan since 1965, a time when the Lakers were very good, but people said they couldn’t win the big one.

    One of the best rivalries in sports. Toss their season records out when these two teams play.

    I’m ready.


  15. great post about atheltisism aaron. you are spot on. guys like shannon are amazing jumpers, but almost never develop a first step like kobe to get by their defender or around big guys.

    hope we beat boston tonight. artest has been owning pierce since coming to town, so that might be a good game for him to get going.


  16. @ Jodial


    Basically, any team that wins catches some breaks here and there–matchups, injuries, whatever.
    For example, had Dallas played Mamphis last year, Memphis might have beaten them.

    In terms of injuries, one-game narratives don’t work. If you lose a guy for one game, likely as not some other guys will step up, or a group of guys will. Perkins’ injury is just something for Boston fans and anti-Kobe types to hold on to.

    Finally, staying healthy is part of winning and part of value, as we as Lakers fans well know.


  17. Lesha,
    Thanks. It’s sad not many fans understand what athletisism really is.


  18. 12) I’m not sure about that. Pierce has always had field days vs Lakers. Ron doesn’t have his way with anyone he’s had about 5 good games since signing with Lakers. Tonight should be the tell tale


  19. @Archon
    As far as I am concerned, that Game 7 is the last word in the debate on whether Lakers fans are posers and bandowaggoners, or whether they love and care about their team. Anyone who questions the dedication of the Staples crowd needs to watch that game… way to go, loud crowd. 🙂

    Also, Aaron is absolutely right about athleticism.


  20. Big City: Since the beginning of the Bird/Magic era (30+ years now). The count is Lakers 10 titles in 16 appearances, while the Celtics have 4 titles in 7 appearances. It is not even close. Most of their banners are weighted down with peach baskets. At least we consolidated the 5 from the 50?s on one banner The NFL has this right. Nobody claims the Cleveland Browns are the greatest anymore and that is what the Celtics are.


  21. @ Robert, actually I disagree with the way the NFL doesn’t even recognize their pre-Super Bowl years. I’m not a baseball fan, but everyone knows the Yankees have won 27 championships, and I believe at least one of the titles date back to the 1920’s.

    Based on your theory, a time could come up 50 years from now in which fans would feel the same way about today’s players, teams, & titles because of the way the game is being played in 2062.

    And just for clarification, I personally believe winning the title 16 times & coming in 2nd 15 times is better than winning 17 times, coming in 2nd 4 times & who knows where the other times. Maybe a fan may have trouble seeing that, but not an owner, front office manager, coach, or player.

    Lakers, best NBA franchise all time.