Lakers/Rockets: Club 17 In Effect Again

Rey Moralde —  April 6, 2012

Box Score: Lakers 107, Rockets 112
Offensive Efficiency: Lakers 108.1, Rockets 113.1
True Shooting %: Lakers 58.2%, Rockets 60.3%

Lakers had a four-game winning streak coming into this while the Rockets are fighting for their playoff lives. Also of note? The Rockets won their last meeting against the Lakers. L.A. hoped for a different result but it was more of the same, if anything.

The Good:
This was Metta World Peace’s best offensive game this season. He had 23 points and seemed like one of the few Lakers that had energy the entire game. He was killing the Rockets in the post, had about three nifty left-handed lay-ups, and was even a playmaker at times. Too bad, the effort was wasted.

Matt Barnes didn’t have a great shooting game (1/9 with 3 points) but he did all the other things (13 boards and 4 assists). Keep hustling, Barnes.

I liked that Kobe Bryant didn’t try to have too much of a duel with Chandler Parsons, although I’m sure Parsons irritated him. He scored 28 points and made all 11 of his foul shots. Didn’t do much else but he got his points.

And I did like that the Lakers attacked inside tonight. They had a 36-22 advantage in freethrows and, overall, they scored 56 points in the paint. It probably would’ve been more if a certain center didn’t get ejected earlier tonight. Again.

The Bad:
Another double-digit lead lost. Ho hum.

Maybe it shows in their heavy schedule but most of the Lakers didn’t have the energy tonight, particularly in the first and the third quarters. And it’s only going to get worse because they have another game tomorrow night. But I digress.

Maybe it was also the injuries. Kobe had a bad shin. Ramon Sessions had a bad left shoulder (he clearly had trouble going left tonight). But the defense was non-existent once again… and the Rockets baited them into playing fast at times. It’s fun to see the Lakers convert on some fastbreaks but transition D is not a strength the Lakers have. The Rockets definitely took advantage of that.

Luis Scola went wild with 25 points against the Lakers tonight. He was money no matter who took on him earlier (whether it’s Gasol or Ron… and I’d like to apologize for calling Gasol a non-factor against the Clippers the other night; I was wrong). Goran Dragic went wherever he pleased on the court; he ended up with 26 points and 11 assists.

So what about Andrew Bynum?

I find Bynum’s personality amusing. This is not one of those times. Not getting the calls he wanted and getting shoved by Samuel Dalembert? Yes. Irritating. I don’t blame him for being angry. But at the same time, he’s gotta keep his composure. His second technical where he got called for taunting wasn’t even directed at Dalembert; it was directed at the bench. In a close game where Bynum was needed, he does this once again (against the Rockets once again, yes). He didn’t have the greatest of games, either; he had turned the ball over 5 times. But he was certainly on his way in terms of making a difference. He had 19 points at that point in the game. Keep your composure. Listen to Ace Of Base or whatever you listen to on Club 17 during timeouts. Calm down.

That may have very well cost them the game. But they still had a chance to win. Of course, if they bothered to guard jumpshooters all game long, they wouldn’t have been in this position. Give the Rockets credit for outhustling the Lakers (even if they were outboarded, 48-35).

Yes, the defense once again. 112 points by the Rockets. The Rockets probably likened this game to a 7-11. They were open all day. And probably got extra smoothies on top of it, too.

And Chandler Parsons (13 points, including a big 3 near the end of the game, and a superb job guarding Kobe)? For a rookie, he’s got grapefruits. Props to him.

The Ugly:
Lakers had 13 bench points. Expected. But I didn’t know what else to put under here.

The Play Of The Game:
I don’t have much to choose from, especially after a Laker loss. But you can take your pick between one of the two Josh McRoberts alley-oop dunks. Those did get the crowd going, at least.

Remember the days when the Staples Center was a security blanket for the Lakers? Me, neither. They’ve lost 4 games at home since the trading deadline after only losing 2 before that.

It doesn’t stop for the Lakers. They have Phoenix tomorrow night on the road, where they got plastered earlier in the season. At the end of the road trip, they play the Spurs for the first time this year (a three-game series with the Spurs in 10 days, really). That’s going to be a real test for the Lakers.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. They may not even win against Phoenix AND New Orleans. Maybe Andrew Bynum may actually not get ejected in those games. That’s a step towards maturity.

Rey Moralde


to Lakers/Rockets: Club 17 In Effect Again

  1. Bynum is getting more touches than ever. He was the focal point of offense tonight he’s getting more room to score. Everybody is trusting him and praising him. Bynum doesn’t fit with the Lakers anymore same way Shaq didn’t.

    Bynum just doesn’t care about nothing but himself. He is hurting this team but people are saying it’s alright he;s young because he scores 30 points. If Barnes, Metta, Kobe do any of those things there vilified to no end. Please trade this guy in the offseason.

    Lakers are 1 1/2 game up over Clippers mostly likely to lose tommorrow. What if Lakers finish 6 seed 2 games out of 4th?


  2. Gosh it’s a good thing we have the 3rd seed locked up and can afford for Bynum to get tossed for the second time in a close game against a very beatable opponent with all of those Spurs games looming and these are meaningless regular season games with no real impact.

    There will be plenty of time to make up for those extra minutes he’s making Pau and Kobe play and the extra energy grinding our victories when we can sit them for a week towards the end of the season.

    *double checks standings*



  3. Did Lakers pick up Drew option or did they just say they were?


  4. This team has 4 games against the top two teams in the west. It is hardly inconceivable that the Lakers could fall to the 4th spot.

    Andrew Bynum and his poor attitude are becoming extremely tiresome. You can put two losses to the Rockets on Bynum and his immaturity. He needs to get his head in the game and grow up.


  5. Well, besides Bynum hurting the team again with loose nuts, I think overall they are not in sync after sustaining injuries during the Clippers game. What I don’t understand is that other players on the bench are healthy but not given a chance to help the team. Well, it’s all about trust and insistence of MBrown to play only 8 guys at the late of the season. I saw Jordan Hill in uniform sitting beside Kobe, is he OK now to play? He knows this Houston team

    Well, Spurs could overtake the Thunder. Will the Lakers maintain the 3rd slot or slipped to 4th place by tanking majority of their remaining games unintentionally. They are in a circus and we’re familiar with the juggler Mike Brown as he observes his experimental ride of a roller coaster season. He’s still searching for the right mix or mishaps. hoho!



  6. I was only able to listen to the 4th Q on radio because of work, but it definitely sounds like all these games coming so quickly caught up with the Lakers. I’m also afraid that their lack of depth will put the Lakers at a huge disadvantage come playoff time. Lakers are limping to the finish line.

    Bynum needs to man up and apologize to his teammates and his organization for his brain fart. He let them down tonight.


  7. Doesn’t Andrew still live at home? Maybe it’s time to call in his parents for a GM-teacher meeting.


  8. Not that its an excuse, but just have perspective: Lakers 4th game in 7 nights. Rockets hadnt played since Monday.


  9. dude: what would be funny is if they condone his behavior because they think kobe shoots too much.


  10. #8….Very good point. Teams all over the league are running on fumes. With so many key guys banged up, the Lakers are going to have to dig deep.


  11. RAYDIAZ1238: I did bring up the heavy schedule earlier, however briefly. They’re in the middle of five games in seven nights (fourth game in five nights later on). That’s tough, especially for the older legs.


  12. Bynum doesn’t pick up a lot of technicals… And because of that he doesn’t know how to be extra safe when you already have one. Having said that he can’t get kicked out of games for something so stupid.


  13. I haven’t told anyone on here before but I’m accidentally a Buddhist. Speaking philosophy with my hippie father as a young adult he once told me I should read some Zen books as my belief system and thoughts on life are of Buddhist philosophy. So it’s not surprising my thoughts on this are one with Ron Artests. Andrew is spreading his wings and feeling this whole NBA superstar things out. I really wish Phil Jackson was available to Andrew right now. He was the one coach who wouldn’t try and real him in. He would lead him down the appropriate path for Andrew. So he can find his place. Here is Ron Artest on Andrew Bynum.

    “He got ejected; I’m used to playing basketball like that,” World Peace said. “Back home in New York City, that’s like street ball. You talk trash. That’s the essence of basketball right there.”

    Added World Peace: “He’s got to go through it. Maybe he might get ejected again. We’ll see. We’ll see what happens. Eventually he has to say, ‘Ok, enough is enough. I don’t want to get ejected anymore.’ He will adjust. I had to adjust. I used to get all the calls called against me.”


  14. Experience is the best teacher. Let AB17 realize what he had done. He will learn soon enough. Man, everybody goes that through man, don’t deny it not only in basketball. It is also applied in our own lives. If you want to help Andrew then go to him be a psychiatrist to him and let him listen to you. Don’t just complain there and do nothing. The fact is WE CAN’T DO NOTHING about Bynum right now. Let him handle his problem. Let the team help him. I don’t expect Mike Brown to help him but Pau, Kobe, MWP, Barnes, the vets maybe Kupchak. Time and time again, I will tell this again that LET US BE PATIENT guys. Before you are complaining that we can’t handle speedy guys, I keep posting that we should be patient and hopeful that the FO will do their jobs. RS7 was traded. That Blake shouldn’t be on the backup SG position. Well, we saw it the last game. Now, we should have be patient again for Andrew to mature. Have faith in him, he will learn.


  15. I think that I have to completely side with Aaron on this one. Bynum is a young budding superstar finding his way right now. We saw growing pains from Kobe when he was just coming into his own too! Hell, look at DH and tell me that he behaves better than Drew. He has issues with officials, demanded a trade, and threw his coach under the bus recently. Drew takes a pounding and isn’t getting a fair shake from the officials, in my opinion. It’s only natural for him to get frustrated with them. And, hell, no one complains to the officials more than Kobe and Pau! (Sometimes for good reason!)

    I guess what I am saying is- let’s just put the ejection in the proper perspective and not go off the deep-end with it. I’m more concerned with how we played defense. I feel like I am falling into the Robert camp in that I think our path to a championship is an extremely small window. I don’t know if we can beat OKC in a series this year and Memphis is very iffy, as well. Houston has cleaned our clocks a couple of times too. Very soon we will get a glimpse of how we match up against the Spurs, but I’m not holding my breath.


  16. KenOak: Your channeling comment last night really made me laugh : )
    All: We have 2 more games before we start our mini-series with SA. We are 4-1 towards the 6-1 prediction for this stretch. The difference between the 3 and 4 seed appears to be more pride than anything (battle of LA for division). However, we must watch out, because dropping to 5 or worse would be a devastating blow (we are only 2 in the loss column up on Memphis).


  17. Although Session is a pretty good offensive point guard, we now know why none of his previous teams held on to him. He is a poor defender, both on the ball and as a team player.
    Everybody thought Fisher was bad. OMG! Sessions is actually worse!
    I have been watching him very closely on and off the ball and he looks very “Cavalier” and disinterested when he is playing defense.
    I am shocked that Mike Brown lets him get away with this kind of defense. Blake is not much better either, but he at least gives the illusion of showing some effort!
    Lakers Record since getting Sessions is 8-5 despite having 9 games at home and 4 on the road.
    Lakers’ offense with Sessions averaging 101.8 but giving up 100!
    So, the net is actually worse than what it was when we had the 37 yo Fisher!
    What he gives you offensively, he gives it right back and then some defensively.
    Although I still like the trade because it got rid of Luc Walton’s contract, you cannot win championships with the PG position being this weak defensively. He is certainly fast and athletic enough to be a decent defender. Where is the effort?


  18. Two days ago, Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy said that D-Howard wants the coach to be fired, Howard is 26, Bynum is 24. Lakers fired a coach because Magic did not like him. Kareem when he plays for Lakers sitting on airplane by himself and did not talk to anybody. Shaq did not like Stan Van Gundy, so Pat Riley had to become a coach,…, Bryon Scott was fired because Jason Kidd and CP3,…, problems everywhere. Cousins (he is pf not center) of Sacramento, the team fired a coach because of him, they hired a high school basketball coach so Cousins had somebody he can talk to (if i remember correctly).
    The Chicago Bulls and San Antonio when they sign Rodman, they have to sign a another player name Haley, so Haley can talk to Rodman. Bynum made a mistake but he is not the only one, can Jack Nichelson sit down with him and watch the movie Anger Management ?
    We should accept the truth, that’s some great NBA players are not normal people, that’s why they play the game and we are just the fan.


  19. Over/under on Bynum getting ejected from a playoff game? Especially one where he gets hammered by their bigs (this could happen with Mem, OKC, or Hou if the Lakers somehow met them)?

    This wasn’t like the Hou game last time. This time, Kobe and Ramon were struggling with injuries, and Kobe was deferring constantly in the post.

    Bynum lets other bigs get in his head and overreacts.

    Revenge is sweeter with a win. Hard to contribute to that win when your sitting alone in the locker room.

    And last night once Bynum was gone, Scola smelled blood. The second Troy Murphy went in they just iso’d Scola and the game was over.


  20. Oh, and if Bynum gets ejected from a playoff game (totally possible with the way he treats/the officials treat him) – which could likely turn an entire series – it will be fun to see the Bynum defenders think of another excuse for him.


  21. KenOak,
    Exactly. But I would only have Kobe and Artest talk to Drew. Not Mike Brown and def not Pau Gasol. Drew needs to talk to players that have experience dominating games with their will and physicality. With their passion and selfishness. Most teams don’t have one player like that… The Lakers have two of them to instruct Bynum. They know exactly how to channel that power. Well… Kobe knows exactly how to… Artest in his prime didn’t have the talent and effect on games that Andrew now controls. Nobody on the team should talk to Andrew besides one two guys. The last thing I want Drew to do is listen to Pau “pussy cat” Gasol right now. In fact… If we are being completley honest… I would like those two big guys to talk… But I want Drew to talk and Gasol to listen. I want Pau to be more like Drew and not the other way around.


  22. Agree with those advocating Bynum patience. Not that his behavior makes sense or is excusable. If we want Lakers to win this season Bynum is the dude.

    Points have been made:
    – His immaturity is typical for his generation.
    – Dwight Howard behaves terrible too.
    – He learned ref whining from Kobe

    Maybe getting ejected and losing the game will enable Bynum to realize his value. Can’t help the team from locker room. Rocket players where laughing at him for getting tossed. Bynum is a stooge in the Rockets view. In future they will game plan to get him T’d.

    Bynum can apologize to team and fans by nothing doing this dumb stuff anymore. Focus on winning.


  23. Most are giving Bynum a pass because of his production. He’s definitely putting up numbers he independently put 2 L’s in the Lakers column in the last 3 weeks. Bynum playing at a high level is the only way Lakers win a ring this year. But I’d rather lose with dignity than with Bynum single handedly disgracing Lakers organization again like he did vs Dallas. So he’s actually sat out 7 games because of his doing. Lakers are 3-4 in those games.

    Maybe it was Bynum who told the media they should go back to the triangle, that system benefits the bigs the most, I don’t see Fisher doing that. Maybe it’s not Kobe who has a problem with Brown it may only be Bynum. I’m thinking all the leaks coming from players were Drew. That’s never been Fish’s style, Pau said something in the media Ron did that as well, Kobe’s name would’ve been in print and nobody else has any reason to complain. It’s pretty obvious Drew wants a trade.


  24. Every time the Lakers get torched by Scola and Dragic I think back to the trade they could have made in the preseason after Stern killed the Paul deal (Gasol for Scola, Dragic, Martin).

    Can you imagine if we had a Dragic/Sessions PG combo and a shooter like Martin (injury aside) now? When you consider intangibles like hustle and aggression, is Pau really better than Scola? I’m not so sure.


  25. I’d like to point out another good thing from last night: MB didn’t use the Sessions/Blake backcourt once last night. He went with Blake/Barnes as the 1-2 back ups. First, he brought in Barnes for MWP early. Then, Blake came in for Sessions. Then when Kobe needed a breather, he brought back MWP.

    I know a lot of commenters here were clamoring he stop that backcourt duo, so now that he did (for this game) were you happy with it?


  26. 21 – If Bynum does apologize, my concern about him lessens. Right now the main knock isn’t just that he makes mistakes, but that he never apologizes or seems to regret them later (except for 2 days after the Barea takedown, when the backlash was enormous). He doesn’t seem to learn.


  27. This loss is on Bynum. One would think that he would realize his value on the court and do everything to stay on it. I mean, when Kobe gets 1 technical, he pretty much keeps his mouth shut for the rest of the game, no matter what. Bynum on the other hand can’t help but keep yapping away…


  28. @Treylake 21
    No, no, and no. His immaturity is not typical to his generation. It’s only typical to basketball players who, if weren’t playing basketball, would just be scums of the earth. This behavior is not acceptable nor excusable. The only reason people are used to it is because basketball players in general are low-educated immature people. But if we expand it to the broader scheme of life, normal 24-year-olds don’t behave that way. And yes, I get it that basketball players aren’t normal people –they get paid 14million a year yet cannot control their emotions.

    I agree that advocating patience may be the way to go, but that is not because it is the right way. It is because patience is the ONLY way. There is nothing else we can do right now because Bynum is so immature that he’s just going to pull the “so what? I don’t care” (as evidenced by cherry-picking the last game without going back on defense, and shooting the 3). Patience is a necessity because of Bynum’s pathetic immaturity. This is the essence. Anyone trying to defend him is just out of touch with reality. Most people that are 20 behave more maturely in a working environment, so quit coming up with excuses for him.


  29. Kobe Insider Info

    One of my beat friends is an NFL Agent and he was trying to get a big time trainer to work with one of his clients. That trainer said I can’t work with your player because I just got signed by Kobe to train him IN ORANGE COUNTY FOR THW REMAINDER OF THE SEASON EVERY MORNING AT FOUR AM!!!!!!!!!!

    Kobe is a psychopath. A basketball crazy person, an overall crazy person.


  30. I’ve spent more than enough time within the FB&G Community calling Drew out for his selfishness as of late. I wasn’t as upset with last night’s ejection as I was with his previous transgressions (which are too numerous to name) and this is mainly do to the fact that he was engaged (though not fully) n the game and wasn’t playing selfishly @ the time of the ejection … Bottom Line: Expecting a HUGE bounce back game from him tonight against the Suns.


  31. You can explain Andrew Bynum’s problems simply using science: The dude is a Scorpio. Scorpios are crazy; if they feel slighted they will go nuts on the offender until they’ve given back in return twice what they got. Bynum needs to learn to live with his crazy self without self destructing.


  32. Aaron @28
    That’s what gets Kobe as close as he is to Jordan. Remember Jordan’s breakfast clubs that he ran in Chicago?

    Now if Kobe could only convince Bynum and Pau to join him in the gym, eh? By the way- what kind of trainer is this guy? I wonder if it has something to do with his injury?


  33. @25 – The Blake-Barnes-MWP lineup was very effective last night. I thought Blake himself was arguably more effective last night than Sessions was, due to the latter’s injury. I think the Lakers could be in trouble over the next few days, as there are a lot of games and the team is going through its first injury bug of the season (a lot of guys injured at the same time).

    @32 – I think you meant astrology, not science 😀


  34. Buzz Lightyear April 7, 2012 at 11:40 am

    I am struggling to make sense of Bynum’s behavior, because it does not fit any obvious pattern.

    One scenario that makes some sense to me is that there is a disconnect between Bynum’s role on the team and the privileges associated with that role.

    Bynum made the All-Star team. Bynum is arguably the league’s second-best center. Bynum is often the Laker’s only reliable high-percentage offensive threat.

    Yet, for all his near-superstar ability and production, he is still treated as the third banana on his own team.

    He can’t throw up an ill-advised 3-pointer the way Kobe can (and frequently does). He can’t get physically dominated the way Pau does and still get his minutes. Despite his near-alpha-dog production, the coaches, management, and media treat him as Just Another Guy much of the time.

    This is the nature of things in hierarchical organizations like sports teams. It doesn’t matter if you’re the New Hotness, you still have to pay your dues and respect your elders.

    That doesn’t mean Bynum is either going to like such treatment or accept it without chafing against it. That might explain his goofy behavior of late.

    Hopefully, he’ll grow out of it before the hierarchy completely loses patience with him. He’s too talented to trade away for 70 cents on the dollar.


  35. 1/2decaf: Lakers were losing by 1 before Bynum was ejected. It’s was anyone’s game. Why shouldn’t this loss be blamed on Bynum?

    Funny Kobe shoots horrible he’s to blame for the loss. Bynum gets ejected it’s his teammates.

    Bynum is not elite I see him not as a Howard, Love, Dirk, Kg in Minny able to carry his team with subpar players. I see a Aldridge, David Lee type who would struggle to get his team to the playoffs. Maybe Bosh in Toronto Pau in Memphis 1st round exit at best.


  36. 29,

    Aaron, why is Kobe a psychopath if he arranged a training regiment at 4:00 am, there will be no crazy fan distractions on the road or at the stadium. You said that you’ve tried Buddhism, I think they also engage in meditation at unholy hour just like you posting at 1 am. just kiddin’

    Kobe has to engage in something extraordinary in order to relieve his pains, it’s mind over matter as if his shin injuries, concussions and all others will be relieved if he engages in advanced training or stretching the capacity of the flesh to absorb pains. Ordinary human needs antibiotic and analgesic while Kobe wants to go on mental resistance. Drew tried his other ways by hiring Freddie Roach in boxing to sharpen his reaction skills, go on track and field, yet he’s still slow in defensive transition. I think that is good for their basketball career but I guess both of them will be rewarded more if they get college courses during off season which will really improve their behavior as young professionals in dealing with people, fame and finances.


  37. I read the basketball news, D-Howard did not want to go to the Lakers, so he wants to stay one more year in Orlando, because Howard did not want to be the third option on offensive plan in LA. So, if Howard go to LA, who is going to Orlando? you know who, and if Howard playing for Lakers right now, i bet you Lakers have to deal with another headache .
    One NBA referee guy challenged a fight with Tim Duncan years ago, remember that. This game drives players, coaches, referees, fan crazy, we all see that.


  38. 1/2 and 1/2,
    You know what would have been a good way for Brown to avoid playing Murphy? Having Bynum available to play rather than being ejected for getting a dumb 2nd technical foul…


  39. 1/2decaf: You’d be surprised at Murphy’s numbers when Drew doesn’t play.

    25 mins. per game – 5.1 pts – 8.3 reb – 1.8 ast – 13-28 FG 46% – 3-7 3pt FG 42% ( that’s the guy Lakers signed)


  40. #37 – Kevin, why shouldn’t it be blamed on Sessions who’s matador defense all night long made Dragic look like the best point in the league.

    Why shouldn’t it be blamed on Gasol who can’t be relied upon to deliver in the clutch anymore to save his freakin’ life?

    We’re right there inside two minutes and then we go to Pau in the post and what does he do? Fallaway 15 footer lucky to draw iron.

    As if anyone is ever shocked anymore that this guy always takes the path of least resistance avoiding contact in key possessions that might earn us a trip to the foul line.

    Infuriating to watch this guy anymore. He was a nice addition four years ago. Now he’s just in the way now and frankly not a very good power forward at all.

    If Lowry had stayed healthy we would have dumped Pau for him and Scola at the trade deadline and been so much better off then we are right now.


  41. Murphy only played 2 minutes last night. And Brown did it to give McRob some energy. When he subbed McRob out he looked like he was gassed – because he was making all the energy plays.

    The issue isn’t that he had to sub rob – the issue is that out backup bigs are so bad since the departure of Odom its silly.

    If Bynum hadn’t been eject Murphy would’ve been an DNP as is expected.


  42. Funky Chicken April 7, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    Surprised at the number of people ready to cut Bynum some slack. He’s a 7 year veteran with a huge contract. He wants to be treated (on the court and in his contract) as a team leader. He’s physically the most complete center in the league. He’s a veteran of three finals teams and a two-time champion.

    This isn’t Demarcus Cousins–a young dude with no career achievements personally or team-wise. This is a guy who needs to get his act in gear, quickly. It isn’t about last night’s ejection; it’s about his career-long immaturity both on and off the court. Sadly, most of his past transgressions were off the court, but this year, after all that prior experience, he’s bringing his immaturity on to the court.

    I’ve long defended him, and I have high hopes for him, but right now he is a huge disappointment. Getting tossed from two games against Houston was inexcusable.

    For crying out loud, he let Samuel Dalembert get into his head. Think about that for a minute. Instead of going out and dominating a totally undermatched opponent, he decided to use his mouth rather than his body. We all criticized Blake Griffin for his dirty play, but Blake used his physical ability to dominate a weaker opponent in Pau. Bynum, by contrast, is whining to officials and talking smack. Right now, he’s being a punk, and if he weren’t a Laker most of us would be calling him out for accomplishing very little for a guy who acts like the lead dog….


  43. Dave – I disagree.

    Pau had a bad game last night sure, but he’s still a very good power forward.

    Name me 5 power forwards you would rather have than Pau. I see only – Love, Dirk, and Aldridge. Maybe Bosh but he’s been terrible this year and can’t rebound anymore.

    Plus, Pau NEVER misses games – that’s extremely important when your other big man has knees made of glass.

    Last night he looked worn down. Officials are letting players fall into his neck and head without calling flagrants, but Pau is still hustling up and down the court doing whats best for his team.

    At some point the starters are going to need to recuperate before the playoffs, because the team relies solely upon them and they are running on fumes.


  44. Dave: There you go again blaming someone else for Bynum’s wrongdoings. It was a 1 point game and he just scored and got ejected. Bynum has cost the Lakers 2 games. And people are still nieve enough to think he’s young and is doing this on accident. He’s played with the master manipulator in PJ he knows how to do be calculated enough to get what he wants which is a trade.

    Pau’s aggression is established at the beginning of every game. If he gets post touches and is banging bodies with the bigs early he will be aggressive. If he’s on the perimeter like he has been the last 2 games he won’t play as aggressive. Pau averaged 22 – 10 after Bynum’s ejection in houston and before the Clippers game you know why because he was in the post a lot more.

    Sessions had a bad game probably the first since he’s been here. I saw the 1st quarter and saw Camby get open jumper after jumper that’s Bynum’s man. I also saw Dalembert own him and get uncontested dunks.

    Sorry Dave Bynum is hurting this team more than anything right now.


  45. This should tell you everything you need to know. Rebounds last 3 games they’ve played

    Bynum – 18
    Sessions – 18
    McRoberts – 16
    Barnes – 30

    3 of those players hustle. 1 doesn’t