Preview and Chat: The Golden State Warriors

Darius Soriano —  April 12, 2013

Records: Lakers 42-37 (8th in the West), Warriors 45-34 (6th in the West)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 105.6 (8th in the NBA), Warriors 104.0 (10th in the NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 103.7 (T 18th in the NBA), Warriors 102.5 (13th in the NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Steve Blake, Kobe Bryant, Earl Clark, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard
Warriors: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, David Lee, Festus Ezeli
Injuries: Lakers: Steve Nash (out), Jordan Hill (out); Warriors: Andrew Bogut (out), Brandon Rush (out for the season)

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Talking Points: The Lakers season moves along at 20% intervals, with three games remaining in their quest to win their final five to get into the post-season. Forty percent of the way home, they’ve done exactly what they’ve needed to do even though the games featured stretches of inconsistent and frustrating play. But that’s been the case all season for the Lakers, the fact that they’ve found a way to win so many of those types of games recently speaks to an improvement however. Earlier in the year, these would have been games the team lost. Today, they can go back to the film room and critique a win rather than watch all the little miscues that cost them another game.

Tonight they face a team on their own mission. The Warriors currently sit in the 6th spot, but do so tenuously. They’re only a half-game ahead of the Rockets and would surely like it to stay that way so they could match up with either the Nuggets or the Clippers when the playoffs begin. Both of those teams offer their own problems to overcome, but those match ups seem dreamy compared to the discipline and coaching acumen of the Spurs or the all around fantastic play of the Thunder. So, even the though the Warriors have had a pretty successful season, they still have plenty to play for in these last few games on their schedule.

With the Lakers at home, a certain amount of comfort will be in the air but they can’t let that relax their intensity in any way. X’s and O’s will matter a great deal in this game, but the Blazers game was a nice reminder that simply playing hard on both ends of the floor is what makes the bigger difference. When the Lakers started to pressure the ball in Portland and aggressively look to protect the basket, good things happened. When they slipped even the tiniest bit, the Blazers rained down open jumpers and built up a nice lead. The Warriors are more than capable of doing the same, especially with Curry, Thompson, Jack, and even Barnes on the floor. Add in the nice mid-range game of David Lee and that’s a lot of guys capable of hitting shots.

So the Lakers will need to be sharp in their rotations, but even more so will need to be sharp in how the defend in the Warriors excellent off-ball screen game. Few teams have the combination of shooters and good screen actions that the Warriors have and they’re excellent at setting up good shots for their guys by running a variety of pin-downs and motion sets to free them up. Thompson is particularly effective on same-side pin-downs where he comes off the screen looking to get off a quick jumper. It remains to be seen if Kobe or Clark defends him, but whoever does will need to fight hard through the picks and never cheat over the top to gamble for a steal. Furthermore, the Lakers’ big men will have to do a good job of hedging out when the screen is set to help disrupt the entry and, if need be, contest the shot.

Thompson, however, is not the key to the Warriors’ attack. The keys are Curry and Lee, both of whom have had good games against the Lakers this season. Steve Blake will get the initial assignment against Curry and he’ll need to be as aggressive with him as possible without fouling him on his jumper. Curry has one of the quickest releases in the league and will fire off a jumper out of the blue off cross-overs and step backs that create only a sliver of space. Aggressive defense can lead to fouls in those situations, so that needs to be balanced with good execution of the team scheme by forcing Curry into help with the big men doing their job of playing higher on the screen to be in a position to help.

As for Lee, he’s a very good isolation player who can hit the jumper or drive into the paint to either hit a quick shot or to set up a post move. Gasol will have his hands full and will need to use his length to bother Lee when he’s inside and close out on him aggressively to disrupt his jumper. Also, Lee (like Pau) is a trigger man at the elbow for a lot of the Warriors’ sets. He needs to be pressured when he’s holding the ball out there and forced to make tough passes while a defender plays him close. If he’s allowed to simply stand at the elbow and read the defense, he can pick apart the defense like a quarterback with a clean pocket.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention Jarrett Jack. This guy always seems to kill the Lakers and expect him to be aggressive tonight in looking for his own shot. Jack is a real spark off the bench and has the ability to hit the open jumper but to also create for himself in isolation and in the P&R. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kobe (or even Ron) guard Jack for long stretches in this game just to try and give him a different look.

Offensively, the Lakers simply need to continue to do a lot of the same things they have been lately. With Andrew Bogut out, the Lakers should have an easier time attacking in the paint and would do well to get Howard and Gasol going via direct post ups and by delayed entries after the pick and roll. If Kobe and Pau can continue to find chemistry in that action, it should open up shots inside for Dwight right at the rim in the 2/4/5 lob action that is such a joy to watch. The P&R should also set up open jumpers as the defense collapses into the paint to try and slow Pau and Dwight down. If Kobe and Blake continue to look to move the ball early in the possession, guys will get their chances to score and, in the process, keep the defense from gearing up on Kobe all night.

Speaking of Kobe, he would also do well to stay aggressive in trying to get into the paint, both off the dribble and when moving off the ball to spots on the floor where he can isolate. In the Lakers’ HORNS sets, Kobe has often drifted out to 18-20 feet to set up a one on one move, but if he can stop short on his cuts to the wing and instead try to establish the post 15 feet and in, it would help him set up shots closer to the rim where he’s either more likely to hit the shot or allow for a teammate to hit the offensive glass.

As for the rest of the team, they really need to be active moving off the ball tonight. The Warriors love to crowd the paint by hanging below the screen in the P&R, but after a pass or two they try to fly back to the three point line to contest the ball on the wing. If the Lakers can cut behind their rotations, they can set up shots going to the rim. Good things happen when Clark and Jamison are going to the basket for the majority of their shots and tonight, with the right movement, they can make that happen.

I usually end with thoughts about this being a must win game, but we’ve heard all that before. So, instead, I’ll say to simply enjoy this game the best that you can. The stakes are high and that will lead to heightened emotions, but just remember that this is what these guys play for. These might as well be playoff games and that intensity should try to be enjoyed as much as possible.

Where you can watch: 7:30pm start time on TWC Sportsnet. Also listen on ESPN Radio 710AM.

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205 responses to Preview and Chat: The Golden State Warriors

  1. Kobe Alert: During the historic game against the Blazers, KB registered his 120th forty point game (3rd), and his 418th game of thirty or more (5th – 11 more for KAJ). He leads the league this season for 30 point games with 34 and is tied for the lead (Melo) for 40 point games, with 8. KB recorded a mind numbing stat line of 47/8/5/3/4. The combination of 47 points and 4 blocks has not been accomplished in 8 years. Throw in the 5 dimes and that combo has not been done in 12 years. Add the steals and rebounds and Kobe had a stat line that has never been recorded in the entire history of the NBA. The fact that this was on a back to back night – on the road – unbelievable. I am going to leave out the age related stats, because these accomplishments are not incredible “for his age”, they are simply incredible – for anyone.. Kobes recorded his 1,238th game and pulled into a tie with Hakeem for 22nd all time. He flew by Elvin for 4th in all time FGAs and is now pursuing Michael in 3rd. He needs 3 more defensive rebounds to tie Rick Mahorn for 58th and needs 709 points (wow – this is going down quickly) to be 3rd on the scoring list, and to become the All Time Leading scorer for guards. Thanks to R and Jane for the comments in the last game chat. Much being written all over the net (and correctly so), about whether this is the best way to win and whether it is sustainable. KB is not thinking long run – he is thinking about today’s game, and with that in mind, Kobe will be submitting his answer to those questions tonight.

  2. Lets do this, we need win and nothing but win. Howard must demolish Lee because last time they Lee elbowed him and took a statement to remember that day.

    Also, a Jazz loss will be huge. Hang in there guys, OKC or Spurs. We just need to be in the playoffs no matter what.

  3. Pound the Ball down low..that is how you beat G.S. plus Kobe and Blake needs to get back on defense…Kobe is great on offense but hurts the team when he doenst get back or worse…yells at the refs as the other team is fast breaking….Long shots=long rebounds….down low and get back(Beatles reference!!) and we will win….

  4. Someone is going to have to be accountable for Jared Jack (the Laker killer). Everyone stay at home on your man, no need to drop down into the paint to help the two 7-footers let them do what they are paid to do–guard the paint.

    There is no need for Blake, Meeks, Kobe and MWP to drop down to help defend Lee and Ezeli. Let’s not make a new star out of nowhere on the Warriors in the front or back court.

    Hold everyone’s feet to the fire on defense, Defense, DEfense!

    Yes, Kobe Alert is 1st. Let’s Go!

  5. GO LAKERS!! My three wishes:

    Dominant Dwight
    No Kobe playing center field
    Confidence building game for Meeks

  6. Odd Spurs release Jackson. Boris and no Jackson really makes these guys thin. Almost guarantees 8th plays OKC.

  7. Since Robert has the first post again,

    This game’s in the refrigerator! The door’s closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the Jell-O is jiggling….

    Book the “W”. This one’s a wrap.

  8. Question for folks here — if the Lakers win tonight and the Jazz lose, giving the Lakers a two game lead, should they rest starters against the Spurs? Would that help the Spurs get the 1 seed and, if so, would that be better for the Lakers?

    Personally, I think this team just needs to win as much as possible and make the playoffs. Match ups may not be the best, but at this point I’m not sure it matters.

  9. @TeamN Absolutely not. If the Lakers were to lose their final 2 games and the Jazz win, then the Jazz would take the 8th.

  10. Curry might score 10O on Blake. Might try Morris to body him.

  11. The Lakers have no one to guard Curry, but they have to eliminate the points by likes of Festus, Barnes, Thompson and Jack.

    The big guys are already exhibiting bad body language on missed assignments.

  12. Hell no, if the Lakers win and the Jazz lose they still have to beat SA and then rest against Houston, btw what Curry is doing against Blake should be illegal. Warriors in pace to score 30+ in the quarter.

  13. They have nobody to guard jarret jack either. Imagine when he comes in…

  14. How about we try to trap Steph Curry same way we did to Lilliard in the 2nd half.

  15. Someone please tell Jodie to stay with his man! He’s always dropping into the paint like he can block a shot or recover back to the 3pt shooters.

    Defense, defense! I’m scared for MWP on Curry.

    Coach are we going to do something to slow Curry. How is Curry left wide open?

  16. When he’s hot, he’s HOT!!!

    WoW! Curry putting up a show.

  17. Worst shooting % on the team?

    Jody Reeks under 40%.

    So Mike keeps playing him.

  18. Vhanz you do know this a Lakers board and not the Warriors board right?

  19. Curry has as many Points a s the Lakers. Good game plan Mike. As Meeks jeeps bricking.

  20. Kobe not playing good…
    why is gasol out..and they stop going to him when he was in..

  21. Team looking really slow out there,

  22. I wish Metta would’ve just dropped Curry…

  23. Well the D improved, the Lakers gave up 32 points at least they did not score 40 in the quarter. Not that this is the most important game of the season or anything.SMDH

  24. well it was still a good 1st. with curry being lucky, same with lillard like last game.
    we need to put more effort especially pounding more inside, and being physical. im sure these warriors will not be happy with physicality.

  25. …..metta gets his ankles broken.

  26. The cheat code is MAMBA

  27. Pau to Howard for the slam dunk. Gasol playing well again.

  28. where’s the foul on that curry drive? bad call.

  29. Someone has to deck Steph Curry right now. Seriously.

  30. Keep going thru gasol..stop shooting jumpers

  31. Why deck Curry? He is doing what the Lakers allow him to do. I always likes his game.

  32. Good thing having Blake instead of Nash has helped the D.

  33. Wow, I wonder if Curry’s team is complaining about him shooting too much. He’s shot the ball 18 times and only has two assists.

    The Jazz won, so no excuses the Lakers must also.

    Dwight gets that call at least one time every game. Next year he should have more confidence in his lower body’s ability to move players as opposed to using his arms.

  34. What a defensive team. no wonder Suns never won anything. Clearly Kobe has to take Curry. This Pau is 3 times the player Dwight is.

  35. rr,

    good point! blake is killing it!

  36. Chearn lol i bet they are not, you make me chuckle.

  37. rr

    Nash would have no ankles if he was trying to guard Curry.

    Another bonehead foul by genius Dwight.

  38. Dwight gets an offensive foul trying to get position, seems to get one of those a game.

  39. Kobe is going to take on Curry but on the second half, if he guard him from the beggining he would be dead tired by halftime.

  40. @Jayz

    Why?! Most of us also commented on Curry?! @_@

    LoL, I’m f******* nervous right now. Jazz won and we’re battling it out against these hot Warriors.

    Man, trashtalking the TV everytime Curry made a shot.

  41. Dwight gets the worst treatment, from the refs, of any “super star” player in the league. Curry has 18 shots already in the half!? His fans must be screaming for him to shoot less, I bet…

    Lakers need to tighten up the defense to close out this half.

  42. seriously, it seems we are not getting breaks with the calls.
    just hope we stay in the game with this and do not let them run wild.
    pound more and play physical, sooner or later the refs will call our way.

  43. To be fair to Dwight, he must draw about 3 fouls for every one he commits.

  44. Lakers would be insane to trade this Pau for anyone other then Kevin Love.

  45. Love that play Kobe to Gasol to Howard for the 2 points.

  46. To be fair to Dwight it’s his college coach’s fault who never taught him to keep his elbows in on screens.

    Oh that’s right no college.

    Laker bench ZERO point in first half.

  47. Pau and Dwight again. Wutwut.

    There should be a stat with how many hockey assists Kobe gets in a game.

  48. Lakers clamped down on the 2nd quarter, only allowed 19 points. They should run that PnR with Kobe an Pau all night long. The template to win this game is there would they follow thru?

  49. An in his prime Michael Cooper wouldn’t be able to do anything with Dell’s boy tonight.

    Let’s see what type of adjustments we make during the half in order to slow Steph down.

  50. Glove and Fern, that play is awesome. The Lakers can use that set-up for so many variations going forward. Especially if they get some good shooters in the corners. Think of that play with Nash and Blake standing at the 3-pt line.

    The Lakers should try Darius for a minute just to keep Curry thinking about the different defenders on him. It worked in the 2nd quarter when they switched, Meeks, Blake, MWP and Kobe on him. But I know MDA won’t do that

  51. Despite curry’s 30 and and the officiating this is the lakers game for the taking.

  52. Lillard 25 in the first half, Curry 32, Russell Westbrook must be licking his chops!

  53. If our bench helps a little more and our defense tightens up, Lakers should win

  54. Sweet awesomeness would be if the Lakers win out/Houston loses out and they go into 8th to play OKC while we play the Spurs.

  55. Pau and howard has only miss one shot each..
    Get them more shots kobe isnt hitting tonight

  56. NO, Kobe! I don’t like the way that leg landed. Bad pass by Pau with Kobe double teamed.

    We’re not getting anything from Clark.

    Doc Rivers consistently attacking the Lakers weakest link.

  57. Kobe down after driving to the basket, holding his knee, really hope he is okay.

  58. Damn, not again?!!!

  59. man….

  60. Could this season gets any worse? Looks like kobe is hurt. But then again he is not human, he is a cyborg.

  61. Phew…really shows how fast things could end kobes playing

  62. man, we really need to try something different. maybe try going big and playing metta and kobe in the backcourt, see if metta can’t use his physicality a bit on the screen and rolls, b/c curry and thompson are killing us right now

  63. uh oh, now Kobes hurt. we’re in trouble.

  64. Looked like Kobe landed awkwardly and is walking gingerly,

  65. The basketball Gods must hate us.

  66. The Warriors are only shooting 48.5% from the field. Feels like about 85%.

  67. Best player for the Lakers tonight has been Pau D’Antoni took him out after Kobe came up limping. Not a sound decision.

    Play the guy who appears to be favoring his knee but sit the guy who’s playing his best ball after sitting 6 weeks.

  68. I dont kn

  69. Blizzard,

    true enough…how do they have so many points with just a slightly positive night shooting..3’s and pace?

  70. Kobe is hitting a wall right now. That’s why Kobe needs to rest. If Kobe is going to play 47-48 min then the whole starting line up might as well play the whole game to.

  71. I dont know but if Pau is playing this good i stick him out there and play him until the game is over. Lets take some of the load out of Kobe and lets see if he is happy getting his touches.

  72. I guess we’ve decided not to close out on shooters. Three Lakers standing around the basket and no one closes out on Landry.

    Dwight is getting the Warriors in foul trouble and making his free-throws.

    Lakers play defense sporadically.

  73. Not one of Kobe’s best games 5-15 taking bad shots. But let’s sitting the guy who has a borderline triple double through 3 quarters.

  74. Watching Jackson set up missmatches on Lakers, points out how bad a coach Mike is.

    10 point difference in coaches,

  75. In case it wasn’t obvious something strange is in the water… Dwight is shooting a better FT% than Kobe tonight (both on 10+ attempts).

  76. MDA is sitting Pau for a long time…why? Iran other than the fact that he is a moron.

  77. Dwight with 4 freaking rebounds

  78. The worst thing is all the Golden State misses seem to be the Warriors players misfiring rather than the effects of our defense.

  79. Ken MDA dont coach this team, Kobe is.

  80. Would be good to attack Klay and get him out of the game since he has 4 fouls already. could help limit their offensive options

  81. Kobe needs to take thompson off the dribble and get his 5th foul

  82. true Fern, but DH´s shooting percentage is very good, & we need all the points we can get

  83. Kobe is playing 48 minutes a game. Pau and dwight aren’t in foul trouble and are sitting in favor of clark and metta.

    Why is Dwight not in the game?

  84. Leave it to the Lakers to blow whatever little room they had to make the playoffs. If we loss tonight we are done, with Utah getting Minny again and we getting SA.

  85. I’ve seen better defense played by NJB youth league teams. This is pathetic.

  86. and that’s how the season ends

  87. very important game, i think if we lose this one, we’ll be eliminated for good.
    bad defense, bad calls, bad breaks. how come we cant beat this dubs, this is the team who’ll be eliminated right away in the 1st round, lucky whoever meets them.

  88. The reason it feels that they are on fire, is that they have 41 baskets to 26 for the lakers. 15 more Lakers are hanging in with FT”s

  89. Lol … since the Lakers weren’t even bothering to guard Klay Thompson on the 3-point line, you’d think they could get the rebound with 5 on 4 … you’d be wrong.

  90. Lakers giving up too many offensive rebounds leading to too many second chances for the Dubs.

  91. Gasol only 28 min..only 10 shots

  92. Wow why wouldn’t Blake and Meeks just switch!


  94. Steph Curry is having his own three point contest against the Lakers.

  95. Steve Blake leaving Curry totally alone like that might be the final nail on the season for the Lakers.

  96. this game ain´t over yet people!
    & Pau with a triple double !!
    (wish the bench´d contribute more though)

  97. If you have a Kobe cheat mode, now would be the perfect time to use it.

  98. Another 5 foul no rebound game for Dwight. So sick of this guy. 9th year in League and still playing like a 18 year old rookie.

    This could be the season boys and girls and again DH no show.

  99. Best strategy get them into OT. they have 3 guys with 5 fouls and 2 guys with 4. if they can get it to OT, GSW may not be able to field a team.

  100. It’s mindboggling how a team of vets have zero court awareness on the defensive end. Actually it’s not. When u have a coach that doesn’t coach defense and old slow players that don’t like to play defense then this happens.

  101. Clark minus ten ..peace plus 6


  103. He is a cyborg im telling you!!!!!

  104. cheat mode enabled (defensive cheat is needed now)

  105. Kobe is a drama queen…he wasnt limping till the time out..too funny

  106. kobe is running on E…we need a combo guard so badly hes in pain

  107. They need to go strong against those guys with 5 fouls, is that hard to figure out?

  108. I just noticed I called Mark (Mama there goes that man) Jackson, Doc Rivers.

    I am losing it!

    Kobe is giving everything that he has. Say what you will about Kobe! He might be destroying himself for the future.

    MDA needs to be fired, NOW!

    Really Kobe is a drama queen, if it weren’t for the rules and my faith I’d use expletives.

    Win this game for Kobe!!!!

  109. are they buying time for kobe to rest with those fouls?

  110. Really, gene? Whatever. smh

  111. Hold it down LakeShow. Kobe gave it everything he could.

  112. Heart of a champion Kobe!

  113. Lakers are going to have to win this game without Kobe who heads to the locker room to have his injuries looked at.

  114. Now was playing kobe 48 min a game worth it because dantoni thinks Morris or duhon cant play 5-7 minutes a game because Kobe is more than likely done.

    This was just his body giving out on him.

  115. Despite everything, you have to grant this team a grudging respect. How many times have you thought this season, like, ok this time they really are dead in the water … and then they fight back again.

  116. I hope pringles gets fired…. I cannot stand him!

  117. Beautiful move by Pau for the layup.

  118. My bad
    ..didn’t think he was that hurt

  119. Win it for Kobe!

  120. Pau with a triple double.WOW, his best game in at least 2 years!

  121. Dwight just ran from the ball.

  122. I am livid! I feel for Kobe!

    Huge freethrows by Blake! It looks like the team is trying to win this for Kobe.

    Ten seconds of defense!

    For Kobe!!!

  123. The Lakers have shot 48 free throws tonight, but I really hope no one who watched the game complains. If the the refs had whistled every Warrior foul, they would have shot 96. (I think every time they’ve shown a replay tonight, there’s some Warrior just holding on to Dwight’s arm.)

  124. D’Antoni was indeed playing with fire…

  125. Well, at least we won.

  126. Curry hits the rim from 80 feet. Wow.

  127. That might be the wildest game I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I was almost expecting Steph Curry’s 80-foot heave to swish through.

  128. Lakers did a good job getting the ball out of Curry’s hand, Landry misses the wide open jumper.
    Curry’s misses a 75 footer (it was close). LAKERS WIN.

  129. YYYYEEEEESSSS!!!! Another hard fought WIN!!!!

  130. woooohoooooooooooooooo.
    thank you lakers, responding well when Kobe went out.

  131. This was a great victory for us, but I’m pretty bummed right now guys. I keep asking myself- Is this how it ends?

  132. How in the heck did Curry almost make that 75ft shot at the buzzer?!

    Kobe’s injury was not in vain…let’s hope he recovers and we can keep it going!!

  133. Normally happy with the W, but this is a little wait & see…

  134. Haters keep hating…

    On to the next one. Our concern now is Kobe and the Spurs.

    Man of GOD, have some FAITH!!!

  135. Wow in a season full of dramatic games WOW this one just took the game hands down. I dont know for how long my heart can take this games but YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. We won the game but kobe might be out for a couple weeks. Was it worth it just to make it to the playoffs?

  137. Healthy Pau came through when so many doubted him when he was injured! Way to go!

  138. That was the wildest game I have ever seen. I was sure they were going to have to carry Kobe in the 3rd quarter and they didn’t quite have to do that, but it was close.

  139. Pau!!! The Spaniard is playing like a franchise player! A triple double for our power forward.

    He is a very good player when he’s healthy and rested.

    Dwight made just enough freethrows to not allow them to use the hack.

    Good move by MDA to use Meeks and his foot speed in the waning minutes of the game.

  140. Whew! The team showed some grit there and buckled down without Kobe. Gotta give them credit for that.

    Now I know we won, but why didn’t Dwight miss the 2nd free throw on purpose? Any shot the dubs would’ve gotten with 1.5 seconds left was gonna be a three so up 1 or 2 wouldn’t have mattered. But that just epitomizes the season we’ve had. Dwight missed all of his 4th qtr throws except that one…

    Two games left! Let’s hope Kobe’s injury isn’t too serious and let’s take care of business.

  141. Now all eyes are on Mamba.

  142. DAMN! Torn achilles?! Is that an ACL?!

    Can you please enlighten me about this?!

  143. Ok,

    Utah beat Minny at home just barely…the game in Minny is losable. then they play Memphis. Need the clips to beat Memphis when they play as that makes Memphis need to play the last game and make Memphis v. Utah game losable. Kobe rests against spurs, and they beat Houston and they need just one miracle loss by Utah….Alternatively Nash comes back against spurs and he leads a team effort against them for a W???? and then Kobe and Nash are somewhat ready for the playoffs??????

    you got to dream!

  144. The Lakers believe Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles. He will have an MRI tomorrow to confirm.

  145. who said torn achilles, because if its that he is out for 6 weeks at least..

  146. i was really down earlier, when I saw that we cant overcome their plays, GSW seemed not missing until the final 4minutes, where their easy plays went bad. thats the break that I am waiting, that they will be eventually put pressure on themselves because they cant put us down for good.
    Kobe put us at a position to W, until he went down. (hope he’s OK)

    this game is not for the faint of heart.
    lets celebrate this one. 🙂

  147. Kobe has a likely torn achilles. Can we PLEASE #firedantoni *now*? Jimbo? Anyone?

  148. The Lakers are saying torn achilles – which is this season and a good chunk if not all of next season.

  149. MDA and media said Kobes injury is probable torn achilles – MRI tomorrow.

  150. That’s what averaging 46 mins a game for the last 5 will do. Kobe has probable torn achilles. Wow. How long did it take Chauncey to come back fully healthy from his? This is devastating.

  151. MDA is talking like Kobe is going to be away for a while. Torn Aquiles injury they said in ESPN. Career on the line? I feel like criying.

  152. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I’m hurt literally have watery eyes. Please don’t let this be true.

  153. What is he smiling about. A torn Achilles will be the end of Kobe’s career!!!!! How stupid is he? They should have taken Kobe out the first time he went down.

    This guy is not an NBA coach. No other coach would have played Kobe like that to get a win.

    At Kobe’s age he’ll never return from this injury. Chauncey is still not back with the Clippers.

    I knew it was serious by the look on Kobe’s face.

    I am sick to my stomach.

    Would Kobe be injured if PJ would have been hired instead of MDA. I doubt it.

  154. Glad to see the Lakers win but I fear that perhaps the War has been lost with Kobe’s spate of injuries. He may have indomitable will and intestinal fortitude but alas he’s a mere mortal just like the rest of us.

  155. Achilles? At his age, that’s a possible career ender. He’s definately done for the year/playoffs though if the diagnosis is correct. I hated him playing full games although it showed you just what the guy is made of. Unfortunately , he paid the price.

  156. Torn achilles is a 12 month injury.

  157. Even with this win we lost. Just devastating, if its torn he will be gone at least for the rest of this season.

  158. If the Kobe torn Achilles is true, this is the worst season in Lakers history especially for injuries. Just hate to see Kobe go out like this.

  159. saying torn achilles…….damn you MDA damn you to hell

  160. Keep praying guys. Man, too much injuries.

    This might be worst than Hell..

  161. the last man is down…DAMNNNNN

  162. vhanz achilles is where you heel meets your ankle…its a year long thing…

  163. So sad, can’t believe it.

  164. This is horrible.

    Crazy thought and I hope will not happen, but consider this… it turns out to be torn achilles and Kobe has to sit out all next year. So close to retirement, Kobe then just decides to call it quits and this is the last game of Kobe Bryant that we get to watch.

    Playing that many minutes finally caught up. Three incidents in one game that all could have possibly been season ending injuries.

    Black Mamba !!! 🙁

  165. Kobe deserved better. I really wish I could type what I really think D’Antoni deserves, but I’ll respect the rules of the site. Ran the guy I’ve watched for 17 years into the ground. Superman isn’t invincible and NO WAY Dwight comes back now. This is catastrophic for the Lake-Show. Somber night to say the least. Keep the prayers goin boys and girls

  166. If it is indeed torn achilles…. Pringles played with fire and got badly burned. We need to fire this clown. Watching kobe postgame is heartbreaking. Very sad…

  167. If Kobe tore his Achilles, then he might have just played the last game of his career. If Captain Pringles thinks he’s hated in LA now, he hasn’t seen anything yet.

  168. Kobe says he is convinced its torn. He talking like his season is over.He cant walk.

  169. Kobe was clearly crying in the locker room. This is HORRIBLE.

  170. That maybe Kobe’s last game as a pro. And it’s all MDA’s fault for running him thru the ground.

  171. 6-mo recovery..just in time for start of next season

  172. Kobe: “I can’t. I can’t walk. There’s just nothing there.”

    Kobe: “I made a move I’ve made a million times, and (the Achilles) just popped.

    So sad right now.

  173. Now would be the time to use the word TRAGIC.

    Please don’t let it end this way for Kobe.


  174. honestly, we have no clue as to the extent of your injury or the level of your pain. but come sunday, you best be suited up and ready to play. i’m talking to you steve nash.

    when someone walks off the basketball court like they have a flat tire, it is definitely a achilles injury. like a greek god, how fitting. tributes to kobe bryant should be saved for another time. suffice it to say for now, the true warrior was on our side and fortunately we still have the horses to make it thru to the playoffs.

    we are still the lakers and that’s got to stand for something. it stands for a lot.

    Go Lakers

  175. Forget the playoffs for a minute. This could be an injury that has Kobe missing games well into next season. There has to be some good fortune to come out of this season for this team. I’m hoping Kobe’s injury being as mild as possible is it. It just can’t go down like this.

  176. It’s not MDA’s fault Kobe’s hurt. Kobe decided to play 48 in order to get the team to the playoffs. Definately, he has more say in when he plays than that sad sack coach we hired. Now it will be up to the team to win the next one and carry Kobe’s spirit with them to the playoffs. He’s done everything you can ask a player to do. Thats why he’s Kobe…greatness personified.

  177. Jayz its also on the office for not bolstering the bench with ANYBODY that could come in and spell kobe for 10 minutes…delonte west was there we should have got him while we could have…just a horrible end even with the win…what are the chances nash pau and dwight can take this team far?

  178. MDA is done. It doesnt matter if he deserves it or not. Hes just a terrible coach and is now infamous for running kobe to the ground and probably giving him a torn achilles.

  179. This is what happens when you have a bad coach who doesn’t know how to mange the game and team resource. It took so long for the team to play the right way, with both DH and Pau posting down low like in the last couple of games, Kobe and other star players had to exert so much energy just trying to make the playoff. MDA has given up managing players to maximize team efficiency including possible playoff runs. I don’t know how he decided to leave Kobe in the game after two brutal injuries. It was unbelievable! One has to question his decision to let Kobe play so many minutes in the last couple of weeks. Was it all absolutely necessary? At Kobe’s age, every playing minute counts.

  180. man, Kobe’s interview is so sad. he said it is likely that its a torn achilles. 🙁
    MRI + surgery. 🙁
    we could be seeing Kobe next season. this W is the biggest loss for us. bigger than being eliminated from playoffs.
    if coach could have manage to rotate more, and use our deep bench. we got decent names down our bench. 🙁

  181. We can’t blame MDA completely, but a good portion of this injury is on him. Gary Vitti was telling him to take Kobe out after the second injury. This has to be the worst season ever for this team when you take everything into account. Expectations. Injuries. Injuries. Injuries. Jerry Buss. And now Kobe gone for the year.

  182. I’m still eating my lunch here in PH and opening every reliable link that could relate to Kobe’s injury.

    Damn!! DAMN!!!

  183. Batman, tired players get hurt. It’s on the coach to manage their minutes and protect his players from themselves.

  184. I didn’t want to post it, but seeing how he was moving in the third, and given his almost insane will to win, I really thought something very bad was going to happen to him in this game. the thing was he just kept making all those insane and very dangerous dribble penetrations against so many guys…with his body so compromised something was bound to happen. and then to top it all off, he hits those two huge 3’s late in the 4th.

    I have never seen anything like guys can better chronicle his amazing career, but no one can and no one may ever be able to challenge that guys will and determination…simply off the charts. A truly amazing athlete.

  185. KenOak i was about to write the same thing, circunstances forced Kobe’s minutes. And if Kobe did not play the minutes he was forced to play lately, how many games the Lakers would had won? Would they be in the position to make the playoffs? HELL NO. This is the culminarion of a disastrous season, every single thing that could go wrong did.

  186. VHanz:

    I’m not gong to “jinx”anything, but what I find particularly disconcerting at the moment is the probable diagnosis without an MRI, i.e, with a full thickness tear, you can pinch or squeeze along the tendon and somewhere along the way you’ll notice that gap or space that is the gap or space between the two pieces of the now torn tendon. Don’t know how they would diagnose a partial tear without an MRI. Swelling might make the gap test not possible, though given how soon after the likely moment of injury, probably not enough time for sufficient swelling.

    The other test is to have the soul put his ankles and feet over the edge of a table. You squeeze the calf muscle. If the foot does not bend downward, then a probable full thickness rupture. There’s another way of doing the same thing, i.e., different positioning, but that same squeeze of the calf and no downward foot movement (plantar flexion).

    As I said, that’s what concerns me, since as of this early time, there would seem to be the gap/space and/or the foot not bending downward.

    Even worse, by the way, recovery time for a full thickness rupture is usually around 11-12 months.

    You can read a piece here:

  187. ESPNChrisPalmer chris palmer
    Kobe on the next step: “MRI, surgery and recovery. That’s it.”

  188. Kobe won’t let it end like this. he will be back next year, and if not, he will be back for another year. If for nothing else than to show the world his amazing recovery ability..

    Marc Stien just posted that while this is a vey bad injury, Dominique Wilkins, also a very athletic 2/3 dominating player, tore his achilles at 31 and he had a full recovery and a very good few years after that.

  189. Kobe promised that we make the playoffs. He gave his heart, soul and body to make it happen. It’s up to the rest of the guys to keep his promise for him.

  190. RT @mcten: Pau Gasol has tears in his eyes as he talks about Kobe: “He doesn’t deserve it”

  191. And if anyone is wondering I do also blame Mike D for this, in part. Kobe would not let himself be taken out, so it made it hard to sit him down, but in the second half he showed signs of real break down.

  192. Nash should come back soon and with Pau and Dwight we still have a pretty potent Big 3. This is a crucial time for the team not only this season but beyond…

  193. jayz i dont disagree that MDA is an idiot and he deserves a lions share of the blame, but we also must realize he really didnt have any options at the 2, nash being out as well has put the ball in kobes hands nearly every just saying its not all on MDA….regardless MDA needs to go

  194. A couple of days ago, I posted that this apocalypse of a season could only end in the most painful way possible. I came up with a mostly joking scenario of losing to Houston at the buzzer… but I now realize this is really the only way this horror of a season could have ended.

    Let’s hope Kobe’s injury is such that next season begins with 24 in the starting lineup. The worst case scenario is considerably more dire…

  195. if anyone has any links to locker room interviews, I would love to see them. On the east coast, so I’ve been watching the games through illegal feeds that end when the games end.

  196. @batman

    LOL, I didn’t even mention MDA in my comments, Jayz did.


  197. My thoughts: ultimately the Lakers not only screwed up this season, but next season too.

    Fault? Front office.

    Ultimately this is about not hiring a coach who understands that you cannot play any player in the NBA this many minutes and not expect catastrophe. A coach with the cajones to sit Bryant whether he wanted to or not.

    This was about not hiring Phil Jackson, even when the entire world knew it was the right call. Hire Phil and you don’t need Kobe to play 45 mins a game for 12 straight, and if u did, Phil would refuse and save it for next year.

    It could easily be the all star break next year before Kobe is able to play full tilt again.

    Saddest day for Laker fans since magic had to gang em up prematurely.

    I don’t blame Dantoni because he is who we thought he was, a one dimensional coach who lets his star players call shots. A follower, not a leader.

  198. vhanz
    my bad im not thinking clearly fixed it!
    harvey m
    my father and i text each other during games around 9:30 he sent a text “kobe doing too much hes going to get hurt” when he went down the second time i agreed just pull him…ive taken his durability for granted…moving forward what do you guys think about turning this into a nash team? idiot MDA may be able to do only one thing

  199. Sorry, but those of you absolving D’Antoni are out of your minds. If you leave playing time decisions up to the most competitive athlete in modern history, he will choose to never sit down.

    The excessive wear and tear on Kobe is something many of us have been warning about. This isn’t a “freak” thing; this is what happens when a 34 year old is run into the ground by a coach too weak, too stupid, and too selfish to limit the player’s minutes.

    If fully torn, we will probably never again watch Kobe dominate a game. Old guys coming off achilles surgery have no lateral movement, and no elevation.

    Next season will bring no rookies, league minimum free agents, and an old and talent deprived roster. Throw in a very bad coach, no Kobe, and, perhaps, no Dwight Howard (who can’t be excited about coming back to a garbage team and coach next season), and the Lakers will likely be drafting someone at the top of the 2014 draft….

  200. If it still hasn’t sinked in with any of you, but that maybe the LAST TIME you’ll ever see Kobe play again.

  201. Two items to follow up my prior post:

    (1) perhaps I’m a bit pessimistic re recovery time. The MDs usually feel safe, i.e., they say probably recovery will last at least 6 months. That’s about how long it took Dominique. But he was younger than Kobe and without all the miles otherwise. He might also simply be one of those among us who is a better/faster healer.

    (2) re blaming the injury on coach, hard to say, really. I would have no trouble blaming coach if there is any evidence of Kobe experiencing discomfort/pain over some portion of the tendon prior to the rupture and coach knew about that. Otherwise, we simply cannot really say. Sure, could be his tendon was simply fatigued and so one stop and go too many (usually the way it works in basketball, a quick stop and go movement). Or else the tendon was fine and it was simply the circumstance that the particular movement generated a force that the tendon simply could not withstand.

  202. batman, we can’t get Nash on the court long enough to be the focal point on offense. And, defensively the Lakers can’t develop a scheme to prevent the opposing team from attacking him. You saw Jackson employ the tactic of attacking Blake the weakest link on defense.

    Jayz, I know and I can’t fathom a season without him. That’s what I’ve been saying this entire season. Now I’ll be deprived of watching him ride off into the sunset after breaking all records.

  203. jayz
    most definitely and its extremely depressing we dont know if he can come back and catch jordan on the scoring list (you know he wanted that) much less a ring…at the same time kobe would want this team to continue on

    agreed but what if (as with other MDA/nash led teams) we just try to outscore opposition? does anybody think it could work?

  204. Don’t know if anyone wants to really talk about it, but the team has actually been better with 3 of the big 4, and not all 4 on the floor. And with Pau and Dwight much more effective they are still an ok team, with Nash out there. and he is no worse than Blake defensively. The real problem is defensively, again, as they can’t tolerate losing any of their better wing and 2/3 players. And they need Kobe at the end of the game to D up on some of the better 1’s and 2’s.

    Anyway, given the sadness re Kobe hardly seems worth talking about.

  205. Some of you need to realize that the overwhelming despair is not revolving around the Lakers’ chances in the Playoffs.

    I – and likely the majority of Lakers fans – have already accepted the fact that we’re not really a contender at this point. Sure, our team can still compete with the roster, though keep in mind that MWP is fresh off surgery and Nash’s age continues to show.

    This is about KOBE BRYANT. The sadness is that one of the best all-time has to suffer through this tragic in what has already been a disastrous season. A player whose game is pure art, with a will to win second to none and dedication praised by all.

    I almost teared up at the possibility that this may have been the last game we got to witness true GREATNESS from Kobe Bryant. Even if he recovers, Kobe will be halfway through 35, then what happens? Conditioning? Coming off the bench? Maybe the recovery time is so long that he decides to call it quits rather than hang around as a mediocre player.

    I am thankful that I got to witness the entire game, watched Kobe drain those two critical 3-pointers that tied us up, and then the final determined free throws made literally on his last legs.

    I am beyond sadness. I will remain optimistic that I shall see a glimmer of his greatness at least once again, though this will forever be one of the worst days of my life.