Kobe Bryant Goes BIG

Darius Soriano —  April 3, 2012

I’m a sucker for NBA ads (except those talking basketball ones; lets just forget those ever happened).

The league simply knows how to market the game and the stars that play it. So, it comes as no surprise that I’m loving their new BIG commercials that feature some of the game’s best players. Whether it’s Dirk walking down the tunnel, Chicago’s defense suffocating an opponent, Rondo chasing down a loose ball, or KD raining a jumper in the open court they’re all great. The imagery, the music, the words flashing across the screen…it all gets me excited about the game.

But in watching these ads, I was wondering when Kobe would get one. Well, wait no longer. Here he is working over Landry Fields, using one of his pet moves – spinning away from his man (and the second defender that’s oncoming) to hit his turnaround baseline J. Great stuff. (Hat tip to I Am A GM for the clip.)

Darius Soriano

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to Kobe Bryant Goes BIG

  1. Darius,
    In response to Ken… He will be back. I’m guessing he is having a little temper tantrum. And we will welcome him back with open arms. We are his Lakers family. I will asks speak for you… Dave Miller is a coach. Was a coach. Many coaches know some basketball. Many coaches know a lot of basketball. Many are just coaches cause they ate ex athletes. I beleieve that at worst Darius knows the same amount of NBA basketball as Dave Miller. I do wish you would share some of that on your posts. We don’t need vanilla cookie cutter analysis on this site. We would all love it if you and othwr mods on this site didn’t beat around the bush so much in your write ups. You aren’t runnin for president. Tell us what you actually beleive more often.


  2. Darius: My response on the broader issues is at the end of the other thread.

    As to this thread, I had not seen that ad before, and that is simply incredible footage. Classic KOBE !!!!


  3. As a longtime Laker fan based in New York, I love all things Lakers-Knicks. This will start a conversation each time it airs in this area…LOVE IT!!!


  4. aww man, there are sooo many better kobe moves for that narrative than a turnaround baseline j. c’mon, the master of the triple pump fake reverse twirly up and under off the glass pass to himself for a dunk and this was the best they could do. the mamba deserves better.


  5. NikDqwik: Yes, there are many better moves as you state, however take another look at this clip. All eyes in the NY crowd are just fixated on KB, not waving, not screaming – just fixated. The defender’s (Fields) actions and demeaner are classic, + the fact that the double comes at the end is just perfect. I know they close with “BIG”, however this clip reminds me that this game is “FANTASTIC” !!!!!


  6. First time that I’ve seen this Ad also and the Slow-Mo Effect just brings out the beauty of it. Sweet. Simply Sweet. The initial 1, 2-3 between the legs didn’t get Landry to bite, but that hesitation dribble/pull up jumpshot fake coming off the 1, 2-3 definitely caught him.

    What’s crazy is that he’s so focused on Kobe that he doesn’t even recognize the help defender coming from his left. If so, he could have forced Kobe back towards the middle of the court and effectively stunted him.


  7. One of my favorite Kobe BIG moments was the game in Memphis 09 Drew went down. Seemed as the season went with him. Next game was a BIG one at MSG. Kobe dropped a BIG 61 for a Lakers win and restored order to the season. Kobe always finds moments in the season to come up BIG. That was one of my favs.


  8. There are two Kobe moves (among countless others) that stick in my head. One was against Denver a couple of years ago. He had Kenyon Martin guarding him at the free throw line in corner of the box. He faces up Martin, pump fakes and gets him in the air, does a 360 spin on his pivot foot (completely losing Martin), and hits a floater over the second defender running at him. Plus, he got fouled in the process. That man’s footwork is genius and rivals Hakeem’s. I’d say Kobe has the best footwork ever for a perimeter player.

    The second move that comes to mind was against Sacramento in the 2001 playoffs. Honestly, I don’t even think I can accurately describe it here. It was just an insane display of foot movement that included him losing three Kings defenders, going up with his right, switching ball to the left in mid air to avoid Valde, and kissing the shot off the glass. He did all this coming from the baseline.

    No matter what happens from here on, Kobe Bryant will forever be one the greatest to ever lace them up.


  9. @T. Rogers

    I know that one. I have that burned in my head. It was such an otherwordly show of finesse that made me think I had a better chance of dunking the basketball than pulling that move off (I’m 5-10 and no Spud Webb).

    The second one I don’t remember, but would love to see it of course.


  10. Links or it didnt happen 😉