Report: Lakers Acquire Steve Nash

Darius Soriano —  July 4, 2012

Exclamation Point.

ESPN is reporting that Steve Nash will be traded to the Lakers for multiple future draft picks:

In an unforeseen twist that could thrust the Los Angeles Lakers straight back into title contention, two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has successfully negotiated a sign-and-trade deal from the Phoenix Suns to the Los Angeles Lakers that will team him up with Kobe Bryant, according to sources with knowledge of the deal.

The report further states that Nash will sign a 3 year contract worth $25 million, with the Lakers absorbing his salary into the trade exception received in the Lamar Odom trade.

We’ll have further analysis about this trade a bit later but my initial thought is to simply say WOW. The Lakers nabbed a future hall of famer to play PG for them, a player that possesses the exact skill set that they seek. Nash is a pass first player who’s one of the best shooters of all time. Teaming him with offensive players the caliber of Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol instantly makes the Lakers – on paper – one of the best offensive teams that should be able to play fast or slow depending on who is flanking Nash.

More to come later, but right now what’s clear is that the Lakers wanted to get the fireworks started early on this July 4th.

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177 responses to Report: Lakers Acquire Steve Nash

  1. Welcome to the Lakers, Steve Nash


  2. Nash to the Lakers is an interesting twist.

  3. You have to think this is a prelude to a DH trade… Howard has been wanting to play with Nash for a while, and this might just be his tipping point. Also, this may seem to be the end of Sessions, and probably Blake too. Since Nash will play heavy minutes, no point in having Blake play 10-12mins a game. Just give it to Morris/Goudelock combo and let them be taken under Nash’s wings. Trade Blake for a backup SG or future pick

  4. i love Nash but still seems like bad fit. Going to have little transition offense to work with and we’ll have to protect him on defense, however he is still easily the best point guard we’ve had since Van Exel

  5. Congrats to Steve, Jimmy and Mitch.

    PG city. How’s that LO trade lookin now?

  6. James- Bad fit? Do you WATCH basketball?

    This is STEVE NASH.

  7. It’s great to be a Lakers fan.

    Sessions opting out may have been the greatest thing that ever happened.

  8. Finally, after all these years. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  9. They used the TPE. Kobe swayed Nash’s decision.

    Front office bashers?
    Kobe bashers?


    Sure, he’s old and doesn’t defend, but when’s the last time we could say we had a good defensive PG? He’s a hall of fame caliber set up man, he’s going to take the ball out of Kobe’s hands and get it to the guys in their sweet spots. And of course, he’s a great 3 point shooter.

    Excellent pick-up out of left field. Mitch and his under the radar magic.

    Oh, and now we have the inside track to sign Grant Hill.

  10. Wow wow wow. Stern can’t touch this one right?

  11. Resign Sessions, Hill, maybe another shooter and forget about DH (aka “Tyson Chandler West”) and we should be set. This is a home run that will rejuvenate the whole team including AB.

  12. BigCitySid and the other lunatics that said free agents dont want to come to LA cos of Kobe, where are you guys now???

  13. Nice way to celebrate 4th of July….a big Nash! Welcome to the Lakers! Go get some rings!

  14. Defensively, we are in trouble. Offensively???? They made Sessions slow down didn’t they?!? So how is this going to work unless we get Howard?!?

  15. He can’t be any worse defensively than Sessions, and he’s arguably still the best offensive PG in the game. Awesome move by Mitch.

  16. Let this be a lesson to those bashing the Front Office; these guys aren’t stupid. Have faith and be patient and you get Steve Nash. Remember what Kobe said defiantly after we got eliminated.

  17. Interesting trade – Def looks legit on paper like Darius mentioned, but nash and bryant are both getting up there in age and miles. As a lakerhead I am def excited to see what they can do, esp bc regardless of age nash still prob the 2nd best P + R pg in the game after CP3 and that aspect of his game combined w pure shooting ability, 3pt accuracy, and obviously assists galore should be solid enough to have an instant impact regardless of how old he is (granted at 39 he is still prob in better shape than the majority of players in the nba). Biggest downside I see here is his defensive liability and the fact that the most likely WCF oppenent (OKC) has someone like westbrook who is a more than a handful for any PG let alone a 39 yo veteran.

    Really excited to see what other moves lakers will make in off season, but great start!

  18. For all these years, i did not bash the FO for all they’ve done. Last season, I keep posting up comments that to be patient enough for this Lakers. We’ve been through ups and down, time to have some FAITH.


  19. Tim Duncan is next.

  20. Can’t wait for next season to start! The Gary Payton and Karl Malone signings didn’t work out but I have my fingers crossed on this one.

  21. Here I was saying Lakers wouldn’t use the TPE. I was wrong. Guess it pays off to be patient.

    You have to expect something else to happen now. Nash needs the floor spread.

  22. Next step is to get some more shooters on the cheap…Rashard Lewis and Kyle Korver after he gets bought out (Chicago just extended the deadline a few days). Also just heard on Sportscenter Nash trying to get Grant Hill to sign with Lakers for the minimum.

  23. Welcome to the Lakers Steve Nash.Please Lakers Management don’t get Cry Baby Howard Trade Pau Gasol to Josh Smith!!!!!

  24. Younger players not coming to the Lakers was our conversation in the last couple days. Steve is looking for a championship just like Kobe. Pau will florish under Steve. Get rid of Bynum now for Howard as long as we don’t have to take Turkoglu!!!

  25. This is why I never was completely sold that front office was in sheer cost cutting mode. I was willing to give them benefit of doubt. Jerry has always been willing to gamble if potential payoff high enough. He cut corners on small pieces.

    And make no mistake, this is a gamble. 3 years for a 38 year old Nash with a bad back. The multiple picks. Heck, I’d consider the pick for Session as part of this deal as this effectively means Ramon is gone and the pick used for his 30+ games was all there was.

    But this is a gamble that can pay off huge. It can also kill the team 3 to 5 years from now with no picks and needing to be under luxury tax.

    Jim, Jerry and Mitch just pushed all their chips in and are going all out the next few years to chase after rings. Worry about the price and aftermath later.

  26. I have to agree with those saying the lakers arent done yet. Nash needs shooters and guys that can run the floor. Would still be v surprised if Gasol and/or Bynum aren’t traded

  27. Should Pau stay on, the passing will be crazy. 3 football-vision players zipping the pill around.

  28. Go David Stern what else you can do?????? hahahahahahahahah Welcome Steve Nash!

  29. Like Ramon… Nash is an average NBA starting PG although they get there in a different way. This still is a good move because it allows the Lakers more of a bench punch with Sessions.


  31. WOW, Lakers fireworks on the 4th of July.

  32. Defense? Steve Nash is a REAL shooter. Oh, and uh… Smartest backcourt in the HiSTORY of the NBA.

    I think a lot of Lakers fans have a lot of apologizing to do. Kobe, Jimmy, Mitch. In that order.

    Best thing is this reminds any potential trade partner the Lakers are still heavies. Jimmy and Mitch just laid a major smack down on other trading partners.

    I’d strike now and move Bynum. If not… Well hell…. That’s cool too.

  33. C’mon Aaron. Nash was an NBA all star only four months ago. That warrants a better label than “average starting point guard”.

  34. On ESPN bottom ticker

    Nash is the 3rd player to win multiple MVPs to play for 3 different teams. (Wilt and Moses Malone).

    Those two have somehting Nash doesn’t. Let’s keep the trend going.

  35. Yoooooow. One of tbe best passing guards of all time who is one of the best outside shooters when left open!

    Tell me this is not a July 4th trick. This is huge. By by Sessions and hello a guy who can actually pass the ball in the post. Kobe must be jumping knowing the open shots he will get.

    Great job Mitch.

  36. I agree with chownoir. Big gamble. He’s got a bad back, will tire if playing more than 30 min per game and zero d.the bigs don’t run. Getting older is not the answer. He’s a hof player, but we still need a bench and someone to control the pgs in the west. All you fo cheerleaders need to put down your pom poms and watch the playoffs of the last 2 years.

  37. Um, I believe Steve Nash, the two time MVP, future hall of famer, 50-40-90 guy, is maybe a bit better than the career back-up, playoff disappearing, Ramon Sessions.

    And now that they picked up Nash, Shelburne is reporting they have no interest in retaining Sessions. Although signing him and packaging him with Bynum for Dwight sounds like something Orlando would be interested in, no?

    Can we move Darius Morris into Nash’s place in LA and have him shadow Nash from sunrise to sunset please?

  38. Incredible, magnificient job by the front office! Props to the JIM, MITCH AND KOBE for pulling on of the most unprecedented deal that no one knows a true laker fan, i can know take a deep breath and relax..we are back in the hunt…
    it has pros & cons, by the way..hopefully, the Lakers will win the title next year(positive outlook), but on the other side..the true CBA kicks in..the FO will have a hard time…but at the will be part in the lakers history that a long time rival has landed in the purple & gold..welcome NASH!

  39. jerry buss says to tax these nuts.

  40. Lakers have the best trainer in all of basketball. Nash’s health will be monitored and he’ll have grade A treatment.

    I will be stunned if Lakers don’t get someone to run the wing with Nash. I’m not sure this is the home run.

  41. W. T. F.

    Mitch Kupchak, if you were a woman, I’d propose to you.

    Reminds of the Pau acquisition for me – I go to the ESPN NBA page in one of my many idle checks throughout the day, and am completely stunned by what I see. The Lakers FO has to be the best in the biz at keeping things under wraps.

    I hope the many FO-bashers will acknowledge that the Lakers did in fact use the Odom TPE, and added a good amount of salary. Their stance has always been to spend wisely and not blindly, and I think this move shows that. Props to Mitch and Jim Buss.

    Second move is to get shooters, and fast. Nash may be at his best in a transition game, but he’s too good not to kill it in a halfcourt set. The best thing about this move is Nash has all the cachet to make Kobe play off the ball.

    Third move is to hire Aaron Nelson and his staff.

    I am giddy. Worry about the details later. But for those interested, it’s 2 first round picks (13 and 15) and 2 second round picks (13 and 14 I believe).

  42. Aaron- some offense intended… You’re an idiot if you think Steve Nash is “an average NBA starting PG”

    I really don’t mean to be rude, but it’s en empirical fact that Nash is a lot more than “average”.

    This is not a gamble. Lakers don’t give a crap about draft picks.

    This also mitigates a big weakness. Mike Brown.

  43. In the universe that Aaron exists, Nash is an average Point Guard while Andrew Bynum is the best player in the NBA. SMH

  44. The Lakers had to take this risk. Kobe is not going to spend his last two or three years not playing for a top team. Bynum for Howard is next with Nash convincing Howard to sign an extension. Next year will be fun as the team worries about health and age hoping Kobe can will the team to one more title like chicago 98.

  45. WOW – finally some great laker news!!!! Guess we should not be listening to what the media reports. Wasn’t there an article out just yesterday that said that Nash, DHoward, and Will all hate the lakers and don’t want to play for the organization? Now Nash is going to be a Laker!!!

    Love that Nash can hit from the outside.

    Hoping there are still some other blockbuster trades for the Lakers. Need some real improvements to become title contenders but it’s looking much better!!!

    Thank you Mitch and Buss!!!

  46. “Nash is an avarage point guard like Sessions”

    He shoots 53%
    40% from 3
    10 assists a game
    90% FT
    That ranks him top 5 in NBA

    Aaron should be banned for life for that comment!

  47. Hey…they were able to use the Odom tpe! I still think we aren’t finished. I see Bynum being moved for howard. I’m pretty sure that he will want to play with Nash.

  48. .04

    You mean the time when an aging Jason Kidd helped the mavs to a championship?

    Or do you mean last year when someone named Mario Chalmers was the PG for the champions?

    Heck let’s go back 2 more years,
    when that incredibly athletic guy named Derek Fisher was the PG for the champs

  49. Chibi, I wish I could +1 that or something.

    It’s gonna be fun with Nash around..

    Man, we’ve got a trio of ultimate warriors in the backcourt now, Nash-Kobe-Metta.

  50. I think Lakers will get a chance to play in the Western conf final, with some lucks, Lakers will play in the NBA Finals next year. San Antonio, OKC are not good defensive team, look at the way Tony Parker and Tim Duncan P&R scored inside against OKC, can Nash with Gasol or Bynum do that ? yes. If Nash can give Lakers 13pts, 10 assts, it’s enough. KObe always admired the ability shooting 3pts of Nash. Nash also is the coach on the floor, the important Lakers give Nash good 3 pts shooters, like i wrote, with some lucks (no injuries, shots will come in), we will be on the way to NBA Finals, happy 4th July everybody.

  51. Chibi re: tax these hahahahahahahahahaha

  52. What an amazing day! Somewhere in Dallas, Mark Cuban’s looking at himself in the mirror, not liking what he sees as much as usual…

    LO for Steve Nash. Yeah, I guess our front office knows what its doing.

  53. Hopefully Brown will back off his penchant of using the starters heavy minutes. Nash’s minutes will have to be titrated during the course of the regular season and so should Kobe’s. This pick up may benefit Blake the most as it will put him back in a role he is both familiar and comfortable with. I’m just leery of just how much Nash has left in the tank at this junction of his career….?

  54. Yeah, this is the kind of deal Lakers do.

    Reminds me of getting Malone and Payton; now who’s going to be our Malone in this deal?

    All things considered, this is a Lamar-for-Nash deal, and although the length worries me, he comes off the books just after everyone else does, so we can still start afresh then.

    And this is FAR more exciting than having to wait out two or three years without a glimmer of hope.

    Nash spreading the floor, relieving Kobe of on-ball duties, a full training camp… ooh…

    Let’s all enjoy this until proven wrong. 😉

  55. aaron, you don’t really think that nash is average, do you? you’re just having fun, right?

    If you truly mean that, I’d be curious to see the list of the 14 or more PGs you think are better. Here’s my list for you to scoff at:

    1. Rose
    2. CP3
    3. Rondo
    4. Westbrook
    5. Nash

  56. Keep dreaming goldie. How did ramon do against denver? Against okc? Against the spurs? And ramon is a lpt younger than nash, but not as offensively skilled. But if you think offense wins titles, why don’t ask dantoni? If you think the lakers (players, coaches, scouts, etc) who won the title are the same as the team as this year’s squad, good luck!

  57. hahahaha aaron!!! Nash is an average Starting Pg????? Are You sure you’re watching NBA? hahaha

  58. Welcome the draft class of 96′: Kobe Bryant & Steve Nash.

    Could this be the greatest Laker backcourt of all time?

    If I was Marty Mcfly,with my time machine(hashtag: the Delorean) id turn the clock 5 years from today and watch Kobe and Nash in their prime tear up the entire NBA. It just wouldn’t be fair. It would be like Mike Tyson going up against Glass Joe in punch out. That would be the greatest show on earth, Nash on point and Kobe on the wings. Wow!

  59. 43 sbdunks and chibi. I 2nd the desire to +1 that. Funniest thing I’ve heard post trade.

    Honestly anyone who nay says this move I have to doubt a) if they are really a Lakers fan or b) know anything about basketball.

  60. I agree 100% with chownoir’s post. There’s no doubt there’s some gamble involved. But this is a classic Jerry Buss move. Jim’s got more of his father in him than people gave him credit for. Like chownoir said, this is why a lot of people were willing to give the FO the benefit of the doubt. They’re adding a ton of payroll because the right deal finally presented itself. And the FO-bashers were jumping all over the FO after less than 1 year. I hope people learn to be more patient in the future.

    This move doesn’t erase many poor decisions like letting the entire scouting staff go. But I hope it brings back more nuance and balance to the discussion.

    This is definitely going all in. Less draft picks, higher payroll. I was in favor of waiting for cap flexibility a week ago, but I never thought we could add a player of Nash’s caliber without giving up one of our big 3.

    There will be plenty of time to discuss details later, but my initial thought is … does this make it even more likely Gasol will be moved? I think Gasol and Nash (2 cerebral, versatile players) could fit excellently next to each other in a different situation … but I really think it’s even more imperative to open up the floor with proper spacing now. A congested lane will limit how much we can get out of Nash’s penetration.

  61. I’m at the point of tuning Aaron out. Dude’s middle name is hyperbole.

  62. Lil Pau

    Can we vote someone off the island?

    My business is in California, Arizona and Vegas.

    I go to 10 or more games a year as my Dist has season tickets. The guy is my favorite player in the league and deadly from 3 and a outstanding decision maker.

    Exactly what this team has needed for years.

  63. .04. That’s some fuzzy logic. I think calling any move a “lock” for a title is silly, but are you saying a transcendent talent like Nash hurts the Lakers title chances?

    Nash going for his first. Kobe going for six. Whether they do it or not I will tell you this much… No fan will have as much fun rooting for their team as Lakers fans during the last years of ths HOF backcourt tandem.

    Haters gonna hate.

  64. I wonder if this affects the Lakers desire to move Gasol or their desire to NOT move Bynum?
    Regardless we definitely need some shooters now.

  65. My self ban is over. First – are we sure this is done? No Vetos, no backing out, no technicalities? I am just sayin.
    That said, it isn’t D12, but it was #3 of the three super star targets that we could have obtained (D12, DW, Nash). I said I would kiss the ring if we signed D12 (and I still will if we do). However, I am definately counting this as the “big deal”, even if we don’t get anyone else. So – the FO has done something. They have accomplished something significant. There is a gamble to this move – like all others – however I am on record here as fully supporting this and stating that this is a job well done (provided it is not vetoed of course).

  66. Great move by FO. Win now during the “Kobe Window” of 2-3 years, build for future later after Kobe era is done.

  67. I am guessing they think this may make Howard want to come.

  68. Like the trade, Nash is still a very nice player.

    The big worry is that this will be like the GPayton signing in 2004 – he was pretty much washed out the entire year.

    Though there are a couple differences between Nash and Payton.

    Nash played really well last year . . . for pretty much a player of any age. He had a per of 20.29, consistent with his previous 3 years, and if he maintained that level of goodness, he would super upgrade over any guard the Lakers have had outside of Kobe since Nick Van Excel.

    But, in 02-03 (the year before Payton got to the lakers), Payton had a PER of 21.94. He dropped to 17.34 that year, and fell off a cliff after that.

    I also do wonder about his defense, and how the slow and lumbering Bynum will fit with him if he’s not traded.

    But I guess its Baby steps. He’s a player everyone loves to play with, and a player that people like to root for.

    So it at least will be a fun ride.

    And it might revive Gasol in the process.

  69. I love Nash’s game but this is a TERRIBLE move under the new CBA. Draft picks are the currency of the new NBA because it allows you to underpay players on rookie scale contracts. To give up 2 firsts and 2nds on a 38 year old player who will be 41 when his contract expires is not wise. Not only that but this move guarantees the Lakers will be in luxury tax hell and likely have to pay the repeater tax.
    Next year might be fun watching the lakers but in a few years this team will be old, broke and average at best.

  70. rr

    This may make Howard want to come but now after trading those draft picks the Magic will have to decide if they want to trade for Drew without any draft picks coming back.

  71. Kobe is not a top 10 player, Steve Nash is an average point guard and Andrew Bynum is a super star? I think it’s time to institute mandatory drug testing. Can you say CLUELESS ?

  72. .04

    Dreaming about what?
    All I did was reference the PGs of the champion teams for the years that you mentioned. This just means that despite a not so stellar PG, there could and would be adjustments made to counteract that.

    I agree that Nash is a mixed bag. The passing would be there, but I highly doubt the capability of the shooters that we currently have.

    I also wouldn’t know about the defense, we need to hide him from all the PGs probably except for Derek Fisher when he’s playing.

  73. I still think we need to re-sign Sessions if he will come as a back up. One thing with Nash, you want to keep his minutes down and I would much rather have Sessions backing him up then Blake.

  74. There you go, the first chips to fall into the right square and it’s the Canadian virtuoso among PG’s. This is like getting Pau for Kwame, Marc and Crittenton, in exchange we just lose 29th and 30th pick in 2013 and 2015 or the 59th and 60th pick. What a steal! Steve Nash is the best teacher for JDO and Morris.

    Dwight’s coming to the Lakers becomes pure gravy, even if he doesn’t come, Nash will make Bynum and Gasol a better player.

  75. Spacing is still jacked. Nash has always played with a stretch 4 type guy. Have to keep him comfortable and make the transition as smooth as possible.

    Looks like Lakers are getting Grant Hill too. If Ebanks and Barnes aren’t resigned. It was a good run best of luck.

  76. Thrilled about the Nash sign and trade. Wasn’t expecting that AT ALL.

    However, I’ll pass on him “recruiting” Grant Hill to join the Lakers for the minimum. How does he really help? He’s a bad 3 point shooter and is on his last legs even more than Nash.

  77. Now apparently (according to Stein), Beasley has signed with Phoenix. Will the Lakers still look for a stretch guy like Lewis to play the Channing Frye role with Nash? I would still love Ilyasova personally, but I can’t see a way to swing it.

  78. Well, if you are going to have a bad defensive PG, you might as well go with one that can play well on offense like NASH! Thank god, Sessions is not coming back now (at least I hope so!). If you think about, given that we were probably going to fork over around 5 million to sessions, this is only an extra 3-4 million per year but a huge talent upgrade and not a huge hit salary wise. The only question is who is going to defend Westbrook in the western conference finals? It will have to be KOBE!
    Howard will probably now want to come to the Lakers, but they just gave away 2013 and 15 first round draft picks?! Is Orlando willing to trade Howard for Bynum straight up? Without picks? Lakers will now definitely have to take salary dumps like Turk or Richardson. I hope it is Richardson and not Turk although beggars can’t be choosers! We might have to give up some of our young players with potential like Goudelock, Ebanks or Morris, but what the hell, for superman, you will have to do it!
    Even if the Howard trade does not happen, Bynum will probably love playing with NASH with all the layups and dunks that he is going to get! He will not pout as much!
    Lakers will probably lead the league in assists next year with Nash, Kobe and Pau, assuming Pau is off the Market now but who knows!
    Is the FO willing to pay mucho bucks in penalty, or are they going to dump some salary and move Pau now?
    WOW, can’t wait for the next move! Probably not enough to win the championship, given the old age, defensive and athletic issues remaining, but considering the the limited options, great short term move by the front office with minimal sacrificing of the future of the franchise.
    I look at it as trading Sessions for Nash, which you would have to applaud no matter what you think of the chance of winning the title now!

  79. This is a huge first step. Our biggest needs were outside shooting and PG. In one move we get perhaps they best shooting PG of all time. This could possibly save Pau from the trade block. If we could get one of the following for the mini MLE:

    Courtney Lee (Possible)
    Brandon Rush (Possible)
    Nick Young(Long shot)
    Michael Beasley (Long shot)

    If we can convince one of those guys to take a short deal to prove themselves, with a real chance at a ring, they may bite.

    Also they could get us Rashard Lewis for the Vet’s Min. as well.

    and no more talk of nobody wanting to play with Kobe. From all reports he did a fantastic recruiting job.

  80. Warren Wee Lim July 4, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    What did I tell ya.

    Welcome. Steve Nash.

  81. Warren Wee Lim July 4, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Last I checked there was no marquee free agent that wanted to come to LA.

  82. Great move and gamble by the Lakers acquiring Steve Nash, definitely an upgrade at the PG position. Lakers still need to upgrade the bench and find a spot up shooter. They have addressed one major need, time to work on the others. Props to the Lakers front office on this move.

  83. This is about winning now and DOES NOT put the Lakers in Cap Hell as so many say.
    Three yr deal. Three yr deal. Three yr deal.
    As of right now,he’s the only Laker signed for that third yr of his.
    Kobe,Gasol,Artest,Blake,all expired.
    It’s Nash and either Bynum or Dwight.
    That leaves plenty for another Max,Cap room left over and nowhere close to Lux Tax limit. Unless the Lakers decide to give Kobe another $25mil or so,they don’t have to worry about the Lux Tax in 2014/5 unless they go crazy.

  84. All in on the Kobe years. I like the FO dedicating itself to win now, but I do wonder if this is enough. Would not be surprised to see more. I would guess the Buss family will commit to some additional tax in the near term. Might as well go full bore if that’s the decision.

    I wish posters would not compare this to Malone / Payton, however. Superficially similar, but the dynamics are completely different (and, I hope, the outcome).

  85. Is it just me, or would the Beasley signing make more sense for the Suns if Nash was still there?

    I guess almost any signing makes more sense if you have a quality PG.

  86. Steve Nash 🙂 now we talkin’ !

  87. Lakers kept their 2014 first rounder which is smart.

    FYI: Richardson shot 39% from 3 in Phoenix.

  88. Warren Wee Lim July 4, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    Ausphil, guys with length and 3-pt shooting are definitely a huge need right now.

  89. really happy with this trade.
    Nash is a great player – top tier PG. and his style of play will make him finish his contract with grace.

    Nash is a real fighter, even with questionable D which I find enough for PG, he can counter it with finesse play and heart. what we really need from him is his heart for the game, when it matters the most.

    welcome to Lakerland Steve!

  90. Does anybody know what Nash’s usage was last year?

  91. First things first. Having watched Nash play all this past year here in Phoenix, let me caution that this is not the Steve Nash of the MVP years, nor of even two years ago. He’s definitely lost a step athletically, as you would expect of any elite athlete in their late 30s.

    That being said, he’s still a very effective NBA point guard, and from a leadership standpoint, a great guy to have on your team. He’s one of the few players today that truly makes everyone around him better, and on top of that, he’s still a terrific, fearless clutch player and shooter. I dread to see the expected fall-off in Marcin Gortat’s game (among others) next year with Nash gone.

    And that being said, I wonder how well he’ll fit here in L.A. Among point guards, only Chris Paul is comparable in his need and ability to orchestrate an offense, and the ball tends to be in his hands 60-75% of the time. With Kobe (especially) and Andrew being guys that really prefer to create their own shots, will they be willing to change their style of play and operate more without the ball with Nash creating shots for them? Moreover, Nash’s bread and butter is the pick and roll, and these Lakers have shown very little tendency to use that play effectively.

    All of which leads me to believe that other moves may be in the offing – hopefully resulting in other players that can play off Nash effectively. Gotta think some kind of package involving Bynum for DH is very high up there on the priority list at this point.

  92. I would’ve loved to have seen Henry Abbot’s reaction when he learned of this.

  93. I love the taste of crow.

    I hope you guys like the taste of crow, too. Because most everyone was opposed to Jim Buss.

  94. diggin it … and I doubt Nash’ll be calling his agent in the middle of a game to demand a trade, like Peyton did.

    I’m thinking Nash’ll knock down more than a few treys from time to time, giving Lakers post players – and they are legion – room to do their thing.

    And I doubt he’ll be the incredible shrinking violet Ram Sessions was in the playoffs. Although if RS wants to come back and ride the pine, and the Lakers want him, I’m fine with that. I do wonder how durable Nash will be at his age, but I LOVE this move!

    Still don’t want Howard around all that much. If it’s Bynum straight up for DH, oh OK if Mitch and Jim want to, whatever.

    Can we ship Blake off somewhere? (Hey, I can dream, can’t I?)

  95. Sessions and probably Blake gone. Need to get some shooters,athleticism, to balance the floor and bench. Have short term questions about the defense and long term, how the lack of draft choices will hamper the future.

  96. 83.AusPhil wrote: “I guess almost any signing makes more sense if you have a quality PG.”

    Truer words have never been spoken!

  97. my buddy in Phx told me about a week ago that the best way for the Lakers to get back to the finals was to trade for Nash. he also went on to say that Nash keeps himself in excellent shape, has an amazing work ethic, (and that if Horry hadn’t bumped him and the bench cleared and were suspended for the next game, the Suns would have went all the way that year).
    I trust my buddy, he knows the game, and I am looking forward to the next couple years!

  98. This move puts Brown on the hot seat. Year under belt, Full camp, better team. Lakers need results.

  99. I can’t believe the Lakers just directly added salary by using the TPE. I might have to reconsider and kiss the ring for this alone. Even if this doesn’t work, at least we spent the money and tried. Is this really happening? I feel so good for Kobe – that we are actually trying to win.

  100. any_one_mouse July 4, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    Ummm…we still need a better bench don’t we? Assuming we keep Hill and Barnes, we need to get a scorer behind Kobe.

    Defense will not matter if we get that scorer!

  101. So basically LO for Nash. Did they get everything signed before Stern found out? LOL

    Kudos to Mitch and also to Jim Buss who I’ve had my doubts like everyone else. This also disproves the notion that “X would never help the Lakers because they’re rivals.” All teams do what they think is best for their team, and if they help out a rival in the process, so be it. This is a trade that makes sense for both teams, and shows the Lakers are committed to Kobe in the short-term without any killer long-term contracts (other than for a young superstar).

    As for comparisons to Malone/Payton, as a reminder they did make the Finals that year and maybe could have won it if Malone hadn’t been injured and Shaq in better shape.

    Would hope that Dwight seriously considers the Lakers as the best choice now.

  102. Okay we got the offense covered with Kobe, Nash and one of the Bigs…but we still need to get more athletic. Either AB for Howard or Pau for Josh Smith. Preferably Dwight. Remember OKC is the team we have to match up with.

    Hopefully the Lakers can help Nash erase that blemish on his resume of being the only MVP not to play in the Finals. Oh yeah and speaking of MVP’s…maybe Steve will give the 2006 trophy to the rightful owner…just saying.

  103. Hale @ 27 – OMG yes what a couple of crazy good passers in Pau and Nash!

    And the Rapts offered Nash $36 mil/3 years? Whew.

    Robert – yes you must kiss the ring 🙂

  104. Really great signing. Could change everything. I’m betting that more dominoes will fall.

  105. Mark stein wrote in his article that the Lakers are saying now that they have Nash, they intend to keep Pau and Andrew. While I am sure that they wouldn’t say they are looking to trade one of them but without the draft picks I am not sure the Magic would trade for Bynum. They would be getting a lot back from the Nets.

  106. Did we just use our mini mid level exception in the trade? If so, how are we going to sign anyone else for our bench?I like the signing but this can’t be the end of our moves. I’m not a big fan of dealing Pau to get bit pieces to fill out the bench. I don’t think that helps us.

  107. We only used the Lamar TPE (and sent cash back too, I believe I read). So we still have the mini-MLE.

    With a player of Nash’s intelligence, you have to believe they’ll find a way to make it work. But there’s no doubt it’s confusing to imagine getting the most out of Nash with the bigs still clogging the lane. I cringe of an entire year of Pau trying to space the floor for Nash in the corner. I’d imagine the roster will be modified to complement Nash if at all possible. For now, I’m just going to enjoy a move that clearly puts us back in a discussion we’ve fallen out of over the past couple years. That’s all you can ask for.

    I hope Bynum starts honing his pick-and-roll. As anti-Howard as I’ve been, that’s 1 area where Howard is far better suited to play with Nash.

  108. Anyone unhappy with the Lakers getting Nash should have hope, though: Stern may just figure that Nash would make a really nice backup for Chris Paul.

  109. FisolaNYDN: Grant Hill will either join Steve Nash and the Lakers or retire, a source close to the veteran forward told me.

    Nash’s statement: “After talking with (owner) Robert (Sarver) and (president of basketball operations) Lon (Babby) we’ve agreed that it’s time for both of us to move in new directions,” Nash told “I approached them and asked if they would be willing to do a sign-and-trade deal with L.A. because it is very important to me to stay near my children and family.

    “They were very apprehensive and didn’t want to do it. Fortunately for me, they reconsidered. They saw that they were able to get assets for their team that will make them better, assets they would not have otherwise had and it made sense for them to do a deal that helps their team get better.

    “I couldn’t be more grateful to the organization and Robert in particular,” Nash told “I know how hard this was for him and that fact that he was able to help me and my family in this way … it means a lot and says a lot about his character. I will never forget this gesture. Above and beyond.

    “The Phoenix Suns are an amazing organization and fans should be excited about their future. I hope the Suns win a championship some day soon for all the amazing fans and wonderful people in the organization.”

  110. It’s gonna be a fun ride next season!

  111. Snoopy

    while I want us to acquire at least one more shooter, Nash will go a long way in opening up the lane. He is the best shooting PG of maybe all time. If defenses sag off he will torch them. Got a feeling he is going to get more wide open 3’s then he has ever had in his career.

  112. Welcome Steve Nash!!!!!!

    I’ll just reiterate what I wrote yesterday

    3-Jul-12-I’m on board with signing Nash! He’ll be a pg that’s a coach on the floor and everyone will get in line with him controlling the offense. Yes, even Kobe. Kobe has never played with a pg that will make it possible for him to get easy buckets.

    I remember when Magic joined the Lakers he prolonged Kareem’s career by taking control of the offense.

    We don’t really need to worry about Nash’s lack of defense with everybody on the floor involved in the offense; they’ll gladly rotate over to help Nash with his man on defense. The bigs will happily swat away drives to the basket if they get pass Nash.

    Now get some offense off the bench and a wing player to defend the 3pt line. Need to sign Hill and Sessions why not get Channing Frye for 3-pt shooting.

    Can’t stop smiling! Life is sooo much easier with a smart pg.

  113. Wow – do a google search on the words Lakers, Nash, Howard. Then do one on Lakers, Paul, Howard.

    They have literally written some of the same headlines replacing Paul with Nash.

    Lot’s of talk about Grant Hill as well.

  114. But … but … I thought we were sure high-level veteran players didn’t want to come play with Kobe. Kobe’s selfishness is a huge turn-off to all living, breathing NBA players, right? Maybe Nash got confused and thought they were trading him to the Clippers?

    Not that the situations are exactly the same, but anyone else see shades of the Ariza/Artest situation here? Sessions opts out to get a better deal, and Mitch gives him the middle finger and signs someone better (in this case, much better).

    I’d still love to have Sesh because we’ll need an 18-min backup PG each night. But reports are we’re giving up on Sessions. Hope we can find some marginal improvement over Blake.

  115. Steve Nash has led the league in assists for the past 3 years with arguably the crappiest supporting cast of all the great PGs. Yes, he is a terrible defender, but the Lakers length and defense on the wings can make up for that. With Kobe, Bynum, and Pau commanding double teams, Nash will have more open three pointers than he has ever had.

    The big question is if he can stay healthy. Nash is 38 and whether he breaks down over the course of the contract will play the largest factor in whether it will be viewed as a success or a failure.

    Nash is exactly what this Laker team needs: consistent and competitive. Nash has shown an intense competitive desire, shown by how healthy he has kept his body despite being nearly 40, and he will bring consistency to the PG position that Sessions, Blake, and Goudelock could not last season. With the Lakers getting consistent production from the PG position, especially Nash’s dead eye shooting, the floor will open up for Kobe, Bynum, and Pau, hopefully leading to their games being more efficient.

    With Nash, Kobe, MWP, Pau, and Bynum, the Lakers now need to solidify their bench. They have guys who could fill those roles (Blake, Goudelock, Ebanks, McBob, Jordan Hill), but for one reason or another (lack of aggressiveness, youth, youth, sucking, free agency) they may not be reliable. The Lakers clearly need a 3rd guard to step up and backup both Nash and Kobe at times, a wing to back up MWP and provide Kobe with some rest, and a big man to form a 3-man rotation with Pau and Bynum. Those holes may already be filled (who knows what a training camp and a year of experience will do), but those are the weaknesses the Lakers have as of now, now that starting PG is solved.

  116. Sorry for the multiple points (I’m excited, sue me) – but Nash also takes care of Mike Brown’s greatest weaknesses. We get the coach on the floor we lost with the veto.

    Michael – Absolutely no doubt. Nash will light it up and open things up for our bigs. I’m just saying we’ll need some shooters to open things up for Nash when he penetrates – reducing Nash to a spot-up shooter would be awful. He’s at his best when probing and to do that he needs shooters around him.

    This is also why I found it funny that so many people were getting upset at Jim Buss saying they were happy with the team and weren’t planning on making any moves. If this isn’t proof enough, he was lying. We’re as “opportunistic” as any team out there.

  117. Not only is the management trying to put together a title contender, but the management is always trying to put together a product to sell to their fans, sell jerseys and sell seats tickets.

    With this move, the management has put together a great product. The net profit on Steve Nash should be a lot more than the net profit on Ramon Sessions! Strictly from a business point of view of course.

    In addition, even with a 3 year contract, the third year will be an asset in the form of an expiring contract. Steve Nash can also choose to retire depending on lakers performance or health or personal choice.

  118. Funky Chicken July 4, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    Like the signing, but much more work left to be done. Nash is clearly better in the half court than Sessions, but his strength is still in an up tempo system, and the Lakers are, as of now, strictly a half court team with two slow 7-footers.

    Moving Bynum for Howard, Pau for Josh Smith, adding Rashard Lewis for the vet minimum, and JR Smith for the mini mid-level would put this team back on top.

  119. This deal is sooooo Lakers, so I’m happy just because of that regardless of the outcome.

    It reminds me both of the Malone/Payton signings (now should we sign Ray Allen too, for whatever mini midlevel we have, so we get all of Kobe’s draft mates in one team?) in terms of Nash’s career point and name value, as well as the Ariza/Metta situation where Mitch was able to not let circumstances dictate a contract.

    This is, no doubt, not the safest of moves. It comes with huge risks, but it’s the type of move that is just great to be a part of regardless of the outcome.

  120. the other Stephen July 4, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    wow, a zephid posting! hooray!

  121. What number will Steve Nash wear for the Lakers?

  122. I like the DH trade now, lets see!

  123. 114 Snoopy —

    I don’t think anyone said high-level veteran players didn’t want to play with Kobe, forgive me if I’m mistaken. I explored the idea that perhaps free agents didn’t want to play for Kobe.

    I think most everyone agreed that a quality point guard such as Chris Paul/Steve Nash would make the situation entirely different…as a player like Nash will take the reigns of the offense and relieve Kobe from being our version of LeBron as a point-forward. No one expected the Lakers to have a realistic shot at Nash, and he was the only such point guard available in free agency.

    I expressed the idea that players like Dwight Howard would rather play with a ‘buddy’, and an unselfish point in Deron Williams–as he’d get consistently fed on the offensive end–rather than replace Bynum and have Kobe be his point guard.

  124. Wow. If you guys want to read some serious hate… go take a look at the Bright side of the sun website. They are just killing Nash for coming here. It’s like the “decision” take 2 in their eyes!

    Love the trade. We still need to make another move. One of the two bigs should still be traded to free up some space in the middle of the lane for Nash to probe.

    lmao- I don’t know about you specifically Jesse P, but there were a ton of posters here that said players had no desire to play “with” Kobe. If you want to make the distinction that you have, then that’s great….but it’s pretty weak.

  125. Bynum needs to be the defensive anchor for this to work. Swap Howard for Bynum Lakers are instantly a favorite to win because of his defense.

    Have to take the gamble and go get Dwight even without assurance he signs the extension.

  126. Whatever Ken Oak, go ahead and read through my previous posts if you’d like. If what I said weren’t true, I wouldn’t have wasted my time writing it. Seems to me every time someone goes away from the general consensus of this site, people resort to labels and put-downs rather than read what’s being said.

  127. 124- kenoak… We have to remember that the fan population online (especially on the Internet on a major holiday) is probably not indicative of the fan base et al.

    And yes, I fully realize I am on the Internet right now. I just mean that I think the majority of the Suns fans will understand. This is pretty different than the decision.

    I do think it’s funny how many stories are accentuating the negative. If Nash went to New York or Toronto every story would have been all Roses.

    On Simmons last podcast he was fantasizing about Gasol/Nash on Toronto. Cant wait to hear him walk that back.

  128. The lakers once again proved an enormous point. The Organization takes a back seat to no ones. The culture of winning championships is a core value and part of their DNA.. No Doubt..

  129. Assuming Nash stays healthy *knocks on wood* Lakers are getting to the WCF. A series with Okc is a crap shoot we are still looking up at them though.

    4yr/75 mil or 5yr/100mil?

    LA (with a star studded roster), ATL with Smith but not close to a title, DAL no taxes and Dirk.

    If Kobe and Dwight patch things up coupled with a possible finals appearance.Hollywood. The Glamour. How can Dwight walk away from that?

  130. the other Stephen July 4, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    this move loosely reminds me of the clippers acquiring sam cassell in 2005. cassell was around 36 at the time, and was also a strong leader and competitor who could shoot, pushing his team into the playoffs.

  131. Lakers still need speed. Nash can get you fastbreak points but he needs someone to run with him on the wing. His game isn’t to walk it up every possession.

    Said in post 75 “Have to keep him comfortable and make the transition as smooth as possible”. He’s never played with a such a post centric lineup like this. To max out Nash’s time here have to bring in the types of players he’s played with.

  132. i love this move — i love watching steve nash play ball – i actuaklly believe with nash we would have beat okc

  133. Nash will make everyone on this team look better than they really are. That’s the scariest part for the rest of the NBA. He has made superstars out of above average players (Amare), and above average players out of average players (Gortat, Dudley, Frye, etc). He has made a bunch of misfits contenders in Phoenix, just imagine playing around 3 other stars? As for his issues:

    Age: compare him to Stockton, who was still VERY effective in his 40’s. Nash is a player who doesn’t rely on sheer athleticism, jumping ability or a lightning quick first step

    Being a defensive liability: If there’s anything Mike Brown is great at, it’s team defense and defensive schemes. I’d give him a pass for last year as he only had 9 days to undo the triangle and work on his system. With a full training camp and probably even more time before that, his Laker squad will be a defensive force next season.

    Sharing the wealth: Kobe respects Nash, and vice versa. You have seen Kobe when he plays with fellow stars (olympics). he will pass off, defer or even set them up. Gasol will not be a problem as he is as unselfish as Nash and expect him to have a rebound year. Bynum will get looks he has never seen before. But he will have to learn not to pound the rock 10times before making a move. Nash has made a star out of Gortat. Just imagine him feeding to Bynum 2-3 feet from the rim.

    Hopefully the Lakers get to add a stretch 4 who will come off the bench and a freakish athlete who can run with Steve. Rookie DJO and Goudelock will have career years shooting spot up 3s

  134. Jessie P.
    Please read my post again. I said that I don’t know if you specifically were one of those people, but that they did exist and said those exact words ad nauseum.

    I didn’t label you in any way and I certainly didn’t put you down. The funny thing is that you wrote that response out saying that people don’t read what’s being said…

    I love that Mitch is now saying that we are not looking to move Pau or ‘Drew. Does anyone believe him!? I see one or both of them getting moved. Howard would most likely love to play with Nash! A pick and roll between Nash and Howard would be ridiculous!

  135. For Nash to be a success, the bigs have to run. And they don’t on a consistent basis. I see a lot of pressure on mb and kuester (not a big fan of him) to find a way to make it work offensively and defensively. Funneling is not gonna work on d. Kobe, pau and mwp are all a step slower, and Bynum is a step behind all those dudes. If bynum’s speed and skill pick up because he’s actually had a year of being injury free, that could change things a lot. Pau is a fantastic passer and moves well without the ball. And he will be thrilled to be the third or fourth option if he’s out there with nash, Kobe and Bynum. Pau cannot handle the spotlight or Kobe’s intensity on a daily basis. This a bit of wishful thinking for the return of show time, and I’m sure there will be plenty of highlight material, but it’s going to come down to half court sets and better shooters in the playoffs. And we will be a defensive liability unless Bynum and pau are beasts against Okc, because Westbrook will light it up for 50 if kd has an off game.

  136. re up Robin Hill, keep Ram Sessions, and ship Blake.

    please please oh please

  137. I meant Jordan Hill of course!

  138. Next season will be interesting ;0.

  139. Wow, the suns aren’t looking that bad. They just signed Dragic, offered a max deal to Gordon and may get Beasley. On top of that they’ll have plenty of picks in the future to play around with. They may have a decent future.

  140. I would hate to lose Pau but would LOVE to pair Iguodala with Nash if possible. Would only do it if they get Dwight.

  141. What a move…

    Steve Nash is the kind of guy that fits the Lakers culture (or my feeling of the Lakers culture). Smart, Inteligent, plays beautiful bball, has passing skills…oh wow…

    FO strikes again

  142. One other side point to recall here and I say this as one who was against the Odom trade: Buss and Kupchak just won a chess match with Mark Cuban. The money that brought Nash here was the money from the Odom TPE, and Williams is in Brooklyn.

  143. Let’s ship Aaron + Bynum to Orlando for Howard.

    Check the trade machine; it works perfectly!

  144. As someone pointed out elsewhere, it’s like the Lakers got to stick it to Cuban twice—they give him Odom who goes on to give them absolutely nothing and then they grab Steve Nash using Odom’s TPE, while Cuban took a major gamble and is now getting nothing on the market. I love it.

  145. Playing for the Brooklyn Nets and with Deron Williams is Dwight Howard’s preference, but after all the moves on Tuesday, the team simply has no salary cap room for his 2012-13 salary. Howard will earn $19,536,360 this upcoming season.

    John Hollinger explains why Dwight won’t be going to Brooklyn.

    “Mirza Teletovic’s deal is for the non-taxpayers’ mid-level exception, which caps the Nets’ salaries at $74,307,000 for 2012-13. They cannot go over by one cent at any point. Put in Williams at $17,177,193, Gerald Wallace at $8.9 million, Reggie Evans at $1.6 million, Teletovic at $5 million, Joe Johnson at $19,752, 645 and MarShon Brooks at $1,160,040, and the Nets are in a pickle before they even pick up a phone to call Orlando. That’s because they also have three unsigned free agents they would like to keep (Gerald Green, Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez), and the league puts a “cap hold” on the salaries of free agents to prevent teams from using chicanery to circumvent the cap. The hold for Humphries is $12 million, the hold for Lopez $7,692,458 and the hold for Green $854,389. The league also adds a charge for empty roster spots, at the rock-bottom minimum of $473,604, figuring you eventually intend to fill them in order to field a team. Add three ‘holds’ to get the Brooklyn roster to 12 players, and that’s another $1,420,8162. So right now, the Nets have $76,159,802 on the books, and they can’t do that — again, the most they’re allowed is $74,307,000. “

  146. This can make Kobe so music more efficient.

    I love the idea of late game offense with Nash choosiing how the Lakersnuse their weapons instead of a predictable iso. That alone. Is worth five wins.

  147. Steve Nash, welcome to the Lakers.

    Please, hit a bunch of 3s.

    That, besides your excelent passing skill, assists and court vision, would do it.


  148. Jim Buss made great strides today in showing he can competently succeed his father. Hats off and Happy 4th!

  149. Nash wore #11 at Santa Clara, so that may be his number here. He could also pick 3, assuming Ebanks gives it up–Nash has 3 kids in PHX.

  150. This is fantastic.

    And Lakers have two capable backup PGs, which is important, as Nash will not play heavy minutes throughout the year. Phoenix was always searching for a proper backup for him, to save his legs (and back).

  151. Mr Daniels@ 146- yes! 100% It takes a floor general with Nash’s experience, skill, moxie, heart and courage to allow Kobe to defer. But since the ball will be far less in Bryant’s hands he will have no choice but the reality is that he will do so willingly because it is the best prescription for team success and extension of his HOF career.

    I don’t post here much largely due to the hectoring, pedantry and general condescension of Aaron and his ilk but do please add your 2 cents more often. It is a breath of fresh air.

  152. 134– Ken oak
    I said people on this site resort to labels and put-downs. I didn’t say ‘Ken Oak resorts to labels and put-downs…’. I was mostly referring to other threads in which as soon as someone starts talking about Kobe’s play, they get called a ‘hater’ or a ‘Kobe basher’. Though, calling my point ‘weak’, without exploring my reasoning, is pretty weak in itself.

    In earlier threads, I explained the reasoning behind my point. I wanted to make that ‘distinction’ in my earlier post because I had already posted my reasoning in previous threads. Which is, basically, that Kobe running the offense is not a desirable situation for players wishing to come to LA. And I wasn’t only referring to free agents, I was also talking about Dwight, specifically.

    Also, there were other posters talking about how the free-agents we would have to coax into LA would have to be veteran players, rather than the younger generation players. Acquiring Nash proves their point.

    Of course, acquiring Nash changes our team completely on the offensive side of the ball, and changes our team’s situation entirely.

    Exciting stuff. It’s going to be fun to see Nash involve our role players, and hopefully he can be the missing piece that balances the scoring between Kobe and our bigs.

  153. Shocked still. And giddy at the thought of Steve Freakin Nash taking DFish/Ramon Sessions/Steve Blake’s wide open 3 point looks and setting up Drew and Pau down low. I think he’ll go 50-40-90.

    Also, thought KB did some good work off the ball last year. He was just forced to handle so much because of the limitations of CMB’s offense and lack of other shot creators. Excited to see how he improves his game in that regard this year (you know he will!)

    Not overly concerned with Nash’s defensive limitations, since we’ve been getting torched by PGs for years. At least he’ll make em work on the other end.

    Thunder series could have gone a different way had the Lakers not blown 2 of the 3 first games late, and we were getting close to nothing on both sides of the floor from our PGs.

    Good day to be a Laker fan. Once again, the chips go all in. Title or bust.

  154. @jayz. my vote for best backcourt ever is west and goodrich. still have to wait and see how kobe and nash gell together

  155. joe johnson and boris diaw won consecutive most improved player of the year awards with nash. who will our candidate be for next season?

    a veteran voice to replace what our locker room lost when fish was traded. won’t shrink from big games like too many lakers did in round 2. and a wonderful alternative to crunchtime heroball.

    I knew they were gonna do something good with that damn TPE.

  156. R.R. Magellan July 5, 2012 at 12:55 am

    I remember when I first heard this earlier. I didn’t know what to think of it at first. But after a few hours of talking and thinking about it…

    …I am Jesse Spano-excited for Steve Nash. Just hand the keys to the offense to him and the Lakers should be okay. And, yeah, Nash is a terrible defender but not many point guards are good defenders.

    Plus the chemistry of this ballclub can actually get better. Nash will get these guys together.

    Still early but I’m giddy. Loved Nash for a long time and I’m glad that he’s here in L.A.

  157. A lot of happy faces around here all of a sudden and while many cautionary things can be said about what a huge gamble this is.. why ruin a good thing, right? Allow me to remind you that we are set to receive one of the best playmakers in the game for [basically] 4 second-round picks. WINNING.

    I hate to speculate but this must be thrown out there: last year’s list of players D12 wanted to play with included Iggy and Josh Smith. Either can be had for Pau (esp Iggy). I don’t think I need to finish that thought.

  158. Next step: hire an experienced (old) assistant coach who specializes in offense and has seen it all. Who can develop a system around these unique talents and make playoff adjustments. Who will be blunt and honest with these players the way Tex and Bertka were – guys who were not thinking about how that affected their next career move.

  159. #158, man I would LOVE to see Iggy on this team.

  160. Special Thanks: Rob Sarver and Lon Babby for making this possible. Read/heard about the reports a few days ago from David Aldrige, but never did I believe that this would come into fruition due to the rivalry between the 2 teams. Still can’t believe that Nash will be sporting the Purple/Forum Blue n Gold Jersey of the Lakers. Once again, special thanks Sarver and Babby.

    Steve Nash: Thanks for swallowing your pride, subsiding your ego and seeing the big picture. Pretty sure, in some circles, you’ll be viewed as a Judist, Benedict Arnold and every other name that can be associated with a Traitor. Thanks for initiating the transaction and then following through once Sarver and Babby decided to make it possible. Welcome General Nash.

    The Lakers Organization: Once again, on the low, you guys pull off the so called Impossible. Just when everyone, especially some individuals within this community, was counting you out, you guys come through again and (for the time being) silence the naysayers. Not even the coward Stern can stop this one.

    Kobe Bryant: For showing True Leadership, checking your Enormous Ego at the door and reaching out to your ’96 Draft-Mate to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, you’ll assist General Nash in getting his 1st and he’ll definitely assist you in capturing your 6th.

    Finally, to Mark Cuban, I’ll reference an old Kool Moe Dee Track: “How You Like Me Now?”

  161. R,

    A Better trade would be:

    Aaron + Bynum + Mike Brown + bag of chips for Howard.

    The bag of chips would have iced the deal.

  162. According to MWP, the acquisition of Nash is AH-MAZZ-iNG! Supposedly, Kobe played a large role in convincing Steve to come on board. Somehow, I don’t see Orlando accepting a Bynum for Howard trade. Brooklyn may emerge as a suitor for Drew, offering a similar package to what they offered for Howard. The Nets offered Lopez, Humphries and Marshon Brooks and draft choices for Dwight. A similar package for Bynum would really flesh out the Lakers’ roster.

    I’ve lost a lot of faith in Bynum. His inconsistent effort and lack of commitment to the team effort last season has had that effect on me. Lopez and pieces could make me forget Andrew PDQ.

  163. Lakers: Favorites to be 2005 NBA Champs!

  164. Our FO just gave the team something big to believe in – regardless of whether dwightmare Howard comes here or not. Wow and thanks for the early fireworks!! Go Lakers!

  165. @Kenny T – As much as I am not a fan of Bynum . . . (and trust me, he needs to go, thats who Artest was referring to when he went on ESPN talking about how “if the Lakers play as a team”. . . ) – Lopez is Terrible.

    He’s injury prone AND not very good. He’s a 7 footer who gets like 8 rebounds a game with no other rebounders on his team. Plus, Humphries would never last in L.A. because of the Kardashian issue – and it would be too much drama. So I doubt thats a realistic path.

    My fear with Nash: Health. He’s 38. He has a bad back. And until I hear otherwise, he’s not bringing Phoenix’s voodoo magic medical staff over to the Lakers.

    So, to preserve him, the Lakers need have another good young guard on the roster to relieve Nash of some minutes.

    As good of a guy that Steve Blake is – I don’t think it should be him.

  166. kehntangibles July 5, 2012 at 6:30 am

    If nothing else, you gotta enjoy all the butthurt from Suns fans:

    Steve Nash deserved better from those clowns.

  167. Now that we have redeemed ourselves in the player acquisition area (OK – I may have been too hard on them), we could go further and redeem ourselves in the player relations area as well. How about meeting with MB, KB, and SN and getting a collective opinion on the roster and how Nash will fit in. My own opinion: Go for the AB for D12 swap if available, but let’s not give Pau away just yet. Would love to pick up Grant Hill.

  168. Warren Wee Lim July 5, 2012 at 6:57 am

    I will be starting up a #showtimeLA hashtag regarding Steve Nash’s acquisition. Post on here as if its twitter.

    Rules: Things you’re excited about with Steve Nash

    I will start it off with:

    “Josh McBob alley-oops” #showtimeLA

  169. to continue Warren’s post…
    seeing both Pau and Goldilocks turing into consistent 3 pt threats!

  170. I think Nash will have no problem dealing with Kobe when it comes to handling possessions the way he wants.

    Somehow(!) Nash’s usage rate has stayed in the low 20s his entire career with an average of 21%. He had the 7th(!) highest usage rate on the Suns last year.

    In comparison, Fisher had a 15% usage rate and Kobe’s was 35% last year.

    If Kobe “surrenders” even 6% of his usage to the actual POINT GUARD, then Nash is already at his career usage rate (and Kobe can still have his career almost-31% usage rate).

    What I’m REALLY interested to see is how much more deadly the Laker’s 1-2 P&R just got. This was a go-to play in key games in the past, but there hasn’t been a shooting and ball-handling threat at the 1 position like this since like ever.

    A player like Josh Smith or Iguodala could be nice next to him, since he’s so talented at the fast break (and they would be help defense assets), but that would preclude the Nash-Gasol P&R/P&P, something that should be beautiful to witness. I hope this helps to clear some of Pau’s melancholy about playing for the Lakers.

    Bynum should get tons of easy points from lob after lob (and under-the-leg passes off of drives), which should keep him motivated on the defensive end and on the glass (I hope…). His monstrous defensive presence will be key to making the Nash-Bryant backcourt work, since Nash is obviously not much of a defender and both have been in the league since the 1996 draft.

    However, if Bynum were to be traded for an athletic, multiple-DPOY-winning center, it would be an upgrade in the short term, as long as that player’s back doesn’t seriously limit their game. Bynum’s superior offensive repertoire is evident, but he is less at home in a pick-and-roll offense. He’s not as mobile, which slows down potential transition offense opportunities. This new center could potentially have another DPOY worthy season with the best support he’s ever had by a long shot. Even in a less-favorable trade that required taking back contracts like that of Jason Richardson, the trade would be worth exploring. He was excellent for the Suns with Nash before, and would add the key shooting touch to the line-up to make the offense spacing ideal.

    No matter what, this team has suddenly become a real contender overnight. I’m so excited!

  171. The only thing I don’t like is the 2015 1st rounder, which, AFAIK, is not lottery-protected. That may sting real bad when the time comes. Also, the lineup, if they keep MWP, will be 39,34,33,32, and a slow 25-year-old if they keep Bynum.

    That said, Nash’s shooting, passing, handle and overall approach to the game made it worth doing, and I think all can agree we are much more excited about the 2013 Lakers than we were 24 hours ago.

    And the Lakers stuck it to Cuban.

  172. I think Ben R. at Silver Screen and Roll said it best:

    “Mitch Kupchak is a goddamn ninja. Make a toast to him. Getting Nash for essentially nothing other than picks while not trading Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum is a coup”

  173. Warren Wee Lim July 5, 2012 at 7:59 am

    48 hours ago, this was an inept, cost-cutting, uninterested-in-winning, and retarded front office. I wonder what changed?

  174. According to Stevie Wonder of NBA: “it’s hard to put on the Laker jersey”, indeed it would be after torching the Lakers so many times that made some players into scrubs of the playoffs, however this change was the best decision he made at the sunset of his career. The new jersey will put him at the Staples rafters together with Kobe and Shaq as new members. He has to reward the Laker for at least one Championship out of three years and with great probability three visits to WCF.

    Next Lakers objective should aim at cold blooded shooters like Rashard Lewis, Brandon Rush, Marco Bellinelli, Nick Young. Develop our own shooting assets now as early as August – Blake, Goudelock, JDO and Morris. I think that would be enough.

    Lastly, congratulations to FO Mitch for converting low picks to Steve and last but not least a belated gratitude to Jimbo for spending the TPE. Perhaps, it would cost the Lakers $17M just for Steve’s contract alone but the rate of return yields ten fold. When Laker fans get excited and delirious, they have the tendency to spend more on anything that the word Lakers appears. When they are sour losers, they engage in endless bickerings, bitching and ad infinitum debates. It goes with the territory because the late Chick educated them all to be GM’s, Coaches and Magic transformed them to Showtime PG’s in front of a TV set.

  175. lil pau nash over dwill & tony parker? beside the point excellant signing we are going for it now

  176. Getting Nash effects the team as a whole not just the starters the Lakers can keep Sessions and Blake,Barnes, Mc Roberts, Hill,Murphy,Morris & Ebanks as there bench players they’ll get better as a unit knowing there roles through summer league and training camp.Ray Allen could become sixth man of the year on a team like the Lakers one can only wish.