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Darius Soriano —  January 23, 2013

Normally, when the Lakers are, you know, good at playing basketball, I like to call this period of the year the “silly season”. It’s that period of about 4 weeks before the trade deadline when rumors of trades start to pop up, guys are supposedly “being shopped”, and fans get quite thirsty about how the Lakers can go from being one of the the top teams to the top team with a trade where Mitch Kupchak fleeces an opposing GM by acquiring their best player for one of those limited edition gold coins they sell on late night TV. Like I said, silly.

This year, however, the Lakers have not been, you know, good at playing basketball. They’ve been bad. Twelfth in the conference bad, more multiple game losing streaks than winning streaks bad. And with their current predicament, ideas of change start to seem less…silly. The Lakers have already canned one head coach this year as proof of their commitment to trying to get it right. Of course, it’s debatable they actually did get it right and that leads us into our links for the day…

Every year there’s a certain amount of drama that comes with the Lakers. Most years, that drama could be (at least somewhat) written off due to the stature of the team and where they stood in the standings. This year, however, things are different in that regard. Whether or not the drama endures remains to be seen. Winning will start to push some of the noise to the background and allow this team to refocus on larger goals. Winning, though, hasn’t come easy.

It’s important to continue to look at the big picture. Based off the reading above, the Lakers brass continues to do so. Every good plan has contingencies built in. Those side routes are normally only taken when the plan that was in place has gone totally awry. As of now, the organization seems to feel there is still a chance of recovery this season. We’ll see if that mindset changes in the near future and those contingencies are acted upon.

Darius Soriano

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