It’s Deadline Day

Darius Soriano —  March 15, 2012

UPDATE: Well, the Lakers got the point guard they’ve been linked to for weeks, acquiring Ramon Sessions from the Cavs according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN. The deal also includes forward Christian Eyenga coming to the Lakers in exchange for Luke Walton and the Lakers 2012 1st round draft pick. (UPDATE #2: Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Jason Kapono was also part of this deal and is headed to Cleveland.) The inclusion of Walton means that the Lakers trade exception from the Lamar Odom trade is still intact and could be used in another deal before the trade deadline comes at noon PT today.

We’ll have more on this acquisition a bit later, but for now you can all feel good about this trade. Sessions is a solid PG that will help this Lakers team this season.

As an aside, my best wishes go out to Luke Walton. I know he’s been a whipping boy for years among the Lakers fan base. His salary was too high and his productivity too low. However, he was a pro’s pro and by all accounts a great teammate. His body betrayed him in recent seasons and injuries robbed him of having a more productive career. He was best suited to the Triangle offense but his instincts as a passer and his want to help his teammates get good shots always left a mark on me.


The trade deadline is finally here. Today is the day that all the rumors and whispers of deals come to fruition or whither on the vine and die. And we’ll be hear to cover the news the best we can.

From the Lakers side, we’ll see if any of the deals being speculated on actually happen. Reports still point to the Lakers having strong interest in both Michael Beasley and Ramon Sessions. To acquire Beasley, the  rumored deal is a three-team trade between the Lakers, Blazers, and Timberwolves where the principle players moving would be Steve Blake (to the Blazers), Jamal Crawford (to the T’Wolves), and Beasley (to the Lakers). What many aren’t mentioning is that this trade doesn’t work under the collective bargaining agreement unless the Lakers either include another player to match salaries or they absorb Beasley into the Lamar Odom TPE. I’d guess the Lakers would try to include more salary, as that would fit their m.o. of not wanting to take on additional payroll.

As for Sessions, the rumored deal is either a three team trade between the Lakers, Rockets, and Cavs where Jonny Flynn and draft picks would be on the move between the three teams with the Lakers landing Sessions or a straight up trade between the Lakers and Cavs in which the Lakers give up a first round pick for the Cavalier guard. Sessions’ ability to opt out of his contract at the end of this season complicates things as the Lakers may not bee keen on giving up a first round pick for a rental lasting through the end of the year. That said, if the team actually deals Blake in the aforementioned Beasley trade, they’ll need another PG on the roster by the end of the day.

Ultimately, though, these are all still just rumors. Whether or not the Lakers actually make a move remains to be seen. What we do know, however, is that there will be actual moves made today by other teams and we’ll be here to talk about those.

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  1. Warren Wee Lim March 15, 2012 at 8:49 am

    1st post, what do you know. I shall unretire for the Trade Deadline Day, see you at the Finals next.

  2. 3 Hours left. Let’s make a trade.

  3. Warren Wee Lim March 15, 2012 at 8:51 am

    As far as the rumors go, the Lakers need to be creative in acquiring Beasley and Sessions. Pretty sure our 2 1sts this year will be on play, as well as the TPE. But if the Lakers CAN move Walton in the process, its a grandslam for me even if Sessions opts out and Beasley doesn’t ask for north of 8M per.

  4. Got to give it up for Mitch for trying… Nets say no to Gasol for DWill. Keep them phones working.

  5. Does anyone have the latest on Sessions?

    Please do not trade Pau for an average point guard.

  6. I’m uneasy about the rumors. I do like the idea of getting both Beasley and Sessions as one gives us a massive upgrade at the 1 and the other gives us a tremendous upgrade for the backup 4 – but giving up two first rounders for a loaded draft seems a bit more of a gamble – especially if we don’t have a guarantee that Sessions will sign an extension.

  7. I like the report that Nets say no to Gasol. Means it might actually happen. The same type of report came from GS the other day. “Absolutely no truth in the rumor that we are interested in trading Ellis.”

  8. Darius: Do you have links to your info above on Sessions?

    Only post it if it is positive, because I am too depressed for more bad news.

  9. Part of me wants to see Dwight get traded to the Nets just to keep him and Williams away from Cuban.

  10. I’d be very happy if the Lakers come up with Beasley and Sessions by 3pm. Even if it costs them one 1st rd pick, Blake and TPE. These two would give the Lakers a REAL bench, and options to end games depending on situations (over MWP and Fish). LET’S DO IT MITCH!!!

  11. Yep, we are going to do something know one is expecting. Expect the unexpected.

  12. So, if we trade for Beasly with Lamar’s exception we wouldnt have enough left to get Sessions from it. At that point, do we try to trade Metta since Beasly could fill in at 3… Or do we open up talk again to try to get Rondo with Pau. Beasly could definitely be a starting 4. I just think if we’re gonna make a move today, I hope it’s to get a point guard that can “contain” good point guards. We struggle with 10 win teams (Hornets) just because they have a point guard as decent as Jarret Jack. It’s kinda ridiculous. I’d love to get Beasly to add to the bench as long as that means we can also bring in Sessions or another equal pointguard who can actually defend the point and possibly contribute to the offense.

  13. So right now, Beasley and Sessions are the most likely additions? I personally don’t think there is a chance Deron comes here. So, if the Beasley trade falls through do we do nothing?

  14. I still think it’s a chance Lakers trade Pau. I don’t see them using the TPE whatever salary they pick up it doubles due to luxury tax.

  15. I think I am leaning towards sitting tight. I say I think because the team does need to improve however if there was ever a draft where having 2 low 1st round picks meant something it this one. One thing this we need both in the short and long run in an infusion of young talent. Not only to replace our veterans as they age and their contracts expire but also because young talen comes with cheap contracts keeping our options open over the next 2 -5 years.

    Additionally I’m not sure losing Blake to gain Sessions is a huge plus. What does everyone else think?

  16. Cleveland doesn’t want much for Sessions, they’re ready to move on with the Irving era. We could get him for a 1st

  17. Kevin: Stop saying that : ) We could actually do that and that would be terrible !!!!

  18. Has Gasol fallen that far as a player? I dont think so. The Nets will have to trade DWill it looks like. But we will see. Giving up a PG who is leading this summer anyways for a former all star bug man who isn’t that old is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

  19. From Hollinger……

     The Nets’ dream was to lure Howard to Brooklyn as they prepare to open their arena later this year, get Deron Williams re-signed to play alongside him, and then revel in their ascension to one of the league’s “it” teams.

    Instead, they’re looking at not having Howard, Williams leaving after the season (he’s a potential free agent) and finding out what it’s like to play in New York without a star.

    With Williams likely a goner, New Jersey has to ponder several trade scenarios in the next few hours that bring back a player who will stay beyond this season. Complicating matters is that Williams is likely to opt out of his deal regardless, potentially making him a short-term rental for the acquiring team.

    Still, some deals do work:

    To the Lakers for Pau Gasol: This should be the top target on New Jersey’s list. The Lakers are a desirable enough destination that Williams would likely re-sign, and L.A.’s need for a point guard is fairly glaring. Additionally, the Lakers’ nearly completed deal for Michael Beasley means they already have a replacement 4 ready to go.

    For New Jersey, Gasol is a bit long in the tooth, but the nice part here is that they can flip him to a third team — either today or over the summer — and he’s locked in for the long term. So the Nets would preserve the asset value in the short term, and then make their long-term moves when they have more than a couple of hours to weigh the options.

  20. I’m not wild about losing Blake. He is much better than the player he’s backing up, and Goudelock (good though he is, especially by comparison) is still learning. Also, Steve Blake is one of the few we have who can create shots for the other guys on the floor. Not for himself, sadly, but at least for others.

    Not sure how replacing him with Beasley is an upgrade.

  21. Given Mitch’s historical secrecy on completed trades, are Beasley and Sessions rumors “real”? The multiple sources and repetitions of the rumors certainly lend credibility, but makes me wonder.

    I guess the real question: Does anyone remember moves Kupchak has made that WERE rumored strongly in advance, like these have been?

  22. Jeremy, I disagree, we need to make a move. This team needs more.

  23. @22/Dan Ford:
    Good question. The trade that gave us Pau certainly came out of nowhere.

  24. Jeremy: I think Lakers don’t want to add salary that’s why the 3 team for Beasley hasn’t gone down.

    Robert: It’s a business have to explore every option.

  25. Don Ford,

    The Chris Paul trade was heavily reported on. Maybe it was because of the caliber of player involved. But that one was sniffed out long before it was completed (and ultimately axed).

  26. It’s a different time now. It’s hard to keep trades very quite.

  27. Aaron: Thanks for trying to keep part of the pipedream alive @21.
    Mimsy: Agree with you. Blake for Beas with no Sessions is not good.
    Kevin: It is a business yes – which is why you do one or the other – Win or Re-build – this in between stuff does not work, especially with a bloated payroll.

  28. Aaron-
    God I hope Hollinger is right! D-Will with Kobe and Bynum is music to my ears.

  29. The toughest challenge for a front office is acquiring personnel for one (or two) more serious runs at a title with your aging core (Kobe & Gasol) while trying to stay liquid & build for the future with your budding star (Bynum) while currently over the salary cap.

    Beasley & Sessions sounds interesting, but I wouldn’t pull that deal off until I know how D. Howard staying in Orlando effects D-Will & the Nets future. Because if D-Will is available TOMORROW, that’s the #1 target. Probably will have to part with Gasol as the featured player.

    Bottom line: D-Will & Beasley coming in w/ Gasol, & 1st round non-lottery pick as the major pieces makes us a better team NOW & LATER.

  30. Warren Wee Lim March 15, 2012 at 9:33 am

    Its official! Dwight opts in. Continue the DWAMA next year.

  31. Seems the most likely scenario is Blake stays and we give up a pick and money. We’ll still get hit on luxury tax for Beas though – salary is pro-rated but not tax.

  32. for those that want to hang onto picks:
    – who could the lakers get? people generally comment on deep 2012 draft, etc. but are there any actual players that fit the lakers’ need? just curious if anyone’s done any draft analysis of who falls within the lakers reach. recent drafts don’t inspire a whole lotta confidence, esp. w/chaz running the scout team…
    – old core + rookies don’t mix. other teams covet them, lakers have a closing window, the picks are out the door and deals get done.

    i can’t hit refresh fast enough on espn/SI/etc.

  33. Word is Nets have turned down Gasol for Williams twice–preseason and today.

  34. Just rec’d a text at 12:32 edt. D. Howard has informed Chris Broussard he’s signed waiver to stay in Orlando. Mitch, call the Nets NOW!!!

  35. KenOak,
    It just makes so much sense for both teams. But teams can be stupid. The Nets probably are judging by their past.

  36. i’m worried okc may snag somebody like ray allen or lamarcus aldridge.

    d-will can pretty much dictate where he wants to go, correct? the issue is whether he wants to be a part of a rebuilding process in brooklyn.

    dream scenario: d-will forces a trade to the lakers in a deal involving no core players(bynum, gasol, kobe).

  37. Btw…I now think Dwight Howard doesn’t care enough about winning. People that care about winning go to good franchises amd don’t stay with losers like Orlando.But I’m glad. It helps the lakers. Gasol for DWill!!

  38. Lakers don’t need draft picks. Brown wouldn’t play them anyway.

  39. only about 2 hours left now, getting nervous that nothing happens

  40. Btw… To let you know how excited I am…. I’ve long felt DWilll is the best PG in the game. I’m crossing my fingers.

  41. Warren Wee Lim March 15, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Ray Allen (dead eye shooter)
    Allen Ray (eye-popping player)

  42. Aaron: I would love this, but do you have a link? Everything I am seeing says the Nets are trying to add + DW is not on the block.

  43. gerald wallace to new jersey for expiring contracts and a protected 1st rounder. perfect. we have a game against the depleted blazers next friday.

  44. @ Aaron, Howard will try to recruit D-Will to Orlando if he becomes a free agent.

  45. Adrian Wojnarowski ? @WojYahooNBA has tweeted this

    Nets are close to sending Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams and a protected 1st round pick to Portland for Gerald Wallace, league sources tell Y!

  46. Nets are close to sending Mehmet Okur, Shawne Williams and a protected 1st round pick to Portland for Gerald Wallace, league sources tell Y!

    That’s a good pick up for New Jersey

  47. Lakers FO must have been working on something big to not have anything in motion right now.

    I know Pau is having anxiety attacks right

  48. That Nets deal – if true – would confirm that DW is not going anywhere.

    We need Sessions desperately.

    I can’t believe I am saying that.

  49. Sources close to Jamal Crawford now suggest that the 3-team deal sending him to Minny has fallen apart . . .he may land in LAL or NJ …

    Looks like no Beasley

  50. hmm Beasley at Twolves shootaround right now…

  51. Reports now is three team trade has fallen apart. Now is just Minny and Lakers. First round pic for Beasley now.

  52. We need Sessions desperately.


    It has been true since the day Stern vetoed the Paul deal.

  53. My hunch is that if the Lakers want Beasley they can get him at anytime. It’s more of a question of being able to shed salary at the same time not contingent on Crawford being included in a 3-teamer

    Also Wallace, Crawford & Felton are the 3 malcontents on the Blazers with Wallace being the best of the 3. If the Blazers were willing to get rid of him chances are they are wanting to purge the other 2 as well. Thus, I wouldn’t be so sure the deal is dead

  54. So right now Maybe Crawford and Sessions are still on the table

  55. Very unlikely that ANY team is going to patch together a blockbuster deal involving blue chip stars or superstars (like Gasol and D Williams) in the final precious hours leading up to a deadline. It’s absurd!

    You just don’t throw that together hastily. if it hasn’t already been baked, it just ain’t happening in a brief afternoon.

    I think Mitch winds up standing pat with the roster today.

    He doesn’t want to keep taking on expense for players on EXPIRING contracts, whilst throwing
    away 1st round draft picks on top of that.

    It’s obvious that’s the main problem with the Sessions and Beasely deals is that both of those teams (Cleveland and Minnesota) are looking to get premium compensation (not just reasonable compensation) for these two players who are, point in fact, going to walk away from those teams forever in about 6 weeks.

    They aren’t worth more than second round picks or other future considerations.

    It makes no sense to overpay for these guys!

  56. Dave: You are of course correct, but that line of thinking leads to re-building, and if we were going to go that route, then we should have traded Pau for our own package of picks, youngsters, + expiring contracts. We didn’t do that (apparently), so we must try to win now + Sessions must be obtained at all costs. Let Gilbert have his laugh at our expense.

  57. Robert, that line of thinking “must acquire x player at all costs” leads to situations like we are seeing in Orlando and New York. Stuck teams with no good options.

  58. @SHowardCooper: Pace in Lakers talks have picked up to where they could make TWO deals today. No sense either will be major of the Pau variety. PG likely

  59. Deron bleeping Williams… that would be a coup. I would hate to see Pau leave, but it gives too much sense for the Lakers if they could do that.

  60. Jeremy: We are stuck. We have an $88 payroll, + most of it is locked in for a while.

  61. IMO, Dave is not correct. What “makes no sense” is having an old roster that is 18M over the tax line, with a lot of that locked in, and can’t win the title.

    There is no easy way to deal with that, and if Buss does not want to spend more money, that is his call. But this team is more or less “pointless”, so to speak, in its current form. The wins show that as much as the losses do.

  62. While the Nets probably will not go for D Will for Pau trade, I am wondering if a 3 way with the T-Wolves is possible. The T Wolves do have the young talent that would be more enticing and they really do want Pau.

    Of course we are running out of time, thanks to Mr Howard. As one writer stated, he held the entire league hostage.

  63. If you keep the big 3 get Crawford

    Thunder have Harden, Spurs have Ginobli, Grizz have Mayo, Clips have Mo, Lakers need someone who could possibly offset their scoring.

  64. Can we finally amnesty Luke Walton if we get Beasley?

  65. I get the feeling Lakers make a big move.

  66. nets just landed gerald wallace. not gonna trade dwill now.

    “Cavs point guard Ramon Sessions will be traded by the end of the day, one source with knowledge of the Cavs’ thinking told the Beacon Journal this afternoon.” who else is after sessions?

    and if the 3-way scenario has indeed broken down, and beasley can be had for a #1 and portland still wants blake back… is it reaching to hope that we can land beasley + crawford + sessions in the next 1.5 hours?

  67. wow, that pick portland got is a 2012 top-3 protected pick. that’s huge.

  68. I do not think Luke Walton will be amnestied. He becomes a valuable trade chip next season with an expiring contract.

  69. Hour and a half to go. Dwight isn’t going anywhere. And D-will isn’t going anywhere.

    Wonder why the Lakers are procrastinating now?

    Feels like they aren’t going to get anything done.

  70. No way we blow Amnesty on Luke. Doing so does absolutely nothing for the Lakers (besides save $) as we’ll still be over the cap. Plus as Glove said he expires after next season. I don’t think they consider using it until after next year

  71. This is pretty exiting.who knows what will happen. That’s why it’s so fun. In sixty minutes we might have a different team.

  72. Well they got sessions for future #1

  73. Well maybe I was wrong.

    Anyone have the link for Session?

  74. sam amico (fox sports ohio) says sessions to lakers.

  75. Sessions to the Lakers for a future draft pick Brian Windhorst is reporting

  76. “…..that line of thinking leads to re-building”


    Everything doesn’t have to be tested against this mindset of “should we be rebuilding or should we be doing something else…”

    In the final hours, it can be as simple as resisting the temptation to muck with something versus pulling the trigger and risking overpaying for some assets with questionable value to the team this year.

    It can be just as simple as that….

  77. Sessions? Link! Link?

  78. Sessions deal has to include part of TPE, right? We can’t just take his salary on.

  79. nice. it’s for a future first rounder. we’ve still got 1(potentially 2) valuable 1st rounders in highly-rated draft.

  80. We have Sessions. For a future draft pick. 🙂

  81. Oh, happy days

  82. I’ve come down somewhere in the middle on the Sessions deal. Clearly it’s an upgrade and I can’t fault the team for the going for it. However I still would have rather played this season out and kept the picks. I don’t think Sessions puts us over the top but I’m by no means upset.

  83. anyone else think that Blake should start (if he stays) and Sessions should come of the bench

  84. lol! walton!!!

  85. Good job Mitch! Sessions on board… now get Beasley wearing purple and gold! Give the Wolves Blake + a 2nd rounder!

    Or Blake + ‘offensive coordinator’ Kuester (Lol!)

  86. Darius and Larry Coon are currently having an amusing discussion on Twitter.

  87. blake expendable now… for crawford?

  88. Thanks, Caleb and JB! 🙂

    I’m liking this… particularly the part were we didn’t give up Pau Gasol to get our new player.

  89. james, yes I agree

  90. @James–Per Ding at OC rumor was that the Beasley deal was either for a pick or Blake from LA–if the Sessions is a “pick” trade, then if the Beasley trade happens Blake is potentially gone…

  91. By “future first round pick” does that mean not this year’s loaded draft class?

  92. Brian Windhorst is reporting
    Cavs send Ramon Sessions & Christian Eyenga for Luke Walton & 2012 Lakers first rounder. LAL gets right to swap ’13 1st rounder w/Heat pick

  93. Somewhere the Dude Abides is bawling on a street corner and joyfully hugging every stranger that walks by.

    Hopefully it’s a future #1 and not in this year’s draft. But good pickup either way.

  94. OMG! We put Walton in the deal! HAHAHAHA Now I love this trade!

  95. No TPE on Sessions (I think), since first round pick is a guaranteed salary… (right?!)

  96. How in the F*** did Mitch convince them to take back Walton? This trade is more lopsided than the P. Gasol/M. Gasol trade

  97. walton out as well? good deal

  98. awoj@yahoo says the lakers were discussing a deal w/ charlotte for dj augustin prior to making the sessions deal. that’s how you create leverage in a negotiation. way to go, FO.

  99. Mitch = Genius.

    Dumping Walton off on the Cavs without having to use the TPE is pure awesomeness.

  100. anyone else think that Blake should start (if he stays) and Sessions should come of the bench


    Not me. The question will be whether Brown has what it takes to bench Fisher. This puts a lot more pressure on Brown, in a way. My guess is Fisher starts and Sessions plays behind him, but winds up with more MPG after he learns the nomenclature and the sets. Sessions has played for Brown before. And my guess is that Fisher will still finish some games–unless Sessions comes on really strong.

    I would start Sessions and play him 30-35, with Blake getting the rest. Doubt Brown does that, though.

  101. Larry Coon saying that including Walton means they didn’t touch the Odom TPE and in fact created another small one.

    Edit: “But since Walton trade exception is less than minimum salary, it’s effectively useless and can be ignored.”

  102. Mitch was able to unload Walton too? Miracle worker!

  103. Still don’t think Sessions is a great fit. Hope you guys get what you were hoping for.

  104. Seriously Mitch once again proves to be the Fing man! Being able to keep the trade exception is amazing and completely changes the deal.

  105. WoW. Got rid of Walton at the same time. How u?

  106. After trading for Ramon Sessions, the Lakers are still expressing interest in Michael Beasley. Three-team deal is still a possibility.

  107. Believe Lakers will stand pat and try rebuilding through the draft–possibly trading up in the first:two picks for one.

  108. I vote Mitch Kupchack for executive of the year for including Walton in the deal while preserving the TPE! Eyenga is a project, but is 7ft tall, so good pickup as well. swapping 1st rounders was also a brilliant move. So does that mean Beasley is still in play?

  109. Kevin – I’m with you on Sessions. I just don’t like him for us. He over dribbles. I would have rather had Augustin or Felton. I guess it’s hard to complain at this point because anything is an upgrade to Fisher.

  110. The next domino to fall is surely Blake being shipped out in a deal that brings in Beasley.

  111. On another note, respect to Walton. He’s a holdover from the previous era (latching on at the end of the Shaq years) and helped us bridge to this one. I won’t forget how Lakers Nation embraced him when he made his first impact on the Finals stage in 2004, giving us brief hope. And his underrated post game helped us pound the Suns to 7 games in 2006.

    Hope his back heals and he can either play again, or go through the rest of his life without the back problems his father had to deal with.

  112. Can’t believe Mitch pushed Walton off on Cleveland. Mitch is THE MAN!

  113. Christian Eyenga can play. Similar to Ariza (which means some overlap with Ebanks), but the boy has potential.

  114. wow – love Luke but his contract and lack of talent HAD to go. Really impressed/surprised Mitch got the Cavs to take him – and we get a young (cheap) prospect, too!

  115. Sessions should be an upgrade over Fisher/Blake, but there are some prevalent questions:

    1. He’s not a great floor spacer, (Career 29% 3pt. shooter). Even if he’s having a good year at 40% right now, he’s shooting roughly 1.5 a game.

    2. He’s also a really bad defender of PG’s (so that weakness doesn’t get better). As Hollinger notes – “All of this would make him the league’s most underrated player….. if he could guard anybody. Sessions improved during the year from you’ve-gotta-see-this bad to merely awful, but his inability to defend at the point of the attack is the main reason teams have been so reluctant to commit to him. ”

    Thus, while I’m excited about new/young blood on the team for sure, it might be a little preemptory to trade away Blake (who when healthy has been a good floor spacer and is at least a little laterally quicker than Sessions) and rely on solely a Sessions/Fisher combo.

  116. eyenga is not 7ft tall. he’s a wingplayer.

  117. Who is Eyenga? he replaced Luuuuuuke, is that true or I’m just dreaming.

  118. J. Michael with USA today reporting that Beasley is practicing with the Wolves today in Salt Lake–but Michael’s source is the Wolves themselves so….

  119. Re: who is Eyenga, I give you Larry Coon.

    “Eyenga, if Lakers fans are wondering, was at 1.5 PPG & 2.0 RPG for the Cavs. Which makes him a leading SF candidate on the Lakers.”

    He’s a comedian and a CBA/Salary Cap wizard. He’ll be here all week, try the veal.

  120. ‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;

    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
    He chortled in his joy.


    Anything who can play is an upgrade of Luke. Although, we’ll miss the handsome Laker Luuuuuuuke.

  122. Sessions!! Yes!!

    Now who starts at PG? He better get minutes at the expense of Fisher and NOT of Blake. Easier said than done though with the old warrior.

  123. windhorst ESPN says Lakers using the Odom exception with Sessions.???

  124. Still don’t think Sessions is a great fit.

    He can play P/R and get to the rack. Not a great shooter. He is far better than Fisher or Blake.

  125. I don’t understand this from CLE’s perspective at all, you add salary (Walton’s contract goes through 2013) and get worse??!

    Couldn’t have gotten a pick for no salary? Really?

    Anyway, I’ve never been so excited about a swap of some mediocre players.

  126. rr,
    I know. It sucks to have a PG shooting above forty percent from three. I like the 25 percent shooter we have going for us right now 🙂 Sessions is legit. Everyone knows I love PER. Check out Sessions… Above 18 🙂

  127. Sorry about Eyenga… I was mixed him up with Hollins and Samuels


    ~~He has a toe issue. That will heal if he sits on the bench for a long time with Kapono.

  129. Excellent deal for Sessions.

    What is Gilbert thinking with Luke?

  130. Will be sad for the team, Luke was a popular player with his teammates.

  131. rr: you don’t want to play PnR with the big 3 on the floor.

  132. (134) Would have been worse if it was Pau going out…

  133. wow. bucher says stephen jackson could be heading to san antonio for richard jefferson. don’t understand why gsw would do that. jefferson is due $21M for two more seasons.

  134. So, remember when I was wondering how we were going to aquire both Sessions and Beasly with a trade exception only large enough for one of them… Well, the answer to that question was that the Cavs front office was stupid enough to take on Luke Walton’s all time terrible contracts!!! Couldn’t be happier about this move. Land Beasly and we’re a bad a$$ team once more.

  135. Walton & a pick for Sessions & Eyenga?

    Classic Chaz.

  136. Why am I seeing that the Sessions deal is only for a 1st rounder?

  137. because even with Jerry west GSW is still horrible.

  138. We also get to swap picks with them next year? What’s the catch?

  139. The catch is that sessions can opt out and the end of this year.

  140. Eyenga = Zaire cash. Not quite as catchy as Congo Cash (Mbenga) but I like his expiring deal.

  141. Oh that pick is Miami’s so that is worthless.

    Nonetheless – a great deal

  142. Robert,
    The Lakers can swap picks with the Miami Heat pick that the Cavs own in 2013. So, if the Lakers pick 28th and the Heat draft 26th next year, the Lakers have the right to swap.

  143. Eyenga has 3 years left probably means ebanks and barnes are gone next year

  144. @131, Aaron – And just imagine what his PER could be when he plays with finishers like Kobe, Drew, and Pau. That’s been the point I’ve been emphasizing with my friends. He’s never had teammates like these three.

    We could very well see something like the 1995 Houston Rockets. They traded for Clyde Drexler at mid-season and only went 22-21 the rest of the way for the 6th seed, but all those off days (and thus practice time) in the post-season paid off. They were a well-oiled machine by the time they played Orlando in the Finals, and crushed Shaq, Penny, Dennis Scott, and Nick Anderson in a four-game sweep.

    It might take time for our Big 3 to adjust to a P&R point guard, but we also don’t have to run the P&R every time. The guy is also a very good defensive rebounder, so there should be a lot of opportunities for Kobe to score in transition.

  145. From Larry Coon

    In other “what were they thinking” news, Luke Walton now receives a $594K trade bonus check from the Cavs.

  146. Put it this way. Lakers fans will think he is a top 10 PG in one month because they have no idea what a real nba starting PG looks like. He js only 25 and has gotten better. He is a nifty PnR PG ala Sam Cassel and at 6-3 has great court vision who’s only weakness is his outside shooting. That was until this year. As of a couple days ago he was shooting 43 percent from behind the arc. You will be happy 🙂

  147. rr: you don’t want to play PnR with the big 3 on the floor.


    I think Mike Brown will see it differently
    –at least based on that interview from a couple of weeks ago that was linked here. the whole focus of that was that the Lakers lack a “breakdown guy.”

    Sessions will initially get time with the second unit in any case, I assume. But I think a lot of people here have overreacted to this win streak. The Lakers have been eeeking out wins over short-handed opponents. Even NO does not have Landry and Gordon.

  148. 135,

    I bow to Mitch Kupchak. The Cupcake Miracle of trading Kwame for Pau is replayed in 2012, this time Sessions etc for Luke and the 1st round draft pick. It says that anything below 14th pick will be protected. Does it mean Lakers could still tank the games, missed the playoffs to get to below 14th? Sorry, could someone explain still overjoyed by the news. Thank you Mitch, Arigato, Gracias, Merci’,

  149. why not just get jamal crawford instead of beasley?

    rr: I’ll take your word for it. It’s an upgrade no doubt.

  150. we have good development coaches and a defensive bent. they’ll add some polish to the game of a raw player like eyenga and transform him into a decent role player.

  151. Robert- The more and more I’m reading into this trade, it seems to be the “Pau Gasol trade of average players.” We gave up arguably the most over payed player in the NBA for a point guard that will most likely be starting for us by the time the playoffs role around. Not to mention we still have one 1st round draft pick still in our pocket from Dallas… and we get to aquire the Heat’s draft pick from the Lebron Sign and trade. This is a sweet frick’n deal if you ask me. (I wonder if Mitch K. has any soul left to sell to the devil after the trades he’s managed to pull off. haahahaha)

  152. Jeremy: I love the trade – agreed. I still don’t understand why they took Luke.
    Darius@147: I hope we end up exercising that option (would not bet on it though) : )
    Kevin @148: Eyenga only has next year locked, the year after is a team option. That is another good thing.

  153. Dude,
    Exactly. Daron Williams was shooting 36 percent this year in a bad team. True PGs don’t and can’t out up good stats on bad teams. Sessions is a true PG. Everyone will be very happy :). Sessions is like the 25th to 35th best PG in the league.In a league loaded with amazing PGs. He is a legit starting PG without major weakness now that he can shoot and is playing better defense. Now we can run the offense Mike Was brought into run !

  154. Lakers are still trying to get Beasley too. If that does happen, the Lakers will have swapped Walton, Odom and presumably Blake for Beasley+Sessions+lower luxury tax bill. Sessions>Blake and Beasley>Odom
    Great deal!

  155. Paul – Beasley > Odom???? Do you even watch basketball? That is absolutely ridiculous.

  156. i think the reasoning behind luke being included was mitch basically letting CLE know that lakers weren’t about to give up the 2012 1st and the Odom TPE all at once – if CLE wanted the 2012 1st, then they’d have to take a contract back (hence, Luke). so to me, seems like CLE really values the upcoming draft, enough to be willing to take walton anyway.

  157. The only way the Heat pick means anything is if we finish with a better record than the Heat next year. It’s the option of swapping picks, not receiving it, so unlikely that’ll play out.

    Dallas’s pick is top-20 protected. If they slip and retain their draft pick, does that mean we have no first-round pick next year or am I missing one?

    Thi sis a good deal though, any way you look at it. I don’t watch a ton of college so I’ll take the media’s word for it when they say the draft is loaded this year … but I’m not sure how much a draft-pick would have meant with our scanty scouting staff anyway.

  158. Looks like Dan Gilbert is trying to ensure Lebron doesn’t win a title this season, because that deal made no sense for Cleveland.

    Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if LA is able to beat Miami in the Finals, thanks to Dan Gilbert, and Michael Beasley who was effectively shipped out to make room for the big 3 in south beach? NBA Drama I can see the TNT commercials now

  159. Welcome to Los Angeles Ramone… We a handing you the keys to a very expensive machine 🙂

  160. more than fair to say that beasley > odom this yr. also don’t agree w/ other posters that odom coming back to LAL would somehow make him as good as he was last yr; i think personal issues are handicapping him right now (and possibly for the foreseeable future).

  161. Beasley > Odom???? Over the next few years for sure, Odom is done.

  162. 156,

    Mitch mission was to get an upgrade PG and bench but don’t spend. WOW! manna from heaven. He should be given 5% share of ownership by the Buss Family.

  163. As part of the Ramon Sessions package, the Lakers sent Jason Kapono to Cleveland, league source tells Y! Sports.

  164. I would love to see a Bynum-Beasley-Barnes-Goudelock-Sessions second unit.

  165. Listening to ESPN 710 right now — this is the happiest I’ve ever heard Max Kellerman as he talks about Sessions. Haha, I love it!

  166. boom we shipped out Kapano as well which is nice for Ltax purposes

  167. Great trade. We get rid of someone who hasn’t played meaningful minutes in years and who has a horrible contract for what he gives to the team. Then we pick up a possible starter at PG and only give up a pick?

    Upgrade at pg. check
    Shed some salary. check
    Last piece is adding bench scoring by either picking up Beasley or someone who can back Kobe up.

    I like it Mitch. I like it. Somewhere Chaz is mixing some drinks baby!

  168. Andrew Bynum just scored 8 points in the last 30 minutes Sessions has been a Laker

  169. Jeremy Beasley>Odom this year, maybe. Also, coming off the bench his 3 point shooting could do for Drew what Anderson’s does for Howard–free up space and punish the double team. Both are mentally weak, btw.

  170. Ps… You were a really good player for a bit of time Luke. I will miss shouting out LUUUUKKKKEEEE whenever you did something good! So long and thanks for all the fish!

  171. Kapono gone as well, lol guess Mike Brown was showcasing him yesterday lol

  172. Yeah, please don’t insult LO like that. Beasley is a tad more athletic but LO has all the skillz; Beasley’s just a scorer.

  173. The Cavs get Kapono too!! Now it all makes sense. 🙂

    But how are we going to trot out our Hickory High lineup with 2/5 of it gone? Terrible news. 😉

  174. Good – so glad Kapono – is gone – what did we have to pay them to take him? : )

  175. Kapono included in the Sessions deal, too. Mitch is magic.

  176. 14 minutes!!!! Come on Lakers, pull the trigger on Beasly already. That’s a huge difference maker once the playoffs role around. We need that scoring production off the bench. We can’t just rely on Goudelock and Barnes to be the sole scorers off the bench. That just won’t win a championship.

  177. @ Jeremy/Lou
    Odom was phenomenal last season and during the championship years but look at his production this year. You can make the case that he would have had a better season if he wouldn’t have been traded but that is pure conjecture at this point.
    Odom has a PER <10 this year and 32 y/o. There is no way the Lakers would have exercised their team option for next season at $9 mil per year (which also means they would have owed him something like $4 million to cut him). Beasley is younger and probably could be had for well under $9 mil per year if the Lakers were to resign him after this season.

  178. RoyceWebb Royce Webb, ESPN NBA
    RT @SherwoodStrauss: So Dan Gilbert is trying to win Kobe a title to spite LeBron?
    9 minutes ago     

  179. last few seconds…beasly trade is falling apart but they can continue talking if deals are already being finalized.

    by the time this is posted….it’s over.

  180. I’d rather we kept Blake than get Beasley, especially if it means giving up a 1st round pick. Could play Black and Sessions together–they are complementary.


    Here is the better video of him and it’s from this year in HD. I’m happy to see Ramone have his body look bett and better each year. He looks more athletic at 25 than he was at 22. Enjoy our new PG!!!

  182. Edwin- Where do you see the deal’s falling apart?… And do they have to agree upon something to let it continue past the deadline or as long as there is a principals of a possible trade are they allowed to continue negotiations.

  183. Fisher traded???? NO WAY. I don’t believe it.

  184. WHAT? LAKERS traded Derek Fisher to the Rockets for Jordan Hill

  185. Kevin,

    I am certainly not planning parade routes, but I think Sessions will help the team. He is shooting 40% from 3 THIS year, but has not been that good over his career.

  186. Yes, he was traded to Rockets for Jordan Hill.




  188. WOW. never even imagined dfish getting traded. mitch is just firing away!!

  189. Word is Fisher has been traded to the Rockets for Jordan Hill. Dallas pick went as well.

  190. Jeremy, I’m reading on these twitters so nothing is final on Beasly, talk continues but if can’s agree then no deal and we will still have Blake. I think that also great. Ryan McNeil says it has collapsed.

  191. Wow. Can’t believe Fish is gone and that the Lakers gave up BOTH 1st rounders in the loaded upcoming draft

  192. So far…so good

  193. I just died a little inside. If this is true, then I want to be the first to say that I will miss Fish, and his huge gd intangibles, tremendously.

    Thanks for everything you have done Fish.

  194. So it looks like we got Jordan Hill instead of Beasley? Bummer. I really felt like Beasley couldve come into his own in LA and be part of the future with Bynum and now Sessions. OH well. At least we got a PG. Cant believe we actually traded fis! lol. Now all the people who complained about how bad he was, will complain about him being traded.

  195. Here is the deal: The Lakers have traded Derek Fisher and a 2012 first-round pick (via Dallas) for Jordan Hill’

    THANK YOU DEREK FISHER for all you did to help bring championships to the Lakers.

  196. Fisher is gone too

  197. WHOA! Fisher and Dallas’ first round pick for Jordan Hill of the Rockets.!/ESPNSteinLine

    What a ballsy move. I hope that it doesn’t effect the teams chemistry too much.


    Say hello to your new championship contenders.

  198. like the luke trade, hate the Fish trade. worried we just traded our heart away…

  199. This just in: David Stern vetoes Sessions trade because of the inclusion of Luke Walton. hahahahaha

    Great addition!

  200. Kobe is scheduled to go on the “Mason & Ireland Show” on @710ESPN this afternoon. Should be must-listen stuff to hear his Fisher thoughts

    Here is a link

  201. Woj reporting “The Rockets will explore a buyout for Derek Fisher, but they do need point guard help with Kyle Lowry, sources tell Y! Sports.” Due to buyout rules, he can’t rejoin the team this year.

    Well, as a player, at least. Make him a coach!

  202. Kinda confused why the Lakers wanted Jordan Hill. He’s basically the same player as McRoberts. And McRob doesn’t ever play.


  203. Lakers traded Fish I can’t believe this.


  204. I went from excited to heartbroken. Sessions will be a great fit for LA but losing Fish will be tough for team to swallow.

  205. To remove the doubt of who starts at PG, Fisher gets traded. A good move in terms of taking away distractions, but still a shocking trade considering how we all thought Fish would retire a Laker.

    Best wishes Fish, and good luck in Houston.

  206. Breaks my heart to see Fish go, but he was the third PG. I am worried about the locker room, though.

  207. WHOA. We traded Fisher? MIND = BLOWN.

  208. People outside of the Lakers blogs are wondering why we traded Walton and Fisher, they’re asking if Lakers are broke! I think this is a great day, we got back Blake although not yet final, got Sessions and will depend on healing of Eyenga’s toe!!!

    Will we miss Fisher? Sure we are for a sentimental 16 years but thanks for the memories of 5 Championship, I think someday he will be back to the Lakers as part of the Coaching staff, scout or even asst. GM. He has a great mind but the body is already retirable like any aging pet.

  209. i do understand the Fish trade but why Jordan Hill? and did it really require giving away our pick?

  210. The locker room presence, poise, savvy, and crunchtime dependability are worth far more than the $3 mil they save. Sad to see Fish go. Plus the DAL pick (whose record isn’t that great) in a loaded class. Just not a good trade IMO all around.

    Half a lockout season is a tough amount of time to have Kobe develop trust with a new PG.

  211. LOVE the sessions trade, HATE the fish trade. Not only did we trade out last glue guy (odom being the other), we have up a 2nd pick in the most loaded draft in years to do it. It negates the joy of dumping Luke. Don’t be fooled, this is nothing more than a salary dump from entitled p.o.s. Jim Buss. Just an AWFUL way to treat a guy who has done as much for us as Fish has. He should’ve been the backup and move Blake for Beas. Jordan Hill is a scrub.

  212. Why didn’t Jamal Crawford go to the Lakers? Portland didn’t want the $3.4M player option that Derek Fisher has next season, source tells Y!

  213. NOT HAPPY we gave up our OTHER 1st round pick to basically dump DFish’s salary. Problems with this: 
    1) They’ve taken themselves out of a deep 2012 draft. 
    2) They’ve lost future bargaining chips. Lakers now can’t trade their 2013 pick. They also can’t throw in cheap, promising talent in potential trades in the future. 

    They’d better hope Sessions plays good for the remainder of this season AND he sticks around afterwards. The nightmare scenario would be 1) No championship this year (don’t think Sessions and Hill are enough to win it all); 2) Sessions walks so they basically gave away 1st round picks for NOTHING (with a deep draft too); 3) No bargaining chips in the future outside of Pau & Drew to get anyone good. 

    They’d better win NOW because the cupboard’s looking pretty bare in the future…

  214. Don’t understand the DFish trade, just to save a couple mil? Pure conjecture here, but I wonder if Brown asked for it so he didn’t have to be the one benching Fish in favor of Blake/Sessions…

    Yeah DFish was old and not doing well, but he’s the heart and soul of the team. Who picks them up now after Kobe knocks them down? Might have serious chemistry problems brewing.

    Hopefully Gasol come on strong now that he knows he’s sticking around (at least for this year). We’re gonna need him!

  215. Bottom 1st draft picks are useless most of the time. Thanks Dfish for the memories, but not sorry to see him go. He was done and should have retired after he took care of the lockout.

  216. Update on Kobe on @710ESPN today: He cancelled

  217. @223 probably because he was gonna rip jim buss to shreds and thought it might not be in his best interest

  218. @223 Dang I was really hoping to hear what he had to say.

  219. Yeah, the Fish trade is lame. Jordan Hill? We couldve had Beasley for the draft pick alone! and kept Fish! even if he doesnt start, have him around as a leader. Terrible decision. Oh well at least we got Sessions.

  220. SoLongAndThanksForTheFish March 15, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Just stunned about the Fish trade.

    Fish’s performance in the 4th quarter of Game 3 of the 2010 finals is and will always remain one of my favorite moments in Laker history. Thank you Derek; you have always been a pro’s pro and a true Laker.

  221. Derek Fisher traded… did not see that one coming.

    So who is this Jordan Hill guy who’s coming to town?

  222. Could we have gotten more for the late first round pick and the TE? I thought maybe. But fisher wasn’t gong to play one single minute theater getting sessions. Blakenor GLock would back him up. Now we have a third big man. Hill is not a joke guys.

  223. I HATE that we gave up our other 1st round pick to move Fisher for a player that is no good. I wouldn’t like this trade if it just included the 1st round pick but now that we’ve pissed Kobe off by trading away his favorite teammate, I HATE this trade. All good feeling I have before witht the Sessions trade have left my body. Why Mitch?… Why?

  224. Wow, it’s a cold hearted business. Never saw that coming, thanks Fish for always being first class. Luke as well, always enjoyed watching him play, great team player.

    You watch, Houston will buy Fish out, and he’ll make some big shot in the playoffs for OKC or Miami. Ugh.

    That said, Lakers have gotten younger (Hill, Eyenga, Sessions) and more athletic. Not a good time to be Darius Morris. Thought Beasley was coming here for sure…

    Do not like giving up all first round picks though..what if Sessions doesn’t resign?

  225. This really helps the Lakers youth and athletisim. In our rotation of 8 is now 25 year old Sessions, 24 year old Bynum, and 24 year old Hill.

  226. Nate McMillen fired from Portland! Can we fire Brown and go after him before someone else does. He’s most definitely a top 5 coach in the league. Something I definitely don’t hold Brown as.


  228. Yes, we wanted to see Fish play less minutes. But trading him away just to dump salary feels dirty. After everything he gave for this franchise, not having him retire as a Laker feels so wrong. Fisher, Horry, Fox. The great Lakers role players, and Fisher gave for longer than any of them.

    I’m sad. I hope Fish returns as an assistant coach one day.

    Will Kobe hit the fan or restrain himself?

  229. We just shedded salary by dumping two role players who barely saw the floor and one starter who should be a role player and two picks for Sessions and Hill.

    We clearly got younger and better. There is no guarantee that whomever the Lakers would have drafted would contribute anything anytime soon. Sessions (16.44 PER) and Hill (15.36 PER) are solid contributors RIGHT NOW. If we didn’t pull the trigger on the trades in order to save the picks, that would put us at a competitive disadvantage this year, thereby wasting a year of Kobe and Pau’s prime.

    The average age of our three going out is 33.
    The average age of the two coming in is 24.5.

    It hurts to lose Fisher for his leadership and presence, but we just surrounded our big three with younger, more talented players.

    We just won the trade season of 2012 boys (and Mimsy).

  230. Dont worry Kevin.. we have next year to speculate and hope the lakers land both D12 and CP3, which is a distinct possibility. For now, enjoy the first starting quality PG the lakers have had in years.

  231. I think we need to wait a bit on the Fisher thing before we condemn the FO. There are team chemistry risks in trading him–but there were also team chemistry risks in keeping and benching him.

    Also, Jordan Hill is a little better than some people seem to realize. It is pretty unlikely that the Lakers would have gotten better players for 2013 than Sessions and Hill where those picks are going to be. The Lakers are in a short window–this year and next year.

  232. Wow the Clippers got Nick Young for virtually nothing

  233. Nate McMillan now fired. This is madness. Dwight Howard brought the apocalypse upon the NBA.

    From a cold POV though, Mitch turned our worst basketball assets (Walton, Fish, Kapono) – people that were thought to be untradeable – into a starting PG and OK backup big, by sacrificing two draft picks and taking the pressure off Chaz.

  234. Here is Jordan Hill’s bio

    Why Jordan Hill? Because that’s how trade goes, you have to give up something. It will be redundant to have Fisher, if Sessions and Blake are retained. Jordan and Eyenga are never heard name players except that they have big bodies maybe for defense purposes if they will ever play. Surely, Mitch was able to dump unnecessary salaries + luxury taxes too.

    This is not over, by next month lots of players will be waived by teams who will in the lottery pick. Lakers could still cherrypick based on their needs.

    Are the trades today an upgrade or a downgrade? I think they were great in as much as Lakers as a team is not really interested of draft picks. We still have the 2nd round draft picks and those 1st round are protected too, so chances we will be acquiring players will just destine to the D’League. Essentially, Sessions was the new addition and removed all albatross players: Luke, Kapono and Fisher.

  235. I went from excited to heartbroken. Sessions will be a great fit for LA but losing Fish will be tough for team to swallow. We lost a lot of leadership today.

  236. Not too stoked that Fisher is gone…but very happy we got Sessions. Wish we could’ve grabbed Beasley or Crawford as well…

  237. Any Lakers fan who agrees with Fisher trade isn’t a true Lakers fan.

    Cutthroat business. Now Pau knows he’s next. Wouldn’t be surprised if 24 asks for one down the road.

  238. Believe Fisher was moved by front office to ensure Sessions is starter. I would have kept Fisher at end of bench for situational play. Not thrilled about losing Fisher, for obvious reasons, but I cant say I want him playing over Sessions.

  239. Hill has a PER 15.4 guys. That would have been behind only Kobe Bybum and Gasol on our team yesterday. Now we have added Sessions who is averaging a 18 PER the last two seasons and a big athletic guy in Hill at 15.4. well done Mitch. I think a Beasely deal might also be announced soon as we still have our TE and Blake 😉

  240. Guy relaxe!!! Fisher wil be cut and be back on the Lakers as a 12th man within the month. Don’t worry he will be back. Houston doesmt want Fisher.

    (Editor’s note: this is not possible with the new CBA – Zephid)

  241. Any Lakers fan who agrees with Fisher trade isn’t a true Lakers fan.


    No way. People have been complaining about:

    1. PG
    2. Lack of bench players
    3. Too many minutes on Pau, Drew and Kobe.

    If Brown uses Hill, and I think he will, Hill can soak up 10-15 minutes and give Pau and Drew more rest.

    As far as Fisher, see above. There were chemistry risks with keeping him as well. I would be fine if they had kept Fisher and the pick, but benching him might have been messier than this will. We just don’t know yet. And it has been time to bench him.

  242. I thought the current CBA kept players from being cut and returning to their original teams that same season.

  243. Frank the Tank March 15, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    Are all the deals for sure finished? Or will some still come out? Lakers might still acquire Beasley or is that done for sure? Crawford wouldve been nice off the bench..

  244. Worst-case scenario: Houston buys out Fish and he signs with the Heat and beats us in the Finals with a game-winning 3. In 0.3 seconds.

  245. Losing Fisher hurts on an EMOTIONAL level, not on a BASKETBALL level. With Sessions and Blake on the roster he shouldn’t even see the court more than a couple minutes.

    The FO made themselves the bad guy so that MB wouldn’t have any problems with the squad by sitting Fisher.

    We are all very sentimental in regards to Fisher now that he is gone, but would anyone on this board like him taking minutes from Sessions and Blake if he was still here?

    Hopefully he returns to the organization is some capacity soon, but cannot return as a player this year if Houston buys him out. The new CBA changed that rule.

  246. Mixed reaction on the Fisher deal. After cheering for Fishers jumper that gave us the lead over NO he was traded. Was hoping he would retire as a Laker. But then again its un upgrade in the PG without losing any of the big three.

  247. @Aaron
    In the most recent CBA I think they closed the loophole in which a traded player can be waived and re-signed by their previous team.

    I’m sad, but not too sad. Fisher was killing us at the PG position. I think this is about the front office saving Brown from having to do the hard work of benching Fish.

  248. Aaron: so you trade Kobe’s sidekick

    Phil leaves
    Hire Mike Brown Kobe wanted Shaw
    Trade LO to cut salary kobe’s not happy
    Have Pau on the block (he’s getting traded before next season)
    Trade Fish Kobe’s road dog for 12 years.

    Bynum’s team Kobe’s afterthought now

  249. Mihms The Word March 15, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    @251 Fisher can’t join the Lakers again if he is cut/bought out due to the Ilgauskas rule. Besides, Houston traded J Flynn today so they’ll want Fisher as their backup PG.

  250. i’m sorry fisher couldn’t retire a laker, and that’s all i’m sad about. good trade.

  251. Aaron, I’m pretty sure that the new CBA prevents a player from returning to the team he was traded from if he gets cut from the team he is traded to for the year the trade takes place in.

  252. I like the Fish trade. Without it, are the Lakers really going to demote him to 3rd PG and take away his minutes? Once Sessions comes in, you have to move either Fish or Blake.

    Jordan Hill is a good young big — strong defender, liked by McHale. That has to be more valuable than a 3rd-string PG. And I LOVE Fish, but being a “glue guy” is not enough if there are no minutes.

  253. Hate to see Fisher traded, but the writing was on the wall. His numbers were atrocious and his defense let opposing PG’s explode (e.g., Jarret Jack last night). Of course, he always brought leadership and intangibles, but I’m not sure if even that can make up for his deficiencies on the court. Nonetheless, I am still having mixed emotions. Logically, it was probably a needed move, especially to give Sessions and Blake the bulk of the playing time, but emotionally it is still a little difficult to part with a player who has been with the Lakers for so long.

  254. Hill has a team option next year, so these moves have actually reduced next year’s salary total a decent amount.

  255. Fisher trade has Jim Buss’s finger prints all over it. I think Fisher might have been the one calling the ‘player meetings’. Though I still think it was a solid move considering Fisher won’t accept coming off the bench.

    …We’ll miss ya Fish. Always came up big when we needed ya.

  256. Thank you for everithing Derek Fisher. You’ll be forever in my heart Presidente!!!

  257. Thanks for all the leadership and big shots Fish, you will be missed!!

  258. Sessions is going to open some eyes. Check out his highlight youtube videos. He gets to the basket alot and seems pretty fearless. Upgrade? Heck yeah! The following comment from a blogger in Dallas on Mavericks column made me LOL until tears came to my eyes:

    Mark Cuban will buy the Orlando Magic this summer and trade Howard to himself for Odom. He will then begin to sell the Magic off in small chunks like a chop shop. At which point he will start signing MLB players to play for the magic leaving Stern and and the MLB no choice but award the magic a team in the MLB. Hence realizing Mark’s dream of having Howard and a MLB team. You heard it here first.