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Phillip Barnett —  October 1, 2012

Here’s a look at the Lakers Media Day at their practice facility in El Segundo through photos. Click on the images for full sized images. Also, be sure to continue to check back throughout the rest of the day as I continue to update this post with more photos. Cheers.





Phillip Barnett


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  1. It may have took forever to get here, but October is finally here.

    For a second there, I thought Lamar Odom was still on our team. I had to take a second look just to be sure that I wasn’t dreaming.


  2. Some more pics from – (go there to see the full set):

    Artest looking much slimmer – and younger:


    Nash alley-oop to Dwight (the trailer):

    Fab 5 (The Avengers pose):


  3. If only Johson-Odom played like a hybrid of Magic (in his prime) and Odom (when he showed up)….. sigh.


  4. It’s such a privelage to be a Lakers fan. Everything we could ever want we fans seem to get. I’m just hoping this team reaches it’s potenial because it can be downright unfair. anybody have a front view of this shot on espnla front page?


  5. Lakers have signed Chris Douglas-Roberts:,0,3465469.story

    Athletic, young swingmen are nice things to have. Let’s see if he can play.


  6. Love the crowd shots of Kobe, that’s what it’s like to be the Man on Media Day.


  7. Plus, the Sage and Nash. Yes!


  8. What an awesome video wherein GM Mitch was showing the jerseys of the legends and in the background are 11 gold balls part of the O’Brien trophy? Then, Mitch added that in 10 years time your jersey will be there (with the message you have to contribute at least 4 more gold balls.)

    Hello Mr. Howard,

    This is just your first day Dwight being a Laker. When you were thinking, dilly dallying and postponing for one more year, what is the really the reason why you put the Lakers in the same level with Nets, Magic and Mavericks? Those teams are babies! Coming from a fan for the last 40 years who started being a fan without watching the team play from the other side of the world, ‘you ain’t seen or felt nothing yet.’ If you didn’t choose the Laker, I can tell you with modesty aside that you almost missed 1/2 of your life in NBA because this is the dream destiny of majority of NBA ballers. Many joined this team but only few became legends.

    Welcome to the team. I hope you get used to being treated as a real star and maybe you could accomplish your dream in becoming a Superman. Hollywood haven’t featured a black Superman, it could be you. Kobe even handed you in advance the scepter as the man of the future.

    Do you still want to be a Laker for one year only?

    Laker fan