Game 1 Preview and Chat: Lakers vs. Nuggets

Darius Soriano —  April 29, 2012

We’ve talked offense. And, we’ve talked defense. But game one is now here and there’s really no more talking to be done.

Most of the Lakers key players are rested. Kobe, Andrew, Pau, and Matt Barnes haven’t played in a week. Nicks and bruises are completely (or nearly completely, in Barnes’ case) healed. Mentally, the team should be refreshed as well.

And really, this is what matters. The Lakers played a particularly grueling season (as did every other team, I know) for the chance to be right where they are – back in the playoffs and ready to make another run. The fact that last year’s run was cut brutally short should be fresh on their minds. Denver is not Dallas (who the revenge seekers most want), but they’re the team that stands in the way right now and is the team that must be beaten.

Of course, it won’t be easy. The Lakers, over the course of the year, have had one of the smallest margins of victory of any playoff team. The Nuggets are better in that regard, but not by a great deal. Both teams are very good at home and winning the games on that familiar turf will be very important in this series. I expect close, hard fought games with the winner having to earn those W’s down the stretch with tough defense and timely shot making.

Will the Lakers be ready? Will the Nuggets?

The playoffs are a time where match ups rule. Can you guard my big man? Can we guard their point guard? Whose head coach will make the adjustments in game; over the course of the series?

The answers to these questions – and countless others – begin today. To be completely honest, I’ve been anxious and excited since yesterday. Watching those other teams do battle rekindled that feeling that only comes with this time of the year. The playoffs are here. And whether you’re Kobe Bryant making his 15th appearance or Ramon Sessions making his 1st, the feeling is the same. It’s time for the games of the players to be collectively raised.

On one final note, the journey to get to this point was tumultuous. Injuries, trades made and not made, a new coach, and a schedule as wild as all those events combined. But now that we’re here, the real journey begins. The ride promises to be bumpy; every run is. But, I remind you all to enjoy it as much as you can. Nothing is guaranteed but that’s what makes it exciting. I know I’m ready. Who’s with me?

Darius Soriano

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143 responses to Game 1 Preview and Chat: Lakers vs. Nuggets

  1. 16 needed; 16 to go.

  2. And 16 titles on the wall. I for one would be satisfied with 16 more : )

  3. Kobe Alert (End of Reg Season): In the final game KB eclipsed Ray Allen for 17th on the all time minutes list. Here is where he ranks all time, in all major categories:
    Games: 36th; Minutes: 17th; FG’s: 10th; FGA’s: 7th; 3PFG’s: 17th; 3PFGA’s: 7th; FT’s: 4th; FTA’s: 7th; OR: 209th; DR: 73rd; TR: 140th; Dimes: 41st; Stl: 16th; Blocks: 175th; Points: 5th (1935 needed for Wilt)

    Playoffs: At tip off, KB will move by Pippen for 5th on the all time games list. He needs 1 def reb to move by MJ for 21st on that list. He needs 1 steal to ties M Cheeks for 6th and two to tie Bird for 5th.

  4. Metta Warren Peace!

    (metta war and peace?)

    Go Lakers!

  5. OKC got very lucky. They were 4 more minutes of Derek Fisher away from a loss. Smartly he was benched. But it was close. I thought Dallas would win the series. But now it might be a easy 5 game series after they stole that game last night. It looks like we will be playing OKC. I wouldn’t want it any other way 😉

  6. Let’s see what mike brown is made of.

  7. What can I say? We are finally here. All year long we’ve dealt with ups and downs, confusion, lost., discontent, lack of motivation, and the list goes on. Here’s where I think we really miss Lamar Odom. This guy brought life and energy into the playoffs:PASSION! He said he “went to war” with his teammates to win championships.. Boy he LOVED THE GAME AND HE LOVED THE LAKERS ( sure wish Bynum felt that way).

    As for Kobe. He’s just fantastic during this time of year!

    As for Ron artest: We miss your energy to ….but hopefully he can stay ready to take Harden’s head off in the second round (just figure of speech)..and get no ejections.

  8. 1. Defense
    2. Control Tempo/Pace
    3. Inside-Out Offense
    4. Limit Turnovers
    5. Defense (Can’t B Stated Enough)

    Lets Go Out There And Get Game Uno

  9. Get those x’s and o’s ready, Darius. I think that we’re going to need those analyses.

  10. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kobe forcing things a little bit early. Come on guys—let’s use the size advantage.

    Stellar defense so far though–every foray into the lane is being challenged by someone.

  12. sessions has to be more aggressive. his teammates can profit from his penetration.

  13. good early D but the key to this series may be how Bynum deals with doubles

  14. So just like the regular season I guess. Denver single coverage on Kobe and Gasol while doubling Bynum on the catch. How will the Lakers decode to attack the doubles on Bynum? We will see…

  15. Kobe shooting 27% aganist this team and we see why. He can’t shake AA. Perhaps our great coach could run some picks like Spurs do to get Kobe free.

    But that would require a plan.

  16. That Peace Out headline was funny

    Ebanks stepping up early. A little rust is there for the starters.

  17. L.A. Blakers!

    Lakers need one big push by the bench now to bury the nuggets.

  18. Will the real Steve Blake please stand up!

  19. kobe being playmaker love it

  20. D; I love hill’s defense and overall dirty work. Any chance Lakers exercise team option on him?

  21. Denver does not have enough talent for us.

    Im calling a sweep.

  22. I’ve blasted Bynum for his effort late in the year–not today. He has zero points, but is leaving an imprint on this game already–protecting the rim and cleaning up the boards–by simply playing to his strength and size

  23. Controling The Pace So Far & The Defense Has Been Exceptional. Every Shot By The Nuggets Is Being Contested.

  24. Clearly Steve Blake was using the “hide so teams don’t know” method of shooting that Aaron claimed Brown was using on Hill.

    Or then again it could be the wide open shots.

    Either way that mess up Karl’s defensive plans.

  25. Lakers with zero ORBs and 5 turnovers but defense is looking good. Blake 3-4 from three and Bynum no FG attempts but with 3 blocks. Good start for the Lakers.

  26. Ko beat me to it. I was going to say Aaron had it all wrong – Steve Blake has been our secret weapon all along, not Jordan Hill. Mike Brown outfoxed us all.

    No shots for Bynum so far. Is he not getting touches or is he being patient and moving the ball on the double teams?

  27. barnes beaten of the dribble easily so far, ankle defo still a problem

  28. Denver will make runs with their bench. Have to expect and sustain them.

  29. Get these guys out. Barnes defense on 3’s is terrible.

    Think I am going blame that on Metta!

    Adjustments Brown. Adjustments?

  30. Ebanks Smash

  31. Ebanks looking like Ariza out there.

  32. gasol needs to get involved

  33. Wondering why Brown is giving starters so much rest. They had a week off!

    It’s not preseason Mike!

    Put Andrew and Sessions back in. Enough 20 foot jumpers from your secret weapon Hill. It all down Hill from here if you play him this much!

  34. Bynum hustling maybe it’s time he get some touches.

  35. Kobe is forcing and looks bad right now. Just relax Kobe you have a team around you.

    Kobe 1 for 6. Ouch.

  36. Are we deep?

  37. Bynum showed up to play defense today! Great play against Lawson. Kobe is missing some really easy shots. I love it when Blake isn’t hesitating to shoot.

  38. Gotta Love How Kats Is Trying SO HARD To Blame Coach Mike Brown For Something .. Anything. Wow!

  39. @Shawn – thats what she said…. Couldnt resist.

  40. Come on Kobe move the ball. Kobe’s great passing is what will beat denver.

  41. I love it when Bynum and Gasol play keep-away from everyone else. It just looks unfair.

  42. “Tendency to yell at the refs on a regular basis” ………who Kobe? LOL.

    who else should do it?

  43. Yup. On pace for another 6 for 28 game against Denver. Way to be ready for the playoffs, Kobe. And way to be Afflalo’s b*tch so far. Seriously?

  44. very impressed with Bynum, working hard despite not getting touches

  45. is john kuester still away from the team?

  46. I sense Lakers fans are on edge.

  47. Kobe is killing us. Get the ball to AB or Pau. His ego is just stupid. Pass the ball!

    So much better when he is not forcing.

    2 for 10 he is only starter playing bad. Can someone explain that to him

    Should be up by 20 if he would stop forcing.

  48. Well… I was wrong about Kobe. Haha. I thought he would play to win. We will see if he makes me wrong about Bynum. I thought Bynum would play hard on D in the playoffs. I doubt he will play hard much longer if Kobe keeps jacking up 22 footers off balance. Very sad to see

  49. Lakers fans are always on edge about something….

  50. I don’t have a problem with shots Kobe is taking. He usually makes them. I don’t know what his deal with this Denver team is. I’m not sure we can win series with him shooting around 25%

  51. denver guards 6 pts – lakers guards 24 pts

  52. Up ten at the half with Kobe shooting poorly, Pau and bynum a combined 8 points and Ebanks leading the way with 12 points in the half. I’ll take it. That means we are controlling defense, and man, BYNUM IS A DEFENSIVE BEAST. That’s a good way to start the playoffs.

  53. The Big 3

    6-17 16 points (in fairness Kobe and Gasol have 4 and 5 dimes respectively–so they are helping their teammates get good looks)

    Everyone else–14-26 34 points (but only 2 dimes–Pau and Kobe really are setting the table for others)

    Good job stepping up by the bench and role players–Ebanks especially.

    @ Zirk

    I think Kobe has always been ready for the playoffs, so we don’t need to overreact to one bad-shooting half for Kobe–Afflalo is just playing well right now. Calling Kobe Afflalo’s b—- might be a bit strong.

  54. Ebanks and Blake are making Denver pay the price for packing the paint. If Denver doesn’t start guarding Ebanks he will score 25 to 30.

  55. @ Aaron–how is Kobe not playing to win—he’s been engaged on defense(Afflalo and Miller both looked shaky when Kobe was guarding them) and has been setting up his teammates for wide-open jumpers on the perimeter–or are you whining because Bynum only has 3 FGA so far? There is something to be said for not force-feeding the guy—DEN is overloading so hard to stop the big guys that everyone else is getting great looks—count your blessings.

  56. Bynum doing work on the boards with 9 and has 4 blocks at the half. Ebanks is having a nice game and leads team with 12 points, hope his good play continues. Kobe struggling from the field and Lakers lead by 10. So far like what I am seeing.

  57. @mindcrime
    He just wants to give Bynum an excuse just in case he starts loafing again. Bynum isn’t getting as many touches because they are doubling hard on him on the catch. Why? He doesn’t handle the double as well as he should.

    Drew needs to keep passing out of the double and not force it into a turnover.

    Kobe has only forced a couple of shots that I thought he shouldn’t take.

  58. Playing hard defense throughout even though you’re not getting set plays on the offensive end would be a show of maturity from Bynum that Lakers would love to see.

  59. Mindcrime,
    On defense he is playing well. On offense he is more concerned with proving to everyone that Afflalo can’t guard him instead of feeding Bynum and Gasol who have GIGANTIC ADVANTAGES! Pretty simple really.

  60. Ebanks Looking More Like A Seasoned Playoff Vet Than Some Of Our More Experienced Players.

    Afflalo Has Kobe N Handcuffs So Far. Hopefully, Jellybean’s Son Can Locate The Key & Escape.

    Drew Has Been Impressive Just On The Fact That He’s Remaining Engaged Defensively & On The Boards While Being Suffocated By The Nuggets Swarming D.

    Our Defense Has Been Good. Hopefully They Can Keep It Up/Continue Controling The Pace.

  61. We knew going in that Afflalo was their best defender. I get Kobe wanted to prove his defense was not going to be as effective in the playoffs. But Kobe is proving it alright.

  62. By the way…I love what I am seeing from Bynum. He has 9 boards and 4 blocks! Awesome stuff from our big man. If he keeps playing like this, then we can go far.

  63. @ Aaron–four dimes for Kobe—mostly for big bombs from the perimeter. In other words, Kobe is almost on pace for a points/dimes double-double—

    DEN is selling out to pack the paint and prevent what you (and all of us) want–big man domination–there is no point in forcing it–LA is making them pay in other ways–Kobe and the guys are playing it just right so far

  64. Denver are 1 step from Pau and Bynum doesn’t mean they can’t play inside out. Call some plays for the bigs Kue!


  65. Kobe with the Dirk FG

  66. Gets on my nerve when some speak of Kobe’s shooting then when we’re down by double digits in the 4th in a game we want him to shoot the lights out till he brings us back. Oh yeah and Kobe while you’re at it make the winning 28foot shot please!

    Get real! The guy is human, sometimes he has to shoot and shoot some more till he finds some rhythm… I can tell some people never really played REAL basketball!

    Great work by Bynum today and Pau

  67. drew’s defense has been awesome.

  68. Man, i really hope Bynum gets a Triple Double today.

  69. Bynum is working today! I love it.! This is why some say he can and may be the best big man in the game.. He just has to play like this every night.

  70. Pau Gasol throws it down. NICE

  71. Boom Boom Pau!!!

  72. BYNUTOMBO!!!!!

  73. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  74. The great thing about Bynum’s game today is that it is all about effort! He can do this game in and game out. Offense isn’t quite like that because we can’t control how much they decide to double Bynum and force the ball out of his hands.

    Keep it up big fella! Stay engaged on defense and keep crashing the boards.

  75. I don’t care if Bynum only scores 10-12 points per game for the playoffs if he is going to play defense like this–

  76. Bynumtombo is aptly named! He is doing his best impersonation right now lol!

  77. Anybody happen to know what Drew’s career high for blocks in a game is? Seven and counting….

  78. Kobe has had little playing time last couple of weeks – rusty!

  79. Boss lady.

    Kobe is 5 for 15. Rest of starters are over 50%. For us that actually played or coached for 25 years that makes zero sense.

    You have two 7 footers. Use them for 2 foot shots not 20 foot fall aways. Kobe is great but numbers seldom lie.

    I suggest you learn the game. He shoots 27% on this team and the bigs shoot 65%. It’s not about getting Kobe in a rhythm. It’s about playing proper.

    Get real.

  80. Would be nice to see Bynum get a quadruple-double! points, blocks, rebounds, assist! ……….am i dreaming too much?

  81. NBA record for blocks in a pkayoff game is ten by Bynums first teacher… Kareem Abdul Jabbar

  82. 10 point halftime lead. 13 point lead after 3. Nice way to build the lead.

    I may have been too complementary of Denver’s team. If Lawson plays so poor this may be quick. They’ll have to overwhelm Lakers from 3 to stay in this series.

  83. just got home. how’s the team been playing? I see we’re ahead. Is Barnes looking in decent shape?

  84. Lakers up by 13 right now about to go into the fourth. Kobe with 17, Sessions with 14, Ebanks at 12, Bynum 10, Gasol 9.

    I have no problem with their offense right now. People want Kobe to shoot less and stop going against Afflalo, but if you’ve watched him play at all for the last 16 years you know there’s no reason to. Kobe is going against the guy because they are playing him 1 on 1. Just like he is supposed to. Like he’s done for years.

    Bynum is showing that his size is amazing and controlling the defensive end. He hasn’t been calling for it as much, but with this lineup, he should be the focal point in the offense (when Kobe and Pau are on the bench.) Otherwise, the offense should run through Kobe (who is being single covered) and Pau (who is our best decision maker with the ball.

    Time to close out.

  85. JVG is right about Pau.

  86. Anyone else notice that Barnes takes every opportunity to throw the ball off of someone after the whistle? Pretty funny heh.

    Hill is just always working!

  87. Teams that run get soo exposed in the playoffs.

  88. Wow! Beautiful Rolling Left-Handed Hook By Pau.

  89. most importent stat so far, only 7 turnovers, 2 of which were offensive fouls and 1 a 3 sec call. Really stopping Nuggs fastbreak

  90. Ko,

    One of the major reasons the rest of the starters are over 50% is because Kobe is 5 for 15. Remember how the bigs shot such a great percentage before Kobe started missing games with the shin injury and then they shot mid-40s?

  91. Ko,

    In all your coaching experience, how far did you go with that coaching mentality? If you know anything about “shooters” you know that getting your main “shooter” in sink is very important. I can recall many games when the Bigs were horrible “numbers” wise and it was Kobe who carried us.

    Perhaps your memory is short. Your suggestion of “feeding the bigs” regardless and only shoot if you’re going to make it 50% of the time is GOOD ONLY ON PAPER.. So that my friend is why many coaches are unsuccessful!

    add this. Durant had a horrible shooting game yesterday “percentage” wise but had the winning shot. WHY? Simply because his COACH and teammates encouraged him to KEEP SHOOTING!

    Thanks for the input

  92. Jordan Hill just has a nose for the ball.

  93. Let’s get KB out no later than 4 min mark.

    Ko: Are you feeling better about this now? : )

  94. Andrew Bynum has closed the paint for the day. Please come back tomorrow.

  95. Andrew Bynum ties the Lakers playoff block record with his 9th block.
    Kareem had 9 swats in a playoff game in 1977

  96. Kobe may be gunning but leads in +/- at +28!

  97. One of the best defensive games EVER from Andrew.

    Either Kobe talked to him or he has been reading this site.

    If he plays like this Lakers are top 3 NBA tram with Miami and Spurs.

  98. Okay. Let’s get Bynum a triple double today. How ridiculous is it that Hakeem had 2 quadruple doubles!?

  99. Kobe with a +/- of 28 and there are still complainers while we are up by 15.. Lol.. laker fans are so spoiled.

    Bynum I appreciate your effort today… Really I do. I know you’re gettting paid millions to PERFORM..but still I appreciate the work you’ve done today.

  100. No critcisms of Brown today except for his continued questionable substitution pattern.

  101. Laker bigs today: 29 boards, 13 blocks

  102. BTW, Ko, Kobe nears 55 TS%. If that’s not playing proper, I don’t know what is. Doing that as a 2 guard is elite play. So keep the vitriol at a reasonable level.

  103. Ko,

    I think Kobe just showed you better than I could ever tell you. Now that’s from 19 years of playing basketball & coaching combined.

  104. Andrew Bynum ties the playoff record with his 10th block of the game.
    He also gets a triple double for the game.

  105. bosslady: You will never be the only Kobe supporter on this site as long as I am here. Just a masterful game from #24. Not bad from AB either, however someone else will be covering that with about 3 dozen posts : )

  106. Come On Coach Brown, Sub Drew Out So He Can Get That Standing Ovation That He So Rightfully Deserves.

  107. time-out now. I bet MBrown will insert starters to play garbage minutes. Who wants to bet on it?

  108. Make that 31 and 14. And a triple-double for Bynum.

    Good to see Kobe finding ways to get better looks against Afflalo (mainly by staying on the move). Isolating his way into contested fadeaways was definitely not working.

  109. Aaaaaaand, tacos have been secured

  110. Casual Fan, ill bet! too late?

  111. Lakers big 3: 54 pts 22- 42 fg 26 reb 12 ast 12 blk

    Bynum ” The more I play D the better we’ll be” AMEN!


    Whoooo. YES. Post it note everywhere in his locker!!!

  113. Amazing effort from Bynum. Props to him. Hill also had a quiet but good 10/10 game.

  114. Kobe 2 – 10 first half. 9 – 14 second half

  115. Bynum just said it. “Note to self. The more I play D, the better we’ll be.” Love this!

    This is the type of maturity that we need from him. We can get points from Kobe. We can get points from Pau. We can get points from ‘Drew. Hell- even Ebanks, Sessions and Blake can score for us. No one else on this team can patrol the paint the way ‘Drew does. No one. If he understands this, then we will be in the finals.

  116. If Sessions outplays Lawson and Gallinari doesn’t kill Ebanks/Barnes, Denver can’t hang with the Lakers. We will see if this continues. I hope so.

  117. All 5 Lakers in double figures. Lakers team numbers aren’t overwhelming but Bynum is and that’s the difference.

  118. When Drew plays D like that, the Lakers are virtually unbeatable. Not only that, but Pau and Hill defended and rebounded like beasts. Our three-headed monster front line combined for 33 points, 31 rebounds, 8 assists, 14 blocks, and 1 steal.

  119. I simply can’t be happier about the way the team played today. And that post-game interview by Bynum made me extremely happy: “note to self: the harder I play D the better for the team.” AMEM!

  120. Please don’t take this as disrespect to the Nuggets, because I have a great deal of respect for what George Karl has done with that team sans Melo. To be in the playoffs after all that is a great success for that team.

    But the thing that I didn’t see from their offensive sets is a pick and roll with Bynum defending the big. I think we can all agree that one of the weaknesses defensively this year has been the inconsistency of our defense against the pick and roll. I didn’t see much of that today from Denver, allowing Bynum to camp out inside the paint and control the rim. The teams that made us cringe were the teams that were able to continually pick and roll us to death until a big was switched onto a point guard.

    I loved Bynum’s defense today because he was able to stay in the paint, block 10 shots and alter another 12. What I want to see is the defensive adjustment when Denver or whoever starts to put us in those pick and roll situations.

    Am I right on not seeing too many pick and roll situations from the Nuggets?

  121. Gotta laugh at Drew’s comment. Practically the entire nation of Lakers fandom has been saying that Drew just needs to concentrate on D and rebounding, the points will come. For now, let’s hope he remembers this for Game 2 so we’ll see similar results. Focus on one game at a time…

    Somewhat overshadowed by Drew’s monster effort is that Sessions and others did a fine job of keeping Lawson under control. When they keep a lid on those speedy PGs and lock-down the basket like today, the Lakers can beat anybody.

  122. I know I’m looking far, far, ahead, but imagine the Lakers squaring up against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Imagine Kobe getting his sixth ring against the glorified, MVP award-nabbing, crown-less “King” James. Imagine…I think he would be one hero moment in that series away from being seriously considered as the greatest player of all time, over Jordan.

  123. Have you guys looked at the free throws discrepancy? 15 to 27 in favor of Denver and Bynum/Gasol didn’t shoot one!

  124. So far that is the best NBA game played in the playoffs based from my own perspective which may not be authoritative compared to the hooplah people at ESPN. There is presence of mind between Kobe and Bynum acting as decoy, read and react, our two bigs playing D with blocks and rebounds, our inactive benchwarmers Ebanks and Hill were contributing and who’d think a month ago that they will be playing in the playoffs. Blake finally know his important role as the marksman in the perimeter while Sessions managed the ball smartly feeding the bigs or going aggressively to the hoops. Finally, Barnes filled the void of Metta Peace.

    Under this scenario, we are just too happy to congratulate the coaching team in well balanced game just like what has been prescribed in this blog. If they can continue that kind of game management, Lakers could aim for a quick finish of 1st round. Unfortunately, Lakers just drew the first blood. On Tuesday, George Karl will adjust… will the Lakers read and react with the Nuggets adjustments?

  125. Big part of the success today was the defense on Ty Lawson. Cut off the head and the body will die. I loved Drew’s post game comments as well. A good start to the series. Lakers need to play with the same urgency all series.

  126. Radius,

    I didn’t watch the game (so I am a poor judge, relegated to box-score refreshing), but Darius brought this issue up in his defense preview. Denver is not a great team shooting the ball 16+ feet out, so there is little reason for Bynum to show on the pick and roll. He can sag back and defend the paint, because the Nuggs have few threats that can run that action effectively. With him sagging back, I’m assuming that Denver took the bait and express shipped themselves to the paint sponsored by Bynum’s premium block party. Maybe I’m wrong. Observers of the game, what’s the word?

  127. The Lakers played great today but don’t you think we are getting ahead of ourselves discounting Denver. If Denver wins Tuesday they will have the advantage in the series. This series is still going 6 IMHO

  128. It’s a good thing that Kobe came out “playing to win” in the second half, right Aaron!?

  129. 122 – Clearly, you do not believe in sports jinxes.

    Didn’t watch the game so I’m looking forward to the recap to see how exactly we corralled Lawson so well. Let’s see if this can continue. Pleasantly surprised at how we held down their starting backcourt.

    After Drew’s pre-game comments, I was close to posting a comment along the lines of “Just once, I’d like to hear Drew talk about his defense the same way Kobe and MB harp on D, instead of constantly regaling the media with stories of his offense plans.” So gotta love his post-game interview on that front.

  130. 129. Nope, not at all.

  131. As far as Kobe is concerned, I thought he played very well. When his jumper wasn’t going, he attacked the basket. Props to Ebanks and Hill as they filled in the gaps and made the best of their opportunity.

    Some gamesmanship in Karl’s post game interview as he accused the Lakers of numerous illegal defenses. Planting a seed for the refs ala Phil Jackson.

    Pau played a beautiful game and the much maligned Steve Blake created some early separation with his 3 threes.

    Great game all around.

  132. 120. I was alos wondering this. The way to counter and Bynum and pretty much our whole is defense is too put Drew in pick n rolls and I dont think i saw much of that

  133. One Thing That I Hope Coach Mike Brown & His Staff Will Recognize Is This: From Here On Out, Through The Rest Of Our Playoff Run, We Have A Solid 9 Man Rotation. Ebanks Has Definitely Earned It By Virtue Of His Stella Play Replacing Kobe @ The End Of The Season And Today’s Game.

  134. Boss Lady

    That’s because he only took 3 shots over 15 feet the 2nd half. He went to the bucket and shorter jump shots. He and Brown made adjustments.

    It’s when he launches long shots he takes them out of their offense and allows other team fast breaks that they get in trouble. That will not work aganist Spurs.

    He played great in 2nd half, not so much in first.

    He has been my favorite player for 16 years I just don’t want to see Kobe ball, I want Laker basketball!

  135. We won’t know how good the Lakers are till they play a real pkayoff team. I’ve been saying for a while this Lakers team is rediculoisly loaded. But I just think that. I won’t know that till they play a team with like at least one all star. Haha. At Least one offensive weapon. I mean this series is gonna be too easy like I have been saying for a few days. I would bench my starters a game when the Lakers go up 3-0. LA can’t afford to play Dallas or OKC two games without Artest.

  136. Oh… And two pkayers in the history of the NBA have recorded a pkayoff triple double via blocks, points and rebounds… Those two players are Andrew Bynum and Hakeem Olijuwon. The records Andrew has piled up the last month cannot be ignored. This isn’t just another all star center. Although some say that advanced stats lie. Maybe LeBron didnt just have one of the best seasons of all time and maybe Andrew Bynum is t one of the best Centers of all time. But maybe stats don’t lie. Maybe they are.

  137. Aaron. I am sure the NBA would be pleased with your idea. As would those of us who watched the Lakers lose 4 straight last year.

    Watching some minutes with Pau, Andrew and Hill on the court at the same time showed me that right now we don’t miss Ron.

    Also which Ron will come back. The 32% brick layer the first 50 gams or the good one the last 14 games?

    Denver will win one or two games in Denver so it’s academic anyway.

  138. But the biggest difference between last year and this year of course is at PG. The Lakers for the first time since Nick “The Quick” was runnin the point had the advantage at PG in a pkayoff game. One cannot talk enough about how big that is. Just as giant as that seven foot beast down low. The team is no longer playing 4 on 5.

  139. Aaron is rolling, I see.

  140. anyone notice how brown kept kobe, pau, and drew in the game a little longer than usual in the 3rd quarter? they were up 15 at some point and I believe brown wanted them to really blow the game wide open at that point.

    it didn’t work, but i liked that move anyway. finish teams off in the 3rd quarter and give the down-tempo bench enough of a headstart to preserve the win.

  141. Longevity and durability are talents just as scoring and shot blocking are. Bynum cannot be considered an all time great until he does great things over a number of years, IMO. As a lifelong Laker fan I hope he reaches those heights at some point. In the meantime, it is good to remember that he is still evolving as a player.

  142. If you are fortunate enough to get a team 3-0 you put your foot on their neck and finish them. You tank a game at 3-0, then the next thing you know Kobe, Drew or Pau twist an ankle and your in a Game 7 fighting for your life.