Preview and Chat: The New York Knicks

Darius Soriano —  December 13, 2012

Records: Lakers 9-13 (12th in the West), Knicks 16-5 (1st in the East)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 105.9 (6th in the NBA), Knicks 110.4 (2nd in the NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 101.4 (15th in the NBA), Knicks 101.6 (16th in the NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Chris Duhon, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Antawn Jamison, Dwight Howard
Knicks: Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd, Ronnie Brewer, Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler 
Injuries: Lakers: Steve Nash (out), Pau Gasol (out), Steve Blake (out); Knicks: Amar’e Stoudemire (out), Marcus Camby (out), Iman Shumpert (out), J.R. Smith (probable)

The Lakers Coming in: First, some housekeeping. As noted above, Pau Gasol will not play tonight due to his sore knees. Nash and Blake, of course, also remain out. There have been hints that the Lakers are looking at reinforcements at point guard while Nash and Blake heal up. The options are slim, but doing their due diligence would be wise simply because they could use some help in that area.

In the past couple of weeks, the Lakers have replaced their consistently inconsistent play with consistently poor play; what used to be an up and down team is now only down. They are 3-7 in their last 10 games and are only 4-8 under Mike D’Antoni. What was once a respectable defense, at least in terms of defensive efficiency, is plummeting quickly, now ranking 15th in points allowed per possession. And while their offense remains firmly in the top 10, we’re also seeing less ball and player movement in recent games with only Kobe’s individual scoring prowess propping up their points per game.

As I said after the Cavs game, the model the Lakers are using now is broken. They’re not playing with nearly enough effort or energy, especially on the defensive side of the ball. With three of their top eight players out of the rotation, they can not afford to play a relaxed brand of basketball for even a quarter, but that’s exactly what we’re seeing for stretches even longer than that. At some point, this team needs to look in the mirror and simply decide that they’ve had enough of how they’re playing and change their approach. After the Cavs game, Kobe and Dwight (and several other players) spoke in tones and terms that reflect an understanding that they know what needs to be done. They must now turn their talk into action.

The Knicks Coming in: If you watch the Knicks play, you’re likely to see what you thought you would get from the Lakers this season. The ball moves, the shots fall, and there is a confidence that they can win every game. This team knows that they are good and go out there and prove it to you through executing on offense and doing enough on defense to win them games.

In the middle of their offensive attack is Carmelo Anthony, the National Team version. With Amar’e Stoudemire out with injury, ‘Melo has slid up to play PF and the results have been fantastic. He’s taking bigger defenders out on the floor and either shooting his jumper or driving by his man to get good shots close to the rim. With the defense collapsing around him, he’s also moving the ball well to open teammates and they’re either hitting shots or attacking the off the dribble and making good reads to further put the defense on it’s heels.

To put it simply, they’re playing good team basketball where everyone seems to know and understand their role. They are deep, talented, and have bought in to what their coach wants. They spread the floor with shooters (Jason Kidd, JR Smith, Novak, Felton, Melo) and then make the defense pay with ball movement to the open man. In a nutshell, this team is really good, even if their defense has been slipping lately.

Knicks Blogs: KnickerBlogger is one of the best (and oldest) team sites around. Check them out for great analysis. Also check out Posting and Toasting for more good takes on this team.

Keys to game: The Knicks are undefeated at home (8-0). The Lakers are one of the worst road teams in the league (2-7). Just from this standpoint, the Lakers are in for a difficult challenge.

The Lakers’ biggest concern tonight should revolve around their defense. As noted above, the Knicks have the 2nd most efficient offense in the league and it’s predicated on exploiting mismatches and moving the ball to the open man. They make the defense rotate multiple times in a single possession and then make shots from beyond the arc when that final closeout is late. The Lakers, meanwhile, don’t like to rotate on defense. They don’t like to make the extra effort, they don’t like cover for each other, they don’t like do the dirty work that comes with guarding multiple passes in a single possession.

Tonight, if they don’t do better at this, they will get blown out. The Knicks will make open jumpers and they will punish you with the same action over and over until you prove you can stop it. Then, to be sure, they’ll try again. The Lakers guards and wings must be ready to slow down dribble penetration, the bigs must be ready to hedge and recover, and the back side defender (whoever it is) must be ready to help the helper. Defending well in the halfcourt is especially important since the Knicks only run selectively.

When the Lakers have the ball, they must do more than give the ball to Kobe or Dwight and stand there. Against the Cavs, the Lakers eschewed the P&R to play more post up and isolation basketball and it didn’t work. Too many times the ball was dumped into Dwight or Kobe in the post (or, for Kobe, on the wing) and everyone watched as one of them tried to beat his man one on one. The lack of ball and player movement allowed the defense to dig in, squeeze the paint, and force live ball turnovers that were turned into easy baskets.

Moving the ball is paramount against a team that has smart defenders (which the Knicks have). It gets them thinking within a defensive possession and doesn’t allow them to dictate how a possession unfolds. As noted earlier, the Knicks are slipping on defense and a lot of that is due to good ball and player movement that forces the D to move on a string rather than allowing them to load up with Chandler covering for them on the back end. Make them choose between guarding the high post flash and the weak side corner. Make them have to help off the strong side corner and give up the open jumper. Make them have to hedge on the ball and then scurry back to Dwight as he bullies his way to the front of the rim. There will be options to exploit, but the team must seek them out, not just wait for them to materialize.

This game has also has several backstories. D’Antoni makes his return to the Garden where the team he left a season ago is playing very well since he departed. His new team is struggling and just came off what could be the worst defeat of the year. Things look dreary and the light at the end of the tunnel could just as easily be a train as it is the path to redemption. The Lakers would be wise to channel some of their frustration (and the energy that comes with playing the Garden) tonight. No one expects them to win this game, they might as well keep the world guessing.

Where you can watch: 5:00pm start time on TNT. Also listen live on ESPN Radio 710AM.

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121 responses to Preview and Chat: The New York Knicks

  1. More appropriate to repost here from last thread.

    Jerke December 13, 2012 at 10:59 am

    that being said – don’t be surprised if the lakers pull one out tonight –

    1. knicks guards are Felton and Jkidd – not speedsters that are going to abuse Duhon/Morris like Irving etc… have on dribble penetration which means Howard can stay at home more.

    2. Howard only has to contend with Chandler – who isn’t a relentless offensive threat. or If melo goes into the post, he can switch with Hill – and Artest can take Melo outside.

    3. Kobe knows he’s under the gun and will look to step up and prove he’s not a weak defender – looking for a good effort out of him on Smith.

    4. Don’t let Novak or wallace go off on threes and ignite the team emotionally.

    A little help from Meeks and Jamison scoring off the bench would help quiet MSG. Plus Knicks are due for their first home loss. And don’t think D’Antoni isn’t coming into this game with a little extra prep.

  2. I’m looking forward to watching a Knicks team that, from afar, has been hugely impressive with their effort and results, particularly while playing all their games without a $100 million player.

    If I had to guess, I’d expect a better early effort by the Lakers, with heavy reliance on (and minutes played by) Kobe & Dwight, which will ultimately wear them down and give way to a 4th quarter barrage that turns a close game into a blowout. Seems like the Knicks go about 9 deep right now, while the Lakers go about 2 deep….

  3. Perhaps it’s just me our defense was not been great but didn’t our defense really start taking a nose dive when Duhon took over at PG? While Duhon runs the offense better he can’t guard anyone. Morris at least worked hard on D. Wasn’t great but I think quite a bit better then Duhon.

  4. Damned if we do/Damned if we don’t w morris @Michael – he’s just that bad on running offense its hard to justify keeping him out there that long. That being said, Kidd and felton aren’t speedsters so dribble penetration should hopefully be a little less of an issue tonight

  5. Michael H,

    It’s certainly true that Morris has become a pretty good on-ball defender whereas Duhon is pretty much awful on that side of the ball, but this is our weakness right now (and pretty much the definition of any bad team): our players are good at one thing, bad at another. Kobe: good on offense, bad on D. AJ, often good on offense, terrible on D. Hill, good on D and offensive rebounding, but can’t shoot so defenses can swarm DH when they’re in together. Duhon, as you mentioned. Morris, the opposite problem. Pau, and let’s hope this is his injury, great in the post, mediocre from midrange, terrible on D. The closest thing we have two a two-way player right now is MWP, which says a lot. Maybe Howard as well, sort of, although his post game is incredibly unpolished (that said, I still hold out hope that he will be reborn on the offensive end running PNRs with Nash).

    Tonight vs NYK: deeper into the morass… or the long awaited turning point? Do not go gentle into that good night/Rage, rage against the dying of the light! For Warren! Go Lakers! Go Lakers!


    About time we see some of that defense Dwight. Anderson and Redick are playing well without him. Since he hasn’t been getting lobs from Pau or passes from a true pg off PnR he looks to be a average center. Time for Dwight to actual play like a center not a more experienced Deandre Jordan. Back down his man and jam on him. Not seeing a big difference between him and Bynum from last year.

  7. This game tonight is critical (they all are now). In any case, we have the Wizards tomorrow on the second night of a back to back, on the road. If we drop this game to the Knicks, the Wizards game starts to have monumental importance. We lost to them last year on the road. If we were to drop these 2, it would give a whole new meaning to the term rock bottom. If there is anyone left out there – who has not pressed the panic button – please press it now : ) All of that said, I also think the Lakers will somewhat rise to the occasion tonight, so hopefully that will be enough to win this game.

  8. This post displays the Chick Hearn influence on this site. Not one to push party lines or gloss over weaknesses, both Chick and Darius make rational and thought out arguments based on observable realities. Neither Chick nor Darius wishes badly on the team. Both clearly love the game as much as they do the Lakers.

    “The Lakers, meanwhile, don’t like to rotate on defense. They don’t like to make the extra effort, they don’t like cover for each other, they don’t like do the dirty work that comes with guarding multiple passes in a single possession.”

    This is the single most damning observation of our team and no amount of fan myopia, Kobe fanaticism, or other magical thinking can make this disappear. Only desire will reverse these truths. Chick Hearn is not walking into MSG to call the game for us tonight, but his legacy lives on in some of the little things that separate this site from many other Lakers blogs. Well done Darius.

  9. I expect this game to go very badly; Knicks are playing well and some of them, including Anthony, will be looking to stick it to MDA. Hope I am wrong.

  10. The Knicks have injuries, they have had fairly recent turnover in their coaching ranks and FO controversy with things like the J Lin departure, they have a star with a selfish reputation who dominates the ball, and yet somehow the results are different.

  11. As long as Kobe is chicken from the get go and egg later in the contest and only, if egg is needed
    I think/hope we’ll be fine tonight.
    Also for some reason I think Gasol can, go tonight, but being a TNT night, ain’t no way he wants part of this. His mental is weaker than his knees. And I’m also hoping for some sort of normal rotation tonight.

  12. Robert, you should check out the link that Aaron posted in the previous thread; I emailed you an excerpt from Zach Lowe’s piece that said the same things I (and others) have been telling you. If you are just rejecting those ideas so that you can blame everything on D’Antoni, well, then I think you are going to be in for many more unpleasant and mystifying experiences with this team.

    The Lakers were built on certain premises about certain players–premises which have not been true to this point.

  13. Enough already, just go out there and shut everyone up and start a little winning streak.

  14. “In the middle of their offensive attack is Carmelo Anthony, the National Team version.

    From keeping up with my brother’s Knicks, he and I can vouch that this is soo true. Melo has evolved into a solid leader.

  15. What a strange season it has been so far.

    The Heat are sleepwalking. The Knicks are playing a non-Iso ball offense with Mike Woodson. The Clippers are steamrolling people – with their 2nd Unit.

    And the Lakers are the laughingstock of the NBA. (I know, I know, there are other teams with far worse record; but those other teams don’t have the Laker’s payroll).

    This team needs to turn it around, and now.

  16. Sad Day for all Basketball Readers:

    John Hollinger was becoming part of my daily read. ESPN has huge shoes to fill.

  17. There has to come a time dwight sees the injured stars, kobe killing himself trying to win and being a lakers center then decide a drastic change of his mindset has to happen. He has to dominate. Wade and lebron don’t call on anyone when miami struggling, westbrook and durant don’t put the pressure on martin to win a game. At this moment this team needs a 1-2 punch. Kobe’s jabbing dwight has to drop the hook tonight.

  18. Hmmm interesting – i knew Memphis was looking for an analytics guy but never ever thought of Hollinger doing anything else than ESPN. Prob a dream come true though.

  19. Ahhhhh why is Jamison starting at PW? Does mike D think he is guarding Anthony? He would score 60. Problem is Metta has slide so far down this year playing one on one it might not matter. Not the coach here D but dosen’t it make more sense to start Hill on CA.

    Last try on this.
    If they sign West and bring in Kenyon Martin would the new bench mob Hill-West-Martin be called the Chain Gang?

  20. Ko,

    Please tell me that you’re going for laughs when you suggest that Hill should get the starting nod and the assignment of guarding, arguably, the MVP of the 1st quarter of the season.

  21. Can you say 9-14?

  22. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, my brova.

    Lakers might get Kenyon Martin too???

  23. Formal
    in this time of depressing days I was attempting to create a bit of silly humor. Didn’t work I guess.

  24. Howard is best off the PNR and cleaning up around the rim. If the Lakers are just dumping it to him for post ups, then Chandler’s job will be much easier. And with no real PNR point guard that is what they are doing. For this reason I see NY taking this one. The only way I see the Lakers winning is if they go on a 3-point shooting explosion.

    I’d love to be wrong.

  25. TNT pre-game – for once Webber, Kenny and Shaq all had reasonable stuff to say.

  26. Kobe hero sighting…

  27. How many times has Felton broken down Duhon so far?

  28. Get Hill in there now. Lakers are becoming the Knicks during Thomas days. Oh yea same coach also. Ok that’s it for me. Shutting my I pad down. Lakers are one old, weak team and genius MD starts Jamison, I quit,

  29. Fatty Felton is carving the Lakers up.

    Is it just me or has Dwight’s defensive rotations become slower since the season started.

  30. At this rate, Anthony is going to score a 100

  31. Melo starting off against us the same way that Westbrook did. On fire.

  32. Felton having his way with Duhon so far, and Metta is just awful. I doubt he could even guard Jamison these days.

    I swear, we have go to be the worst defensive team in the history of the league.

  33. Lakers will easily give up 130 points tonight.

    Worst Laker team in over a decade. I don’t care how it looks on paper, this team is an embarrassment.

  34. Why is sacre in the game

  35. Honestly is Mike No D this bad of a Coach? Fire him and leave him in New York to walk home. League is laughing at this team. Laughing.

  36. Giving up 40+ points in a quarter, where the hell is the D?

    Felton & Anthony running the show here in the first half.

  37. Feel bad I killed kobe a few weeks back he’s the only one who gives a damn. Howard playing soft and lifeless again.

    Felton is blowing by everybody. Bigs can’t protect the rim. Metta’s doing too much. Howard has checked out. Bad team right now.

  38. @Ko
    It’s not Mike D’s fault Metta, Jamison, duhon and Kobe can’t defend.

  39. Ko, you supported this Mike D no defense coach when he got hired. Do you now have different opinions about him?

  40. Wow. This team is playing terrible.knicks are hot but it doesn’t help when you are playing uptempo and with no defensive energy.

  41. Remember when we were all killing Gasol?

    How much better were we with a hurt Gasol on the floor?

    Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

  42. Howard is a joke. Do not resign this clown. I am embarrassed to be a Laker fan right now.

  43. Wow, that missed dunk attempt right there by Dwight shows that he’s nowhere near the Dwight he used to be.

  44. Lakers have been no where near challenging a single 3 taken by the Knicks tonight.

  45. Sacre actually has been the only big to contest Felton successfully at the rim so far and I like the move to play him.

    And if he is anywhere near game shape, sign Delonte West immediately.

  46. Why are the Lakers always double down in the post on non-threats and leaving shooters open WTF?

  47. Those who blamed Kobe for taking too many shots, where are you now? its the defense, nuff said.

  48. Can we just concede this game already and watch a game of one on one between Kobe and Melo instead? That would be more entertaining and at least we’d have a chance.

    This is absolutely pathetic! The entire franchise should be completely ashamed of itself right now.

  49. Any point in actually watching this game? It’s already over and we ain’t at the half yet. I figured we’d lose, but losing like we are? This is beyond pathetic.

    Barkley says “This isn’t a elite team they’re playing right now” OUCH!

  50. That’s the earliest I’ve ever turned off a game by two quarters. I guess I’ll keep checking the box score and turn it back on if they get within 15.

  51. Joe

    I was wrong. Kniicks have less talent but look at the coach difference, hard to blame a entire team but listening to No D Mike say Nash will change it makes me see how silly he is.

    Is there no pride. Oh yea those guys are with Clips and Dallas. Only good thing is rumors I hear that Magic group wants to buy the team. Hence his well planned criticism.

  52. They will make a late run, only to fall short. The final score will look respectable, but won’t tell the real story.

  53. Right now NY is at 72% from the field and 80% (8/10) from three. This is unreal.

  54. We need Gasol!

  55. Embarrassing.

    Stat: This is the first time Lakers have lost 4 games straight (in the regular season), since 2004 – The BLOWUP season. I’ll just go ahead an assume this game is lost.


  56. This team does nothing fundamentally well at all.

  57. Can we take a mulligan on the season?

    You know like magic the gathering.

  58. Look whose on the floor for comparison

    We have 2 good players in Kobe and Howard and they have 5 in melo, Chandler, Felton, smith amd Kidd

    The overall weakness of our roster is showing we knew we had to be healthy with a top heavy team amd this is the result

  59. The Lakers players cannot even complete a basic entry pass Get rid Of D’antoni Not bringing Phil back was the worst thing the front office could have done FU Jim BUSS you’re running the team In the ground

  60. OMG, this team is so bad, Phil Jackson is sitting in Montana laughing right now.

  61. Wonder what odds were before season Lakers would not make playoffs?

    200 to 1
    500 to 1
    1000 to 1

    Should have made that bet.

  62. Ebanks is making a good effort on D against Anthony.

  63. 3pt fg% is at 25% but dantoni offers the better system compared to Jackson of course thisakes

  64. So do you even practice defense?

  65. My god is Metta garbage. Not even a NBA player anymore. Can’t dribble and chew gum.

  66. Howard making FTs when we are so far back it doesn’t matter.

    Where was this when we needed him to hit better than 35% so we could win a couple close games.

  67. I knew we were in trouble when kobe hit his first 4 shots

  68. @Ko

    “Knicks have less talent”, huh?

    The only talent we currently have are D12, Gasol, Nash & Kobe. 2 of them being out injured. Very top heavy team, we have nothing going down along the bench. We should be beating the teams we’ve been losing to, namely the Cavs & Kings.

    In our current state, without 2 of our major pieces we have no business beating the red hot Knicks and teams like this. Not that I think we’re going to suddenly morph into this super team we were supposed to be once Gasol & Nash gets back.

    I’m hopeful of it working out once those 2 are back in the picture, certainly not banking on it though.

  69. Mike “No D” Antoni was known for being horrible at coaching defense but we hired him instead of Phil. And yes they practice defense except defense in Antoni’s mind means more offense.

  70. Firesale. Ship out everyone but Nash, Kobe maybe Pau and Dwight. Gets youth and picks and try to be a team like Atlanta with nothing but expirings. Lakers are diggin too deep a hole they won’t get out of.

    Lakers are not winning 4 straight playoff series on the road without the best player in the nba. Lakers have the same problems as last year that won’t be fixed with the current 15 man roster. Jim’s got to sit Kobe down and tell him he’s mailing this year in and recoup some talent for next year. This team is done.

  71. When the Lakers beat OKC in the 2010 playoffs they did it by playing VERY slow, and they had a less athletic team than they have now. OKC thrived on up tempo and making transition buckets.

    Here the Lakers are getting killed by trying to play at the Knicks pace, they need to be in a dog fight, grind it, and play slow. Throw it in the post on every play. Get Kobe down there (remember Kobe’s post game he developed in 2008-09 but disappeared after Drew settled in there). In fact, this is how the Lakers need to play every game. If you can keep that pace, these run and gun teams can in fact be lulled to sleep.

    Their coach however thinks you should play an up tempo offence. It’s not a coincidence that the Lakers have fallen off the map defensively since D’Antoni took over. It’s about the defence for sure, but the defence is a symptom of the offence in my opinion.

  72. West, Baylor, Magic, Kareem, Chick, Kobe. I am sorry we all have to see what happens when you let a guy who learned basketball playing XBOX. This franchise has slid down every year in direct proportion to the amount of Jimmy involvement.

    Maybe you should fire a few more scouts and hire Greeters from Wal Mark Jumbo. So disgusted I am not even calling Laker Talk Tonight.

  73. It will be the worst to play both Howard and Bryant 40+ mins in another blowout loss. With the way they’re playing they could use some rest for even just the Wizards

  74. I can’t watch anymore. Please wake me up when the nightmare is over.

  75. Being a resident of NYC, it’s going to be a loooong day at work for me tomorrow having to deal with some co-workers who are rabid Knick fans.

    If we continue to shame ourselves on National TV in the second half, we might as well call it an early night for the starters so that they can begin the process of preparing for the Wizards tomorrow night.

  76. Don’t watch if you dont want this Lakers to lose. Enough said. Why keep commenting same things over and over again.

    The problem is not the Lakers anymore but we fans are expecting too much from the start. I hate losing also but if one keeps on arguing things every minute of life, you’re nothing but the same with this Lakers. Consistent on not playing DEFENSE.

  77. MWP is like a zombie out there.

  78. Seriously, just cut Metta. He’s joined Morris on the all garbage team.

    Kobe should probably just sit for the rest of this game. His back is obviously really bothering him. All his misses are way short.

  79. At least the 3rd time Felton drove by Howard for a lay up.

  80. Kobe is embarrassing himself right now. Missed last 8 shots.back hurt bench him to rest or lose him for a month,

  81. Good hard foul by Howard, finally some pride.

  82. Why are we switching on every PnR – bad defense

  83. This team doesn’t even talk on D. EVERY time the Knicks go PnR, we just automatically switch and Dwight gets stuck guarding Felton. Duhon or Metta doesn’t even try to fight over the screen and stay with his man. Again, that’s just sheer stupidity and laziness.

  84. If Metta and Dwight are the two best defenders then I am Santa Claus and no gifts for Laker fans this year! Not very good are they?

  85. We are worse than 2006

  86. Okay, can’t blame D’Antoni for how brutal Jamison is on D. How are you unable to guard Novak? He only poses one potential threat, you should be stuck to him like glue.

    ‘Toine appears intent on guarding a certain piece of Madison Square Garden’s floor, about 6 feet away from Novak, to his credit, that piece on floor has yet to score.

  87. This team is finished, and Mike D is just as much of a joke as Mike Brown, and sadly I never thought I say this, but probably WORSE! Mike Brown is probably sitting at his TV night after night just laughing right now. And he is still getting paid for it!

  88. Yup. Worse than 06 and 05 too, which was the last non playoff laker team. 34-48, but lost 9 out of the last 10 to make it look worse than it was.

    After tonights loss, this will be the first time the lakers have had this bad a winning percentage this far into the season since our starting lineup was van exel, christie, George lynch, elden and vlade.

  89. Even without Melo the Knicks are tooling us.

    Really good chance we lose to the Wizards.

    Lakers also should start being really concerned about whether they will even make the playoffs. I would not bet on it.

  90. Breaking News!

    David Stern has increased the number of teams to make the playoffs to 12 teams so Lakers have a chance and fans won’t start sueing Time Warner Cable!

    We really do need to start laughing.

  91. 12 teams? Now we will have at least 2 or 3 sub 500 teams make the playoffs, Lakers may be one of them. Pathetic…

  92. Dwight Howard is a phenomenon…

    the MOST OVERRATED GARBAGE I have ever seen.

    I cant beleive I’m already checking out, this team causes nothing but apathy for basketball.

  93. Actually the way things are going I would rather the Lakers get a lottery pick than a shot in the playoffs

  94. Welcome to the Jimmy Buss years Joe. My 8 year old Nikolas built a really good team on Xbox 360 NBA. Wonder if Lakers want to hire him?

    What’s it called when a team has less wins 3 years in a row?
    A trend.
    Bad management
    A fiscal cliff.

  95. Mountainman the Lakers have zero 1st round picks the next 2 years. Zero!

    Welcome to the Jimmy years!

  96. I have a feeling that at this point Nash is just faking his injury so that he doesn’t have to come back and play with this team

  97. Lakers can win this game. Not likely but some stops and they can pull this out.

  98. As soon as FTs start to count, Dwight misses.

  99. Hey, Kevin. Do you realize you used the word “stops”? I don’t think the team knows the meaning of that word.

  100. What was Howard doing? He has to play better.

    Zirk: Mood swings, looking for bright spots. Really sucks watching this team this year preseason included.

  101. So much for that. This team couldn’t defend my son’s grade school team.

  102. Just guessing here.

    Dwight and Metta aren’t going to a Mensa Meeting after the game.

  103. Well that pretty much sums it up. Kobe with the crazy corner 3 to cut it to 7. And then two consecutive trips playing no D sandwiched around a stupid ass shot by Metta who thinks he has game.

  104. Why is dantoni running so many plays for Metta?!?!
    So The Knicks with their one star out of the game look pretty beatable.

  105. I’d rather have Chandler than Dwight. At least he hustles.

  106. Howard for Denver’s McGee straight swap. I’d do it.

  107. Dwight has 7 rebounds in nearly 39 mins, got beat constantly and consistently on the boards by Chandler.

    Until Dwight truly believes that his job is to run the defence this team will lose and lose consistently.

  108. They will make a late run, only to fall short. The final score will look respectable, but won’t tell the real story.

    T. Rogers you nailed it.

    Making matters worse is that we’ve excerted so much energy making this futile comeback that it’s doubtful that they’ll have any bullets left in the chamber for the Wizards tomorrow night.

  109. seriously a blowout loss may feel worse, but MD is really assuming KB24 is superhuman. it’s gonna wear him down…worrying

  110. Kobe made Kobe the player Stan van gundy made dwight. Dwight is not great no heart at all. Back line of defense has been poor all year. Same problems many posters were ragging on Pau for are stll happening. Dwight is content and takes no responsibility for lakers failures this year. Not a great lakers center. His body language is poor and has only played 1 full game all year. Dwight is not the superstar lakers traded for.

  111. Lakers may not have such a great record, but safe to say they’re leading the league in ‘moral victories’…lol

  112. So the lakers play better when they play slow? Now mike d’antoni has to adjust to the team? What a joke. What was the point of hiring D’antoni then.

  113. @Tra,

    I truly wish they would have proven me wrong. But this was the one game on this trip we all knew they would lose.

    Now if they lose tomorrow in Washington there will probably be a riot in El Segundo.

  114. yeah Lakers need to play what Lamar O called that “old man” game

    screw ssol

  115. Gary: Good question.
    T. Rogers: As I said pre-game – the Wizards game is now huge. The definition of rock bottom hangs in the balance.

  116. T. Rodgers we lost to the Cavs a loss to the Wizards would not be a surprise. I saw a glimmer of hope though, D’anthony needs to realize that this team cant run up and down the court its just not built that way, when they slowed the game down the defense and the offense improved quite a bit, thats something to built from, like tje broadcast team said, he is the one that need to adjust, this is not a team that should be jacking up 34 three pointers, what Saint Riley did after he went to NY? He changed his coaching style to the players he had, the Lakers we saw the second half are the way to go in my opinion. There is no other way this team is not fast and is not fast enough to recover defensively playing at a fast pace.

  117. Obviosly the Knicks missed Melo most of the second half but but JR and Felton were scoring but the Knicks didnt reach 50 points in the second half once rhe Lakers started dictating their tempo

  118. The Lakers also put more effort on playing defense too . Unfortunately they’re still a old and slow team so any player can penetrate the lane. Then Dwight has to help out and theres a open man right near the hoop.

  119. Gary, when the Lakers get the personel they need to truly run Coach’s system then run teams of the gym by all means but he dont, like i mentioned Pat Riley himself had to reinvent himself as a coach in NY for the players he have, this is not a run n’ gun team dont get me wrong this team can run occasionally but it cant go in a Kentucky Derby race everytime all the time. It is what it is.

  120. Gary your 100% correct on the open lanes but its not Dwight’s fault he is doing the right thing but these other idiots are not helping HIM, when Dwight goes out to help somebody need to keep tabs on his man thats basketball 101, thats not being old and slow thays being lazy. If i were D’anthony i fine them for real until they learn