Series Preview Part I: Defending The Thunder Offense

Darius Soriano —  May 14, 2012

This is the series the Lakers aren’t supposed to win. The Thunder are younger and more athletic. They have star power at the top of their roster and a deep bench to compliment them. They’re hungry, determined, and a team that’s been on the cusp for long enough that they’re now primed for a deep run. If you’re a betting man, the Thunder is the way to go; they’re the chalk in this equation.

So, the Lakers should just forfeit right?

Since we know that’s not happening…

The Lakers aren’t supposed to win, but they surely can. It will take several things working in their favor – even more so than in other series based off OKC’s stature as one of the elite teams – but we’ve known that since the last few weeks of the regular season where we all started looking ahead to playoff match ups. The fact remains, however, that while there are several factors in this match up that distinctly favor the Thunder, the Lakers have some things going for themselves as well.

In that vain, here’s our roadmap for what the Lakers can do on both ends to try and take this series or in the very least, make it as competitive as possible. Our first part deals with the Thunder’s offense…

* Tempo, tempo, tempo.
Just like the Nuggets series, much of the Lakers success will depend on keeping the Thunder out of transition situations where their superior athleticism can shine through for easy baskets. In the Thunder’s two regular season wins they scored 21 and 25 fast break points, while in their lone loss they only scored 18 (and that was in a double OT game). The Lakers must change ends well, build a wall on defense, and keep the Westbrook/Durant/Harden trio from getting shots at the rim against a defense that isn’t yet set. Much of this will depend on a patient offensive approach by L.A., but even more so about keeping floor balance and maintaining discipline as the Thunder look to break out. The Thunder want to play fast (5th fastest pace in the league  this year), but they won’t always force the issue the way the Nuggets did; they won’t just fire up shots in transition to avoid playing half court basketball. If the Lakers can make them set up and run their O, they can experience some success.

That said, guarding this team in the half court will not be easy. In their starting lineup, Durant and Westbrook offer individual challenges for whoever guards them.

*The three headed perimeter monster.
The assumption is that Ron will guard Durant whenever they share the floor and, as in year’s past, the formula remains the same for dealing with the league’s leading scorer. Ron must body him off the ball to make his catches as difficult as possible. Outright ball denials will be nearly impossible, but making him catch the ball at a standstill or when going away from the basket should be the ultimate goal. KD is brilliant curling off screens and getting into positions where he’s an immediate threat so Ron will not only need to try to knock him off his preferred path, but will need help from his teammates to obstruct passing angles until he can recover.

But KD will get the ball and once he does is when the next effort begins. Durant is such a skilled scorer because his jumper must be respected well beyond the three point line. He’s more than capable of knocking down the deep jumper both off catch and shoots and off pull ups, so Ron will need to crowd him off the catch and respect his pull up while also not getting beat off the bounce with KD’s improved handle. Preferably, as a guideline, I’d like to see Ron force KD left and play him for the pull up jumper when going in that direction while playing him to drive all the way to the rim when going right. Of course KD’s attack is more varied than this but this is a good place to start. Ron will need to use his quick hands to bother Durant’s handle and then his length to contest shots off the dribble.

As for Westbrook, it remains to be seen if Kobe gets full time defensive duty but I’d hope that he does. Westbrook has a speed advantage over every potential Laker defender but will not have a size and strength advantage over Kobe like he will over Sessions or Blake. And it’s those latter two qualities that allow him to turn drives that could be 15 feet pull up jumpers into shots in the paint that compromise a defense. This can’t be stressed enough: the Lakers lose this series easily if Westbrook is an efficient scorer and he’s most efficient when playing at the rim. During the regular season Russ didn’t shoot well (overall) against the Lakers in any area of the floor but he shot his best percentage at the basket and was at 40% or lower from every incremental distance farther from the hoop. The Lakers must turn him into a jump shooter and the best way to do that is to put size on him, go under screens, and then recover back to challenge his pull up J. The deeper the jumper the better but his disrupting his rhythm is the most important factor here. As he showed in the 2nd match up vs. the Lakers, he can get hot from any spot on the floor once he starts to feel it so the real key is to not let him find that groove.

Of course, if slowing Westbrook and Durant was all you had to do to beat the Thunder the Lakers wouldn’t be in such a tough spot. James Harden probably offers the most difficult challenge defensively because his game is the most unorthodox and his effectiveness comes in a variety of ways. He’s a tremendous P&R ball handler, will look to set up his teammates when he’s over played, can score off the jumper or going to the rim, plus is a lefty that always finds a way to get to his dominant hand with crafty Euro-steps and crossovers. Harden is OKC’s most natural playmaker and will be the focal point of their second unit. Who the Lakers put on him is just as important as how the Lakers defend his myriad of offensive moves and, as of now at least, I’ve no clue who the best option is.

Kobe has shown that he struggles when Harden goes to a P&R heavy attack because of the way he uses angles when coming off the pick. Kobe often switches these screens because Harden is great at using an angled dribble to get to a spot on the floor where recovering is more difficult. Barnes is similar to Kobe in this regard. The best option then, becomes Ron but he can’t guard Harden and Durant at the same time. How this plays out is one of the bigger keys to the series because if Harden becomes pedestrian, the Thunder become overly dependent on the the Russ/KD duo. This isn’t a *bad* problem for most teams but I’ve long thought that as great as those two are – and they are GREAT – they’re also the types of players that thrive doing what they do best and start to struggle when those things are taken away. The fact they can get those things going so often is one of the reasons they are so great but I digress. Harden, though, does many things well and can show a defender 10 different looks on 10 different possessions, each one a part of a wide-net arsenal. While KD and Russ will get the accolades, this series could turn on how effective Harden is.

*Miscellaneous factors:

  • While most of what the Thunder do is based off the above players, we mustn’t forget the little things that make this team successful. The Lakers must be aware of Ibaka on pick and pops. He’s the guy that can score 16 points on 12 shots, all of them open jumpers/dives to the rim as the defense scrambles around the perimeter trying to slow the big name threats. Serge’s range is good to 18 feet and his athleticism aids him in attacking the paint and scoring off O-Rebs and simple cuts.
  • Kendrick Perkins must also be accounted for, but in a different way. He’s going to set bone crushing screens (sometimes illegal ones) to try and free his guys up. He’s a key cog in that players don’t get open without him knocking defenders away. The Lakers bigs must help on these picks by hedging well (when they’re on ball) and by giving space for guys to fight through (when they’re off the ball). The bigs must also position themselves where they can be helpers on passes when guys want to curl into the paint or flash into open space off these screens.
  • Thunder wings not yet named (besides Thabo) are in the game to shoot open three pointers. Fisher, Cook, and Ivey can all hit the three ball. They’ll camp weak side, wait for attention to go to their more heralded teammates and then stab you in the liver with a dagger three pointer. The Lakers must make all of these guys put the ball on the floor and finish off the dribble. As Lakers’ fans we’re all quite familiar with Fisher’s ability to hit playoff three pointers. He and his pals must be turned into two point shooters that finish while being harassed.
  • The Thunder will go small. Durant will play some PF and the Lakers will need to guard him with a capable defender when this happens. Rather than counter with a small lineup, I’ll be interested in seeing if the Lakers simply put one of their big men (Hill, Gasol) on one of the aforementioned wings and hope that their superior length can be enough to close and contest.

Darius Soriano

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to Series Preview Part I: Defending The Thunder Offense

  1. Great insight as always, Darius. I hope that Mike Brown and staff have this much competence to draw up the right battle plans.

    I do know the same preparation and execution they had against the Nuggets won’t cut it this time around.

    I hope the Lakers bring their A-game every night. If they do, they have a chance to advance. I’m not ready to start closely following the Dodgers just yet…


  2. THey can always try putting Jordan Hill on Durant, Kobe on westbrook, Ron on Harden and Pau on Ibaka and steve or session on probably Sebo, as weird as it sound when i first read it somewhere, it kind of make sense now. However, the only issue is that Jordan Hill lineup only work with Gasol since Bynum doesn’t have the speed to recover vs their team……..So I doubt it might happen…


  3. I’m not banking on Fisher being a person with a big role ON the court in this series.

    He is not needed or used in the same manner as the Lakers utilized him.

    We also know ALL about Fish’s weaknesses and strengths. But let’s not act like we need to strategize him like he’s KD.

    My issue is what he can say to his new team about how the Lakers do things to give them insight.

    Whatever the case, Lakers in 6 very close games that each give me “heart attacks!”



  4. Two points:

    1. When Harden and Durant are on floor together, Lakers could try switching MWP to Harden and Kobe to Durant. Kobe is strong enough to keep Durant from catching the ball where he wants. Of course this could be a problem with the officials who will be calling any MWP and Harden contact very tightly.

    2. Must defend without fouling, one sure way for the Thunder to get their shots to start falling is to let them get freebies.


  5. Here are my wish:

    Two bigs control the rebound;

    Two bigs will try to go for follow ups every Laker outside shots; also volleyball in the post i.e. Gasol tapping the ball outside and Bynum boxing-out small Thunker PF’s.

    Two bigs go for “help-in-blocking” on the blind shot for every Thunder penetration in the post;

    Kobe playing the PG and facilitating for Blake for open shots in the perimeter or to Drew down post;

    Sessions facilitating and providing screens for Kobe to execute medium jump shots or early lay up penetration while Thunder are double teaming Bynum and Gasol in the post;

    Bynum and Sessions should make their F/T’s.

    Barnes will continue moving without the ball, focus on those shout while Peace will operate on inside game to take away Ibaka by foul trouble or be the last second gunner;

    Hill should neutralize the effectiveness of Perkins and Collison by boxing out or screens giving a space for Drew to operate.

    Hill and/or Barnes should stop Westbrook or Harden in the air not a dirty play but just a hard impact that would make them think twice for the easy lay ups or easy dunks.

    Mbrown to play 10 players and watch for the fatigue index in 3rd and 4th quarter;

    Mbrown should welcome unorthodox adjustment if his fundamental plans don’t work. I will even use Darius Morris as a sacrifice just to shut off Westbrook or Ebanks fouling out just to keep KD at bay.

    We have #24 and #17 who are experienced in winning provided they’re in the right mood. Thunder have youth and athleticism but they lack experience in closing out the Lakers in any post season. Have faith that Lakers will prevail.


  6. Sorry for the double post…
    one other point- Laker guards must draw the officials attention to the contact on Perkins’ moving screens (the majority of the screens he sets are illegal).


  7. When thunder go to a small lineup of fish/harden/Westbrook/Durant/ibaka(or Perkins) why not go to a big lineup of Kobe/Barnes/meta/Pau (or hill)/Bynum with pau playing fish. Is anyone scared of fish lighting up pau (or hill)? Im certainly not. Then on the other end fish has to guard Barnes and Durant has to guard Pau.


  8. Completely agree that defending Harden will be the backbreaker in this series.

    The best way to defend a guy like harden is to not let the team run – because when they run he starts to get going – and when he doesn’t get going his game can get real ugly and forced.

    This means the Bigs must force doubles in the paint, and they must use the Illegal screens that Perkins sets and run into them HARD – so the officials are forced to call offensive fouls.

    Also – the Thunder like to play head games with their bigs and then the guards try to act tough because of it. So make their bigs back down. Instead of going at Perkins (cuz he’s a punk and thats his game), go after Ibaka. He’s a classic energy player that gets caught up in the moment. He was ready to throw a punch at Artest and be suspended for the playoffs. Set picks on him hard, and make him be a bruiser. The reason they got Perkins is because Ibaka isn’t one. And he’ll be ready to overreact, because he’s so rarely challenged in that way.

    Also – call the wings bluff. If they are so “tough” – make em prove it. Body them, wrestle them, make them moan, make them uncomfortable, make everything hard. And then once the refs feel the game is out of hand – manipulate them to play hard and make the ref force the call against them.

    And on offense – go directly at Durant if he’s mismatched. Make Ramon the Ball handler and force the Thunder to switch by high ball screens. Then have Ramon attack him with Speed off the Dribble. The Thunder had a hard time containing dribble penetration against the Mavs – and they had absolutely no speed this year. Last year – Barea destroyed them.

    Dirk also exposed the weakness Perkins/Ibaka big weakness – and it’ll be even moreso with the hip injury by Perkins. Gasol can in certain plays take both of them off the dribble, and force them out of defensive rebounding position so #17 can contribute.


  9. FT’s are key. OKC is the best there is making free throws.

    Harden’s game is perdicated on getting to the line. If Westbrook and Durant do too. Curtains.

    Westbrook and Durant live by the jumpshot. Make them die by it this series.


  10. Westbrook, Harden, and Durant in the game-who defends them?


    1) WB-Kobe, Harden-MWP, Durant-Ebanks
    2) WB-Sessions, Harden-Kobe, Durant-MWP

    what do you guys think?


  11. Earlier comment cont.

    3) WB-Kobe, Harden-Barnes, Durant-MWP

    What’s our best play? Does MBrown let the Lakers play without Sesh and Blake after playing them together so much against Denver?


  12. Sorry for all the iPhone typos… Here is the edited preview…

    *PG: Ramon Sessions/Russell Westbrook

    This is a fake matchup as Ramon will rarley guard Russell as Kobe will face the big athletic PG most of the game and def all of the second half. So I’m changing it around. Who has the advantage when Bryant guards Westbrook? Historically it’s Kobe by a mile. Russell isn’t able to get to the basket or shoot over Kobe. He has tough times getting off shots at all let alone making one. This is the series for the Thunder. If Westbrook can’t generate any offense for himself or his team OKC can’t win this series. PG matchup favors the Thunder… But the actual match up favors Lakers. What PG will have a better series? The answer surprisingly will be Ramon Sessions who can exploit the Thunders bad PnR defense (Perkins is slow) while Westbrook will really struggle against Kobe’s length, strength, and defensive IQ.

    SG: Kobe Bryant/James Harden

    Again… When Westebook is on the floor except to see Kobe off Harden and MWP or Barnes on him. I don’t think Matt can guard good players in the league anymore unfortunately. I would put MWP on James Harden and Ebanks on Durant if they are all in the game together for OKC. I don’t think this is a good series for Barnes to get much playing time because of Durant and Harden (both he can’t defend) although he might have a much easier time with Harden. At least he is the same height as the Thunder star SG.  And don’t tell me Harden isn’t their SG. He plays most of the game somi count him as the starter. Duh. 

    SF: Ron Artest/Kevin Durant

    There is no more dominating defensive player in the game today. Yes LeBron James is better… But he needs to work too hard on offense to dominate a playoff game defensivley like MWP can and does. There is no better defender against Durant than Ron Artest. It’s not close. Artest also has regained his offensive game at the exact right time. Having said that… Durant is a top 10 player in the game and should outplay (only slightly) the defensive artist formerly known as Ron Artest. This (on both ends of the court) is going to be a closer battle than anyone thinks. Durant is too skinny and weak for strong post season defenses. And if their is a  typical strong postseason defender his name is now Metta World Peace. 

    PF: Pau Gasol/Serge Ibaka

    Pau Gasol has proven to be overrated the last two playoff seasons. His numbers have shown that. He is still a top 6 PF in the NBA (something Ibaka is not) I don’t think this is a big advantage for Gasol… But it’s still an advantage. Ibaka is a average one on one defemder but is an elite help defender and weak side shot blocker. Pau Gasol can help the offense a long ways by spreading the court, getting out of the paint and knocking down open 18 footers while in the meantime keeping Ibaka from ball hawking. 

    Center: Andrew Bynum/Kendrick Perkins

    The Lakers star Center and the man I think is the best Center in the game while also being the most ungaurdable force in the NBA might actually see more one on one coverage in one game than he has the last 3 months. Perkins uses his strength and base to make low post players shoot over him awkwardly. Andrew is one of two big guys (the other is Roy Hibburt) who has the length, strength, and skill to shoot over Perkins and not get pushed off a spot leading to an off balanced FG attempt. The key for the Lakesrs offense is to pound the ball into Bynum forcing the Thunder to double team eventually…compromising their defense. They aren’t used to doubling the post. This should be the Lakers prime objective. If LA doesmt force a double on Bynum than the Thunder can single cover every Lakers player. That will make it hard for the Lakers to score and get open shots for role players. Perkins is the Thunders worse rotation player. This is the Lakers biggest advantage on both sides of the ball. Bynum doesn’t  have to guard Perk and should be able to roam and block/alter a ton of shots. But the most suprising effect Kendrick should have is his awful PnR defense. If Bynum doesn’t warrant a double team the offense should run through Ramon/Bynum PnR’s capitalizing on Ramon’s speed and Perkin’s lack of it.  

    This series should be a six game Lakers win by winning games 1,3,4, and 6.


  13. 67 – 86 77% FT – LAL

    58 – 70 82% FT – OKC


  14. @aaron
    If sessions outplays Westbrook in the series your prediction of lakers in 6 may be realistic. The only problem is that sessions couldn’t even play in the same league as Lawson and Westbrook is much better than Lawson.


  15. Mix it up, mix it up, mix it up! We simply cannot allow the Thunder to see the same look over and over and over all game every game. Kobe needs to take his turn defending everyone from Westbrook to Harden to Durant, along with getting his “rest” time on Thabo and some others. Same goes for MWP. Of course he’ll be our main weapon against Durant, but great players figure out any defense, so we need to send Kobe at Durant for stretches, then go small on him for awhile, then big with Hill (briefly), then Barnes and Ebanks. We need to double him on the catch, then on the dribble, then before the pass, then not at all. You get the point, we need to mix up our looks. Harden is going to be a handful, but don’t let him get comfortable by only putting Blake or Sessions on him. Let’s see how he likes staring at Ron Ron for a few possessions, then make him deal with Barnes’ length, etc.

    Mix it up, mix it up, mix it up.

    That goes for offense, too, where we need to start in the post, then run PnRs, then high post sets, then Kobe isos, etc. We simply cannot allow the Thunder to get comfortable.


  16. “tempo, tempo, tempo”

    OKC – 21 fast break points per vs lakers

    LAL – 9 fast break points per vs okc

    That’s the biggest margin for thunder statistically.

    12 blks per – 7 stls per for OKC. They were real active those games. I agree with Darius that very well could be the difference. Paint shots means Lakers have more even numbers to get back on defense. Long jumpers has been other teams opportunities to run out all year.


  17. @14

    I disagree with Westbrook being much better than Lawson that after having a chance to watch Lawson for an extended period of time. He is as good as Westbrook in ball handling skills, speed and quick and decision making. I think he’s a slighter better shooter. Difference between the two right now is media attention not skills. Transpose the two and I think OKC is almost unbeatable with Lawson and Westbrook wouldn’t make the Nuggets any better than they already are.


  18. It would take a joint effort of Pau/Bynum to take this team down, sort of how like the Nuggets used Miller and Lawson against us to their advantage. Success in this series kinda depends on those two (Bynum/Pau), especially defensively… then we have to hope that our perimeter defenders (Barnes, Peace, Sesh/Blake) bring their A+ game.


  19. @14
    I disagree with Westbrook being much better than Lawson that after having a chance to watch Lawson for an extended period of time. He is as good as Westbrook in ball handling skills, speed and quick and decision making. I think he’s a slighter better shooter. Difference between the two right now is media attention not skills. Transpose the two and I think OKC is almost unbeatable with Lawson and Westbrook wouldn’t make the Nuggets any better than they already are.


  20. i think artest on durant is a given. id like to see him get some minutes on harden too (think of the headlines!)

    i agree that kobe should primarily be on westbrook. but what should we do with sessions/blake?

    im intrigued by the idea of having barnes cover harden, but going with kobe/barnes/artest to close out games is quite….unconventional. that big lineup would be interesting to see against the thunder small lineup.

    im guessing we will see artest on durant, kobe on westbrook, a handful of defenders thrown at harden (with sessions being the primary one. to be honest, i think blake should only really be out there when fisher is on the court. god bless fisher, but if thunder want to take advantage of that matchup, so be it.

    and of course, the bigs have to show up. with kobe exerting more energy chasing westbrook, im expecting more of the offense to go through the bigs


  21. What worries me the most is the schedule. I think that the Lakers can steal game 1 from OKC, but that back to back game 4 is one that I see OKC getting back.

    This Lakers team can win if WB has an off series and Bynum actually dominates his matchup with Perkins.

    I see Kobe having decent numbers, but with more of a focus on facilitator mode.

    MWP will have one of the most dominating defensive efforts that we will have seen in a long time. He looks dialed in and he will have something to prove against the Thunder.

    Lakers in 6 or 7 depending on the outcome of game 4. If they lose that game, then it goes 7.


  22. It’s too late in the year to experiment, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Ebanks get a crack at Harden. Barnes struggles with Harden, as noted above.

    I’m guessing the refs won’t allow us to get that physical. After the elbow fiasco, I have a feeling they’ll be calling the game tightly.

    If they go small with either Fish or Thabo on the floor, I expect MB to put Hill one of those two. Isn’t that what he did earlier in the year anyway?

    It should also be pointed out that even with Blake unconscious and Pau in his Black Swan finest, Game 7 still went down to the wire. Our margin for error is so, so thin. We can win, but it’ll take our (historically bad) 3-point shooters hitting shots, Bynum engaged on defense and efficient on offense, and domination on the boards every single game in order to have a fighting chance. On the flip side, it’s kind of fun being an underdog with no pressure.


  23. obviously great analysis which shows clearly why we are underdogs. However it really comes down to the Thunder’s determination and sheer energy is going to be too much to handle and unfortunately I predict a sweep. Hope im wrong..


  24. Best-case scenario, for those around long enough to remember it, was in the second round back in 1998.

    At that time the Lakers were the young, hungry and very atheltic squad that had just steamrolled a good team (Seattle) in Round One. The opponent was an older, less-athletic Utah team that many fans believed was past its prime and couldn’t keep up with the Lakers’ four young All-Stars and their fresh legs.

    A few games later it was “1-2-3… Cancun” for the upstarts from L.A., while Utah went on to the Finals.

    Let’s hope that can happen again, though it’s a long shot as this Lakers’ team seems to lack the discipline and coaching that Utah had back then with Malone, Stockton and Jerry Sloan.


  25. @ Snoopy. Problem with Ebanks is he can’t shoot. You could see his confidence left him in that Denver series because they didn’t even bother guarding him. If he’s in the game, it allows OKC to have a roamer at all times to double the bigs.

    As to DFish – in the last series the Thunder played him a lot. Expect him to get a ton of playing time in this series – as he was on fire the last series. If he keeps hitting from range it could come back to bite us. But it does force the Thunder to either switch on Sessions and put DFish on a much bigger player, or make DFish play a speed guard – which we know he can’t do anymore.

    I really want Sessions 3 pt shot to come back in this series. He needs to be encouraged to take it when they go under screens – and the bigs need to not whine about it. If he’s making them, the job of the Bigs gets so much easier because they can’t sag off him or Kobe.

    But again, all this is moot if the #17 shows up with no heart again. Whole series hinges on a guy who we have no idea will try or not. Such a scary proposition.


  26. It’s all about Andrew and Pau.
    If they bring it every game, I like the Lakers chances.
    If they take take games off then the Lakers are out in 5 or 6 games.


  27. Cdog – Yeah, that’s the main hitch. I really wish he could have extended his range the way Ariza did (temporarily). But the way Barnes is shooting right now, it looks like OKC will be able to double down on the bigs regardless of whether Barnes or Ebanks is in there.


  28. @Snoopy

    Totally fair. But Ariza was also better in other areas of the game. He’s a better slasher, and had an eye for loose balls. Plus, Phil played him the whole year and instilled confidence in him. Kobe trusted him with the shot, and Phil made him take it. Once they started falling, he was a very nice release valve.

    Brown chose to go with Metta/Barnes this year – and its really hard to blame him. Phil would have too. Barnes was playing excellently leading until he messed up his ankle. And Metta played his way into legitimate role player shape. The year Ariza was our starter, we literally had no other wing – VladRad was traded that year after the skiing accident. Phil’s hand was forced but as a result we got the gift of a very hot hand.


  29. Paul,
    Read the match up breakdown again. That’s all I ask of everyone. I said Westbrook is much better than Sessions. But that’s not how match ups work. Kobe has shown he absolutely shuts down Russell. Ramon won’t be guarding Westbrook much. And offensivley Perkins is the worst PnR defensive Center in the league. Ramon will kill him in PnR actions. Last series Ramon actually played okay if you go by statistics. But his PnR wasn’t as effective as Denver has great PnR defensive big men. Quick and long. OKC doesmt have that at Center.


  30. if kobe has westbrook full time, how does that affect his offense? If other lakers players disappear on the offensive end, the scoring usually falls on kobe. And Kobe usually has to work a lot to get his points against OKC since they guard him pretty well. Good post tho. Got to win 1 in OKC because the back to back at home will be a killer! With OKC having so much time off, we might be able to steal Game 1!


  31. #32. I’ll touch on that some in my next post. Should be up in the next 30 minutes.


  32. A few facts about D-Fish in the post-season for OKC. His averages are as follows:

    -23.8 mpg (5th highest on the team)
    -8.3 ppg (5th)
    -6.0 fga’s pg (5th)
    -3.5 fgm’s pg (5th)
    -.583 fg% (2nd)
    -.625 3ptfg% (1st)