Preview and Chat: The Los Angeles Clippers

Darius Soriano —  April 7, 2013

Records: Lakers 40-36 (8th in the West), Clippers 50-26 (4th in the West)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 105.4 (8th in the NBA), Clippers 107.3 (5th in the NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 103.5 (T 17th in the NBA), Clippers 101.1 (9th in the NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard
Clippers: Chris Paul, Willie Green, Caron Butler, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan
Injuries: Lakers: Steve Nash (out), Metta World Peace (out), Jordan Hill (out for the season); Clippers: Chauncey Billups (out)

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Keys to game: The Clippers are looking for a season sweep against the Lakers after already claiming their first 50 win season and division crown in franchise history. Those latter two feats likely mean more, but it’d be silly to think the Clips wouldn’t also love to dispatch the Lakers for the 4th time this season as a cherry on their sundae of a season (so far).

The Clippers, like the Lakers, have more to play for besides bragging rights. They currently sit two games behind the Nuggets to claim the 3rd seed in the west, a spot that would allow them to avoid the Grizzlies in round one and instead face off against whichever team (Houston, Warriors) that ends up with the 6th seed. That’s a huge difference in opponent quality and if they can pull it off, their chances of advancing are much better. And while I don’t think they can actually catch the Nuggets, they’re certainly going to try their hardest to do so.

Meanwhile, the Lakers are still just fighting to get into the dance. They’re still a half-game over the Jazz for the 8th seed and need every win down the stretch to guarantee their entry. The fact that the Lakers only leave Staples one more time to close the season and seem to by finding a rhythm to their game are factors that work in their favor. Of course, the closing kick of games against top opponents should definitely give them pause. The road won’t be easy, but this is where the Lakers are and will at least earn their way in.

A few things to note about the Clippers heading into today that show this match up shouldn’t necessarily favor the Clippers:

  • The Clips have lost four of their last six and are only 5-5 in their last 10. The Lakers aren’t much better at 6-4 in their last 10, but have won 3 in a row.
  • Since January 1st, the Clippers have a 25-20 record. The Lakers, in that same span, are 25-21.
  • Also since January 1st, the Clippers are posting a defensive efficiency of 103.8. Meanwhile, the Lakers have posted a defensive efficiency of 104.0.

Basically, since the turn of the calendar year, the Lakers and Clippers have actually been very similar teams. The Clippers’ offense has been better than the Lakers’, but beyond that their metrics (and records) are nearly identical. That doesn’t mean that getting a win today will be any easier — the Clips still have the same strengths to attack some of the Lakers’ weaknesses — but it does mean that there shouldn’t be this expectation that the Clippers are some dramatically better team than the Lakers right now. Over the course of the season they definitely are. But right now? No.

As mentioned, though, that doesn’t change the fact that the Clippers have some distinct qualities that give the Lakers issues. And it starts with Chris Paul and his ability to get his team a good shot nearly every time down the floor. With Nash out, Steve Blake will likely see most of the minutes against Paul and his devastating offensive game. Paul will try to work Blake over in isolation and in the pick and roll, manipulating him into spots where he can be taken advantage of. Blake will need to try to steer Paul towards help and simply contest his shot without fouling while also trying to disrupt any passing angles. You don’t stop Chris Paul, you only try to slow him and make his life harder in the process. If Blake can be somewhat effective at this, the Lakers’ odds of winning go up dramatically. If Blake isn’t getting the job done, or if the game is close down the stretch, don’t be shocked to see Kobe slide over for his turn at slowing Paul.

If Paul getting his is nearly a given, getting the rest of the Clippers to perform below their normal standards is the key to victory. Pau Gasol will get another crack at Blake Griffin and will need to use his length to bother his inside game while sagging off him on the perimeter to encourage him to shoot jumpers. Griffin has become a respectable shooter from mid-range, but him taking that shot is still preferred to him working in the post (where he has more moves and is more effective than given credit for). If Griffin is allowed to play his entire game in the paint — and that includes getting lobs and corralling offensive rebounds — the Lakers will be in for a long day. If he’s kept on the perimeter hoisting jumpers the Lakers have done their job even if those shots fall.

Besides Griffin, the Lakers must really worry about the Clippers’ bench and their ability to change the game’s dynamic once they enter the game. Bledsoe, Crawford, Barnes, and Odom are a quartet that loves to get out in the open floor and turn defensive rebounds and turnovers into quick baskets. All of these guys thrive in the open court and must be marked accordingly. Barnes is a key player here as he’s the one player who will run out every single time and hunt the easy basket. If he’s guarding Kobe (which he will when they share the floor), the other guard/wing must be aware that Barnes will contest the shot and then continue up court to try and be an outlet for a lay up. Getting back to take away that long pass (especially from Odom who loves the long outlet) is a must.

Crawford, meanwhile, is a catalyst for their half court sets when the offense slows down. He loves to work in isolation and out of the P&R, looking to create a shot for himself in the process. The Lakers don’t have a great option to guard Crawford but my hunch is that Meeks and Clark will see the majority of time on him. Both are vulnerable to Crawford’s brand of shake and ball handling creativity, but both still need to stay down on pump fakes while trying to steer him into the teeth of the defense so he has to finish inside. If Crawford’s offense stalls, the Clippers’ bench becomes much more manageable with only Bledsoe attacking off the dribble and Barnes’ cutting the really big weapons. Gum up those sets and the Lakers should be able to get stops.

Offensively the Lakers must simply continue to do what they’ve been doing lately. They need to feature their big men via the P&R and in standard post ups. Pau can score in the post against any of the players who defend him, but will need to turn down the mid-range jumper in favor of putting the ball on the ground to aggressively get into that position. Howard, meanwhile, will be dealing with the super athletic Jordan, but he’s also a player who can relax when playing on the weak side. Dwight should be able to find duck-in chances for quick post ups, especially when Pau has the ball high in HORNS sets. As for Kobe, he’s going to need to balance his playmaking with his scoring with Nash still on the sidelines healing up. He can play set up man in the P&R and should be encouraged to attack Griffin in that action with Pau screening. Kobe can also work in the post against any defender who guards him and should find ample chances to work below the FT line when one of Dwight or Pau is on the bench. Further, in the Lakers HORNS sets, Kobe can work off the ball as a cutter and when coming off picks to set up quick jumpers or to put him in position to run a delayed P&R with the defense scrambling behind him.

The other keys are controlling the glass and ball security. This can be said every game, but when the Lakers take care of the ball and close defensive stops with a rebound they’re an infinitely better team. The Clippers have the pieces to press on those weaknesses and can turn the game in their favor by doing well in those two areas. If the Lakers are to win, a low turnover count and high defensive rebounding percentage will likely be two of the main reasons why.

Where you can watch: 12:30pm start time on ABC. Also listen on ESPN Radio 710AM.

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124 responses to Preview and Chat: The Los Angeles Clippers

  1. Kobe Alert: Against Memphis, KB moved by Elvin Hayes and into 6th all alone for all time FGs. Shaq is next up in 5th (Kobe needs 344 more). KB should move up on a few more lists before the regular season’s end. He needs 3 more games played to catch Hakeem for 22nd. He needs 56 more FGAs to catch Elvin in that category. Just 2 more defensive rebounds and KB will move by Dave Cowens for 59th. Kobes needs 77 dimes to catch Sam Cassell for 31st (doable with Kobe’s new rate). 811 points until MJ !!! These are huge games for our playoff push. Kobe has only missed the playoffs once in his previous 16 years, and in 13 of those 16 years he has made it at least until the second round. Thanks to Fern, Tra, rr, Chearn, and Ken for the recent shout outs last game. Kobe Rules !

  2. Thanks for the KA Robert! You got in at #1 today which means a W for our Lakers. 😉
    As per Darius, it seems that the Lakers are playing almost as well as the Clippers since the ASB…meaning this should be a winnable game today. Need to have less than 13 turnovers today which is a tall order against CP3.

  3. Clippers are fading…Good time for the Lakers to play them….Lakers looking good…

  4. thanks Robert for another Kobe Alert!
    Hope we can keep TOs down to a minimum and that Pau makes Griffin´s day a bit of a nightmare –
    Go Lakers! Keep this ball rollin´ boys!!

  5. Pulled off a solid win against a Memphis squad who we matched up with pretty well (their Bigs are non-athletic). Today’s test is much more strenuous. If we are to make the playoffs, this game will be a good barometer on how well we stack up now (with a healthier Dwight) against the ‘The Young & The Restless.’

  6. Go to the hole Kobe stop forcing passes. Lakwrs up for this one.

  7. A ton of turnovers to start the game. Kobe is forcing it to much.

  8. If we worked this hard on D all season, we’d be a top 4 seed. Realize a lot of that is DH’s health, but plenty of it is effort as well

  9. Nice start.


    from the previous thread, Nash has been fine. on both ends of the floor. he is less effective without the ball in his hands, but he hasn’t hurt them defensively that much. The fact that they are ok with him out is a more of a testament to Blake and how they are playing generally, than a run down of Nash.

    A somewhat bigger issue, is that they haven’t been that good all year, yet, with all of the big 4 in the lineup..Chemistry seems better when one is out, and there are less guys to share the ball with.

  10. Please stop trying to force the ball to Dwight. 3 TO toward hum all led to Clip buckets. Laker D is good other wise.

  11. I have no comment on above post on Nash. Go back and see what Paul, Thomas, Conley etc did in those games. Blake in the past 3 games is 10 points better on defense. Nash helps as a shooter but clearly hurts on D.

    Keep up the defense. Take away the 4 TOs going to DH we can beat these guys bad.

  12. Sweet Kobe. Sweet.

  13. Seriously, stop with the freakin turnovers! Geez! We literally have to be the dumbest team in the league to continuously make the same mistakes game after game.

    And settle down, Kobe! We should be up double digits right now, but we have like 30 turnovers already. And yup, it’s gonna come back to haunt us, and deservedly so. Smh

  14. Laker reject Matt Barnes burning us, henever stepped up in the Lakers seriously, and again with the turnover parade.SMH

  15. How can any team have so many turnovers game after game. Keeps this team from really being a consistent threat.

  16. i cringe on every jumping from the 3 point line pass to a one of our bigs crowded by 3 defenders…its a turnover 90% of the time…keep it simple…bruise these guys up not fancy pass em to death

  17. 59% fgp and trailing, turnovers are the death of this team.

  18. Despite the 6 assist kobe is playing an awful game. He’s turning the ball over, forcing passes in traffic that are causing the bigs to turn the ball over, and not matching up on defense or just playing lazy defense. He needs to wake the hell up. Everybody is doing their job except him. The clippers don’t have great one on one defenders yet he’s playing a one dimensional only pass game.

  19. fern sure he did…i think barnes went 11-11 one time against minny…he just chokes post season

  20. If Kobe can play 48 minutes why can’t Dwight? This game can get out of hand quick.

  21. Is this the first time this team has ever touched a basketball? Pass and catch!! So simple.

  22. Really ticks me off to watch Barnes play this well. He had nothing left in the tank in his last season with the Lakers.

  23. no coincidence that defence goes into the toilet with Dwight out.

  24. Batman, he was really good in like a 3 game stretch that included that game other than that he did not do anythimg of note, and lets not forget how bad he chocked in the playoffs

  25. Scary stat: the Lakers are 5-6 on threes, and still down 6 points.

  26. Nice when guys Mitch gave away are better then Lakers 4 through 12. Pau has terrible hands. 2 of Kobe TO Pau fault and Pau has 3 himself.

    How embarrassing would it be to be 0 and 4 aganist Clips. I can’t handle the thought.

  27. Harvey M-
    It wasn’t only the defense…the Clippers really started hitting every single shot, regardless of the defense.

  28. The thing is that i was really physched when he joined the team i always like him as a player, he didnt do half of what he did elsewhere, the Lakers didnt even bother to offer him a contract nuff’ said

  29. Looks like a long afternoon the Clippers look light years better than us.

  30. ABC announcers are the worst…promotions instead of play-by-play.

  31. Agree with what everyone is saying about Barnes. But here’s the thing. How does the team have no clue that he’s gonna come out fired up to play us?? Every time we play a team that has ex Lakers or players from the LA area, they have like career highs against us. And yet somehow, we can’t figure that out and stop it from happening? That’s what I mean about us not learning from our mistakes and letting the same stupid things happen game after game. If we know Barnes is gonna be fired up to play us, then D him up!!! It’s that simple.

  32. Kobe with a fantastic pass to Pau who >>> blows the easy layup of course and >>> complains to the ref for a non-existant foul >>> Howard cleans up and makes a difficult shot and 1. Very nice sequence there for Dwight. The Clippers are *not* light years ahead of us Fern. Could you at least stop with the ridiculous hyperbole? Just need to tighten up the defense a little and protect the ball. This game is absolutely winnable.

  33. Kenoak, True but….team struggles against this type of team that has a lot of speed and penetration, and outside shooting. So they kind of need Dwight in there to help cut off the penetration to insure the other guys are more perimeter oriented, which the challenged outside guys can focus on. So I think there is a clear correlation with Dwight out and them starting to get hot, as the penetration when he is out, helps create better shots for them generally..

    And they miss Nash a bit as kobe’s crazy minutes and consequent burnout have all come since Nash was out, and somebody he really trusts to handle the ball is not there.

  34. Barnes didn’t fit with Brown. Clips have 3 PG better then Lakers last year so Barnes gets wide open shots. His 3 point numbers are career highs. He actually would be better then Metta and Meeks this year.

    That’s the 5th 2 footer missed by Dwight.

  35. And the lakers fight back, with Dwight in!

  36. Kobe with the lob to Howard for the slam.

  37. Looks like the Lakers stave off disaster, we have a shot folks!!

  38. Kobe is almost as great a passer as he is a scorer….. that alley oop to Dwight was spectacular!

  39. Bench points 23 to 10,

  40. For all his physical attributes clark’s man to man defense is below average. Kobe known for his stare at teammates Dwight does it a lot when team’s score in the paint even if it’s his fault. Great 1st half so far on offense and defense.

  41. D Jordan makes Dwight look like Steve nash on the ft line lol

  42. Harvey M-
    I agree to a point, but correlation doesn’t equal causation. The Clippers simply stopped missing for a time there even when the shots were challenged. Also, while DH12 was on the floor, the were missing wide open shots. They simply got hot.

  43. Lakers are getting hurt because of the lack of depth…and today with no Nash and MWP, they are really compromised there.

  44. Gasol has turned into a lazy baby, who pouts when he has to work hard. He barely gets touched sometimes, and he is reacting like he was mauled. He is part of the problem.

  45. Kenoak,

    I think its both..

  46. And of course, Butler with the killer 3 at the end of the half. Shocking that he was WIDE open. And now we get to look forward to the dreaded 3rd qtr. Great. But then again, we’re actually not up double digits at half for once, so maybe we’ll actually play a strong 3rd since there’s no lead to blow. We can only hope…

  47. Lakers are playing 100% as hard as they can. If they can’t win today they clearly have zero chance to win a aganist Clips, OKC or Denver. Fast and young vs slower and old. Obvious.

  48. This Clippers team always find the right play and they make the shots always everytime, you run the exact same play with the Lakers and its going to end up with a brick. Disheartening half cant believe they let the Clips get those offensive rebounds. This team own us.

  49. Lakers playoffs hopes are going to be decided by Kobe deciding he not going to play defense.

    Matt Barnes and butler average 20ppg combined.
    In the first half they have 18 points.

    They need to switch Kobe on Crawford because that will force him to defend. Otherwise he’s going to keep playing the outfield and gambling which is leading to back door cuts and open 3’s

  50. Part of the reason Barnes lacked energy with the Lakers is because they have had an energy stifling team. When Bryant passes like he is today, then the Lakers look fun and loose.

    Barnes played this way on Orlando and moreso on the Clippers because the defense are busy concentrating on Paul and Griffin and Crawford.

    It was the Lakers culture that was the problem.

  51. Dwight has to control the paint, make the most of his post touches and play the whole 2nd half. Blake, Meeks and Jamison have to make their 3s when Kobe passes to them for Lakers to win.

  52. Dwight needs more than 2 rebounds. Chris Paul has 3. Kobe has got to score a bit more. He’s not going to get any calls today though with Danny Crawford reffing.

  53. Maybe it’s a matter of the degree to which i’ve become reconciled to our mediocrity, but I’m really enjoying how hard the Lakers are working despite being an injured, older, top-heavy, fundamentally non-athletic team. We’ve gone from looking like lazy aristocrats to a scrappy team with a passion for (well, halfcourt) defense and on offense, the ball is moving so much better than earlier in the year. I don’t think it will be enough against this Clippers team, or to make much noise in the playoffs should we even get there but, at last, I feel these guys are worth rooting for and, unlike many here, I see a great deal to build off of heading into next season.

    Now surprise me and win the damn game!

  54. Clippers have a better bench. That’s what stinking up the league for years will do for a team.

  55. And just like that, an 8-2 run by the Clips to start the 3rd. Smh

  56. The lakers have to be one of the worst 3rd quarter teams in the league. Kobe on butler is just awful. Wtf is he doing.

  57. MDA finally calls a time out as the Lakers have a slow start to the third quarter.

  58. Another 3rd quarter blow out. Meeks should be on the bench. No time out, no changes. Anyone who thinks this coach helps this team knows little about the game. Good coaches stop runs. This guy sits and sits.

    Game could be over and Lakers need to win every game here on. Go ahead defend a coach who unmotivates his team every half time.

  59. Smh at kobes defense ….

  60. Dwight whines far too much. Every made basket is someone else’s fault. He stood there and let Blake guard Blake. His post game has been poor, defense and getting out physicalled by Clippers bigs.Can’t afford 2 straight bad games from him this late in the season.

  61. Exactly, Joel. EVERY fan and everyone in the media knows what a pathetic 3rd qtr team we are, but yet the players and coaches have no clue? How’s that possible? Does anyone ever mention it to them or talk to them about it? Figure it out already!

  62. Gonna give a chance to the Lakers to try to make a run if not im not watching anymore its embarrasing enough being swept by the Clippers is even worse getting exposed and owned in any way conceivable.

  63. How many steals/rebounds has Meeks had by collapsing into the lane on defense when the Lakers have two 7 footers down there? I don’t know the answer to this but I do know that he’s given up tons of three point shots.

    The anemic offense by Kobe is a direct result of the extended minutes he’s required to play. So how do we like the score with Kobe as the facilitator?

    Steve Blake is doing top-drawer work today.

  64. Go back and see what Paul, Thomas, Conley etc did in those games.


    I did, actually, although I only looked at one game each. Conley was 9/14 in the previous game; 9/19 in the recent one. Bayless was also 7/15 in the recent one. Thomas hardly played the last time they played Sacto; Aaron Brooks played PG and went 5/9. Collison was 3/11 against Nash and 5/12 against Blake.

    I think most agree that the big difference in the D is Howard, and maybe Kobe playing harder off the ball, not Nash as opposed to Blake. Blake is probably a little better on D than Nash is, but he gives it back on O.

    Also, MDA should let Darius Morris play 8-10 today and in the games in the b2b. Just tell him to bust hump on D, shoot when he is open, and let Blake handle the ball. Kobe isn’t RoboPlayer.

  65. 4th quarter will be Lakers time..clippers will start missing…Howard will get hot with Kobe…

  66. Thats the difference, the Clips make all those open 3s and jump shots the Lakers dont, that was a gimme that Blake missed. We miss Nash long distance shooting on this one terribly, lets keep in perspective that we are missing 2 starters. Tale of a season.

  67. We can beat this team, but it involves playing a much cleaner game. They have a ton of weapons and have the luxury of throwing fresh player after player at the tired Lakers. Losing MWP really hurts.

  68. KenOak missing both MWP and Nash is really being felt today.

  69. There you go!! Kobe needs to be more agressive and start going to the ft line.

  70. I really didn’t think that MDA would stick with a 7 man rotation against this team, but he has.

    It’s difficult to play a 7 man rotation against one of the top teams in the league. In addition, asking Kobe to play the entire game, be the primary ball-handler, play effective defensively and initiate the offense. I’d like to see another play say that they’ll stay on the floor the entire game.

    Steve Blake is logging a bunch of minutes too.

    Lamar Odom needs to be on the Lakers bench, he isn’t even getting any time with the Clippers. And, he’s been playing effectively for them the past 10 games.

  71. Listening to ABC kills me.

    So now Sterling is a genius.
    Clips clinch 1st go 0 and 4 on Lakers.
    Win close to 20 more games.
    Lakers replace Clips as flubs in the West.

    How about the truth. David Stern manipulated the future and history of both teams and the league by his treacherous Paul veto.

  72. Jesus Blake seriously

  73. That’s about 3 or 4 times today that the Lakers played brilliant defense all the way through the clock and allow an offensive rebound for points. Gotta clean that stuff up.

  74. And there’s the obligatory buzzer beater to end the 3rd. Of course. First it’s turnovers. And then it’s the fact that we can’t do something so simple as get a defensive rebound.

  75. Clippers with 20 second chance points and 12 offensive rebounds. Lakers need to clean up the boards.

  76. i think i could have hit that 3 SB…cmon dude

  77. Kenoak, I agree in a 7 game series it would be close..with MWP and Nash back. They also miss Nash, as I don’t care what anyone says they run a better offence with him in there. Kobe needs him to take some mins off.

  78. This Clippers team is just better, cant win when they hit buzzers beaters and every time they get open, on the other hand the Lakers cant hit open shots, they never have, Blake has missed some open shots that even i would hit. And if these fools in ABC are praising Sterling they are just stupid, the Clips FO must be doing everything they can to keep that mediocre owner away from every basketball decision. He was lucky Stern gave him Paul on a silver platter. The Lakers havent recovered from that.

  79. D’antoni needs to play more than 7 players and seriously sit kobe down already. We might lose with kobe playing 48 minutes anyway.

  80. Dwight has 1 foul and doesn’t start the 4th in a game that has major playoff implications? I don’t get why D’Antoni is only riding Kobe this hard.

  81. Fern so what happened the other 3 Clips games where they won easy with those guys. Clippers are a much better team playing 10 players.

    This coach again plays 7 and Kobe is worn out. They are what they are a .500 team with a coach who can’t see the obvious. Nice job Jim. 7 aganist 11 when you count coaching.

    Guess we must root for GS tonight.

  82. Whats this is going to be? being swept by 4 blowouts?

  83. He should pull the starters right now. They have to have that NO game, and Kobe isn’t RoboPlayer.

  84. Kobe will win this for the Lakers..what do you think????

  85. Sadly this season is over.

    The lakers haven’t made one strategy adjustment. Dantoni only philosophy is to score more. Not one defensive adjustment.

    One of the worst games of the season for Kobe. No defense. One dimensional in the first half by only passing and turning the ball over. Now he’s going into hero mode. As much as I love kobe and hate lebron, I admire his ability to do everything all the time and one thing and neglecting other aspects of the game.

  86. Probably not Ken but i dont think Nash would had miss as many wide as nowhere near him open 3 pointers as Blake, and this is the game that the Lakers actually had a shot, they been hangin there. The other ones? It was over by this point.

  87. Kobe is Krazy!!!! Constant Self-talk!

    Steve Blake is playing ok as a bench player in starter minutes. He’s getting fatigued just as all the other Lakers are due to being required to remain on the floor extensively.

  88. That was a major flop

  89. ryan hollins flops…i think every clipper flops.

  90. Such an amazing stat, Howard has missed more FTs this season than Nash has in his career.

  91. rr, interesting thought.. still go to wait till the the 3 min mark.

  92. Blake is 1 of 4 from three and all those wide open 3s misses came on the second half im sure Nash would hot at least 2 of those 3s thats the game right there.and Howard have 21 with 4 freaking rebounds.

  93. Can’t even get a rebound off a missed throw. Pathetic.

  94. Kobe Bryant has played all but 6 minutes in the last 4 games.

  95. I defy anyone to rationalize Mike Daaaa playing 7 guys again and Kobe 48 minutes. Find me one other coach doing that in the entire 29. Ones, I looked over the past 10 games and found NONE. He blew this team out while the lame duck FO did nothing to help at trading deadline.

    Face it. The Lakers have become the Clippers in every way this year. Not blaming some of this on the coach is wrong. Nit making playoffs with his 7 man team is a guarantee he will be fired.

    Pau, Kobe, Howard are 4 steps slow. Genius coach just watches.

  96. That dunk by Griffin was Nasty!

    And, yes all the Clippers are floppers!

    The Lakers are going to lose by 20 points. A 7 man rotation will not work.

    That’s what happens when you don’t develop your bench through the season, regardless of their ability.

    I hate the Clippers!!!!

  97. Barnes missed the fts and the Lakers allow the clips to get the off rebound, how can anyone justify that? With Dwight and and Pau down there?Shameful and embarrasing i guess thats MDA fault too. This team will be demolished in the 1st round IF they make it there. Even Phil could not save this team.

  98. Both bigs being punked today. Lakers can’t count in Dwight to have a dominant performance when they need him. Kobe’s doing his best so is Pau. But if this is Dwight’s best it isn’t good enough for the Lakers.

  99. Well said, Ken.

    Does anyone even call out the coach on his stupid rotations? The media? Anyone? Or does he just not give a damn?

  100. This is another embarrasing rout, routed 4 times by the Clippers i never thought i live to witness and experience this shame and humilliation.How the might have fallen.SMH

  101. Plz sit the starters mike. This game is over.

  102. Times have changed.

    This year the Lakers are the JOKE of LA. Maybe the NBA.

    Yea Fern those two extra shots by Nash would make a difference. Also the 6 times to the basket for Paul.

    Utah goes 3-2 Lakers must go 5 and one if Utah wins. I say give MD a 29 year contact and Jimmy should get a raise.

    Sorry but I have never in 40 years been this disgusted in this team and organization.

  103. Ken,

    I actually agree on this one…needed to get some other mins for guys here…very unlikely it would have saved this game, but maybe would have helped in others. not one person here is saying Dantoni is without some fault.

  104. How can you justify fouling Dwight when you’re up by 13 with 2 minutes to play? The Lakers scored two points with the clock stopped.

    MDA needs to PULL the starters, NOW!!!! He acts like he can’t waive the white flag.

    Why play the starters now?

  105. DH has shot very well from the line tonight, too bad about his rebounding (& the team´s) though

  106. Howard hitting his fts but cant grab a rebound to save his life, just take the starters out already, they done, i know i am.

  107. Dwight hasn’t played with passion all year.

  108. To make matters worse, the other Blake hits a 3.

    Maybe now D’Antoni will sit Kobe. Unbelievable.

  109. Kobe’s the only player showing Lakers pride. The rest have given up.

  110. Why are the starters still in this game!? WTF?

  111. Game over. Mda still keeping starters in… This guys is beyond clueless

  112. This team is gassed, MDA ran them into the ground, if they make the playoffs is goin to get uuuuglyyy. We are THE joke of the league Ken

  113. Omg Kobe is still in the game even after the TO! Worst coach in the league by far. Ken is absolutely right.

  114. I hope we don’t make the playoffs. Spurs or okc will sweep us 4-0.

  115. We got swept, wasn’t even close, and Kobe almost played the entire game.

    Well congrats to the Clips, 1st Division Title in history, lol.

  116. Dwight Howard had 4 total rebounds. 4. Kobe and Blake had 7 and 6 respectively. That is unacceptable.

  117. Kobe and Pau came to play the rest didn’t. Dwight doesn’t have the look of a guy who wants to dominate it’s someone who wants to have fun. Lakers need superstars with fire who want to anniliate the other team. Season dwindling down and Dwight can’t get up for big games. Hollins, Jordan and Gasol in consecutive games have gotten under Dwight’s skin and made his life miserable in the paint. Lakers need dominance.

  118. Lakers played good….We will win next game…and games after that too

  119. Funky Chicken April 7, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    The Lakers’ record against top teams has been terrible all year, and has always foretold an early playoff exit if they manage to make the postseason. Nothing has changed.

  120. Every time I hear the Lakers say all they need to do to get in the playoffs is to play their game. I still don’t know what their game is. Are they a defensive team, an offensive team, a rebounding team, a 3-point shooting team, a fast-break team, an inside-outside team, a half-court offense team, a well coached team.

    What is their game?

  121. Rusty Shackleford April 7, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Has it ever been this hard to watch?

  122. in reflecting gene´s post at 3:05, it ain´t over till it´s over!
    but, ugh, where´d our D and rebounding go in this game?
    nothing new i know, as Funky´s already mentioned –

  123. My takeaway and its been the case pretty much all year. When you are short handed you can get away with it for a few games and the lakers this year have consistently done so. but it eventually catches up with you against good teams. Whatever anybody thinks about Nash having an 8th effective body is key. And if MWP gets back at the end of the week that will help to, though it may be too late for the playoff push.

    With the Clips depth you can’t beat them with 7, unless the 7 are golden or the other guys play a lousy game (as they have done over the last 25 games many times). And you likely wouldn’t have beaten them with serious minutes from any of our bench, so the only thing is, if you somehow get an 8 min. blow for Kobe does that do enough to turn the game? I don’t think so, but obviously others disagree.

  124. Rusty: To answer your question. Well yes – but maybe not this hard to watch, as you say. For specific years where we were supposed to be good and were not, you can look to 2011, 1999, 1998, 1990, 1986, and 1981. Those were all playoff meltdowns however as opposed to this being a regular season situation. I just looked at the records for those “disappointing years” and they are all very good. Perhaps 1981 could be the closest to this, because injuries played a role that year. However I am not sure we have had a year where we were supposed to contend and then had a record like this.

    Sorry everyone – first post did not work and drops to a record of 10-5.