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Dave Murphy —  January 16, 2013

The Lakers are somewhere along the long and winding road. Despite two wins against other teams with middling prospects, it’s too early to get caught up in anything other than observation. Does this mean last night’s shelling of the Bucks is unappreciated? Not at all, making an effort is always appreciated. The guys who were preordained to win a championship have finally begun to demonstrate a pulse. Mike D’Antoni famously said that the season had just begun last Sunday. It was a nice soundbite but not remotely true. The season began long ago and you have to take ownership of what is put in your care, regardless of shape, condition, history or standings along the way. And yes, it is a long road. And there will be many more good days and dark days up around the bend.

Kevin Ding at the OC Register writes about the season hinging on the faith of Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard.

Dave McMenamin at ESPN Lakers Index has the rapid reaction to last night’s win against the Bucks.

Ben Rosales as Silver Screen and Roll looks at the Lakers baby steps in another edition of Beast or Burden.

Greg Beacham for the AP and Yahoo, looks at Kobe and Dwight’s pair of 31’s, and other reasons for the win.

The folks at Gothic Ginobili have started a new Wednesday series and today’s includes Alex Dewey’s take on last night’s clock management.

Eric Pincus for the L.A. Times reports on the disable player’s exemption (Jordan Hill) that has been requested by the Lakers.

Melissa Rohlin at the L.A. Times writes about Dwight Howard’s resurgent play.

Steve Blake has become something of a forgotten man with extended injury complications. Trevor Wong at the blog has an update.

Rey Moralde at Lakers Nation recaps last night’s blowout win.


The Lakers host the Miami Heat Thursday in a nationally televised TNT game. This is a match-up that will provoke plenty of debate and discussion. There are a number of narratives at play here – the similarities in the expectations game when a team loads up with superstars, the head-to-head between current and past champions and the simplest one of all – every win at this point is crucial for a team that is currently in 11th place in the west.

A few days ago, a writer that I respect penned a piece about the Lakers’ current state of being. It got under my skin a little. Sean Highkin at Hardwood Paroxysm took a hard look at the team’s descent into irrelevancy and the article was certainly not without its salient points. The overall implication left me a little cold however and perhaps because of a twitter framing device from Bill Simmons – that the team simply isn’t interesting anymore.

Back in the day there was a TV series called ABC’s Wide World of Sports. This was a seminal chapter in broadcasting that had a huge ripple effect on all that would follow. An announcer’s V.O. spoke of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, over a riveting montage that included a downhill skier crashing and burning. This is what sports is about – the ride, the journey along the way. We may not always like it and we may sometimes circle with torches but we watch nonetheless. And yes, it’s still interesting, thank you. Up next, Miami and perhaps, a statement about the future.

Dave Murphy