Sunday Reading: Kobe, Nash, Howard, and more

Dave Murphy —  July 8, 2012

There doesn’t seem to have been any breaking news from the Los Angeles Lakers front this weekend. They’re presumably biding their time in the Dwight Howard grind. Either that or Mitch Kupchak will pull one of his patented stealth ninja moves when we’re least expecting it. There’s been other things to occupy sports fans’ attention – Team USA set their roster, and Roger Federer claimed yet another Wimbleton title. Here’s a few bits of Sunday reading, in excerpt form:

Marc J. Spears at Yahoo writes about Kobe’s reaction to the Steve Nash trade, and how rivalries give way to time:

Kobe Bryant has a warning for the rest of the NBA now that Steve Nash is joining him in the Los Angeles Lakers’ backcourt. “We’re going to have to be dealt with,” Bryant said. Bryant spoke after Team USA held its first practice of its Olympic training camp. He and the rest of the players didn’t spend much time answering questions about who will make the final 12-man roster for London. Instead, the talk was dominated by Nash’s move to Los Angeles and the rest of the NBA’s free-agency frenzy.

In the first week of free agency, Deron Williams committed to stay with the Brooklyn Nets instead of choosing his hometown Dallas Mavericks, Jason Kidd (New York Knicks) and Jason Terry (Boston Celtics) opted to leave Dallas and Ray Allen decided to leave the Celtics to join LeBron James and the champion Heat. The biggest surprise has been Nash’s decision to join the Lakers. “It’s not really weird,” Bryant said. “We’ve obviously had our moments, had our battles. But at the core of it are two guys that came into the league at the same year (1996). Myself, him, Ray Allen, (Kevin) Garnett, we’re pretty much the last ones left. There is a kind of bond that comes along with that that’s kind of bigger than some of the rivalries we’ve had.

Earl Bloom at the OC Register examines the potential pitfall to signing Dwight Howard:

Dwight Howard is well into his second year of holding at least two NBA franchises, and sometimes more, hostage to his whims. The Orlando Magic’s All-Star center, one of the NBA’s best rebounders and shot-blockers, has one intended destination: the Brooklyn, formerly New Jersey, Nets. That’s the only team he says he will sign a long-term deal with after his contract expires next season. It’s much more likely when the Magic finally moves Howard, after bending over backwards for him for a year-plus, it will send him to the Lakers or the Houston Rockets.

Be careful what you wish for, Lakers fans. James left Cleveland after seven years because he wanted to win a title. Howard wants to leave a winner to go to a loser, I guess mainly because Jay-Z is a part-owner of the Nets, and can help make Howard a bigger star. Maybe Howard really is Superman, the character he styled himself as in an All-Star dunk contest (which irritated Shaquille O’Neal to no end). Bullets seem to bounce off Howard. If Howard as a one-year rental for the Lakers or the Rockets, he’s going to be an expensive one.

Ben Bolch for the L.A. Times, on the heartache and frustration that Steve Nash leaves behind:

Steve Nash can be tough on coaches. Scheming to stop his relentless pick-and-roll game often leaves even the best tacticians futilely scribbling on whiteboards. “The agony he caused before games, during games, and after games, trying to figure out how were going to do it better…” former New York Knicks and Houston Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy said, his voice trailing off. “He’s taken years off coaches’ lives.” The newest Laker has also left heartache in his wake. One of the most difficult losses that Don Nelson endured in a 34-year, Hall of Fame coaching career involved Nash leaving the Dallas Mavericks in the summer of 2004 to sign as a free agent with the Phoenix Suns. “It deflated my desires there because he was my favorite player,” Nelson recalled in a phone interview from his home in Maui. “To lose him killed me. I tried my best to deal with it. It;s not that I stopped trying or anything. But there was something cut out of my heart losing Nash.”

As a new week rolls into view, there will continue to be speculation about the next big thing, if in fact there is, or needs to be, a next big thing. Bringing back Hill and Ebanks, and tweaking the roster with affordable pieces like Grant Hill and Jordie Meeks, would help bolster a roster whose dynamic has shifted dramatically. If you’re still looking for something to do on a lazy afternoon, there’s always hiking in the canyon with Nash and Sager.

– Dave Murphy


Dave Murphy


to Sunday Reading: Kobe, Nash, Howard, and more

  1. “But at the core of it are two guys that came into the league at the same year (1996). Myself, him, Ray Allen, (Kevin) Garnett, we’re pretty much the last ones left.” Marc Spears never ceases to amaze with his misinformation. Kobe didn’t say Garnett (Furthermore Marc should know that KG didn’t get drafted in 1996). Kobe said Marcus (as in Marcus Camby) SMH.


  2. dave m: the mamba, the deliverer and superman. good for sunday reading and then some. wild kingdom, a sunday sermon and dc comics come to mind. what better way to anticipate the upcoming season?

    it’s clear laker front office is looking out for the enormous laker fan base. by maintaining an “experienced” core coupled with incoming old and new winners (provided we land superman) pretty much guarantees an exciting upcoming season for the entire nba. the pressure to succeed would be tremendous and right up the alley of laker nation as we know it.

    keep up the good work laker front office and keep bringing us the latest updates dave m. enjoy the day.

    Go Lakers


  3. I believe I was one who preached patience, but even I wasn’t prepared for what Mitch and Jim Buss were able to deliver.

    Just because you don’t hear any noise doesn’t mean a car isn’t coming – perhaps it is electric! Perhaps it is my Tesla Model S.

    Have faith Laker nation. The front office isn’t asleep. They just don’t talk much.


  4. Joshua Robbins at Hoopsworld tweeted that there has been no contact between the Magic and Bynum’s camp. This leads me to believe there isn’t any deal pending at this time. Throw in the fact that they decided not to hold onto Ryan Anderson, a young stretch 4 that would have fit nicely with Bynum and it really makes me wonder if there isn’t something close with the Nets, considering that Humphries had to be part of a package to make any trade with the Nets work.


  5. If the choice is between Grant Hill and Jodie Meeks, I’d take Jodie Meeks. Meeks has great 3pt range. Exactly what the Lakers need.


  6. i think the magic would be a mediocre team with drew. if this team is to rebuild, they can’t afford to be mediocre; they need to aim for absolutely terrible.

    but, let’s say the magic manage to be absolutely terrible this year. does drew re-sign with them knowing they’re a few years away–at least? is that appealing?

    doesn’t it make more sense to trade for horford or lopez? at least those two will be locked in for 4 years. and horford comes at a bargain price(4yrs/$48M).


  7. “Kobe Bryant has a warning for the rest of the NBA now that Steve Nash is joining him in the Los Angeles Lakers’ backcourt. “We’re going to have to be dealt with,” .

    Sweet & simple. Can a Laker fan ask for more this upcoming season?


  8. 5

    If you’re going to rebuild though, you need to get back a legitimate building block in any Howard trade. Bynum is the best option for Orlando in this regard. Horford is a good player and Lopez is decent, but Bynum at least has the potential to be a player you build a team around. And he might be willing to stay with a bad team if he knows he’ll be the centerpiece of that team for the foreseeable future.


  9. I can’t wait to see Nash-Kobe screens. Someone is going to be wide open every time.

    It’s going to be all kinds of funny if Lakers don’t get Dwight when Bynum becomes a rfa and signs with another team.

    The first Nash-Person shootout will be epic.


  10. meeks and hill for the minimum? no problem. for the mini-midlevel? no thank you.

    i’ve read sessions has his heart set on being a starter, but it’d be nice to have him as a playmaking 6th man. could he not back-up nash and sop up some of kobe’s minutes as well? he could get 25-30 minutes a night.


  11. First things first. We need to hold onto what we’ve got–and Sessions seems to be gone already.

    I mistakenly lept for joy when it appeared that Jordan Hill had decided to sign with us. I have good reason to worry. His former coach and more money may be waiting for him in Minnesota.

    I thought that Ebanks was safely with us, but I’d like to see that finalized.

    Then there’s that ongoing melodrama that needs closure–so we can continue to reload.


  12. any_one_mouse July 8, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    I’m hoping that the plan is to maximize the time that Nash and Kobe spend on the court together. If so, getting a good three point shooter is not as important as a good scorer. Blake, for now at least, is our back-up point. Which means we need someone who can create his own shot, and that Meeks is not.


  13. I would like to have Sessions resign with us. And it could happen. With both Brooks and Bayless now unrestricted FA’s Ramon is running out of teams he can start for, assuming Dallas goes after Brooks.

    As for Meeks, he is a very good 3 point shooter. And with only the mini MLE available, he is about as good as it gets.


  14. 7: unless drew wants to be in orlando, trading for him isn’t really an option.


  15. DH is going to the Nets. They’ve found the 3rd team and it’s Cleveland. I’d bet Gilbert would do anything to NOT let DH land on the Lakers.


  16. Adrian Wojnarowski: Bynum has shown no inclination to agree to an immediate extension if sent to Orlando as part of a Dwight Howard package, sources tell Y! 4 minutes ago.

    speak of the devil.


  17. What does Bynum want? He doesn’t want to be on a team where he’s the man and he doesn’t want to be on a team where he’s not the man. I’m confused.


  18. chibi: not news to me. Said Bynum would test FA a while ago. He’s going to screw the Lakers over.

    Going into a season with Drew who’s sole focus is to secure his next contract is trouble. Been saying it. Lakers better move him for pieces NOW.

    Darius had a post saying Bynum has some power. Now we see what he was talking about. BYNUMARE!!


  19. I thought Jordan Hill was going to make his ‘announcement’ @3pm today.

    Something is in the air again….


  20. Re Bynum’s future with the Lakers: you can see what’s going to happen a mile away.

    Utah, Denver were smart and were proactive. Orlando not so much.


  21. 13&14– My understanding – correct me if i’m wrong – is that under the new CBA, both Bynum and Howard would make more $ by allowing their contracts to expire and signing a new one than they would by extending. As a result, even if Bynum or DH were dying to be traded to ORL/LA respectively, it would still be in their interest not to extend, which of course would put the ‘receiving’ team at some risk that the player would change his mind or be motivated by a different agenda.

    This is why trading for DH is risky (even beyond his health)– the Lakers could offer him the most $ to resign, but it’s extremely unlikely DH would guarantee that he would do so. In Orl’s case, this means yet another year of a star center (now Drew) miring the franchise in uncertainty– will he resign or won’t he? Horford or Lopez are much worse than Drew, but at least the franchise won’t have to answer questions about him all season…

    Again, if I’m wrong, please correct this, but I’m pretty sure this is the case.

    On the spin front, Orl now saying they may hold onto DH12 until the allstar break. This is nonsense- could you imagine the Carmelo x 1000 backlash if he actually suited up this season? My perfectly random odds for what will happen: Nets: 50 percent, Lakers 40 percent, other 10 percent, starts the season with Orl, 0 percent


  22. Going into a season with Drew who’s sole focus is to secure his next contract is trouble.

    @Kevin 14: What kind of sense does that make?

    If he’s motivated to secure the best contract possible then he’s likely to outperform expectations in the coming season. Not the converse.

    Do you think Howard improved his hand this past season with his injury and his childish behavior?


  23. The notion that “Bynum wants to be the man” is an unsubstantiated rumor.

    Drew is angling for an extension with a no-trade clause. This signals the endgame of the Dwight Howard saga. Once Dwight is traded, Drew gets his extension. That’s it.

    I hope I’m right. I never wanted Howard, if it meant losing Drew.


  24. “Orlando should still trade for Bynum. They have inside track to keep him via bird rights and if he wants out they could get assets in S&T”

    Sean Highkin via twiter…and I agree.


  25. Dave: Bynum won’t be focused on winning. He’ll be more inclined to want to see 20-10s by his name in the box score than the final score. Chemistry is key upcoming season. Bynum rebelled against everybody last year from Mitch to Brown to his teammates.

    It’s in the players best interest to be a FA. Bynum’s not signing a extension with the Lakers. He’ll hit FA and secure the most lucrative deal possible. And may see better options out there for him the way Dwight does now.


  26. Kevin

    there really isn’t anything out there that would indicate Bynum will not sign with the lakers. I do not see him signing an extension, unless he somehow prefers the shorter deal. It will be like D Will did this year and Cris Paul is doing. By playing out their contract he can get the full 5 year max. Other teams will only be able to offer 4 years.


  27. Woj says Raja Bell is finalizing his buyout with the Jazz so he can hop on Lebron’s coattails. Hope Raja enjoyed his stay in Utah, considering he spurned Kobe and the Lakers to go there (turned out better for us).

    If the current reports are true, looks like Dan Gilbert is trying to create another super team in Brooklyn to stop Lebron from winning more titles. Berg’s report confuses me though – can’t tell if the Cavs are asking for picks or if they’re sending Brooklyn more picks to give to Orlando. The latter makes no sense whatsoever.


  28. MichaelH: I just hear Bynum say he wants to be the man. With Nash, Kobe, Pau here for the forseeable future. That won’t happen.

    Snoopy2006: Not sure where Dwight goes but Brooklyn has to have everything go right for them. Too many moving parts plus Lopez and Humphries have to agree to be dealt. Who wants to go to play in Cleveland? lol


  29. Kevin,

    I agree to a point, but I’d add that Bynum in his walk year will be motivated to play well, so I think that cuts both ways.


  30. rr: Motivated to get his numbers or motivated to win?


  31. Why would the Heat want Raja’s washed up self? Bynum has one big incentive to extend now: a knee blowing out this season could cost him everything. Figure 3 years at 16 to 18 (start)= 58++million dollar mistake, Drew.


  32. Kevin,

    Judging from Andrew’s comments over the last few years, it was clear he wanted a larger role with the team, and he got it. But up to now he has never said he wants to be the man. That’s all blog speculation.

    Bottom line is Howard has said he does not want to play here and Andrew has always said he wants to be a Laker. It’s a risk either way but at least with keeping Bynum we are not left with a bunch of bad contracts if he walks. And make no mistake, the Magic do not care where they send him. They want picks and they want to get rid of bad contracts. Lakers would not get Howard for Andrew straight up, they will send him to the Rockets or warriors first.


  33. rr: Motivated to get his numbers or motivated to win?

    The two are not mutually exclusive. I would add two other points:

    1. Bynum’s next deal, here or elsewhere, will be a max deal or close if he plays out the schedule without a major knee injury, regardless of what his numbers are. Also, playing good D and crashing glass will help, not hurt, his FA price tag.
    2. Nash will almost certainly help everybody’s numbers. Bynum will get more cookies with Nash around.


  34. Whata…?

    Bynum is considering the Cavs? Are you kidding me? Why?


  35. I wonder what Carl Landry will demand in free agency.

    Wonder if he’d be willing to take a cheaper contract in search of a championship. $3.3 million sounds about right no?


  36. And people here want to say Bynum is smart. The Kid is dumb, plain and simple. And before anyone tells me he fixes computers, let me just point out that I know a lot of people with low IQ who can fix computers.


  37. Even if you’re going to take a report by the Star-Telegram’s sports blog at face value, I’m not really sure how that is evidence of Bynum being stupid. He already has two championships. Why is it stupid for him to explore teams where he can be the obvious first option and not be constantly under Kobe’s shadow? He’s never really indicated that his only incentive is more rings, but has instead consistently desired better numbers and money. He can most likely get those in other cities besides LA, without the pressure. If the Cavs give him a max 5 year deal, with his injury history, who is the dumb one?


  38. I don’t see the Lakers making any more major moves before next season. Sure, they need some back up players, but with little to offer in trade assets, they’ll probably re-sign Ebanks and settle for the free market (Barbosa?).

    As for Bynum, the Lakers’ best move is to sit tight and wait to see how the season plays out. If he continues to improve, they should re-sign him for the max. If he doesn’t, they might be able to use him in a sign & trade to get some young talent or draft picks. Don’t forget, Kobe & Gasol’s contracts expire after the 2013/14 season and the Lakers just traded away their 2013 (not so valuable) & 2015 (probably very valuable) 1st round picks for Nash.


  39. Best backcourts

    1. Westbrook/Harden

    2. Deron/Johnson

    3. Kobe/Nash

    4. Rondo/Bradley

    5. Lawson/Afflalo


  40. If Bynum can see himself playing for the Mavs, I can see Nowitzki playing for the Lakers, if you catch my drift.

    A front court of Dirk and Pau gives Nash the best possible pick and roll options he could possibly hope for, and the spacing that front court would provide would be unreal.

    That, in my opinion, would be the best front court in the NBA.

    If the Lakers have truly gone supernova, a young Bynum for 34-year-old Dirk is a consideration that has to be made.


  41. Kevin

    you have to put Chris Paul/Chauncey Billups in there somewhere


  42. I am still ecstatic over the Nash trade, but we need more. The Heat – are about to change their name to the Inferno, and the thing about winning the championship is eventually you must beat everyone. With all due respect to Kobe: I do not want to be “dealt with”. I want the other teams to be “dealt with” by the Lakers.


  43. Best Froncourts

    1. Pau/Bynum

    2. Milsap/Jefferson

    Still some moving parts Not sure after that. Looking around teams have definitely added size except Miami. Might really be there downfall next year if not addressed.

    Jonny: Can make a case for 5 but top 4 are set in stone.



    Bynum’s been so adamant it doesn’t matter where he plays for a while now. What changed? His agent David Lee is halting this process.


  45. Love/Pekovic

    All front courts that I would rank higher than Milsap/Jefferson

    (And if we’re counting small ball, then Hortford/Smith, LBJ/Bosh, and Durant/Ibaka are ahead of Milsap/Jefferson, with LBJ/Bosh taking the No. 1 spot from Pau/Bynum)


  46. Magic Phil,

    Everything is smoke and mirrors at this point. I believe very little of these media reports. That story smells like an agent trying to keep the price of his player as high as possible. Tell teams your guy wants to play with them so you can bait them into bidding for his services. Maybe there is another angle behind it. I’d take very little of these reports at face value.

    At the end of the day I expect Howard to end up in Brooklyn and Bynum stay in LA.


  47. heat trying for camby. uhhh… – no one else sees this as just getting ridiculous and boring? why not give them dhoward or bynum – then the entire team would have the same cry baby attitude.


  48. Bynum is vetoing deals and he’s in a walk year. Is he going to want to stay?

    Bynum and his agent David Lee are actually screwing the Lakers over right now. On purpose?

    Drew knows we tried to trade him. Is he going to be all in next year?

    If we don’t get Dwight Lakers should turn around and trade Bynum. It could be a toxic situation.


  49. My god. Can we please lay off the Howard and Bynum talk for just one day?

    Some kf you truly have nothing to contribute to this site. Good grief.


  50. MannyP: I’ll stop posting about Dwight and Bynum but this whole scenario affects our season more than you think.


  51. MannyP, fair enough. Let’s talk about something else…

    1) Whata f*** with Jordan Hill?
    2) How greedy is Sessions agent (the guy had a chance to START for the Lakers and opted-out? Then his seat is filled with Steve Nash? Signs you have a bad agent…)

    That’s enough?

    Problem is that people want to talk about Bynum/DH. It’s a topic with multiple points of view…Who’s right, who’s gambling, who’s choosing the wrong option, etc…

    Bynum is just feeling deserted after all Jim’s promisses of being the star of the franchise, etc…But there’s Kobe, 2 more years, then trade to ORL…He’s just reacting.

    Somebody here said: “DH is traded, AB signs an extension”.



  52. Some kf you truly have nothing to contribute to this site. Good grief.

    Bynum and Howard is the issue facing the team at the moment, along with other personnel issues. It is perfectly reasonable to talk about it. Feel free to change the subject.

    I agree with the post above–I think Howard goes to BKN and Bynum stays here.


    I would like to respectfully suggest that you consider the approach of evaluating rumored and completed moves, rather than complaining about moves not happening fast enough. Reminder: you wanted the TPE used last year and were quite angry that it wasn’t. You also complained multiple times about the Odom deal. But if the Beasley deal had gone through, or the Odom deal had not, probably no Nash. This FO has not earned blind faith–no FO does. But a little slack is in order. Another reminder: the team sent $3M along to PHX with the picks. Adding what they are paying Nash, and the tax payments, Buss will clearly approve expenditures if he thinks they will make a difference.


  53. Magic Phil and Snoopy, you are right about Gilbert trying to help the Nets gets Howard to form a super team to stop Lebron. The irony of the situation is if Gilbert had kept his mouth shut instead of whining about the Lakers getting CP3, then the Lakers would already have Kobe, DH and CP3 and they would’ve had the best chance to beat Lebron.


  54. rr: Who says I am complaining? I said I am ecstatic ! I am merely stating – we need more. If you think we are favs as is – then let me know. If not – I guess you would agree – we need more. And I don’t think we are favs with whoever we can get at MLE or VM either, so we need more. I have always said – I do not care if we are 6th or 8th. We need to be top 2-3, and we are knocking on that door.


  55. Regardless of what happens with the Dwightmare scenario, you can’t blame Mitch. He’s trying the best he can, the Lakers just don’t have anything to offer if Bynum won’t extend. 

    I can’t really blame Drew. From what I understand from the new CBA, players make more money from signing a new contract rather than extending. Unless something disastrous happens next season, he knows he’s getting a new max contract with the Lakers, so he has a strong financial incentive not to go along with a S&T with Orlando. 

    The Lakers also crippled themselves by giving their picks to get Nash, but I can’t fault Mitch for this because the Lakers biggest need was PG, not a Center upgrade. 

    Combined with Dwight insisting on the Nets, him coming to the Lakers was just not to be, despite the fact that Orlando knows Drew is way better than anything the Nets could offer. At this point, the Lakers should focus on upgrading their bench as their starting 5 is pretty good as is. Probably not good enough to beat OKC or Miami, and unfortunately that’s where Dwight’s consistency in defense and rebounding could have made a difference.


  56. Kevin

    Deron Williams would not sign an extenstion last year because under the new CBA he realized that he can get a fifth year by playing out his contract and becoming a free agent.

    Chris Paul will not sign an extension with the Clippers for the same reason.

    So why should Bynum? It’s all about business. This the new reality with the new CBA.


  57. @Kevin 25:

    You talk about 20 and 10 as if it’s achieved with the effortlessness of gods.

    I’ll be fine with 20 and 10 from Bynum this year if he manages to stay healthy all year.

    How many guys do you know around the league who can average 20 and 10 in a season anyway?


  58. Dave: you just want Bynum to do well for your fantasy team.

    MichaelH: I’ve never questioned whether testing FA was the right thing. I think it is.

    Let’s be real Lakers have a window of MAYBE 2 years this could be the last hurrah. If Bynum doesn’t have a extension before the season it will hurt this team. Lakers will NOT win a ring if everybody is not on the same page.


  59. who care about 20 and 10 for Bynum what I want is 15 points, 15 rebounds, and 3 block…


  60. Sure getting Nash keeps the Lakers competitive in the short run, but no way is Nash by himself enough to make the Lakers favorites for a title.

    They really do need to move Bynum – if for nothing else, then to create space to operate for Nash. Anyone remember how badly Shaq clogged things up in the lane during his short time in Phoenix – an experiment that definitely didn’t work? I see very much the same scenario here.


  61. Kevin,

    Bynum most likely won’t have an extension before the season starts. If the Lakers fail to win a title next season I doubt Bynum’s contract status will be the cause. The team still has quite a few other basketball issues that need to be adequately addressed.

    Bynum could come in the with discipline and focus of a US Marine and the team could still fall short because Brown overplays the starters during the season. Or they could fall short because their bench is so short handed. Or they could fall short because at this point Durant and Westbrook’s legs can outlast Nash and Kobe’s legs.

    Bynum is one piece of a very interconnected puzzle. You make him out to be more important than he is.


  62. Renato Afonso July 9, 2012 at 2:27 am

    39. Jonny,

    Dirk for Bynum or Pau is something that we, as Lakers fans, could only dream of. Dirk is going to retire a Mav… But I agree that it would be awesome.

    Now, instead of discussing the DH for AB trade which probably won’t happen (specially since Bynum actually said he wanted to remain a Laker), why don’t we focus on our bench?

    Do we need Sessions at all? Wouldn’t we be better off with Morris learning the ropes from Nash while getting 10-12 minutes a game?

    Shouldn’t we get a backup for Kobe? Maybe a 3pt specialist…

    Are we ok with Ron Artest having Ebanks to replace him?

    Who are the bigs who crack the rotation after Pau and Bynum? Maybe Jordan Hill if we can keep him and who else? The rookie?

    This is the kind of discussion we should be having. Obviously that it would help to understand what system does Mike Brown want to run… Our set plays last year were atrocious and I truly believe that we will never get a ring with Mike Brown running this team. I hope I’m wrong…


  63. Warren Wee Lim July 9, 2012 at 6:41 am

    If you ask me, getting Nash unexpectedly makes me want to go all in for our next 2-3 years. And by that I mean trade Bynum. But not for Dwight. There’s 2 deals out there that would complete our lineup.


  64. Warren,

    What 2 deals are you talking about?


  65. Warren Wee Lim July 9, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Purely speculative, but it involves acquiring the best PNR center in the league to pair with the core we have. Someone who doesn’t ask for the ball to be effective, someone that has a 3-yr contract at 13-14M near-max.

    The other is less popular but also acquires a complimentary bruiser PF/C beside Pau Gasol, also under contract for 12M.

    I prefer to not mention the names. Obviously, the top choice is the best possible fit.


  66. Warren Wee Lim July 9, 2012 at 7:09 am

    ^ NOne of which are rumored or mentioned in mainstream blogs/media. But then again Mitch is a ninja so…


  67. I have no problems with Bynum not signing a long term deal now. It’s amazing what some fans tend to forget. The last two years have shown EVERYONE the Lakers can’t win the title with Kobe taking more shots than Bynum & Gasol combined. So for the 1st time in his career (except the few games Gary Payton played) Kobe will be playing with a future HOF point guard. Someone who can wave Kobe off and get Bynum & Gasol the touches they need to help Kobe be a more efficient scorer this season.

    And for those who have been so concerned with Bynum’s knees, be happy A. B. is willing to take this chance not locking the Lakers in long-term.

    I like Bynum, I believe he can be a very serious piece in the Laker’s PRESENT & FUTURE (who else can you say that about currently on this squad).

    I’m willing to roll the dice on Bynum. Looking forward to the start of the season.


  68. If DH is off the market, and I do not think he wants to join the Lakers anyway, but the one move I would really like to see explored is a Bynum for KLove trade.

    Ideally, Gasol would be traded for Love, so that it reduces salaries, Gasol gets to play with Rubio, etc.

    But KLove is frustrated in Minny (who wouldn’t be), it would be difficult for Kahn to say no to a player like Bynum, and KLove is perfect for a Lakers team with Bryant, Nash and Gasol — Gasol moves to Center, but KLove spaces the floor and rebounds like mad, hits the 3s when Nash drives, unclogs the paint for Gasol and Bryant, etc.

    That’s the perfect win-win trade.


  69. Hold on tight the Bynumscare and Howardsnightmare is about the land to reality. According to reports, Cavs are the catalyst in Dwight to Nets. At the end of the deal, Magic gets Brook Lopez versus if they go with the Lakers, Drew Bynum. (Who do they prefer Frankenstein or Dracula to replace KingKong?) I believe Bynum is still the best deal for Magic, if not socks will still be a Laker and will improve under Nash, the new facilitator.

    The second tier are growing a little bit from Grant Hill, Jodie Meeks and now Raja Bell. I wish they could add more young faces who would want to compete for a ring at a minimum contract. Yes, it’s a minimum contract but if they play well and behave well as a Laker, they could hit a jackpot like Luke Walton or Rick Fox by just sticking with the Lakers. If I were the ambitious free agent who has still years ahead of me and I’m a reliable perimeter player, I’d choose the Lakers. In 3 years time, they have all the money to re-sign me with better privies and control with this team searching for its future.

    The preceding concept applies to Hill and Sessions who have been in the paradise in the playoffs because of the Lakers. They should take care of their future by sacrificing a little on contract increase or extension. They have to plant the seed now in order to have a bountiful harvest in the future. Case in point: Learn from former Lakers: 1)Turiaf when he moved to GS, he became a journeyman; 2)Shannon Brown, when he went to Suns for small raise, now back to being unheralded FA; 3) Jordan Farmar, when he wants more PT as a starter now going to Israel and lastly, 4) Lamar Odom, when he appeared cocky with his switch and 6th-man laurels ambitious in joining Cuban’s brigade became a desperate Clipper. Like the nursery rhyme, “all kings horses and all kings men could not put humpty dumpty (their future pay and recognition) together again.”


  70. Warren Wee Lim:

    Just clarifying your trade speculation: 1) Are you saying that you have reason to believe that the FO is looking at these moves. Or, 2) That you would like the FO to pursue these moves

    You seem well connected, but my feeling is that Bynum is not on the table. The FO appears to want to keep the previous Big 3 (now, Big 4) together this year.


  71. IMO, another weakness of the Lakers is coaching especially two coaches are leaving the team. Lakers need the help of Showtime players who could help Mrown to fill in his deficiency in inspiring its member and designing a better offensive thrusts. We witnessed how Sessions was ruined with the two PG lineup who both have no defense. We saw the constant experimentation that destroyed the bench, G-lock and Murphy lost in the transition and never recovered their prowess in perimeter shooting. Mbrown boasts his defense yet could not defend the last three minutes of every ball game and this included to eventual collapse against OKC.

    Mbrown should be reinforced with better coaches who could train the rookies. We used to have Craig Hodges and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the legend, today some asst. coaches appears to be great in pencil pushing on stat sheets or video cam replays, their side jobs being the supplier of chewing gums and bottled water for fidgety Mbrown. Just kidding before I rile up the Brown fanatics.


  72. The Lakers either don’t want to trade Bynum for a healthy Dwight Howard or they think Dwight will never fully recover from hi back surgery because the Magic just traded stretch 4 supreme Ryan Anderson away. If the Magic thought they were able to get Bynum or going to keep Howard Andreson would be on the Magic next season.


  73. A few random thoughts:

    – The Lakers have some insight into how Howard is healing since the surgeon that performed Dwight’s operation also works with their players. The Lakers must be suspicious of Howard’s ability to start the year on time or of his prognosis of a full recovery.

    – There’s no rush to move Bynum, like CP3, he will wait until he is a free agent to sign a new contract so he can get more years/dollars. If things don’t work out Bynum can always be dealt vi a sign and trade next offseason.

    – I hope the Lakers are looking at Courtney Lee. My opinion, for what its worth, is that he would be a nice defensive stopper. There are so many talented backcourt players on the teams we need to beat – it wouldbe nice to get some young legs to throw at them.

    – The Lakers still need to sign a SF that can actually shoot. There are a number of options out there – I just hope the Lakers go young as opposed to an old grizzled veteran. You’d think any number of players would be asking to join the Lakers. With Nash and the other offensive weapons on the team, the Lakers offer a qualified wing the best chance to average double digits in the league.


  74. Warren – Based on your description, I have a feeling I know one of the players you’re talking about, and I’m on board. I’ve actually coveted him for a while but with the addition of Nash, his PnR skill becomes a true offensive threat.


  75. After resigning Hill… The only thing the Lakers need concern themselves with is the back up PG spot. Again… Nash plays about half the game and will be 39 years old. The Suns always knew Nash’s back up was critical to his teams succsess. Luckily there are a ton of options. My first choice would be Ramon Sessions and my second choice would be Jordan Farmar after he is bought out of Atlanta. While I think Morris is going to be more than a solid PG I don’t know it yet. So it’s crucial the Lakers s’more up that spot. If Morris is the player I think he is the Lakers would have two quality PGs after Nash retires or dies of old age. Whatever happens first.

    According to NBA TV’s Denver Nuggets series a couple years ago Goerge Karl said the best PnR Centers in the league are Howard and Bynum. He has a PnR defense for them and one other for everyone else in the league. I’ll trust Karl and say your guy is at best the third most prolific PnR Center in the game.


  76. any_one_mouse July 9, 2012 at 10:02 am

    We need a thread on USA basketball!
    Don’t know if this will happen, but wouldn’t it be fun to trot out a line-up with Love, Melo, Durant in the front court, and Kobe, Lebron inthe backcourt? How do you match up with that?

    On a related note, in a purely hypothetical exercise, how would this team:
    C – Howard, Chandler
    PF – KG, Love, Bosh
    SF – LBJ, Durant, Melo
    SG – Kobe, Wade, Westbrook
    PG – Paul, Deron

    stack up against the Dream Team of 92?

    I think it would be close, especially if you start LBJ as PG:)
    You could stick LBJ/Kobe on MJ/Magic, and the Dream Team wouldn’t have the defensive prowess to cover Kobe, LBJ *and* Durant!


  77. #68,

    With Bynum’s thoughts of raising his ante by telling people that he would consider Mavs or Cavs is just laughable. He thinks of himself as an irresistible Superstar Center that every team covets. Oh oh, he is just one injury away from seeing Dr. Alchek of NY again that will catapult his perception to immediate evaporation in the ozone layer. Bynum has to prove first that he can carry a team in the playoffs before boasting of his mega star status. During the time of Kareem, I never heard him of pre-sale pitch of himself to all teams, he just do his job in scoring double digits for long period of time in every game. As a Bruin, he dominates the league to the point that nobody could match the versatility of Kareem. What about Bynum, what good has he done in this playoffs?


  78. Both Howard and Bynum now have some ongoing physical issues. Nobody knows how this will play out in the short or long term, so any deal deal involving them is really a gamble for teams. Given the odds, Howard to the Nets doesn`t bother me;I just wish we could get it over and discuss other things.